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Princess-Sitting (Slayers - Amelia/Lina)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by PrismaticPrincessAnna, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. PrismaticPrincessAnna

    PrismaticPrincessAnna I'll do my Lilliest

    Rating: PG-15
    Anime: Slayers
    Type: Yuri
    Genre: Comedy/Friendship
    Pairing: Amelia/Lina (Little bit of Amelia/Zelgadis)
    Status: Completed c:
    By: PPLyra
    Summary: There's nothing like a normal day for the Slayers gang... until Amelia asks Lina some advice how to kiss Zelgadis without hurting him! Will Lina refuse the request?
    Rants: Another day off from work today, so I stayed up writing this One-shot last night. Had an idea from my other AmeLina Fic (Dare), nya~


    "Mister Zelgadis! Hurry up! The seafood won't eat themselves, you know!" I called out to my fellow rock-hard-headed companion. It was nice out, so I decided to take him out for a small date while the others were still asleep at the Inn. It was still early in the morning. I couldn't sleep all night when all I was thinking about was Mister Zelgadis and which place to spend our first date at.

    "Uuugggnnhhhh... Amelia... it's still early in the morning... The sun hasn't risen yet..." Mister Zelgadis groaned. I then walked next to him and held his rough textured hand as we walked throughout the city. He had the most strangest look in his face. Half-tired and half-irritated. "I don't want seafood for breakfast... I want a cup of coffee..."

    "Don't be so discourage," I said as I stopped walking. He did too. I walked in front of him and placed my hands upon his chunky chest. "We can just do this some other day... I mean... If you're not ready..." My smile faded.

    He gazed at me. His sapphire eyes were looking at me in a nonchalant way. "No, I don't want to disappoint you."

    "Really, Mister Zelgadis?!" He shrugged and nodded. "Hooray!" I then giggled happily. I grabbed his hand and made our way to the seafood restaurant.

    We arrived there after a while. Wow. It was only us here. We ordered some salmon and sardines at our table. While we waited, I went to sit next to Mister Zelgadis. He looked at me slightly confused. "Uhm..." I mumbled.

    "What is it, Amelia?" he asked.

    I started to blush. "Mistah-ter Zeh-Zelgadis..."


    "Can I have a short kiss?"

    He started to blush too. Red tones appeared on his blue cheeks. "Amelia, wah-why are you-you asking me th-this all of a-a sudden?!"

    "Its that... since that we're together now... I've always wanted to know what it feels like getting a kiss from someone..."

    He was quiet. His finger was twiddling with the laces of his shirt. "Okay... Just stop bugging me after this..."

    "Yay!" I was really nervous at what to do first. He let me do all the work. I gulped whatever that was inside my mouth. I stood up to match his height and placed my warm and shaky hands upon his cold and texture face. I leaned in for a kiss. His lips weren't rough as his skin. Infact, they were soft and wet. Like devouring an ice cream cone.

    It was so tender that I could-- "Ouuch!" exclaimed the chimera. "That hurt, Amelia!"

    "Sorry, sorry and sorry again, Mister Zelgadis!" I quickly moved back away from him, seeing a small amount of blood dripping down from his lower lip. "I didn't mean to do that... I-I-I... That was my first kiss..."

    He wiped the blood using his glove. "I'm all right, Amelia. No need to fret about it."

    "If you say so..."

    "Miss Linaaaaaaa!" I exclaimed, bolting inside her bedoom Inn an hour later. She was sitting on her bed, putting her boots on.

    "What is it, Amelia?" she asked, looking at me as I sat next to her on her bed.

    "C-Can you teach me how to kiss?"

    Confusion appeared on the bandit-killer's face like she saw Mister Gourry casting a spell. "Say whaaaat?!" she exclaimed, her words almost knocking me off the bed.

    "You didn't hear me?" I wondered, raising an eyebrow. "I said, teach me how to kiss."

    "I heard you well, Amelia, but why? There had better be a good explanation for this!" She crossed her arms across her flat-chested glory.

    "I... well... While I was on my first date with Mister Zelgadis this morning, I accidentally bit his lip..." I looked down and frowned at myself. Then I looked back at her again.

    Her cheeks turned slight pink like her shirt. She must be feeling awkward. "Wouldn't it be easier if you just ask Zel how to kiss you?"

    "No... I can't... That would be embarrassing..."

    "Hmm... How about asking Filia for any advice?"

    "I haven't known her for that long..."

    She scratched her head, then said, "...Gourry?"

    "No way! He's yours!"

    "What do you mean by that?!"

    "Nothing, nothing..."

    "How about... Xellos...?"

    "Th-That's... No way!" I shuddered. I don't know if any normal human being in this world ever kissed a monster before!

    Miss Lina pushed her foot inside the last boot. "I still don't get why you want my advice, Amelia," she said as she scratched her head. "A kiss is a kiss. You shouldn't mess around with it. We're not emotionally together or anything and that's that..."


    She sighed deeply. "No buts! Now leave me alone before I Fireball you!"

    I guess there's no other choice... "I promise I'll pay you back when you do..."

    She groaned loudly to the skies and laid back on her bed, making the bed bounce. I knew she wouldn't turn down a couple of gold coins. "Fine, I'll do it..."

    "Thank you, Miss Lina," I said. "For the sake of Juustiiice!" I clasped my hands together and giggled.

    "Yeah, yeah... You could say that..." she said. "Mmmm... I will be swimming in gold coins soon," she whispered.

    "What was that, Miss Lina?"

    "Huh? I meant to say was, if you tell a soul about this, I swear to Shabranigdo, I'm going to Fireball you to the next town!" Now that I think about it, going straight to the next town like that would be handy, but I would be covered with a lot of injuries. Yeah. Bruises, cuts and ripped clothes... A big mess. "You ready yet, Amelia?" she interrupted.

    "Ready... Ready for what?"

    She began to blush. "You know... How to kiss..."

    "Oh! Wait, now?"

    "Yes. I want my money on the ready."

    "Okay, what do I do first?"

    "Are going to ask questions all day, Amelia?! Do you want to learn or what?"

    "I-I thought asking you for help is what we agreed upon..."

    "No, I agreed I would teach you how to kiss by demonstrating."

    "An actual kiss from you, Miss Lina?!" I exclaimed loudly that my face turned bright red.

    "Don't you remember when I was cursed by Martina and Xellos decided to demonstrate my curse instead of describing it? Well, it was more effective..." By the looks of things, she was embarrassed at what she had said. She looked away and her face was more red.

    I gulped. I'm not quite ready yet... but since she's ready for it, I guess I have to other choice... "Do I luh-lean towards you or me?" I asked, still blushing like mad.

    "I... ughh... Of course you're going to do it... You're the one who asked for it..."

    "Okay, but could you please sit up? I feel... rather odd having to kiss you while you're lying down on the bed..."

    The Dragon Spooker didn't move an inch. "I want to lie down like this. Is there a problem with that?"

    "No, it's just... nevermind..."

    "Are you going to sit there and gawk all day?! Hurry up and kiss me already!" she said, waving her hand up about.

    "Uhh... No! Uhm... Okay, here goes nothing, Miss Lina..." I placed my hands upon the bed as closed my eyes. Leaning towards her, it felt a little strange at first because I was trying to control my weight that was settling onto her and trying not to slam my body against her. I was shivering slightly. I didn't know what I was doing. I just went and felt something on my forehead. I snapped my eyes open and realized that I've been doing it the wrong way. I had my forehead against Miss Lina's.

    She just looked at me in confusion. I could just feel her breath against my hot cheeks. "What in the world are you doing, Amelia? You're trying to kiss me, not head butt me!"

    I could feel my head was steaming out hot smoke and the tip of my ears were hot from that. "I-I... I'm so sorry, Miss Lah-Lina!" I stammered. "Suh-See? Told you I suck at th-this!"

    Miss Lina sat up as I did too. She looked at me and sat me upright. "No you don't, Amelia," she said.

    "Do you remember your first kiss, Miss Lina? How was it like?" I had to wonder. If she knew so much about how to kiss... has she ever even kissed anyone before? ...

    "To be honest with you, I haven't kissed anyone... Not that I believe... I had an illusion that I kissed Gourry, but I'm unsure if it was real or not. That Jellyfish-brain doesn't even know that I know..."

    "So... that means you're teaching me how to kiss when you've never even had your first kiss yet?!"

    She blushed again. "Amelia! I know how, okay?! I sometimes see people kiss in the streets when we travel together!"

    "All right, all right... I believe you... Can we please kiss now?! I want to learn what you know!"

    "Stop rushing me, Amelia!"

    "Then don't be so slow, Miss Lina!" We stared at each other with the most annoying look in our faces. She was practically pouting when I was puffing up my cheeks. "I apologize, Miss Lina..." I whispered. "I just want to learn how to kiss quickly so I can go out with Mister Zelgadis later again today..."

    "Okay, let's restart..." Miss Lina had her hands on my shoulders and placed her forehead against mine. "First thing you want to do is this..."

    "This? You wanted me to head butt Mister Zelgadis?"

    She groaned. "Are you paying attention, Amelia? I'll just call it quits and stop here."

    "Nuh-No... Go on..."

    She sighed. "Look closely into Zel's eyes and tell him that you love him, all right?"

    I smiled and closed my eyes, picturing the man I love in my mind. "I love you!"

    She growled again. "Not to me, you idiot! To Zelgadis!"


    "Stop fooling around now, Amelia, and get serious," she said.


    "I want you to copy whatever I'll do to you." She moved back then placed her hands upon my cheek and went for it. I felt her lips smacked softly against mine. Somehow I was enjoying myself just sitting there and getting kissed. I felt her grab my hair using my fingers to pull me closer to her. She pulled away after a moment and we were both breathing heavily. "So, that's how to kiss. But the fact Zel has wired hair, I don't think you should grab a hold of his hair, unless you're willing to hurt your fingers." Miss Lina stood up on her feet to walk out of her bedroom.

    I stood up on my feet as well. "Miss Lina," I said.

    She turned around to face me. "What is it this time, Amelia?"

    "I... uhhh... Before I kiss Mister Zelgadis, can I try it on your first for a practise?"

    "Wasn't that kiss before a practise to you?!"

    "Well, I just sat there and done nothing, while you done all the kissing..." I blushed when I said the last word out loud.

    "This has to be a most strangest day in my life so far..." she moaned.

    Without hesitation, I grabbed a hold on her cape's collar to kiss her. I could feel the texture of her and decided to grab it softly. I didn't feel like letting her ago as I felt her kissing me back. She then pulled me away in a swift motion. "Okay, that's enough, Amelia..." she said, wiping the moisture that was left in her lips.

    "Miss Lina, thank you," I said, politely.

    "Yeah, yeah... Just pay up soon..."

    During dinner time, Mister Gourry and Miss Lina were attacking each other with fork and spoon over the last chicken drumstick. The sound of metal clanging to one another was the only sound that I could hear. Miss Filia was sitting next to Mister Gourry with Mister Xellos at a table by himself a little closer to me. Mister Zelgadis was directly sitting next to me. "Miss Lina, it worked!" I said, trying to start a friendly conversation."

    "What worked?" she asked.

    "The kiss! Don't you remember that you taught and showed me how kiss?"

    "What did you say, Amelia?!" Miss Lina exclaimed, her fork and spoon were knocked off her hands because she had lost her concentration.

    "All right! It's all mine!" said Mister Gourry, forking the last chicken drumstick onto his own fork and start to nibble it.

    Mister Zelgadis, Miss Filia and Mister Xellos all gave me and Miss Lina confused looks. "What..." Mister Zelgadis said.

    "I'm sorry, Miss Lina!" I exclaimed, holding onto Mister Zelgadis's arm. "I did promise to pay you back, right? I'll pay you when we go to Seyrrun!"

    "Sorry isn't going to cut it this time, Amelia! Especially the stinkin' money!" she growled, with her hands on front of me, "Fireball!!"

    Last edited: Mar 29, 2013

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