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Power Rangers


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the original yellow is dead and a few of the actors don't want to come back for pr so they would have to get a new cast but with a possible cameo of an original actor

And by cameo of original actor, I think we all know it'll be David Jason Frank if it does happen.

But I kind of feel that it then becomes a reboot or alternative series of events.
Iassume the costumes will be there, but I'm curious to see what they do about Zords given there were 3 sets. I know the first movie introduced new Zords, so I suppose it's not out of the question, but they had designs to base the new zords on that tied in with the TV show.

The problem is that the first 6 (I think) seasons were a continuous story, so it's a bit like making a film about season 1 or 2 of a series that ran 20 years ago. Like making a film set around the events of season 2 of Dawsons Creek. There's so much continuity to contend with, and due to the ageing process, it's nigh on impossible to get the original cast who the audience identifies with. So whilst I feel it has the potential to be a good film, it'll fail as events of the mighty morphing power rangers.

Think how dodgy the first film was, certainly if you watch it in it's correct place in between season 2 and 3, it's got some pretty awful stuff about it that make no sense, so imagine that with actors you didn't know or identify with?

I'd sooner it be a stand alone power rangers movie with all the costumes and zords and enemies designed for the film, but adhering or taking influence from the Sentai stuff so it feels believable within the context of the power rangers universe.


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The official press release said "The new film franchise will re-envision the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, a group of high school kids who are infused with unique and cool super powers but must harness and use those powers as a team if they have any hope of saving the world." I think they also said the movie will be made for a "young audience" as well as "Ranger Nation".

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Hopefully "Catering for a young audience" won't mean campiness. I don't mind using teenagers again, as long as they actually look like the type to be doing martial arts on a bunch of fodder evil aliens. I also want the pacing to be good. Keep it a 2 hours and 15 minutes movie is my wish. Maybe have the team meet each other and get their suits in the first hour, and the rest of of the movie will be winning, then training montage, then beat the boss. I'd like a post credits cameo of Tommy being brainwashed into the Green Ranger.


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Kind of excited about this, but mostly because of the ideas I've come up since this announcement. One of them is I hope that the Rangers aren't already an established group or even friends a la The Avengers. Nearly every Ranger series is started with the Rangers already being friends or there already having an established group and just looking for usually a Red Ranger. I want this movie to be about a group of teens who don't even know each other. Just a group of kids from different walks of life suddenly being thrust into a moment.. I don't mind them already having powers, I just don't want them being all gung ho about friendship and saving the world.

Another thing would be characterization. The series has always been about "Five teenagers with attitude" and that fine and all for a kids show, but I want to see something different. I want to see all manner of characters and not just playing to or trying to deconfirm stereotypes and not only that, but different fighting styles. The nerd is usually portrayed as weak and always shying away from bullies yet goes toe to toe with intergalactic monsters with amazing martial arts. I want the nerd character to not even be a proficient fighter like a Red or Black/Green Ranger would be. They always have the Pink/Yellow Ranger performing the same stunts as the others yet I feel it would be more realistic if they showed that the female fighters may have a tougher time with larger enemies. Not about sexism, but simple physics. A scrawny super model should not be punching out huge dude with no physcial problems.

Just a few ideas I can think of right now, but I hope that this isn't just an extended episode of the series.


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Finished Zeo today. Can't help but feel it was a bit anticlimactic. Annoyingly Turbo the movie isn't on Netflix, so I'm going to have to track that down by other means.
Though I'm lead to believe there is a bit of a continuity issue between Zeo and Turbo.


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Finished Zeo today. Can't help but feel it was a bit anticlimactic..

This is exactly why I want to watch OhRanger. It sounds a lot better.

Though I'm lead to believe there is a bit of a continuity issue between Zeo and Turbo.

Not really. The only real issue between Zeo and Turbo is why Rita and Zedd all of a sudden just left Earth. Otherwise everything flows pretty smoothly.

Platinum fan.

I always wondered what happened to the Zeo Powers. They never explained it. Hmm. Maybe I should just check out OhRanger.

As far as the new Power Ranger movie goes. I don't know if I am excited or not. It's going to be using the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, right? If so they are going for the nostalgia boom I guess. I'd be okay if they used a new ranger team. There already is a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in movie form.


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There is the MMPR movie, but for me it marked the transition to the worst of the original trio. And there was so much about the film that was stupid from characters, locations, gadgets that had either been redesigned or created entirely for the film. I used to love the film, but watching it again in sequence it just annoyed me, despite the nostalgic feelings it gave me.

Platinum fan.

As a kid I was never bothed by the MMPR. Nowadays...yeah. Zordon creeps me out in that movie, even as a kid I wondered why the Command Center had changed. And why does Kakure Daishogun aka the Ninja Megazord look so weird? I know for it's time that was actually pretty good graphics. I think I'm just spoiled on todays technology.


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For the sake of a bit of discussion, and out of general curiosity I was wondering what everyone's favourite XYZ are?

So what are poeple's favourite:

General Zord
Stand Alone combat Zord: (EG Dragon, White tiger, Red Dragon, Red Battlezord)
Megazord (As in Combination of zords)
Carrier Zord
Ranger Morphed
Ranger Character
Main Villain (EG. Rita, Zedd, Mondo)

Feel free too add other categories too if you like. I'm going to have to think about this.
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I warn you, I'm indecisive, and thus multiple favorites.

Season - MMPR3, Turbo, in Space, Lost Galaxy, Dino Thunder, and Mystic Force
Episode - lol not even going to try
General Zord - Does the Astro Megaship count?
Stand Alone combat Zord: Rhino Steel Zord
Megazord- Shogun Megazord, Mega Voyager, Isis Megazord, Thundersaurus Megazord
Carrier Zord - Titanus
Ranger Morphed - if you mean by designs I would say the original MMPR, Space, Dino Thunder, and Mystic Force suits
Ranger Character - Tommy, Kimberly, Aisha, Andros, Ashley, Kendrix, Jen, Tori, Kira, Bridge, all the Mystic Rangers, Emily, Mike, and Gia (told you)
Main Villain - Divatox VIVA LA DIVA!
Footsoldier - Piranhatrons, Quantrons, Triptoids, and Rinshi
Civilian - umm....I guess either Ernie or Lt. Stone


Son of Wōden
Thinking of my favourites is a bit harder as I've only seen MMPR through to Zeo, but if I tried..


Season: MMPR2 - Zedd Felt like a more legitimate threat, and the Sentai footage was just better for me both in terms of battles, visuals, and monsters.

Episode: The Mutiny - Kind of cheating as it's a 3 parter, and perhaps Nostaligia on my part as I taped this when it first aired and watched it over and over, but I still think as far as transitions go it was the most dramatic and exciting. Seeing the Dinozords return to earth, and then seeing the thunderzords dancing in the sky above the command centre later, coupled with the literally terrifying introduction of Lord Zedd before he became a bufoon in season 3. But watching it back last year, it just felt like classic power rangers all the way through, and whilst some episodes feel throw away, every shot in this one feels important to me.

General Zord: Zeo Zord IV / Lion Thunderzord - really can't decide between them. Needless to say I like the big bulky zords.

Stand Alone combat Zord: Dragonzord - I think it may be nostalgia again, but it seemed the coolest rising from the harbour, and controllable by a musical dagger. It's weaponary seemed really cooll too, like missile fingers and a drill tail and all that.

Megazord: Thunder Megazord - Toss up between this and the dino megazord. But I feel the Thunder Megazord feels more complete as a zord in terms of integration, though I will concede the dino zord assembly footage is a lot cooler.

Carrier Zord: Titanus - I love how it's always dark as it storms through a swampy looking wasteland whenever they call it. It just always seemed to have cool scenes, and wasn't just a big bulk like the others, and it seemed the best integration of the other zords.

Ranger Morphed: MMPR Green / Zeo Gold (Though it's clearly Zeo Black :p ) Obviously I have a thing for gold shields haha

Ranger Character: Zack - tough one this one. It was close between him and Jason. But I think all of them annoy me at one point or another, except Zack who just seemed cool.

Main Villain: Lord Zedd - As mentioned before, he seemed to the most scary and threatening. And just looked the most badass.

Monster: Eye Guy - Cool concept, plus really creepy with the floating eye that traps you in another dimension. Again perhaps nostalgia as I had it on VHS as a lad, but watching them back it definately stands the test of time.

Footsoldier: Putties (MMPR 1) - Tenga's were annoying, and cogs seemed a bit too camp, and Zedds Putties were literally useless once their weakness was exposed.

Civilian: Ernie - Harder than I thought, as there aren't many that recur enough to really get a feel for them as a person, but Ernie comes across as a genuinely nice bloke who goes out of his way to help others.

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Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger is finally coming to the US in DVD format. I don't know if it's dubbed or suubed though. Most likely the latter. Why DVD, mang? Shouldn't everyone and their mothers have Blu-rays by now? Urrgggh.