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Project G (PG-13, various)


NEW: OC pics! These characters are all spoilers for later chapters if you haven't read the fic yet. Please view with caution!

I know what you're thinking: another oneshot. But you'd be wrong! Nope, this is my first chapter fic ever in my five+ years of writing fanfiction. So you'll have to let me get into the swing of things... I'll try not to rush... And I'll try to give a nice happy medium between how long chapters are and how long it takes for me to post them. Until September, I should update pretty fast, but I can make no guarantees once college starts up...

Oh, and I know what you'll say after you read this: this doesn't belong in shipping! But you'd be wrong again. This prologue doesn't have shipping, no, but it will soon. Very soon. So I'm putting it here. And there'll be yaoi, and a love triangle which will probably turn into a threesome... And unrequited love. Yickes. However, there hopefully will be an action/adventure based plot, so if a mod really wants to move it, have at it.

Last bit of info before we get down to it--I'm writing this for Jillian14. She couldn't, so she gave me her ideas and I'm writing it instead. So some ideas are hers, some are mine, some are both... Mostly, I take her ideas and mutate them. =3 But still, feel free to give input into the story. I'll take suggestions from anyone.

Oh, and be brutal. This prologue is suppost to be short and vague, but after this, please tell me if I'm doing something wrong. Especially if the new characters seem too Mary Sueish or anything (there should be four total, all of which you "meet" in the prologue)... If that happens, shoot me, I beg of you. XP At least there will be no new character-romance...

Alright, enough blabbing. On with the fic!

Project G

Rated PG-13 for eventual yaoi, and mild language

Pairings: A secret for now

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon. I'm writing fanfiction for God's sake...

Project G—Prologue

July 24:

—not making much progress. Project G seems to be a failure.

July 26:

—been given one more day to show progress, or the funding will be cut, and we’ll be forced—

August 7:

Our funding might have been cut, but we won’t stop until Project G is completed. The Boss says we’ll just have to find other ways to get the money. I’m not sure how—

August 9:

I don’t like this, but it has to be done. The boss says it’s the only way—

August 16:

—amazing break through! It’s only a matter of time—

August 18:

—test subject died today. No one is sure why…

August 27:

The newest test subject seems to be stabilizing. Within a few days we should know if she’ll survive or not. If so, we—

September 5:

—lived. After almost a year of research, Project G seems to be a success! The test subject is in excellent condition—

September 6:

—very temperamental. But since the project is only in the beta stages, no one is worried. She’ll snap out of it.


“Where is she?”

“How should I know? Oh man, look at my notes! They’re torn to shreds! What’ll the boss think?”

“He’ll be p*ssed, that’s for sure. Not that your notes were very valuable. They read more like a diary than a scientific journal…”

“Well excuse me! Besides, I meant the test subject; we have to find her before she tells anyone what we’re doing.”

“Damn it, she could be anywhere— Wait a minute, where’s Project G?”

“She was wearing—”

“Not that one you idiot! The other two!”

“Shut up! Yelling at me won’t solve anything! She must have taken them…”

“Great, just great, what are we going to do?”

I’ll tell you what you’re going to do.”


You fools are going to go out there and find her. And don’t come back until both she and Project G have been apprehended. Failure will result in severe punishment. Do you understand?

“Yes boss!”

“We’ll get right on it, we just—“

No, you will go now. We have no time to waste. If she gets to anyone before we find her, all of our plans will be ruined…


In the dead of the night, a girl ran for her life.


And thus ends the prologue. Like I said before, the actual chapters won't be written in this style. And yes, I know I had no action, just dialogue. Again, that was on purpose. All of that being said, I hope at least one person looks forward to the rest... ^^;
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This started out good. ^_^ Thanks for mentioning me in the notes. Continue soon.


And for those who never thought this would be continued, don't you feel silly? =3 I didn't get much of a response last time, but perhaps that was because it was so short... Really, if this sucks, you have to tell me, okay? And I know the shippiness hasn't started yet, but I promise that it will in the next chapter. I reallllllly promise.

Project G—Chapter one

A girl walked tiredly down an unknown street in a town she’d never even heard of before. This was certainly getting tiring… Just walking, and walking, and for good measure, walking some more… And she swore, if she heard one more comment about her looks—

“Daddy, why does that funny girl have ears and a tail?”

He’s just a little kid, don’t bite him… He doesn’t know any better…’

“She’s just one of those crazy cosplayers son. Don’t pay any attention to people like her. And remember, if anyone like that ever tries to give you candy…”

But he has no excuse!

Just as she was about to pounce, a peculiar sound in the distance caught her attention. It wasn’t them, was it? No, she’d lost them a long time ago; there was no way they could have caught up with her yet. And as much as she hated clichés, curiosity was getting the better of her—and probably going to kill the cat in her.

It’ll be okay. As long as they aren’t here, everything will be fine… I just need to find help before that happens.’


Harley was p*ssed. Not upset, not mad, but one-hundred percent p*ssed-off. Haruka had beaten him in a contest… Again. He’d never had any problems winning before the younger girl had come along, and he knew that somehow it was all her fault. It just had to be! And to rub salt in the wound, she hadn’t even won. Nor had she stayed around long enough for him to tell her off. No, the only ones left were—

“Are you alright Harley?”

Robert. And Shuu. Both males had also been in the contest. It had been almost a parallel of the Grand Festival, Harley realized. Harley had lost to Haruka. Shuu had lost to Robert. The only big difference had been that Haruka had lost to Robert in the last round.

Now, Harley had no problems with Robert. No, the man was intelligent, kind, and handsome. Plus, he had never insulted Harley’s pokémon… Or his cookies. But that didn’t mean that Harley was happy to lose against him. And Shuu! Who did that boy think he was, seeing through Harley’s schemes and flirting with Kamo-chan all the while? It was enough to make him sick!

“I’m fine,” he growled out, clenching his fists. All he wanted to do was to be left alone so he could plot his revenge in private. He didn’t need people around offering fake sympathy…

“Are you mad at Haruka? You really need to get over it. Who’s the adult here anyways?”

..And he certainly didn’t need punk kids telling him what to be and being generally snarky.

“Shut up! What do you know anyway? All you do is flirt with her! When was the last time she insulted your pokémon, huh?” Shuu raised an eyebrow at Harley’s outburst, but quickly recovered and gave the older coordinator a haughty grin.

“Never. But then again, I have extremely elegant pokémon. Yours on the other hand, scare even the judges.” Those words caused Harley to see red. No one insulted his buddies and got away with it! No one!

“That’s it!” he yelled, charging at Shuu, who still had a smug grin on his face. “Let’s see how many fan girls you have after I’m done with you!”

Robert quickly moved to restrain Harley, not pleased with either male. Shuu shouldn’t have said those things, as no one’s pokémon deserve to be insulted. However, Harley was the older of the two, and should have controlled his temper when he was obviously being goaded.

Honestly,’ he thought to himself, ‘can’t these two just get along?’

As the struggle continued, the three coordinators were completely unaware that they were being watched…


Those guys are strange…’ the girl mused. ‘But they are pokémon trainers… And I have no time to lose. Who knows when those bumbling fools might actually do something right for once and find me?’

She watched the one with the purple hair try to kick his way out of the blond’s arms, but it was no use. The shortest of them all started to laugh, and the blond gave him a look that promised he’d let go if the laughter didn’t cease immediately. Needless to say, that did the trick.

Yes,’ she nodded to herself, ignoring the little girl who walked by and told her mother she wanted to “be a kitty girl too” when she grew up. ‘They’ll have to do. I don’t have time to find anyone else. …I just hope they won’t kill each other…’

Taking a deep breath, she stepped out from the corner she’d been hiding behind and walked closer.


“…Are you sure this is the right place? Shouldn’t we be in a city or something?” The man sighed, glaring at his companion.

“Of course I’m sure! Those kids said they saw a girl with cat ears and a tail go north. And since you have the compass, you should know very well that we have indeed been going north. Thus, this has to be the place” The woman giggled nervously, looking embarrassed.

“Oh, did they say north? I thought they said south! Well, isn’t that funny! …Why are you looking at me like that? Hey wait, not the face!” As the woman ran for her life, she thought one thing…

At least this explains why we’re in the middle of a dump instead of the city…’


Harley was almost out of Robert’s grasp. He was so close he could taste it... And as soon as he was free, cute or not, Shuu was going down. Six feet under. And there was nothing anyone could do about it. He’d get that little brat if it was the last thing—

“Hey there!” The sudden new voice stopped the three coordinators in their tracks. Shuu and Robert stopped what they were doing, turning toward the source of the voice. Harley, who’d been held up by Robert, crashed face first into the ground when the blond’s hold went slack. He landed with an “Oof!” and got a mouthful of dirt in the process. Lifting himself up and spitting out the soil, he glared up at the girl who had interrupted them.

“What do you want?” The girl’s eyes widened for a moment as she noticed what he was wearing.

Could he be…? No, he’s just dressed that way. Amazing! He must really love his pokémon to dress like it. I guess I’m making the right decision after all.’ Her mind being made up, she smiled at the males, flashing her sharp teeth in the process.

“I need your help,” she said bluntly. “There are some people after me that I can’t let catch me. But,” she glanced to the side nervously, as if afraid those very people would pop up at any moment, “I can’t tell you here. Is there somewhere we can talk in private?”

Robert looked at the girl carefully. There was something about here that seemed rather odd. Other than the fact that she was dressed as a Nyasu of course. ‘It seems that Harley isn’t the only fanatic out there…’ But regardless, it did seem that she was sincere about being in trouble. And if someone was in trouble, especially a girl who didn’t look like she could be anymore than in her mid-teens, he had to help.

“There’s a café down the street,” he told her, smiling kindly. “We can talk there. Will you two be joining us?”

Shuu thought the girl looked rather suspicious, but if she really was in trouble, and he did nothing to help her… Well, that just wouldn’t sit well with his conscience. The least he could do was go with Robert and listen to her story. He could decide then if she was honest or not.

“All right,” he said nonchalantly, shrugging. “But you’d better not be lying…”

Harley slowly got to his feet, wiping the dirt from his pants. It was this girl’s fault that he was dirty. Why should he help such a rude person? Even if she was the only other person he’d ever seen dressed as a pokémon, what with those ears, tail, and choker necklace that resembled a Nyasu to a tee, he wouldn’t waste his time—

“Though I’m sure he won’t even bother.”

Shuu’s words burned in Harley’s ears. How dare he?! That brat was going to get his just desserts one day, and Harley couldn’t wait to see it. But until then, the least he could do was prove the little monstrosity wrong…

“Of course I’ll help you!” he cooed, putting on the same happy face he’d used with Haruka the first few times he’d seen her. “I’d be delighted to!” Shuu snorted at the obvious lie, but Harley managed to keep his anger in check this time. Oh yes, he’d show him…

“Great!” the girl exclaimed happily, pumping her fist in the air, oblivious to the hostility going on between the two coordinators. “Let’s go, I’m starving!”

Ignoring the sweat drops of her new companions, she let Robert lead the way to the café, thinking gleefully about all of the yummy food she’d be able to eat.


“So,” Robert clarified, “your name is Luna?” The brunette looked up from her third piece of cherry pie, smiling at the nice man she’d come to instantly like.

“Yep,” she confirmed, nodding. “That’s my name—Luna. I’m personally am very fond of it. Those idiots back in the lab never could get it right though… It was always Lina or Lona or something pathetic like that. I even told them, ‘Hey, it’s Luna. Get it right!’ But they never did listen…” Shuu gave her a suspicious look, not sure if he bought her story or not.

“So, those idiots, you say their called the Darks?” Luna nodded again, taking another bite of her pie. “And you stole their Project P?”

“No,” she sighed after swallowing her food, “it’s Project G. And I didn’t steal it… Okay, so maybe I did, but I had to! They’re completely crazy! Always going on about bringing the darkness to the world…” Her brown eyes darkened, reflecting her contempt of the memories she had of her past. “It’s a good thing they were dumb enough to talk about their plan in front of me. If they hadn’t, I’d never have known what they were up to…”

Robert and Shuu shared a look, silently sizing up how the other felt about Luna’s story. A group of just three people called something as clichéd as “the Darks” trying to take over the world using just pokémon and the mysterious “Project G” seemed rather dubious, but then again, she did appear to be upset when she talked about them…

“Alright,” Robert announced, “Shuu and I at least will help you. But if I may ask, why do you want our help? Why not go to the proper authorities?” Luna sighed again, pushing away her plate and leaning her elbows on the table.

“They’d never believe me,” she confessed. “I wouldn’t even believe me. I’m surprised you believe me. Besides, I needed strong pokémon trainers like you. The Darks use their own pokémon, and as the saying goes, ‘you have to fight fire with fire,’ right?”

Robert nodded, not bothering to correct her. Though they were technically coordinators, they also trained their pokémon in the art of battling. They might not be the strongest around, but the three of them plus whatever pokémon Luna had would surely be enough to do the job. That was, so long as it really was the three of them.

“You will be joining us, won’t you Harley?” Said coordinator stopped staring at the salt shaker and looked up at the others. He actually had been listening to her, though he’d originally planned to help her regardless of what she had to say, just to spite Shuu. Oddly enough, he actually found himself wanting to help. Perhaps it was because there were pokémon in trouble, and he’d always liked pokémon more then people. Somehow though, Luna seemed different from other people. It was almost like she wasn’t a person at all…

But that was crazy. Wasn’t it?

“Of course I‘ll help,” he finally agreed, putting back on his smile, although it wasn’t quite as fake as it had been before. “I can’t sit around while pokémon are being hurt. Besides, how could I say no to a trainer who was so devoted to her pokémon?” Luna blinked in confusion at that.

“What do you mean?” Harley was just as perplexed as she was. What was she talking about?

“You know, your love for your pokémon. You are dressed as a Nyasu after all…” Luna’s confusion instantly melted away to amusement.

“You mean… You all thought I was dressed this way because I train Nyasu?” At the three identical nods, she began to laugh in pure delight. “Oh man, you guys are funny! Really, why would I need pokémon trainers if I was allowed to own pokémon myself?” The only response she received consisted of blank stares. “Come on, pokémon can’t own pokémon, now can they?”

That question certainly got her a response.

“What are you talking about?”

“Are you crazy?”

“That’s impossible!”

Luna waited patiently for the males to calm down, letting them get this out of their systems now rather than later. She idly wished that she had more pie. After eating nothing but berries in the few weeks since she’d escaped, the pie seemed like ambrosia. She continued her daydreaming until she finally heard a semi-composed question.

“Can you prove that what you say is true?” Not surprisingly, that had come from Robert. Smirking at the disbelieving looks on their faces, she nodded.

“Sure can, but not in here. We need to go outside… So, who’s paying?” Eager to get outside and see if this girl really was a Nyasu or if she was just crazy, Harley threw some money down on the table. Maybe his instincts weren’t as out of tune as he’d thought… Or maybe those “Darks” were just workers at the mental institution trying to get their escaped patient back. Either way, he was dying to know.

“Hurry up,” he urged, ushering the others out of the restaurant as quickly as possible. Luna, still in a state of mirth, allowed herself to be pushed out the door, around the corner, and down an alley way. Oh, she couldn’t wait to see the looks on their faces once she was done with them…

“Okay,” Harley said impatiently once it was clear that the four of them were alone, “show us.” Luna grinned, her teeth shining even in the darkness of the alley.

“You’ve got it. But first,” she looked between the three coordinators, “I’ll need to see something…” Her gaze eventually landed on Harley. “If you want to see my proof so badly, then let me see your pokémon…”


Sorry, you'll have to wait until the next chapter to see Luna's secret... And don't worry, you'll find out more about the villians and their plans in due time. Though some of you have probably figured it out already... ^^; If you have, please don't spoil it for others!


Wow, this is a really interesting story, Taitofan. Yeah, the Prologue was very vague and I had no idea what kind of story this was even going to be...but coming from you I guess I should have expected it was going somewhere good.

Loved Chapter 1. I liked how you wrote for Harley...if that's what his character is like I'm so gonna love him *can't wait*, you did a great job of characterizing Shuu, and Robert is the perfect middle-man.

I kept getting Butch and Cassidy vibes from the villians...perhaps that's just my internal wishful thinking going into overload. XD

Luna seems like an interesting character, and yeah I can totally see your not Mary-Sueing her, believe me those kinds of female characters are so obvious and depressing, I'm glad your aware of that whole 'phenomena'. :p

It will be interesting to find out what's up with her. A Human-Nyasu hybrid?

Finally, when I first began reading this, my initial reaction was "Oh, it's going to be about Harley or Shuu being the first males surgically installed with a G-Spot"...guess I was wrong. Hehehe


A review! *takleglomp* I'm glad you like it! I was afraid I'd get flamed... Well, once the couples are released it still might happen, but... ^.~ I'm glad the plot isn't too cliched and that Luna isn't shaping up to be a Mary Sue. That's my biggest concern for this fic. ^^; And keeping the existing characters in character is obviously a big concern too. Glad to see I didn't fail. =3 And as for Luna... You'll just have to see in the next chapter. *wink* As for your first thoughts... ^^; That would make an interesting fic, ne?


Oh boy, here we go... The romance starts here if you're good at reading hints. And my hints are pretty obvious, so... Yeah. Expect the romance to really start in full swing after this chapter. And now you know the secret of Project G too! well, one of the secrets at least...

Oh, rememmer how I said there'd be four new characters? Well, I lied. You'll meet two more, but won't see them for a while. I think that'll be the end of new human characters, but don't hold me to that, okay? And as always, you have to tell me if it's bad, or I'll never know! And on the other hand, you have to tell me if it's good, or I'll never know! =3

Project G—Chapter two

“Have they found her yet big sister?” Two pairs of blue eyes shone in the dark room.

“No, not yet. And knowing those two imbeciles, it will still be a while until they do. She’s probably going to find help far before they even get on her trail…” The smaller of the two girls’ eyes widened.

“But big sister, why doesn’t Boss sir send you instead? You could find her, I know you could!” The older girl smirked, her face completely devoid of the slightest trace of humor.

“Of course I could. But the boss likes them for some reason… We won’t be called in until they screw up beyond repair. Until then little sister, we’ll just have to wait. Don’t worry though, our time will come…” With a serene smile, the younger of the two nodded, curling up to her sister’s side to wait until they were summoned.


Harley just stared at Luna as if she’d sprouted three heads.

“Why do you need my pokémon? How do I know you’re not going to steal them?” Luna rolled her eyes.

“Just send them out already and quit complaining, will you? You want proof and this is the easiest way to get it. Trust me on this, okay?” Harley still looked upset, but he really wanted to know… And thus, he took out his two pokéballs and released them.

Luna smiled as the two pokémon materialized before her eyes. A Noctus… Why didn’t that surprise her? And a Jupetta too! That was certainly interesting. Plus, he only had two pokémon, which was the perfect amount…

Noctus-chan and Jupetta-chan blinked up at the strange girl in front of them. There was something a bit off about her… Why did she look like a human when their instincts were shouting “Nyasu!”? They looked at each other, then up at their sulking master. He offered no explanation as to why they had been called out, so they stood quietly, waiting for an order.

Robert and Shuu watched curiously as Luna regarded the pokémon, the pokémon stood patiently with no idea as to what was going on, and Harley pouted. After a short while, Luna nodded her head and pulled a necklace out from her shirt. Unlike her choker, which looked like a typical Nyasu coin, this necklace looked more like a miniature orb. It appeared to be made from glass, as the transparency of the substance allowed them to see inside… Where there was some sort of bluish-purple gas swirling around. It was unlike anything they’d ever seen…

Then Luna pulled out two more from the pocket of her skirt. They were exactly the same as the one she wore, and it was now apparent that the orb was held by a thick, yet translucent cord. Whoever had made it obviously wanted the wearer to be able to conceal its presence…

“Are these…?” Shuu trailed off, his attention now solely on the spheres that Luna held. She nodded again, knowing what he was thinking.

“Yep, these are Project G. There were only three made. The Darks gave one to me and locked the other two up.” She smiled as she extended a fingernail until it resembled a feline’s claw. “Luckily, I’m quite good at picking locks.”

Robert thought that that little stunt was quite enough proof that she wasn’t human, but he supposed that she could be tricking them somehow… Maybe those necklaces just gave humans pokémon-like powers? He stood quietly as she continued.

“When I ran away, I took the other two so they couldn’t use them on other pokémon and track me down that way.” She twirled the two cords on her finger, looking thoughtful. “You know, these are just the final project. The beta versions… Well, I heard they didn’t work very well. Back when they caught me for the experiment, they got some other pokémon too. A Nyula, an Enekororo, an Eneko… The Enekororo and Eneko went first… I’m not sure what happened to them… Then went the Nyula…” She closed her eyes and sighed sadly, ceasing her earlier twirling motions.

“He didn’t make it… I don’t think the other two did either… Or any of the others before that. I was the first pokémon to be tested with a working version. Once they had it, they made two more. They were going to test them on new pokémon the day after I left. I just… I couldn’t stay. They wouldn’t have been happy with their results, I just know it! They would have kept experimenting, and—” She cut off abruptly, shaking her head as if to clear her mind of the memories.

“Anyways, the point is that these are Project G. They work, they’re safe, and they’re gonna prove once and for all that I’m telling the truth.” Ignoring the varying degrees of disbelief and grief on the coordinator’s faces, she looked down at Noctus-chan and Jupetta-chan. “Ready guys?”


“Man, now where are we?” The man scowled at his companion.

“Shut up.” She blinked.

“But—” His scowl deepened and there was a hint of a growl in his voice.

Just shut up.” She did as she was told… For a few minutes at least.

“…It kinda looks like the desert… I thought you said we were finally going north?” Silence reigned for the next few minutes before the only sound to be heard was a woman screaming for her life to be spared.


“Wait a minute!” Harley cried, throwing himself between Luna and his precious pokémon. “What do you think you’re doing to my buddies?!” Luna cocked an eyebrow in a disbelieving manner.

“Oh come on,” she groaned, “don’t tell me I have to repeat myself! I’m gonna put these on your pokémon to prove I’m not lying. It’s a lot easier this way than for me to take mine off, you know? Besides, this way I won’t lose them.” Shuu stepped forward, looking incredulous.

“Why do you want to use his pokémon? Why not mine?” A glance from Robert made him add, “Or Robert’s…” Luna’s face beamed.

“You mean you believe me then?” Shuu flushed slightly, shifting from one foot to the other.

“Well, I meant it hypothetically…” Her grin didn’t fade in the least as she answered.

“Harley’s pokémon seemed to be the best choice. I’m not really sure why though…” She trailed off as Robert and Shuu sweat dropped. “Anyways… Are you okay with this Harley?”

Harley didn’t really even have to think about it. If she was really telling the truth, then not only would he make Shuu jealous, but he’d get to see his buddies as humans. And if she was lying… Well, then it wouldn’t be a problem, would it?

“Alright,” he consented, stepping out from between Luna and his pokémon. He looked at Noctus-chan and Jupetta-chan. “Good luck guys… You’ll be okay, I promise…”

“Don’t worry,” she assured, kneeling down in front of the two curious pokémon, “they’ll be perfectly fine…”


He knew very well that his main subordinates were completely incompetent. He also knew that his other soldiers would have been a better choice. Though young, they knew how to finish a job and they had the advantage of the escaped prisoner not knowing who they were. But he allowed the fools to have their fun. They had been intelligent enough to create Project G… Unfortunately, they should never have been allowed to step out of the laboratory.

The boss’s lip curved up in a half-smile. He had plenty of time; there was no rush. Sooner or later, she’d be back. And when she was… Everything would be ready.


Three sets of eyes watched as Luna placed the necklaces around the two pokémon’s throats. Two of the sets of eyes watched the scene in curiosity. If this worked, it would prove once and for all that Luna had been telling the truth. And that would mean they’d be in for one hell of an adventure... The other pair of eyes watched with apprehension. What if something went wrong? His poor pokémon! He couldn’t stand the thought of either of them getting hurt! But something deep down inside told him to believe her… He decided that he’d listen this time and pray to whichever deity existed that they’d be okay…

As soon as Luna had finished latching the fastener around Jupetta-chan’s neck, she stepped back, and…

Nothing happened.

“What’s the big idea?” Harley questioned angrily, thinking that this was all some big joke. “You’d better—” The irate coordinator was cut off by a brilliant flash of white light that filled the entire alley way. The four humans had to shield their eyes from its intensity, lest they be blinded. For almost half a minute the brightness shone, only to fade away just as quickly as it had come.

And in its wake, it left two human boys.

“What the hell is going on?” One of them demanded. “Where are we? Somebody answer me damn it!” The shorter of the newcomers looked around curiously, not saying a word. His eyes scanned from Luna, to Robert, to Shuu, and finally rested on…

“Harley-sama!” he cried, running over to the shocked man, leaving his companion to watch. “Look, look! I’m just like you!” He giggled, twirling around to show off his black and yellow outfit.

“Ju-jupetta-chan?” Harley gasped, not quite believing his eyes. “Is that you?” The newly humanized Jupetta-chan nodded cheerfully, his red eyes shining.

“Yep, sure is! And look!” he ran back over to the other male who was dressed almost exactly like Harley, the biggest difference being his exposed midriff. “Noctus-chan is human too! Isn’t that cool?” Noctus-chan sighed, patting Jupetta-chan’s head.

“He knows who we are,” the former pokémon explained patiently before turning to the others, “but I still want to know why we’re like this.”


After a few minutes of explaining what he knew, with Luna filling in the gaps, Harley filled his pokémon in on what was happening. Of course, it took longer than it should have, since Harley kept losing his concentration when he looked at his pokémon… Or, former pokémon… He didn’t even know what to call them anymore!

“So these turned us into humans?” Noctus-chan questioned, fingering the tiny orb around his neck. Luna nodded, causing Jupetta-chan to laugh.

“Mou, that’s so cool! I like being a human! Now I can talk to Harley-sama and he can understand me!” He bounded back to his trainer, latching onto his arm. “Isn’t that cool Noctus-chan?” Noctus-chan gave a non-committal grunt, his eyes narrowing ever-so slightly at his owner, who was blushing at the close contact.

“Whatever.” Jupetta-chan took no notice of his friend’s annoyance, hugging Harley’s arm even tighter. Noctus-chan forced himself to turn his attention to Luna. “So you’re telling me that some crazy people are trying to take over the world using these things that turn pokémon into humans, and you want us to help you. Am I right?” Luna nodded, spreading out her arms to gesture to the others around her.

“That’s right! With three pokémon trainers and three pokémon-turned-humans, plus the pokémon Robert and Shuu have, we’ll have them outnumbered. They’ll stand no chance against all of us. …And I’ll get to help save the world! It’ll be awesome!” Noctus-chan sighed heavily, glancing over at Shuu and Robert.

“And you’re going along with this outrageous idea?” he asked wearily, running a hand through his lavender hair. The two coordinators gave their agreement, still amazed that the teenage boy in front of them had been a pokémon just minutes ago. Luna wasn’t crazy after all, but obviously, a certain group of people were…

“We have to help,” Robert explained, unable to take his eyes off the male before him. The feat was so incredible… It was too bad that malevolent people had made such an invention instead of those with more positive intentions though. “Pokémon are in danger of being hurt if we don’t stop these people. I for one can’t allow for that to happen.”

“Neither can I,” Shuu agreed, taking an equal interest in the boy before him. “Of course, you don’t have to help… But it looks like he wants to.” The “he” Shuu was referring to was Jupetta-chan. And judging by the way the younger boy was acting—simply ecstatic to be a human—Noctus-chan had to agree. And wherever Jupetta-chan went, he went.

“I’m going to help you,” Noctus-chan informed him, not seeming too happy with his decision, but unwilling to say otherwise. “But perhaps kitty-cat over here should tell us exactly what we have to do before we go and make any life altering choices…”

Well, that was certainly a good point. Five heads turned to her, all looking rather curious. It undoubtedly would be helpful if they knew what was expected of them… Luna noticed the stares she was receiving and blushed slightly, giggling in an embarrassed manner.

“Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that, didn’t I?” Five identical nods were all the answer she needed. “Heh, then I suppose I should tell you what I know, huh?” Again, five nods gave her answer. “Okay, well, when I was being held in their hideout, I heard them talking about these two orbs. The Ice Orb and the Fire Orb. The Ice Orb is found in the northern most area of Hoenn, while the Fire Orb is found in the southern most area of Hoenn. Both are in caves and are protected by pokémon guardians. The end. Now let’s—”

“Wait a minute!” Shuu yelled, cutting the girl off. “That’s it? You just know they’re in caves in the north and south? How are we supposed to find these things if we don’t know where they are? And do you even know what we need to do with them if we find them?” Luna frowned at Shuu’s angry tone.

“Well excuse me oh great one,” she replied sarcastically, “but I don’t have all of the answers. All they said was that they’d heard their boss saying that those orbs were the only thing that could stop them. So no, I don’t know how to use them, but those lackeys don’t know anything more than we do. We’ll just have to had north and start looking. Besides, we have six people, and they only have two. So let’s stop wasting time and get going already!”

Shuu opened his mouth to retort, when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Looking up, he saw Robert giving him a look that clearly advised him to drop the argument. He quickly shut his mouth, remembering that this girl was still had pokémon-like features and didn’t seem afraid to use her fangs or claws to get her way.

“You’re right,” Robert told her, quite proud of Shuu for keeping quiet. “The faster we set off, the sooner we’ll reach our destination. Are there any objections?” Silence was all there was to be heard. “Good. Then we should set out as soon as possible.”

“I do have a question though…” Everyone turned to face Harley, who hadn’t spoken since Jupetta-chan had attached himself to the coordinator. “If we’re going to be walking to only God knows where, what are we going to eat?”

Another very good question.

“The forests have plenty of berries,” she explained matter-of-factly. “There’ll be more than enough for all of us.” Ignoring the grimaces coming from the three coordinators, she turned to face the opening of the alley. “Well, now that we’re all agreed, let’s get out there and save the world!”

Wondering what they’d gotten themselves into, with the exception of Luna and Jupetta-chan, who seemed particularly excited, the ragtag group exited the alley to start their journey. They had a world to save…

Even if they had no idea how they’d do it.


If you've guess the pairings... Don't throw things. >.< I'm not changing my mind... But please don't say what you think they are here, as there may be some people who don't know... ^^; Maybe.

Okay, notes. I tried my best not to use random Japanese, but I had to use some honorifics. Don't worry, all you'll see is the -chan for Noctus-chan and Jupetta-chan (those are their names people) and the -sama when Jupetta-chan talks to Harley. -Chan doesn't really translate well, and I couldn't bring myself to say "Master Harley," so you'll just have to deal with those, alright? ^.~

And instead of doing the noob thing and describing the characters to a tee in the first paragraph, I'm trying to release info on how they look gradually. However, you can see a beautiful piece of fanart I found that I based Jupetta-chan and Noctus-chan's looks on (the first pic especially)... http://nagoya.cool.ne.jp/mzd/v/m-b_jupe.html Gotta love that site... Tons of other pics of them too if you search around. If I find a pic of how Luna would look, I'll share that too.

Well, see ya in the next chapter (in about a week)!


Whoa...Taitofan! *HUG* I really, really liked this chapter! :D

Like, Jupetta-chan is soooo *cute*! He's like...glompworthy! I just loved all his lines and expressions! Awwe!

And Noctus-chan...*pant*...now you're making me a Noctus-chan fan! He oozes sexiness. His cool attitude just seems so *hot* It'll be impossible for me to watch the anime now and *not* think of these characters. *smirk*

The plot is intriguing. Shuu and Robert, while not the focus of this chapter, continued being well written for...I thought Shuu's little jealousy of not having his Pokemon be picked was really cute and definately in-character.

Robert seems to be a little more intelligent than he lets on...perhaps a silent mastermind type? *hottie all the same*

Excellent work, Tf. You have wicked talent! *anxiously awaits the next chapter!!!!*


*blushblushblush* Aww, thank you so much! To tell you the truth, I wasn't overly fond of this chapter... It pretty much exists to introduce Ju-chan in all his cutenss and No-chan in all his bada**ness. Yeah, Robert has a lot going on in his head. He and Shuu will definately get more screen time in the future. Right now I needed to establish Ju-chan and No-chan, and you've picked up their basic characteristics very well! I can see I manage to get my point across. <3

Next chapter will be out in seven days or less. ...I hope. ^^; More character and relationship development while they seach for the first cave... Oh, just watch the sexual tension fly...


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So I finally get off my arse and review this. Yay!

Holycrap, this is pretty nifty. Unique idea, and I doubt most people would put the coordinators with this. So this makes me happy. X3
You write them so... Cutely. Gijinka pogeys~

I'm, like, half asleep and reviewing, so yeah. I'm rambling. Much love. <3


...If there had been any doubts that this is first and foremost a shipping fic, then this chapter should wash it all away. There isn't a lot of plot advencement, as this is more for character/relationship development. More action (including what's going on with the villians) will come in the next chapter. I appreciate all comments, good or bad. Honestly, someone gave me a one star rating without commenting. That's fine, but at least tell me why it's so bad!

For those who do like this story, let me present chapter three...

Project G—Chapter three (8-21-05)

They’d stopped momentarily to pick up a few supplies, as everyone agreed that living off berries didn’t sound like much fun. By the mid-afternoon they all had a backpack with the essentials, and they left the city. Their journey had finally begun, and everything was going perfectly fine…

“Ouch! Will you stop that you idiot?!”

…For the first ten minutes at least. They’d barely even made it out of the city before the tension from earlier in the day was back in full swing. And of course, it was the same two people responsible as from before…

“Well, if you’d walk faster, I wouldn’t keep bumping into you!”

“If you’d slow down just a little, you wouldn’t—”

“Calm down!” Robert shouted over Harley and Shuu’s bickering. “How are we supposed to do our job if you two won’t stop fighting long enough to get anything done?” Shuu sneered at Harley, ignoring the blond.

“If you didn’t have that thing hanging off your arm, you could walk faster!” Harley was about to snap at him that Jupetta-chan wasn’t a “thing,” and that Shuu was just jealous because Luna hadn’t picked his pokémon instead, but he never got the chance… Because at that moment, Shuu was being lifted a foot off the ground by the front of his shirt.

“Shut your yap,” Noctus-chan growled, contempt shining clearly in his yellow eyes. “If you ever talk about Jupetta-chan that way again, I’ll personally see to it that you’re never able to father children. Do you understand?” Shuu nodded vigorously, not daring to anger the irate male any further. Somehow, he didn’t think that was an empty threat… He may be stubborn, but he wasn’t stupid.

Taking the fear in the young coordinator’s eyes as a good sign that there were absolutely no doubts, Noctus-chan released Shuu, letting him fall to the ground with a loud thump. Robert quickly rushed over to help the boy up, as Luna and Harley watched silently with wide eyes. Harley was torn between feeling afraid and proud. In the end, he settled for a bit of both. He’d just have to make sure he’d never insult Jupetta-chan… Not that he ever would of course. Oh no, that was Meno-chan’s forte…

Interesting,’ Luna thought as Robert checked to make sure that Shuu hadn’t hurt anything during his tumble, ‘I haven’t seen anyone act like that since Papa would keep the other males away from Mama… I wonder…’ Her thoughts trailed off as the sound of giggling broke through the silence.

“You’re so silly Noctus-chan!” Jupetta-chan squealed, nuzzling his head on Harley’s arm. “Isn’t he Harley-sama?” Harley stopped mentally cursing Haruka and looked at his former pokémon with slight apprehension. He’d never thought his sweet buddy could be so… Tough.

“Y-yeah,” he stuttered, hoping his answer wouldn’t upset Noctus-chan any further, “he’s very silly.” Noctus-chan looked at the two of them, staring at Harley’s arm, which just happened to be where Jupetta-chan was still resting his head, for a few seconds. He shook his head and quickly turned around, beginning to walk away.

“Let’s just go,” he muttered, not sounding in the least bit pleased. Not wanting to invoke the fiery male’s wrath, everyone kept quiet and followed.


Things actually stayed relatively calm for the next few hours, the only conversation being around the lines of, “Which way should we go?” And no one said a thing to Noctus-chan. They didn’t dare to. Well, with the exception of Jupetta-chan, but he was too busy watching the wild pokémon they passed to say anything. In fact, it wasn’t until the sun started setting that a certain someone started getting bored. And a bored Jupetta-chan, as everyone was about to find out, was not a good thing.

“Harley-sama?” Harley looked down at the younger boy, smiling sincerely.

“Yes, Jupetta-chan? Is something wrong?” Jupetta-chan shook his head in what Harley thought was a dreadfully adorable fashion.

“Nope. I just wanted to know something… Are you in love with anyone?” At those words, everyone froze in their tracks. Noctus-chan stiffened, his face twisting into a cross between a frown and a scowl. Shuu and Robert watched curiously, wanting to see how the coordinator would handle this particular situation. Luna just looked hungry for some juicy gossip. As for Harley… No one thought they had ever seen anyone’s face go that red before.

“W-why do you ask?” he asked, his face simply burning in embarrassment. Jupetta-chan shrugged, not seeming fazed in the slightest.

“I dunno. I’m just really bored cause we haven’t seen any pokémon lately, and I started thinking about things that begin with “L.” Like log, and leap, and left, and large, and lettuce... And love! So I thought about you and wanted to know if you love anyone. I know you don’t love that mean girl that we saw at the Grand Festival… We trained really hard, and she called us scary and hurt me!” Well, everyone had to admit that Jupetta-chan’s thought process was, for lack of better word, unique. For a moment, Harley thought that maybe he’d forgotten his original question after he’d gotten off track… Until he added, “So, do you?”

“Well, I…” Harley couldn’t believe his bad luck. How could he ever explain this? Sure, he had a crush on someone, possibly even loved them. But how to explain that to Jupetta-chan? And in front of everyone else! Well, when in doubt, lie. “No, no one.” Jupetta-chan frowned, but quickly shrugged it off.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to tell me Harley-sama, I understand. But you don’t have to lie about it.” Harley blushed even more, this time for being caught lying. How could someone who had only been a human for mere hours be so perceptive? Especially when he seemed so naïve… “Anyways, I love you Harley-sama!”

Standing on his tiptoes, Jupetta-chan placed a kiss on Harley’s cheek. The poor man looked ready to pass out from all of the blood rushing to his cheeks. How could he be so damn cute?

“I don’t think you mean love in the same way I’m thinking,” Harley added weakly, not able to explain exactly why he was so worked up over a little kiss on the cheek. It wasn’t like it meant anything…

“Sure I do!” Jupetta replied with a grin, going back to nuzzling his master’s arm. “I’ve always loved my Harley-sama and I always will. And now that I’m a human, I can love you all I want!” Everyone went silent, not knowing what they could possibly say to that. Then suddenly, a low growl filled the area…

Noctus-chan looked ready to murder someone at this point. Still growling, he spun on his heel and marched away from the group and towards the forest. The seemingly ever-present scowl he wore intensified moments before he raised his hands and…

The group, minus Luna and Jupetta-chan, watched on in amazement as bursts of energy flew out of Noctus-chan’s hands and hit the trees. With incredible speed, he manipulated the bursts, taking out all of his anger on the innocent foliage. By the time he finally stopped, there was a picture of a skull and crossbones that highly resembled the appeal he made against Haruka on Izabe Island.

“Was that Seed Machine Gun?” Harley asked in awe, momentarily forgetting about his dilemma. Luna nodded, seeming impressed, but not surprised.

“Sure looks like that. If he knew that attack as a pokémon, then it definitely is. Did you think that turning human makes us forget our attacks?” She laughed at the blank faces she was met with. “Watch this.”

Closing her eyes in concentration, the coin on her choker began to glow a light yellow. Within moments, more coins materialized and went flying through the air, embedding themselves in the trees behind the coordinators. Nekonikoban was a success.

“Oh, oh, watch me!” Jupetta-chan cried excitedly, letting go of Harley’s arm and running ahead to stand in front of the group. He raised his arms in the air with a smile, and soon there were little blue flames floating around him. He started bouncing on his heels, making the flames twirl around. “Isn’t Will-o-Wisp pretty?”

Noctus-chan had looked over to watch Jupetta-chan out of the corner of his eye, and then turned back to the trees when he was done. Harley watched the whole thing, and it made him wonder… Why was Noctus-chan being like that? He’d always thought his pokémon would be sweet if he could talk, just like Jupetta-chan was now. So why wasn’t he? Why was he always so angry? It just didn’t make any sense…

Then he remembered the other problem he had. Jupetta-chan… There was no way they had the same definition of love, right? He just had to find out. But how could he with so many people around? Sensing the tension that was steadily growing between the coordinator and his former pokémon, Robert cleared his throat to gain everyone’s attention.

“The sun is beginning to set, and it will begin getting dark soon. Perhaps we should stop here and set up camp?” He looked around to everyone, noting in particular the relieved look on Harley’s face. Receiving no objections, he nodded, setting down the pack he’d been carrying. “Well then, who wants to help me find some firewood?”


It ended up that Shuu went with Robert to fetch firewood for their dinner. Luna went to see if there was a lake or river nearby. Harley and Jupetta-chan stayed behind to wait for the wood so they could cook the ramen they had gotten and would be eating for a very long time… Noctus-chan had disappeared to only God knew where, probably sulking about what had happened earlier. The little scene from less than half-an-hour ago was still on Shuu’s mind. He just couldn’t understand it…

“Is something bothering you?” Shuu looked up from his hunt for proper firewood to face the blond man.

“It’s Noctus… Noctus-chan,” he corrected himself, feeling it odd to add such a friendly honorific to a pokémon who had threatened his manhood. “Why is he so…? So…”

“Ill-tempered?” Robert offered when Shuu seemed to be at a loss for words.

“I was leaning towards b*tchy, but that works too.” Robert rolled his eyes slightly, but didn’t disagree. “He never stops glaring, and he almost killed me. And he constantly looks like he wants to murder Harley. Not that I care about that idiot, but aren’t they good “buddies” or something? I would’ve thought they’d be a lot alike… But Noctus-chan can’t seem to stand anyone but Jupetta-chan. The only reason he’s left you and Luna alone is because you haven’t bothered him…”

“Correction,” Robert argued, “we haven’t bothered Jupetta-chan.” Shuu raised a questioning eyebrow, as if urging Robert to continue. “Haven’t you noticed that Jupetta-chan has been the underlying reason for all of his anger? You insulted Jupetta-chan, and Harley has been the one receiving all of his attention. If you’d like my opinion on the matter, I’d say that Noctus-chan is jealous.”

“Jealous?” Shuu questioned. “Why would he be jealous? What, does he want Harley to pay more attention to him or something? How does that explain why he flipped out when I called Jupetta-chan a thing?” Robert smiled, obviously amused with the boy’s lack of understanding.

“I suppose you might be too young to understand the way love works…” Shuu’s eyes widened. Love? First jealousy, now love? What was Robert thinking? Sensing Shuu’s confusion, he continued. “In my opinion, it seems that Noctus-chan is in love with Jupetta-chan. That would explain both his run-ins with you and Harley. And it would certainly clarify why he destroyed the innocent trees when Jupetta-chan mentioned loving someone that wasn’t him. Perhaps I’m looking far too much into the situation, however… It would certainly make sense.”

Shuu remained quiet, contemplating what the blond had said. It wasn’t like he’d never heard of two guys being together, but he’d never actually seen anything like that before. He’d figured that Jupetta-chan’s “love” for Harley was much like how he loved his own pokémon, not anything romantic. And Noctus-chan being in love in the first place? Perhaps the sun had gotten to Robert earlier…

Then again, it really did make sense, didn’t it? Perhaps it didn’t seem plausible, but it appeared to be the case nonetheless. Did that mean they were going to have to deal with a love triangle for the entire trip? Shuu certainly hoped not. He didn’t want to watch his every move just to make sure a jealous ex-pokémon didn’t murder him… Although, Harley had said he loved someone, so if it wasn’t Jupetta-chan— Actually, Shuu wasn’t sure if he wanted to see a ticked-off Jupetta-chan…

“Yes, I suppose it would… Oh, and Robert,” he looked up at the man with a peculiar glint in his eyes, “don’t assume I know nothing about love just because I’m young, got it?” Robert did well to hide his smile.

“Of course Shuu, of course.”


It had taken Luna all of five minutes to find a nearby river. She filled up the jug she had brought with water and headed back to camp so Harley and Jupetta-chan could start cooking as soon as the firewood arrived. As she walked back to their campsite, she idly wondered where Noctus-chan had gone off to. Was he off harming more wildlife? Once the camp was back in sight, she saw that that wasn’t the case…

Noctus-chan was leaning against a large tree, peering through deep thickets that concealed him from the occupants on the other side. Luna had to bite the inside of her cheek to keep from laughing. She hoped Noctus-chan didn’t think he was fooling anyone… So long as one had at least one functioning eye, they could see that Noctus-chan had a bad case of envy. The cause was debatable of course, but she had a good feeling that she knew what was going on…

She had briefly considered sneaking behind him and trying to scare him, but figured that he’d probably kill her for it. And she really needed to save the world before she went and did something silly like dying. Besides, before she even reached Noctus-chan, he turned around and gave her a look that clearly said, “Keep your mouth shut if you know what’s good for you.” Taking the hint, she kept quiet and stood next to him, watching the scene on the other side of the thickets…


Harley sat on a hollowed log, fidgeting nervously. He knew that now was the perfect time to talk to Jupetta-chan, now that they were alone. There was no prying eyes, no questioning stares, no upset pokémon… But he just couldn’t seem to start the conversation he knew they had to have. Where to begin? It wasn’t like he could just ask, “Hey Jupetta-chan, do you love me like a brother, or do I turn you on?” Honestly, Jupetta-chan looked about Shuu’s age; he couldn’t know what romantic love was! …Could he?

Jupetta-chan watched his master curiously, wondering why exactly he looked so anxious. He hoped Harley wasn’t scared of Noctus-chan. The other pokémon was just being grumpy as far as Jupetta-chan was concerned. There was really no need for alarm… Regardless, he was getting bored waiting for the older man to strike up conversation.

“Harley-sama,” he initiated the discussion, scooting over on the log so they were sitting side by side, “what ‘cha thinking about?” Harley glanced over at him, considering how he should word what he needed to ask.

“Jupetta-chan,” he began, weighing his words carefully, “what does love mean to you?” Jupetta-chan’s expression became puzzled, but he wasted no time giving his answer.

“Love is what you feel when you’re around someone that means a lot to you. More than anyone else in the world. You feel happy when they’re around and sad when they’re not. You want to spend all of your time with them, and no matter what they do you never want to leave them.” He paused, looking Harley straight in the eyes. “I’ve always loved Harley-sama, even when I was still a pokémon. Even before I evolved. I’d get so lonely when I’d have to wait in my monster ball… I’d wonder, ‘When can I see Harley-sama again? I miss him.’ But when I’d get called out for a battle or contest, I’d feel happy and warm…”

He trailed off, smiling blissfully, looking much more mature than Harley had seen him since he’d turned into a human. Harley really didn’t know what to say. Jupetta-chan could still be mixing up his feelings, mistaking them for what he thought was love. But from what he’d described, Jupetta-chan honestly thought he was in love, and that made it real enough. How to deal with it though…?

“I’m flattered, but—” Jupetta-chan shook his head, placing a finger on Harley’s lips to silence him.

“I know; you love someone else. I don’t expect you to feel the same way. Just remember that I’ll always love my Harley-sama.” Removing his finger, Jupetta-chan leaned closer, brushing his lips gently against the other man’s. For all of his early doubt, Harley did nothing to stop him, instead wondering if maybe, just maybe, this wasn’t what he wanted after all...


Luna could tell the other boy was upset. No, that was an understatement; he was incredibly distressed. She turned to say something to him, but never got the chance. Noctus-chan was running in the direction of the river, much too quickly for Luna to catch up with him while he was still moving. Sighing deeply, she walked around the thickets to the opening path for their campsite, already coming up with an excuse for Noctus-chan’s absence in her mind.


Oh boy... See? The romance starts and already no one has who they want. Will Jupetta-chan get Harley? Will Noctus-chan get Jupetta-chan? Who does Harley like? What about everyone else? Only time will tell...

And about attack names... I used the translations for the original names. So Seed Machine Gun is Bullet Seed, Will-o-Wisp is the same (though it can also translate to Jack-o-Lantern), and Nekonikoban (Pay Day) means "pearls before swine", but that's an odd name, so I left it as Nekonikoban. ^.^

Next chapter will be in about a week. See you then!


*swoons for Noland*
I just finished reading all you wrote. This is so good so far! Its unique. I like the different characters you gave your characters.

Jupetta-chan was kinda starting to annoy me a bit with its curiosity. I'm really liking Noctus-chan's rage. It reminds me of me at times.

Anyway, keep up the great work!!


Taitofan...you just continue shocking me. I am HEARTING the progression of the story, you definately know how to leave the reader wanting more.

Jupetta-chan's questioning Harley about who he loves was a neat scene, and I think it was a great way to set the following scenes. There seems to be no question that Jupetta loves his Harley-sama. Awwwe!

Noctus-chan...whoa, definately a kick-*** character. Way more angry and violent than I would have originally thought...he's a real tough cookie! XD Way cute how he got all protective of Jupetta-chan. And I thought the imagery of Shuu almost getting pounded was AWESOME.

I love the fact that you still have the Pokemon able to perform their attacks, it makes the story more interesting. I found Noctus-chan's use of Seed Machine Gun to be probably the funniest scene of the story...it perfectly illustrated just how ****** off he was. Love it.

Shuu and Robert were both fleshed out a little more, and I really liked their conversations together, especially the little part about love. Does Shuu understand? It will be interesting to find out.

And again, I just need to clarify how uber-cute Jupetta-chan is! :D His final scene with Harley was sooo sweet... awwwe again!

Top notch chapter Tf. I loved it, and you've left me an even bigger fan of them all!


Well, remember how I said this chapter would have more action? Well, your definition of action will determine if I lied or not. ^^; Don't worry, Nyasu were based off lucky cats, so Luna's good luck should be kicking in soon... Besides, you'll all learn some important info in this one. So without further ado, here's the next chapter!

Project G—Chapter four (8-27-05)

Luna walked into camp just moments after Harley and Jupetta-chan parted. She acted as if she hadn’t seen anything, which was hard considering she was torn between feeling excited by such a sweet scene and sad that it upset Noctus-chan so much. She placed the water on the ground, and they waited for the others to arrive in silence.

It was approximately fifteen minutes later when Shuu and Robert arrived, both carrying an armful of firewood. They noticed the unusual quiet as they got the wood together for the fire. Jupetta-chan hadn’t been able to keep quiet for very long the entire day, and now he was completely silent, simply laying his head on Harley’s shoulder. Shuu recalled his and Robert’s conversation. Perhaps the older man had been right…

“Where’s Noctus-chan?” Robert asked curiously, looking around the campsite to see if he was lurking around a corner or something similar. Harley looked worried, peering around while trying not to disturb the boy who was half-asleep on his shoulder.

“That’s a good question. He disappeared as soon as we stopped, and I haven’t seen him since…” He turned to Luna. “Did you see him when you got the water?” Luna felt herself tense, though she tried her best to appear nonchalant.

“Oh yeah, I saw him on my way back. He said he wasn’t very hungry right now, and he’d eat later, so we shouldn’t wait up for him. So… Let’s get cooking!” Harley nodded, accepting her story and gently shaking Jupetta-chan to fully wake him. Robert, on the other hand, looked skeptical. He stayed quiet however, knowing that Luna would tell them if something serious was happening. Shuu backed away from the wood, also accepting her story, digging through his bag to pull out some ramen packages.

“Okay… So how do we start the fire?” He was met with blank stares. “…Don’t tell me no one bought a lighter or some matches…” Again, blank stares were the only answer. “Well, what are we going to do then?”

Jupetta-chan stood up, his droopy eyes showing off the fact that he’d almost fallen asleep during the wait. He yawned cutely—in Harley’s opinion of course, but he was biased—and walked in front of the fire. He lifted up his arms and concentrated, allowing his Will-o-Wisp attack to hit the wood, causing it to begin burning.

“S’okay,” he murmured tiredly, going back over to sit next to Harley, “I got it.” He laid his head back on Harley’s shoulder, immediately closing his eyes. Harley sighed looking over to Robert.

“Would you mind—?” Robert laughed lightly, nodding and getting up from his seat.

“Of course. It’s his first day as a human after all; he has a right to be tired. We’ll wake him when the food is done.” Harley smiled appreciably, and Robert got to work boiling the water.


When Robert had finished cooking, conversation was still scarce. Jupetta-chan was too groggy and Luna was too busy eating something that wasn’t berries to say anything. Shuu was still wondering about what Robert had said. He knew about love… Really he did. Love was what people felt when they got married. Just because he’d never felt it before didn’t mean he didn’t know what it was, right?

Harley was lost in his own thoughts as well. The conversation with Jupetta-chan kept playing in his head over and over again. He’d thought he’d been in love before, or at least, very close to love. But since Jupetta-chan had kissed him, he wasn’t so sure. Surely, if it was true love a simple kiss wouldn’t affect him so much, would it? But then again, it could be simply because it was unexpected. Should he really give up on his previous affections so easily?

Robert watched his companions inquisitively. He understood Luna and Jupetta-chan’s silence, but what about the other two? Something must have happened between Harley and Jupetta-chan while he was gone he decided. And he had a feeling that Luna knew what it was. As for Shuu, he had a good idea that he knew what the boy was thinking about… Secretly, he hoped that he really did know what love was… He forced himself not to think about it though.

By the time everyone had finished eating, Noctus-chan still wasn’t back, and it was getting rather late. Stating a bit too enthusiastically that she’d go and wash the supplies at the river, Luna jumped up, gathered their goods, and ran down the path. Jupetta-chan had fallen asleep as soon as he’d finished eating, and as Harley was putting him in one of the sleeping bags, he called out to her to look for Noctus-chan. She yelled back that she would, and then she was gone. Robert watched her go, wondering what she was up to…

Of course, Luna knew that Noctus-chan would be there, that he’d been there all night. She supposed it was pokémon intuition. Regardless, she would use any excuse to make sure he was okay. She knew that she shouldn’t get into any of this; she should focus her efforts on stopping the Darks… But she couldn’t just sit around and watch a fellow pokémon-turned-human suffer! Somehow, she had to help him…

“Noctus-chan,” she called out as she approached the river, “where are you?” She received no response, but as she reached the water’s edge she saw her target. He was sitting on a large rock, peering down into the rippling water. Luna could tell that he was still upset over what he had seen. What could she possibly say to make things better…? “Is there anything I can do?”

“F*ck off.” Well, that certainly wasn’t it.

“Come on, I saw what happened too. Don’t you want to talk about it?” He didn’t even look at her as he answered.

“No.” She sighed. Why was he so stubborn?

“Why not?” He finally looked up, giving her a half-hearted glare. Now that she could see his face, it was easy to see that he was exhausted. His eyes looked fine though, so at least he hadn’t been crying. He did look like he could benefit from a good night’s sleep though…

“Because you’re annoying me. I just want to be left alone. Now if you don’t mind, do leave me alone before I Poison Pin your *ss all the way to Sieki.” Luna wasn’t sure where Sieki was, but she took the threat seriously. Moving away from Noctus-chan, she settled down next to the river and started cleaning up. Noctus-chan continued to ignore her, opting to gaze up at the starry sky.

“Stupid Jupetta-chan…” he murmured under his breath, barely loud enough to hear. But Luna, being part cat, heard him loud and clear. And of course, she couldn’t keep her curiosity in check at the peculiar statement.

“I thought you were crazy about him? You almost killed Shuu when he called Jupetta-chan a ‘thing,’ and now you call him stupid? Someone has major mood swings…” Noctus-chan’s eye twitched as he cursed himself for saying that out loud. Why, of all people, did this nosey girl have to be the one to lead them?

“He’s naïve,” was the reluctant answer she got, as he knew she wouldn’t shut up until he told her what she wanted to know. “He doesn’t see what’s right in front of him… That’s why he’s stupid. He always has been, and he probably always will be…” He suddenly stood up and jumped down from the rock.

“Where are you going?” Luna asked as he walked away. He continued on, not stopping or looking back.

“To camp, idiot.” With that, he disappeared into the forest, not taking the path in hopes she wouldn’t follow him. Luna shook her head and quickly finished her washing. Noctus-chan was a tough nut to crack… Though in all honestly, she couldn’t wait to see how this little love triangle would work out.

What about Harley? He’s in love with someone else completely… I wonder if it’s—’ She laughed to herself, shaking her head in amusement. ‘Yeah right, I’m crazy if I think that would ever work…


By the time Luna arrived back at camp, everyone, including Noctus-chan, was in their sleeping bags and deep in dream land. Yawning herself, she slipped into her own bag near the fire and closed her eyes. She’d think more about the problem in the morning as they continued their search for the cave containing the Ice Orb. Hopefully, it wouldn’t take very long. The quicker they found it, the better.

As Luna drifted off, the moon shone brightly over the slumbering group. Their first day was over, and already there were tensions running high. How could they save the world in their current state? No one knew, but the twinkling stars and brilliant shining moon certainly gave hope for the future.


In the dead of the night, a man and a woman trudged though a pitch black forest somewhere in mid-Hoenn. Neither knew exactly where they were, just that they had to go north, and the woman wasn’t allowed to lead the way anymore. After ending up in a desert, a dump, a swamp, and a pillow factory, the man wasn’t taking any more chances. If they didn’t hurry up and catch the experiment, the boss would have their heads… And that was a fate neither of them wanted to face.

“Kieran, can’t we stop yet? I’m soooo tired!” The man grunted, obviously worn-out but not willing to stop.

“No Duana, we have to keep going. If we don’t catch up with her soon, the boss will kill us. Do you really want to die? Because I sure as hell don’t! And you know it will be long, drawn out, and painful. So shut up and—” He was cut off by a loud rumbling noise. “Duana?”

Kieran turned back and saw his partner leaning against a tree, fast asleep. He sighed in annoyance, wondering how she ever managed to get her degree in engineering. But then again, she did look rather contented to be sleeping… Yes, sleeping… A quick rest wouldn’t hurt, now would it? Of course not! Slinking to the ground, he closed his eyes and promptly fell asleep.


When the first rays of the morning sun hit her face, Luna slowly awoke from her peaceful slumber. Blinking a few times to get used to the light, she sat up and peered around. Robert and Shuu were sitting around the fire, tending to something in a pot that looked like soup. Whatever it was, it smelled good! Another quick look confirmed that Harley and his pokémon were still sleeping.

Oh well,’ she thought, her stomach growling, ‘more for me!

She got up and sat next to Robert, who was stirring the pot’s contents. After a brief explanation that it was called miso soup, yes it was eaten for breakfast, and yes it tasted good, Luna couldn’t wait to have the strange looking soup. Hey, it sure beat berries!

By the time the miso soup was done, Harley had woken to the enticing aroma. He looked over at Jupetta-chan, who was sleeping soundly. Their talk last night had only served to confuse him further. He knew he loved Jupetta-chan. He had back when he was a Kagebouzu, and he always would. But was it the same kind of love that Jupetta-chan claimed to harbor for him? He wasn’t sure. True, he thought the boy was extremely adorable, and that kiss had been in his mind even in his dreams…

...And he wasn’t doing a very good job of thinking about other things. He forced himself to turn away and instead focus on his other pokémon. Jupetta-chan was cute, but Noctus-chan’s fiery personality was nothing short of sexy. And no, he had no trouble admitting that. If only he wasn’t so hostile all of the time, he might tell him that… But that would only serve to complicate matters further. He was already questioning his feelings for two different people; he didn’t need to add another to the list.

“Well, are you going to wake them or not?” Harley snapped out of his musings and found himself face to face with Shuu. The boy had gone over when he’d seen the other coordinator staring into space and now was regarding him curiously. Harley kept the blush off his face by pure willpower.

“S-sure,” he stuttered, getting up quickly and moving to wake Jupetta-chan first. Shuu watched for a few minutes before heading back to the fire. There was something wrong with Harley… He hadn’t yelled at him for getting in his face or bugging him. What was wrong with everyone?

Jupetta-chan woke up easily enough, with only a few yawns and a cute smile to his master. But waking Noctus-chan was a whole different story… Harley couldn’t seem to rouse him no matter what he tried. Talking, poking, shaking, and hitting were all for naught. After a while, the others began watching him, making bets among themselves as to how much longer it would take. Finally, Jupetta-chan decided that he was hungry, and the fastest way to eat would be to help his Harley-sama.

“I’ll do it!” he exclaimed, getting to his knees next to his fellow pokémon. “I know how to make him get up.” With everyone watching inquisitively, Jupetta-chan leaned down… And placed a small kiss on Noctus-chan’s lips.

The reactions were varied, to say the least. Noctus-chan immediately sat up, his face burning red and his eyes wide. Harley wasn’t faring much better, suddenly finding himself very hot at the thought of his buddies kissing each other. Shuu once again wondered why he was stuck with such nutcases. Robert allowed himself a small smirk, almost as if he’d expected something like this to happen. Luna couldn’t help but grin; that was soooo cute! And as for Jupetta-chan himself, he just sat on his knees, smiling at his friend.

“What the hell was that for?!” Noctus-chan demanded, his face still as red as an apple. Jupetta-chan smiled sweetly, looking proud of himself.

“I woke you up just like that prince did to the princess in the story Harley-sama used to read to us before we evolved. I always wanted to know if it worked… And it does!” Noctus-chan couldn’t say anything, as he had no idea how to respond to something like that. Once again, it was Robert to the rescue.

“The miso soup will get cold if we wait much longer. Shall we eat?” Nodding, Luna and Shuu turned back to the fire, while the other three got up and made their way to the others. Jupetta-chan was eager to eat, but Harley and Noctus-chan went more slowly, both replaying the scene in their heads. Noctus-chan because it was the closest he believed he’d ever get to a real kiss with the boy, and Harley because it was just plain hot.

…The second day had arrived and things were already getting more confusing than before.


Breakfast was rather uneventful compared to what had just gone on. They ate their miso soup in silence, and afterwards Luna offered to clean the cooking supplies again. While she was gone, Robert put out the fire, and the others packed up the additional supplies. When Luna returned a short time later, they finished packing and were finally ready to resume their journey.

“So,” Shuu began, looking around to the various paths leading out of camp, “which way should we go now?” Luna looked from path to path, considering the possibilities. She eventually pointed to the path veering off to the northwest.

“Let’s go that way. It’s the one going the most to the north, and that is where the cave is after all.” No one could argue with that logic, and thus they started their way up the path. Luna led the way, with Noctus-chan taking up the rear. Shuu and Robert were close to the front, while Harley was in the middle, Jupetta-chan walking near him. Noctus-chan watched them, wondering if maybe Jupetta-chan knew about the extent of his feelings after all… Then Jupetta-chan slipped his hand into Harley’s, to which the older man did nothing to stop. Noctus-chan’s eyes narrowed.

…Never mind.


Duana awoke feeling refreshed and happier than she had since the experiment had run away. She did, however, wonder why exactly she was using a tree root as a pillow… Then she remembered falling asleep as Kieran was going on about something or other… A quick peek confirmed that her partner was still asleep just a few feet away from her. She giggled as a snore escaped his sleeping form.

It certainly didn’t look like he’d be waking up anytime soon.

That was fine by her. Probably once Kieran woke up, he’d have them traveling for three days straight. She’d take any rest she could get with open arms. They might have been best friends since grade school, but that didn’t mean she had to like his obsessive nature. Really, Lana, or was it Lina?, couldn’t have gotten that far. She was probably in some city looking for someone who’d believe her story.

And the last time she’d looked, there weren’t many nice people left in the world that would just throw caution to the wind and help a random girl off the streets. Oh well, she didn’t feel like thinking at the moment. No, a few more hours of sleep were in order… Duana closed her eyes, determined to sleep for as long as possible before Kieran woke up and threatened to dismember her again…


Yep, two of the baddies have names now. First one to say the importance of Kieran and Duana's names get cookies! Not too hard really. =3 And I know I'm still not focusing on Shuu and Robert enough, but they'll get their chance to shine, I promise!

Thank you to all who've reviewed! It means a lot to me! Especially if you elaborate. Though I'll take what I can get. ^.~ See ya in a week! <3


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...really, I don't get the bad's names :(

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This was great. I'm really liking this. Noctus-chan is great. I think I'd like him too. ;)

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Are you still open for suggestions? If so...well, I was in the shower and something came to my perverted mind:
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