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Pricing and Game dilemma


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Hey there!

As some of you may know, I want to build my own designated gaming rig sometime soonish, and some people on here have helped me t make this monster from my budget and specific wants/suggestions!


However, I was just making some random builds and found that for my budget, if I changed it into American Dollars, I could vastly improve my system for only about £30 more (plus whatever the shipping to the UK would be). Here it is:

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Qnz499 <-- Basically different RAM that suit the red and black theme better, as well as a much better mobo and improved GPU.

My question is whether the sites on the second post all ship to the UK, and if so would the rig be able to play American-Only games, because, if so, that is a problem as I live in the UK?



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Hi again,

PCs are not region locked. The only region locking that happens is when digital distributors such as Steam have region locked games and lock them based on your IP. For example, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance can't be bought in Asia on Steam.

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The only Issues that are "region" are generally to do with PSU's and Keyboards. I've never brought PC from America to the UK, so not sure if there is an issue with the PSU, but the UK standard may not be the same as the US. Certainly the Wall sockets aren't. US keyboards lack the £ and € keys, and swap some keys around like " and @, this can be altered in system software to match British layout, not American layout that's printed on the Keys.

As for Steam accounts, you'll be ok. It's usually tied to your IP or what currency you are adding to Steam. I know some Americans that came over to the UK, and their accounts worked fine while we had a Lan going on. They rented a PC for the event.

You can play almost any game on your Pc, as long as the DRM system allows it. (Steam, Origin etc.) I've got Japanese games running on my British PC.

EDIT: One thing, you need to Remember is you can get hit with a Customs Charge. As far as I can tell this charge is at random. This could wipe out what savings you may have had, and you, not the sender, has to pay it, or you don't get your goods. I once ordered a Novint Falcon (worth $250), and the ~£100 I saved due to a sale, was lost due to this customs charge. As someone who "works" for a company that sends and receives stuff overseas on a regular basis, I had to deal with this several times before.
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Yep, PCs don't have region lock. At most if you buy a PSU from the States if may have to get a adapter for it to hook to the wall. My friend Frank from Germany had to do this with his laptop when he was studing in the States. Otherwise you should have no problems. Basically its only the digital distributors that have region locks, but there are many ways around that. I usually wind up helping Frank get games or movies since Steam and Amazon like to be stupid at times with their region locks.