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predictions of the future Scarlet and Violet anime

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Penny is a hacker she got SatoSere banned for calling her an alien
I'm laughing but I guess that Iono gets mad and crying at SatoSerene calling her a freak.

But there is no more room for Fanfictions. this is Predictions not a fanfiction thread.


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What for sure will shown in anime:
- Nemona, Penny and Arven treat same like as XY trio gang (Tierno, Trevor, Shauna)
- AI Sada & AI Turo decide stay with Arven as his new parent after Area Zero arc
- Great Tusk and Iron Treads will together terrorize on desert
- Treasure Hunt will be treated short arc and will treated as a sport tournament (Prize is Herba Mystical)
- Koraidon & Miraidon not gonna join to MCs suddenly just like in game, but instead they gonna help them
fight against Titans sometimes
- Ash probably (for 1% chance) will meet two new MCs
- More different species of pokeball gonna shown again (Masterball will return to this anime after very long break)
- MCs will meet some old Ash's companions.
- Shiny pokemon will return again (see at Rayquaza, except him there will some other for sure).
- Both new MCs will have max 6 pokemon in team too.
- In Mysterious pokeball will be an unusual pokemon, but not LEGENDARY.
Probably will be one of ancient Paradox Pokemon. If he's from Kanto - must be Sandy Shocks.
- All old gimmicks gonna shown again but not all forms will be shown.
- All 18 Tera type forms will debuted (only one thing might be used by CGI technology)
- Breaking curse main girl getting only 1 or 3 mons.
- Some pokemon abilities debut again.
- First time all E4 trainers after long break since DP series.
- Iono & Larry teamwork for doing something funny
- Director Clavell pretending being as student named Clive.
- First time ever not edgy/jerk rival.

What for sure will NOT shown in gen 9 anime:
- Pikachu and Eevee being as new characters' partners
- All Paldean mons debut due to "Journeys issues"
- Focusing on whole Paldea region
- All Gym Leaders debut (probably)
- War with Team Star
- Any shipping (That obviously....)
- Focusing on school (due to traveling over 9 regions)
- Mass outbreaks
- Showing Koraidon and Miraidon at all times
- All Team Star bosses debut
- PWC/Master Eight Tournament
- All Regional Champions


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I wonder how the community (especially twitter) would react if Roy is indeed the son of goh and chloe?


Slaying the PFP game


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See at XY, SM and JN series how many pokemon got main girls....

Whole freaking THREE series in row main pokegirls got only 1-3 mons....
XY: Serena had 3. That’s on the low end compared to previous female companions.
SM: had way too many companions. No one besides Ash had more than 3 Pokemon
JN: You have a point here. Chloe didn’t get enough focus period.

I wonder how the community (especially twitter) would react if Roy is indeed the son of goh and chloe?
The same way they react about everything? Either overwhelmingly positive or extremely negative?

U.N. Owen

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Atleast with SV being an entirely new story we won't have an XY vs SM vs JN vs SV
....right? RIGHT?
Instead, we’ll have people comparing the new protagonists to Ash. The monkey paw’s curls and leaves only one finger up.


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Atleast with SV being an entirely new story we won't have an XY vs SM vs JN vs SV
....right? RIGHT?
No, don’t worry there will probably be some people on here that just constantly complain about Riko/Liko and Roy just because their not Ash and constantly insist that the new series is so bad that it will be canceled after one year and they will bring Ash back as the main character.
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