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predictions of the future Scarlet and Violet anime

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Arthur Morgan is the GOAT character ever.


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Hmm? What made you think there would be news! They haven’t shown pipsqueak duck yet!
Ok tell me, was it specifically said that there would be news in the next broadcast? If yes, why did we get no news today?
Or maybe it's a bit later today?


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I would normally get angry but since it's Joe... Well... I guess it's so quick of them to make a tweet right after there was no news today, I guess they were right to be skeptical about the translation. A lot of accounts said there'd be news tomorrow. Ugh, another week of wait...

Doesn't help Dogasu said that there'd be news tomorrow night, usually they are reliable.


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I must admit I also believed this episode would have an SV announcement. Now, after reading the original japanese quote:


(Source: https://news.yahoo.co.jp/articles/b4f220849fcbedc77179b316c3a3df3391330bf9)

Probably translator wanted to say "a future broadcast of the anime", not "next episode".

Hopefully next week they will reveal something.


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So ash and goh embark on a new adventure

I see that title most likely a continuation of JN, which makes sense if the 135 doesn't have the end mark and also hopefully we get an announcement next week

Nothing is 100% confirmed. And let's not act like the anipoke titles haven't misled before. So there is a chance this is saying Ash and goh embark on a new adventure, but separately. Though goh not telling Ash he wants to go on a new adventure on 135 makes me doubt that. Maybe he says he is goito paldea and Ash decide he is tagging along

But man when we finally thought we were getting answers lol
Oh well, back to using toy merch and pencil cases as confirmation

Pokemon Power

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At least we got an additional episode confirmed today. If they do continue the Journeys arc with Paldea added to the mix.....
....maybe they could use Professors Sada and Turo's time machine to head for Hisui as well.


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Judging from the info we got, I think Arven could be Goh’s classmate and do the treasure hunt together while Nemona would be their rival. I don’t see Ash staying in Paldea for long because he’s world champion so he’ll be checking out other regions for the next PWC.
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