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Princess Fairy Academy (contestshipping)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by kiara911, May 31, 2008.

  1. kiara911

    kiara911 What the heck AM I??

    I decided to post one of my stories from fanfiction on here...its fun and I'm looking for more readers :p The story is about May, she is a fairy with the power of ice, is the princess of Hoenn, she can't control her power on occasions, and she knows Dawn and Misty, her best freinds who are just ordinary faires. (I'd like to point out that they are the size of real people) They are going to an academy for a month to learn how to act proper, right before the ice ball. Rated K+ for magical violence and occasional wars.

    Here are the people/powers/age


    And now starting Chapter 1


    Maybelle was a fairy, she was previously in a fight with Giovanni, she was glad to be home. Its been a month sense the battle, and her appearance changed again.

    It was a sparkly baby blue mid drift and a blue miniskirt with these white frilly things coming out of the edges. She had blue boots that had white soles. Her hair grew longer, and she wore an icy blue-ish white tiara at the top of her head, she had baby blue colored tips on her hair.

    She was outside in her mothers garden, were the icy blue colored pantalilies (made up flower) grew. She absolutely hated them. May growled as she stared down its black stem. She lifted back both of her hands, and to white ice disks formed into her hands.

    ‘SLASH SLASH’ The icy blades cut right though the stems, the top of the flower looking as if it was bowing down to May. May smiled in approval as the flower she hated died in agony.

    Also during the month, she learned how to control a little bit of her power. But sooner or later, the ground under May’s feet froze. May kicked the ice hard, and flew upwards, scanning the rest of the garden with her sapphire eyes.

    “MAYBELLE!!” A yell was heard from the royal chambers, and May knew it was her dad calling for her. She quickly fluttered upwards towards the high tower, and flew through a huge window, though there was no glass. She stood infront of her dad, standing upright like a soldier, then her fairy clothes sprinkled off to her regular princess look. (Princess look still has wings) Her princess look was a baby blue and silver dress, it look like a tank top and a poofy skirt. She wore bell bottom blue sandals under that.

    “What.” May asked in a bored tone. King Normans face showed anger, though no one knew why. He straightened his crown and look straight at May.

    “Maybelle Mary Maple...” He said her full name as though he would lecture someone.

    “I am very disapointed. in your behavior ever sense you returned from your mission.” Norman scratched his chin, then stood up and paced around May.

    “You set the family ice sculptures on fire, you froze your brothers bedroom, you BROKE MY WII!” He yelled in her face, she backed up.

    “I was trying to figure out which controller to hold with my feet!” May said back, Norman just shot her a distressful look.

    “And on top of that, you cut your mothers Handerflashers.” Norman yelled again.

    “Pantalilies.” May corrected in a snobbish tone. King Norman sat back on his thrown.

    “That is why, I am sending you to Cotillion school.”

    May looked shock. “COTILLION SCHOOL!!” May exploded, and looked around as the walls, floors, and furniture froze. Norman frowned at the fact that he was frozen to his chair.

    “I wish I didn’t send you.” Norman tried to say, he finally got out, but just his back.

    “Then you wouldn’t!” May screamed, and crossed her arms.

    “It’s the fastest way to get you ready for the Ice Ball, a month from now.”

    “Fine, but I won’t enjoy it.”

    “Trust me Maybelle, Ashley, Natasha and Lateshia are the finest instructors in the region.” Norman assured.

    “Whatever.” May grunted.

    “Start packing, The Cot express comes tonight to pick you up.”

    May stomped away to her room, leaving ice tracks after every step.


    Word spreads fast, and it didn’t take long for it to spread to a certain house in cerulean city. Daisy hated having Misty back in the house, misty kept taking as many spit takes as she could during her sisters performances.

    Misty’s fairy appearance changed as well. It was a navy blue strapless shirt and blue jean shorts, along with blue sneakers. Her wings grew a darker blue outline, and her orange hair had navy blue streaks in it.

    “Like, Misty,” Daisy said as Misty returned from a flight.


    “I don’t like, know how to say this, but your going to Cotillion school.”

    Misty’s face turned white.

    “I’m like sorry, but your tomboyish ness will not stand before the Ice ball.” Daisy sighed.

    “Daisy, I don’t want to become a snob like you!” Misty whined.

    “I’m like sorry, but its already set to go. The Cot express comes tonight to pick you up whether you want to or not.”

    “What ever.” Misty sighed, and left for her room. She stopped mid way, and pushed her palms forward, where a water comet appeared and hit Daisy in the back.

    “MISTY!” By then, Misty was running up the steps from the soaked Daisy.


    Dawn heard about Cotillion school, and felt that she needed to be shaped up before the Ice ball. Dawn’s fairy appearance changed too. A red sparkly tank top, a red mini skirt, with orange shorts under it, and scarlet sneakers. The tips of her navy blue hair were dark red, and she wore fire charms as clips in her hair.

    Dawn waited till the afternoon before asking her mom.

    “Mom?” Dawn called from the table.

    “What Dawn dear?”

    “Can I go to Cotillion school?”

    “Honey, why would you want to go there?” Johanna asked while washing dishes with her soap power.

    “I just think its something I need.” Dawn replied.


    “To late mom, I signed up this morning, the train comes tonight.”

    Johanna smiled towards her daughter. “Just don’t get to primp dear.”

    Dawn nodded, then headed upstairs to pack.


    Paul stood in the training room in his house, punching the red bag so hard with his power. He held back his fist, then punched it with much force, then it flew off the wall, and hit the door.

    “Oops!” Paul shrugged. The bag suddenly was pushed back and hit the wall behind Paul. Their at the door, stood Paul’s sister, Candace. (She’s the gym leader in Snowpoint city, but he’s not really related to him in the anime, just in this story.)

    “Paul.” Her dull tone told Paul that she wasn’t happy.

    “What?” He asked.

    “Your breaking walls in this house. I can’t call my boyfriend to fix the wall every two seconds.” Candace said.

    “So? Break up with him.” Paul said, and started punching a new punching bag.

    Candace punched upwards, and Paul was pulled upwards and stuck to the ceiling.

    “CANDACE! Put me down!” Paul yelled, Candace laughs.

    “NO way bro. Not unless you agree to go to Cotillion school.”

    “Never.” Paul said, but he should have regretted that. Candace punched up further, and Paul felt weak in his stomach.

    “Your going to Cotillion.” She stated.


    “Well, to tell you the truth, I don’t want you embarrassing me at the Ice ball.” Candace crossed her arms.

    “Fine, but I won’t enjoy it.” Paul agreed.

    “Good! Now go pack.” Candace swiftly moved her hand down, causing him to fall on the floor with a ‘thud’.


    Although you can count many frowns in this chapter, a bright smile still remained in the Larousse kingdom. King Gruman (Random name) was happy to finally have his son back. He starts walking through his castle, and spots his royal garden. He smiled with his plump belly and slowly opened the doors of his garden hoping to see his beautiful...


    Just then, anger took up his face, red taking place of his peach skin.

    “DREW!” He yelled to the top of his lungs.

    Drew turned from his musical directing of the plants to his dad, and hid the stick as if nothing happened.

    “That’s it Drew! You’re going to Cotillion!”

    “WHAT!” Drew screeched, running through the plants to his father.

    “You’ve been rowdy ever sense you returned, and look at my garden!” He pointed to the shriveled up roses.

    “You just want to get rid of me.” Drew said flatly.

    The king backed up and put his right palm forward, then Drew was magically pushed away,

    “Why am I moving?! I’m not done speaking with you mister!” Drew protested while holding the door.

    “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” Drew soon got pulled to the left, till a crash was heard a few more feet away.

    “Sorry!” The king apologized dully, Drew lifted the dirt from the top of his head and fluttered away from his Dad.


    Back in Pallet town, you couldn’t help but sigh at how boring it was over there. All the fairies have moved to a better location, leaving Ash and Delia the only ones left in the village.

    Ash was sitting at the lunch table, scarfing down what looked like, lasagna.

    Delia had some news to tell to her son, but yelling at him for two hours straight without a response was too much. She lifted one finger, and pointed in towards Ash.


    The food and Ash were zapped to a crisp.

    “You’re going to Cotillion.” She said strictly.

    He pointed his finger at her and zapped her, her hair sticking up in a funny way,


    She put her fingers in a “W” motion, and Ash was lifted above the air with an electric outline.

    “You are going NOW.” She yelled in a dark deep voice.

    Ash shrugged. “I’ll go if you let me continue eating!”

    Delia sighed and nodded, putting Ash back down.


    May walked around the palace in the moonlight, the train was coming in a few hours, time to suck in whats left.

    She came to an outlet where she could see the moon and the ocean, she breathed in the nice fresh air, wishing she could’ve breathed this earlier. She fluttered off the railing, heading towards the water. She peered down from the rock into the water, looking at her sad reflection.

    “Cotillion...first war, now this.” May sighed, and touched her reflection, causing ripples in the water, then it froze. She looked up to the moon, then fluttered back to the palace, where the train waited, as well as a new adventure.


    Chapter 2 will come later. Yay!

    Last edited: May 31, 2008
  2. kiara911

    kiara911 What the heck AM I??

    Next chapter here lets have the gang meet again shall we?

    Chapter 2 : School ain't so great

    May was ready to leave and ruin her life for a month, she brought a huge duffel bag, it seemed she was bringing the whole kingdom to school. The FBI (Fairy Ball Instructors) threw her duffel to the top of the train, and tied it on securely. May turned to her family, that were seeing her off.

    May first turned to her little brother, Max.

    “Don’t think your getting off easy Max.” May said.

    “I’m gonna miss ya May!” Max cried, and hugged his sister tightly.

    May then turned to her mother. “I hope to see you soon dear.” Her mother said, May didn’t dare talk to her Dad, she just waved to them good bye.

    Then at that moment, she took the time to look at the train. It was floating in mid air, with hover disks under the train. It was silver, with a cream colored window for the driver.

    ‘Maybe the train will leave without me if I fly slow...’ May thought, and flew very slowly to the train, about going 1 inch every minute.

    20 minutes later, the train was still there, waiting for May. May sighed and entered through the gold colored sliding doors.

    “Hurry up and get on! I have three more stops tonight and I don’t want to run out of fuel!” The driver said rudely, May glared at him and looked at the inside of the train.

    It had cream colored fur seats, they were connected to the walls widely (oppisite of a bus). The windows were ovalish with red lining, and cream colored curtains. The walls were white, with red ribbons hanging from it.

    She saw a familiar green headed fairy, who saved her previously.

    “Drew!” May gladly said, relieved to see him for some time. She hugged him quickly, then noticed that his face was cupped into his hands.

    “Hi Drew!” May said again.

    He looked up, and flipped his hair.

    “Nice to see you, May. I see that your dumb antics got you here too.” Drew said cockily.

    May blushed bright red, “I-I did not!!” May tried to say, though she had no idea what she didn’t do. Drew smirked again.

    “Well, then I guess you couldn’t get enough of me and came here yourself.”

    “D-Did n-not!!” May’s face was burnt red with embarrassment. “Stop being a cocky head!” She yelled.

    “Being cocky is my second power.” Drew smirk, and flipped his hair. (He was kidding people!)

    “I’m really glad to be here!” May and Drew turn to the door, a familiar blue headed fairy with a perky voice stood there.

    “Whatever kid, just sit down.”

    Dawn looked at the driver funnily, then noticed May and Drew sitting there, looking at her as though she was some teachers pet.

    “Hi May! Hi Drew! Aren’t you glad to be here?” Dawn asked in a really annoying voice, and sat across from them.

    “No.” Both Drew and May said at the same time, one of them had annoyance in their voice.

    “I heard that we’ll learn ballroom dancing, proper speech-” Dawn was stopped from her happy information by May’s hand. It started to glow blue.

    “I’ll shut up now.” Dawn said, and turned to the windows.

    “Thank goodness!” May praised, and put her blue hand down.

    “Get on the train kid!” The driver yelled at the person on the other end of the door.

    Paul entered through the doors, a very unhappy frown planted on his face as he looked through the isles.

    Dawn suddenly had pink hearts in her eyes, and waves to him. “Over here Paul! Sit next to me!” Dawn said, Paul smirked and sat a few inches next to Dawn, he needed his space from her, she was being nuts right now.


    The train took a fast start, making Dawn topple on top of Paul, and May to topple on top of Drew.

    May blushed as Drew helped her back up. She looked down as red heat took over her body.

    “S-sorry Paul.” Dawn got off him and looked down as well.

    Just then, everybody looked up to the door, screaming and pushing was heard on the opposite side of the door.

    “Let me go let me go!! I DON’T WANT TO GO!!”

    The FBI forcefully pushed Misty through the door, and locking it with the combination 09-15-07. Misty pulled at the door but it wouldn’t budge. She banged on the door, and continued, looking like a crazed lunatic to Dawn, May, Drew, and Paul.

    Misty stopped and breathed heavily, then looked at the isles, where here friends were sitting. She sat next to May, and crossed her arms.

    “The FBI are pretty strong petite fairies.” Misty grumbled angrily. The rest of the gang nodded.

    About 7 more hours later, the train came to a stop. Everyone was asleep, May and Drew were leaning on each other, Dawn was leaning on Paul, and Misty was sleeping on the seat. They woke up and got out of there position, not knowing which way they were in. They exited the train, yawning in the process.

    The floor had cream colored grass, with pink pantalilies across the fields. That made May a little mad. It surrounded a white building, it was ovalish, and very tall. There were some windows, and a cream colored sliding door, where three fairies come out.

    “Welcome.” The three said in a harmonized voice.

    “I am Lateshia, the co ballroom dance teacher.” The girl had on a white kind of dress, it scrunched up at her waist and flowed down. On the top were spaghetti straps, and she had silver outlined wings. Her hair was black, it was braided and put on a ponytail, her hair had white tips.

    “My name is Natasha, I’m the co ballroom dance teacher.” The girl had on a gold slim dress, it had star shaped straps, her wings had a gold outline, her black hair was cornrolled and had gold sparkly tips.

    “I am Ashley, the proper speaking teacher.” The girl said rudely. She had on a silver puffy skirt and a gray tank top, and silver bracelets. She had blonde hair with silver highlights in them, and her wings had a silver outline.

    “You must be our new students!” Natasha squealed. They nodded.

    Ashley counted them. “3..4..5...where’s the 6th one?” Ashley asked.

    May shrugged. The three teachers (they’re actually kids) looked at each other.

    Then, something yellow started to zoom around the school.

    “AHH!” Natasha and Lateshia cried, May, Dawn, Drew, Paul, and Misty watch the UFF (unidentified flying fairy) with suspicion.

    Ashley got mad and a rock formed in her hand.


    The rock was thrown and hit the yellow flying thing, making it fall right beside Misty. It was Ash, the yellow glowing stopped.

    “Now that everyone’s here, we’ll tell you what you’ll be doing during the month.” Lateshia said.

    “You’ll learn how to dance like a real princess.” Natasha said with a sigh following that.

    “And your gonna learn how to not talk like this!!” Ashley said madly, the children backed up.

    “It sounds easy!” May scoffed, and put her hands on her hips.

    “YOU THINK SO??” Ashley asked as she got in May’s face.

    “Yeah.” May said.

    “Here are the rules.” Natasha said.



    “And don’t give us a hard time.” They said, and high fived, thinking that this would be easy.

    “And what if we don’t.” Paul said.

    Ashley smirked. “We call the FBI.”

    “Isn’t that you?” Ash asked.

    “You eye ballin’ me scout?” Ashley asked rudely, now getting in HIS face.

    “WE ARE HARD CORE, MWUHAHAHAHAHA!!” The three instructors laughed maniacally, the children shivered at the though of the FBI, Misty already had an idea of them though.

    ‘Is this Cotillion or Military school?’ May asked herself, then followed the instructors inside.


    Send feedback please!

    Chapter 3: Ballroom dancing week 1
  3. crissy111

    crissy111 Contestshipper

    I really liked it! 5 stars for you!;munchlax;
  4. kiara911

    kiara911 What the heck AM I??

    crissy111- Thanks!! I will now thank you by giving next chappie!! Hooray!! Plot get twisted o_O

    Chapter 3: Ballroom dancing week 1


    The children were lead through the sliding doors, opening to a hallway, similar to a hospital hallway. There were doors left and right, and hallways opening up to the other end of hallways. There were pictures on the walls, mostly of kids who graduated here. There was a stairwell somewhere, but they were tempted not to go there. They continued strolling through the hallways till they got to a dead end, two platinum doors stood there, some decorations hung on the doors. The doors had those push and pull bars, from the outside, it was push.

    “Here’s the ballroom, where you’ll learn to dance like a real princess and prince.” Natasha said, and told Lateshia to push open both doors. As the doors swung open, the children gazed around one of the largest rooms in the building.

    It was circle-ish, a very large room actually. It had a gold floor, there were no tile cracks, it was all covered up. There were some tables and chairs surrounding the white walls, and there were two curtains at the edges of the walls. The curtains led to the dressing room, sectioned girls and boys.

    “Now girls, choose some really pretty dresses. Don’t make us come in there!” Lateshia guided them to the pink curtain with gold threading, they entered.

    “And guys, pick out some nice leotards.” Natasha said, and pointed to the green curtain with black threading, and they entered.


    It was another hallway, only the walls were black. It opened to a small room with many dresses and a few fitting rooms. (Imagine it like the dressing room in the Lucario movie) There were many dresses in there, May and Dawn couldn’t contain themselves any longer, and ran to the clothes rack.

    “Oh my gosh! This would look so cute on you!”

    “Ooh! This one has sparkles!”

    Those kept going on as May and Dawn swapped through many dresses. Unlike them, Misty just watched them. She wasn’t planning on wearing a dress. She didn’t wear one at May’s ball, there was no way she was wearing one now.

    “What about you Misty?” May asked.

    “Nah, I don’t wear dresses.” Misty said, and joined them to the dress rack.

    “Suit (is that how you spell that?) yourself!” May said in a high pitched voice, both May and Dawn grabbed a dress they liked and ran into the dressing rooms.

    Misty crossed her arms, she had to admit, these dresses did look pretty. She always liked watching those runway models on the television, this was the time she could be like them, maybe even better. Misty examined the dresses, they were all her style. She caught a glint in her eye, she found the dress! She quickly swiped it off the rack, and ran into a dressing room beside May’s and Dawn’s.

    May came out first. She was wearing a baby blue colored dress, the top had silver jewels at the neck line, and dark blue straps went to her arms instead of her shoulders. The bottom was a very frilly black skirt, it was cotton and blowed with the breeze. She put blue slippers on her feet, and braided her hair, it went down to her knees. A baby blue flower was tying her braid together.

    Dawn came out next, she twirled the long scarlet dress around as she exited the dressing room. The dress had a loose black belt on the waist, it was a kimono type of top, and the bottom tightened around her legs. Her blue hair was braided too, her usual bangs were held together by red roses, as well as a braid.

    May and Dawn looked around the room, they couldn’t find Misty. Not until they looked at the girl who came out of the last dressing room.

    Misty came out slowly, examining the dress she put on. It was a green spaghetti strapped dress, that had a puffy sparkly green skirt with emerald flowing down gold threads. Misty’s hair was once again out, but a braid was tied around her head to the other side.

    Dawn and May gasped.

    “You look beautiful!” May exclaimed, and ran over to Misty.

    “R-Really? I th-thought it was a bit to much...” Misty played with her fingers as Dawn and May played around with her.

    “You look gorgeous! I bet Ash will definitely love it!” Dawn giggled, Misty blushed, then prepared her new water mallet to bust on Dawn’s head.

    “AHH!” Dawn ran away from the mallet, that disingrated on the floor.

    “Whats going on in there?” The three looked at each other. Natasha knocked on the door, hoping for the girls to get out. They got out, and found five boys there in leotards and shoulder pads, three of them drooling. (OMG!)

    One was Drew, then Ash, Paul, and two of the dance partners, Willy and Trevor. Drew was dressed in a green leotard and black shoulder pads. Paul was in a purple leotard and silver shoulder pads. Ash was in a yellow leotard and black shoulder pads, Willy was white leotard with gold shoulder pads and red lining, Trevor had a brown leotard and gold colored shoulder pads, with red lines running through.

    Drew gawked at May with drool dripping from his mouth, along with Ash and Paul, but they looked stupider. They looked as if cupid whacked them with a hammer.

    They noticed the girls coming towards them, and wiped off the evidence of their drooling. (...eew)

    “How do I look Drew?” May asked, and twirled around for him. He turned red, and murmured something. “What was that Drew?” May cocked her head to the side, till she noticed the instructors were talking.

    “Okay, the dance partners are, May and Drew, Paul and Dawn, and Misty and Ash. As it says on this list...” Lateshia stated then whispered as she watched the partners stand next to each other in the room.

    “Now do what I do!” Natasha said, her and Willy got into the ballroom dancing position. (I don’t need to explain that)

    “Now do that.” Lateshia said, and watched as the student fidgeted holding each other.

    May blushed and looked down as Drew held her waist and hand, while she held his shoulder and hand.

    “Keep your head up or we’ll fail!” Drew whispered, May looked up, then blushed as she got lost in Drew’s emerald eyes.

    “OOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” A shriek was heard from Dawn. Everyone turned towards her and Paul, Dawn was jumping and holding her foot.

    “WHY’D YOU DO THAT!!” Dawn yelped, and her hands began to glow red.

    “No powers-“ Before Lateshia could say more, Dawn shot fire blasts at Paul, he flew dodging many blasts, then got hit by the big one.

    “AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” Paul yelped, running around the place, his clothes going on fire.

    “Calm down! Everything will be fine!” Natasha tried to yell over Paul, but it seemed like no one was listening.

    Ash felt an opening, and zoomed towards the door, but got blocked by a faster zoom.

    “Where do you think your going?” Lateshia blocked the door with her arms open, Ash sighed and flew around more. (A/N BTW, Lateshia’s power is speed, and Natasha’s power is Random powered stars)

    Misty watched her target run around, she did the picture hand thing, and prepared for fire.

    ‘SPLASH’ The water blast quickly hit Paul, dosing what was left of his clothes.

    “AWW Man! Misty, you should’ve let him burn for stepping on my foot!” Dawn argued, soon, stars started to swirl around the students, and they fell to the floor, asleep.

    “Great job Natasha, now our students are asleep!!” Lateshia yelled across the room.

    “At least I was trying to help!” Natasha yelled back.

    Lateshia got in front of Natasha in a flash, “You sure!? My little sister could have done better, and her power is sleeping!!” The two continued to argue, leaving the six to sleep on the floor.

    May groaned, and woke up, then realized what had happened. She saw Natasha and Lateshia about to brawl, she zoomed towards them and broke them up. “STOP!!” (Like Dawn trying to stop Ash and Paul in the anime) May turned to the two, they calmed down and retreated fire. Everyone else woke up, and walked over to them.

    “No more fighting, lets go on!” May tried to say in a chipper voice, although she knew it would be better if they didn’t. But they only had four weeks to learn, the more they learn the better.

    “Fine. Get in position again!” Lateshia snapped, they quickly got back to their positions.

    “Umm. May?”

    “Yeah?” May looked up to Drew once again.

    “You froze our hands together.” May looked at their conjoined hands, it was frozen by a pure crystal ice. May blushed and sighed at the same time, then concentrating on the ice, it soon glittered away.

    “Four go not three way!!” Natasha randomly yelled at Willy, he laughed and span her around.

    “Yeah! Just like them!” Lateshia congratulated as Ash, Drew, and Paul span Misty, May, and Dawn.

    Lateshia zoomed towards Ash and Misty.

    “You’re dancing like a girl.” She told Ash as he span Misty the wrong way.

    “I get dizzy when I spin people!” Ash complained, Lateshia gave him a you-have-to-be-kidding look, then zoomed over to a boom box.

    She played the first track, hoping to here a Beethoven song. To her dismay, it was something different. It was some metal rock thing that felt as if it was sending red waves across the room. Lateshia turned around when she heard screaming, all the guys had red in there eyes, ‘Oh no! Is this a mind control disk?!’ Lateshia panicked and did her best to turn it off, but it wouldn’t...

    Ash felt the red wave and suddenly got shocked, and ran around the room like a maniac with the red look in his eyes.

    “You wanna spin?!” Drew had the red in his eyes to, and span May like a top to the ceiling, where she hit it and almost caused the chandeliers to fall.

    Paul gripped Dawn’s arms with the red in his eyes and span her around and threw her against the wall...



    Chaos was stirring in the ballroom, between female and male...

    “OUCH! WILLY!!” As thought, Willy stomped on her foot and ran around the room laughing while she chased him, calling him “Keith”.

    “Peace and Order please!!” Lateshia yelled over the powers being flung around the room, but then got knocked down by Trevor and his huge boomerang.

    Now, chaos was EVERYWHERE in the ballroom...



    We come to a hospital room, where several fairies in casts and beds were lying, although one familiar fairy was chuckling away in his bed.

    “Report.” The man asked sternly.

    “Well Giovanni, the boys have gone completely crazy in the ballroom, there training will never be complete...” The familiar voice snarled to Giovanni, A fairy beside Giovanni was getting jealous.

    “No fair! My plan ended in snow!!” A girlish but manish voice said, it had purple hair, and had a full body cast.

    Giovanni smirked. “Excellent job...Ashley.”



    Chapter 4: Flute Week 2 Summary: Drew gets controlled why he and May are bonding and now, May has to get him back to normal before he kills her!! Contestshipping intended.
  5. crissy111

    crissy111 Contestshipper

    I hope Drew doesn't really kill May, that would be horrible!
    I could see some jealousy at the end.One question who were those people
    you mentioned at the end,and I'm guessing two of them were girls.;munchlax;
  6. kiara911

    kiara911 What the heck AM I??

    crissy111-Actually...at the end of the chapter it was two guys and one girl...not to spoil anything but the person was *coughrhymeswithbarleycough*

    Chapter 4: Flute week 2


    May pranced outside and literally fell in the pantalilies giggling; she was very happy that she was aloud outside, the building was super stuffy.

    The children get an hour break before each class, so May took the advantage to get to know the outside better. It was the same from the moment she came in, the millions of pantalilies surrounding the building.

    May sat down on the grass, and picked out a daisy from the ground. Lately, she’s been thinking about Drew, and only Drew. She couldn’t get his image out of her head, and she couldn’t focus her eyes on anything but him. She hoped he didn’t notice. But a very annoying part of Drew made her pick out the daisy’s petals.

    “He loves me...He annoys me. He loves me...he annoys me.” She continued it till she got to the last petal, the last thing she said was, “He annoys me.” She smiled, about to pick out the last petal until,

    “What are you doing?” May looked up and blushed, Drew was right there beside her, was he watching her? For how long?

    “N-Nothing!” May looked at the last petal on the daisy and froze the complete flower, then looked up at Drew, then panicked, then kicked the daisy away like a football.

    “Uh-ha.” Drew said sarcastically, May mentally slapped herself for letting Drew see that.

    “What are you doing?” She asked back at him.

    “Nothing.” He said flatly.

    “Liar. You were spying on me.” She added with a smirk, Drew’s face showed red.

    “Spy on you? You must be crazy!” He said.

    “Then why do you keep showing out of no where?!” May said back.

    “I bet I’m a faster flyer then you.” Drew said, changing the subject.

    “You are not! You know that I can fly way faster then you!” May said, putting emphasis on ‘way’.

    “No, I could beat you in a millisecond.” Drew bragged once again, May’s face was getting red with anger and embarrassment.

    “I BET YOU CAN’T BEAT ME!!” May yelled with her fists flying anime style.

    “Fine, a race around the building to prove that I’m faster then you.”

    “You’re on!” May said, determined to show Drew who’s faster.

    “On your mark, get set, GO!” Drew announced as both zoomed off, head to head, one in front then the other one then the other one...

    ‘Darn! He’s faster than I thought! I better zoom up.’ May thought, and clicked her heels together, where her wings shaded a dark blue, and she was able to zoom ahead of Drew, his hair flowing at the breeze.

    “Is that a turbo? No fair! I can go turbo to!” Drew called to May, she stuck out her tongue and zoomed ahead further, deep blue glitter coming off her wings. He could go turbo too, he had to fly upside down for a few seconds to get it started, he turned over to his back...

    ‘Doot-do-doot-do-doot’ (I have know idea how a flute sounds), was heard, it was some kind of circus music being played on a flute.

    Drew felt shocked for a moment, stopping, making May stop as well as she looked at Drew. It looked as if he was trying to hold in some kind of pain.

    “Whats happening...!” Drew held his head very tightly as a red electric type line went though his body, then it looked as if it was released. Red came over his eyes, again.

    “That’s right puppet...dance right into my trap.” A dark but girly voice said somewhere far but able to see distance of Drew and May, she was holding a dark blue flute. “Now...Drew puppet...AMBUSH...”

    Drew heard the command, and a black kind of aura took over his body.

    “Drew...?” May stayed at a distance of Drew, but felt very scared.

    “AHH!” Drew swooped over May, heading her for the ground.

    “Drew stop! This isn’t fun anymore!!” May looked down, “AHH!! Drew, your going to- wait a second...oh no!!” May noticed his emerald eyes weren’t emerald anymore, they were red.

    May squinted her eyes at Drew, then pulled over her body, getting on top of Drew as they plummeted to the ground. They both hit the ground with dirt arising from the ground, as the dirt subsided, May was pinning down Drew as he was desperately trying to get her off him.

    “No...the girl is much smarter than I thought. I have to return to Giovanni.” The person did a kind of circle exit, leaving the cloak to spin and disappear along with the person.

    Drew was still red eyed, and very more likely to try to rip May’s arms off.

    “Eleanor! How do I turn Drew back?!” May called out to the sky, hoping for an answer. She felt a flash back coming from one of her very sad childhood moments.


    A fairy wearing a rainbow tie dye dress was laying on a bed, she had rainbow colored hair with gray hairs, rainbow colored wings that were spread on the bed, she had a wrinkled face, and was gasping for air.

    “Grandma Eleanor, are you okay?” Little May asked, she was eight years old, and looked short but was tall enough to stand over the bed.

    “I’m (gasp) dying...” The old lady said in a low tone.

    “Grandma...” The little girl had slits of tears near her eyes, ready to go at any minute.

    “I need you to do something for me...in the future...”

    “What Grandma?” May asked in a quivery voice.

    “After your father takes over the throne, you will go to war. Then, after the war, a great evil will take all boys against the girls...You and your very special friends have a gift that can


    “What grandma what?” May was getting impatient, the tears slid down her face slowly.

    “The evil will use a device to turn all boys red eyed, and you can stop them by kissing them on the cheek.”

    “Eew! Boys are icky!” May said.

    “It is when you are older and stronger, my little May, if you wish to save your world, you must do so, and defeat the evil people to make fairy world peace.”

    “U-Understood Grandma...” May said, then watched as her grandma started to fade away. “Grandma!!” May cried, and hugged the remains off her deceasing grandma.

    “Remember May...the world is in your hands now...” The last words of the grandma disappeared, and the lady was gone, all that remained was dust.

    May remained crying over the bed, then determination took over her wet eyes. “Don’t worry grandma, I won’t fail you!” May said, but let the rest of her tears drip.

    End Flashback

    “That’s it!” May said as the inspiration struck her. She looked down at the pinned Drew. She was nervous...will he remember this after...? She couldn’t risk it. She blushed, why Drew? She gave him a quick peck on the cheek, red heat taking over her face.

    First, Drew stopped moving, then his red eyes flashed back to emerald. May smiled, Drew was back. Is that a good thing?

    “Get off.” He said flatly, she got up, and let him get up on his own.

    “What happened back there?!” May said, wanting an answer sense the music from the previous chapter didn’t cause this.

    “What are you talking about?” Drew asked.

    “You tackled me!!” May said, angry at him for not knowing.

    “I don’t remember that, except a flute.”

    “Flute?” May had to think back...


    Chaos continued on, All boys were rampaging around till the girls were aching and sprawled out on the floor. The music was busted, and the guys in red eyes high-fived each other for their victory.



    The guys looked around, they heard a flute, and then noticed that the whole place was trashed, everything ripped, and the girls were on the floor.

    End of Flashback

    “Hmm...that flute must have been the cause of this...” May said in a muttered voice.

    “Did that so called tackle knock some good sense in you?” Drew asked, impressed.

    “WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??” She span her fist again anime style at Drew, who coolly kept his hands in his pockets.


    The bell rang, meaning they had five minutes to get to their next class.

    “Oh man, its time to go already...” May sighed.

    They both headed for the doors. Drew passed her. “Oh, and I’m STILL faster then you.” Drew then ran as May chased him around then inside the building.



    Chapter 5: Speech, Magic, Double cross ; The secret is out, Ashley is evil! What will May and the rest do to her? All powers will be used, some backs will be turned! Fighting is included.
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    Well you can't blame me he really acts all girly girl some times you know person who ryhmes with barley. I thought Drew would never snap out of it.
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    Wow! This is good! I just read it all and its soo good! I'm hoing for updates! nice job!

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    Hooray~!! Now the chappie that I keep delaying on~!!

    Chapter 5: Speech, Magic, Double Cross


    The speech classroom, its medium sized, it has a green rugged floor, bright white walls, and a window on the left. The board was on the right if you were looking at it from the door. There were four desks, each desk had a black top and dark brown wood legs. The desks were long enough for two people to sit at.

    The people sitting were like this; May and Drew, Dawn and Misty, and Ash and Paul. The desks were arranged in a row.

    So far, class hasn’t started, everyone started talking pretty loud to be heard over everyone else, there was someone saying porque, Ash, he was saying it so many times Paul threatened to throw Ash out the window if he wouldn’t shut up, and Ash was silent as a pen drop. (-pen drops-)

    “Be quiet!” Ashley screamed over their voices, but no one heard her.

    “BE QUIET!!” She yelled louder, her hand turned grey and a rock was about to fall from the roof.

    Everyone’s voice died down, satisfying Ashley. She returned the rock back up to the ceiling as her skin returned to its regular color.

    Soon, Ashley yapped on about proper speech, it bored the kids so much.

    “I really don’t care about talking like a Britain.” Dawn whispered to Misty.

    “Yeah, it’s not like were talking to the queen of Timbuktu.” Misty whispered, and made a silly beaver face, making Dawn giggle.

    A Rock hit the side of the desk, breaking one of the legs a little, making it tip a bit.

    “No talking! Not until we talk like societins.” Ashley snapped, and went on with what she was talking.

    May balanced her head on her hands, obviously bored by this lesson. To past the time, she swished her feet around.


    “Hey!” Drew whispered, May just kicked his leg, with her swishing feet. She put on a playful face, and continued moving her feet around, kicking Drew sometimes.

    Drew couldn’t take the kicking, and kicked her back. She got mad and kicked him back, till both of their feet were raging under the table.

    “Aww, a couple of footsies.” Dawn cooed in a whispered voice, they both suddenly stopped, blushing a deep tint of red and pink.

    A huge boulder fell on May and Drew’s desk.

    “Pay attention!! Don’t make me topple one on you!!” Ashley threatened in an uncivilized voice, they both apologized and stayed as still as a statue. Ashley smiled, and continued writing on the board.

    Dawn continued to listen boredly, and snapped her fingers so the sun would shine brighter in the classroom. She slowly looked around, till something reflected from the sun and hit her eye, it was glinty by the looks of it. It was in the pocket of Ashley’s skirt, it looked like the mouth piece of a flute.

    Dawn instinctively knew what it was, May had told her last week that someone was holding a magical flute that could control the guys mind. Dawn quickly took out a pen and paper and wrote this down:

    Look at Ashley’s pocked, she’s the one who’s been controlling the guys! We have to get her now or it’ll just get worse!!

    P.S Pass it on

    Dawn stopped, and gave the note to Misty. Misty read it, angry blue flames took over her cerulean eyes, but she held in her anger and passed the note to Ash. Ash gasped, it was true!! He even looked at Ashley to be sure Misty and Dawn weren’t nuts, and trust him, he knows that.

    Paul read the note, and had that speechless expression where your mouth just hangs open. His eyes flashed purple, it usually only happens if he’s really angry. He passed the note to Drew. (BTW, Misty and Dawns desk is on the right, Paul and Ash are in the middle, and May and Drew are by the window)

    Drew looked shocked, and looked at the paper, then Ashley, then the paper, then Ashley, then paper, then...May? He looked saddened, and gave May the note that was passed without Ashley knowing. May gasped, and her eyes scrolled through the paper again. She couldn’t believe it, how could she double cross her? Or the others if you want to go there.

    She turned to all her friends, who were all looking at her. Her eyes were signaling something, they all knew it. She nodded, and they all prepared for it.

    Dawn and May took out a straw, and started chewing paper, they put the wad in the straw, and insinced with the straw, May’s turning ice blue, and Dawn’s turning fire red.

    ‘thump thump’ A fire wad and an ice wad hit the board, right around Ashley. The chalk crumbled in Ashley’s hand, “Who spit that...” She said in a very dark low voice. She turned around, to all the kids surrounding her. “So you know huh...” Ashley smirked.

    Ice disks formed in May’s hands, and she twirled while releasing them. The blades went everywhere. Dawn circled around Ashley quickly, throwing fire comets at Ashley, but Ashley managed to Escaped both moves. Misty held up her huge water mallet, and thrusted it over Ashley! Ashley thought quickly and shielded herself with a huge boulder.

    Ashley smirked, and pulled out the flute. May braced herself, making her arms do an X motion as she prepared for the worst.

    ‘whoooo who wheeoowooo’ The mystical music flowed through out the room, the guys eyes flashed red, and they were once again red eyed.

    “Darn it!” May yelled, and dodged a leaf storm from Drew, quickly jetting upwards toward the ceiling, then clasped her fingers, and millions of snowballs flowed out, pelting Drew harshly.

    “Get this!” Drew said, and did a flick motion with his arms, making more sharp leaves quickly roll toward May.

    “AHH!!” May screamed and closed her eyes, forcing her hands in a motion, making a thick ice wall form in front of her, blocking the leaves!! Drew growled, and continued fighting with May. Ashley chuckled, then dodged as Dawn and Paul squared off.

    “Stop it Paul, you don’t want to do this!!” Dawn pleaded, and flew to left as Paul threw a fired up fist at her. She flamed up her hand, and continued till all that was left was punches, being dodged as they were blown.

    “Stop it Paul!”

    “Not a chance princess.” Paul said through his fighting, soon they stopped flying and continued their fighting standing on the ground, Paul threw two punches at her, she was now holding Paul’s fists, stopping them from going any farther.

    “Stop it Paul! Get it through your gum blocked head!!” Dawn screamed, and her hands glowed red, burning Paul’s hands!! Paul pulled back, and once again headed for her.

    “AHH!!” Dawn screamed, and continued trying to stop Paul.

    “Bad aim!” Ash yelled as he threw a bolt at Misty, she flew left and threw a water comet at him, hitting him square in the chest.

    “Take that!” Misty laughed, then looked up as a giant bolt was about to strike her...until she hit it like a baseball with her mallet!

    “Ash Ketchup!!”

    “Ketchum.” Ash corrected, and again got hit by the water comets, that were now coming by fives!!

    “Mwuhahahaha!!” Ashley laughed, continuing her melodious song with the flute. “Now, finish them!!” Ashley commanded.

    “That’s it!!” May yelled, and flew out of range with Drew, right above Ashley. “That flute has to go!!” May yelled, and kicked the flute from Ashley’s hand; it flew, hitting the wall with a glass cracking sound.

    Dawn took care of Paul and Drew, it was hard for her. “Oh man!” Dawn panicked as she held fire ropes in her hands, she started to whip them across Drew and Paul, they ran like frightened children! Or people who will get burnt.

    “You’re a pain, double crossing us like that!” May yelled at Ashley, throwing an ice punch, Ashley dodged with a smirk, her hand glowed gray, and hit May, she slid across the floor in pain.

    “You know nothing yet!” Ashley yelled back, May slowly got up, clenching in the pain she never experienced before. May held back her hands, the white disks again forming in her hands, three disks.

    “Take this-!” May span with the disks but slipped on a banana peel! The disks went out of control!!

    One hit Paul’s head...

    “Ow!” The disk hit him in the head, he fell back but go up.

    Another hit Ashley...

    “My bracelet!!” Ashley yelped as the disk tared off the gray beaded bracelet, the beads ran through the floor.

    The last one...

    Split the flute. The flute broke hotdog way, sprinkles of dust came out from the top, the flute was broken, magically and physically.

    “Uh-oh...”Ashley yelped, she panicked as the red eyes faded away back to their original color, bad for Ashley.

    “YOU MEAN I COULD HAVE BROKE THAT STUPID FLUTE?! I WASTED MY LIPS ON DREW?!” May yelled loudly. She then blushed and covered her mouth.

    “You did what?” Drew said.

    “Nothing!” May said a bit too quickly, and left Drew very very (110x) very suspicious.

    “Where’s Ashley?” Dawn asked, they looked around the room, no Ashley. She slipped away!

    “Oh man, we lost her.” Ash moaned, his stomach grumbled.

    “Uh...May, where is the banana you tripped on...?” He then felt someone slap his head, both Misty and Paul shook their head at his stupidity.

    “Well, at least that’s over.” May sighed, and joined her friends by the window.


    o_O intense

    Chapter 6: Before the ice ball ; Things about Ashley and the flute are now taking underway, May is having filler flashbacks to waste the time away as the train brings the gang back to the castle; preperations are made for the iceball, and many more! I think. You'll just have to wait to find out.
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    ooooh, nice, nice! *claps and cheers* wonderful work! this story is getting really good! okay here are some mistakes, just small ones:

    should be pockeT?

    Exclamation points in the narritive is reserved for special occasions enough as is, and only one exclamation point works just fine. Dont over do it! plus two looks unprofesional. :3 (I can't spell...)

    and flew to THE left?

    'Or people who will get burnt.' isn't a complete sentence...


    but goT up?

    other than those it was great!

    I'm looking forward to the next chapter! this story is great!!!

    EDIT: zomg i forgot to put my favorite part of this chapter! okay here it is:
    that was really funny and cute and shippy all at the same time!!

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    Nice chapter, though I have to agree with riolulu you did have some mistakes.
    This had to be my favorite part:
    LOL! I can't believe May said that out loud, actually she yelled it.
    You weren't kidding when you said the boys wouldn't remember what happened otherwise Drew would would've remembered the kiss and blushed of course.
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    nice chapter...
    i cant beleive she yelled
    “YOU MEAN I COULD HAVE BROKE THAT STUPID FLUTE?! I WASTED MY LIPS ON DREW?!” May yelled loudly. She then blushed and covered her mouth.

    “You did what?” Drew said.

    “Nothing!” May said a bit too quickly, and left Drew very very (110x) very suspicious.
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    said that. Correction, screamed
    that! lol, banana peel.
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    Here we go~!!

    Chapter 6: Before the Ice Ball


    “You fool! We don’t have anymore flutes!” Giovanni yelled in his hospital bed. Ashley was boredly sitting at the foot of his bed, polishing her finger nails.

    “So? Don’t we have the evil soundtrack?” Ashley asked, keeping her focus to her nails.

    “Yes. But you left it at the stupid school of yours!” Giovanni slammed down on the bed, jerking it around.

    “And your point is...?”

    “If we want the plan to work out at the ball this Saturday, then we need that disk!”

    “Yeah...about that...it broke.”


    “Yeah. Once Lateshia found the CD, she broke it in half.”

    “NO! Now how will this work! HOW HOW- wait, why are you so calm about it? Betraying your so called ‘friends’.” Giovanni snarled, His forehead was forming distress lines.

    “I have ways. Harley, you still have my silver clarinet?” Ashley turned to Harley, he held the clarinet weakly. Ashley took it and held it infront of Giovanni’s face.

    “This clarinet was my mom’s, she controlled my dad that way. Its guaranteed to work like my flute.” Ashley said, Giovanni clapped and smiled.

    “Good! I guess I under estimated you, I thought you would double cross me.”

    “You don’t know the half of it.” Ashley smirked and left the hospital room.


    “Class, as you know, the ball is tomorrow.” Natasha said, the kids groaned.

    “NO! I hate balls!” May protested.

    “Do you even know why we hold the ice ball?” Lateshia asked. Everyone shook they’re head no.

    “It’s the day when all ice fairies gain the most power. Your dad doesn’t want you fighting anything on that day, so he held the ball to distract all ice fairies.” Natasha said, May once again groaned.

    “Well...still! I can hold it in!” May said, the instructors shook their head in disbelief.

    “Pack up all your stuff, were going to the Hoenn Kingdom and we’ll get ready.” Everyone left the room, and entered their own personal dorms. May entered hers, scoping around it. She never did unpack, she was hoping to go home early.

    They’re were a few things lying around the room though. The blankets, a few clothes, and a rose. May stepped up to the rose. She held it in her hands, it didn’t freeze like a usual flower would.


    “For you.” Drew handed May a deep blue rose, May held it in her hands.

    “It won’t freeze!” May smiled at it.

    “Yeah, it’s an Ice rose. It doesn’t freeze on contact.” Drew said, he was happy that May was happy.

    “You’re so nice Drew!” May launched a hug on him, they moved through the air, she smiled and let go.

    End Flashback

    Everything was packed now. The rose was put in a special ice fortress she made herself, and placed it in the suitcase.

    “Come on! The train is here!”

    May took her suitcase, and ran out her dorm, out to the pantalilies. She smiled at the flowers. Somehow, she was happy that it was the last time she’d be here.

    She climbed aboard the same train she was on when she came here, everyone sat in the seats, comforting themselves to the new black fur seats.

    One last look at the building...it was gone now.

    “Hey May, do you think they frosted the walls for the ball?” Dawn asked. May shrugged.

    “Don’t know. They better not do it without me, it’s my favorite pass time!” May whined, thinking about the last ball she was aloud to freeze at.

    A song played on the radio.

    Here's a story of a girl,

    Living in the lonely world,

    A hidden note,

    A secret crush,

    A little boy who talks too much.

    Well, I'm standing in the crowd,

    And when you smile I check you out,

    But you don't even know my name,

    You’re too busy playing games,

    And I want you too know,

    If you lose your way,

    I won't let you go.

    If I cut my hair,

    If I change my clothes,

    Will you notice me?

    If I bite my lip,

    If I say hello,

    Will you notice me?

    Whats it gonna take for you to see

    I want you to notice me,

    I'll get you notice me.

    It cut off. “I hate this song!” The driver yelled, some people protested in the back. May felt connected to that song, like something like that happened before. Oh wait!


    May waved her hand infront of Drew.

    “Hello? Hello? You there?” May asked, Drew was lost in a trance.

    “What do I have to do to get you to notice me! Freeze my hair?” May waited for a response. “Fine, I’ll do it!”

    May clasped her head in her hands, and the edges of her hair froze.

    “See! I got Fros-lights!” Drew still didn’t blink.

    “UGH!” The ice came off, leaving baby blue tips at her hair.

    “Oh great. Now dads gonna kill me.” May sighed. Drew finally came out of his trance.

    “Hm. Nice hair.” Drew simply said, and walked away! May collapsed to the floor and was about to tackle him till everyone gave her creepy looks.

    End of Flashback

    Soon the train came to a stop. “Yay! Were here!” May happily grabbed her suitcase and flew out the train, sucking in the Hoenn Kingdom air.

    “Happy to be home?” Natasha asked, carrying a suitcase.

    “Yeah! Where is everyone?” May asked, and looked around. Only guards for the front gate.

    “We’ll never know if we don’t go in, race ya!” Misty challenged May, they both got into place. ‘ZOOM’! They zipped off like fly’s and smacked dab right into the wooden gate itself.

    “Miss May...? Are you alright?” One of the guards poked his rifle at her, she groaned and muttered yes.

    “Couldn’t you wait?” Dawn asked, heaving her heavy bags to the front of the castle.

    “Guys, open the door and take my friends stuff.” May clapped her hands in a chop-chop manner, the guards split into ten and took all the bags. The doors squeaked open, revealing an elegant blue crystal floor that was over the regular tiles.

    “I’m home!” May’s voice echoed through empty halls. None was here, WHY! Everyone else came in, looking at the fine dining hall, a very empty place.

    “Coming!” Another echo answered May, A purple haired girl in a purple tank top, black sleeveless vest, black miniskirt, and black sandals ran through the hall, stopping at one then turning then running up to May and everyone else.

    “May-your-home-great!” The girl heaved from the run.

    “Kara, where is everyone?” May asked.

    “Getting the ballroom ready.” Kara answered shortly.

    “Can we help!?” Dawn asked, pushing through everyone to the front.

    “Sure! More help!” Kara led them through more hallways, till they started seeing more fairies around, constructing on the décor.

    “We need more muscle.” Kara said, pointing to two guys trying to lift a very big crystal ice colored chandelier. The guys, (Ash, Drew, Paul, Willie, Trevor) hurried over there and help with the chandelier.

    “And Misty, we need help with the water statues.” Kara pointed to two sculptures that are lacking the water spout.

    “On it!” Misty hurried over to the sculptures, and even took out her mallet to help sculpt.

    “...Fire shishcabobs...Dawn?”

    “Okay.” Dawn headed towards the kitchen door, in the tiny circular window you could see Brock panicking over a very hot turkey...oops! It fell on the floor!

    “What about me? How can I help?” May asked.

    “You could frost the walls...” Kara suggested, May squealed, both of them flew up to the fairy-free zone.

    “Here.” Kara handed May a bubble blower. May blew into it, facing the wall, and a light snow covered the wall. May continued doing it, till the whole room was covered in frost. And yes, it was cold.


    Next chapter will be seperated in halfs because its very long
    They're will also be people from fanfiction.net on there so you get to see them interact with May! Hooray!

    Chapter 7 1/2: Meeting them ; May meets some people who are scheming to get Drew and her together! Don't forget Poke and Ikari! Songs will be used and italized.
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    very nice! not much happened, but that just makes me very interested in the next chapter!

    a few mistakes:

    should be heads or instructor.

    should be to not too

    should be 'take my friends' stuff.

    people from ff.net are gonna be in the fanfic? oh, and I will give you a review on FF.net if you like!

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    Great chapter, loved the flashbacks.
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    its nice,
    good song, a little short though...
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    riolulu:Thanks! I'm not really a fan of spelling...:p
    crissy111:Thankyou! I liked the flashbacks too.
    kroko50:This chapter will make up from the last short chapter :)

    Chapter 7 1/2: Meeting them


    May opened her closet. She sweat dropped. Where were all her pretty dresses? Dawn walked in wearing a silk red spaghetti strapped dress and a black long thin coat. Dawn ran over to May’s closet, and gaped at the little dresses.

    “This is your royal dresser?!” Dawn said, thinking May had all the dresses ever made.

    “I never really wanted dresses, I have my signature look.” May said, scanning the dresses once again.

    “What, a tank top and miniskirt? You seriously need a new dress. Come on!” Dawn dragged May out of the room, then led her to a gift shop filled with velvet jackets and frilly dress.

    “Sense when was this in the castle?” May asked, someone tapped her shoulder, it was the gift shop manager.

    “This store was installed precisely four weeks ago.” The lady said, she had the snooty kind of accent you would find a snooty person say.

    “Okay...” May said, weirded out. Her and Dawn went over to dresses that were in shades of pink and red, covered in glitter and sparkles. Dawn squealed and started rampaging around the rack, throwing unwanted clothes on the floor, one hit May in the face, May got mad and froze it, it turned to icy blue. Dawn turned to the dress May turned blue, and her eyes sparkled.

    “Ooh! A magic enducing fabric!” Dawn squealed again, and looked at the dress, inspecting it. It had a sweater already in it, the sweater was mid torso but had long sleeves, the dress had a dark blue sparkly top and a poofy but not to poofy light blue skirt, followed by blue Tinkerbell sandals.

    “Awesome! You could wear that!” Dawn said, May looked at the dress. Well, I guess it might work. May went into the dressing room and changed into it, it even had the correct wing size! May came out, half the girls that saw May grunted at her beautiful dress, where the guys who were forced to come by their dates gawked at her with weird hearts in there eyes.

    “Okay, I’ll get it!” May said, and payed for it. The royal trumpets sounded, saying that the ball was about to begin. May and Dawn hurried to the ball room, eyeing for their friends.

    They saw Misty in a blue mid coat and a black poofy skirt with her hair curled, and Kara stood beside her in a purple sweater and black poofy glittery skirt, beside them was Tracey and Ash, both in the same suit, yellow, unfortunately they bought the same tuxedo (at the same time!)...

    Paul and Drew were coolly leaning on the walls, Paul slipped a little due to the ice, and fell on the floor, but quickly got back up before everyone saw him on the floor. Drew was wearing a black jacket and a green suit, Paul was wearing an orange winter coat and black pants followed by a really stuffy white shirt. Dawn smiled and brought her and May over to them, but before she could speak, Lateshia, Natasha, and Norman were up on stage.

    Natasha was wearing a gold colored blazer and a yellow ankle length dress, Lateshia was wearing a white kimono with pink flowers on it, apparently she didn’t feel cold. Norman was wearing his royal pajamas and the crown, some of the teens in the room giggled at him. He looked down and gasped, no body dressed him!! Now he looked like an idiot infront of the world teens.

    He only said a few things, trying to get out of here, when Natasha and Lateshia stole the mic from him, and booted him out the door.

    “Okay, now that Pantsless Mctalks a lot is gone, lets party!” The girls screamed, and cued the disco ball and DJ to start the music.

    The room split into two, girl and boys, no body broke the dance barrier, yet.

    May yelped as she was dragged away by about ten girls, pushing her up on stage and giving her the microphone, they started whispering her to sing. “I can’t sing!” She whispered back.

    Two girls flew up stage to May, “I’m Kari, you can sing while I play the piano for you!” Kari pointed to the old piano with webs at the corner of the room, she was wearing an aqua blue sparkly dress, silver high heels, a fluffy white waist coat, and a silver tiara over her hair tied in a messy bun. Her hair was brown with yellow streaks. “Hi, remember me?” The other girl had a baby pink dress down to her ankles, with a slit up the
    skirt. Chocolate colored hair curled with red highlights, and pink eyes. On her feet were red strappy heels, and she wore a heart charm necklace.

    “Oh yeah...Lia! I’ve missed you! You hypnotized Brandon to go to the sixth grade dance with me!” May whispered then got angry as she mentioned Brandon.

    “Here’s the song, just sing along as Kari plays the piano, and musical fairies will play!” Lia gave May a sheet with words, she scanned it, she blushed and thought that the song was similar to May and Drew’s friendship...

    Everyone looked up to May as she sang “Once upon a broken heart”

    Once upon a broken heart
    I was walking alone in the dark
    Looking for a way to start again
    What I wouldn't give for a friend
    There was no love in my life
    There was no light in my eyes
    All the tears that I had cried and cried
    Seemed like they'd never end
    And I never believed fairytales came true
    But now I know that they really do
    Now that I found you, now that I'm here with you
    Just look at the sunshine, and you
    Showed me a world
    That I'd never seen
    I woke up and fell into this dream
    Happily ever after just took time
    Once upon this broken heart of mine
    Long ago and far away
    I could never dream of the day
    That your love would come my way and stay
    And sweep me away and I
    Never believed fairytales came true
    But now I know that they really do
    Now that I found you, now that I'm here with you
    Just look at the sunshine, and you
    Showed me a world
    That I'd never seen
    I woke up and fell into this dream
    Happily ever after just took time
    Once upon this broken heart of mine
    this is the way a fairytale feels
    This is the way I know it's real
    'Cause this is the way a broken heart heals
    And I never believed fairytales came true
    But now I know that they really do
    Now that I found you, now that I'm here with you
    Just look at the sunshine, and you
    Showed me a world
    That I'd never seen
    I woke up and fell into this dream
    Happily ever after just took time
    Once upon this broken heart of mine

    Drew looked up to find May was finished with the song, everyone cheered at her melodoes voice, she blushed and got off stage. Lia and Kari followed her.

    “How was I Drew?” May asked, blushing. He scoffed and didn’t answer. “Stop being so immature!” May said, jumping up and down.

    Alex, Lia’s date, came up to them. “Whoa! You’re Drew?” Alex said, Drew nodded.

    “I feel sorry for you my friend.” He said.

    “Why?” Drew asked. While they chatted Lia smirked and put her finger up, and blew it towards Drew, but Kari was practicing her air moves and accidentally crashed it into the pink dust that made someone fall in love with someone, and it hit Alex. He started being all mushy-wushy and carried Lia away to the dance floor.

    “Okay...Powers just get weirder.” May said, Dawn nodded as she came behind May.

    May and Dawn flew up to the roof to inspect the dancing. Misty, Ash, Kara, Tracey, Natasha, Willie, and a whole bunch of other people were randomly dancing on the dance floor as some techno song played. “Don’t you just love the romance down there?” Some random voice said, Dawn and May turned to her, she was wearing a pink dress with a white vail over her shoulders, she had brown hair in a bun with a few bangs hanging out.

    “Uh...sure. I’m May!” May introduced.

    “Dawn.” Dawn said glumly in the dark corner they were watching from.

    “I’m Amanda, having romance problems Dawn?” Amanda asked, swishing one of her bangs back.

    “Yeah, I want to dance with Paul, but he’s just...arrogant.” Dawn muttered, pointing to Paul who was still trying to hold himself against the wall.

    “I can fix that!” Amanda chirped, her hands started glowing pink. “Now go down there!” She pushed Dawn back to the floor, Dawn almost fell face first to the floor if Paul didn’t catch her. They were both now on the floor, Dawn said sorry and got off him. She saw that part of his wing was damaged, and said sorry.

    “Okay, May, I think you should get out of shooting range.” Amanda said, May nodded and stood a few feet back. Amanda snapped, a medium sized pink heart formed in her hand, and she magically summoned a bow into her other hand, and shot it at Paul like cupid.

    Paul was stricken on the back, and when he felt it, he seemed to jerk around before he returned back to normal. He looked at Dawn, in his imagination he saw hearts forming all around her. “Uhh...” He started drooling again, but snapped out of it.

    “Um...do you want to dance?” Paul asked, Dawn blushed but said yes, the song Tear On My Guitar by Taylor Swift started playing. They danced, and danced. Can't explain anymore. Hey!! Why are you too that close?! HEY!!


    Yay!! The end of the chapter was the narrator trying to talk to Dawn and Paul. Apparently they were busy doing something else...*coughcough*

    Chapter 7 2/2: The rest of the chapter where the rest of the people force the shippings to happen! Mwuhahahahahaha!!!

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