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Project; AAE

Chrono Mew

AA stands for Annoying Abra Evolutions... i can never find ANY! I recruited one and then my sis started playing and killed it *sniff* do you guys know where any Abras and Kadabras are found... like everywhere?

;063;;064;;065;<~ UGGH!


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Solar Cave is the best place for it. You can also see Abra and Kadabra in Buried Relic and Wish Cave.

Weavile lover23

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solar cave is the most prominent place for them to appear and you're better off recruiting abra cause it's easier

Chrono Mew

Thanks still no Abra has joined but im working on it... maybe i should use a itght belt so i cankeep looking around...

Dynamic Mimiroll

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Here is an amazing strategy to find Abra that served me well, allowing me to recruit the three Abra I needed. Go to Solar Cave, bringing with you, along with your usual assortment of items, eight Radar Orbs, two Escape Orbs (in case one becomes sticky), a Friend Bow, and a Stamina Band or Tight Belt. On each of the first eight floors, use a Radar Orb and then sit still with your Stamina Band or Tight Belt equipped while holding "A" and "B." You will see a plethora of wild Pokémon appearing on the floor. Knock out any that enter your room, but keep an eye out for any red dots that sit in one spot instead of moving. While one of these dots will occasionally be a random sleeping Pokémon, many of them will be Abra. Why is this? When an Abra enters the floor, it will always be asleep; as a result, only the stationary red dots have a chance of being an Abra. Keep waiting in this way until you either get an Abra (at which point you should warp out with an Escape Orb) or see a windstorm approaching; if the latter happens, enter the next floor, use another Radar Orb, and repeat the process. The search will seem much quicker, as you will know exactly what wild Pokémon have a chance to be an Abra.

By the way, if you don't want to search any longer than necessary, you could recruit only one Abra and obtain the other two forms by recruiting the rather common Kadabra deep within Solar Cave. However, keep in mind that your leader must be at least Lv. 90 (or Lv. 50 with a Friend Bow) to have a chance of recruiting it.


The new tuxedo look!
Solarcave is the best...if you fail to get an abra with DM's method, then you can try to recruit a kadabra on the later floors.