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Premium Badge Sets


New Member
So I saw these Premium Badge Sets a while back on the Pokemon Center official website. I never see them anymore, presumably because they are all sold out. I was hoping to get a list of all the existing official badge sets because the Unova one looks like it might be official but is in a different frame. It looks like I can't post the images or links without the forum thinking I'm posting spam. So the ones I've seen are the Kanto Badge Set, Johto Badge Set, Hoenn Badge Set, Sinnoh Badge Set, and a Black 2/White 2 Badge Set (instead of a Unova Badge Set). Are these all of the available ones? Why does the Unova one look so different? Was it ever released in America or only Japan? And just where can someone even get these anyway. They seem impossible to obtain.


New Member
I don't mean to double post or spam, but since my last post was a couple days ago, I also found out there were framed Kalos badges. Were any others made?


The Purple Karakasa
Well, last fall, I went to the shopping mall and there were several Badges sets, but I wasn't interested since they didn't had Hoenn badges. At the same time I purchased a Japanese card of the Rain Badge with Wallace on it (what have they done to his clothing in ORAS, I might never know...) since he's my fav Gym Leader besides Lt.Surge and Clemont.