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Primal Kyogre Deck


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Primal Kyogre Deck (Standard Format)

This is my deck, please tell me what you think of it :)

1 Jirachi EX (PB 98)
2 Amaura (FI 25)
2 Aurorus (FI 26)
2 Keldeo EX (BC 142)
3 Kyogre EX (PC 54)
3 Primal Kyogre EX (PC 55)

3 Dive Ball
3 Evosoda
2 Float stone
3 Kyogre Spirit Link
3 Professor's Letter
1 Startling Megaphone
1 Ultra Ball
3 VS Seeker

1 Fossil Researcher
2 Lysandre
1 Lysandre's Trump Card
4 N
4 Professor Sycamore
3 Skyla

3 Rough Seas

10 Water Energy

The point of this deck is to tidal storm with Primal Kyogre for 150 and get 30 damage on a benched EX, then next turn lysander up that benched EX and tidal storm again (using rush in and float stone retreat on keldeo to bring up a fresh primal), knocking out 2 EX for a 4 prize turn. The Aurorus's negate 20 damage from all water pokemon with water energy attached. With both of them out thats negating 40 damage each turn, making Primal kyogre's 240 HP even larger, and adding rouge seas makes him all but impossible to knock out, even against a Vir/Gen deck. Aurorus can also be an attacker, requiring a whopping 4 energy to do 70 damage, but it also puts the opponents to sleep. its a good way to get around safe guard, and those pesky grass decks, since aurorus is week to metal, not grass. jirachi is only in there to pull out that fossil researcher, since amaura is a fossil pokemon. even if amaura, or fossil researcher are prized, the main mechanic of the deck stays the same, to get that 4 prize turn.
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Well... frankly not enough water energy, you have all of these massive energy attackers that rely on supporters and item cards to attack consistently that if eggs or toad hits this deck it's an auto loss due to lack of energy to draw into, and with 8 draw support jirachi for just the fossil researcher will end up being jirachi for a juniper for the fossil researcher maybe. 3 dive ball yes but 3 evosoda? 4 dive ball does the same thing with a much more universal approach in the deck and that versatility works both early, mid and late game where evosoda is only good mid and late game ultimately. More HP is great but what about tool retrievers to combat headringer shutting you down from getting the spirit link on and muscle band so you can get ohko's so you can shutdown genesect before it becomes a threat, you can't tank a G-booster for 400 and that's all virgen does. I think you should be a bit more aggressive with the deck then defensive, this is a great start with kyogre though and not much with the list needs to be changed at all and the massive hp boat idea is pretty good.
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... 3 dive ball yes but 3 evosoda? 4 dive ball does the same thing with a much more universal approach in the deck
the evosoda is used mostly to get primal kyogre out, although I'll try to reduce some and see how it goes, maybe take one out and put in the tool retrive. As for the toad decks, yea, I could see it being an auto loss, unless this deck draws lysandre turn 1


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lysandre turn 1 doesn't win the toad match up 9/10 times if they play toad they play float stone with something on the bench intended for free retreat toad/slurpuff, toad/garbodor, etc so lysandre does not win the matchup xerosic and getting a ton of water energy does. Getting spirit links out turn 1 and having a massive hand of energy and kyogre wins the matchup. This is what I originally wanted to say on the topic of evosoda. Evosoda does the same thing dive ball can, the only difference is it's limited to what it can search for and how it can be played where dive ball isn't limited in kyogre, also using evosoda takes up more space for search based strategies to come into play limiting the amount of water energy the deck can draw into.

as a side note, 2 profs letter is fine, but energy retrieval goes a long way.