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Professor Cera's FanGame Mixes



Yes i know i'm not allowed to post fangames. so listen closely. I'M Not! these are JUST the sprites. which are mixes of official pokemon.

Anyway I'm posting them here, so you wonderful ppl can help me. Feel free the let me know what you think of them, how i can improve them, and my biggest problem Name Them!

Credit will be given if you provide a name. I appreciate it that much.

I guess you could also suggest a mix but lets not make a habit of it. more just b/c this is a display thread, not a request thread. if it gets popular enough i'll make the request thread.

Anyway here are the first ones i have, it's my water starter and it's evolutions. I'm really happy with the first one but the other two i'm not


More to come Soon!
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Dark Venusaur said:
They look nice but you could of done the color better.
thx, I'm happy with the first one, and the second one is too dark, what should i do about the third?


New Additions

Update: Added Two New Bugs


(Small) Type: Bug/Psychic
Name: ???
Ht:?? Wt:??
Pokedex: Lacking legs it uses psychic powers to hover just above the ground in order to move. doing so tires it out quickly.

(it's Evo) Type: Bug/Psychic
Ht:?? Wt:??
Pokedex: Gathering it large numbers their leaf like spikes give them the appreance of a bush. they make their prey go to them by using their psychic powers