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Prepare for Trouble [SU Thread] (Private Pokemon RP)

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Schade, Oct 17, 2019.

  1. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    ~ Prepare for Trouble ~

    A Private Pokemon RP
    Rated R in case we want to take it there

    "Congratulations! You beat our five trainers! You just earned a fabulous price! By the way, kid, how would you like to join Team Rocket? That’s right! We’re a group dedicated to doing evil using Pokèmon! Want to join? Are you sure? Come on, join us! I’m telling you to join! Ok, you need convincing.. I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse!“

    Turns out the offer was free dental care and a surprisingly reliable pension.. Who would’ve thought..


    Welcome to your new exciting life as a Team Rocket grunt! Having been snatched off the streets, scouted when battling one of our senior operatives, or if you were just dumb enough to seek us out on your own, you are now working for our fabulously powerful Giovanni in order to liberate people from their wealth, their rights and most importantly: Their Pokemon. That’s right, our main objective is to capture the most powerful pokemon we can in order to topple the big cooperation, take over major businesses and deal with the occasional ten year old and his unrealistically overpowered Charizard. Granted, you as a new recruit won’t be thrown into that chaos right from the get-go, our admins are tasked with bigger missions like that. Having graduated our prestigious 6 month program at the Team Rocket Academy, your tasks will be less action-filled and more.. Less in scale. Don’t worry though, everything you do matters, as every stolen pokemon is a small step for you, but one giant leap for Team Rocket!

    Our characters are Team Rocket Grunts. Plain and simple. How you ended up with this shady organization, and what your characters goals and motivations are, is up to you. However, i do encourage you to make a.. Morally grey character, at the very least. A Mary Sue won’t do good here. The format of the RP will at first be very similar to the basic adventurer RP, where we go on missions in teams, or as a whole group. As mentioned, every mission matters, and we’ll meet obstacles along the way. The RP also follows a timeline. While we start as grunts, we might do time skips here and there if the plot calls for it. Yes. There is an actual plot to this, but that’s for the Team Rocket Admins to take care of, we’re only Grunts anyways, right? As such, we also start off with only 1 or 2 pokemon, though you are capable of getting more pokemon further down the line, either from stealing from some random kid trainer, or if you catch one yourself. the Team Rocket HQ is also known for giving out weaker pokemon to the grunts on occasion, so that’s also an option. The RP borrows from canon lore, with tweaks to fit the new setting and plot. You might recognize characters from the games andor anime here, but their roles might be different than what you’re used to. The RP also starts off in the Johto region, though i do plan on us visiting other regions as well.


    In this RP, Team Rocket is a lot better organized than they are in the canon game lore. By not keeping all their eggs in one basket, they manage to recover a lot quicker from setbacks such a aforementioned 10 year olds, and this has also led them to reach new heights and develop new goals in regard to their agenda. As mentioned, we won’t be tackling the major missions right away, we’re only grunts after all. The Admins take care of those missions, and the Admins are as follows:​

    - Professor Hans: A somewhat unhinged Professor in his late 40’s. He was let go by Silph Co’s Kanto branch due to his extreme methods and disregard to pokemon and peoples well being in order to reach his own personal goals. A master in the field of mega Evolution, he’s worked with the likes of Professor Sycamore in order to better understand Mega Evolution and the bonds between trainer and pokemon in order to reach it.. Hah! Psyche! He’s in it for the money and personal gain. He was scouted out by one of Giovannis personal inner circle themselves, and is a high-ranking member of the organization. His Pinsir is menacing and not above brutally beating defeated pokemon into submission.

    - Heidi: A former actress in her mid 30’s, Heidi is a woman of extraordinary beauty, and is as manipulative as she is gorgeous. She often use her looks and charm in order to manipulate people into doing her bidding. Her beauty is only matched bu her cruelty, which emerge whenever something doesn’t go the way she planned. Not above abusing people and pokemon alike, she wholly believe that Team Rocket is a cut above other people, and that what they do is just. Despite her cruelty though, she has a soft spot for the Team Rocket Grunts, often calling them „her babies“, referring to how they are underneath her in rank. Make no mistake though, she is not one to forgive, so if you get on her bad side, you better prepare for trouble. Her main Pokemon is a Slugma.

    - Jason: Jason is a quiet young man in his early 20's, and never speaks out of line. He is always doing what he’s told, and is one of the more competent admins, despite his age. He often works alone, infiltrating restricted areas in order to plant bugs, steal valuable information or to generally get rid of people in high places Team Rocket has beef with. The only time you can see that he does, in fact, have some vague form of personality, is when Heidi tease him, suggestively calling him her little brother, to which he doesn’t actually reply even though his blushing says it all. He’s a stone cold assassin that has no qualms about getting the job done, and getting his hands dirty in the process. His main pokemon is an Ariados, which he often use to poison people.

    - Kyle: A seemingly goofy guy in his early 30’s, Kyle seems to not have a single worry in the entire world. Taking things at his own pace unless told otherwise, he’s never one to rush, and he urges people to get their stuff done at their own pace. Despite this though, Kyle is a man of results, and puts emphasis on the „Get it done“ part. He is surprisingly forgiving to people who disappoint him, urging them to do better next time. However, he only give you one shot. If you continuously fail him, his attitude will change, and he’ll become more cold in his tone and not so subtly start threatening you. People who haven’t gotten their jush together with him have been reported to go missing.. His main pokemon is a Bewear.

    - Mitch: A weasel of a man, Mitch is a lanky man in his late 30's working in one of Team Rocket's interregional branches with espionage and cooperate corruption. He has no spine despite his height, and only act powerful and intimidating when in presence of other powerful Team Rocket members. He talks a big game, but is quick to flee if the situation turns sour. He's a divorcee, with weekend stays from his two kids. He's the cool dad, but in reality, he's a lazy good for nothing suck-up. He's good at hs job with Team Rocket though, and despite his shortcomings he manages to carry his weight and then some. His ace Pokemon is a powerful Charizard.

    Other NPC's. (Note: I'll add more NPC's to this list as the RP goes on and we meet new people.)

    - Giovanni: The big boss. Our glorious leader and guide. Having given up on his position as the Viridian City’s Gym Leader in order to focus fully on Team Rocket and their endeavors, he’s grown even more ambitious than before, and even more ruthless when it comes to reaching his goals. To him, Pokemon are mere tools to be used for Team Rocket’s greater good, and it shows in how he talks about them as if they were chess pieces rather than living beings. His calm and intimidating demeanor makes him very difficult to read, and even Team Rockets own members respectfully fear him. Underneath the calm, however, is a ruthless ambition and willingness to go to extreme lengths to achieve his goals no matter the costs. He’s rarely seen without his trademark Persian at his side.

    - Red: Oh yes, our favorite silent protagonist is part of this beautiful mess. He’s a young teenager out on a quest to be the very best like no one ever was, and will run into our group on several occasions. He’s an energetic youth with a strong sense of justice and camaraderie, which is how he manages to find himself in these dangerous situations to begin with. He’ll never back away from helping a Pokemon in need, will resolve to do anything in his power to stop wrongdoers. He is a powerful Pokemon Trainer with a heart of Gold, and a constant thorn in Giovanni's side.

    Rules and guidelines

    1: No god-modding / no Mary Sues (no perfect/ invincible characters. You cannot dodge every hit or win every battle!)

    2: No bunnying other peoples characters! Ask permission of the player before doing anything that involves their characters. I might make an exception to this rule if anyone is lagging behind due to a busy irl schedule etc.

    3: We play one character each, with one or two starting pokemon. First stage pokemon only; you will have the chance to develop your team further down the line if you want to.

    4: While i know well and understand well that we all have lives outside of our computers, I hope everyone will make the effort to stay active. by that, i mean keeping up with the rest of the players. If you tail behind, i’ll message you and ask permission to bunny your character to keep up.

    5: This is a private RP, which means that, unless you are reserved do not post here.

    List of reserves:

    1: Schade - Accepted
    2: VampirateMace - Accepted
    3: GoldenHouou -Accepted
    4: Tangeh - Accepted
    5: InnerFlame - Accepted
    6: Skillfullness - Accepted
    8: Monster Guy - Accepted
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2019 at 6:24 AM
  2. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    Posting my WIP here for the time being. I'll finish it later when i have more time.

    Name: Daniel "Danny" Wight
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Daniel is a medium tall young man, standing at around 183 Cm tall. He has a lean physique with broad shoulders and a generally toned build from an active lifestyle. His skin is fair with little to no blemishes save from some scars here and there on his upper body, and he has a slight tan which gives his skin a slight olive hue. His auburn hair is short, and kept in a messy cowlick style for easy maintenance, as he doesn’t care that much about styling it on the regular. His eyes are bright blue and often look like he's confused about something. He has neatly arched brows, which together with his eyes makes his face very expressive and fairly easy to read. He has high cheekbones and a prominent jawline, adding to his overall handsome appearance. He also have two rings in his right ear, and a faint scar goes over his mouth on the right side; a reminder of a rocky childhood.

    For clothing, Due to his new life as a Team Rocket Grunt taking up most of his time, he now wears a standard Team Rocket uniform most of the time. The uniform consists of a black tight turtleneck with the iconic red „R“ located on the chest. He also wear a matching pair of black pants, with a silvery grey utility belt with the „R“ on the buckle. The uniform comes with matching grey combat boots for practicality and endurance, as well as a pair of grey gloves. There is also a black cap with the logo on it, but Daniel prefers not to use it. While the uniform is mandatory for grunts, they are allowed a certain degree of freedom when accessorizing, to give their uniform a more personal touch. Daniel, however, decided to keep the uniform as it is, minus the cap.

    Otherwise, Daniel’s style is a casual one. He’s the kind of person that got a favorite hoodie at the age of 9 and still wears it today even though it’s more of a crop top now than anything else, and he’s struggling with the sad realization that he actually do nee to throw it away soon. To contemplate for the to-be tragic loss of his favorite hoodie, he managed to scower the internet until he found one that is a size larger than he is. The hoodie is white with a caption on the back which says „Capture your dreams“ as an open Pokeball underenath it makes it look like the quote came out from it. The large hoodie pretty much masks his physique, with the only indicator that he’s fit being his collarbones being visible from the deep-necked black shirt he wears under the hoodie. He also wears a basic pair of light blue jeans with these, and a pair of running shoes he bought used online.

    Personality: Daniel is a troubled youth with deep-rooted issues stemming from a rocky home-life and a generally lonely upbringing plagued with assault and negative influences. Despite this, he puts on a strong front where he tries to dismiss the issues in his life as unimportant pieces of the past. He is very much focused on the now, and while the future scares him, as he has no real plans for it, he tries his best to make the best of the situation he's currently in. He is very distrustful towards other people, and it takes a long time for him to open up to someone, especially if he doesn't know them. Despite this, he really wants to be an easy-going friendly guy. Despite his outlook on life, he is very plagued by the past.

    As one would expect from a Team Rocket member, Daniel has no issues with bending the law a little. Petty crimes and minor shenanigans used to be a way for him to act out and feel like he's not a victim for once, and rather that he can take matters into his own hands without anyones help. This contradicts his wish to get actual friends to a degree, though he is starting to feel like the other members of Team Rocket are his friends, and since they are all out there doing crimes, it doesn't really matter in the end, right?. While he has no squabble with breaking an entry, stealing etc, Daniel draws the line for more serious crimes, and would rather look the other way, or leave it to someone else if the situation called for something he deemed inhumane.

    Underneath his strong facade, Daniel is a shy young man who tries to act all tough for the people around him. Years upon years of neglect and abuse have rendered him scarred for life, and he is aware of that. He can be kind of wimpy in certain situations, but will try his best to bite down and get over it to a variety of outcomes. He's not the most intelligent person, and scored below average during his schoolyears, something he doesn't really care about anymore now. He's picked up working out during the past couple of years to be able to build himself up some in order to make the bullies at school leave him alone. That didn't work.

    His interests lie within science fiction and gaming, something he used to spend a lot of time on, as it was the one thing his father let him get away with as he would then be in his room for hours upon hours making as little noise as possible. He was not safe from being called a variety of NSFW variations of the word Geek though, but eventually managed to grow thick enough skin for the verbal abuse not to bother him as much anymore. He's mostly put his gaming hobbies behind him now, but he can still get excited about science fiction if the topic comes up when talking, where he'll get carried away before realizing he overstepped, after which he'll become more quiet and somber than usual.

    As expected from a guy with his background, Daniel has some deep-rooted issues when it comes to showing emotion. His default state is the slightly anxious jumpy bee, as he never shows anger, happiness, affection etc. He doesn't know how to. This makes him prone to random outbursts of anger if he's pushed hard enough though, and he tends to resolve to violence once he is. Daniel packs a mean punch now, from all the working out he's done, and while he failed at standing up to his own bullies back then, he makes up for it now by targetting other people, making himself feel stronger by tearing others down. Yeah, that's a healthy business plan if i ever heard of one.

    History: As one might expect most from people ending up with Team Rocket, calling Daniels homelife and early years dysfunctional is a grave understatement. Everything from a bad neighbourhood, to neglectful and abusive parents, to a rocky school life, Daniel had it all. It's a wonder he ended up as sane as he did in the end actually, if one could call him that.

    The result of unplanned parenthood, Daniels parents were the lowest of the lowest when it came to living standards. His father was the kind of drunk that would jump between jobs and celebrate holding a job for a week with excessive drinking which would end up getting him fired the following week, and his mother was also the product of a troubled background, making all the poor choices her parents before her had done, because she didnt know better. Also, she was 18 when Daniel was born, while his father was 25. They lived in a less reputable area of Goldenrod City in the Johto region.

    Needless to say, Daniel's well beign were never really a top priority for either of his parents. While his mother often stood up for him when his father got physical, she was not above verbally abusing him herself, often telling him she would've left him with her parents had they not had that freak accident all those years ago. As one might imagine, hearing this every so often does a number on your mental health, which was something Daniel felt at a young age.

    Life wasn't easier for him at school either. Considering his home sieutaion, he had grown to become a quiet kid, never raising his tone to anyone, scared that they might hit him in retaliation. To him that was the norm, and he did everything he could to avoid that. Naturally, all that got him was a big neon sign on his bag saying "Pick on me", and being picked on he was. Mercilessly. Becoming the class' punching bag, it barely even bothered him as he was so used to this at home. The teachers would often ask him if he was ok or if he had a good home life, and he would always lie and say he did. He had become quite good at lying. They had a cat who scratched up his arms, he fell down a hill when playing outside, things like that. He knew that if he actually told on his parents, he would be taken away, and while he hated living at home, it was better than being sent off into the foster care system, or at least that's what his parents were saying.

    Academically, Daniel was never a top grade stuent. There weren't any hidden intelligence under all his angst, and while he tried his best, he never got it over the average mark. Of course, his parents didn't care about his school life, as long as he kept his mouth shut about his homelife, which Daniel happily obliged to. School was his sanctuary. At school, he didn't need to worry about his parents, and he could focus on relaxing and trying to keep up with the teachers. While he still got his fair share of bullying due to his timid submissive personality, nothing they did was worse than what he endured at home. This also impacted his decision against going on a Pokemon Journey, as he couldnt afford the essentials, thus a career as a pokemon trainer became foreign to him.

    It wasn't until he became a teenager that Daniel became increasingly aware that he didn't ave to put up with his parents shortcomings. Maybe hes born with it, maybe it's puberty, but regardless, he began talking back more often and fighting back when the need arose. It was a tough transition, but having started working out, he was now physically strong enough to fend for himself, and fend he did. Still meek at his core, he started acting tougher towards those around him, effectively starting to believe it himself. Motivated by his wish to not end up as a loser like his parents, and while his own school bullies had matured beyond the point of bullying anymore, he started pushing around those younger and smaller than him as he had been his whole life.

    Then came the one fateful day where, for a petty reason, Daniel got into yet another heated argument with his drunk dad. His mother was now just crying and yelling for them to stop, but bottles went flying, F-bombs were dropped and generally, Daniel was in for the beating of his life. While the beatings he had endured were often cordinated as to not leave physical evidence of abuse, all bets were off. Daniel doesn't remember much of that evening, but the story he was told when he woke up at the hospital the next day was that a rabid Primape had attacked him, after he had drunkenly teased it. That was the last straw that tipped him over the edge, and he laid it all out there. a whole life of physical and verbal abuse, living under less than reputable standards in general, and overal just a shitty childhood. Luckily for him though, he was believed, and several police officers went to pay his family a visit, getting a firsthand look at how bad things actually were. His dad was still drunk, and had taken the rest of his anger out on Daniels mother after Daniel had passed out. Needless to say, he was taken away to jail for a very, very long time, and his mother too, even though her sentence was shorter than his fathers.

    After a prolonged hospital stay, Daniel was seen fit to go home, with no permanent damages. Getting back to the empty house was a weird feeling, and for the first time he finally got an outsiders perspective on how bad it really was. Doing a quick cleanup in the livingroom, which reeked of alcohol and cigarettes, he sat down on the worn out couch. He sat there in silence for what seemed like an eternity before getting back up, collecting a few of his things, and leaving the house, never to return.

    The big question now, however, was: Where would he go? He didn't have any other family to take care of him, and he knew he didn't want to go into foster care. A Pokemon Journey, maybe? Trubbish was still living outside of his house, after all. Maybe he could take Trubbish on a journey? No, this wasn't the time for that. He walked along the streets of Goldenrod City that evening. It was raining pretty heavily, and few people were out in the streets, as daylight had started to fade. It was pretty nice actually. For once, he didn't have that anxious bug deep in his chest telling him to run for the fields. It was a nice and new sensation. He sat down on a bench near the Goldenrod Radio Tower and just started crying. Some people passed him by, but no one actually bothered to stop and see why this youngster was out here alone in the rain. Then someone stopped before him. It was a Bewear. Of course, not having had anything to do with pokemon before, Daniel didn't know what this pokemon was, only that it seemed oddly comforting and welcoming. Behind it stood a blonde man clad in black. Seemingly disinterested at first, he noticed his pokemon and came back. "You ok there kid?" He asked. He introduced himself as Kyle, and after listening to a shortened rundown of Daniels story, he simply scoffed. "World's full of injustice kid. Though, you don't always need to be on the recieving end of it.". The guy had his way with words, and for some reason, Daniel felt like he cared. OR at least that's what he wanted to believe. Kyle offered Daniel to join Team Rocket. Now, Daniel had heard about Team Rocket before, and while he was wary of their intentions, it would be better than his current situation. "No second-guessing, kid. If you want in, you're expected to commit." Kyle said. Daniel then shrug off any insecurities he had and accepted.

    Daniel initially struggled with the training program at the academy. While he didn't have a pokemon of his own, Kyle had reassured him that wouldn't be an issue, as recruits borrows pokemon at the academy to learn if they don't already have trainer experience. What he lacked in skill, however, he more than made up for in sheer willpower, eventually starting to become better. Over the course of the training program, he managed to conquer his inner demons and insecurities, leading to very promising results. He is now adjusting to his new life as a Team Rocket grunt. It's not the most prestigous gig, but the dental plan and pension are nice bonuses.

    - Daniel is a fast runner
    - He is scared of the dark
    - He has several scars on his back from parental abuse.
    - His favorite game is the last installment of the hit series: Grand Theft Auto: The Kalos Chronicles.


    : N/A
    Species: Unown (F form)
    Gender: N/A
    Appearance: Unown is similar to others of its species without any distinguishable features
    Personality: Unown seems to generally be happy with its current living situation after being... liberated from its previous owner. It’s a bit tough to read, but generally seem to be pretty cheerful. That’s what those strange sounds coming from it every now and then means, right? It enjoys sticking to walls, and seems to have a certain sense of humor when it sometimes obscures words and sentences on billboards. Its strange speech-like growling is a bit off-putting though...
    History: Unown started its existence in the Ruins of Alph in the Johto region, living a cheerful carefree life, until it was captured by a scientist by the name of Noah Harding. Yes, The Noah Harding, famous archaeologist and writer of the magazine titled: The unknown of the Unown. As one might figure, life as a scientists pet/study isn’t exactly exciting, and Unown really felt that. It was almost liberating for it when it was snatched by a Team Rocket operative who was out after the archaeologists notes on the Unown topic. However, proving to just be sentient Alphabet soup, Unown was stored at the Goldenrod City Team Rocket HQ, where it was put into the roster of Pokemon given out to new recruits. This is how it ended up with Danny. It’s not the most affectionate of Pokemon, but it enjoys Danny’s company, and enjoys the misadventures the two has.
    - Unown likes to stick to walls or other flat surfaces, such as Danny’s back
    - It’s only move is Hidden Power, which has the Ice-Typing. The air around Unown gets slightly colder after using the move to signify this.
    - Unown can growl in a garbled ominous human-like tone.

    Nickname: N/A
    Species: Gastly
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Gastly is similar to others of its species without any distinguishable features
    Personality: A spooky gaseous blob of nightmares and torment, Gastly enjoys stalking others with its nearly invisible body, only to suddenly reappear before them, scaring them. He seems to get a kick out of doing this to children the most, as he rarely does so otherwise. His sadistic traits can be more easily seen in battles, where he utilize a barrage of status moves in oerder to slowly chip away an opponents energy before they faint. Gastly also gets a kick out of eating Daniels bad dreams, making a sort of co-dependent relationship between the two.
    History: Gastly marks the first pokemon that Daniel ever caught himself, during one of his first missions as a new recruit for Team Rocket. The mission was to investigate an old oriental mansion located just outside of Ecruteak City. Going in a small group, the trip quickly became somewhat of a horror movie as the crew members were picked off one by one, eventually leaving only Daniel alone. The Gastly then materialized itself in front of him, scaring the absolute bejeezus out of him, and making him faint in horror. Once he woke up, the Gastly was by his side, still laughing maniacly. After a brief battle with Unown, Daniel catched the spooopy Pokemon and added it to his team, before re-entering the mansion to finish the mission.
    - Gastly enjoys casting sleeping children into grotesque nightmares
    - He is scared of the wind, as it once almost blew him away.
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2019
  3. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou ☾ eclipse ☽

    Dropping a wip in here too

    Name: Jack McGregor
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male


    Imagine, if you will, the most generic looking Team Rocket grunt you can. The kind that dons their uniform with nothing added or removed, and whose expression is difficult to tell from underneath the shadow cast by their cap. That's Jack in a nutshell, easily confused with his other twenty-something colleagues. ... Except, despite his jaded expression and 6'3'' height, Jack is, in fact, only sixteen. Shocker, he knows. Not only does he look and act like he's ten years older, he gives off the vibe of someone who's been around for a while and seen some shit in their time. The latter, at least, rings somewhat true.

    Jack's build makes it clear he has engaged in physical labor from an early age, from strong arms to rough, blistered hands and a few sunburns and scars here and there. He has an angular face and a little bit of stubble, but otherwise keeps himself clean-shaven. He can't even fathom how old he'd look with a full beard, after all. Speaking of, his hair is kept very short as well - so much so that only a little of it can be seen from underneath his cap. Jack's hair colour is a deep black like the rest of his getup. His eyes are similarly dark; most would say they're black, but it's more likely they're just a very dark shade of brown. His eyes tend to look tired, but can deliver the most soul-crushingly disapproving glare when needed.

    His most common choice of clothing is, as mentioned, his Team Rocket uniform; a tight-fit black turtleneck shirt with matching black pants - and cap, of course. Team Rocket's symbol, the letter R, is printed on the front of his shirt, as if to let the world know who the bad guys are. It's a little silly if you think about it. He has dark grey boots that almost reach his knees, with similarly coloured gloves. Like the rest, he also wears an utility belt around his waist, carrying various tools and his Houndour's Pokéball. One day, it'll be your Pokémon he carries around on his belt. Or so he's been told to say to kids just starting their journey. This job's a weird one.

    Personality: In an organization of troubled individuals, Jack is relatively normal. He's neither evil nor particularly traumatized, and takes no pleasure in the evil deeds Team Rocket commits. To him, it's all just another job, and he treats it as such. Though he's younger than most of his peers, he has more work experience than many of them - and it shows. He's punctual, responsible, and has zero tolerance for bullshit while on the clock. If you slack of or try to start shit while he's trying to work, you will have him to answer for.

    With that said, if you aren't trying to make his life even more difficult, he can be quite pleasant - in the stoic-but-dependable dad sort of way. He does care for the "kids" (that are often a few years older than him) he works with, even if he doesn't really think to show it, and is very protective of them. He'll be there to lend a hand or a shoulder if anyone needs it, and will try to personally handle whatever problems come to his attention. Though he prefers to just follow the orders of whomever gives him his next paycheck, he is very capable of acting the part of a leader - or at least an adviser - where he needed. He's very organized, and has a very high stress-tolerance. Honestly, very few things faze him nowadays.

    Wise beyond his years in both the good and the bad, Jack is an endless source of advice. He seems to find a personal story to tell for almost any situation, to a point that it makes some people wonder how many decades he's lived and what the hell kind of a life it's been. From his behaviour alone, people could very well mistake him for a hard-boiled, middle aged man - if he didn't look like he was in his twenties, and his id didn't flat out spell sixteen. He doesn't really care either way. Age is just a number at the end of the day.

    History: Compared to most other youths in Team Rocket, Jack's early years weren't particularly traumatic - be that they weren't exactly ideal, either. Jack was born in Saffron City, Kanto, to a pair of parents that should've never been parents. Both were, in a word, bums; uneducated, unemployed and not at all interested to spend a day doing anything of value. Most of their lives were spent on their flea-infested living room couch, in a haze of alcohol and drugs.

    Not much changed after Jack was born. The fact that he ever got through his toddler years was a miracle on its own. He was malnourished and smaller than his peers, and the constant exposure to cigarette smoke had given him a perpetual cough - but he was alive, and his parents did want to keep it that way. They didn't hold any particularly deep love for him, but neither did they hate him. They just acknowledged him as another living being sharing space with them - and bringing in money from the government as a bonus. They did the bare minimum to keep him fed and clothed - just like they did with themselves. For years, that was the life Jack led, if it could even be called that.

    But though Jack shared his parents' poor living conditions, he did not share their lack of will to live. So once he got old enough to be sent to a kindergarten, he started to flourish. The proper nutrition and stimuli he received there helped spur his stunted growth, and he started to learn things - fast. In a few years, he learnt to read, write and even do some basic math. Having learnt the importance of cleanliness, he even started to try and bring some order to the chaos back home. His parents didn't really care either way, and let him to do all the work around the house. Cleaning, cooking, chores, shopping - if he was so interested in it, he might as well do it. Whatever.

    At the age of eight, Jack got his first part time job - illegally, of course. He was helping out at a local restaurant for little to no pay. He did get to eat while there however, and even made a new friend; a stray Houndour, who he found digging through the restaurant's thrash outside one evening. What little money he earned went directly into trying to take care of his parents and the house - and the Houndour, once he brought it home. Once again his parents had no objections; sometimes Jack wondered if they even noticed he had brought a Pokémon home in the first place.

    Eventually, Jack's little gig at the restaurant ended, and another few begun. In a city as big as Saffron, there was always someone looking for workers that did not mind being payed below minimum weight - even if they were children. For years, Jack came home exhausted every night, having plowed through school and work with little rest in between. He did know that it wasn't how things were supposed to go, but he cared about his parents unconditionally like most children did. And so, if his parents did not take care of themselves, he had to take care of them. It was a belief he held onto throughout his childhood, until one autumn, his Houndour got very sick. Jack was besides himself, yet his parents didn't seem interested or capable of lifting a finger to help; not to pay for medicine, not to watch after the poor Pokémon while Jack was at school or work, nothing. It was the first time Jack felt resentment towards his parents, and it planted a seed of doubt in his young mind. Was it... really his job to take care of them?

    As Jack grew older and approached the age to legally hold certain part time jobs, his workload got heavier. He started to do more physical work, and his assignments at school started to require more and more studying at home. His parents' healths were deteriorating from years of continued substance abuse. And, day by day, Jack grew more and more jaded to it all. He was exhausted, mentally and physically, and eventually the only thing he could exert himself to care about was the one creature that had ever shown him care in return; Blazer.

    So when the Houndour came barking to him one night after smelling smoke, Jack barely had the energy to get out of bed despite the circumstances. A quick glance into the living room told him what the source of the smoke was; his father had passed out with a cigarette in hand, and it had started a rapidly spreading fire among all the trash. Whether his parents could have been woken up from their alcohol-induced slumber or not, Jack would never find out. He backed his bags and left the house without trying.

    He used what little money he had left to buy a ticket to Goldenrod, where he would live from there on out. He never did attend high school, having neither the time nor money; working was much more important if he wanted to provide for himself and his Pokémon. And yet, despite his good work ethic, none of the jobs he got seemed to pay him enough to allow him to save up much. That was, until a certain man approached him with a certain proposition. He joined Team Rocket on the spot.

    Other: For reasons Jack himself can't fathom, wild Pokémon tend to like him - to a point that they sometimes become a nuisance.


    Nickname: Satan
    Species: Murkrow
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Satan is standard for his species - unless you count the perpetual demonic look in his eyes.
    Personality: Satan is an enigma. He can usually be found perched in high places, staring intently at everyone and everything under him, as if he was an overlord sitting on a dark throne. In other words, he likes to observe people. Jack is convinced it's because the damn bird plans to enslave humanity or something.
    History: Yes, how did Satan come to be? No one really knows. Jack simply found him in his room one stormy night, despite the locked door and windows. Satan perched atop his chamber door, perched, and sat, and nothing more. That was, until it opened its mouth and out came a "Caw! A disturbing thought is the answer, obviously." He's been following Jack around ever since, and the poor boy is too scared to really do anything about it.
    Other: Can speak the human tongue, though apparently only in strange 'inspirational' quotes. That I randomize throughout the rp here.

    Nickname: Blazer
    Species: Houndour
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: A little smaller and scruffier than your average Houndour, but with a very stout build from years of physical labor.
    Personality: To Jack, he's loving and affectionate, enjoying belly scratches and cuddles. To everyone else, he's an angry ball of fur and fire, ready to bite if you dare bring your hand too close. For a pup so small, Blazer is fierce and has a particularly loud bark. His first reaction upon seeing anything new is to nibble at it.
    History: Blazer was a stray puppy Jack adopted as a child, and the two have been friends ever since.
    Other: Has a spiked collar around his neck
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  4. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Name: Sophie Jillian Sutton
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Sophie looks fragile. She is a small girl with a very underwhelming presence, light weight and a bit short at 5'2”. Her skin is a pale porcelain, that looks like it would burn very easily, because it would. Her small face sports a pointed chin, flushed cheeks, small pink lips, and a pointed nose. Her eyes are hidden from view under long cyan bangs, an the rest of her long hair is dyed green and cyan as well. The eyes she hides (so that she doesn't have to talk about them) are mismatched, one blue, and one green, large and round with long thick lashes.

    For clothes she's always tended to dress comfortably; blue jeans and a black sweatshirt with a band logo painted on the back. She accessorized this with a pair of green tennis shoes and black and green skitty ear headphones.

    However, currently she's wearing the standard black rocket uniform, though she usually doesn't wear the hat or gloves. Instead of the hat, she's usually wearing her black and green skitty ear headphones, and a couple black bow barrettes. Not wearing gloves gives her easier access to tech, though she'll don them if there’s a situation where fingerprints may be an issue, or if she needs the physical protection.

    Sophie is a shy quiet girl who is much more into technology and music than people. It is not unusual to find her fidgeting with her phone in a corner, while her woobat bounces gently off the walls nearby. She's not much for social interaction and especially not much for confrontation. She's easily pushed around by others and wouldn't even be a part of Team Rocket if it wasn't for this. Her quiet secluded nature can make it hard to work with a team however.

    When one does get her to engage in conversation, she's awkward and unsure of herself. Everything sounds so much simpler and reasonable in her head. It's much easier to hide behind technology, or just blend into a crowd. The last thing she wants is to stand out.

    She's fairly intelligent, able to work out and implement somewhat complicated plans. However sometimes her focus on such things can blind her to what's going on around her, such as a Team Rocket recruiter watching her activities from the corner of the room.

    She doesn't necessarily agree with the things Team Rocket is having her do, but she's not really keen on finding out what Team Rocket does to deserters. The threat of what they'd do to her for cheating was scary enough. Nope, she's in this Team Rocket thing for the long haul.

    Sophie grew up in a rather crowded home; parents, brothers, sisters, grandfather, aunt, and cousins, all under the same roof. There was no where in the house that was safe or private, but at the same time, it was easy to be overlooked when so many people were vying for attention. And Sophie was fine with that, being awkward and kind of a loner.

    School was fine growing up, she good decent grades and didn't make a lot of waves. She didn't make a lot of friends either, but a few close friends was enough. One even gifted her her first pokemon, a woobat, because one of their friend group's in-jokes was arguing who looked like what pokemon, and everyone agreed Sophie looked like a woobat.

    However, that only lasted until she managed to get tangled up with Team Rocket. She was blackmailed into it - she'd learned about a glitch in the Game Corner's slots and exploited it to get enough coins to redeem for a coveted porygon. But after she'd done so, she was approached by a team rocket recruiter who started off the conversation with, “You think you're pretty smart, huh?” He then proceeded to explain to her what Team Rocket would do to her for cheating them if she didn't join up.

    And that was it, Sophie's boring overcrowded and awkward life was over. She was shipped off to the Team Rocket academy, and hasn't had any contact with her friends or family since. To be honest, she's not even sure her family has realized she's missing yet, though she's sure her friends have. And now she's a grunt for Team Rocket doing things she doesn't always agree with because she's afraid to leave.

    Other: Eh. . .

    Pokemon SU Sheets

    Nickname: Puff
    Species: Woobat
    Gender: Female

    She is a standard woobat, a typical teal/cyan fluff ball.

    Puff is, as far as pokemon go, a little dense and really active. It is not uncommon to see her plow right into the same wall she just ran in to. Luckily, woobat have plenty of fur to cushion the impact and aren't too heavy. But still, people have literally suggested Sophie keep her in her pokeball for her own protection.

    Puff was Sophie's first pokemon, she got her as a birthday gift from a friend, her few high school friends liked to joke that she looked like a woobat with her eyes hidden under her cyan bangs. Kind of a shallow way to get a pokemon, but Puff was cute and full of life, and Sophie loves her. The two of them are pretty much inseparable now.

    Other: Um, nope. . .

    Nickname: 1DER (pronounced wonder)
    Species: Porygon
    Gender: N/A

    Appearance: It's a porygon, they're pretty much all programed to look the same, except the shiny ones.

    Personality: 1DER is a well behaved focused pokemon, especially when one compares it to Puff. It follows instructions and goes after goals in what seems to be thought and efficient ways. It's probably no surprise that a pokemon made of code acts more like a machine than an animal. But this doesn't mean it's emotionless, no it shows it's emotions quite plainly, and is rather affectionate.

    History: Sophie got her Porygon from the Game Corner. She heard about a glitch in the slot machines and worked out the best way to exploit it. She then redeemed her coins for a Porygon, who she named wonder. Sophie doesn't blame 1DER for winding up in Team Rocket, but this event is how she got blackmailed into it.

    Other: I don't think so. . .
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  5. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Sweet Justice

    Name: Florian Pine (Everyone just calls him Pine)
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Appearance: Pine is a tall and lean man. He stands at six feet tall, and has a slim physique with toned muscles that he got from spending time working out in the Rocket Gym a little bit. He has abs, and he is quite proud of them. He used to be rather awkward looking when he was younger, but has since grown into himself. He has a heart shaped face with a firm jaw. His eyes are as green as the forest. He has a mop of blonde hair on top of his head

    Pine doesn’t have much of a taste for fashion in his day to day life. Some days, he dresses like the scientist he aspires to be one day. Wearing dress shirts and pants in shades of white and gray, as well as a green tie. He even wears a white lab coat. Other days, he dresses in casual jeans and T-shirts, often green in color and with floral patterns on them. Then other days he just wears floral patterns head to toe. He has even been known to wear flowers in his hair. In all of his outfits, he always wears a pair of thick green glasses, as he his near sighted.

    While working as a Team Rocket Grunt, he wears the standard Rocket uniform. The uniform consists of a black tight turtleneck with large red R on the chest. He also wears a matching pair of black pants, held up with a big white belt. He also wears white combat boots, and white gloves. The look is completed with a black cap on top of his head.

    Personality: Once upon a time, Pine was a shy and nerdy young man. He didn’t have an easy time socializing with people, and also didn’t have much confidence. He often preferred his plants and Pokemon more than other people’s company. After joining Team Rocket Pine developed a bit more confidence, but he's still awkward when it comes to interactions with people. He is interested in science, and is particularly fascinated with plants and grass type Pokemon. He treats his own Pokémon as if they were his babies. He claims to have joined TR and commit crimes to make the world better for plants and grass type Pokémon, but sometimes he does it for the money or petty revenge. He hopes to one day become a scientist himself one day.

    Some days, Pine hates humanity. His experiences with being bullied and how people take the environment for granted contributed to this. He can be rude to people when he first meets them. He can still be rude even after he first meets them. There are moments where he thinks he's smarter than everyone else, and the people around him are idiots. He’s not opposed to using his Pokémon’s attacks on humans if they bother him too much. Even though he often feels like the world would be better off without humans in it, he understands that they are needed. If only to provide carbon dioxide for the plants.

    There are other times when Pine longs for human companionship. If anyone shows him even the slightest hint of kindness, he will be all for it. He’ll cling to that person and be their best friend whether they like it or not. He will talk their ear off about whatever he's interested in. Maybe he'll care about what the other person has to say... Maybe. At least until he perceives they did him wrong in some way. Then he’ll be furious and seek revenge. He can even be flirty with people he finds attractive. In general, his emotions can vary wildly at any given time.

    History: Florian Pine was born to a pair of scientist parents. They studied Pokemon in their natural habitats, particularly Grass type Pokemon. Due to the fact that they were often out in the field researching, they weren't around very much to raise their son. Sometimes they took him on research trips with them, but when they did, they often left him to his own devices. Even though his parents didn't show their affections all that much, Pine always knew he wanted to be a scientist just like them.

    Growing up, Pine always had a fascination for plants and Grass type Pokemon. Something he got from his parents. On his free time, he would frolic in the flowers, and play with the wild Oddishes that lived nearby. He saw how often people would casually leave their trash on the floor in the forest, which could harm the environment and the Pokemon living there. Pine would tell them to pick up their trash, and they'd just laugh him off. Others found his intense fascination to be odd. He was often bullied by others because he was physically weaker, psychologically delicate, and in their eyes he was just plain weird.

    He would be picked on, beaten up, called deaming nicknames, every kind of bullying you could imagine. He was even made fun of because his first name was Florian, which was weird. He also had to sit alone during lunch because no one else wanted to sit with him. Him trying to defend himself by saying it means flower did not help the matter. He bullied by one boy in particularl, who already had a Charizard, when most of the other kids didn't even have Pokemon of their own yet. He was sure to brag about that in everyone faces, but especially Pine. Pine made it no secret that he wanted a Bulbasaur. Of course this got no end of ridicule from this boy. He talked about how much cooler Charizard was than Venusaur because it was a dragon, and that Venusaur was an overgrown frog with a flower on it's back, and that it was uncool. Pine knew he was wrong, but he hated having to hear this kid's bragging every day. It would later come out that this boy brought his father's Charizard to school, and it wasn't actually his, but that didn't make it better.

    Despite all the bullying, there was person who seemed to show him kindness. A boy named Evan often defended him from bullies. Evan was handsome and one of the most popular boys in school. Pine was shocked him of all people would take the time to defend him. They hung out together sometimes, and it was the first time Pine actually had a friend! He finally had somebody to sit with during lunch. It didn't take long for Pine to get a crush on Evan. After a long while, Pine finally built up the nerve to ask Evan out on a date. Evan politely turned him down. Pine was not happy about this, but he was able to move on with his life.

    Than he heard Evan talking to his girlfriend in the hallway. She witnessed Pine asking her boyfriend out, and wanted to know what happened. Evan basically admitted to his girlfriend that he didn't like Pine all that much, and thought he was as weird as everyone else did. The only reason he defended him was out of pity. He told his girlfriend she was the most important person in his life, and kissed her. Now, Pine was devasted.

    Despite all of this, Pine was still an intelligent young man, and eventually graduated from school at the top of his class. Then, he decided to go on a Pokemon journey for a while. If only to get more Grass types, and learn more about them. He finally got that Bulbasaur he always wanted. For a while, Pine traveled alone with his Pokemon. All the other kids traveled with their friends, and this bothered Pine a bit, but he tried not to let it bring him down. People were inherently jerks. It's way more fun doing things alone.

    Then, he came across a young man who challenged him to a battle. Despite only having a Bulbasaur at this point, he still managed to beat the man in a battle. Mainly by inflicting his Pokemon with status conditions and slowly whittling down his enemy's health until they fainted. The man was impressed, and made Pine an offer to join Team Rocket. Pine was hesitant at first. This was the first time since school somebody actually was nice to him. Of course, the last time that happened, things didn't end so well. Then, the recruiter spun a story about how Team Rocket was trying to save the world. They steal Pokemon from unethical companies and people. After that, Pine was sold.

    That's how he wound up in Team Rocket. He completed the Team Rocket training program successfully. He was still bullied by other students on occasion, but things were different now. Now he had his own Pokemon. If anyone dared to say anything, Bulbasaur could give them a Vine Whip, or a Sleep Powder, or even a good Poison Powder. That would show them. It also helped that he had some people who were as socially awkward as he was to sit with at the lunch table... Now having a place he kind of fit into, Pine had developed more confidence than he ever had before. Now, Pine is currently a Grunt. He still hopes to one day become a Scientist.

    Other: Hates Charizard, blame that bully.
    Is Bisexual, but prefers other men.
    Has a major sweet tooth
    Has other stereotypically nerdy interests like video games and comic books about superheroes. He prefers to enjoy them alone than with others.
    Always introduces himself as Pine, never Florian. People have bullied him for that name.

    Pokemon SU Sheet

    Nickname: Leafy
    Species: Bulbasaur
    Gender: Male


    Appearance: Looks like all the other Bulbasaur.
    Personality: Pine's first Pokemon, and his most loyal companion. Leafy is the closest thing to a real friend that Pine has ever had. The two are practically inseparable. He defends Pine from bullies (or people Pine perceives to be bullies) cheers Pine up when he's down, and basically does what Pine asks him to do. Leafy is a much more friendly Pokemon than Pine is, but somehow the two actually get along.
    History: Pine knew he wanted a Bulbasaur as his first Pokemon as soon as he knew what Pokemon were. Pine got this Bulbasaur from Professor Oak when he wanted to try the whole Pokemon Trainer thing. There's not much of a story here.
    Other: N/A

    Nickname: Fiona
    Species: Deerling
    Gender: Female


    Appearance: Like all Deerling, Fiona changes colors with the seasons. Currently, she is in the Spring form. Otherwise, she looks the same as all the other Deerling.
    Personality: Fiona is an innocent little baby deer. She has no idea that her owner is a member of Team Rocket, or about any life before Pine got her. She thinks Pine is her mother. Fiona mainly acts like a baby, and gets into trouble by chewing things she's not supposed to be chewing on.
    History: A baby Deerling had been stolen from the Day-Care, amongst a bunch of other Pokemon. Pine was given this Pokemon during his time in the Rocket Academy. They loaned out Pokemon to all the new recruits, and Pine was the only one interested in the baby deer. Everyone else went for the Koffings and Zubats for some reason...
    Other: N/A
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  6. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member


    SU Sheet

    : Brynn Sartell
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female


    Appearance: Brynn stands at above average height (5'6"), with a muscular build. She stands with a confident posture, and she's pretty sure it looks natural and not like she spent hours practicing in the mirror to get it right. Because that totally didn't happen. Her face is usually curled into a signature sneer, because there's almost always somebody around to mock or intimidate. Overall, she looks like somebody who might deck you if you say something off colour about her.

    Her hair is thin, straight, and parted above her left eye. It's a bright orange colour that makes her hard to miss in a crowd. Brynn has pale blue-grey eyes and a round face shape. Her skin is very pale and burns easily. Sometimes if sunlight so much as graces her face for a couple of minutes light freckles will spread across her nose and cheeks. She has two stud piercings in each earlobe, plus a ring daith piercing and stud helix piercing in her left. She also has a stud in her left nostril and a piercing at the tip of her left eyebrow. She'd befriended a Team Rocket grunt at the academy who did them for free to practice - Brynn loves them.

    Her outfit is, for the most part, the standard Team Rocket grunt uniform. It consists of a black shirt with the rocket insignia on it, a short black skirt, white belt, and long white boots. She usually ditches the gloves to show off the rings and bracelets she's collected or stolen over the years (a hodgepodge of different colours and styles). Brynn also wears the classic grunt hat, but usually sideways, because she thinks it makes her look cooler. When not in Team Rocket uniform, she has a few different oversized sweatshirts she likes to throw on, plus one really old pair of jeans.

    Personality: Brynn has a domineering and guarded personality. She finds it very difficult to trust people, and for the most part is self-reliant. She has a lot of insecurities about her own worth as a Team Rocket grunt, and as a person in general, which she tries desperately to hide underneath a tough, unbreakable exterior. She has a bad habit of making herself feel better by putting other people down, and will immediately pick up on any mistakes her cohorts make and use it against them for probably the rest of their existence. She can be a suck-up to the Rocket admins, and tries especially hard to make herself seem capable - and her teammates incapable - whenever she's around them. Her facade is sometimes a little shaky when it comes to pokemon knowledge in particular. Despite the crash course in Rocket training school, Brynn has trouble remembering the names of pokemon, as well as which ones are the rare ones she's supposed to be stealing. She therefore might get unusually excited over a common pokemon, or gloss over a rarity, and more often than not will call it by the wrong name. The telltale gleam of a rare shiny pokemon is easy for her to remember, though,

    Quick to anger and slow to cool off, Brynn is generally not somebody you would want to pick a fight with. Not because she would win - really that's the less likely outcome - but because her sour attitude can be really annoying to deal with until she levels off again. She isn't afraid to battle (be it with her pokemon or her own fists), even against much more formidable opponents. Her perseverance would almost be admirable if it weren't so misplaced.

    Underneath her many (many many) layers, Brynn has a softer side. Even if she repeats one hundred times that she doesn't care about you, if she's been around you for any length of time, she probably does. She does want meaningful friendships, she just isn't very good at initiating them. She is endlessly loyal to the few people she does trust, as well as to her pokemon. She doesn't really care if others think they're "weak and pathetic" - they're her weak and pathetic pokemon, and that's all that matters. She also has a more maternal side that very young pokemon bring out in her, though she tries to hide this from others.

    History: Brynn was born to two people in a seedy area of Celadon City whose faces she can't even remember now. She knows she was removed from their care at age four, and she knows they were incarcerated for drug trafficking and child neglect. She knows this not because she remembers, but because it's what the social workers would say each time she was moved to a new foster family. She was bounced around homes for her entire childhood, the lack of stability causing her to act out for attention at school. She got pushed around by the bigger kids at home, so she emulated the behaviour and pushed around the smaller kids at school.

    It wasn't that Brynn disliked school, but the city schools were overpopulated and underfunded, and in between her being sent to the office for poor behaviour, switching schools mid-semester, being constantly sick due to sharing an unhygienic home with ten other little kids, and having absolutely nobody in her life to turn to for homework help, she received consistently poor grades. Despite this, she was never held back - the system kept pushing all of the kids forward, unable to afford keeping them around longer than they legally had to. The system that had failed her told her that really, she was the failure. Brynn believed them.

    Her self-esteem got worse and worse as she got older, but weakness like that would get her mocked. Brynn hid her insecurities under a sneer that slowly became permanent, and any person she couldn't beat down with words she beat down with fists instead. Even if she was a failure at everything, it didn't matter so long as everyone else felt worse off than she did. Right?

    She eventually deduced that school wasn't going to help her in life, and left when she was fifteen, tired of receiving Fs on subjects she didn't give two damns about. She was tired of playing by the rules of people who had no idea what her life was like. Her foster family was none the wiser, and Brynn spent her days instead picking up odd jobs for cash. She eventually found her way to the game corner, which for some reason was willing to dismiss her age and pay her under the table to do odd delivery jobs. The manager took a weird liking to her F the world attitude and her unquestioning obedience to all of the weird items she was taking from all corners of the city. And Brynn took a liking to the praise he gave her - words she very rarely heard in her old life.

    When Brynn was sixteen, she was meant to shift foster homes again, but terrified to leave her job - the first thing she'd felt she was any good at - she packed her few possessions and left for the game corner. After explaining her situation, her manager took her into a backroom and asked if she'd like to formally join Team Rocket as a grunt. Brynn had had some suspicions about the Game Corner (needing to deliver a number of black suits with giant red Rs to the dry cleaners was one tip-off), and even if she hadn't been intrigued by the offer, she really had no other viable option but to accept it.

    There was just one condition - she needed to have a pokemon. Brynn had obviously never had an opportunity to get her pokemon license so didn't know the first thing about catching pokemon, but her manager lent her a few pokeballs and sent her out to Route 7, where she tossed them at everything she came across and ended up catching a rattata. She was giddy at her success, despite barely had any idea what a rattata even was. She thought her manager had called it a 'frittata', which she ended up calling the poor thing for so long it stuck as a nickname.

    Brynn fell into her new training program easily. She was used to being the new girl in school and used to being lectured by adults, but wasn't used to the subject matter being about how to be a complete drag to society. As far as she was concerned, that was something she strongly excelled in. She brushed off every loss she and Frittata had - which was a lot, given neither of them had any battle experience - and her confidence shot past her actual abilities the more comfortable she became in her new environment. Ironically enough, the Team Rocket HQ felt more like a home than any of the dozens she'd lived in before, and the stability (and paycheque) were precious to her.

    But Brynn's first test would come after graduation - working as a team was something she'd never done before, but she was eager to get out and prove to the admins that she was the best in her class. If she had to work with other underlings to prove that, then so be it. ...And if she had to sabotage the others to do that, then so be it. Whatever it takes, right?

    Other: n/a for now

    Pokemon SU Sheet


    Nickname: Frittata
    Species: Rattata
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Pretty generic, on the smaller end of the rattata size spectrum.
    Personality: A result of Brynn's training methods, Frittata seems to think she's way bigger and more intimidating than she really is, and doesn't hesitate to pick fights - even though she rarely wins. Not particularly sociable.
    History: Brynn caught Frittata on Route 7 as a requirement to become a Rocket grunt in-training.
    Other: n/a


    Nickname: Screech
    Species: Zubat
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Generic zubat.
    Personality: Has a very loud voice and is unfortunately talkative. Like Frittata, she has a lot of misplaced confidence in her abilities from Brynn's training. Unlike Frittata, she legitimately does have a power supersonic attack she can lean on.
    History: Caught when a flock of them exited a cave during a training session at the Rocket Academy. Their deafening supersonic attacks boggled Brynn's mind enough that she thought the most logical course of action to shut them up was to catch all of them - so she started tossing pokeballs haphazardly at them. She actually ended up catching one, and kept it.
    Other: n/a
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  7. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    - Tangeh: Brynn is hilariously dark and i love her. Accepted!

    - Monster Guy: Florian looks good. Accepted

    - Vampiratemace: A bit short SU, but you cover the basics, so Sophie is Accepted

    Everyone else: It's been 10 days since the SU came up, and i hope to start it by next Monday if possible.
  8. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    WIP, nearly done but proof that I'm working on it >_<

    Name: Monique Favre
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female

    Monique is on the shorter side, under five and a half feet, and is rather spindly. She doesn't have a lot of muscle or endurance, but she is pretty flexible. Though generally pale, her face and arms are dotted with light freckles and she gets a light tan during the sunny seasons, after an initial burn. Her hair is reddish purple in color, looking somewhat iridescent under sunlight. It's short enough it doesn't touch her shoulders and she has lots of layers with a strong side part. The part also affects her lengthy bangs that have a slight curl to them compared to the rest of her hair which tends to flair out. On muggy days she gets more of a wave to all of her hair. She has glasses and contacts, preferring to wear glasses when she can.

    As for fashion, Monique will do whatever it takes to look absolutely adorable. She doesn’t want to be at the height of fashion or have fancy clothes, but she wants to look cute in what she wears. This usually means wearing layers with skimpy tops and cute jackets, ripped jeans or patterned leggings with a skirt, and whatever helps her get positive attention. She loves compliments and takes them to heart, basing her outfits on what people have liked in the past. Rarely, she’ll style her hair to show off, but she usually has at least the minimum level of makeup on when going out, regardless of what she’s doing. She has a multitude of piercings on her ears and one on her belly button.

    Monique likes to stand close to people when talking with them. She's fairly absent-minded about her surroundings and will knock things over, not the best at stealth. Since she studies lots of movies, she is great at mimicking others when she wants to and she does so often for fun. She usually exaggerates everything when being expressive, but becomes very still during sobering moments.

    Personality: Monique is a gentle, but fierce spirit. She had a soft heart for those in need and will do morally questionable things to help them. Underneath all her fiery bravado, she’s a squishy, needy, kid who feels in over her head. Since she’s been sheltered all her life, all these new experiences are incredibly exciting to her, but she’s also not very knowledgeable about how the world works. She’s pretty good at figuring it out, but it might take her a few tries as she rushes dangerously in to new things. Fake it until you make it is one of her many life mottos.

    She likes to brag about herself; about her abilities and possessions. She is a great piano player and is very talented with makeup and costume. Before defecting to Team Rocket, she aspired to be an actress one day, so she practices impressions and studies the movie industry in her free time. While not the brightest in the bunch, she catches on quickly and is great at mimicking others. She isn't the best at coming up with her own brilliant plans, but can easily follow orders and improvise when she needs to.

    Monique also doesn’t know when to quit. She likes to tease and joke with others, but often times she takes it too far. She hasn’t got a lot of empathy either so she struggles to realize when she’s hurt someone. Her view of morality is subjective; she isn’t too concerned if others think she’s doing the wrong thing as long as it feels right for her. While not totally aware of how selfish she truly is, she does notice it at times and wants to get better about it. One of her nicer qualities though is she is humble and will give credit where it is due. She believes people should be accountable for their successes, but doesn’t mind taking the blame for others' mistakes if it means helping them out.

    History: Monique was raised by wealthy parents--her father a successful archaeologist and her mother the lead in a popular clothing brand in Kalos. This made Monique popular at school and she loved the attention. During school she did funny things and started learning to imitate the teachers and make fun of them so get classmates would laugh. She really liked making them laugh so she would do stuff that ended up getting her in trouble. Though expressing disappointment, Monique knew her parents didn't really care that she was getting in trouble. So she only got worse.

    Monique was petty towards her parents and was away from home as much as possible. She rejected the sciences like her father wanted and ignored anything business related like her mother. She was too sheltered to realize that there were much worse things she could be getting into, but had she known she most likely would've been too frightened to try most things. Drugs, sex, and rock and roll were too rebellious for her, but dying her hair blue and getting piercings were more up her alley. Things were going to change for her though.

    One time during spring break at school, Monique's father told her she'd be joining him for a research trip to the Ruins of Alph in Jhoto. She was incredibly annoyed as she has plans to get in trouble all week off from school, but she couldn't argue with her father. They packed up and made the trip. She helped him set up then wandered the caves to get away, looking for ways she could be a bother. A man in Black approached her and struck up a conversation, asking what she was doing in the area. Monique revealed she was her with her famous archaeologist father and wanted to find someone fun to do instead. He promised her could show her a fun time and next thing she knew the ground was getting very close and she was knocked out.

    Upon waking up, she was tied to a chair with a small group of Team Rocket grunts around her. They were quietly discussing something when one of them addressed Monique. They told her they were kidnapping her to get a hefty ransom from her rich parents. Panic rose up and Monique was worried what would happen to her, but stayed quiet while they were all waiting for a response. The grunts were shocked when her father denied paying the ransom with no reason as to why.

    Despondent and defeated, Monique did the only thing that came to mind in that moment. She asked to join Team Rocket. Now the grunts were surprised at the daughter and asked her why. She answered that she hated her parents and always wanted to be a little more rebellious so Team Rocket would be a perfect opportunity. Wary, one of the more responsible grunts agreed that if she could return with a Pokemon stolen from her father, they would consider it. Monique was eager about blatantly defying her parents and so she quickly snuck out and formed a plan. After staking out her dad and observing his patterns, she swooped in to steal a Pokemon. Returning to the grunts they were impressed and helped her get enrolled with Team Rocket. She's excited to cause some trouble around the world and looks forward to learning all about living on her own with this new team.

    Other: *shrug* maybe this will be updated later

    Pokemon SU Sheet

    Nickname: Missy
    Species: Teddiursa
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Missy enjoys wearing small accessories and trinkets. Someone's it's a scarf or a hat, sometimes a ribbon or a necklace. She never sticks with one object for too long though and demands get trainer get new things on a nearly weekly basis.

    Personality: Missy has a tendency to be a bit of a diva. She wants things her way and she wants them done yesterday. Like her trainer, she appreciates good movies and a good teasing. She likes to bother other Pokemon and is a stronger flirt than her trainer. If things aren't going well she's prone to pouting and Monique will need to act fast to bring her out of it with a tasty snack otherwise she'll be dragging the bear around until she's worn herself out.

    History: Missy was a purebred Teddiursa raised in Johto. She grew up in a daycare for a few short months before being bought by Monique's mother as a gift. When Monique was ten she received the young cub and started raising her. They've gotten along thick as thieves since day one.

    Other: Missy is constantly vying for Monique's attention and will get jealous if other Pokemon are nearby. She doesn't mind much if humans are around though.

    Nickname: ----
    Species: Aron
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Aron has a very shiny exterior that Monique works on maintaining for him. He's slightly smaller and lighter than average, but is getting bigger as he now does more battling and physical activity.

    Personality: Aron is an aloof and generally lazy Pokemon. He has no enthusiasm about things unless he's annoying other people and Pokemon. He gets a kick out of being a nuisance and will do nearly anything to be an inconvenience. The one thing that will spark his interest is battling. While not the most impressive fighter, he loves getting to use any of his special abilities.

    History: Aron belonged to Monique's father. He was mostly a trophy Pokemon that he acquired from a companion scientist in Hoenn. The lazy Pokemon didn't give him much trouble so he did his research on him in peace. That is until Monique stole the Pokemon from her father right under his nose. After requesting to join Team Rocket, the grunt told her to prove her allegiance to the cause by stealing a Pokemon that belonging to her father. She took a couple hours to observe his working patterns before she was able to sneak into his mobile office and snatch the first Pokeball she could grab, which ended up being Aron.

    Other: Aron is no longer loyal to Monique's father, but he remains lazy. He won't respond to any nicknames.
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  9. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Name: Cornelius Jermaine Kingston but you can call him CJ for short if you want
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male


    Appearance: Cornelius is a taller guy standing at 5 ft 10 in height (177.8cm). While not being incredibly muscular, he obviously has a toned, solid build. His skin is pale and smooth to the touch with a mole under his left eyes being the only blemish to be seen on his face. He has silky, short black hair that is straight and glossy. The tips of his hair have been frosted blond to add some color to black and white coloration of his natural look. The hair hugs his face a bit and is barely touching his neck. It is parted down the middle to frame his blue eyes that pop from his fair skin. His oval-shaped head has an even balance between smooth and sharper facial features, giving CJ a youthful yet mature overall physical appearance.

    On the norm, CJ wears the typical black Team Rocket uniform with a red R on it, no alterations to it. Though he has a baseball style hat instead of the usual newsboy cap. The clothes are a looser fit giving him some mobility without look like it was just the wrong size. When he wears his causal clothing he still keeps the Team Rocket colors. A red t-shirt under, a black leather jacket. The jacket has gold fur around the collar. He often accessories with a plaid black scarf that neatly wrapped around his neck. He finishes this outfit with a pair of black jeans and black hiking boots.

    Personality: Cornelius is a very intelligent person, far more brilliant than the average person. Quickly comprehending and retaining information, he is capable of putting it into use the moment he learns it. He's is very gifted and has a rounded knowledge of everything. But due to him not focusing on one particular subject, his based understanding is regularly lower than those who just focus on just one or two studies. CJ gets quickly bored doing the same thing thus cannot stick to a single activity for long. His eccentric side sprouts from him feeling things are tedious. Thus he latches on the strange ideas and thoughts that excited him but most people wouldn't think twice about. For example, his extensive study and love of yellow-colored pokemon. Unlike that fanatical love, these other subjects are studied for a bit before he abandons them completely and jumps into something new.

    Another result of Cornelius's boredom is more trouble and mischief in every action he does. Doing activities that will clearly annoy others or make missions he is on more difficult, makes it challenging for him to be liked even by his fellow teammates. Arrogant, he merely thinks people dislike of him is just because of jealousy of his greatness and being unable to understand his brilliance. He is super full of himself in both knowledge and appearance, which he puts in the extra effort into. Since CJ thinks he's too good for anyone to really understand him, he developed loner tendencies from a young age. No one could possibly understand such an exceptional man like himself, so it just easier to be by himself. He often completely ignore those who tried to get really buddy-buddy with him out of nowhere. While he'll slowly warm up to the people around who flatter him, Cornelius prefers the company of his beloved pokemon more than other people.

    History: Cornelius Jermaine Kingston was born in the sleepy town of Azalea. He lived with both his parents and his younger brother Jeremiah. It was a normal family with caring parents: a hard-working father and stay at home mother. Azalea was a peaceful place with little traffic other than visitors for the gym and the Apricorn Pokeball maker. It was noticed at a young age that CJ was a rather bright boy. So as a kid he got much praise from the people around him, which cause him to develop a superiority complex. Most of his peers despised him and believing he was too good for them anyway, Cornelious prefer being alone.

    Being a brilliant mind with nothing to stimulate him, CJ got into mischief to fight the boredom. Setting traps around town, hiding people important object places, and mostly just harmless pranks at first. But as that got boring he gradually upped the deviousness of his pranks. From letting a wild pokemon run amok in people's houses to digging deep pit holes to trap his peers. It was becoming quite worrisome to his parents who at a loss of what to do. Eventually decided to enroll him into the school in Violet City, in hopes that doing some productive activities would help straighten him out. It worked for Cornelius for a second but excelling at school as well, he eventually fell back into the same bad behavior.

    A few times CJ was taken in by the cops but he mostly got away with the majority of his antics. He gained a bad rep around his school and around the area, so much he started to be blamed for activities he had zero involvement in. With the commotion that happened from just him being around, Cornelius found himself roaming off to isolated places to be alone. His common stomping ground was the Ruin of Alph, not much more exciting but at least it mostly free of noisy people. While on his way back, he spotted something mysterious in a nearby wooded area. A large yellow pokemon with a formidable aura yet an elegant posture. It stirred feelings of excitement that had grown numb over the years. Almost as quickly as he noticed it, it was gone in a flash. Since then its golden image has been burn into CJ's mind and he been engrossed by the sight yellow pokemon.

    Cornelius began to look deeper into pokemon, finding out that the pokemon was the Legendary Pokemon Raikou and it roamed all around the region. Having no motivation to stay in school, he decided to roam the region just like that magnificent pokemon. He 'obtained' a pokeball went out at night in search of pokemon when he came across a golden-colored Ekans. He knew this was the pokemon he absolutely needed. After catching it and gathering some traveling material, he left Violet City immediately.

    CJ went from town to town since then causing trouble wherever he went until he bumped into some members of Team Rocket. They invited him to join them and on a whim, he decided to join them. While not really into the whole group of people thing, he found that it was quite entertaining living the Team Rocket way so he has stuck with them.


    -Cornelius is actually quite particular about color and amount of yellow on a pokemon that's acceptable, even this seems somewhat inconsistent.

    -CJ oddly enough runs into shiny pokemon much more often than the average person. Though he generally ignores them unless they have yellow colorations.

    -Cornelius also incredibly lucky and always destroys people in poker and other games of chance.

    Pokemon SU Sheet

    Nickname: Gorgeous
    Species: Ekans
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Gorgeous is a shiny pokemon with yellow scales where there should purple. Another than that she looks typical size for her species.

    Personality: Gorgeous has always acted like she biggest, toughest pokemon to exist but with the encouragement of her trainer, she has only gotten worse. The snake as an intimidating presence and she refuses to back down even when the odds are against her. She gets infuriated when people insult or talk down to her, which results in violent acts towards them. Opposite of that if you flatter her she becomes extremely vain but affectionate. Gorgeous likes Cornelius a lot and will always obey him.

    History: Gorgeous was discovered by CJ outside of Violet Town while he searching for suitable pokemon. She stubbornly refused to be capture but his persistence won over her resistance. His constant love and praise, made him really grow on her.


    -Some of Gorgeous's violent actions include: smacking them with her tail, biting, poisoning, constricting and attempting to swallow them whole... don't worry she hasn't shallowed anyone whole, yet.

    -She coils around CJ's torso when she feeling cold or sleepy.

    -Despite her tough attitude, she likes sweet food and cute accessories.

    Nickname: Excellent
    Species: Abra
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Excellent is notable tiny for his species instead of being 2 feet 11 inches (88.9cm), he is around 2 feet (60.69cm). There are no other abnormalities other than that.

    Personality: The best way to describe Excellent is lazy. He never wants to do anything except sleeping and eating. Most of the time he won't do anything but that, teleporting away when things become troublesome. Even when commanded to do something, he often acts cute to get out of it. He has been spoiled by Cornelius and will stick to him in every confrontation that he doesn't want to deal with. Excellent really loves him so when he feels it's needed, he will put in some effort for the human.

    History: CJ had a task to steal Poke Eggs from the Daycare. He made a whole elaborate show of it that turned an easy snatch and run into a timed challenge. As he was escaping the crime scene, one of the eggs hatched into adorable Excellent. The Abra attached to him as his parent.


    -Excellent actually knows fire punch but will teleport away rather than using it.

    -Surprisingly, the Abra is physically strong, whenever he performs his one attack.

    -He is always being carried or riding on CJ's shoulder whenever he travels outside of his pokeball.
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    Schade Iron Defensive

    Skillfulness: I love Moniques backstory so much, and she sounds like a handful. Shes Accepted.

    Innerflame: CJ sound slike a jerk lol. Accepted!

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