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predictions of the future Scarlet and Violet anime

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I can’t believe you guys, Ash not being 10 forever would be a tragedy! Let him forever be


What a clever idea....
Not only Riko and Roy has a two different color hairs.
There apparently is one in game who has two different colors hairs. ;]

RGB color, lmao.
I think we'll see a character with a green color at some point. Either as a rival, later addition or just a third wheel.
who needs Nemona then lul
Really glad she seems to be out of this. Not celebrating until we have more info though


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I doubt it lol. It would be cool serving as a connection between Ash and the new generation.
I doubt it too... Especially considering the 4chan rumor about her "being from Kanto, being secretive about family" was fake. No real info. I'd expect details about it minimum in Feb or March.

I have a lot of questions regarding this. I've tried to take a step back, but the new announcement only made me further confused as someone who liked the previous formats.

If they wanted to really make Ash go away or at least make him much less prominent, why now of all times? Why couldn't it have been announced a month or two ago, so as to prepare for an emotional farewell? I'd hoped it was just in an alternate universe, which well... JN137 kinda in an alternate universe, but the mini series features JN Ash. Weren't the executives deathly afraid of change? I remember in Japan, well according to work culture, that executives usually didn't want to try out new stuff due to some kind of fear or something, did something change recently? They had to have smoked something during the break in summer or COVID pandemic for them to start considering the change.
Was the TR being in Paldea just a bait thing, then? And will the new anime be a reboot, or in the similar continuity just taking place some time later? The question is still up because the thing about description was a fake thing from 4chan.

I want to hope it's not a weekly series, but it was apparently confirmed to be. I don't know. I know people say this is just straightforward news, but this seems a little overwhelming, maybe a bit questionable with merch, as well as interviews that didn't mention him going away. Even that interview from Rica said that Ash being a championship was him being halfway to a Pokemon Master. Was that a lie, too?

I know just one thing for sure, though. This will lead to backlash, both from western and Japanese fanbase, whenever they like it or not. I'm not excusing threats or anything of course, but it IS rather sudden. And this time, it's likely there will be no bait here. I remember that they attempted to replace Ash in BW, when it was first announced, it initially only featured Iris and Dent, no Ash. I'm just not fully ready.

Fun fact but I found this post funny on 4chan about OLM:


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I mean if they want SOME connection between Ash and the new generation, her ending up being Ash’s child wouldn't be that farfetched.

But I really hope this new series turns out awesome
I think that there will be two episodes where Ash, Gou, and Chloe will return to help out Liko and Roy.


You are awesome!
I can understand why people hate boruto but hating the concept is dumb. New MC being related to the old one isn’t necessarily a bad thing, It’s the execution that matters, i mean just look at JoJo’s bizarre adventure.
Fair lol.


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Btw, the news has broke the internet and Twitter is already comparing the new MCs with Boruto
Now this should be fun to watch unfold.
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