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Problem with Mew?

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Okay, so I went to Toys 'R' Us today, and I got my Mew for myself and sister, but when I tried to trade it to my stepbrother's Emerald game it left me a message similar to this:

'Sorry, but the Pokemon you tried to trade for is in a different region. To get this Pokemon you may want to trade it in from another region'

or something along those lines...it was a few hours ago so I don't remember it exactly. Anyways, I filled all the requierments to download it, (go to the 2nd floor in the PKMNCenter, have 2 Pokemon with you, recieve the Pokedex) but the message came up afterwards. The strange thing is, it didn't show me the message as I tried trading the Mew to his game, but it was afterwards, after the character went back to the PKMNCenter 2nd floor main lobby.

So in short, I went to download the Mew to mah stepbrother's Em, but it wouldn't allow it to happen, and I didn't recieve the error message until I was back into the lobby. At first I thought it was because he needed to beat the game, but then I remembered that you get the Nationaldex automatically after trading for another region's PKMN. And it worked perfectly well in mah Em too. Any help here guys?

~fuzzy out~


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You need to beat the game in Emerald to get the National Dex. It's not like Ruby/Sapphire, in those games as soon as you trade from FR/LG you automatically get the National Dex.
Oh really, I could've sworn you got it immediately, just like in Ru/Sa. Alright thanks, this thread can be closed now.

~fuzzy out~
natinal dex is needed. beat the e4 for it.
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