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predictions of the future Scarlet and Violet anime

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Dawn may return as the main character. she becomes a mentor to Chole.
I don’t see that happening. I don’t think Chloe wants to become a performer or coordinator. If anything it’s best she enrolls at one of the academies in Paldea so she can learn more about Pokemon.
If SV is JN 2.0….


I don't think a Journeys format could work for SV because it has a much bigger cast (and I'd like to see all of them) compared to SwSh, so if they continue the JN format it would leave Paldea even more shafted than Galar unless they move the home base to Mesagoza, but Paldea is such a big region a travelling series would be preferable


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They can if they want.
It's their anime.

I don't agree with that.
A new MC doesn't make sense because he'll do the same thing as Satoshi (and he'll also have Pikachu).
no journeys format can't just continue with Ash. Ash-focused, anime gets boring when no one's around.

I'm not saying that Ash has to go, I'm saying that the journeys format alone cannot be with Ash.


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Lol at Iono saying "You're as flashy and bright as a 10,000,000-volt Thunderbolt, friendo!" once you beat her. companion confirmed
Doesn’t sound like a bad idea if they wont do Nemona :d

Plus, we should see her doing the recaps instead of the typical narrator


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Heh let’s just say Nemona (or Penny depending on who gets on your nerves lol) has the potential to become the next divisive character in these forums, should she play a major role in the next series.

You’re probably gonna wish the anime was in Gen 10 already LMAO
I already see people miscontruing Nemona and her arc like they did Hop and already calling her annoying and a stalker or whatever, sigh

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