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Prayers for those currently being affected by the Earthquake in Japan and the Tsunami

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I definitely send my prayers. It sucks that the weather has been pretty hectic this year so far. First all the snow and now this? I hope everyone in Japan and Hawaii will be alright.


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I won't pray/send prayers, because I don't believe in a god. But I do hope that everthing turns out alright for them.

I've been watching the news on it for most of the day. It's terrible when things like this happen.


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It's so sad D= I hope they pull through and my aunt and uncle who live on the coast of ca dont have to evacuate D=


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Why do we have a thread dedicated to prayers when we already have another thread about this topic?!?!?!


I don't mind prayer, but I think this is suited for a different kind of place and not misc.


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Comments, reactions, and well-wishing in relation to the disaster can be directed to the thread about said disaster. Prayers for its victims can be administered via the Christian Alliance in the Clubs subforum.
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