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Primeape Goes Bananas (025)


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I liked this episode a lot. I liked how it told the history of Ash's hat.


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Excellent episode, grats on ash for filling out his team with a Primeape. Ah Mankey/Primeape the first Pokemon to steal Ashes hat a gag that will run through most of the series. Well other than the stupid riceballs to donuts edit which they beat to death in this episode, I noticed that oak said Gary has already caught 30 Pokemon but in Mystery at the Lighthouse, Oak says Gray has caught 45 Pokémon, also noticed that the writing on the Pokéball in the advert is spelt "POCKEMON LEAG".

Maybe he meant that Gary had alreay captured 30 additional Pokemon since the Lighthouse Episode.

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This episode was hilarious.When wild Mankey took Ashs hat i was surprised how much he cares about it.Anyway the whole episode how Ash was trying to get his hat back was very funny,and it was interesting to see how James still didnt learn the lesson after he kicked the Magicarp,when he kicked the Mankey which evolved in Primeape.Well,i guess some people learn in slow way.The battle between Ashs Charmander and Primeape was interesting to see,especially the part when Charmander learned the rage and thanks to that he managed to win.An excellent capture of Primeape from Ashs part.Too bad he didnt keep his Primeape longer,because he was really cool pokemon.

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I liked this episode, i've always liked Ash's Primeape and it's a shame it left him.

It could have been a handy Pokemon to have around.


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aah I remember this episode was one of my favorite then I was younger :p
Really funny then Ash is trying to get his hat back, special then they are in the tree and then Primeape is chasing after the group ^^


This is one of the funniest episodes because Ash gets beat up by Primeape! But why go angry with Ash as if the blame goes to James when he kicked it, causing it to evolve and get it infuriated? Well, at least it'll calm d own, once Ash trained it.


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I enjoyed this episode alot recently, because it was hilarious. With Prmeape going crazy and thrashing things in it's path. And also powing Jessie and Brock was funny, too. And I liked it in the end when Team Rocket was surrounded by hundreds of Primeapes. The ending line was funny, too.

mech king1

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i like the idea that ash gets his hat nicked, and that he gets a new pokemon, but perhaps it could have done more to put up a fight?


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Ash: It's the principle of the thing!

Haha, I loved how they actually bothered to give Ash's hat a backstory.

Mankey was actually pretty cute~ I didn't like Primeape so much, mostly because it was so angry... that is, until it started beating up on Team Rocket. Kind of a bland episode, but it also had its good moments.


Ahhh, the refreshing good ole' days where an evolution, capture & new move could happen ALL IN ONE EPISODE. Nowadays there'd be like 30 episode increments between all that >_>'
When I was little, I remember being surprised that Ash caught a Primeape simply because it looked like a "tough", or "scary" Pokemon. This episode was pretty comical, if you ask me. Brock throwing a doughnut at Primeape was priceless...lol. & I laughed hard at the end when TR was stuck with all those Primeape :) Classic....

I give this episode a:


Mankey was funny, i loved it.

And Primeape was so powerfull. Ash was smart, he cought it.


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Not my favorite episode because Ash gets all beat up by a Pokemon. Kinda violent for a kids show that preaches human/Pokemon cooperation. The story overall was too corny for my taste. Mankey stealing Ash's hat and then conveniently evolving? No thanks, that's sort of been seen before in the Shipwreck episode. The only good thing about this episode was that Primeape chased Ash and friends all the way to Celadon City. 4/10.
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Not my favorite episode because Ash gets all beat up by a Pokemon. Kinda violent.

The story overall was too corny for my taste. Mankey stealing Ash's hat and then conveniently evolving? No thanks.

Only good thing was that Primeape chased them all the way to Celadon. 4/10

What?! This episode is one of my favs. It was hilarious! With Mankey beating up everyone and chasing them this episode kept me laughing the whole time!


Man of Mystery
Ahhh the first ape to start the "Steal Ash's hat" gag, I love Primeape. I thought it was funny how crazy it was and how it was fighting everyone. I wish Ash would have kept it, it would have been kinda funny to have around, but oh well...


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I like how they build up the pokemon catch in this episode, starting with Oak encouraging Ash to get more variety of pokemon, teasing about Gary and the other unknown rivals that left him behind.

Then Mankey was funny, team rocket, the hat, everything is just what made Kanto fun back then or just different.

And finally using his whole team to catch the Primeape. Just wonderful :)