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Prison Break Tournament

Discussion in 'Completed Tournaments' started by -Zane-, Dec 21, 2011.

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  1. -Zane-

    -Zane- Champion

    Hosted by: Zane

    From the beginning of Gen 5, there has been many, many changes to the metagame due to bans and such. Many people may not agree to these bans and maybe found them to be not needed. Others may have seen these bans as completely necessary. That metagame put us through one he** of a roller coaster ride and what I'm trying to say is, i want another ride ^_^.
    So, I introduce to you, my own little Prison Break. Now is the time to break out all of those old perfected teams that you made and get them ready for one unique tourney.

    -Standard 6v6 OU Smogon Rules ( With certain exceptions )
    -Logs must be sent to me via a PM
    -All SPPf rules apply, along with SPPf Tourney Rules
    -Breaking of said rules will result in a deletion from the tournament​

    Special Rules​

    -Each round will have either of these 5 pokemon released from "prison"
    -Deoxys S
    -Only one pokemon per Round (depending on how many people join this tournament, rules will change accordingly)
    -The Finalists will be able to choose which pokemon to release from their prison to use against each other.

    How to Join
    PO Name:

    Bracket Round 1: The First Pokemon released shall be............................Blaziken; Battles Need to be Done by January 2nd
    Bracket Round 2: Those who are already in the second round of brackets and along with people that will enter the 2nd round after winning Round 1 shall be using a team with Garchomp
    Bracket Round 3: Thundurus
    Bracket Round 4: Excadrill
    Bracket Round 5: ANY

    Subs: EmeraldGoblin, Big Beluga
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2012
  2. d0nut

    d0nut _

    I want to use Garchomp.

    Username: d0nut
    PO Name: d0nut
    Timezone: -6
  3. Blue Harvest

    Blue Harvest Banned

    There are 3 other active tournaments right now but since two of them are just waiting on me to finish the finals it seemed pointless. If its a big deal we can just end the one Beluga and I are to fight in a tie, since hes on vacation and won't be back for a while.
  4. TrollFreak

    TrollFreak Pit is Awesome :P

    I want to use Thundurus.

    Username: DM123
    PO Name: [InsertAltHere]Draco123
    Timezone: EST
  5. ThatsJustPeachy

    ThatsJustPeachy Superiority Complex

    Username: Thatsjustpeachy
    PO name: Alura
    Timezone: GMT -6
  6. -Zane-

    -Zane- Champion

    Username: Fatlax
    PO Name: Fatlax
    Timezone: GMT-6

    (signing up a friend)

    Username: -Zane-
    PO Name: Stickerz
    Timezone: PST -8
  7. Ninja Dewott

    Ninja Dewott Ice Cold Fire

    Username: Ninja Dewott
    PO Name: [BA] Ninja Dewott
    Timezone: GMT +0

    (Not sure if I have to do this but... I want to use Excadrill)
  8. TerraWolf

    TerraWolf Banned

    something weather related

    I want chomp
  9. Username: TheMaster
    PO Name: [Drac]TheMaster
    Timezone: -7.
    I need to use garchomp again >.>
  10. Blaaz

    Blaaz Banned

    PO Name:[drac]blaaz
    Timezone: gmt-5
  11. blobman94

    blobman94 Feelin' The Flow

    Username: blobman94
    PO Name: blobman is always in the name but the rest changes
    Timezone: GMT -5 i think
  12. Gray™

    Gray™ Well-Known Member

    Username: D.Gray Man
    PO Name: D.Gray
    Timezone: GMT
  13. ~Ace

    ~Ace i can show you how

    Username: AceTrainerElliot
    PO Name: [TMH]Ace
    Timezone: GMT+0
  14. Rey Alejandro

    Rey Alejandro GOKAI CHANGE!

    Username: Rey Alejandro
    PO Name: Rey_Alejandro
    Timezone: GMT-5
  15. dragonuser™

    dragonuser™ the greatest crisis


    Username: dragonuser
    PO Name: dragonuser
    Timezone: GMT -5
  16. floatzel98

    floatzel98 → s o a r i n g

    Username: Floatzel98
    PO Name: Floatzel
    Timezone: GMT+11
  17. Fortunato

    Fortunato Sic Transit Gloria

    Username: Puretrainer
    PO Name: Pure
    Timezone: GMT -5

    also just fyi I came up with the title for the tournament.
  18. ClassicSG

    ClassicSG SaffronGamer(SG)

    Username:smartgamer(i wish i could change it)
    PO Name:SaffronGamer
    Timezone:GMT-5? i dunno, somewhere in eastern US -.-
  19. #chelloressurection

    #chelloressurection Back...kinda

    Username: chellochello
    PO Name: [TEG]chello
    Timezone: GMT -5
  20. -Zane-

    -Zane- Champion

    All accepted ^_^.
    Wondering if i should wait for 32 :L and what banned pokemon should be released first P:
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