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predictions of the future Scarlet and Violet anime


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I think you're overthinking this right now. There might not be anything to decipher. It looks like the standard advertising poster that may not have been used, and it aligns very closely with Chloe's JN arc of meeting all the Eeveelutions. It would be a huge stretch for this to be something related to Gen9.
The way I see it ( at least for now ) its supposed to be anime news he wouldn't randomly post images for no reason if that were the case his game tweets would be the same just nonsense, 8 evolution could represent 8 gyms and according to the other leaker Chloe is supposed to take on the gym challenges I don't think its that much of straights to have an actual discussion and I already provide to you that episode 133 could actually be a gen 9 promotion if you read the gen 9 leaks and the episode summery I give you (the official one ) "an island locked away in the past" we could see certain pokemon that appear in gen 9, I plan to see what the episode has to offer because I'm more open to Goh the rest.


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Yeah, sure, because they are going to turn a girl who is not even a main character into the protagonist of the entire anime. If someone of the current cast is going to replace Ash, it's Go.


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Their decision to animate all the Masters Eight battles didn't help, as they originally only wanted to animate the battles that have Ash in them, those being Ash vs. Steven, Ash vs. Cynthia, and Ash vs. Leon, with the intent being that the rest of the battles would be relegated to still images. Their decision to actually show all those battles probably played a part in their budget issues.
I mean, there are 4 non Ash battles. Leon vs Diantha basically is a slideshow while Leon vs Alain was a rushed one-shot festival.

I don’t think that showing Iris vs Cynthia and Lance vs Diantha strained their budget too much considering that the alternative would’ve been a 6 v 6 between Ash and Steven (or at least a 3 v 3 that is a two-parter)


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I don't disagree about how Female characters are treated on the show but I'm not going to completely discredit Khu ether he has no reason to bullshit hence why I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt who knows? by December you may or may not be shocked.

Look if it was just Grooky e saying this alone I wouldn't even think about it but its hard to ignore when Khu corroborates this espcally with a Grooky and an Eevee that isn't a coincidence and don't believe anyone who tells me it is

That guy is bogus af, he would have been shut down immediately if he was legit.


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Well if it truly is concluding

  • Misty has redesigned the Cerulean Gym, developed an almost unbeatable trap, got over her fear and obtained a Keystone
  • Brock is working in Sinnoh at a Pokemon Center
  • May is a famous Contest performer in a potential group with Serena and Lisia
  • Dawn has a bunch of experience in different Contest venues in each region (she will win a GF!)
  • Iris accomplished her goal of raising Axew to become a powerful Pokemon like the Elder asked
  • Serena is a famous Contest performer in Hoenn and Kalos and in a potential group with Serena and Lisia
  • Clemont's been getting stronger and challenging Drasna while running his Gym
  • Lillie found her father
  • Kaiwe is training towards becoming Island Khuana

And the main character just became the strongest trainer.

Despite Journeys being eh it does seem like pretty much all of these characters have concluded in a way and they turned out alright. With the lack of announcement and the games already out..well
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So our source is "Grookey with an Everstone".

Especially considering what they're saying doesn't make any sense. It's hard to justify Chloe basically being turned into a female clone of Ash, especially after several episodes implied that she doesn't like battles. It's also hard to believe them having a female main protagonist with a battling goal considering how they've treated the female MCs for the past three generations. I also don't believe that Ash will become a mentor figure unless he's aged up to at least his late teens since it would be weird to have a teacher be the same age as his students.


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It's also hard to believe them having a female main protagonist with a battling goal considering how they've treated the female MCs for the past three generations.
A female protagonist with a battling goal isn’t that hard to believe.


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A female protagonist with a battling goal isn’t that hard to believe.
It is considering that for the past three generations the female MCs have been reduced to passive, non-battling roles. Since XY less and less female characters are shown to be interested in battles.


I don't want Chloe or Lillie to be the new protagonists. I want either an all-new OC or one of the protagonists from ScarVio.

And I know it's technically SV not ScarVio but I'm still using this one so cry harder ScreenRant!


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Tbh they can just create an OC protag wearing the school uniform since the customization is so broad in SV (in terms of physical appearance). The default ones are bland on purpose to push this more RPG-like customization so I can 100% see the anime just continuing with OCs


What is the airspeed of an unladen Swellow?
Why would Khu posting an Eevee mean that Chloe is continuing onward lol? Every series has had a new main character with an Eevee for the last several generations. And there's already a character in SV who has an Eevee so that's there as well
It doesn’t even make sense as a Gen9 hint because that artwork relates to a Gen8 storyline.
Didn’t Khu say that Ash would loose lol