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predictions of the future Scarlet and Violet anime

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I actually hope this anime follows the game closely. Lil Ketchum does all three paths, but is mainly involved in the gym challenge, Arven is a companion, and Nemona is a rival. Maybe Penny can be a companion too, or a anime original OC. And also Nemona and Geeta work under Ash.
I think that they're gonna go for an all OC cast once again.


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If they won’t do Nemona as a companion, I’ll only take Iono as the only alternative as the usual pokegirl :d


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Also the Kiawe and Mallow where clearly older compared to the rest of the group.

The only time in the anime where you can say everyone was the same age is Journeys and XY (minus Bonnie).


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Wasn't Serena the same age as Ash? And Cilan and Brock just a few years older?

Serena and calem in the game were designed to be older but was aged down to match ash.

Brock and cilan also look older in the games, but while they are don’t seem as old as in the games they are still older people who became companions.

I’m saying there’s nothing preventing iono who actually looks young and small to be a companion.
Idk about Serena aged down, imo Ash in XY was 13-16 so Serena was only aged down a bit to be the same age as him

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He has returned.
Although you could argue they'll go back to that original formula as a reset for him in order to match Nemona who at the beginning of the story does canonically also reset herself back at square one.

That doesn't mean Pikachu should go through a reset though.

As i've said previously, I know Ash is bound to lose regardless if he continues as MC or moves into the background, but unless they switch to AU Ash or reboot him and Pikachu entirely, Pikachu should only loose to high caliber opponents, not just anything random anymore.

Anything else caught and used is fair game to lose early on, but I do not want to see another "Zekrom" incident, especially not after what Ash just accomplished by beating Leon.
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I think it'd be funny if Geeta just thought the PWC was below her or something along those lines
Or she was too busy running an honest Pokémon league and not trying to destroy the world to make time for the PWC


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I'm on the side of Ash staying but if he's not, Nemona is clearly the best choice for next main character. They have the same energy and they could easily pass it off as her journey that she had before the game starts.
Nemona is my fav pick for the companion alongside Arven and Penny, but if she's the MC I'd be very happy
Honestly this time the game has handpicked the companions for Ash honestly. Nemona, Arven, Penny and Ash would be the perfect quartet
I'm okay if Goh and Chloe continue as long as those are relevant
Would be heavily disappointed if we get gym leaders instead of those 4, same with new OCs
I just hope they still get consistent focus even if they aren't in the main cast
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