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Potential VGC team. (work in progress)

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by Mudkip kid, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Mudkip kid

    Mudkip kid <--Will be mine!

    Alright so this will be my first time going to the vgcs this year and came up with this team so far. As i said before this is my furst time so i don't know what to expect at all. Anyways, I don't really see too many weaknesses for this team so far, besides ice. Heres my team so far:

    Speed Boost/
    Life Orb
    Bug Buzz
    Air Slash
    Shadow ball

    Stealth Rock

    Focus Sash
    Swords Dance
    Leaf Blade
    Dragon Claw

    Choice Scarf
    Aura Sphere
    Dark Pulse
    Dragon Pulse
    cant think of a last move

    Anyways that is what I have so far for my team. Feel free to coment on it and point out flaws as much as youl like, as I'm looking to really have a good team for VGCs this year. THanks
  2. Yeti

    Yeti Banned

    Frankly I've never seen any of these considered for VGC except perhaps Swampert. Even then he'll hate taking Grass Knots aimed at Kyogre.

    Sceptile won't like taking anything usually used in VGC, unless he has a fire resist berry.

    None of these Pokemon are really viable in VGC metagame imo.

    Have you reviewed what Pokemon are allowed in?? Kyogre/Groudon/Lugia/Dialga/etc are in. That means you should be using at least one permitted uber as well, and mostly only Pokemon from OU because the rest don't fare well in VGC.

    Check some VGC 2010 battles on youtube to see what kind of teams are used.

    If you really want to use this team, every Pokemon needs Protect/Detect.
  3. Mudkip kid

    Mudkip kid <--Will be mine!

    Thanks for the advice. right now I'm going to replace Yanmega with Rayquaza and Mewtwo with Lucario. I figure rayquaza would be good to send out first because it could cancel out groudon and kyogre leads, but also do a lot of damage.
  4. Bamify

    Bamify Amazingly Awesome

    I love Swampert but frankly he doesn't work in double battles. When you send him out you are facing two opponents with 8 potential moves. There's a good chance that one of them is a grass move. Everything is faster than swampert. Not good...
  5. digiemperor1

    digiemperor1 Competitive Battler

    Well all I can think of at the moment is if you're using avalanche on swampert then change him to brave nature so you make yourself slower to use avalanche last.
  6. Galluo

    Galluo 3rd-4th gen trainer

    Rayquaza sounds good, but be careful of all the ice beams that will be there. Stealth rock is useless, when there is only 4 pokemon in a battle, so replace it w/something more useful, roar may even work better for stat boosting enemies.

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