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Prayer: A solace or something else...?

Discussion in 'Debate Forum' started by Erienne, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. Erienne

    Erienne Anime high :D

    Prayer is to ask or implore or suck up to whatever deity you believe in. Is prayer really beneficial? Conflicting studies have said yes, it helps heal faster, or no, it makes you heal slower, but that's not really even the point of it. Some religious people believe that praying will put you in (insert deity's) favor, while some find it a pointless exercise, at most lip service at their place of worship.

    I would say prayer has a point, if I could say that God listened to me without sounding crazy or anything. I mean, usually I ask and it has a perfectly good chance of happening whether or not I prayed, and I usually have to say something like "I won't insult my brother for a week", or "I won't pretend to take his soul (really fun game, because he believes [or did] that people can take others' souls".
  2. Gallade324

    Gallade324 Typhlosion Lover.

    I doubt anyone even hear's God anyway, and what i find strange is that most religion pray holding their hands together. Religions are so different but how come praying to a God is allways with your hands together?
  3. mangaeyes

    mangaeyes Well-Known Member

    Hm I wonder what gave you this idea, Erienne, lol.

    As I said before I find praying calming and comforting and I suppose I'd really like to believe it helps me but when I ask myself if theres a big man in the sky answering my paranoid/neurotic ramblings I just can't picture it...

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