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Pro-Cloning Club 2.0

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Yay May!
I'd like to join your club. And I was just wondering, where am I supposed to ask for an event Pokemon in the First post?

Off-topic: What are "The Three Dogs"? can I get their names and numbers in the national dex?

Topaz Archer

Hello! I was wondering if I could join.

I don't clone, only because I'm still not sure if it will be safe on my emerald. But, if I had the guts, I would. So can anyone be 100% sure it's safe? I started cloning in Gold a long time ago, and my save file got corrupted, so I'm not sure if it is still that way.

Same reason for not cloning on my Diamond.

But, anyway...

Can I, can I, can I PUHLEAAAASE join? xD

Edit: Looks safe for Emerald, but Diamond looks risky.
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New Member
cloneing my pokemon pays off... 3 infernapes 1 torterra for infernapes i got lvl 70 palkia lvl 70 ditto and lvl 87 torterra... for torterra i got lvl 100 empolion... cloneing rocks


The God Of Pokemon
I really need a cloned Movie Darkrai, please as I have joined this group I have no problem with a duped one; just can I have one. I am also looking for dupes or regular's of the 10ANIV Pokemon, Thanks.


Well-Known Member
Topaz Archer, its perfectly safe in D/P. I haven't succeeded in cloning yet (stupiditchyfinger), but from all the people saying it works, the only danger is having your Pokemon traded away.
May>Misty, the Three Dogs are Entei, Suicune and Raikou. You can't get their Pokedex no in the Sinnoh dex.


New Member
I wanna join it! My best team on Emerald, it has got 2 blazikens, it may be stupid, but he is my best pokemon.All of them are level 100.I have DIamond, but I can't have WFC, and if I have it, it will be few times.


The Essential One
The USB connector is about $40 US. Do you think they'll lower the price any time soon?


[Insert Joke Here]
i'd like to join plz through d/p ive cloned 20 shiny tentacruels and 8 shiny persians and 3 lugia

Topaz Archer

the only danger is having your Pokemon traded away.

So it is either:

1) Clone your Pokemon and get the one you are trading for. (Fun)
2) Lose your Pokemon and get the Pokemon you are trading for. (Fair)

There isn't any danger in Emerald, so I guess I will clone my Regi's and ship them to my Diamond to awaken Regigigas, and transfer my shinies to Emerald and clone them so I can ship them to Diamond.

Sound like a plan?
Who is cloning legends? I am offering baby Squirtles, Turtwigs, Feebas, and Dratini. Also Lapras.

cloning master

Legendary collector
I got some legenderies to clone Pm me and ill try to clone them as soon as possible the legederies i can clone are: (legit ones )articuno,moltres,mew,entie,suicune,raikou,celebi,regirock ice and steel,latias,latios,kyogre,groudon,raquaza,jirachi,palkia,dialga,azelf,uxie, mesprit,giratina,heatran,regigigas,manaphy,cresselia and the hacked ones shaymin,arceus(they were caught in a masterball but caught in flower paradis and the hall of origin) and deoxys


Frosty Trainer
I'd love to clone, but I can't in my game. (I've got the patched version evidentely :( ) I'd still like to joi the club, because I love it when I get clones from nice people. Because my only other way of getting any good pokemon are by breeding starters and trading a million people till someone gives me something good.


Well-Known Member
yeah, I'm trying to clone my shiny metagross on pearl and I can't.

Ze Skarmory

Well-Known Member
I'm trying to clone a couple of my Lugia's and a Ho-oh, so far I managed clone one.

P.S. Can I join the club?
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