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Pounding Hearts V2 (Rated PG-R)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by flygonrulz, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    Well, it's time I brought this back. I've been so bored. No fics! No good things to get me stuck into! I was reading it, reflecting my own thoughts the other day when I just thought: "Hey. These reviews are good. I want to do a travel fic again." So here we are.

    I'm trying to stretch my length, describing more and more and putting explanations in. I've set myself a goal that one day, I will try and be good enough to be...well, it's hard to explain. I want to achieve and to make myself better. So this is an experience. An experiment, on what I can do. Now this may result in you having to wait longer for a chapter but I hope you will stay along with it.

    Pounding Hearts
    Chapter One
    “At The Beginning”

    No one told me, I was going to find you
    Unexpected what you did to my heart
    When I lost hope, you were there to remind me
    This is the start

    And life is the road
    And I wanna keep going
    Love is a river and
    I wanna keep flowing
    Life is a road now and forever a
    Wonderful journey.
    I'll be there when the world stops turning
    I'll be there when the story’s through
    In the end I wanna be standin'
    At the beginning with you.
    We were strangers on a crazy adventure
    Never dreamin' how our dreams would come true
    Now here we stand unafraid of the future
    At the beginning with you

    And life is the road
    And I wanna keep going
    Love is a river and
    I wanna keep flowing
    Life is a road now and forever a
    Wonderful journey.
    I'll be there when the world stops turning
    I'll be there when the story’s through
    In the end I wanna be standin'
    At the beginning with you.
    Knew there was somebody somewhere
    Help me alone in the dark
    Now I know my dreams will live on
    I’ve been waiting too long
    Nothings gonna tear us apart.

    And life is the road
    And I wanna keep going
    Love is a river and
    I wanna keep flowing
    Life is a road now and forever a
    Wonderful journey.
    I'll be there when the world stops turning
    I'll be there when the story’s through
    In the end I wanna be standin'
    At the beginning with you.

    Life is the road and
    I wanna keep going
    Love is a river
    I wanna keep going on
    Starting out on a journey

    And life is the road
    And I wanna keep going
    Love is a river
    I wanna keep flowing
    In the end I wanna be standin'
    At the beginning with you.

    Guide to The Mirayan Islands!
    Narrated By Suki Ramirez
    Filmed By Tom Brenham
    Part One
    Beginner’s Point

    Beginner’s point is the place where everybody comes after getting here, as it is the only place you can get into the Mirayan Islands from as everywhere else is blocked off by whirlpools! You can only get here by ferry, as the Mirayan Islands are surrounded by water, seeing as they’re islands!

    It takes three and a half hours on the ferry to get from Sinnoh to here, 5 hours from Hoenn, 7 hours from Johto, 10 from Kanto and a minute half an hour if you live in Orre like my partner, Tom!

    Anyway! Beginner’s point is point shaped and is the first island in the Mirayan Islands where you can compete for a ribbon! The Mirayan Islands are only open to Coordinators but Trainers can come and support, too! Beginner’s point only has one town, as it is quite small, but the city is one of the biggest in the region! It has over 200 restaurants, 5 shopping malls and 50 boutiques!

    Well, if you want more information, go to our website! See you next week when we’ll be doing Linear City on Moonstone Island!
    A seventeen-year-old girl sat down in the Beginner’s Point Park. All around her, people were talking, playing, training, and meeting up with friends and such. She sighed, took off her socks and shoes and dunked her feet off the pier and into the crystalline water. It was cool and replenished her sore feet. She sighed and looked around.

    There was a girl and a boy, playing frisbee while their parents watched. This reminded her of her mother and father, Norman and Caroline, and her brother, Max, who was in Hoenn now. There was a group of friends that looked like they were starting a journey, but they were laughing, joking and talking while eating ice cream. This reminded her of her friends, Ash and Brock. Max was in Kanto, where he was competing against gyms with his trusty Ralts, Brock was in Lillycove with his new girlfriend-the Lillycove Joy, and Ash had finally achieved his goal. He had become a pokemon master. He had won the Sinnoh Pokemon League Championship and had been at the Elite Four Headquarters, as a new member, for the past few years. Luckily, they all kept in touch, with Ash more, surprisingly as her brother was always rushing about too much to call.

    There was one more scene she had noticed, though. A man and a woman, around her age, sitting on a bench together. They were hugging one another and playing around with each other’s hair. She didn’t know why…but this reminded her of herself and probably one of the people she missed the most…someone she hadn’t seen since she left Johto to take a break with her family.

    After spending a year in Johto, until she was thirteen, she said goodbye to one of the most important people in her life. She loved how he would surprise her by just…popping up; sometimes in the most random places, like in the middle of the forest or outside her door just…waiting. For her. She came second in the Grand Festival to him and after that…after loosing to him so many times, she just took a break for a year. Until she was fourteen

    She then headed to Sinnoh, to compete in contests and to maybe find him. But there was no hope. She failed to see him and she was miserable. Without a challenge. She won the Grand Festival with ease and cried that night. Usually, after every single Grand Festival, He would be there, telling her where he would be and sometimes praising her. But he was gone. She looked for him in Orre, but that was no use, either. She won the ribbon cup for that year as well. Two Ribbon cups; two miserable adventures without him.

    She sighed once again and gazed down into the water, reflecting her tearful face. A droplet of water fell from her face and landed into the water, creating ripples that spread and spread into the lake so she couldn’t see herself anymore. When they died down, she saw a smirking face behind her, reflected into her sapphire eyes from the water. And she was so surprised that she very nearly fell into the water.


    May’s POV

    Oh my god. He’s here. He’s actually here! After two years I’ve finally found him! I can’t help it! I rush up and jump on him. Literally. I immediately put my hands round his neck and hug him. He’s so tall! My feet are up in the air now and…we’re falling! Good thing I left my purse and all my stuff on the pier because we’re falling in the lake!

    Normal POV


    ‘Ugh! May, while it’s nice to see you too, I think that was a tad overboard.’ Drew smirked at May, pulling himself out of the water and onto the pier. The water is surprisingly deep-even for him and his six foot height it would pass over his head, which was probably why May with her tiny height was struggling. Drew bent down and picked her up from her armpits. He only just realised what he was almost touching when May was out of the water. He blushed.

    He noticed May had grown her hair down to her waist and, although she was still the same height as she was when they were in Johto (which was pretty darn small) she has become more…developed. Which was probably why he blushed. Her hips were now quite curvy, as were her…um…he blushed more at that thought.

    May had also noticed Drew, as she lay on her belly. His green hair was as unruly and as…green as it was the last time but he had changed a lot. Even his voice had changed. He was about two heads taller than May and she could see a hint of muscle on his neck…his arms…his legs…his chest…she could feel herself burning up

    ‘Drew!’ She managed to muster a word. And, of course, it had to be his name. She wracked her brains of something to say but came out with nothing.

    ‘Great! After three years of being away from him and two of them trying to find him, I finally find him and I have nothing to say! I am such an idiot! IDIOT IDIOT IDIOT!!!’ She thought to herself.

    ‘Um…how are you?’ She eventually came out with.

    ‘IDIOTIC MORON HEAD!!!’ She mentally kicked herself.

    ‘So, you haven’t seen ol’ wonderful me in three years and that’s all you have to say?’ He said to her.

    ‘Crap.’ She cursed.

    ‘I thought we were a little more than that.’ He turned to her, smirking.

    ‘Double crap!’

    ‘I thought, after all those years of seeing each other we had some sort of a connection…’ He said, moving closer.

    ‘HE KNOWS!!! DARN ME!!!’

    ‘A spark…’ He was closer and now he was whispering to her.

    ‘OH MY GAWD!!!’

    ‘…Only kidding,’ He finished. May’s mouth almost fell open. He laughed. ‘I can’t believe you actually thought I liked YOU!!!’ he laughed. May was getting infuriated. ‘I mean, me and yo-’

    ‘IDIOTIC STUPID HEAD!!!’ May yelled at him. People were staring at her as she sat up, eyes ablaze. ‘You meanie! Don’t DO that to me!!!’

    ‘Whoa there, settle down!’ Drew replied.

    ‘NO! You had me all uncomfortable and it was for a prank!’

    ‘C’mon, May! Take a joke! We’re friends and all!’


    ‘May, I didn’t mean it! Now calm down! I mi-’ Drew began to say. But it was too late. May had stood up and stormed off. Drew sighed.

    ‘…Maybe I was a little too harsh on her…’
    She ran, her brown hair streaming after her and tears falling down her face. She pushed the doors open to get into the place of her destination: the pokemon center. She went up to one of the green videophones, put a silver coin in the slot, picked up the receiver and dialled a number she knew too well. A minute later, a red haired man picked up and smiled.

    ‘Hey, May,’ he said. May smiled slightly. ‘What’s up? Do you need Ash?’ He asked. The tears were coming again slightly. She wiped her left eye.

    ‘Yeah,’ May said. ‘Just tell him it’s about a green haired guy. One of our old friends.’ She sniffed. Lance smiled softly and she saw him disappear from the screen. She sighed and opened up her PokeNav. She clicked on the pictures page and came to the start. She almost burst into tears of all the happy memories there.

    There was a picture of Ash alone, Ash and Pikachu, Ash, Pikachu and herself, there was a picture she had snapped of her brother while he was sleeping, one of brock cooking, one of Misty, and one of Ash and Misty (Ash was blushing as he was hugging Misty and she laughed at that) and there was one of them all together. Pikachu was on May’s head, her brother was sat at her feet, Brock was stood above them all and Ash was next to May. That was all she had of her time with Ash and Brock. Then it was the Johto pictures…

    There was a picture of Soledad and herself. Soledad was always there for her and May had a slight suspicion that she knew how she felt for Drew…she clicked through the pictures of everyone until she found him…they were smiling and in the picture…together. She burst into tears.
    ‘Ash!’ Lance yelled. The raven-haired boy he was addressing was training with his Pikachu. He turned to the red head. ‘May for ya. She say’s it’s about some green haired dude and she’s crying about it.’

    ‘Oh no,’ Ash said. ‘Drew’s done something to upset her…I don’t think they’ve seen each other for a while, either…ouch.’

    ‘Drew? You mean that famous coordinator?’ Lance asked. Ash nodded.

    ‘He’s May’s rival. Gives her roses and advise…on a good day.’

    ‘Well it seems like someone likes May.’ Lance mused to himself.

    ‘Really?’ Ash said. He then paused. ‘Who?’

    ‘Drew, you dolt!’ Lance yelled, irritated. ‘Now get your butt to the phone! May’s waiting and crying, remember!!!’ Ash then ran to the phone, afraid. Pikachu clung to his arm as he did so as his trainer was running in fear of angry-Lance.

    ‘May?’ Ash said. He saw she was crying.

    ‘Ash…’ She said. ‘…WAAAAAAAAHHHHH!’ She let out a huge cry.

    ‘May, May, May! Come on it’ll be okay!’

    ‘Pika pika!’ His companion soothed. May stopped and sniffed.

    ‘It’s Drew! I see him for the first time in three years and he’s back to his obnoxious ways!’

    ‘Yeah, well Drew’s an idiotic, stuck up moron!’ Ash laughed. May smiled at him. Little did they know, Drew was watching behind a pillar. He sighed.

    ‘Oh! I gotta go, May! Duty calls’ Ash said. May smiled at him and the screen blacked out. She turned around and bumped into someone, and was about to fall down when they grabbed her waist. She looked up; it was Drew!

    ‘AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!’ She yelled. He was so surprised that he dropped her. ‘Ow!!! Floor…back…pain, not good!’ He helped her to her feet.

    ‘May, I’m sorry…about what happened in the park…I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. Like you said I’m a…Idiotic stupid-head.’ He said. May felt as if something had lifted her soul in the air.

    ‘Drew…thank you.’ She said.

    ‘A-and to make up for what I said, how would you like to travel with me? We never got around to it in Johto and frankly…I missed you.’

    ‘Drew, I missed you too…’ May grinned. ‘But then again, I won two Ribbon cups!’ She then remembered what he had said before. ‘Travel? With you? Really?’ Drew nodded. She smiled and jumped up to hug him again, but this time she didn’t knock him over and there was no water. Drew blushed and put May down.

    ‘I’m taking it that’s a yes?’ He smirked.
    There ya go! R&R please!
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2007
  2. Uzamaki Hinata

    Uzamaki Hinata Bye bye!

    awww, that was such a sweet chapter. Drew is so cruel, teasing May like that, but he made up for it in the end.
    The poem at the beggining sorta reminds me of a forward I recently got. but, meh...
    It was a nice first chapter flygon, can't wait for more!
    does this mean you'll quit on Sunrise to Sunset? If so, that means I'll never get the advanceshipping I was waiting for....
  3. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    The first bit isn't a poem! It's a song! At the beginning is a song from the movie Anastacia! I'm doing all the chapters in song names so there we go! Yeah, I seem to have lost the plot in S2S...sorry...don't kill me!
  4. Uzamaki Hinata

    Uzamaki Hinata Bye bye!

    kill? Oh, that will be the least of your worries...*clenches fists*

    JK, tis alright I suppose.

    It's a song, hmm, makes sense, and I like the fact that you're starting every chapter with it, very unique!
  5. HelloKitty17

    HelloKitty17 therocketsummer</3

    I was a little confused with the beggining song thing but I liked the chapter it was nice and long! I'm glad this is back! Aww, are you seriously done with S2S? That makes me sad, but I guess I'll live...ANYWAYS! Haha I liked the pictures on her Pokenav thing, I thought that was pretty cool, it's like a camera cell. =] If you do a PM list please add me, I love all your stories :D
  6. shadow_shipper

    shadow_shipper ...indeed...

    yes !!! more description and longer chapter from you !!!
    As I said mostly in S2S, your chapters were getting much shorter...so this is really good.

    the one who wrote this guide seemed hyper o_O

    I feel some sort of sympathy...the poor girl really needs him.

    Drew as the shy and bashful type....there's something sweet there :p :)
    and some humor ! great :D

    just maybe :rolleyes:

    Ash...you lovable dense idiot :p and I mean that of course in a good way

    this is way too adorable <3
    really, the type of fic you enjoy reading to lighten the mood :)

    but seeing this is version 2, could you give us the link to the original version ? I'd like to compare, see how you've improved ;)

    P.S. : I'm so sorry dear I couldn't review sooner...I had very limited time, so I reviewed the fics that were already in the middle of action, and when I was finished, the forums usually blocked.... -_-
    hope you forgive me...
  7. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    2348 words, six pages and some contestshippyness! Here's chappie two!

    Pounding Hearts
    Chapter Two
    “Karaoke Superstars”

    Turn up the car radio
    We can be karaoke superstars
    karaoke superstars

    Red rover red rover please let me come over
    Who made you queen for a day and us court to rule over
    Last to be chosen will I be here left over
    Well it's alright
    Maybe it's alright maybe it's
    I feel alone
    I feel unseen
    I feel marked down I just get my keys....

    Turn up the car radio
    We can be karaoke superstars
    Doesn't matter what they think
    When we're driving in my car

    Red rover red rover I don't wanna come over cut me
    Down to your size
    So you can tower me over it only works if I care
    And if I don't your reign's over
    And it's alright, maybe it's alright
    Maybe it's I am alone
    I am unleashed, I define myself
    I just get my keys...
    and we can

    Turn up the car radio
    We can be karaoke superstars
    Doesn't matter what they think
    When we're driving in my car

    Red rover red rover if you want to then come over
    It's a no critic car
    So there's no one to win over be your own superstar
    When the voting is over and
    We're alright, baby we're alright…Baby we're alright...Baby we're alright..

    Turn up the car radio
    We can be karaoke superstars
    Doesn't matter what they think
    If we don't think about it

    We can be superstars.
    After finally coming to terms that Drew was actually travelling with her, May and Drew set off for the desk containing the Joy, much to Drew’s discomfort. May could tell he didn’t like Pokemon Centres, but she just smiled mischievously. She then looked forward, and, along with Drew, froze. It was the Joy! She looked perhaps the complete opposite of every other Joy on the planet!

    Her pink hair was out of the traditional loopy fashion that swept all centres, she was out of the poofy dress uniform and into a red spaghetti shirt and tight blue jeans that were ripped in a few places, she had her feet up on the desk and was reading a book entitled “Love From Afar”. She also had sparkling green eyes and a badge on her shirt saying: “MY NAME IS ATHENA, NOT JOY!” on it. She looked up at them, gave a small smile and put her book down the book flat on that page she was on.

    ‘Hi,’ She said, standing up. ‘I’m Athena and I’m the “Joy” at the moment while my mom is out on an emergency. Can I get you anything?’ She asked, with air quotations at the “Joy” part.

    ‘Um is your name really Ath-’ May asked, but Drew clapped a hand over her mouth. Her muffled words sounded out, but then stopped. Athena just laughed.

    ‘I get that all the time!’ She said. Drew paused, with his hand still over May’s mouth…until she licked it. He retreated in disgust and wiped it on his shirt. Athena giggled. ‘My name IS actually Athena. My mom said she got bored of everybody being called Joy so she named me after the goddess of wisdom.’

    ‘Um and why are you not in a uniform?’ May asked again. Drew didn’t bother to stop her this time due to the whole hand-licking thing.

    ‘Well…I’m not a nurse.’ Athena said.

    ‘Not a nurse?’ Drew said.

    ‘But every Joy’s a nurse!’ May said with a lot more shock in her voice.

    ‘Well I’m actually a coordinator,’ She smiled. I won the last ribbon cup here and I’m taking a break until next season. I’ll be eighteen then and I’ll go to Hoenn.’

    ‘Hey, that’s where I used to live!’ May said, laughing. ‘Petleburg City! My dad’s the gym leader there, too!’

    ‘Uh, May we need a room, remember?’ Drew said. May blushed.

    ‘Sorry! I forgot completely!’ She said. Athena looked towards a computer screen and, with a few mouse clicks she turned to them again.

    ‘Yup. Only one room left actually...two beds, seaside view…ah,’ She smiled at them. ‘Another couple left yesterday and their beds are pushed together now.’

    ‘Uhhh…me and May aren’t a couple.’ Drew said, blushing. He accidentally caught May’s eyes; they then looked at each other for a second and stared in the opposite direction to one another, blushing. Athena giggled.

    ‘Sorry. Anyway, their beds are pushed together so you MIGHT,’ She stressed on might, looking at Drew with a glint in her green eyes. ‘Want to push them apart.’ She then handed May a key with “153” engraved on it.

    ‘We will!’ May smiled.

    ‘Thanks…’ Drew muttered, still miffed from the “May and him being a couple” thing. He and May walked to their room in silence, which bugged May.

    ‘Here we are,’ He said, bringing her out of her trance. He paused. ‘May.’


    ‘You have the key, remember.’ He said, a little irritated. May scowled at him and opened the door. Not surprisingly, the two beds were pushed together, just like Athena had said. Drew put his bag in the wardrobe. ‘Come on, time to get to work.’ He said. May followed suit and they walked over to the beds. They both went to one.

    ‘Okay, on three,’ May said. ‘One…two…three!’ She shouted. Her and Drew pulled on the beds but with no avail. They tried again a couple of times but it still didn’t work. Drew sat down and sighed heavily.

    ‘I’m gradually loosing the will to live doing this,’ May giggled at that. ‘Ugh. I cannot be bothered to do this right now. Besides, it’s getting late.’ He said, lying on the bed as he did so. May joined him and for about a minute, there was complete silence in the room. Until May came up with a plan.

    ‘Lets go out!’ She exclaimed. Drew looked at her weirdly. ‘Not like that, stupid!!!’ She yelled, blushing. ‘I mean, go into town! I heard there are tones of things to do here and we’ve just got here!’ Drew paused a second.

    ‘Okay. We’ll go to dinner and do something after that. I’ll get dressed in here and you go in the bathroom, I’ll knock when you can come out.’ May agreed happily and went to her bag. She rifled through it and rushed to the bathroom with a little red and black bundle with some shoes. Drew sighed at May’s hyperness and got something to get changed into as well. He then stopped for a second.

    ‘Why am I nervous? I mean it’s only dinner…maybe it’s something to do with the fact that May’s getting dressed in the other room…no! We have a wall in between us! A solid wall!’ He thought, angry at his subconscious mind. He sighed again and got dressed.
    ‘May, you ready?’ Drew asked, tapping on the plain white door to the girl inside.

    ‘Just putting on the finishing touches!’ She sounded out.

    ‘Finishing touches?’

    ‘Make up, you idiot!’ She said. The door then sprung open and Drew stepped back quickly. He then gawped at the sight in front of him as she put away a lipstick in her bag.

    She looked awe striking, beautiful, cute, divine-there was probably a description for every letter of the alphabet for how she looked. She was wearing a V-neck dress that went up to about a third of her thighs with the top half red and the skirt black, had black ankle boots on and had her beautiful brown hair in a ponytail with a…a…rose behind her ear. It was fake and obviously he hadn’t given it to her but still, it was a rose. His signature goodbye to her.

    ‘You ready to go?’ She asked, snapping him out of his trance. May noticed that he looked pretty good, too. He had on black jeans and a whit T-shirt, with his violet jacket on top. His hair was a complete mess (as per usual) but that was the way she liked it. He nodded and they went out, locking the door behind them. May stowed away the key in her black handbag and they walked downstairs where Athena was still there. She had finished Love from Afar and was now reading an even thicker book called Sunrise To Sunset. She seemed to be halfway through.

    ‘Still here?’ Drew asked her. She looked up.

    ‘Yeah. Must be bad over in Moonstone because she usually comes home after an hour or so. You two going to dinner?’ She asked.

    ‘Yeah, we’re going to look around and see if there’s anything to do after.’ May replied. Athena grinned.

    ‘I know a place you’ll love!’ She exclaimed. ‘La chocolate! It’s a karaoke bar that sells the best chocolate milkshakes in all of The Mirayan islands!’ Drew saw May’s eyes light up. He smiled.

    ‘Sure, but we don’t know where it is.’ He said. Athena shrugged.

    ‘It’s in the center of it all…I could show you if you want.’

    ‘Yeah!’ May exclaimed. ‘Athena, that would be great! I’d love to sing and those milkshakes sound delicious! Why don’t you come with us?!’

    ‘May! I barely know you!’ Athena said. ‘Besides, I need to watch the counter.’

    ‘How many people have come since we first got here?’ Drew asked.

    ‘None but-’

    ‘But nothing! Put on a piece of paper how to use the auto healer and come with us!’ Drew laughed. ‘it’s simple!’

    ‘But I could get in trouble with my mom!’

    ‘Not if they use the Auto Healer! They’ll be happy, you come with us we have a great time!’ May pleaded. ‘Please?’

    Athena paused, but then grinned.

    ‘Fine. Besides, there’s something I like about you too. Maybe it’s because you’re coordinators too but I like you.’ May grinned and hugged her over the table.

    ‘We’ll be back at nine and we’ll party ‘til midnight! Woo!’ May exclaimed. Drew inwardly laughed at the tiny brunette’s crazy antics. Athena grinned.

    ‘Okay! It’s eight now so hurry up or I’m leaving without you!’ She said. May grinned and pulled Drew out of the center. Athena giggled again as they went out, put down her book and went up to her room to change.
    May fidgeted a little in her seat, which was not unnoticed by Drew. He could tell she was uncomfortable, but didn’t know why. They were sat in probably one of the most expensive restraints in town and were both looking at menus.

    ‘Drew aren’t these things a little…pricey? A bottle of water is five dollars here! Can you afford it?’ She asked. Ah.

    ‘May, I took you here; I said I’d pay. I wouldn’t say that if I couldn’t afford it. I have plenty of money. I’m sure my wallet can withstand your gluttonous appetite.’ Drew said to her.

    ‘Are you sure? I guess seeing as you’re paying for dinner I’ll pay for milkshakes at the bar.’ She replied, putting down her menu. Obviously, she wasn’t going to budge about this, but that was how typically stubborn May Maple was.

    ‘See anything you want?’ Drew asked her, trying to strike up a conversation.

    ‘Yeah, it’s the Spaghetti Carbonara. I hear it’s really nice.’ May said back to him. Drew could sense she was still uncomfortable as he looked at his watch: they had been out for twenty minutes. He called over a waiter.

    He was the posh type, with gelled back hair, a black suit and really ugly shoes.

    ‘Hello sir, miss. May I take your orders?’ He said, whipping out a PDA from the pocket of his suit. He took down their orders and, twenty minutes later, the meals arrived. They only had another twenty minutes to finish and get to the pokemon center, so they rushed in eating (which gave May violet hiccups) paid the bill and ran out the door as quickly as possible. They got to the pokemon center and saw Athena outside. May ran up to her.

    ‘Athena, you look so pretty!’ May said to her. Athena was wearing a black square cut top, a chunky brown belt and dark blue jeans. She blushed a little.

    ‘It’s nothing, just something I threw together. Anyway, lets go do some karaoke!’ She said. May hung backl a little as they began walking.

    ‘Drew?’ She asked. He looked at her. ‘Are you going to sing?’

    ‘I think karaoke is stupid.’ He replied, flicking his hair. May looked saddened.

    ‘I’m sure you’ll have a great time, Drew! I bet you have a great voice and if you go first, they’ll love you!’ She said. ‘Please?! It’ll make me happy and it’ll make me shut up as well. I know you’re always saying I have a big mouth…’ Drew looked at her.

    ‘You have a big mouth but I’m sure it’ll be the source for some good singing. I’ll sing. Maybe we can even do a duet some time.’ Drew said. May’s eyes twinkled like diamonds and she looked so happy that Drew just had to smile. They entered the large building; where there were small black tables dotted everywhere.

    ‘Harley, get off the table before I cripple you!!!’ A loud voice sounded above the music. The singing didn’t start yet, so nobody was interrupted. May and Drew looked over to see a certain purple haired coordinator dancing on a table.

    ‘R-E-S-P-E-C-T FIND OUT WHAT IT MEANS TOOOOO MEEEEEEE!’ He yelled, wiggling his green-clad hips around so much he nearly fell down. A short yet curvy person then yanked him down. ‘Heeeey! Ria, don’t be such a party pooper.’ He said.

    ‘Harley?’ May blurted out. She regretted it when suddenly he turned and ran up to her.

    ‘Maaaaay! How ya doing here tonight! I see you and your little toy-boy are going to sing!’ He said. He smelt like vodka, and a lot of it. The girl then made their way over to them. It was then that May and Drew realised she had emerald green hair and eyes. She was wearing a loose, black long sleeved top and a faded blue denim miniskirt with black knee boots.

    ‘Harley, stop being so hyper! You’re drunk and…Andrew?!?’ She said with a gasp, looking at Drew.

    ‘Andrea?!?’ Drew said to her, with equal shock.

    ‘You know her?’ May asked him.

    ‘Know me? I haven’t seen you in eight years, Drew!’ Drew was speechless. The girl let out a melodious laugh. ‘Well aren’t you going to say hello to your twin sister?’

    ‘T…twin?’ Was what May was only able to say. With Harley dancing around in circles, and Athena ordering milkshakes, May was probably the only one in the group that was confused out of her mind.

    Well woo-hoo! Drew has a twin, betcha didn't see that coming! All reviewers, take note that I'll be in scotland from the 4th to the 11th. Booo! :D
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    HelloKitty17 therocketsummer</3

    Loved this chapter :D I love Athena's character especially she seems so not uptight. Pretty much the opposite of her mom. I like how she has the name of wisdom too. This line had me cracking up:

    Especially that. xD Oh and ROFL at drunk Harley and Andrea. I liked May and Drew's outfits by the way. I wanted to mention that before I forgot. Hah, I love situations when Drew is caught off guard like this, gold. Twin sister huh. I like stories when Drew has siblings it adds character (and teasing usually follows =3)

    Can't wait for next update!
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    Yeah, I'm trying to put random trivia in the chapters now. Did you know that Love From Afar was my first ever fic? It was about a fan made character and Ash. It was soooo noobish. I posted it, like, a month after signing up. And Sunrise is, of course, my second fiction. My most popular ever as well. Mistylover nominated it for best contestshipping foc! :eek: He's a sweetie. He also nominated me of all people for best CS writer allong genkiness and Enclclopedia! I nearly fell off my chair. BEST? I'm not the best of anything. I'm leaving tomorrow so if anybody thinks I'm being rude, I'm not!!!

    Next chapter, I'll explain why Harley was with Ria (Andrea) and I'll do a character profile on Ria and Athena. Till then!
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    I like this fic a lot flygonrulz! there's a lot of nice descriptions and I love how May's runnin' after Drew xD and YESH! SHE GOT 2 RIBBON CUPS! Sometimes, i wonder how May would take it if she and Drew were in the same Grand Festival, but May ended up not being able to face Drew cuz somebody else beat him *gets pulverized by every Drew-fan*

    no but seriously... okay, off-topic i realize... kinda...

    anywho, i love who athena's like "i'm not joy! i'm athena!" xD
    s-she's not gonna end up trying to take Drew away from May, is she?! cuz that would be very.... un-Joy-ish

    athena: I'M NOT JOY!

    yeah yeah, i hear you. -_-

    AND WHY AREN'T YOU GONNA CONTINUE S2S?! T____T okay so you already said so, but i needed to say that. lol. i hope you can get back to it someday.

    anyways, very lovely fic here!

    (I was shocked i got nominated and even won something too -_-;; I was like... ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME?!?! but i'm extremely grateful and happy now. lol. anywho, congrats on your award FR! You definitely earned it! :))
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    I've written a oneshot that suits that description xDD just couldn't help it...it's so similar.... :p

    that's just...naughty :D

    "...yet" May had finished his sentance, reading his mind as if it were an open book.


    I felt inspired :rolleyes:

    I actually didn't see this coming...I thought they would be able to push apart two beds...either this is a sign of their love (never parting) or they are two wimps...in anycase...more ContestShipping !! yay ! :D :p

    da*n the hormones :D

    I love your stories because there is always this light atmosphere...tension quickly fading into a funny moment for us readers :)


    ..brilliant... :D

    come on :rolleyes:
    this is unnecessary brutality towards waiters xD
    but still...funny...

    ROTFLMAO so hard :D

    I can totaly picture this happenning lol

    yes, well...this can only mean one thing....plot twist xD
    this is very nice, very enjoyable, and perfect length...

    Enjoy your time in Scotland ! ;)
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    lmao. That SOOO reminded me - for some reason - of what happened in Ali G inda house, where he spells "respect" wrong xDD.

    This story is so funny lol, specially chappie 1 xD. I got my hopes up that Drew would kiss May though xD. I remember the line of Ash's "Really? Who?" from the first time I read this story and I laughed as much this time as I did then - a lot.

    Fab story honey, thanks for letting me know about it. Keep up the fab work!
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    Thanks you guys!

    Genkiness: lol, poor Athena, you calling her Joy. Tut tut.. :p I think I might revamp S"S under a diffrent name next year but I really don't know... thanks for the review, anyways!

    shadow_shipper: Yes, May and Drew are just wimps. Especilly May. Even though she's my favorite girl character in the anime, she's still a wimp. Sorry, May *pats May on the head* Yes. Those beds are going to lead to some...things while they're there...*shiftez eyes* I'm planning a really cute CS moment there. There will be a few embarrassing CS moments and one super cute oe. if you really want to know it, people, PM me because the spoiler tags aren't working for me...the waiter bit was taken from V1 but it was a guy on the ship. The ugly shoes part made a lot of people laugh! I like making people laugh, it's one of my many qualitys. :p

    CuteDrew667: Yaaaay! The now elusive CuteDrew is here! Woo! Yes, I was laughing when I wrote the Respect thing, although I have never seen Ali G...hmmm...just like S2S when Arya said it was like Phantom of the Opra, when I haven't even seen it...mysterious... poor you, thinking they were going to kiss. Isn't it a little early in the story for that? But as I said, there will be a really fluff CS moment soon. Probably chapter 5 ish. Maybe 6. I don't know but they'll be staying on Beginners Point for a little while.

    Okay, I know the Mirayan Island are all a mystery for you all, so here are the islands I've made up so far.

    -Beginner's Point
    -Moonstone Island
    -Mirror Island
    -Destiny Island
    -Whirpool Island
    -Shellrock island
    -Faraway Island
    -Genesis Island
    -Allarane Island (this island is a special resort island...remember the Spontanious Combusken episode in the anime? Expect similar results involving Drew...)
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    Chapter 1- This chapter was bloody brilliant and it was so addicting! I loved it! The conversation between May and Drew was amazing and so real! All right, I simply adored the part when you said May won her two Grand Festival Ribbons and yet was so depressed because Drew wasn't with her. That was pure gold, right there. I lol'd when she talked to Ash for about ten seconds and then hung up! Haha, that is so like May. And when Ash didn't know who May liked was so Ash! I loved it and the song At The Beginning is fantastic! It fits marvellously with the story!

    Chapter 2- Wow, a Joy, sorry, ATHENA that is actually different and is going to be a coordinator! That is original, I loved it.
    Loved it! Oh how I laughed!


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    Woo! Chapter three is here and this is my longest chapter of any fic EVER! Wow! Eight pages, 3157 words and one of the songs in it, I've been planning to do it for months! Here it is!

    Pounding Hearts
    Chapter Three
    Rated PG 13 due to Harley being drunk and trying to do something of a sexual nature…
    “I've Had The Time of My Life”

    (A/N: The Lyrics will come next chapter, read to find out why!)

    Andrea, May and Drew were still stood in the same places, but Athena had gone to chat with a friend and Harley had drunkenly slunk off into the shadows, tripping numerous times on the way.

    ‘Andrea…’ Drew said to her. Andrea laughed again.

    ‘Drew if you keep your mouth open that wide for too long, you’re going to have a Beedril in it,’ She turned to May. ‘Don’t listen to him, you’ll pick up bad habits. Call me Ria, everybody does! And you are…’ May opened her mouth to answer but Ria stopped her. ‘No, let me guess! Hmm...’ She mused, her finger on her chin and her cat-like green eyes on her. ‘Long brown hair…wears red…sapphire eyes…I got it!’ She exclaimed in realisation. ‘You’re May! Drew talks about you all the time in his letters and on the phone!’

    ‘Ria…’ Drew said, blushing and getting irritable.

    ‘And YOU’RE the one he’s always giving roses to as well! My brother…’ She laughed. May was a little weirded out, but Ria seemed nice and soon she found herself giggling along with the green haired girl. Drew seemed to be getting more and more irritable, which apparently pleased Ria. They were about to sit at a little black table when Harley came back, singing and dancing. He changed songs when he got there to, of all things, Madonna.

    ‘Like a viiiirgin!
    I touched for the very first time!’ He sung, picking May up on the second verse like a groom would pick up a bride, and then began singing Gym class Heroes!
    ‘We have to take our clothes off
    We have to party all night
    And we have to take our clothes off
    To have a good time’

    He swung her around and around and then made his way to the zip on the back of May’s Dress when he suddenly got a thump in the stomach and dropped May. He looked to see a fuming Drew and an angry Ria below him, as she was shorter.

    ‘Don’t do that again, drunky!’ They both said in unison. Ria picked up a pint glass of water and threw it in Harley’s face.

    ‘Sober up!’ She yelled at him as he fell backwards onto a chair. Behind them, May was trying to get her zip up but failing. She was in shock because of this: Ria, a girl she had never met before tonight, and Drew, her cocky rival were saving her from the drunken hands of Harley. The two twins went back to May and Ria helped May with her dress while Drew just sat there with a weird expression on his face. A minute later, Harley came round to them.

    ‘Sorry…May I’ll hope you will forgive me! You too Ria…I should have never have done that!’ He cried.

    ‘Harley, it’s fine. I know you when you’re drunk or hyper or whatever. Just lay off the vodka and if you’re thirsty, go get a Coke or a Milkshake or a Sprite or whatever.’ Ria said. Harley’s face lit up.

    ‘Does this mean we can still sing together?’ He asked, with a twinkle in his eye. Ria sighed.

    ‘Fine, just don’t pick anything like Barbie Girl or anything pop. I hate that stuff.’ She said, wincing at the thought. Harley ran off to the table with the slips on it to enter the karaoke. He looked over then disks and took out two slips.

    “Ria Hayden and Harley Morrison
    Set The Fire To the Third Bar”
    He wrote down with his loopy writing. He giggled like a boy who had just put a pin in the teacher’s chair at he wrote the second.

    “Drew Hayden and May Maple
    (I’ve had) The Time of My Life”

    He then picked them up and went over to the DJ, who was just setting up the TV on the stage. He accepted them.

    ‘These are the first…be prepared, okay mate?’ He said in a strong British accent. Harley swept off to go back to Ria, Drew and May with a huge grin on his face.
    ‘So, Ria how do you know Harley?’ May asked the green haired girl as they finally settled down to chocolate milkshakes. Athena had come back and was introduced to Ria. She was now half way done on her milkshake.

    ‘Well how do you two know him, first?’ She asked.

    ‘Well, I met him on a boat and he’s had this grudge against me ever since. He’s tried to get me out of the way in quite a few contests, and all of my Grand Festivals.’ May replied.

    ‘I met him in one of my contests in Hoenn, found him extremely annoying and walked away every time he came up to me. I met him again in the Hoenn Grand festival, when he was sweet-talking May and eventually we found out that he was just acting to be nice so that he could ruin her. But we figured it out and May did quite well,’ May was speechless at that last thing. ‘But not as great as me, of course, who could be better than me?’

    ‘Robert. And Solidad. And I beat you once.’ May said.

    ‘Also, I believe you lost to me almost every battle we were in together.’ Ria gloated. She then did something very surprising, she flicked the strand of hair that fell over her eyes!

    ‘You flip your hair?’ May just said, out of her accord. Ria laughed.

    ‘Yeah! Sir Cockiness over here stole it from me when we were kids!’ She said, glaring over at Drew which May found highly amusing.

    ‘Yeah but you do it too, Ria.’ Drew argued. Ria smirked and then turned her head to May.

    ‘I bet every time he sees you he pulls off some obnoxious comment, flips his hair and walks away. And then when you finally think he’s leaving, he tosses you a rose,’ She said. May was struck dumb. Drew DID do all of those things, in perfect order! ‘It’s just that my brother is soooo in love with you that he can’t bear to leave and just has to give you a rose to help remember him by! Apparently, he never gives anybody else a rose!’ She laughed.

    ‘Ria!’ Drew yelled, blushing furiously. May didn’t seem to be listening however, because she had disappeared! They looked over to the bar to see May ordering another milkshake! They both sweatdropped. ‘Ria, I can’t believe you!’ Drew whispered to her.

    ‘Well sor-ry for trying to help. You cannot keep your secret forever! Those roses mean something and I know it! Drew, I know you! It’s part of our twin telepathy plus I’m not an idiot!’

    ‘What secret? Ria stop being so bloody stupid!’ Drew said, anger raising his voice. Ria just stared into his eyes with her cat-like ones. Drew could tell she was slightly irritated as well, as she only did that when she was. ‘Look, the roses mean nothing! They’re meant for encouragement! I am her rival! We are rivals-friendly rivals and nothing else!’ Ria retreated.

    ‘Alright, whatever you say,’ She said, as May came back with her milkshake. Harley came back as well, his purple locks flowing with every step. He sat next to Ria with a huge grin all over his face. ‘What are you smiling at?’ Ria asked him.

    ‘Oh nothing! I picked a good song for us!’ He laughed. May and Drew both sweatdropped.

    ‘Please, if it’s anything like Barbie Girl or anything by Britney Spears, I swear I will kick you from here to Kanto!’ Ria yelled.

    ‘It’s Set The Fire to the Third Bar by Snow Patrol and Martha Wainwright!’ Harley said, clapping his hands together in delight.

    ‘Wow, Harley. You actually picked a good song. Not pop, kinda electronica and sorta rocky in a way.’ Ria complimented him, calming down. Harley’s cheeks went a slight pink. May and Drew were left speechless.

    ‘Has Harley got a crush on my sister?!’ Drew thought. He and May exchanged glances, which was noticed by Ria. She giggled, which earned a kick from under the table, courtesy of Drew. It was then that music started, and people took to the dance floor. All of the girls, including Ria and May began to sing!

    ‘To the left to the left!
    Everything ya own in a box to the left!
    In the closet-that’s my stuff
    Yeah, if I bought it please don’t touch!’

    They sung, with Ria the loudest at that line. She jumped up and skipped along to the dance floor and began dancing with skilled accuracy, not slipping up when she did some really tough moves. A hot dark haired guy began dancing with her as all the girls began to sing again.

    ‘You must not know ‘bout me
    You must not know ‘bout me
    I could have another you in a minute
    Matter fact he'll be here in a minute – baby!

    You must not know about me
    You must not know about me
    I can have another you by tomorrow
    So don't you ever for a second get to thinking you're irreplaceable!’

    The second verse of the song began and Harley was on his feet and with Ria. The hot guy seemed to have been scared off but Ria didn’t mind as Harley twirled her around.

    ‘It’s so weird seeing my sister with an evil lunatic…’ Drew said.

    ‘Yeah…maybe there’s another side to Harley that we don’t know about…Ria seems to be having a really good time…’ May said. ‘Maybe…I don’t know…Harley’s really had it in for us over the years. Hey, remember in Kanto when we were watching the sunset?’ May asked. Drew smiled.

    ‘Yeah…he came up to us and did that whole boyfriend/girlfriend thing again. And in Johto, when we were in Azelea Town when he came up to us and said I was cheating on you with Solidad?’ Drew grinned. May was a little taken back at that, in her head, but she just laughed. ‘And then she actually came up from behind him and started lecturing him!’ He laughed.

    ‘Hey! Party poopers!’ Ria yelled from the dance floor. ‘Get your butts down here and start dancing! The cute DJ I was dancing with a moment ago said there’s only five minutes ‘till we’re singing!’ May grinned, grabbed Drew’s wrist and dragged him to where the pounding music was. They went up to Ria and began dancing and having a good time. Even Drew was starting to loosen up a bit, even though they couldn’t believe they were actually having fun with the seemingly evil Harley.

    As the final few bars of the song ended, everybody began cheering and the DJ went on stage.

    ‘All right, people! Dancing time’s over and it’s time for you lovely voices to come out! First we have Ria Hayden and Harley Morrison singing Set The Fire to the Third Bar!’ The crown began to cheer as the blinding spotlight came onto Harley and Ria, who walked onto opposite sides of the stage, where two assistants gave them microphones. The backing music began to play and silence filled the dark room as people made their way back to their seats.

    ‘I find the map and draw a straight line
    Over rivers, farms, and state lines
    The distance from here to where you'd be
    It's only finger-lengths that I see
    I touch the place where I'd find your face
    My fingers in creases of distant dark places,’

    Ria’s melodic voice was like the song of an angel, it echoed across the room and, with the oddly deep accompaniment from Harley, their voices mixed wonderfully.

    'I hang my coat up in the first bar
    There is no peace that I've found so far
    The laughter penetrates my silence
    As drunken men find flaws in science,'

    A group of tipsy guys, around nineteen to twenty each, cheered, ruining the last line slightly. Drew whacked his hand against his head.

    'Their words mostly noises
    Ghosts with just voices
    Your words in my memory
    Are like music to me'

    'I'm miles from where you are,
    I lay down on the cold ground
    I, I pray that something picks me up
    And sets me down in your warm arms.'

    'After I have travelled so far
    We'd set the fire to the third bar
    We'd share each other like an island
    Until exhausted, close our eyelids
    And dreaming, pick up from
    The last place we left off
    Your soft skin is weeping
    A joy you can't keep in,'

    'I'm miles from where you are,
    I lay down on the cold ground
    And I, I pray that something picks me up
    and sets me down in your warm arms.'

    The chorus repeated, as the music began to get stronger and May felt a rushing feeling.

    'And miles from where you are,
    I lay down on the cold ground
    and I, I pray that something picks me up
    and sets me down in your warm arms.'

    The music ended, but then the applause was thunderous. Drew stood up, grinning at his sister, as did May. Ria ran down from the stage, blushing and began to talk hyperly with May. The DJ stopped Harley, however.

    ‘Great show, mate,’ He said, as he began sorting out discs at a fast pace. ‘But I have bad news. Your second entry probably won’t be next, because a load of requests came in and I’m picking them from a box.’

    ‘It’s fine! We’ll be here for a while!’ Harley gushed, running off again to Ria, May and Drew.

    ‘Ria, that was amazing!’ May exclaimed. Ria smiled at her.

    ‘Thanks, May! So, Drew what do you think of my singing since last time?’ Ria asked.

    ‘It’s improved.’ Drew remarked. They all sat down again as a brunette with her hair in a ponytail began to sing “Walking on Sunshine”.

    ‘So, Ria, you didn’t tell us how you met Harley.’ May said.

    ‘Oh yeah!’ The girl said in realisation. She laughed. ‘We were on a boat, too. My Trapinch, Goggles, went missing so I went looking for it, I then saw an Ariados chasing it and trying to eat it so I returned it to his pokeball. The Ariados got so mad that it started to chase me! I bumped into Harley, literally, and he told it off and explained that was his Ariados.’

    ‘So that was the purple haired weirdo you wrote to me about…’ Drew paused. Harley then came bounding up to the table just as the DJ drew a card from the box.

    ‘Now, singing St. Jimmy, give a warm welcome to Drew Hayden!’ He exclaimed, Drew stood up and flicked his hair cockily. Ria smirked and glanced at May, grinning.

    ‘Drew, I didn’t know you signed up for something.’ May said over the yells of fangirls.

    ‘I slipped away when you and Ria were talking.’ He said, then walking over to the stage. He climbed up the stairs and made his way over to the single microphone in the center. He coughed and then began the rock song.

    ‘St. Drew is coming down across the alleyway
    Up on the boulevard like a zip gun on parade
    Light of a silhouette
    He's insubordinate
    Coming at you on the count of 1,2…’

    ‘1,2,3,4!!!’ Ria yelled. Drew motioned them to come up on stage and Ria stood up and pulled May up. They ran up on stage just at the solo stopped and started to dance!

    ‘My name is Drew and you better not wear it out
    Suicide commando that your momma talked about
    King of the forty thieves
    And I'm here to represent
    That needle in the vein of the establishment!

    I'm the patron saint of the denial!’

    ‘With an angel face!’ Ria and May yelled.

    ‘And a taste for suicidal!’ Drew began again. May laughed, she was having a great time here.

    ‘Cigarettes and ramen and a little bag of dope
    I am the son of a ***** and Edgar Allan Poe
    Raised in the city under a halo of lights
    The product of war and fear that we've been victimized
    I'm the patron saint of the denial!’

    ’With an angel face!’
    They yelled again.

    ‘And a taste for suicidal!’

    ‘You talkin' to me!?!?’ All three of them yelled.

    ‘I'll give you something to cry about!’ Drew yelled.

    ‘ST. DREW!!!’ May and Ria yelled at the top of their voices.

    ‘My name is St. Drew I'm a son of a gun
    I am the one that's from the way outside
    A teenage assassin executing some fun
    And the cult of the life of crime!’

    Drew sang as May and Ria made the backing “Woo-ooh” noises.

    I really hate to say it but I told you so
    So shut your mouth before I shoot you down ol' boy
    Welcome to the club and give me some blood
    And the resident leader of the lost and found!’

    ‘It's comedy,’
    He sung, as he brought May forward.
    ‘And tragedy!’ He brought forward Ria.

    ‘It's St. Dre-ew,
    And that's my name...and don't wear it out!’

    The final guitar notes ended as the whole room went wild. The three of them took a bow and went back down, laughing.

    ‘That song never gets old!’ Ria laughed.
    In the time passing from then, they had a few fangirl attacks for Drew and about twenty fanboy attacks for Ria. Harley tried to sing “Fallin’” by Alicia Keys but failed miserably. Drew seemed to be having a good time and May, seeing this thought about how bad it would feel about not seeing Max for eight years. But, then again, Ria was his twin! She then thought about what would happen next. Would Ria meet up with them in some places? She then thought about the contests. Drew was good, but Ria was better than Drew! How was she supposed to get into the Grand Festival? She decided to tell Drew about these things later. She didn’t know why, but a calming effect washed over her at the thought of telling Drew these things…maybe it was how she felt for him but she didn’t know. She was broken out of thinking by the DJ again.

    ‘Okay, People! Time for another wonderful couple to come up here and pour their hearts out through song! Give it up for Drew Hayden and May Maple singing “I’ve Had The Time of My Life!’

    ‘WHAT?!?!’ May Drew and all Drew’s fans exclaimed.

    ‘These song was requested by Harley Morrison, so folks, take your anger out on him and not me!’ He laughed.

    ‘Harley!’ Drew yelled, flushed bright pink in the face, as was May. The two nervously walked up opposite sides of the stage.

    ‘Why me?’ May thought.

    *laughs evilly* Because I'm writing the story, that's why!!!

    May: You're mean!

    No I'm not. You and Drew are just meant to be together is all.

    Ria: I second that!

    Drew: (growls)
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    dsj;gsdhg; soooo cute. :]] Yeah, so Ria is pretty much my hero for pretty having Harley on a leash xD It kills me that Harley likes someone related to Drew, and now that I think about it, it isn't the biggest suprise.. ahha. I loved Drew's song with May and Ria singing I found that hysterical, and ooh naughty naughty Harley! Trying to unzip May's dress. I really like your chapters because they're long and funny =3 I can't wait for next chapter when May and Drew sing! Thanks for the PM! :]]
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    Urgh...been so busy these last two days...I really need some super shippyness to get my mind off some stuff :p

    well, that's imo, an excellent length for a chapter ;)

    xDD priceless moment there, while still being in some sort of character :rolleyes:

    ouch...at least we see that Ria cares for May...

    May : :D
    Drew : :(

    who would have thought ? xD

    :D :D

    Ria's character is genius !! the writers should actually do a plot twist like that : introducinng in Johto Drew's long ignored twin sister :)

    that would be so cute in this fic :D

    I'm actually having a hard time breathing...because I am quite literraly picturing this in my mind...Drew screaming from the top of his lungs, wild girls cheering in front of him xDD
    Plus the lyrics....:rolleyes: omg :rolleyes: this is exceptionnal !!!

    Come on, you'll have a fun time :D

    You know, you have brightened up my day :) I was a bit sour and bored before reading this, now I can't stop smiling :)

    If this continues like this, it surely will achieve great recognition. Best comedy I've read in a long time ;)
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    Thanks everyone Yesh, I like m chappies long and funny! And...well, this is a fic I'm going to work really hard on, hard enough for a shipping oscar, hopefully! Yes, Ria's character is based partially off me and...let's just say that you'll see a lot of her!

    EDIT: Oh, eah! I forgot something! The random trivia in this chappie is this:

    "They all sat down again as a brunette with her hair in a ponytail began to sing “Walking on Sunshine”."

    This is because the brunette is moi (because I is a brunette) and my favorite karaoke song to sing is Walkin' on sunshine. It's a croud pleaser. And for all you brits, in three years, I mighty be going on the X factor! My dad says I can't go on it next year because of my dumb GCSEs...
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    Pounding Hearts
    Chapter 4
    (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life Part II

    Nervously stepping onto the stage May shivered inside at the thought of singing THIS song with DREW. She gazed out onto the crowd and saw many angry fangirls and Ria looking like she was half going to kill Harley and half thank him as the lights dimmed and a spotlight fell on the two. She looked at Drew; the lights were making him look even more handsome. So handsome, she thought, that she had to look away from him. The music started and Drew started to sing his first part.

    Drew: Now I've had the time of my life
    No I never felt like this before
    Yes I swear it's the truth
    and I owe it all to you

    He reached out and took her hand, right in front of everyone. May reassured herself it was only for effect. Drew was all about effect…wasn’t he?

    May: 'Cause I've had the time of my life
    and I owe it all to you

    The upbeat music started and Drew smiled at her. May felt like all of her bones and muscles relaxed because of him and that smile.

    Drew: I've been waiting for so long
    Now I've finally found someone
    To stand by me

    ‘…This is kinda ironic…’

    May: We saw the writing on the wall
    As we felt this magical fantasy

    Both: Now with passion in our eyes
    There's no way we could disguise it secretly
    So we take each other's hand
    'Cause we seem to understand the urgency

    Drew grinned and May grinned back at him. Maybe this wasn’t so bad. They took the mics out of their holders, as they were wireless.

    Drew: Just remember!

    May smiled at him. Drew seemed to be loosening up and the whole crowd, including the fangirls, began to clap to the beat. Just like in some movie! Now that she thought about it…Baby and Johnny’s last dance was in a place like this…people looking up at them…tables dotted everywhere…this was weird!

    May: You're the one thing,

    Drew: I can't get enough of,

    May: So I'll tell you something,

    Both: This could be love! Because-

    Both: I've had the time of my life
    No I never felt this way before
    Yes I swear it's the truth
    And I owe it all to you
    'Cause I've had the time of my life
    And I've searched through every open door
    'Til I found the truth
    And I owe it all to you

    May and Drew smiled at each other and Drew took May’s hand and twirled her round.

    May: With my body and soul
    I want you more than you'll ever know!

    Now THAT was weird!

    Drew: So we'll just let it go
    Don't be afraid to lose control

    May: Yes I know what’s on your mind
    When you say:
    "Stay with me tonight."

    Drew: Just remember
    You're the one thing

    May: I can't get enough of

    Drew: So I'll tell you something

    Both: This could be love because

    Both: 'Cause I had the time of my life
    No I've never felt this way before
    Yes I swear it's the truth
    And I owe it all to you
    'Cause I've had the time of my life
    And I've searched through every open door
    Till I found the truth
    and I owe it all to you

    The instrumental began as the two put their mics back in the holders. Drew took May’s hand in his as they began to dance quickly to the beat of the music. They could hear Ria cheering loudly ands they both laughed. Just before it ended, Drew spun May back to the mic and they both picked them up.

    Drew: Now I've had the time of my life
    No I never felt this way before

    (May: Never Felt this way)

    Drew: Yes I swear it's the truth
    and I owe it all to you!

    Both: 'Cause I had the time of my life
    And I've searched through every open door
    Till I've found the truth
    and I owe it all to you

    Both: ‘cause I've had the time of my life
    No I've never felt this way before
    Yes I swear it's the truth
    And I owe it all to you!

    The ending music started and May and Drew took a massive bow before going back down.

    ‘That was the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done in my life!’ May wailed over chocolate milkshake ten minutes later.

    ‘You seemed to enjoy it.’ Harley said, sliding up to her with a glint in his eye.

    ‘Harley, I think you’ve done enough for them tonight.’ Ria smirked, looking at her watch. She cried out in surprise. ‘OH NO!’ She yelled.

    ‘Ria what’s the matter?’ Drew said with worry.

    ‘It’s midnight and my contest’s at 10 tomorrow morning! I have to sleep, eat in the morning and train! I’ve really gotta go!’ She said.

    ‘Ria, wait!’ Drew shouted, grabbing her arm.

    ‘I haven’t seen you in eight years! Could you at least tell us where you’re staying?’ He asked.

    ‘Pokemoncenterroom152gottagobye!’ She said, quickly before running off. May and Drew sweatdropped.

    ‘I guess we’d better go, too, huh Drew?’ May asked, looking up at him.

    ‘Uh…yeah, I guess.’

    ‘I knew it! You two are sleeping with each other!’ Harley yelled.

    ‘NO WE’RE NOT!!!’ May and Drew yelled in unison, with huge blushes on their faces. Well, technically they were sleeping together, because of the beds, but not the other one!

    ‘Riiiiiight…’ Harley grinned evilly. He then got up and walked out, before shouting back: ‘Don’t forget to use protection!’ Drew hit his hand on his head.

    Five minutes later, to be safe from Harley, the two walked out.

    ‘I had a really good time tonight, Drew.’ May said, her cheeks a pretty tint of pink. Drew smiled.

    ‘Yeah. That song we did together was actually kinda fun.’ He replied.

    ‘Your sister is so amazing…’ May said to him. ‘I don’t know how I’m going to keep up…I don’t think I’ll even win one contest with you and her competing…there isn’t really any point…’ She said, her eyes welling up with tears. Drew stopped her.

    ‘May if you keep on thinking like that, you won’t win one. Listen, lets make a deal. We’ll stay in a town wherever we go for two contests, one for me to compete in and one for you. That way we’ll both have an equal shot at getting to the Grand Festival.’ He smiled down at her and she just looked up at him.

    ‘Who are you and what have you done with Drew?’ May teased. Drew laughed at her.

    ‘Hey you guys!’ They both heard. They looked up to see Ria peering over a Flygon and Salamance. ‘Where in the world have you been?!’ She yelled. ‘I’ve been waiting for ages! Sorry to break up the love fest but do you guys want a lift?’

    ‘Cool! I’ve never ridden on a Flygon or Salamance before!’ May laughed as Ria came down and jumped off.

    ‘Yeah, these two go by Pinky,’ She indicated her Salamance. ‘And Goggles,’ Her Flygon. ‘Get on, they’re perfectly trained!’ She laughed. May and Drew got on the side of the Salamance while Ria got on her Flygon…and stood up! The two pokemon rose up as she grabbed onto a black rein, motioned Pinkie to approach and put a foot on her! She grabbed a rein on that dragon, too and it looked like some sort of circus trick!

    ‘Wow!’ May remarked. ‘Ria what are you doing?!’

    ‘Dragon Surfing! It’s the best thing to practice for contests! It requires the utmost balance, because if you’re even a tiny bit off, you fall!’ She said back, before sitting down.

    ‘You only did that to show off didn’t you?’ Drew said to her. She laughed.

    ‘Well, kinda. Anyway, I hope you two will come see me in the contest tomorrow. You won’t be able to enter because you’ve got to enter at least a day in advance.’

    ‘Sure! We’ll come for definite!’ May said to her. Ria smiled at the hyper brunette.

    ‘Well I might as well tell you what pokemon I have. Well I have these two, Kari and Carla-my Umbreon and Espeon, Flamence-my Blaziken and my Budew, Reina!’ She said. Drew smirked.

    ‘Yours is still a Budew, huh?’ He asked, obnoxiously. ‘Not too good if you want it to excel in contests.’

    ‘Actually,’ Ria smirked. ‘A Budew is better than a Roselia in a contest.’ She said, to Drew’s surprise.

    ‘But it’s the pre-evolution!’

    ‘Yeah, and the reason I keep mine as a Budew is because it has all the moves a Roselia can learn but it’s cuter! I keep it that way by having it wear an Everstone necklace!’

    ‘What’s an everstone?’ May asked, inquisitavly.

    ‘Well a mediocre like you couldn’t know but-‘ Drew began but was thumped by the smaller Ria.

    ‘Not many people know what one is because they’re quite rare. An everstone is something that, if a pokemon holds it, can prevent evolution. In Johto, when I was ten, I saw an injured Girafarig in the forest and used my last super potion on it. I brought it back into town where I found its owners. They were so grateful that they heard out what I had to say about my Budew, about how it was close to evolution and I didn’t want it to. Apparently, they ran a shop that made jewellery out of materials trainers find. Like shards and pearls and things like that. They sell things they collect themselves and they sowed me an everstone necklace and explained what it did. They gav it to me for free for doing that tiny act of kindness! I know how to be kind, unlike some people.’ She glanced over to Drew.

    ‘Actually, he’s saved my life a couple of times.’

    ‘Really?’ Ria asked, surprised. ‘Well, I guess he isn’t so bad…anyway, I have more pokemon but they’re at Professor Oak’s in Kant-’

    ‘You know Professor Oak?’ May exclaimed.

    ‘Yeah, I met him in Kanto on a visit there. I also met a lady named Delilah and some guy called Tracey.’ Ria smiled.

    ‘Delilah is Ash’s mom! The guy I used to travel with!’ May laughed.

    ‘Used to?’

    ‘Well, we all went our separate ways a few years ago. I’m travelling with Drew now.’ May replied.

    ‘Well I don’t travel with anybody but I bump into this one guy so many times it scares me.’ Ria laughed.

    ‘Who’s that?’ Drew asked.

    ‘Uhhh…look, the pokemon center! Pinkie, Goggles!’ She exclaimed to her dragons, who cried out in response and took them lower.

    ‘She’s hiding something.’ May whispered to Drew. He glanced at her tiredly.

    ‘Really, May?’ He asked sarcastically. Ria jumped off her pokemon when they got to ground.

    ‘Pinky, Goggles, nice flying! You guys exited for the contest tomorrow?’

    ‘Both of them are entering?’ May asked.

    ‘Yeah! In the Mirayan circuit, you can participate in single and double contests. I’m choosing double all the way through because most of my pokemon like to be paired up. I have my two dragons, fire and grass-like yin and yen, and these guys! Come on out, Kari and Carla!’ She yelled, taking out two pokeballs and throwing them in the air, spinning. Red light swirled out and a pink object and a black object spun around before landing, revealing an Umbreon and Espeon duo.

    ‘They’re adorable!’ May squealed.

    ‘Ta.’ The Espeon said. May and Drew both wore faces of shock.

    ‘Did you hear that?’ May asked Drew.

    ‘I must be hallucinating.’ Drew said back. Ria laughed.

    ‘Carla! Don’t scare them before I tell them!’ Serenity half scolded her pink pokemon. ‘Carla uses telekinesis to make herself talk; she projects it on the people around her automatically. Surprisingly, she’s actually a hyper idiot. Kari’s the smart one but she doesn’t talk.’ You could see Kari giving a “Ha Ha” look to Carla. May stroked her behind the ears, which the dark pokemon seemed to like.

    ‘I keep them with me out of their pokeballs everywhere I go, but the stupid owner of that bar said I had to return them,’ She said, obviously annoyed. ‘Anyway, come to the front of the contest hall tomorrow morning at eleven thirty, kay?’ May and Drew nodded and they walked up to their rooms together, as they were next to each other. ‘See you two, try not to stay up too late with each other.’ Ria said, winking.

    ‘We’re not a couple!’ May and Drew yelled in unison again.

    ‘Yeah, yeah. You will be when I get through with ya.’ She said, before disappearing into her room. May sighed and unlocked their room. They both went inside the dark room, knocking against each other slightly through the doorway.

    ‘Okay, lets look for the lamp.’ May said. Drew agreed with her and they started to blindly look in the dark, feeling the walls. After a minute of looking, May’s hand came across something bumpy…and then realised it was Drew’s chest. It was a good thing it was dark, as they were both blushing. May went backward in embarrassment, followed accidentally by Drew. May stopped when she felt something and was knocked back onto it by Drew. It was the bed. And Drew was now on top of her.

    She could feel his breath on her face; he was so close to her that she nearly went out of her mind. For a second, she thought he was going to…kiss her, but he got off her. Light filled the room as May still lay on the bed. Or beds, as she now remembered.

    ‘Okay…uh…you go in the bathroom and get changed and I’ll get changed in here.’ Drew muttered. May nodded and went to her backpack, getting her pyjamas and scurrying into the bathroom.

    Drew’s POV

    Damn it! I was so close! When I fell on her, time seemed to stop. I couldn’t see anything but her beautiful eyes reflecting the moonlight. I’m such an idiot I could have just leaned down and kissed her, kissed her like I’ve wanted to all these years. I long for her and it’s so sad. I want to feel her lips on mine. I want to be able to tell her I love her. That I never want to be apart like those three terrible years. I almost quit coordinating: All because of her.

    I can’t even believe I fell in love with a girl like her! I mean, she’s cute and nice and everything but, man, is she a klutz! And yet I fell like a stone in water and I still can’t get over her, not even after so many years. We’ve known each other for eight years now and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Because I love her-I love May Maple. But who would have me? Especially her, I’m such a jerk to her, and that could have all changed if only I had kissed her.

    But I’m too cowardly for that, and what would it change. She doesn’t care about me.

    Normal POV

    May came out of the bathroom, dressed in loose, red silk pyjamas. She smiled at Drew slightly, who was sat with his back on the headboard. His exposed chest area poked out from the sheets and May hoped he had bottoms on, as the beds were pushed together and she didn’t exactly want to sleep with a naked guy. Partially. But this was Drew, the guy she liked. Still, it would be weird.

    ‘Are you wearing bottoms?’ May asked. Drew looked at her like she was crazy and smirked.

    ‘Yeah, why, don’t you want me to?’ He asked.

    ‘No!!! Uhhh...I mean yes…I want to be wearing bottoms!’ She yelled, frustrated.

    ‘Then you have nothing to worry about.’ Drew said. May got over to her side of the bed and sat up as well.



    ‘Where do you see this going?’

    ‘What going?’

    ‘Travelling. Together.’

    ‘Well…’ Drew started. ‘I kinda see this going in the direction that maybe we’ll start being friends. Maybe I could start to make you a better coordinator, but not as great as me, of course.’ He smirked, flipping his hair.

    ‘Ugh! You’re so obnoxious, Drew!’ She said, picking up her pillow and whacking him over the head with it. ‘Maybe this will stop you being so big-headed!’ She yelled at him. Drew smirked at her.

    ‘You pillow fight like a girl.’

    ‘I AM A GIRL!!!’ May yelled at him.

    ‘Riiiiiight.’ He said as May hit him more. He then grabbed her wrists tightly and, for a second, not knowing what to do with them. He put them down in silence, defeated by his own thoughtlessness. He saw her eyelids droop and eventually close completely as she was absorbed into sleep. He smiled at his sleeping rival and followed suit eventually.

    It was Drew who woke up first and nearly cried out in astonishment: there was May, her head on his chest, and he had his arms wrapped around her waist! He gently took her head off it’s resting place-his chest, and unwrapped his arms from around her, even though he didn’t want to. But he couldn’t let May know how he felt. That and she’d probably yell so much it would break a window, and it would be at him. She curled up in her sleep, possibly missing her green haired teddy bear and Drew smiled down at her. If she knew he was doing this, she’d kill him. He silently thanked that she was asleep and went into the bathroom to get changed.
    ‘Hey you guys!’ Ria said, waving at May and Drew as they walked down the large, winding path that lead to the contest hall.

    ‘So who are you using for what, Ria?’ May asked as Ria threw all six of her poke balls into the air. There came out Pinkie and Flygon and Kari and Carla from last night and some new faces: Flamence and Reina.

    ‘Blaze! Blaziken!’ Flamence roared. Reina the Budew jumped into Ria’s arms. Something glittered around it: it was the everstone necklace! Turquoise in colour and shimmering brightly, it looked amazing.

    ‘I’m using Kari and Carla for the appeals and Pinkie and Flygon for the battles. One of the reasons I nicknamed them is because nobody knows what to expect!’ She grinned. She then handed two blue tickets to May. ‘Those are your entry tickets. They get you into the arena but don’t worry, the blue ones mean I didn’t have to pay for them. People who know someone who’s performing get in free! Now come on! I’m gonna kick everyone’s butts!’
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