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Guitar dude bill

It's here, it's near
Well I got bored of my current fan-fic. So I decided to write a new one. It is about an empire and a group of bounty hunters who need more money. I've started writing the prologue. It might be on my site first. Theres a link on my sig. The name will be [SPOIL]Urotogether. A hunter's destiny[/SPOIL] if you can think of a better name or if you know united together in latin. I'll be very greatful.


okay, it is a good idea. is it a pkmn fanfic or a non-pkmn fan-fic. title is kinda boring. hmmm [spoil]money or empire...[/spoil]


hooray, it's Jetx!
Sounds pretty cool... We need more fics on our site. And that sounds like a good one. Howz about 'scavengers' that sounds suitable, have you started writing it yet?


hooray, it's Jetx!
Blingin G said:
It may be on me and jetx's site first. Why not come visit? We seriously need members. (link on my sig)
Yup it's on my sig too. Do you have any idea of when your laptop will start working again. If it'll be a long time you might as well start it again on your current computer... Don't keep us waiting :rolleyes:
PS: Have you decided on a name yet?
EDIT: YAY! I'm a soul trainer now!


hooray, it's Jetx!
Blingin G said:
I decided to name the countries when they mention or talk about them. I've started writing it up again. Is "Cerinia: Scavengers of the Empire" a good title?
Yeah makes you wonder what it's about, good one! You used the suggestions well!
PS: Look on the site Blingin, I got some pics in the 'show-off' forum!