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Primeape Goes Bananas (025)


Contaminated KFC
Heracross said:
Let's see, they've been called doughnuts, eclairs, sandwiches, popcorn balls, rice balls... I think that's it.
Oh no, thats not all. They also called one an onion if I recall correctly.
Because ALL Onions are partially flat, triangular and have a piece of seaweed attatched.


I thought Primeape would chase anyone who looked at it in the eyes, but it just seemed to laugh at Ash and the others once he had Ashs' hat again when Pikachu couldn't help but look, didn't he? Almost as if the Mankey part of him was making fun of these stupid humans.


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Gravy said:
Oh no, thats not all. They also called one an onion if I recall correctly.
Because ALL Onions are partially flat, triangular and have a piece of seaweed attatched.
Ah, I forgot about that. Though I took it to mean that they contained onions, not that they were onions themselves.


Team Awesome
Yay, Primeape, my favorite fighting pokemon. :D I don't know exactly why I like Primeape, but it's probably because it's so mischievous and I love its voice. It's too bad Ash had Primeape for such a brief period of time. Maybe if he'd stayed longer, maybe Ash could have gotten some ideas on how to tame Charizard sooner, since Primeape was very wild and Ash turned him around in his very next appearance. It's also funny in retrospect how Ash goes on about his stolen hat in this episode, and he's not even wearing it anymore.

I also liked the cute bits in this episode, like mankey putting the rice ball/donut in the pokeball, Brock saying "Pokeball go" and correcting himself before he tossed the rice ball/donut, and mankey imitating Ash's throw. It was also funny when Brock was launched into the sky by Primeape. :D

Jesse GS the II

I was frozen today!
I rewatched this episode yesterday, and it's still hysterical. The scene where Okorizaru punches Musashi in the face, thus sending her flying over Satoshi-tachi's heads and smashing face-first into a boulder, had me laughing for a good minute straight. You can't beat old-fashioned animated violence.


Well-Known Member
my favorite episode where ash catches a pokemon. (hmm well maybe not when he got pikachu) this episode was hilarious and primeape was a great addition to ash's team. too bad he left him after like 5 episodes?

Mini Apocalypse

Soul Trainer
i think the primape is funny.constantly winding ash up in this episode....havin said that i wouldnt catch a pokemon as irritating as that.


Well-Known Member
Primape annoyed me in this epi. I was happy ash finnaly captured something for once but it annoyed me how he acted. Glad Charmander got the chance to battle and beat him


little punks!
This episode was extremely well written.

-James kicked Mankey, you'd think he'd learn his lesson when he kicked Magikarp

- Once again, the same thing happened and Mankey evolved

- Primeape hitting Jessie into the rocks was frickin hilarious

- Poor Brock, liked the way he flew into the air when Primeape punched him.

- Primeapes rampage was once again great

- Ash's capture was a great battle

- Ash opening the pokeball to blast off TR was funny

- And poor TR, surrounded by a gang of vicious pokemon, for one of many times.


Master Coordinator
I wish he had kept Primape...


Turnabout Pokemon
When I first saw this episode, I didn't mind that Ash had left his Primeape with a trainer. After all, in the games, you are able to leave a Pokemon with a caretaker that helps to level it up. Though, in time, I came to see that the writers just carelessly forgot about this storyline and eventually seemed to drop it completely.

I really hate how the anime writers bring up plots, but then either write them off in a stupid, annoying way (ex: Kyogre vs Groudon) or just forget about it altogether (ex: GS Ball).


Well-Known Member
Excellent episode, grats on ash for filling out his team with a Primeape. Ah Mankey/Primeape the first Pokemon to steal Ashes hat a gag that will run through most of the series. Well other than the stupid riceballs to donuts edit which they beat to death in this episode, I noticed that oak said Gary has already caught 30 Pokemon but in Mystery at the Lighthouse, Oak says Gray has caught 45 Pokémon, also noticed that the writing on the Pokéball in the advert is spelt "POCKEMON LEAG".


I'm A Magikarp
Yea prime ape. I still wish he'd destroyed that hat when he had the chance!!! it so annoying how much he cares for it. I mean GET A LIFE lol. anyway i wish ash didnt get rid of prime ape later like he does with all his pokemon... its really annoys me.
oh now i remember thats when the gag about the hat and Brock "every amazing rice balls" started lol
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Back! =D
Actually; they've been calling them 'rice balls' recently, and it looks like One Piece is picking up where they left off on the cover-ups. This is one of the first episodes I ever saw; so this is a memorable eppie in a way. Mankey was pretty cute before Ash p!ssed it off; didn't he learn from the experience with the flock of Spearow?! ...Apparently not. And I don't think James learned from the Magikarp incident either; as he kicked the poor little Mankey, which as we all know led to its evolution. Charmander ruled here; as it learned Rage, and made a comeback in kicking Primeape's ?*ss! How do you like your pig-monkeys: Rare, Medium, or Well Done?:p Well; joking aside, I give this episode a 8/10! Too bad Primeape didn't stay on Ash's team for long...:(

This is the first ep I ever saw. 8/10! "Doughnuts??" AMERICANIZED OR WOT?


Well-Known Member
All in all, one of my favorite episodes from kanto.