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Princess Shroob

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OK, I'm on the final battle in Mario and Luigi, and the babies and the adults are Lv. 21. How the heck do I beat her?


Attack her until her Force Feild go's away(Use Copy Flowers) and Level up.(She has 2500 HP)

After her you have to go to The Shrooboid Mothership and face Princess Shroob the Elder (Same as Princess Shroob with 3000 HP)(Twin sister of Princess Shroob)

And after that Princess Shroob Transformed (6 arms each with Around 255 HP), 1 Crown(Around 500 HP)Princess Shroob(3000 HP)(The Arms and Crown come back)

Then Showser(Showser (Dies after useing 20 attacks at you) is very easy if you are good at Evadeing.)(Bowser eats Princess Shroob and uses her Power to become Showser he is NOT Mind controled)


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