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Power of Three :Power


Howls of Loneliness
This may not be very well edited and if I didn't follow precedure feel free to tell me mods.
Hope you guys enjoy it. plus feel free to tell me if you think I should change some things.

Dark Times

Prologue : Dark Times

As darkness started to settle on the realm of Leviatha a young man was standing in the shadows awaiting orders. As he was waiting he watched two young boys about the age of five playing with each other. The boys would chase each other, then they would pick up sticks, pretend they were swords and start play fighting. As the man was watching he pondered the fate of the two boys. Shortly he was joined by a older man who was his captain together they wondered what would they have to do. The man spoke to him " Drake do you see the boy with the dark brownish black hair ?" "Yes I see him" Drake replied back. "That 's the prince and our target." "But Mallos what about the other boy ? "I don 't know " the older guy replied. Suddenly out of nowhere a mist appeared and out of the mist stepped a tall, muscular, and evil man. His eyes were like fire , his hair was Jet black ,his clothes were clothes of a royal king who is getting ready for battle. His heart was as cold as a iceberg and his hatred of people knew no bounds. When he spoke it struck fear into the hearts of the men in front of him. His name was Galtorak. "Mallos , Drake I want you to capture the prince and kill the other boy, make sure you do it tonight and without any witnesses." "Now go !" Just as he appeared the mist swallowed him up and he and the mist disappeared without a trace of him every being there. "You heard the boss let 's go and get it over with." Mallos said. They both walked off into the forest to set a trap for the boys.

Meanwhile in another part of the realm a young set of twin boys were preparing their home for there dad to come home, they anixously awaited the time when he would come home. They were the sons of Drake their names were Shondic and Phoenix they were about 8 years old and had a love for adventure. They loved when their dad came home because he would bring them gifts and tell them wonderfully stories of the other parts of the realm. They knew he would be home soon so they started feeding the animals and helping their mom prepare for dinner not knowing the consquences of what their dad was about to do.

About five miles away twin sisters Venus and Shanic were preparing dinner for the evening. When suddenly out of the sky a Ruby colored dragon started breathing fire onto their farm. They ran out of the house and towards the woods. The dragon saw them breathed fire scorching Venus on the arm,but they made it to the forest and to safety. The dragon did not pursue them and when it had finished he left the burning farm and flew off into the distance. Venus and Shanic watched as their life as they knew it and their farm burned out of their lives forever. Shanic swore to get revenge for what the dragon had done.

Meanwhile Ropav and Prince Octorok were noticing it was getting late. "Hey Octorok I think we better head back it 's getting late and because you are the prince I'll let you pick which way the long or the short way ?" said the boy with light brown hair. "I think Ropav we should take the long way because I don 't feel like going home just yet." So they took the long route and started thru the forest on their way home chatting about what they were going to do the next day never knowing that their plans would never happen. Because Just as soon as they got halfway home they were attacked by Mallos and Drake. "Hello prince it 's a pleasant night don 't you agree ?" Mallos said. The prince replied with this comment, "What do you want from us you evil men ?" "Oh, just your cooperation in coming willing with us." Drake responded. "What if I say no." "Either way you are coming with us whether you want to our not", Mallos said as he grabbed the prince by the arm. Ropav who stood by quietly while they were talking suddenly jumped on Mallos back and started choking him. Mallos grabbed Ropav off his back and flung him at a tree. Ropav hit the tree and stood up but abruptly collapsed to the ground unconcious."haha little fellow has some fight in him but bit off more then he could chew." Mallos laughed. Prince Octorok saw what happened to his friend and cried in sorrow. Mallos knocked the prince out and was about to pick him up when all of a sudden a dark silvery shape knocked him to the ground. They saw it was a silvery (with a tint of blue) she wolf her eyes were angry pools of amber,she was lean and muscular and she wasn't messing around she bit down on Mallos and wouldn't let go. "Stop standing there and get this thing off of me." Mallos said in pain. Just as Drake picked up his sword a fiery ball hit the wolf in the back and she went unconcious. Drake looked up and saw a huge Ruby dragon coming in for a landing. As it landed it said " Hurry up before I change my mind and kill you." Drake picked up Ropav and jumped on the dragon's back,Mallos followed with the prince. They took off and headed off into the distance. The she wolf woke up and saw it was hopeless to get them. She howled a long mournful howl then ran off into the forest in pursuit of the dragon. "haha" Mallos laughed when all of a sudden the dragon took a nosedive and the prince fell off. Drake tried to grab him but it was to late and the prince was lost somewhere in the forest. The dragon took him home and just as he settled down with his kids the dragon struck.

Phoenix saw him first "Mom,Shondic dad's home" he shouted in glee. He ran to greet Drake and gave him a big hug.They walked together into the house and sat down for dinner. When out of nowhere a fire ball hit their house and killed their parents. Shondic and Phoenix stared in shock. Shondic was the first to respond.He grabbed Phoenix and ran out of the house into the woods.They barely made it when another fireball came inches from hitting them. Phoenix cried mournfully and Shondic swore to get revenge as they watched as the life as they knew it disappeared forever.

Meanwhile in another town a young boy was caught stealing a loaf of bread he was taken to Galtorak's fortress and beaten.He was told he was now a slave and he was going to obey everything he was told to do our he would receive a worse beating.He was only six but he resolved he would get out of this if it's the last thing he would do.He was sold to a wealthy farmer and taken to his farm where he lived as a slave. About three miles away a young girl about 5 years old was found in the streets a young couple found her and took her in to raise her as a slave,she didn't know it but she would be a slave for a long time.

Three days later a young couple found a young boy unconcious in the forest,his clothes were dirty ,his hair was a tangled mess of brownish black hair,and in his hands he held a piece of cloth that said "Help me."The couple took him in and cared for and raised him as a ordinary boy.He didn't know who he was so they called him Octorok, after the prince who had gone missing,not knowing that he was the missing prince.

Meanwhile Galtorak was furious that they had lost the prince and sent a army out looking for him never knowing that he was in the care of a young couple about one mile from his fortress. Galtorak decided it was time to start searching for the emerald scale,and the dragon champion.Galtorak would never give up until he had it. He looked over into a twisted mirror and saw Firedrake a huge ruby colored dragon. "Don 't worry my friend we will be one again and nothing will stop us when that happens" Galtorak cackled evily.
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Nice theme of Medieval there.

The way you implemented what life was there gives it a good example as how classic tales were written before. just tuned right that you should never trust dragons...

but have you ever tried placing background music in it? It can gives some readers better engagement on reading your literature. See my story of "Feli Chronicles: Vitandes" here on Serebiiforums non Fanfic stories as an example

Also, I have new literature here as well. Check them out and review too. My original story is now open for OCs if you wanna be part of the Chronicle.


Howls of Loneliness
ok thanks chapter one will be up as soon as I finish editing it.

Edit: It's taking awhile because I am extremely busy with alot of things.
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Howls of Loneliness
I finally edited chapter one so enjoy!!! Still working on it though so any advice would be gladly received.

Chapter 1 Intertwining Fate
Twilight was falling on the land as a young fellow was working on pounding and heating a piece of metal. The young fellow was fifteen and had been working with the blacksmith since he was ten. He started work when he was ten because he had too much energy and usually drove his parents crazy with his restless spirit. He was a bright lad and learned fast. He was about five feet eight inches tall. His hair was a dark brownish black color, and his clothes were covered in ash and soot from working at the forge. He was a handsome young lad and his eyes always sparkled with friendliness. He was an unusual fellow being as he was very friendly but he preferred to be alone, and he tried not to get too close to anyone for fear he would be hurt. He had a personality that could melt all but the coldest hearts. His parents didn't know his real name because they found him in the forest when he was five, he didn't even know his own name. They named him Octorok after the young prince that was missing. The blacksmith soon learned that Octorok had a natural ability to forge weapons. By the time Octorok turned thirteen he could forge shields, and weapons of all sorts. His blades were all unique and of the finest make. People would come from all over the realm to buy a blade from him. Octorok never sold a blade to one with evil intentions, and he was always fair to the people when he sold his blades and other weapons. He priced the weapons by what the person could pay and sometimes he even gave his blades away. Right now he was working on a secret project of his. As he took the diamond shaped metal out of the fire he spoke to himself." I wonder why I am doing this, it must be for a future need or something but why am I making two of them?" In the corner sat a shield exactly like the one he was working on. By the shield was a sword which was his finest sword he had ever made he didn't know why but for the first time he didn't want anyone to see his blade. He pulled the shield he was working on out of the cooling water and set it next to the other shield. He started working on making another sword, when he saw the blacksmith coming back from the woods. He quickly hid the sword, and then waited for the blacksmith to come up to the forge. He didn't have to wait long and when the blacksmith arrived he spoke. "Evening Blaze what are you up to tonight?" The blacksmith replied by laughing and saying" I should be asking you the same thing Octorok, but if you must know I was checking the woods for the rouge horse that escaped ten years ago." "Wouldn't it be gone by now?" Octorok questioned. "You would think so but I heard reports of a strange horse destroying fences and attacking people." Octorok gasped at the report." You mean you think it’s the same horse?" "I am sure it’s the same one but enough about the horse it’s getting late shouldn't you be heading home Octorok?" "Yes I am going home now."Octorok started walking home. "Tell your parents I said hello." "I will" replied Octorok as he disappeared down the road. Octorok got home and told his parents what Blaze had said, then told them he was going to bed. "Goodnight son we will see you in the morning." As soon as Octorok's head hit his pillow he was out like a light and because he was a heavy sleeper he didn't hear the screams of his parents as they were attacked by an evil dark colored Arabian stallion.

Octorok woke up the next morning feeling refreshed but he had a foreboding thought about today. He figured his parents were already gone for the day, so he got dressed and made some breakfast, and then he left to get to work. Because his mind was on his work he didn't see the blood on the ground and kept walking. He got to the blacksmith's and started working on the sword again. He worked all day long on the blade and only had a little bit left to get done when he heard a stallion scream. He immediately dropped the blade and spun around to stare into the face of a dark bay Arabian stallion. The stallion pawed the ground then snorted in Octorok's face staring at him with an inquisitive expression. They stared at each other for about ten minutes when the stallion turned away and galloped off into the distance. "I wonder what that was all about, that stallion was huge and definitely looked like it would kill me at any moment, I wonder why it didn't ? " Octorok pondered while he picked up the sword and got back to work. A couple of hours later he finished the blade and set it next to the identical blade in his special hiding place. His shields always looked the same but for the first time his swords were completely identical like twin blades. The hiding place was in a secluded place and about an hour's walk from town. He had found it one day while exploring the forest when he was six years old. Over the years he would come here to relax and hide his valuables. As far as he knew he was the only one who knew about this place. After he placed the blade down he started heading home. He was halfway home when he saw Blaze staring at something on the ground. He walked up to Blaze and was about to ask him what he was looking at when he saw it and had to look away with grief on his face. For what he saw was the torn and dead body of his adopted mother. Blaze spoke "Octorok we think the stallion did this and we think he attacked them last night, we haven't found your father yet but we think he was also attacked." Suddenly they heard a moan come from the bushes and they both turned to see Octorok's adopted father come crawling out. "Father what happened to you and mother?" Octorok questioned. "A stallion attacked me and your mother while we were enjoying a moonlit stroll, it killed your mother instantly then started to attack me but stopped when it thought I was dead then it ran off."Nolen replied in a weak voice. Blaze cursed under his breath and said he had to leave and find the stallion before it killed anyone else. Octorok stayed with his father for the rest of the night and when the first rays of dawn began to come up over the treetops his father spoke again. "Son you know already how we aren't your real parents but we loved you as if you were our real son, I am dying but with my last wish I want you to never stop being who you are and I hope one day you will actually get to meet your real parents. I love you son." Nolen replied with his last breath. Octorok looked at both of his adopted parents and whispered" I will honor your last request father, and I will start on a quest to find the stallion that killed you and get revenge even if it is the last thing I do, I swear to kill the stallion."

Throughout the next week Octorok was very restless and got very little sleep. "Today was the funeral and tomorrow I will start on my quest." Octorok whispered to himself as he walked to his secret hideout. As he entered the clearing he noticed something was wrong. He saw broken branches and crushed bushes as if something forced itself through the entrance. He ran the rest of the way and stopped abruptly when he saw an Arabian stallion in his hideout. A man was on the stallion's back and in his hand he held one of the swords and on his back was one of the shields. The man looked Octorok in the eyes and muttered something under his breath. Then he kicked the stallion and as he galloped off he yelled "We will meet again Octorok and thanks for the blade." As the stallion galloped away Octorok formed a plan. He grabbed his bag, shield and blade even though he knew it was futile he ran off in pursuit of the man and stallion. He had the man in his sight, when all of a sudden a mist appeared and out of the mist an enormous Ruby colored dragon appeared and picked up the man. The mist swallowed up the stallion and the dragon. When the mist had disappeared the dragon, stallion, and man were all gone. Octorok knew this was going to be an abortive attempt at getting the stallion but he didn't think it was going to be this unproductive. Octorok continued walking. "I started this quest and I am going to complete it even if it kills me". He said as he walked deeper into the forest.
Octorok had been in the forest for days now and he still had no clue where he was going. He decided as soon as he exited the forest he would find the nearest town and stock up on supplies. About a week later he was out of food and water and there was no sight of a town, an end of the forest, or anything to eat or drink. He was getting discouraged and very weary, but he continued on his journey. He was glad he did when two days later he saw a village. He entered the village and stopped at the nearest inn he paid for a room then went to his room and fell into a deep sleep which lasted for three days.
"Wake up you lazy, filthy, scoundrel, before I came in there and wake you up myself." someone yelled banging on his door. Octorok woke with a start. “Ow my head, wait I am not a lazy, filthy, scoundrel, and well maybe I am filthy but that will be solved in a minute." Octorok thought to himself. He cleaned himself then put on fresh clothes. After he finished he walked into the hallway and downstairs. "There you are lazy scoundrel, now pay up or else, "the innkeeper yelled at him."I don't appreciate you calling me a lazy scoundrel and I already paid for the night yesterday."Octorok replied back trying to control his anger. "I hate to burst your bubble mister but you stayed for three nights not one." the innkeeper explained softly. "What! I slept for three days no wonder you called me lazy, I am apologize for the misunderstanding miss and here is the money I owe you I am deeply sorry. "Octorok said as he apologized. “That’s ok mister I am sorry I called you all of those names but I got to keep my job going or my master might not feed me tonight. By the way you can my name is Moonbeam. What's your name?" The innkeeper asked. "Nice to meet you Moonbeam, my name is Octorok, I am sorry to have caused you trouble, but I really thought I was only asleep for one night not three." No problem Octorok thanks for being so kind about it I got to get back to work now but I hope we meet again Octorok."Moonbeam replied in a not so cheerful voice. "I hope so to Moonbeam you are a thoughtful girl I hope you aren't a slave next time we meet." "Ha-ha you never know I may be free next time we meet" Moonbeam said to him as she disappeared outside. Octorok walked out the front door and thought about how a girl like Moonbeam could be so friendly when she was treated so cruelly. He walked into the marketplace and bought the supplies he needed for his quest. He started on the road heading towards the forest when all of a sudden he had a flashback. He was running around with a boy about his age and they were both having a fun time. A wolf was watching him play as if she were his protector and in the distance he saw a man leaning against a tree watching the boy and him. The man had sorrow written all over his face. Octorok pondered who that boy was and why the man looked so filled with sorrow, he thought he recognized that man but he wasn't sure why. "I wonder why I had that flashback here." He thought as he looked around he saw that he was in the same clearing as his flashback and realized that this clearing was a special place. He wondered where that boy was and what had separated them ten years ago.
* * * *
The ruby colored dragon landed on a rocky ledge then changed into a man, dropping the man that was on his back to the ground. "Mallos! Do you know how hard it is to change into my fiery form these days? On top of that you were almost caught by that lad, you are lucky you had Deo or you would have never escaped. Did you even get want you wanted to ?" The dragon man said. "Yes I did master Galtorak, and the stallion was an excellent choice, I outdistanced that boy by a long shot. But master that boy looked very familiar, I wonder could he be the lost prince Octorok?" Mallos replied. Galtorak looked at Mallos with rage "I am pretty sure if it was the prince I would have known, so don't you ever suggest that again." He shouted as his eyes blazed with flames. "Ok boss whatever you say" Mallos stammered. Galtorak calmed down as he said "Go check the prisoner he has been restless for the past ten years, and I don't want him escaping and joining with his friend the prince. We need the boy so we can lure the prince to us and capture him, I need him caught alive." Mallos walked off into the dungeons as he went he muttered to himself " I am sure that was the lost prince and with this blade I will free the prisoner, I am tired of Galtorak telling me what to do all the time. His reign must end so I can rule instead, but for him to be defeated the dragon champion must be found and the dragon warriors must form. When that happens Galtorak will be destroyed and I will claim his power and become ruler of all. Mwhaha."

Meanwhile a boy about fifteen years old was watching the meeting between Mallos and Galtorak. He wondered how he was going to get out and when he would ever see his friend again. He watched as Mallos came down the hallway and prepared for anything. Mallos entered laughing his evil laugh." Hello little Ropav aren't you filled with abhorrence toward us by now." Mallos snickered. "You think I abhor you it’s much more then that you have made my life miserable for the past ten years, you have tormented me and tried your best to make me hate everyone, you have beaten me and made me target practice for your guards. So you think I abhor you the answer is yes I hate you with every fiber of my being and will make you suffer as much as you have made me suffer." Ropav replied with vehemence. "Strong words for one so young and one who is about to die." Mallos said as he pulled out a deadly blade and drove it through the bars at Ropav. Ropav dodged the sword and tackled Mallos to the ground, took the sword from him and stabbed Mallos in the chest with the blade. Mallos mumbled in a weak voice "This was not supposed to happen." then died. Ropav pulled the blade from Mallos's chest grabbed the shield that was lying on the ground, and then charged down the hallway and out into the field that led to the stables.

As Ropav ran past the stables a Arabian stallion watched him, the stallion was a dark bay color and was Galtorak's favorite stallion because the stallion's heart was colder than normal but not as cold as his master's heart, the stallion was wondering what the lad was doing running away from the fortress, the stallion guessed he was a escaped prisoner so he charged out the gate and blocked the boy's path. Ropav almost ran right into the stallion and if he hadn't looked up when he did he would have ran into it. Ropav stopped abruptly and that's when the stallion attacked. Before Ropav could move the stallion was on him and had him pinned to the ground,but the stallion wasn't attacking anymore it just stood there staring at him. "Will you please get off of me horse so I can leave?" To Ropav's astonishment the stallion listened and started nuzzling him with its muzzle. "Ok this is a little odd, I wonder what your name is." The stallion pawed the ground like it was writting. Ropav looked down and saw that the stallion had written Deo on the ground. "Your name is Deo, ok Deo can you let me get on your back so I can escape faster?" Deo responded by picking Ropav up by the back of his shirt and dropping him on his back. The stallion then looked back at Ropav on his back and winked. Before Ropav could recover from his astonishment the stallion started galloping, He had to hold onto the stallion's mane and held on for his life, because this stallion was wickedly fast.

About an hour later Ropav could hold on no longer and fell off into a bush in the woods. Deo turned around and nuzzled the unconscious boy as if to say you are welcome little man, then he turned back into the woods and headed back to the stables. A couple of hours later Ropav regained consciousness. He stood up and then wished he hadn't because pain shot up his body, he looked down and saw he had landed in a thorn bush on top of some pointy rocks. He almost went unconscious again but instead he moved away from the thorn bush then collapsed on the ground. He woke up a little bit later in someone's room on their bed. He tried to get up but a girl gently pushed him back down and told him "You need to rest." Where am I?" Ropav asked. "You are at Aaron's Cloud Inn "the girl replied. “Who are you and where is the Cloud Inn located?" Ropav questioned. "My name is Moonbeam and the inn is located just outside the Forests of Leviathan, you ask a lot of questions before I leave can you tell me your name?" "My name is Ropav" he replied as he fell back to sleep. He woke up to someone shouting in his ear. "Oww my head, what's with the shouting?" he asked. "Ahh you are awake my name is Aaron Nobleman and I am the owner of this fine inn, what are you doing here without paying and what do you think of this fine inn ?" a man asked him. "Really! You wake me up by shouting in my ear to ask me what I think of your inn, I think it's the worst inn ever the dungeon was better than this place. And to answer your other question I was brought in here. I don't appreciate your manners and I am glad I didn't pay for your service."Ropav replied with indignation. "How dare you, you ungrateful scalawag I brought you into my inn and give you the best of everything, and you treat me like this well I this is what I think of you." Aaron shouted with anger as he picks Ropav up and tosses him out of the inn. "And don't come back you scoundrel, if you do I will be doing more than kicking you out." I can't believe it that guy is as mean and cruel as I thought he was Ropav said as he got up stiffly. He started walking into town when he suddenly remembered he didn't think Moonbeam so he turned around and walked to the back of the inn towards the stables. He saw her watering the horses and approached her. "Thank-you very much Moonbeam for all the help you gave me I hope you win your freedom some day you deserve it." She turned around startled and stammered "TTThank-yyou I don't deserve thanks I did nothing really." "Still you helped me and I thank you for that "he replied."Ok then you are welcome Ropav. You know you remind me of a guy named Octorok he was here a couple of days ago and he was as kind as you are I hope you meet him someday. Anyways you better get leaving before my master comes back here and finds you." She spoke softly. "That name sounds very familiar I have a feeling I should know him but I don't remember, and you are right I better get out of here, I hope we meet again someday" he answered as he walked away.

Ropav decided to get some supplies before heading on but he didn't want to go into town, but he knew he had to "I am going to hate this very much." he sighed. He walked into town and asked for the provisions he needed, everywhere he went in that town the people stared at him like they were looking at a ghost. It made him feel very uncomfortable so he paid for his stuff as fast as he could then he headed into the woods. He had been walking for a hour when he came to a field. He recognized it, and realized this is where he played with his friend when they were younger, before he was taken prisoner, but for some strange reason he couldn't remember what his friend's name was or what his friend looked like, all he could remember is his friend was a prince and that he had been captured protecting his friend. He walked onward not knowing that his friend was just three feet away asleep under a berry bush. He decided to try and find his friend but he would avoid towns unless he absolutely needed supplies, he hated when the people stared at him. Being imprisoned for ten years enduring the torture had made him bitter, distrustful and full of hatred towards people. It was getting late and he still needed to find a place he could sleep and something he could eat because he forgot to buy enough food. Suddenly he heard a noise behind him he drew his sword and quietly turned around then backed up behind a tree. The bushes rustled and out stepped a wolf. It was a she wolf and she held part of a deer in her mouth. He watched the wolf come closer then watched as she lay down and started eating the deer. He realized if he didn't do something about the wolf he would be there for hours. So he quietly and carefully walked towards the wolf, he knew he hadn't made a sound but the wolf had somehow sensed him and turned towards him. The she wolf looked him in the eyes for a while then turned and walked away into the woods. "Those eyes I remember seeing them, I recognized that wolf that was Oceana the prince's loyal guardian. I wonder why she didn't attack me and why she isn't with the prince" he pondered as he lay down for the night and went to sleep under the twinkling stars.
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Howls of Loneliness
Ok here is the next chapter hope you guys enjoy it.

Chapter 2 Warrior’s Struggle
"Get to work you despicable excuse for a slave or I'll drop your rations down again, and make you sleep in the jail again." A man shouted at a lad about sixteen years old. The lad didn't even flinch as he continued watching a group of soldiers approach. The man looked at the lad curiously then looked down the road to see what the lad was looking at. He froze in fear as he saw a group of soldiers marching towards his ranch. "No it can't be them I paid my fee. Diamond if you can help me I will free you, and will make sure you are well equipped for the battle" he said as he turned back to the boy. "I'll do it, but you must give me your shield and blade you received from that young Octorok guy." Diamond said as he watched the soldiers advance. "Whatever you say Diamond here take them I won't need them besides it doesn't stay sharp and the shield won't take much more hits, look at all the dents in it. The man said as he passed the blade and shield over. As soon as Diamond touched the sword and shield they magically were restored. The dents in the shield disappeared and the sword became as sharp as steel. The man stared in awe because he realized that Octorok was right the blade and shield were made for people with good intentions, and because he was a man with evil intentions the blade would never work for him and the shield wouldn't protect him. The soldiers were advancing but as soon as they got close to the fence the stopped marching and shouted for Timothus to come out. The man stepped towards them " What are you doing here I paid for my life already?" The lead soldier stepped towards him." You Timothus have been sentenced to death for helping a dragon warrior, and thus shall perish" as he spoke Diamond struck and killed him instantly. The other soldiers seeing their leader killed so fast were in chaos some ran away whereas others charged at the man who killed thier leader. It was over as soon as it started the soldiers that had attacked were all dead on the ground. Timothus turned to Diamond "You are free just as I promised you may go in peace mighty warrior" he said as he handed Diamond a bag full of food and other provisions. Diamond handed the provisions back to him. "I don't want your provisions Timothus, besides I am staying here for a while to work for pay if that's alright with you?" Timothus looked at Diamond with a guarded expression "You may stay for three years but that is all, I don't want any trouble from you. So if you want to stay you must not threaten me and you must listen to my instructions, do you understand boy?" he growled. "Yes I understand and if you want to live I wouldn't use that tone with me." "Is that a threat boy? Well whatever your first job is to go to town and gather supplies take the side road and stay out of trouble you hear!"
Diamond didn't respond as he started down the road to the town of Deoraina, it took him three days to get there without any problems occurring. The first thing he did was go to an inn; he didn't like the Cloud Inn's name so he went to Raina Inn instead and spent the night. He woke the next morning feeling refreshed and eager to get done so he could explore. He went to the first store he could find; in this store were all kinds of stuff from food to bombs. The guy running the store looked like a huge boulder with spikes going down his back, he had strange black markings on his arm and he was curled in a ball. As if he knew he was being observed he uncurled out of the ball and in a booming voice asked "Is there anything you need strange warrior,I have everything for a traveler's needs I have already helped two other people who seemed like warriors, one was a confused person who looked like he didn't know who he was ,yet he was confident and caring he has the making of a true dragon warrior. The second one looked like he needed a good meal and kind treatment, he was very withdrawn and looked like he had been mistreated for a long time but I could sense under all that a true warrior exists all he needs is to find someone to trust again. Now I meet my third warrior I can sense you are overconfident, rash and yet under it all you are kind, sensitive and willing to fight for what’s right. The three of you are all different yet you will all be true dragon warriors and fight to destroy the evil in this land. I can see you are confused but you will understand soon enough, now what can I get you young man?" Diamond looked at him like he was crazy yet he knew this man was right. He gave the creature the list for Timothus and then walked around exploring the shop. He saw bows, arrows, bombs, shields, swords, hammers, and all sorts of stuff. He stopped in front of a poster with a marking of some sort. The creature saw what he was looking at and started explaining about it “That is the marking of the dragon warrior. The three triangles represent power, courage and wisdom, the sword represents the willingness of the warrior to fight for what’s right and never to use their blade for wrong doing. The dragon wings stand for the dragon champion whom the dragon warriors must find and work together with to release the mighty emerald dragon Link. The flames represent that the dragon warriors must overcome many obstacles to free Link but they must prevail ,and finally the paw prints represent that like the wolf is different and similar at the same time yet works together so are all the dragon warriors different but they too will work together." "So you are telling me I have to find other dragon warriors, and a dragon champion to free a mythical creature?" He questioned. The creature looked at him with wonder "You think it’s a myth, you don't know how wrong you are. I can see you are going to be a stubborn one and will cause the other dragon warriors to falter and stumble. You must learn to get over that and be a team player." "Who exactly are you to tell me what I can and can't do I don't even know what you are let alone why I am even talking to you “he replied with a deep anger. "I am a Goron's cousin we are called Norogs, not as recognizable as our cousins but equally as powerful as are cousins but we tend to be more aggressive and more prone to attack travelers who annoy us." The strange creature said as he chuckled. "Just give me the supplies so I can get on my way. I don't want to hear anything else it's all just a myth and I do not believe in myths I believe in the here and now. And what I need now is to get back to my boss with these supplies before I get fired “Diamond shouted at the Norog as he grabbed his supplies and hurried out of the shop. “He has a lot to learn and for the others sake I hope he learns fast "the Norog said to he himself as he watched Diamond leave, he shook his head and mumbled something to himself as he curled back up into a ball and fell asleep.
Diamond continued on his way home forgetting to take the side road he took the forest path and that’s where the trouble began. He wasn't even looking where he was going and fell into a trap. Soldiers attacked him from all sides he didn't even have time to draw his sword before they attacked. He backed up towards a tree and tried to draw his sword but it was stuck in its sheath and he couldn't pull it out. The soldiers advanced as he bumped into the tree he was trapped with nowhere to go, he decided if he was going to die he would die fighting. So he charged the soldiers with his shield raised he sounded a battle cry. When suddenly the soldiers seemed distracted and to get fewer and fewer each second but as Diamond looked at the ground he saw the soldiers he noticed that they were all dead except for one. The one that wasn't dead was fighting a boy who looked younger then himself. The boy had a sword of the finest steel and seemed to know how to use it. As he watched he saw the boy slice the last soldier, the boy looked at him then he turned away and walked off into the woods. As Diamond continued back to Timothus's place he pondered who the boy was and why he had helped him. He made it back without another incident and handed the supplies to Timothus then headed back to his room in the bunkhouse. As he prepared for bed he wondered if he could ever repay the boy back and pondered what the Norog had said and thought maybe the Norog was right and maybe the dragon warriors and Link the emerald dragon were maybe not a myth after all. He closed his eyes and dreamed about the symbol of the dragon warriors and wondered why he was chosen to be a dragon warrior because he had a lot to learn if he was going to be one and he decided he would start by finding that boy as soon as his three years were up he would find that boy and find out what it meant to be a true warrior.
* * * *
"Thief, thief someone stop him he stole that food " someone shouted as a tall, muscular, attractive, young man ran by. The thief ran faster and disappeared in the woods. As the young thief entered in a secluded area he slowed down and checked the food. "I think it’s about time I leave, Phoenix you can take care of yourself now I promise as soon as I get done with this mission I will return." A young man said as he stepped out of the shadows he looked exactly the same as the Phoenix except his hair was a lighter blonde color. "But Shondic I need you, you can't leave me. Please don't go this mission to get revenge has made you withdrawn, filled with rage and hatred. You used to be so fun to be around but it’s been ten years and still you harbor this bitterness please brother don't go." Phoenix pleaded. His brother turned to look at him and Phoenix knew he couldn't change his brother's mind for he saw in his brother's eyes so much hatred he had to turn away. When he looked back he saw his brother was gone. I hope he will be alright he said to himself.
Meanwhile a little further in the woods a young woman who had light brown hair, was muscular not as tall as Phoenix but very beautiful, ran into a clearing with a sack on her shoulder. "Shanic where are you I was very successful today apparently some man decided to steal before me , so the shop keepers were busy chasing him leaving me free to get whatever I needed " the girl as she looked for her sister. A woman that had darker brown hair stepped out from behind a tree she looked exactly like her sister well besides the hair. "Venus, I must go before I turn on you. You know this desire for revenge has turned me evil and if I don't leave soon I don't know if I will be able to stop myself from attacking you. I know you will be fine you have turned out to be a lovely caring young lady, mother would be proud" the lady named Shanic said. Venus looked at her sister and knew that she was right she handed the food to her and wished her luck on her journey. I'll be back before you know it her sister said before she disappeared into the forest.
As the days went by Phoenix couldn't stop thinking about his brother he wondered if Shondic was alright and when he would see him again. He decided that he wasn't going to stay here any longer he was going to look for his brother even if it took years. He started down the road past the town and into the Forests of Leviathan.
Meanwhile Venus had already planned on doing just that and was almost to the town of Deoraina when she was stopped by some soldiers. The soldiers asked her all kinds of questions like what she was doing in the forest, and why she was traveling alone. She answered the soldier’s questions to the best of her abilities, but her answers didn't satisfy the men. They didn't believe her and wanted to take her to their leader so they moved towards her. She backed away and even though she knew nobody was around she screamed for help.
Phoenix had just come over the hill when he heard a woman screaming for help. He ran towards the screams and saw a beautiful young lady trapped by soldiers. He didn't even think before he acted, he charged the soldiers and attacked them from behind he quickly disposed of the six soldiers before they even knew what hit them. The girl looked at him then promptly fainted from exhaustion. He walked over to her and picked her up and carried her into town. He walked to the first inn he could find and paid for two rooms for the night. He put her in her room on the bed and covered her with the blanket then he walked out of the room closing the door behind him. "Is she your girlfriend? She is very beautiful" someone whispered to him. He spun around and looked into the eyes of a young lady. “Sorry to startle you, my name is Moonbeam and I am the keeper of this inn, what’s your name?" The young innkeeper said. "I am Phoenix, that’s ok I was just thinking about something else. Yes she is very beautiful and no she is not my girlfriend I just met her in the forest just a couple of minutes ago." Moonbeam looked at him then she told him he should get some rest and she would talk to him in the morning. So he went to bed and slept for hours. When he finally woke up it was the middle of the afternoon. He decided to take a shower and then go down for lunch.
Meanwhile Venus had woke up hours ago. She wondered where she was and where the handsome man that had rescued her was. She got out of bed and headed downstairs, while she was down there she learned from the innkeeper that the stranger's name was Phoenix and that he had brought her here and paid for her room. She wanted to think the young man so she waited for him to come downstairs. She didn't have to wait long because about an hour later he came down. As soon as he came down the stairs he sat down next to her then asked her if she was alright. 'Yes I am just fine, thank-you for rescuing me Phoenix.’ “So now you know my name but I don't know yours will you please tell me it?" 'Yes I will it is Venus and I am in search of my twin sister, what brings you here?' “I am in search of my twin brother do you want to work together?" 'Yes let's start right away.' Venus stood up and followed Phoenix outside. They thanked Moonbeam then headed into the woods.
Meanwhile about fifty miles away Shondic had just woken up when he heard shouting nearby. He grabbed a stick then headed towards the shouting. What he saw made him gasp and almost drop his stick. He saw a beautiful young lady shouting at a group of soldiers as she shouted she jabbed the soldiers that got too close to her with a stick. He laughed at that and wished he hadn't because the soldiers turned towards him and he only had a stick with him. Suddenly his arm felt heavier and when he looked down he saw instead of a stick he had a sword in his hand. The girl looked at him shocked as he charged the soldiers and knocked them out ignoring the sharp pain in his leg as one soldier sliced him. He was down to the last three soldiers when he couldn't stand anymore he collapsed on the ground and promptly passed out. The girl looked at him them sighed men are hopeless; she looked down and noticed her stick was also a sword and then she charged and finished off the remaining soldiers before they even knew what hit them. The girl’s name was Shanic and she was on a quest to get revenge and didn't want to babysit this guy but she owed him her life so she stayed with him and tended to his injury. When he woke up she made sure he didn't move and learned his name was Shondic and he too was on a quest for revenge. She decided to team up with him and as soon as he was perfectly healed they would continue on their mission together. It took almost a month for Shondic's injury to completely heal, during that month they got to know each other better and they also learned to trust each other.
Also during that month they faced many enemies and prevailed only when they worked together. They learned each other’s strengths and weaknesses. They fought together like a well-oiled machine and seemed to know each other better after each fight. That morning Shondic got up by himself and walked with a limp but he still was able to walk without aid. Two weeks later he could walk perfectly fine and so that’s the day they moved on. They ended up in a unoccupied town. The town looked like a ghost town it was all quiet and burned down. It looked like it had happened recently. They both burned with anger when they saw that not all the citizens had made it out in time. They buried the dead and then quickly walked out of that dreadful place. They traveled for a couple of months without a sign of Galtorak or his soldiers, but they heard rumors of a prisoner escaping from his fortress but nothing else. They looked for traces of him being there but they never found anything. They passed through several more burned down villages and both of them could hardly contain their anger when they saw all the dead lifeless forms. There was so many dead that they had stopped burying them all a long time ago. Both Shanic and Shondic looked at each then headed into the woods.
Meanwhile Phoenix and Venus were both traveling through the woods when they came to a clearing. In the middle of the clearing sat a wolf she watched the two of them approach, and then as they raised their swords to attack she walked away. That left Venus and Phoenix both baffled. They stared at one another confused then continued on walking to the edge of the clearing. They looked on the ground where the wolf had been and saw a strange marking. The marking had three triangles stacked in another triangle on the sides of the triangle was dragon wings, on the top of the triangle was a sword sticking out , the sword had gem in the hilt and the sword was engulfed in flames. Right beside the triangle on each side was a paw print. When they stepped closer to get a better look the symbol disappeared leaving them more baffled than ever.


Howls of Loneliness
Chapter 3 time I wonder if anyone is reading this?

Chapter 3 Convergence
Three years later.... Octorok had been on his mission for three years they have been the longest years of his life. He found no trace of the stallion named Deo or the man that stole his blade. He had no way of knowing that the man was dead and his blade was in the hands of another person. During the past three years he had been searching everywhere but he never found anything. He learned more about himself from more flashbacks he had but he still didn't know exactly who he was or who the boy was. He decided to make camp for the night and when he was about to fall asleep he thought he heard a horse neighing. He stood up and saw the stallion he had been looking for. The stallion watched him then it screamed twice. He looked around when heard someone speak but he realized that the words spoken he heard were in his head not heard from his ears he turned and stared at the stallion in bewilderment. Yes Octodust it’s me Deo speaking to you. He looked around again even though he knew it was the stallion. "Umm Deo my name is Octorok not Octodust wait a mintute why am I talking to a horse?" I don't know maybe because you feel like talking to me. "Why did you kill my parents Deo?” I had to or Galtorak would have punished me plus I love destroying families. "You what??? That’s just cruel and heartless. You will pay for this." You do know that if you kill me you will never learn who you are and where your friend is the stallion neighs evilly. "Dang I hate your wisdom but you are right so why are you here?" I am here to guide you to your friend he is still alive.
* * * *
Meanwhile Ropav was traveling through the woods he still looked terrible even though he has been living in the woods for three years and eating plenty of berries. He also was very good at swordsmanship and even protected someone three years ago. He had been searching for his friend always coming within an inch of seeing him but never really seeing him. He traveled alone yet every time he saw someone under attack he defended them and quickly disappeared before they could thank him. He was a loner and felt uncomfortable around people. He avoided towns and villages and stayed on forest paths. Whenever people were around he disappeared and went a different way. He had been using this strategy for the past three years little knowing that he was being followed the whole time.
* * * *
Meanwhile yet again Diamond was being mistreated he grabbed his pay and decided to leave. As soon as he left he knew he had done the right thing because he felt much better and decided to head to the town of Deoraina and stay at the Cloud Inn to see if it was better than the last inn he had stayed at three years ago. He arrived three days later and entered the Inn so far everything looked nicer and more modern then at the Raina Inn. He was greeted by a young lady who looked like she had a rough day today. Her clothes were torn and her hair was all messed up. 'Evening sir what can we do for you today? My name is Moonbeam and it is my job to make sure you get everything you need.' "I would like a room and some dinner to be prepared for me.” He said as he handed over some money. 'Ok kind sir your room is room five and give me about an hour to finish your meal.' "Ok I will" he said as he walked up the stairs. He came down an hour later to find a nice meal at the table set up for him. He walked over to the table sat down and started eating. As he was eating he was joined by the owner Aaron. 'Hello Mr. Diamond how are you enjoying my Inn? Is my slave Moonbeam serving you well?' "Yes your Inn is very nice and Moonbeam has been doing a good job I got to leave tomorrow but I might be back sometime in the future." 'That’s good news you pay very well.' "Ok I am going to bed now goodnight Mr. Aaron." ‘Sleep well Diamond ' He said as smiled to himself while staring at the sword in his hand. Aaron watched Diamond Head upstairs then he looked at the sword in his hand ' He will never know its missing same with all this money he doesn't need it. ‘He chuckled to himself.
* * * *
Meanwhile both Phoenix and Venus were both traveling through the land when they ended up back in the town of Deoraina they decided to head back to the Cloud Inn and see how their friend Moonbeam was doing. They got to the Inn and realized it had changed somewhat. They looked for Moonbeam but couldn't find her so they decided to stay the night and find hear in the morning. They checked in with the owner and then headed to their rooms for the night. The next morning they woke up and greeted each other then headed downstairs to look for Moonbeam. They found her outside talking to some cats. They looked at each other then headed over towards her. "Hello Moonbeam we were in the neighborhood and decided to pay you a visit." 'Hello guys I am so glad to see you, when did you get here?' "We arrived yesterday evening and spent the night here." 'Ah I see did you meet Diamond yet he is so handsome and laid back. He arrived yesterday night as well.' Phoenix turned towards Venus and they both burst out laughing. 'What is so funny?' "Nothing Moonbeam, nothing." Moonbeam looked at them funny then turned back to her chores. "We should go meet this Diamond and see why Moonbeam finds him so fascinating." "I agree with you Venus let's do it." They both walked inside and sat down to wait for Diamond to come downstairs.
Diamond came downstairs in a furious mood. “The no good, low down, dirty scalawag stole my stuff he will pay for this." He turned down the stairs and saw some people staring at him. "What are you staring at?" 'Are you Diamond? And we were just wondering why you were shouting at the top of your lungs.' "Yes I am Diamond and I was shouting because the owner robbed me of my sword and money, and I intend to have them back." He said as he marched outside looking for Aaron. He found him in the town showing off his stuff he had stolen. "Give me back my sword and money you no good thief or pay the price." 'Never will you get your stuff back, because once I steal something I never return it.' "Ok then I will fight you for it and if I win you have to give me my stuff back and set Moonbeam free." 'Ok deal but you can't use any weapons or tricks.' They started drawing a circle in the dust then they stepped into the circle. 'The first person to step out of the circle loses.' The battle began as soon as he said that. They both stared at each other like two tigers getting ready to fight over a scrap of food. Aaron made the first move by charging at Diamond with a sword raised, but Diamond was ready for it he dodged the blade and shoved Aaron aside. That made Aaron very angry he threw the sword at Diamond then tackled him to the ground. Diamond dodged the sword and spun around as he was tackled to the ground. He came very close to being knocked out of the circle but he managed to stay in the lines. He flipped Aaron over his head and out of the circle. He got up slowly then turned to face Aaron. "Now you owe me my stuff and Moonbeam's freedom." 'Fine then take it and leave.' He picked up his stuff then started heading towards the woods when both Phoenix and Venus ran after him. "What do you two want?" "We want to join you on your quest; we are on a quest to find my twin brother and Venus's twin sister." "I guess you can join me but you must stay out of my way." The trio headed off into the woods never knowing that they were being watched and followed by something evil.
* * * *
Meanwhile Moonbeam was getting her chores done, when she heard Aaron calling her name. She ran to her master. "Yes sir what do you need?" 'Nothing I am telling you that you are free now that no good man Diamond dueled me and won you your freedom. You can leave anytime you want.' "He did! I am free? Yippee yeah I will leave as soon as I am prepared." She ran off to start preparing for the long journey ahead of her. She finished packing a couple of hours later, then she headed back downstairs with a little bag full of her stuff. She asked Aaron if she could have the sword that was in the chicken house and the shield that was in the shallows of the pond. He gave her the shield but made her work a couple more days for the sword. As soon as she received the sword she headed towards the woods to look for Diamond to thank him and to ask him if she could join him on his quest. She didn't know where to look for him because she was several days behind him and she didn't know where he was heading. She was determined to find him and join him and nothing was going to stop her. So she jogged towards the woods and started her search. She spent one night in the woods and loved it. She loved the forest animals that came out at night and all the nature sounds. The next morning she came to a cave that was blocked by thousands of boulders and rocks. She heard something moving around inside the cave and asked if anyone was there. There was a answering noise from the other side of the boulders. She thought she heard a rumble as well but she wasn't sure. "Whoever you are I am going to try and get you out of there." This time there was no mistaking it that was a rumble followed by a loud roaring, then she heard a voice inside her head. Hello Moonbeam my name is Jade and I am a emerald dragon and your guardian. I was trapped in here thirteen years ago when Firedrake saw me enter the cave and trapped me by making boulders fall down. If you can free me I will be eternally grateful. "Ummm hello Jade how am I going to free you I can't lift these big boulders?" Do you have a sword if so your ability as a dragon warrior will allow you to free any dragon that is in need. "Yes I have a sword and really I am a dragon warrior? Ok what do I do with the sword?" You see that hole in the boulders, put the blade in the whole then and say by my power as a triforce dragon warrior I set the emerald dragon Jade free from her imprisonment of stone. Moonbeam did as the dragon told her to do then the ground startling rumbling and shaking, the boulders started disappearing and after only twenty minutes the cave was open and out of the cave stepped a sleek beautiful emerald dragon. Moonbeam gasped as the sun hit the dragon's scales and made them shine like precious jewels. The dragon wasn't as big as she imagined it to be which was only about as big as three full grown Clydesdales put together, and only as tall as a small house. The dragon looked at her with its beautiful dark forest green eyes then it stretched its slender wings and lifted its head shouting rich emerald green flames towards the sky. Thank you Moonbeam for freeing me I am very grateful and I will help you as long as you need me. "Ok can you help me find a guy named Diamond I would like to join his quest and need help finding him?" Jade flies off in search of Diamond leaving Moonbeam standing there wondering what happened.
* * * *
Octorok was following Deo and he was starting to wonder why he was trusting a horse, when Deo suddenly stopped walking and decided to lie down and take a nap. Octorok looked at the horse and because he was frustrated he picked up a rock and hurled it at the frozen lake. The rock made a small hole in the ice but nothing more. Are you done throwing your temper tantrum yet? "It wasn't a temper tantrum, and are you done with your nap yet?" It was to a temper tantrum and no I am not done with my nap yet, besides we need to be here right now anyways. "Really why do we need to be here right now?" But he didn't get an answer because the stallion was fast asleep. This is hopeless I might as well take a nap as well he said to himself. He fell asleep not knowing that he caused a major problem on the lake.
* * * *
Ropav had just woken up when he saw Oceana again. Hello Ropav you were right when you guessed I am indeed Oceana and the reason I am not with your friend is because he was kidnapped the night you were taken. I don't know where he is or even if he is alive anymore. He looked at Oceana startled because normally you don't hear wolves talking in your head and he was upset to hear about his friend's capture. "So why are you stalking me then?" I think I will be able to find him if I am with you, plus you are fun to watch. She laughed. "Oh great a wolf thinks I am funny. Ok miss Smarty Paws let's see you try to follow me" He got up and started running across the frozen lake not knowing that the lake was no longer stable , he heard the ice crack beneath his feet and he felt himself falling into the cold water. As he noticed that he twisted so that he could avoid sinking, but as he did that he hit his head on the ice and slipped into unconsciousness and he started to sink under the frozen lake. Oceana saw what happened and started howling mournfully because she couldn't help him.
Octorok woke with a start he cocked his head to listen for the sound that had woke him up. There it was again a mournful sound of a wolf howling. He got up and followed the sound of the wolf howling and as turned the corner he saw a man fall into a hole in the ice. He started running towards the and as he neared the hole he leaped into the air and dove under the cold water. He could barely breathe let alone see anything but he looked for the man he was almost out of breath when he spotted the man. He dove deeper and grabbed for the man when all of a sudden he ran out of air and started slipping into unconsciousness he thought he was hallucinating when he saw a large flash of white light and in the middle of the light was a gigantic icy blue dragon whose eyes were intelligent but cold like the water. As he slipped unconscious he thought he saw the dragon swim over to the man and he thought he felt something pulling him to the surface but he wasn't sure and then he blacked out. Several hours later when he came to, he looked next to him and saw a beautiful wolf whose fur was the color of quicksilver combined with the color of a calm Caribbean sea. Her intelligent eyes were like pools of amber staring into him like she knew everything about him. Hello Octorok I am Oceana your guardian and friend It was I who pulled you out of the water. I have been searching for you for the past thirteen years and had almost given up hope when I saw you dive into the lake after Ropav. You have grown up and are now reaching your goal of finding out who you are. You are a powerful dragon warrior but it is for you to find out who you are and only you alone can do. "Umm hello Oceana how do you know me? Do you know who I am? What is a dragon warrior? Did you rescue the other guy as well?" Hold on. Man you ask a lot of questions. I am your guardian and have known you since you were born but I wasn't with you for the past thirteen years because when you were five some people tried to kidnap you but they failed. Yes I know more about you then you know about yourself so yes I know you. A dragon warrior is someone is gifted with special abilities and is usually of noble birth. Each dragon warrior can communicate with each other and animals. Each dragon warrior is assigned a guardian when they are born and every dragon warrior has a special gift that is different from the others. Yours is unique but I must let you find it out for yourself. No I couldn't rescue Ropav because you already rescued him yourself. "Wait a minute there is more than one dragon warrior and how did I rescue Ropav? That name sounds so familiar but I can't quite place where I know that name from." Yes there are eight dragon warriors in all. You rescued Ropav by touching him and wishing he was safe it is one of the abilities of a dragon warrior. “So if I rescued him where is he? How will I know a dragon warrior from another person?" He is over there by the stallion. He is warming up but he is still unconscious. You will know because you will sense something different about them. You will feel the strength of a warrior in them. "Ok that is odd because when I met Moonbeam I felt that way about her, she seemed to have a warriors heart and a strength I could not explain even though her life was rough." Ahh I see you have met two other dragon warriors now. There is four female dragon warriors and four male dragon warriors .Yes Moonbeam is a dragon warrior, Ropav is another one and I can sense three more coming this way. "WHAT! You mean that I met a dragon warrior and I didn't even know it. Wow and do you know why Ropav's name seems so familiar to me? Ha-ha you amuse me Octorok. You mean you don't know who Ropav is? I know but you have to find out yourself. "You are no help at all you do know that don't you. Anyways I am going to check on Ropav." Octorok got up and walked over to Deo to check on Ropav. When he got over there he saw that Ropav looked strangely familiar but he didn't know why. He watched him for a little bit then he walked over and put more wood on the fire. He then walked back over to Ropav and checked him. This time was different he felt warmer and seemed to breathing more easily. When Octorok looked closer he saw that Ropav was awake and watching him. "Hey are you ok?" Octorok asked him. Ropav looked at him then he closed his eyes and went to sleep. "Fine be that way, he is so rude." Octorok you are the rude one, you must remember what he just went through , If you had that happen to you so soon after escaping from Galtorak you would be tired to. The voice in his head sounded deeper and booming then Oceana's voice and it wasn't Deo's voice so he wondered who was speaking to him. "Umm hello who are you are and why are you criticizing me?" My name is Leonidis and I am Ropav's guardian I am criticizing you because you criticized Ropav even though you knew he was tired. Don't let your anger affect how you think. "If you are Ropav's guardian where are you and what are you?" In answer he heard a roar that sounded like an avalanche and as he looked in the direction of the noise he saw a gigantic Icy blue dragon appear out of the lake. The dragon was as tall as two Clydesdales on top of each other and as wide as three large draft horses standing side by side. His scales were a glistening Icy blue that looked like crystalline blue jewels. His head was massive and when he looked you in the eye you could tell he was very intelligent. Hello puny human I could easily crush you but I am sure Oceana wouldn't like that very much, besides I kind of think Ropav would not think highly of me if I crushed you . "Why would you think that? I don't even know him." Ahh so you don't remember him, I see he also doesn't remember you either. That makes things interesting, very interesting indeed. "Will you guys please tell me who he is and stop talking in riddles?" Sorry we can't we have to let you gain your memory back by yourself. It may take you awhile but once you remember you will be stronger than ever before. "Aww man I was hoping you would just tell me well I am going back to sleep so please do not disturb me." Ok Mr high and mighty we would disturb your royal sleep. 'Leonidis Shut up before I have to make you shut up ' Yes Oceana, sorry Oceana. And that’s all Octorok heard before he fell into a deep and dreamless sleep.* * * *
There was a sound of a stick breaking and as Phoenix turned towards the sound Diamond charged. He barely had time to retaliate before Diamond struck his shield. "Never let your guard down for even a second or you will be killed in battle, now let's try this again" Diamond said to Phoenix. He grumbled "Why do we have to keep doing this I asked you to help me learn how to fight with a sword not this senseless stuff you have been teaching me." Diamond looked at him "Well if you just think it is senseless to do this anymore then I think it's time we kept moving forward". He watched as Diamond sheathed his sword then he did the same. "Finally we are moving forward ,we have been here for days and all we have accomplished is that Phoenix is impatient and you Diamond are stubborn." Venus said as she got up and picked up her supplies. "Ha-ha look who's talking MS drama queen herself” both Diamond and Phoenix said in unison. They all burst out laughing as they started leaving the woods. As soon as they stepped out of the woods though their laughter died in their throats, because directly in front of them blocking their path was a fierce emerald colored dragon. The dragon looked at them Is one of your names Diamond? Because I have been sent to find him. "I am Diamond, who sent you to find me? And who are you?" My name is Jade and I am Moonbeam's guardian she is the one who sent me to find you. Who are these other people with you? "These are my friends Phoenix and Venus, Moonbeam's guardian? Why does she need a guardian? Ahh three dragon warriors together but without guardians I wonder where they are? Yes I am Moonbeam's guardian. All dragon warriors need a guardian to protect them. "What not this again first this Norog tells me I am a dragon warrior and need to find the other dragon warriors. Now a dragon is telling me the same thing. I don't want to hear it anymore and Moonbeam can go jump off a cliff for all I care." Both Phoenix and Venus looked at Diamond shocked by what they just heard him say. Even Jade was stunned by his cold indifference. Just as they were about to speak they heard a deep roar like a avalanche and saw another dragon rise out of the lake and land on the other side of the woods. That is Leonidis one of the guardians he barely ever comes out of the lake there must be something important happening over there for him to be coming out maybe he has finally found his warrior. Let's investigate it then they said in unison. They started running until they reached the edge of the woods and saw a strange sight. There in a small clearing a wolf was arguing with the Icy blue dragon, a stallion was lying beside a man wrapped in a blanket and another man was fast asleep on the other side of the stallion. As they were watching the wolf locked eyes with them. Hello Phoenix, Venus, Diamond and Jade welcome my name is Oceana I am Octorok's guardian the dragon next to me is Leonidis and he is Ropav's guardian, the stallion is Deo we haven't figured out whose guardian he is yet. The man next to him under the blanket is Ropav and the other man is Octorok they are both dragon warriors. You can rest here for now and tomorrow we will look for the other three dragon warriors Moonbeam, Moka and Sunlight. Speaking of which Jade I suggest you go get Moonbeam and bring her here. Jade nodded her head then flew off to get Moonbeam. The others watched her leave then they found spots to rest for the night. Little did they know that tomorrow was going to be a dangerous and exhausting day.
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Howls of Loneliness
Well here is chapter 4, I wish some of you guys would tell me whether you like it or not.

Chapter 4 Multifarious Trials

Moonbeam wasn't going to wait for Jade any longer why she should when the dragon ditched her. So she headed in the direction the dragon took heading north not knowing that she was heading in the wrong direction. She headed into a meadow and saw some berry bushes and river that seemed so eerie because it was just standing still not a ripple or gentle flow of water in it. The water was as still has a rabbit trying to hide and as quiet as a silent night. Just as Moonbeam was turning to leave she heard a voice in her head. Moonbeam fierce dragon warrior I need your help. Come into the river and you will find an emerald scale retrieve the scale then return back and find the dragon champion I am counting on you and the other dragon warriors to free me. Moonbeam looked at the ominous river then back towards the woods. She knew she had to make a choice and being the adventurous type and knowing it might be a trap she walked into the foreboding river. Nothing happened at first but as she stepped deeper she heard a rumbling noise and watched as the river starting coming to life. The river became treacherous and formed a whirlpool around her then it sucked her in. All she remembered before blacking out was seeing a giant emerald dragon in a cave then she knew no more and went unconscious as the swirling waters covered her and took her away.
She regained consciousness several hours later and she was dumbfounded to see she wasn't in Leviatha anymore or at least she thought she wasn't. For when she looked around everything looked totally different. The first thing she noticed was a huge mountain of shifting colors and at the very top was an enormous stone shape like a dragon hatching out of an egg. Besides the mountain she saw other amazing sights but no scale was in sight. The voice had told her to go into the river and she would find the scale but not that she had to search for it. She didn't know where to start but the choice was made for her when suddenly a young lady dressed in rags came running out of the woods. The lady looked like she was being chased and almost out of breath, as Moonbeam watched the lady stepped up to the mountain whispered a word then disappeared in the mountain. As Moonbeam was recovering from shock a man riding a dark stallion came out of the woods at a gallop. He saw her then reigned in his horse and started towards her. As he approached Moonbeam saw the malice in him and that his horse was no normal horse it looked more dragonish. Its armor was a crimson red that looked like dragon scales, its head had an irregular shape, its nostrils were pointed and smoke would come out of them. The man was equally as frightening his hair was pitch black, evil laugh that froze you in place, pretty tall muscular and very, very evil. He looked directly at her and spoke with his mind instead of his voice which was unnerving. Hello Moonbeam could please tell me where little sunlight went and I promise I won't hurt you. Oh and don't lie to me or it will only cause you grief. "She went that way oh evil one," Moonbeam said as she pointed to the forest on the other side. Thank you very much little Moonbeam we will meet again soon. Don't do anything stupid while I am gone or you will feel pain like you have never felt before. And with that said he galloped away. She was lying I could tell by the way she hesitated when she said it. I will follow her to find out where she is going. I set a trap in the woods as well. So she won't get very far. He chuckled to himself quietly as he watched her start heading towards the woods and the trap.
Moonbeam watched the man leave then she turned around and headed to the forest what she didn't know was that’s what the man expected her to do and she was walking right into a trap. She was about a mile from the clearing when SNAP! She felt something tighten around her leg and clamp down. She looked down and saw a steel trap on her leg it looked like a animal trap but it was to odd shaped to be an animal trap. The trap was triangle in shape and had small metal pieces the size of small golf balls that were as sharp as double edged swords and only clamped down when she moved. So she tried not to move her leg as she lowered herself to the ground very slowly. When she got to the ground she leaned back removing all her weight off the leg and putting it all on her back she leaned against a tree to wait for someone to come by and free her. She didn't have to wait long. Well, well, well look who we have hear the little liar got herself caught in a trap and can't free herself very ironic don't you think. Now why did you lie to me? And what are you doing here? "Why should I tell you? How did you know I was lying?" I thought I made it sound exactly like I meant it. That my little naive dragon warrior is why you are in a steel trap. I knew you were lying when I sensed your hesitation. Now tell me why you were protecting someone you don't even know? "Never!!!!!!!! I will never tell you." Ahh you don't know then do you. I will tell you why it is because you are a dragon warrior and dragon warriors can sense when another dragon warrior is in trouble, so you sensed her in trouble and protected her. You were sent here by the emerald dragon himself to find the emerald scale to release him. Interesting very interesting indeed. Well I am going now but will back at midnight so enjoy your stay at steel trap tree. mwhaha . He snickered as he got on his horse and rode off into the forest. Moonbeam watched as he rode off. "I hate that man very much I wish he would just leave me and never come back." Suddenly she looked up and saw someone coming towards her as the person got closer to her she noticed it was a girl about her age and it was the same girl she saw earlier, except she wasn't in rags anymore. The girl was dressed in nice clothes and all cleaned up. "Hello Moonbeam I see you met Galtorak. My name is Sunlight and I have come to free you." "Why would you want to free me I am just a menace and a stupid person?" "Because you helped me and didn't reveal where the secret kingdom was you are for sure not a menace or stupid you just got tricked by an evil mastermind." mwhaha listen to Sunlight and you will get far. What!? Your back already they said in unison. Look at the sky it is late so I am back on time but you Sunlight are late. So I now have two dragon warriors. mwhaha.... "Not for long" there was a loud snap and Moonbeam was free. "Run Moonbeam as fast as you can you got to escape to insure that your mission is completed, and the dragon is freed because you are the one he chose to bring the scale to the dragon champion." Moonbeam did just that even with one leg injured she still could run pretty fast and soon the others were just small dots in the distance but she ran on. She ran until she could run no more and collapsed inside a cave where as she instantly fell fast asleep.
Meanwhile...... Why did you do that Sunlight I have to punish you for that you know? Galtorak grabbed Sunlight and tossed her in the air as she was about to fall she was struck by a talon of a great and mighty ruby dragon. The talon made a cut across her arm and sent her flying toward a tree. She hit the tree with enough force to knock several leaves and branches down, she was instantly unconscious. That was just too easy I was hoping for more of a challenge from her but I guess not. Now to find Moonbeam and capture her but first. The ruby dragon's scales shimmered and changed to a blood red color and then they disappeared and in their place was a Galtorak. He got on his stallion then rode off to find Moonbeam. She couldn't have gone too far in the condition she is in I will find her easily. As he said that he passed the cave where Moonbeam was unconscious. Now if I was on the run and injured where would I go. Ahh I know I would find a cave somewhere to hide and I just passed a cave maybe that's where Moonbeam is. Galtorak turned around and dismounted his stallion then he strode forward into the cave. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness he noticed a prone figure on the ground and as he got closer he saw it was Moonbeam. This is way too easy I want a challenge so I will just leave her here and let her complete her mission and let her come to me and I will leave Sunlight to help her as well. He placed Sunlight next to Moonbeam then turned to leave as he was about to exit the cave he glanced back at them. We will meet again dragon warriors and when we do I hope you will be more of a challenge. Until then take care and avoid trouble or there will be nothing left of you to fight. He exited the cave turned back into a dragon and flew off into the distance chuckling evilly all the way.

Three days later.............. Moonbeam groaned in pain then motivated herself to get up. When she sat up she immediately fell back down feeling very woozy. She took a moment to clear her head then she slowly raised herself from the ground. When she looked around she saw that someone had recently been here and was now gone. She wondered who it was that had been there and if they were going to come back anytime soon. She didn't have to wait long because just then someone entered into the cave. When the person moved out of the shadows she noticed that Sunlight was the person who had entered. "I see you are finally up sleepy head, how are you feeling?" Sunlight asked. "A little dizzy and weak but other than that I feel just fine, thanks for asking. Where are we at?" she inquired. "We are in a cave in the middle of Gonogo Woods. I don't know why Galtorak let us go but he must have a plan or a purpose for it." "Wait a minute he let us go! Why would he do that?" "I don't know but it worries me that he would do that when both us were in his grasp and could do nothing about escaping. I can tell he is not done with us yet." Suddenly there was a loud rumbling and a sound of explosives going off. They looked at each other than agreed that Sunlight should go check it out. So Sunlight walked to the cave entrance and looked around then she stepped outside and immediately screamed then it became deadly silent. Moonbeam looked at the entrance and waited for Sunlight to return but she didn't. So Moonbeam slowly got up and hopped over towards the entrance and looked out. She was completely stunned by what she saw, for she saw a gigantic lizard like creature it had armored scales like diamonds and feet like a dragon's but bigger. Its head was as big as three full grown elephants and its teeth like razors and its breath was horrible it looked directly at her in pure hatred. The creature swayed its head from side to side then breathed flames in the air in display of pure defiance. The creature knew she was there and also knew she was trapped. So the Lizard thing watched and waited for a chance to strike. While she watched the creature with one eye she searched for Sunlight with the other eye. She spotted her next to a tree behind the creature. Sunlight looked like she was unconscious but other than that she looked unscathed. Moonbeam withdrew back into the cave and thought about making a strategy. Her strategy was simple yet very tricky. It all depended on how the creature would respond to the bait if it responded by taking the bait then she could easily maneuver past the animal and get Sunlight, but if it didn't take the bait she would be hard-pressed to get past it. So she hoped it went for the bait. She cautiously edged toward the entrance and threw the bait in the opposite direction Sunlight was and then she waited to see what it would do. The lizard creature looked at the hunk of meat then turned towards the cave then back towards the meat like it was thinking which would be a easier meal. It took one last look at her then it finally made its decision which was go with the easier meal and so it went over to the hunk of meat and started to eat. Moonbeam didn't hesitate and went straight towards Sunlight. When she reached the tree she grabbed Sunlight and pulled her behind it then dragged her towards the woods and then she hid behind a bush. Just in time to because the creature had just finished its hunk of meat and was looking in her direction. The creature lingered for a little longer then it turned and headed in the opposite direction and walked clumsily away. It was only gone about a minute when she heard a piercing bellow coming from the direction the creature took. She went to investigate and what she saw horrified her. When she got there she saw the creature trapped in a molten steel cage. The creature was breathing fire in outrage and slamming against the sides in indignation. Moonbeam walked slowly up towards the cage and looked the creature in the eye. "If I free you, you have to promise to leave my friends and me alone for as long as we live, Is it a deal?" Then to her surprise the creature spoke in her mind. I agree to your deal if you can free me I will leave your friends and you in peace. I also will help you whenever you need help. Just free me from this terrible prison of steel. Moonbeam drew her sword then said the same words that had freed the female dragon. The ground rumbled and shook as if a stampede of elephants were charging. After the rumbling stopped the creature was free. Thank-you very much for freeing me now I will lead you to the prize you seek. Now follow me if you want the emerald scale, which I know you do. The creature started walking deeper in the woods, so Moonbeam had no choice but to follow it. "I hope this isn’t a trap" she said to herself as she followed the strange creature.
* * * *
While Moonbeam was following the lizard thing Sunlight regained consciousness. "Where am I? Where did that strange creature go?" she asked herself. She got up and looked around at her surroundings; nothing seemed out of place so she walked towards the cave to see if Moonbeam was alright. "Moonbeam are you still in there?" There was no answer of course but how was Sunlight supposed to know her new friend was following a giant lizard because another bigger lizard asked her to find an emerald scale. So she just assumed her friend was either asleep, dead or hiding somewhere. She walked into the cave and realized as soon as her eyes started to adjust to the darkness that no one was in here. So she exited the cave "Where could she be? I wonder if the creature got her. I hope she is alright." She thought of all those things and more as she followed a trail that led to the cage. Sunlight wasn't paying attention to where she was walking and thus she walked right into one of the metal bars of the giant cage. "Oww my head, what did I just walk in to?" She looked up and was speechless by the sheer size of the cage. When she recovered she quickly scanned the area and saw that the cage was recently occupied. So she looked at the area where the creature had escaped and quickly saw the trail that of blood it had left while it was escaping. She followed the trail which led her to a lake where she found herself rapidly sinking in quicksand with no hope of escaping. When she was chest deep in quicksand she thought see saw a giant lizard coming her way but she wasn't sure until it got closer. It was a giant lizard the same one that had attacked her earlier that day. She just knew it was coming to finish the job, so she closed her eyes and waited for the creature to come and finish its dirty work.
* * * *
"GET ME OUT OF HERE YOU LAZY LIZARD" Moonbeam shouted at the lizard as she tried to jump out of the pit and failed for the thousandth time today. No I think I'll just watch you continue to try to free yourself it is highly amusing and if you keep calling me lazy I'll just walk away from here and leave you alone to figure out how to get out yourself. "Ok sorry can you please get me out of this pit?" she pleaded. “I can't believe I am begging a giant lizard to help me." Because you said please I guess I can help you out of there grab on to my tail and I'll pull you out. He lowered his tail into the pit and allowed her to get a good grip before pulling his tail back out of the pit. "You could have warned me first before you yanked me out like that. I almost lost my grip and would have fallen back into the pit if I didn't grab onto one of your tail spikes." Sorry but if I didn't move fast you would have been dead. Look in the pit and you will see what I mean. She looked back and saw that the pit was no longer empty but it had three raptors in it. The raptors were not ordinary raptors because besides having claws they also had deadly swords. They stood about five feet eight inches tall and were glaring evilly at her. Then they did something that surprised her they got on each other’s backs and the one on top was able to get out of the pit. Her friend the giant lizard shoved it back into the pit, it stood up but it didn't try to get back out again. "These creatures are pretty intelligent and if I didn't have this giant lizard on my side I would have been dino food." Stay here Moonbeam I got to go rescue your foolish friend from quicksand. He saw the look of pure terror on her face. Don't worry they won't attack while I am gone just stay away from the edge and you will be fine. With that said he lumbered off in the direction they had come from. "Oh great I am stuck here being watched by hungry dinos and he goes off to rescue Sunlight from quicksand, I think she has it easy compared to me." Moonbeam sat on the ground to wait for the lizard to come back. When she looked at the pit she saw a glowing object between two of the raptors. She was highly curious and edged closer to get a better look. That’s all the raptors needed they all charged at the cliff and hit it with the force of charging rhinos. Moonbeam fell in and landed on top of one of them. The other two circled her and waited for her to make a move.
* * * *
Meanwhile Sunlight was still waiting for the lizard to finish her off but instead of eating her it picked her up and gently set her on solid ground. This greatly confused her "What aren't you going to eat me or am I not tasty enough." Ahh you have a sense of humor I see. No you would probably be pretty tasty but I made a promise not to eat you. Now we must get back to Moonbeam before she does something foolish. Oops too late we need to leave now before the raptors kill her. "It talks to I must be dreaming" Then Sunlight promptly fainted. Humans all alike they think the know everything and when something happens that throws them off balance they faint. So he picked her up and headed to rescue Moonbeam before she got eaten by the deadly Velcios. He lumbered towards the pit slowly and peered inside. Ahh that's going to be a problem .What to do, what to do.
While he was doing that Moonbeam was drawing her blade and raising her shield. No matter how slow she did the creatures still noticed and they in turn chattered excitedly to each other in a high pitched language, which for some weird reason Moonbeam understood. They were saying, this warrior is finally going to test us if she is able to defeat us then we will let her go, but if she fails she will be are prisoner forever. "Ahh I see you guys just want to test me not kill me in that case I accept your challenge which one of you guys will I face?" She understands us! Good this should make it easier and more fun. Ok you will face all three of us one at a time in three different rounds, you got to at least win two of the rounds to win the tournament, BUT if you lose to rounds you will lose the tournament and your freedom. So do you still wish to fight us? "Yes I do, let's get started which one of you wishes to face me first?" I do and one more thing the three tests will be each different One will be a test of power, another test will be a test courage and the final test will be a test of wisdom. The catch is you have to figure out which test you are doing because we won't tell you which one you will be doing. So let’s begin my name is Velower and I am one of the three Velcios .We specialize in testing young warriors to see if they are worthy to be called warriors through a series of tests that not only prove their valor but it also proves their strength and their insight. Let us begin. "Umm ok but you just confused me beyond confusion." Velower hopped back and waited for her to make a move. "Which test is this I wonder if I guess wrong then I will fail and if I fail twice I lose my freedom, I don't want to fail so I got to pay attention to the hints he gives me." She moved closer to Velower and lowered her blade which was her mistake she guessed this was the test of wisdom and her wisest choice would be not to fight the deadly lizard. Velower struck hard and fast, so fast in fact she barely had time to block his strike and save herself. You have failed the first test, fail another one and you will lose your freedom. Velower stepped back and allowed one of his brothers to step forward. My name is Velisdom and I hope you pass my test. So shall we begin? Still mad at herself for failing the first test she shouted at Velisdom. "Yes I am ready let's begin." Velisdom put his blade down on the ground then quietly sat down and closed his eyes. This threw her off and made her think. "Since the first test was so aggressive I assume it was the test of power and thus was not the test of wisdom that could only mean that the test of courage and test of wisdom are left. If this is the test of courage the courageous thing to do is attack while he is down but it would as make me a coward for attacking someone who is unarmed. So this must be the test of wisdom and the wisest thing would be not to attack but surrender for I know as soon as I charge Velisdom will pick up his weapon and injury me thus making me fail and lose my freedom." So she placed her blade on the ground and surrendered. "I sure hope I am right about this." She looked up when she heard a noise right above her, Velisdom was standing right over her with his blade raised and ready to attack. Well done you guessed right and have passed the test of wisdom for you reasoning was correct and had you attacked I would have easily disarmed you and you would have failed the test. Now you are on your final test be prepared it is the toughest of the three. He stepped back and allowed the final brother to step forward. My name is Valourage I will be your final test if you shall pass then you will gain your freedom and we will honor you as a warrior, but if you should fail you will become our slave and be scorned for even thinking you were a warrior. The stakes are high but the prize is great. Shall we begin? Feeling she stood a chance she agreed to the stakes and said she was ready. Immediately after she agreed Valourage started growing in size he became three times as big as he was before and not only that he grew spikes on his back and tail. Now she knew she didn't stand a chance at all and she was beginning to wonder if this was the test of courage or power. "I wonder if their names mean anything Velower, Velisdom, and now Valourage I wonder if Velisdom was the giver of the test of wisdom and his name has wisdom without the w in it, then that means Velower was giving the test of power for adding a p after the l makes the word power in his name. Which means Valourage is giving the test of courage for Valor and courage are both in his name. So I must stand up to him to pass this test and I see why this is the hardest test because he doesn't look like anyone to stand up to." As he came closer to her he shot spikes at her but she stood her ground and blocked them with her shield. Even when he raised his sword to strike she just raised her sword as well. Valourage swung his blade at her but she just blocked and swung right back hitting him on his leg. His image flickered then he shrunk back to his normal size but the spikes remained. Well done brave warrior you have passed the test of courage and have shown great wisdom as well. We are honored to have met such a brave dragon warrior as you and we would be honored if you chose to accept a gift from us. They each brought forward something enclosed inside a box. Velisdom brought forward his box first inside it was a claw that was the size of a cinder block. Thank you dragon warrior for enjoying our tests and allowing us to enjoy your presence. Please accept my gift of the Claw of Velcios. It is one of our most valuable treasures and will grant you the ability to summon us to your side if you ever need help. Then he stepped back allowing Velower to step forward, in his box was a dagger as sharp as glass and as clear as ice. Thank you dragon warrior for giving me a chance to prove my strength. Please accept my gift of the Dagger of Warriors, this dagger never gets dull and cannot be seen by your enemies. He then stepped back and Valourage brought his gift forward. Inside his box was a emerald scale that glowed brightly in the fading sun. This is our most valuable item it is a scale from the mighty emerald dragon Link. Legend says one born of Zelkornia’s line will become dragon champion and they will use the scale to find and free Link from his prison to destroy the evil Galtorak and win the right to be king/queen. We trust that you Moonbeam, dragon warrior will find the dragon champion and give him/her this scale to help aid you all on your quest. We thank you for your time and say goodbye for now. "I gladly accept your gifts and thank you for testing me; I will live up to your trust and make sure the dragon champion gets this scale." The velcios apparently believed her and quietly disappeared in a cave as stairs appeared out of the side of the cliff. Moonbeam climbed the stairs to the top walked right past Dolago(the lizard creature)then collapsed on the ground fast asleep. Dolago walked over to her and watched her sleep This little warrior has more courage, wisdom and strength then she lets on. It will be a great pleasure getting to know her better and find out whether she is worthy to be called a dragon warrior or not. Dolago then curled up into a ball and fell fast asleep.
During the middle of the night Moonbeam woke up when she heard a rustling noise. She stood up and went to investigate which was very unwise because she was tired and worn out thus her thinking was sluggish and her movements were slow. So she was unprepared when out of nowhere she was attacked by someone. They struck so fast she didn't even have time to see who it was before she became comatose. She hit the ground hard and when they were sure she was out a group of four surrounded her and carried her off deep into the forest. When she woke several hours later she felt very lethargic and very incoherently she asked where she was at. She wished she hadn't spoken because she was quickly surrounded by four people with masks on , if that wasn't creepy enough the guys in masks all were spoke each in a different language all in unison and they seemed to understand each other very well. They guy in front stepped forward and spoke in a language that she clearly had never heard before but she understood every word he said. "Hello fair maiden my name is Prince Leifos Sethalonius Kilindred but you may call me Leifos. We saw you get attacked and knocked unconscious so we intervened and carried you here, so you could recover without being disturbed but your pertinacious enemy has been following us the whole way. We have managed to shake him but if we do not move soon he will find us." 'Umm Leifos you have a long name and I am not going anywhere with you guys till I learn more about you so start talking.' Suddenly someone was shouting "Leifos he is coming he knows where we are, we got to go now." The prince looked at her with a sad look in his eyes "Sorry fair maiden but I must insure your safety as well as the safety of my men." He then pointed to one of his men, the man walked forward and before she could even protest she was once again unconscious and carried away.
Leifos watched as his men carried her away as he awaited the arrival of the allusive enemy. While he was waiting he questioned why he was helping her true she was very beautiful but many ladies were, but she seemed different somehow she had captured his attention and held him fixed in a trance. He was a thief, an evil prince who enjoyed watching others suffer. When he was born his parents were overjoyed because he was their only son and thus was in line to rule the throne, but his parents soon learned that he would not make a good ruler for he was cruel to everyone, he lied and cheated every chance he got and they also discovered he was gifted as a thief. By the time he was a teenager he had earned the reputation of being a traitor and he was not to be trusted. His parents sent him on a mission just to get him out of the kingdom for a while but he disobeyed and he immediately fell into a lot of trouble .First he ran into a group of thieves who not knowing who he was and just knowing he was royalty captured him to hold him for ransom. His parents had quickly found out about but they were sure the thieves would pay them to take him back and they were right because the thieves only had him a week before they begged his parents to take him back. After that experience it should have made him more eager to listen and not get in trouble but it only made him worse. Instead of just tormenting the people he resorted to torture and injuring them for the fun of it. He never killed just injured them so they were close to dead. By the time he turned seventeen he was the most hated person in the whole kingdom but his parents did not dare turn him out for fear of him turning against them. So they assigned him three guards and sent him out to investigate all the other kingdoms and lands to get rid of him for a while. He knew it was just his parents trying to get rid of him and he despised them for their cowardice. He has been looking over the land for two years now and in all that time he has caused more mischief than anyone else but he could never bring himself to kill anyone. His thoughts were abruptly interrupted though he heard someone coming towards him. The person seemed content to move slowly and if he hadn't stepped on the stick Leifos wouldn't have even known he was there. He watched the man walk boldly towards him. Ahh we finally meet Prince Leifos, you are renowned in the whole kingdom and I would like you to join me and hand over the dragon warrior. Otherwise I fear I will have to dispose of you and that would be a great waste. "Who are you and why do you want the fair maiden?" Quite the curious one are you well I'll indulge you .The fair maiden as you call her is a dragon warrior named Moonbeam and she is becoming a threat to me every day because she is growing more powerful and gaining more friends . As for my name I go by many names in many different places here I go by the name King Firedrake but she knows me as King Galtorak for she is from a parallel realm. So what is your decision will you fight your desire to be evil and fight me or will you give in and join me? The choice is yours to make. "What do you mean by parallel realm there is no such thing even if there was you would cause a paradox just by meeting your alternate self thus one of you is gone. I haven't seen a alternate version of Moonbeam and I have lived here all my life." That is because Moonbeam was born here but I switched her with her alternate self when she was five years old so they are both here now but I am surprised neither of them are gone yet because her alternate version is Sunlight. Parallel realms exist and you will find out soon because instead of disposing you I'll just send you to parallel Leviatha and see if your alternate self will be as strong as Moonbeam's alternate self is. "Never will I join the likes of you and I will make sure you never harm Moonbeam or anyone else " he charged at Firedrake ,but before he could strike a fog settled over them both and he lost sight of Firedrake. He searched carefully for him but he couldn't find him because the fog was too thick to see anything. He turned around to head back when he suddenly felt an arm wrap around his chest and neck. You must know by now not to turn your back on your enemy but I guess you didn't learn that lesson very well .You speak very strongly for someone who enjoys causing others pain,don't tell me Moonbeam has changed you because you just recently met her and only know what you know about her because you watched her for several days . Ahh I see the prince of darkness is becoming more and more like the prince of light and all because he has realized his ways are evil .I can tell your dark side is threatening to take over but you are fighting it. I'll just end the fight right now and make you no longer a threat. Firedrake tightened his grip causing Leifos's ribs to break and penetrate his lungs. When he tried to get away Firedrake just tightened his grip around his neck causing him to lose what little air he could obtain. Leifos was slipping unconscious from lack of air but Firedrake didn't loosen his grip so Leifos did the only thing he could do which was to slip out Firedrake's grasp and roll over the edge of a cliff. Firedrake looked stunned when he saw what happened but he quickly recovered and looked over the edge of the cliff. He saw Leifos at the bottom and realized no one could have survived a fall like that. Well he is no longer a threat, that prince had quite a few surprises for me but he still has lost, so now I must get back to finding Moonbeam before she leaves this realm and goes back to the other dragon warriors. He strolled away and if he had looked back as the fog lifted he would have saw someone pick up Leifos and disappear in thin air. So Firedrake didn't know that he still had a powerful enemy.
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