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Princess VS Princess (052)


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Lickitung seemed like one of the most random Pokemon Jessie could have caught at the time. Its a shame we didn't see it very often.

Valoc Darkmyre

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Princess vs. Princess is the only episode I've watched that had Lickitung in it (I haven't watched much of the anime), but I was happy with how easily Licki took down that little yellow electric rat in that episode. I know some of you really like Pikachu, but I love it when Pika doesn't win a fight; it's a lot more realistic than the "OMG PIKACHU WIPED OUT A GROUND TYPE WITH AN ELECTRIC ATTACK!!!" stuff that usually happens. =D

Still, from what you guys have said about Licki as a part of the Rockets, it doesn't sound like that they used it to its full potential for comic relief when it was a member of the Rocket team. Seriously, Licki's tongue is more than twice the length of its body, according to the anime Pokédex; I'm sure they could've thought of plenty of comical things to do with a Poké with a tongue bigger than itself if they had tried. They have another chance now that Lickitung has an evolution in Diamond and Pearl; even though Jessie no longer has her Lickitung, we're sure to see some more Lickis again.


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I liked this episode a lot. It inspired me to do more research on Japanese holidays, which lead me to learn more about oriental culture eventually. Who said Pokemon doesn't have any educational value?

I feel sorry for both girls whenever I watch this particular episode. I really wished that they could have both won the set of dolls somehow. Though, over the years, I began to sympathize with Jessie more than Misty, especially since the poor girl can't seem to catch a break. Ever.

Lickitung was an awesome Pokemon that had a lot of potential to be both humorous and a good opponent for Ash. However, it got traded off at some point in Johto for Wobbuffet. It looks like it wasn't the best move for the writers since now Lickitung has an evolution, so Jessie could have showcased it. Why can't Team Rocket ever have more than two Pokemon at a time? Are they really that low in the eyes of the writers?


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Why can't Team Rocket ever have more than two Pokemon at a time? Are they really that low in the eyes of the writers?

Uh, right now in Japan they have three each (Cacnea/Masukippa/Mime Jr., Dustox/Wobbuffet/Seviper).


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I was happy with how easily Licki took down that little yellow electric rat in that episode. I know some of you really like Pikachu, but I love it when Pika doesn't win a fight; it's a lot more realistic than the "OMG PIKACHU WIPED OUT A GROUND TYPE WITH AN ELECTRIC ATTACK!!!" stuff that usually happens. =D.

You would have enjoyed watching Flannery's Torkoal Sludge Bomb it to death...I know I did.


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Well, this episode is quite a good episode. We get to see our first pokemon contest (come on, you have to admit that it seems very similar to the pokemon contests in AG and DP (I mean the four pokemon limit? Them appealing to the audience in fancy clothes (Kimonos)? They're calling it a "Contest" anytime they are talking about the battle or prior to the actual event?), it gives backstory to some of the characters, and Misty won the contest among many other stuff. Unfortunately, despite it being a very good episode, I am forced to give it a C+ due to certain scenes involving the typical female anime stereotype (which thank goodness that Misty proved herself not to be that.) in case you are wondering which specific scenes I was referring to, here is a flashback:

(warps everyone on the site to the shopping mall during the announcing of the contest scene.)
“PA: Announcer: Attention, Princess Festival shoppers. Attention, Princess Festival shoppers.
Misty/Jessie: Eh?
PA Announcer: In just a few minutes we will be holding the main event of this year’s Princess Festival, The Queen of the Princess Festival Contest.
Misty: The Contest.
Jessie: The Contest.
Brock: Ah, and the tons of beautiful girls.
Pikachu: Pika! Pika!
PA Announcer: The prize for the contest winner will be a beautiful, one-of-a-kind collection of Pokemon Princess Dolls.
Misty/Jessie: Princess Dolls?
PA Announcer: And, in addition, the winner will have her picture taken with Screen Sensation Fiorello Cappuchino.
(Every Girl in the store, with the exception of Misty and Jessie, start to squeal like animals and start to trample over Ash, Brock, James, Pikachu and Meowth.)”

And the worst part is, they did this for a total of three times (well, two if you count the girls squeals before and after Fiorello’s “Ciao, Bella. It’s Good to be here." line as the same.)
(Warps all of the site members to the unveiling of the grand prize to the audience.)
"MC contest announcer: it’s unique it’s Antique; it’s the limited, one-of-a-kind Pokemon princess doll set, batteries sold separately.
Pikachu: PiKaChu!
Ash: I’d like one of those, myself.
(The very same girls start to do a different variation of their nightmarish, animalistic squealing as we zoom in on the doll set (the clefairy and pikachu dolls to be specific).)
Fiorello: Ciao, Bella. (Tooth shines a star) It’s Good to be here.
(All of the aforementioned girls start doing the nightmarish, sexist squeals.)"

Now do you see what I mean? (Warps all site members back to the site.) Because in case why you guys are wondering why some small, seemingly insignificant scenes would influence the low grade for it, it’s because those girls squealing is what started my hatred of the female anime stereotype in the first place (and by extension, the LH franchise (Don't Ask), and a certain AG girl [And, no, I am NOT going to give her name since if I do, it would start a girl flame war and none of us would want that, now do we?].)

And just so you know, the female anime stereotype is this awful stereotype that has the girls being very veloptuous, and their behavior is loud, whiney, obnoxious, silly, spoiled, and throwing temper tantrums, Misty doesn’t fit these at all (and no, her losing control of her temper does not count as a temper tantrum. a temper tantrum is, to use a "Berenstein Bears" reference, the galloping greedy gimmies, or, in a losing issue, crying your eyes out if you lose (and it is not the first time you lost either). It also doesn’t qualify under loud because when I envision loud, I think of those girls in Princess vs. Princess.) It was somewhat influenced by a family member, and even if it wasn’t, with my keen observation skills on girls at school, I could tell that it was a use of sexism and not how girls are really.

Also, Misty being possibly the only female protagonist in the pokemon anime to not have that hated stereotype is the exact reason why I am trying to bring her back to the main cast. I am not saying that the episode in itself was terrible, in fact, i felt that it was one of the best episodes. Anyways, that wraps up my review.

Now, as for those people complaining that Jessie lost, at least be thankful that she almost won (and came in second place not to mention) for once.


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A nice episode focusing on Misty I enjoyed it, and we also see Ash still doesn't get Misty. Also nice to see Jessie capture her Lickitung even though it doesn't get as much spotlight as Wobbuffet later in the series does.


Aw I think Jessie should have won, she deserved them a lot more than Misty did. But yeah, they're Team Rocket, they have to lose EVERY time, even if they play by the rules on those certain occasions, geez. :eek:


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True they always mess up in some way or another but I was happy to see that Misty won! They both deserved the doll set as they both had been through rough times in their lives however, Misty only won the tournament because lickitung gave psyduck a headache and she knew enough about psyduck to realize that when it's permanent headache got bad enough it gained psychic powers.


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I liked this episode, but I felt bad for Jessie after she lost. But, I did like how similar this festival was to contests.


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This is definitely my favorite episode. It was funny and I like how it centered on the girls of the series.

My favoritest part is when Lickitung keeps licking Psyduck and he's just like standing there. XD


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Lickitung was a total champion, and was given the ultimate shaft in the way it was handled. It was clearly of more use than Arbok, Weezinf and Victreebel combined, and was used in one on one battles... never again...? Sounds about right.

lmao at "both Pokémon are completely ignoring their trainers!". I like the way Misty is barely shown to have used Starmie. Sound one, Misty. Reminds me of Johto Ash... She wasted her time raising her Pokémon, but when push came to shove she ended up using a different set of Pokémon...

Don't worry, I realise it was for type coverage, I just didn't like her using Bulbasaur to be honest.

Lickitung would have made capturing Pokémon so easy for TR... What a shame.


i still wonder how lickytung can have such a big tongue, it just doesn't fir in it,
anyways i only saw this episode half, how did it end?
Why did Jessie lose? Certainly poverty is a more deserving reason than sibling rivalry. The disappointment only rose even more when Misty wanted to use those dolls to make her sisters jealous.

And concerning the supposed "female anime stereotype," why doesn't Weedle obsess over Jessie then if she also breaks the supposed stereotype? Because she's a "villain"? Sheesh.


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Lickitung! He was awesome 8D

I also liked the "Princess Day" theme. Don't they have something somewhat similar in Japan? "Girls Day" or something? Ah it's nice when we get to see those cultural references in Pokemon ^_^ It's also cool that Misty won the doll set. It was a nice set ^^