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Primus et Ultimus

Discussion in 'Pokémon Guilds' started by MooseSmuggler, Oct 22, 2011.

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  1. MooseSmuggler

    MooseSmuggler #DeathToFascists


    Welcome, to Primus et Ultimus. In this clan, we strive to be the best we can be. That doesn't go to say, however, that we require our members to be masterful in the art of battling. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join our clan, so long as you obey the rules.

    • Obey all SPPF rules.
    • Respect the Duplicarii (the leaders).
    • If there is a problem, report it to the Duplicarii.
    • Use your common sense.
    • Treat ALL other Serebii members with respect, and do not do anything that could get you banned. We do not want anyone causing us to have a bad reputation.
    • Give credit to Callie for her userbars. She worked hard on them, she deserves due credit.

    Our clan is organized into four regions, based on the four capitals of the Roman Empire (no, we aren't an empire, just based on one). Each capital has its own mascot type, based on the four elements (as thought by Roman philosophers): Fire, Water, Wind (Flying), and Earth (Ground). You do NOT have to have a Pokemon of your capital's type. Anyway, here are the four capitals:
    1) The Ignis Capital, Rome-Fire Type
    2) The Terra Capital, Constantinople-Ground Type
    3) The Aqua Capital, Ravenna-Water Type
    4) The Ventus Capital, Mediolanum-Flying Type

    As stated, our leaders are called the Duplicarii (Duplicarius singular). These were high ranking officials in the Roman military. The current Duplicarii are:

    Bobby's Pants (Ventus)

    As our leaders' names are based on Roman military terms, so are our ranks. Your listed rank is your "military" rank followed by your capital. The ranks are:
    • Rank 1--Foederati (0 Den)
    • Rank 2--Velites (150 Den)
    • Rank 3--Hastati (350 Den)
    • Rank 4--Eqites (700 Den)
    • Rank 5--Cataphractarii (1100 Den)

    To rank up, you must earn Denarii. Unlike normal currency, you cannot spend or lose Denarii. Upon getting a set amount, you will get a chance to rank up. To earn Denarii, you must win battles, do art for the clan, or do some other various activities. The entire list of activities is under development, but for now, you can earn Denarii by:
    • Winning a battle (your opponent's rank x5) (Vexillarii count as rank five) (Duplicarii are worth 30, but only the first attempt against a given Duplicarius on a given day may count)
    • Making something for the clan (max 50 Den)
    • Writing an analysis for the Vulcan Cup (max 50 Den)
    • Tutoring another member as an official tutor (max 50 Den)
    • Winning a war battle (20 Den)
    • Breeding Pokemon as an arsenal breeder (max 30 Den)
    • Referring a member to this clan (5 Den)

    If you have won a battle, post this form:
    My opponent:
    Their rank:
    Denarii earned:
    As a final reminder, you are responsible for tracking your Denarii. Duplicarii are not required to post it, and are not expected to track it for you.

    Our war team is called the Fruhmentarii (Roman secret police). In a given war, the Duplicarius rotates (from me to Swamp to Dark to Bobby then back), and each Duplicarius chooses one Fruhmentarius from their capital to represent them. If the war is 7v7, the previous war's leader and one additional battler from the current leader's capital will join. Our current members are:

    -MooseSmuggler (rotating captain)
    -Pkmnswampmaster (rotating captain)
    -ScubaSteve23 (rotating captain)
    -Darkrai'sShadow (rotating captain)
    -Final Frontier
    -Neo Zoroark

    If you wish to join, you must get the approval of a war tester. (Duplicarii, Chuck$$$, Scubasteve23, WillieNelson)

    First war: Bug Battalion (Result 3-1 LOSS)
    Second war: Creamery Command (Result 3-0 LOSS)
    Third war: Rise of the Beasts (Result 2-1 DEADLINE LOSS)
    Fourth War: The Elemental Trinity (3-0 LOSS)
    Fifth War: Dracaena (4-1 LOSS)
    Sixth War: The Hoenn Triangle (2-0 DEADLINE WIN)
    Seventh War: Aerial Elements (3-2 LOSS)
    Eighth War: Mythical Magesties (3-2 WIN)
    Ninth War: Shadows Arena (3-? LOSS)
    Tenth War: Gilde Von Vier (3-1 LOSS)
    Eleventh War: Operation Obliviate (0-0 DRAW)

    Our schedule, please read before challenging us.

    Okay, I won't keep you waiting any more. Here's the form you must fill out to join this clan:
    [b]PO Name(s):[/b]
    [b]Friend Code (include versions):[/b]
    [b]Which Capital would you like to join?:[/b]
    [b]What are you willing to do for this clan? (Art, Vulcan Cup, breeding, etc.):[/b]
    [b]Are you planning to attempt to join the war team?:[/b]
    [b]Did anyone refer you to this clan?:[/b]

    Simple enough, you break the rules, you get a strike. Before giving you a strike, you will be warned the first time you break a specific rule. The current strike list is:
    None to date, KEEP IT THAT WAY

    Our members run various shops on Serebii and on our clan forum. For information on where our shops are or to start your own, PM a Duplicarius.

    The Vulcan Cup is a custom tier invented by MooseSmuggler. This tier is played with level 30 Pokemon, with some restrictions. Ask a leader for more info.

    There are many jobs you can do for this clan, and for Denarii. They include tutoring, being on the war team, art, breeding, and doing analysis work for the Vulcan Cup. To do some of these jobs, however, you need to fill out an application, or your work may not get you Denarii.

    Here are the applications:

    Praeceptor (Tutor) (PM MooseSmuggler):
    I want to be a Praeceptor, Moose!
    Battling Specialty:
    Experience (tournaments, rankings, etc.) that shows I can do this:
    Max number of students at one time:
    Other information:
    Currently, we will only have 4 Praeceptoris (three have been chosen already). If you send in your form after we hit the quota, you will be on the list to be added when we decide we need more.

    Fruhmentarii (War Team) (PM a Duplicarius):
    Hey, I want to join the Fruhmentarii!
    I will do my test battle with you:
    Arsenal Breeders (breeders for the WiFi-using Fruhmentarii) (PM Bobby's Pants):
    Hi Bobby, I want to be an arsenal breeder!
    My breeding skills and knowledge:
    My friend code, so I can give you examples of my work:
    Vulcan Cup Analysts (PM MooseSmuggler)
    Moose, I want to help you with the Vulcan Cup!
    Things I can help with (Pokemon analyses, suspect testing, etc.):
    Relevant past experience:


    Credit for all userbars goes to Pkmnswampmaster. Credit for the Capital Logos on their respective posts goes to Silverwindstudios. Credit for the main banner goes to Moosesmuggler. Credit for the OP banners (other than the main banner) goes to -Gigashark-, and the renders used in the banners are property of Xous54 of DeviantArt.

    Last edited: Apr 4, 2012
  2. MooseSmuggler

    MooseSmuggler #DeathToFascists


    -Obey all SPPF and PeU rules
    -Respect the Duplicarius and the Vexillarius
    -Keep track of your Denarii and rank information
    -If you are not listed on this post, contact the Duplicarius

    PO Name: [PeU] Moose
    Friend Code: N/A (no working WiFi)

    PO Name(s): [PeU]Solovet
    Friend Code (include versions):0261 2404 2527, name, Solovet




    Username: Zekshirom
    PO Name(s): Psyla
    Friend Code (include versions): (can I post these later?)

    Name: 10151993 (supersie)
    Friend Code(s): White-5157 2427 3018
    PO Name: PeU Supersie

    Username: zwgiantsfan
    PO Name(s): zwgiantsfan
    Friend Code (include versions): 3825-9325-0467 White

    Username: Gorgonopsid Master
    PO Name(s): GM
    Friend Code (include versions): n/a

    Username: BossTrainer
    PO Name(s): I don't have PO yet, but I'm getting a laptop for Christmas, so I'll have it then.
    Friend Code (include versions): 3267-6607-2408

    Username:Shadow of the Houndour
    PO Name(s):?
    Friend Code (include versions):Black-i forgot I will find it later

    Username: Cmpukahi
    PO Name(s): [GVV] Cmpukahi (Haven't changed it yet)
    Friend Code (include versions): White: 4040-7731-3156

    Username: SoulDialga
    PO Name(s):Uh... I never joined.
    Friend Code (include versions): SS FC: Needs updates

    Username: Fluffyskin
    PO Name(s): Fluffyskin
    Friend Code (include versions): 2193-8508-4471 (Black)

    Username: szorua22
    PO Name(s): ghost
    Friend Code (include versions): 3009 9002 0221 (White)

    Username: Black_Star
    PO Name(s): Black_Star
    Friend Code (include versions): dont really play

    Username: VictiniPowns
    PO Name(s): PO=?
    Friend Code (include versions): Pokemon White 4684-7770-0172

    Username: ummm, gee, i forgot ._. (ninetails012)
    PO Name(s): nineman
    Friend Code (include versions): i'll get this to ya as soon as i find my ds

    PO Name(s):Rockstar19958/drivescore
    Friend Code (include versions):Getting WIfi back in April

    PO Name(s):RoylanEffect
    Friend Code (include versions):Resetting them.

    Centurion: Defeat two different members from each capital (10 Den)
    Brutus: Defeat the Ignis Duplicarius on your first try (30 Den)
    Caesar: Defeat all four Duplicarii in a row without losing once (50 Den)
    Defender: Win 3 consecutive war battles (30 Den)
    Ooooo, shiiiiiny O.O: Hatch a shiny Pokemon (15 Den each)
    Diversity: Breed one species of Pokemon with all 25 natures (20 Den)
    Born to fight: Hatch one Pokemon with 3 egg moves (15 Den each)
    Coming in strong: Get a perfect score on the entrance exam (20 Den)
    Scholar: Get a perfect score in the Battle Portfolio class (20 Den)
    Studious: Get a perfect score in the OU Class (15 Den)
    Starving Artist: Fulfill three art requests (15 Den)
    Artist-for-hire: Fulfill ten art requests (30 Den)
    Artist of the court: Do a piece of artwork that gets used by the clan for official purposes (10 Den each)
    Scribe: Write and finish a fanfiction (10 for starting one, 10 more for finishing it)(must be 5 well-written chapters)
    Historian: Write and finish a fanfiction that explains how the capitals came to be (30 Den)(must be finished, well written, and at least 1000 words)
    Recruiter: Recruit 5 new members to the clan (10 Den each)
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2012
  3. Psypert

    Psypert Well-Known Member


    Hello there traveler, welcome to Constatinople or the Terra Capital, My name is Pkmnswampmaster and I´m in charge of this city, so join us if you wish, the element of earth will be a great ally for you.
    1. Follow all Sppf and all the clan´s rules
    2. Respect every member
    3. Behave properly
    4. If you need something contact the Duplicarius or in his absence the vexillarius.
    5. All rank userbars were made by me Pkmnswampmaster, so if not too much to ask please credit me.

    The leader of the Capital, Torterra represents it´s reponsabilty to take the Terra Capital on his shoulders.
    PO name: [PeU]Pkmnswampmaster
    Black FC: 1764-4410-3963

    The Duplicarius´s right hand and most trusted member, Excadrill represents the Vexillarius power over the earth.
    Leader´s Assistant
    -Final Frontier
    PO name: Frontier
    FC: N/A
    Denarii: 30

    Legendary members for the Capital, Hippowdon represents the outstanding skills and the ability to lead other Terra members.
    1100 Denarii
    None yet

    Among the best of the Terra citizens, Rhyperior is there to shown the ability to endure their way to this rank.
    700 Denarii
    None yet

    Hastati are starting to become great members for the Capital, Gabite represent their growth in the Capital.
    350 Denarii
    PO Name: PokemanzAssassin
    BW FC: 5157 7229 7087
    Denarii: 490

    Velites are kind off new to the land of Constantinople but they are just getting started, Sandile is their mascot to show how they are more independent and ready to go futher.
    150 Denarii
    -None Yet

    Newest members of the capital, Diglett is a symbol of their dependence on the earth but also their future rise on the Capital.
    Starting Rank
    PO name: N/A
    FC: N/A
    Denarii: 67 Den

    PO name: N/A
    FC: N/A
    Denarii: 0

    PO name: N/A
    White: (Preston) 3825 7987 6279
    HeartGold: (Nate) 2923 4467 0027
    Diamond: (Aron) 2924 2118 6381
    Denarii: 0 Den

    PO name: Chibi Octopus
    FC: N/A
    Denarii: 5 Den

    -Shiny Resh
    PO Name: YinYangShine
    FC: N/A
    Denarii: 0

    PO name: Nephos
    FC: N/A
    Denarii: 60 Den

    PO Name: Empoleon4625
    FC: SS 5329 4219 8106
    Denarii: 0 Den

    - neo zoroark
    PO name: (Mutiple names)
    FC: N/A
    Denarii: 45 Den

    - Darkness Master
    PO Name: SPQR
    FC: N/A
    Denarii: 0

    - Supreme Predator Axel
    PO Name(s):La dude/Super Sonic dude 77
    FC: N/A
    Denarii: 0

    - adrin19
    PO Name: N/A
    Black FC: 0819-3079-4277
    Denarii: 0

    - TransDonald
    PO name: N/A
    FC: N/A
    Denarii: 0

    Job List:
    Here we will list which members have which job, this will help you to locate and use their services quicker.
    -Shiny Resh
    None yet
    War Team Member:


    What is life without something to test your skills? Here are some challenges you can do for some extra denarii.
    (Challenges with an asterisk "*" can be done multiple times).

    Battling Challenges:
    Blessed: Beat Duplicarius Terra on your first try (50 den)
    The Chosen One: Beat all Duplicarii on your first try (100 den)
    Camerupt´s Rage*: Get a 6-0 Score against a Ignis Member (10 den)
    Swampert´s Strenght*: Get a 6-0 Score against a Aqua Member (10 den)
    Gliscor´s Agility*: Get a 6-0 Score against a Ventus Member (10 den)
    Clan Spirit: Win a battle using the 4 Capital´s mascots (20 den) "Must post battle log"
    Pride for the Earth*: Get a 6-0 Score in a Clan War Battle (25 den)
    PeU Battle: Complete the secret PeU battle by requesting it to the Duplicaris Terra (15 den) "Do not post log or talk about the team used for this battle"

    Breeding Challenges
    Glitters like gold: Hatch a Shiny Pokemon (25 den) "Must show Valid proof"
    Technician: Hatch a Pokemon with 3 Egg moves (15 den) "Must show Valid Proof"
    Terra Supplier: Complete request for 5 different Terra members (10 den)
    National Supplier: Complete a request for at least a member of each capital (10 den)
    Perfectioninst: Hatch a Flawless Pokemon (25 den) "Must show Valid proof"
    Gotta train ´em all*: EV train a request (5 den)

    Art Challenges:
    Street artist: Complete request from 5 different members (5 den)
    Canvas Master: Complete request from 50 Different members (70 den)
    Inovative*: Create a new style or kind of fan art (Varies)
    Nation Service*: Complete a Clan-related request for any of the duplicarius (Varies)

    Writing Challenges:
    The rise of a star: Post your first story (5 den)
    Continuity: Finish a story (15 den) "5 chapters minimal"
    Cameo time*: Get another characther form a different story to make a guest apparence in yours (10 den) "Get permission from the character owner"
    Paradox*: Write an alternate or parallel reality/plot/ending for another story (15 den) "get permission from the story owner"
    Mythologist: Write a story that explains the begining or early life of PeU (25 den) "It must be a Fan Fiction"

    Recruiting Challenges:
    A warm welcome: Recruit 3 members for the clan (5 den)
    Constatinople Citizen*: Recruit a member for the terra capital (5 den)

    Academy Challenges:
    Big Man on Campus: Pass 2 or more classes on your first try. (25 den)
    Book Worm: Get 100% on the entrance exam. (30 den)
    Dedicated Student: Pass 5 Different Topic Classes (25 den)

    Constantinople Chronicles:
    3/31/2012 Welcome to our newest member: TransDonald
    3/25/2012 Don't forget to VM or PM me you Denarii to update your information at least weekly
    3/18/2012 Most recent rank up: PokemanzAssassin

    The terra capital banner was made by Silverwindstudios
    The userbars were made by Pkmnswampmaster​
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2012
  4. Darkrai'sShadow

    Darkrai'sShadow Well-Known Member



    -Obey all SPPF and PeU rules
    -Respect the Duplicarius and the Vexillarius
    -Keep track of your Denarii and rank information
    -If you are not listed on this post, contact the Duplicarius
    -Remember to give credit to pkmnswampmaster for the userbars!
    -Credit to Silver for the banner


    Ruler of Ravenna
    Username: Darkrai'sShadow
    PO name: [PeU]DarkraisShadow

    You're strength and might reign over all.
    Head Officer
    Username: XatuGamer
    PO name: .hack/nine
    Den: 240

    No one questions you as one of the most respected and accomplished members of the clan.
    1100 Den

    You're quite accomplished, but do you have what it takes to push yourself even farther?
    700 Den
    Username: Trickster44
    PO Name(s): Trickster44
    HG FC: 4728-2172-8645
    Black FC: 5243-6145-3742
    Den: 1005

    You've come a ways and your potential is just starting to show.
    350 Den

    You're skills are improving and you're more familiar with the community.
    150 Den
    Username: SilverwindStudios
    PO Name(s): LadySilverwind
    Black FC: 2279 6359 0867
    Den: 150

    You're new, but you have an amazing amount of hidden potential.
    0 Den
    Username: Zappy!
    PO Name: [PeU]Zappy!
    Den: 20

    Username: TNR_64
    PO Name: TNR_64
    Black FC: 4641-9023-4429
    Den: 0

    Username: Tyson9182
    PO Name: Tyson9182
    Black FC: 3997-8893-4888
    Den: 0

    Username: Varstal
    PO Name: Vlaire
    FC: 4727-8135-5721
    Den: 0

    Username: Smugleaf-pwns-all
    PO Name(s): Smug or Smuggy
    Den: 0

    Username: Taposa
    White FC: 0433 0988 1653
    Den: 0

    White FC: 3611 0623 0113
    Den: 0

    Username: pokemario24
    PO Name: Pryce21
    Den: 0

    Username: Bucky_Beavers
    PO Name: Bucky_Beavers
    Den: 0


    All battles must be confirmed by all opponents!

    Dominator: Defeat 2 members from each capital - 20 Den

    Raging Seas: Defeat the Duplicarius of the Aqua Capital on your first try - 20 Den

    Superior Warrior: Defeat all Duplicarii on your first try - 20 Den

    Unbeatable: Achieve 10 consecutive victories - 30 Den

    Terror on the Battlefield: Win 3 consecutive clan war battles - 40 Den

    All bred pokemon must be confirmed.
    RNG does not count as breeding!

    Patience...: Breed a shiny pokemon - 20 Den

    Everyone is Different: Breed a pokemon until you have all 25 different natures for that same pokemon - 20 Den

    Tricky Moves: Breed a pokemon with 3 Egg Moves - 10 Den

    In Your Dreams: Breed a pokemon with its DW ability - 10 Den

    Studying All Night: Pass any Academia Minerva class with a perfect score - 20 Den

    Working Hard: Show significant signs of improvement (you must have 2 people agree) - 10 Den

    Graduate: Graduate from the Academia Minerva - 10 Den

    All work must be confirmed in some way.

    Sketching: Complete 3 works of art upon request (they can be for people who are not members of PeU)- Varies

    Professional Painting: Complete 10 works of art upon request -Varies

    Helping Out: Complete a work of art for clan usage - Varies

    Bad grammar and extremely short chapters are unacceptable.

    Storytime: Begin a fanfiction (this excludes one-shots and it should be at least 5 chapters long) - Varies

    No Fairies or Unicorns!: Complete a fanfiction (it can be of any genre despite the title) - Varies

    The person must indicate he/she was referred by you.
    All recruitment challenges can be completed multiple times.

    Come to the Clan!: Recruit 3 people to the clan - 10 Den

    Ravenna Citizens: Recruit a person to the Aqua Capitol - 10 Den
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2012
  5. Scubasteve23

    Scubasteve23 Dath Scuba



    -Obey all SPPF and PeU rules
    -Respect the Duplicarius and the Vexillarius
    -Keep track of your Denarii and rank information
    -If you are not listed on this post, contact the Duplicarius
    -Remember to give credit to Callie-Rose for the userbars​


    PO name(s): Scubasteve23
    PO Name(s): Chuck
    1100+ Den
    700 - 1099 Den
    350 - 699 Den
    150 - 349 Den
    0 - 149 Den
    PO Name(s): Rhodnite/Sherwood

    PO Name(s): N/A

    PO Name(s): Necro101

    Proof of any challenge must be given in the form of battle log/video or link to transaction.
    Challenges with a reward higher than 20 cannot be repeated while those with a reward of 20 or less may be repeated.

    Soar Above
    Defeat an opponent from any capital 6-0.
    20 Den

    Defeat an opponent from any capital 1-0.
    20 Den

    Clear Skies

    Defeat five teams that are using politoed, ninetales, abomasnow, tyranitar, and/or hippowdon without using any of these Pokémon yourself.
    30 Den

    Defeat five different opponents from the Air Capital.
    30 Den

    Riding the Wind

    Win a battle that lasts 100 or more turns.
    40 Den

    Win a battle in under 10 turns.
    40 Den

    Complete three commissions.
    10 Den

    Native Culture

    Complete three commissions for PeU members.
    20 Den

    World Renown

    Complete 50 commissions.
    50 Den

    Air Mail
    Breed and deliver a Pokemon within 24 hours of the request.
    10 Den

    Breed and deliver five first stage Pokemon.
    25 Den

    Leaving the Nest

    Breed and EV train 5 Pokemon.
    25 Den
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2012
  6. what this noob said
  7. dragonuser™

    dragonuser™ the greatest crisis

    fast approval but yea GL
  8. EmeraldGoblin

    EmeraldGoblin Rehab, no. Dead.

    good luck with your new clan... better? :D
  9. MooseSmuggler

    MooseSmuggler #DeathToFascists

    Haha, thanks guys! We'll see how this goes. I know a lot of former GVV members are coming, so I'm not TOO worried xD
  10. Farfan


    Username: Farfan
    PO Name(s): Farfan
    Friend Code (include versions): in my signature, White
    Wich Capital would you like to join? Terra capital
    What are you willing to do for this clan? (Art, Vulcan Cup, breeding, etc.): art, EV training, academy
    Are you planning to attempt to join the war team?: maybe
    Anything else you want to say?: spheal like a sir!
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2011
  11. Ísjaki

    Ísjaki Flood Of Red

    good luck with the clan moose ^^
  12. Gl moose. It looks betteer than GVV already xD
  13. floatzel98

    floatzel98 → s o a r i n g

    good luck moose. hope this works just as good as GVV!
  14. MooseSmuggler

    MooseSmuggler #DeathToFascists

    Thanks Lucs! Crap, I need to change one thing in the reg form xD

    Farf, which Capital do you want to join?
  15. Cosmic Fury

    Cosmic Fury Evil Overlord

    Good luck on the clan Moose!
  16. MooseSmuggler

    MooseSmuggler #DeathToFascists

    Thanks ole buddy ^_^ And don't let me stop you from joining *whistles innocently*
  17. Draforce

    Draforce Dragon Raiser

    PO Name(s):Draforce
    Friend Code (include versions):1034-3176-0607
    Which Capital would you like to join?:Ignis
    What are you willing to do for this clan? (Art, Vulcan Cup, breeding, etc.):i can breed,battle and breed egg moves.
    Are you planning to attempt to join the war team?:Not really
    Anything else you want to say?:i like trains.
  18. MooseSmuggler

    MooseSmuggler #DeathToFascists

    Glad to have you aboard, Force. It should go without saying that you're accepted xD
  19. Blackacer

    Blackacer ~Artist~

    GVV died? Thats the best news i've listened! anyway good luck :D
  20. Draforce

    Draforce Dragon Raiser

    cmon acer, be nice >_>
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