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Pregnant with 18th child and counting...


It looks like she can break a world record for having 18 children.

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That is wrong on many different levels.


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....another one.

God. I saw a few of their shows on Discovery Health. It's not like I think it's wrong or crazy, I'm all for big families. I wish I had more than my annoying sister.. but like... GOD. o.x Just the way their family is run.. I'd shoot myself. Seriously.


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And here I was thinking 1 kid was enough....
SHEESH! I'm probably gonna have sex every night after I get married but I sure wont endng up doing this....
Can they REALLY be happy like this?
Absolutely no regrets??


Pregnant with 18th child and counting...
God Bless :)

Unless they're doing it to get famous or something, cuz that's just sick.


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Holy crap.
At this rate, the Duggers will have a huge army of kids on them. Or maybe just an infantry.

As long as they can sustain having this amount of kids, its fine by me.

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I did it!!
^Seriously? That's crazy!

I would think that they would get tired of that many kids, but I guess if they can handle it...


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.. im confused.

why the heck are threads like these getting stupid comments like "WEAR A CONDOM" and "OMG THATS WRONG AND SICK!"

do any of you have any idea of whether or not they wanted 18 children or not? maybe they DONT want a condom. maybe they actually DO want a big family. even then, so what?

if theyre a responsible family, who cares? why does everybody have to live life the way you want to?

i should have not expected more from pokemon kids.


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the real question is how amny names that start with the letter J are left for them to name the new child on the way?
They'll go for made up names or adding a different second name (John-David, Jim-Bob, Joy-Ana).

What a stereotype. The way the dad says the first thing is a love for God, it's like a throwback to early 19th century Christian farming families. Pop out dozens of kids and make them work, except on Sundays.
At least back them some of them died before age 10 though.


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i should have not expected more from pokemon kids.
Hey! No need to fault Pokemon for poor common sense around here.

At least back them some of them died before age 10 though.
Ah... Better times.


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Naming kids with the same letter? BRILLANT!