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Project G (PG-13, various)



Well, there both Irish names... :p

Taitofan....seriously....I'm going to skip to my favorite scene which was...so obviously...Jupetta-chan's fairy tale kiss to Noctus-chan. OMFG! Cute, Sweet, Hot, and adorable all rolled into one! :D No complaints! Noctus-chan's reaction to it was just.......perfect.

Anywayz...heh, this was a great chapter! Loved the whole chemistry between Shuu and Robert. They are both pretty adorable with their uncertainties and such, and when you add in Harley's predicaments....it's complex, but I just think these crazy kids can make it work in the end. ;)

I enjoyed Luna's convo. with Noctus-chan. Awwwe, he reminds me of me when I'm pissy over a crushed love. Well, maybe a lil' more violent. XD

Harley has definately grown even more as a character, his actions seem logical enough at this point...he's pretty much the middle part of the big X that's going on, LOL.

*HUGS* You have made my day, TF! I can go back to work with happy!joy feelings! Of course, Jupetta-chan's uncanny awesomeness will have something to do with it. It's like...his happiness bleeds out of the screen.

And Fanderichie...actually, that's an interesting point. They *would* need to learn bathing habits sooner or later....lol, there I go applying logic to total fanwanking! :p


I'm reallllly wanna do the bathing thing, but it'd definately boost the rating... We'll have to see. ^.^

GAR, well, you got one half of the name importance... Though it's not really the important part... If that made any sense... ^^; You guys can get it, I know you can. =3

Thank you all who reviewed! It certainly helps me when I know people are reading. Though as I'm sure you all can see, it's been well over a week since the last update. Well, I started college and I haven't had a lot of free time... But I have no weekend classes, so I'll try my hardest to get the next chapter out as soon as I can! In the meantime, I have a little sneek peek to the next chapter...


Robert was perhaps loving the calm atmosphere the most. He hadn’t seen so much bickering and drama rolled together in a very long time… Not since he was a young teenager in fact. But that had been a long time ago, and it all could have been avoided if his parents had just understood him a little more. …But he didn’t like to think about it. It was all in the past now; there was no way to change anything that had happened, and he didn’t think he’d want to even if given the chance. He stole a quick glance to the boy walking beside him, and decided that no, he wouldn’t change anything for the world.

Shuu was unaware that he was being watched. He was unaware of everyone in fact. So much had been going on lately… What happened to the good old days of entering pokémon contests, teasing Haruka, kicking Harley’s butt, and having Robert kick his in the end so he’d have a reason to get stronger? Okay, so he was exaggerating, and it’d only been a few days, but still… Life had been so much easier before Luna had come up to them asking for help. He wanted to help the pokémon of course, but that did mean he was too fond of the half-breeds traveling with them… Jupetta-chan was too perky, Noctus-chan was too violent and moody, and Luna, well, she was the one to pick Harley’s pokémon to become humans in the first place!

But it wasn’t like he was jealous or anything.

Quite frankly, he couldn’t wait until this whole ordeal was over with. The faster they found the orbs, the faster things would be back to normal and he could go back to winning ribbons. That’s what he was good at—pokémon contests, not love… He’d never let Robert know that though. He wasn’t sure why, but he couldn’t let the older man find out how confused he was. It gave him the oddest feeling in the pit of his stomach… So he just decided not to think about it.


Yes, that's all you're getting. That's actually a piece of a longer part telling how everyone is fairing near the beginning of the chapter. You get Robert and Shuu because I feel like they get neglected... Yes, you will get more about them. But for now, this is it. ^.~ Of course, this is subject to change in the final revision of the chapter, so look out for minor (major?) changes when I'm done.

See you ASAP!


*withdrawel is temporarely saited*
KAWAII is the theme of this preview, isn't it? :D


I really wasn't sure when I'd get this up, but here it is! =3 And that action? Next chapter, totally. I have no choice. Why? You'll see... More notes at the end!

Project G—Chapter five (9-13-05)

They’d been walking for a few hours with no mishaps. It was probably due to the fact that everyone had a lot on their minds, but regardless of the reason, the peace was welcomed with open arms. Luna led them down path after path, her only reasoning being, “This just seems like a good direction.” The others offered no objections; they had no idea what the cave would even look like, so who were they to tell her she was wrong?

As they walked, Noctus-chan stayed far behind the rest of the group, glowering silently. Just when he’d thought he’d had a chance with Jupetta-chan… It all ended up being a big joke! In the stories a kiss always meant true love, so where was his fairy tale ending? Why wasn’t he living happily ever after with his one true love? Why was Jupetta-chan holding hands with Harley and not him?!

He did kiss Harley first, a little voice hummed in Noctus-chan’s mind. The boy scowled, not liking that realization one bit.

Who cares,’ he mentally grumbled.

You do.

Well, that may be true, but he didn’t need to be arguing with himself. He was unstable enough as it was, he didn’t need to go completely crazy…

Whatever. If Jupetta-chan wants to waste his time with him, that’s his problem…

Meanwhile, Harley was having his own Jupetta-chan troubles. The more time he spent with his pokémon, the more he felt like he was… Well, like he was falling in love with the boy. He knew it was crazy, absolutely insane even. Sure, he’d known Jupetta-chan for years, but he’d only really known him for a little over a day. It had taken Harley months to realize who he felt about his current crush, and now one little kiss was tearing apart everything he’d thought he had figured out!

But it’s not like he could ever like me that way… And Jupetta-chan says he loves me… Maybe it would be best for all of us…’ He looked down at the boy who held his hand. ‘Besides, he is awfully cute…’

Robert was perhaps loving the calm atmosphere the most. He hadn’t seen so much bickering and drama rolled together in a very long time… Not since he was a young teenager in fact. But that had been a long time ago, and it all could have been avoided if his parents had just understood him a little more. …But he didn’t like to think about it. It was all in the past now; there was no way to change anything that had happened, and he didn’t think he’d want to even if given the chance. He stole a quick glance to the boy walking beside him, and decided that no, he wouldn’t change anything for the world.

Shuu was unaware that he was being watched. He was unaware of everyone in fact. So much had been going on lately… What happened to the good old days of entering pokémon contests, teasing Haruka, kicking Harley’s butt, and having Robert kick his in the end so he’d have a reason to get stronger? Okay, so he was exaggerating, and it’d only been a few days, but still… Life had been so much easier before Luna had come up to them asking for help. He wanted to help the pokémon of course, but that didn’t mean he was too fond of the half-breeds traveling with them… Jupetta-chan was too perky, Noctus-chan was too violent and moody, and Luna… Well, she was the one to pick Harley’s pokémon over his own to become humans in the first place!

But it wasn’t like he was jealous or anything.

Quite frankly, he couldn’t wait until this whole ordeal was over with. The faster they found the orbs, the faster things would be back to normal and he could go back to winning ribbons. That’s what he was good at—pokémon contests, not saving the world, and certainly not love… He’d never let Robert know that though. He wasn’t sure why, but he couldn’t let the older man find out just how confused he really was. It gave him the oddest feeling in the pit of his stomach… In the end, he decided just not to think about it.

Luna walked in the front, keeping her senses open to anything out of the ordinary. They had to be close to the cave, she just knew it! And the quicker they found it, the better it would be for everyone. Not only did the world’s pokémon need saving, but she wasn’t sure how long her companions could last before there was bloodshed… Thus, she kept her eyes and ears focused, determined to find an entrance to the ice cave. After all, who knew how long the peace would actually last…

Jupetta-chan had the least on his mind, being completely content simply to walk next to Harley, his fingers threaded snugly with the older man’s. He watched the scenery as they passed it, sneaking glances at his love every now and then. Of course, he never noticed Noctus-chan glaring at them. Even if he had, he would have determined that it was because his friend hadn’t gotten enough sleep the night before. But the other male didn’t even enter his thoughts. He was much too satisfied daydreaming about his Harley-sama.

Since everyone was lost in their own thoughts, no one had said much of anything for those past few hours, simply letting Luna lead the way with no questions asked. By now it would be noon soon, and they’d have to stop for lunch. Though taking a break did sound rather appealing after walking nonstop for the entire morning, it seemed that stopping was when fights were more apt to break out… Thus the three who weren’t focused on relational matters, namely Robert, Shuu, and Luna, didn’t want to stop until absolutely necessary—

“I’m hungry! When can we eat?” No one even needed to guess who that came from.

“Well,” Robert began, once again taking on the role of the responsible one of the group, “the best option would be to travel until we reach a suitable place to stop. A river or stream would be preferable, but a clearing will do as well.”

“Okay,” Jupetta-chan chirped, squeezing Harley’s hand ever-so-slightly, obviously not to concerned with waiting. The gesture, no matter how small, had two obvious effects. Harley’s face reddened at the sign of affection, and Noctus-chan’s scowled deepened even more than it had previously been. Which was a hard feat, but was managed with a style only achieved by an insanely jealous man.

I’ll get Jupetta-chan to notice me… One way or another.’


Duana was having a very pleasant dream. In it, she’d just won an award for being the most brilliant pokémon biologist in the entire world. There were thousands of people watching, all cheering her name. And Kieran was watching in the audience, scowling at her and her brilliance. Oh yes, she’d shown him! And to think he’d told her she couldn’t even walk and chew gum at the same time…

“OW!!!” And in a flash, her dream was gone and replaced with an aching head. She looked around for the source of her discomfort and saw nothing… Save for a smirking Kieran holding a rather large tree branch.

“That’s what you get,” he said smugly, confirming that he had in fact been the one to hit her on the head. “You let me sleep the whole morning away! Who knows how far away Lana could be now?”

“Actually,” she said, sitting up, “I think her name is Lina.” Kieran’s smug expression faded, giving way to annoyance.

“That’s not the point! You let me sleep instead of waking me up! It’s all your fault we’re so far behind!” Duana pouted, getting to her feet so she could run if he tried to hit her again.

“But I was still tired~!” She stopped, blinking in confusion. “Hey, wait just a minute! How in the world did you know I woke up without waking you?” Kieran’s smug expression was back tenfold.

“I didn’t, but you just proved my suspicions.” She opened her mouth to reply, but he didn’t give her the chance. “Come on, we’re gonna have to travel all night and day to catch up. Who knows when we’ll get to stop again…” Duana sighed, but wasn’t surprised when he started to walk away, still going on about how irresponsible she was. She followed at a much slower pace, letting him rant to himself. So long as he wasn’t throwing things…


It had taken nearly half an hour before they’d reached a river, which luckily had a suitable clearing for cooking lunch. Another lucky occurrence was that the group managed to make it through the meal with absolutely zero mishaps. Although, it may have had a lot to do with the facts that A: Noctus-chan ate a ways away from the others and B: Jupetta-chan was far too hungry to say or do anything that could cause any further fights. But as Robert viewed it, while he ate his ramen in the calming atmosphere, all good things had to come to an end. And the day had been far too quiet and peaceful already, almost to the point of being downright dull. Something was going to happen soon, and it was going to be big, he just knew it…

Soon enough, they were back on the proverbial road, in the same relative positions that they had been in previously. As they got farther from the river, Luna felt an odd feeling evade her senses. It was almost like someone, something, was calling to her… She stopped suddenly, earning curious looks from the others. …Except for two.

Jupetta-chan looked around curiously, as if searching for something that he himself was unaware of. Noctus-chan’s ever-present scowl lessened, replaced instead with his own inquisitive look. He walked past the others to stand next to Luna.

“Do you sense it as well?” She nodded, regarding all of the surrounding area carefully.

“Yes, it must be close… We should search the area. Let’s go.” Immediately, the three hybrids were expecting every rock, tree, and hole in the ground that they could find. That left the three humans together, at a loss as to what was happening.

“…What do you think they’re doing?” Shuu asked, raising an eyebrow at their determined investigation.

“They’re obvious looking for something.” Robert pointed out.

“But what?” Harley asked, just as baffled as the other two coordinators. They shrugged, wondering if asking would get them anywhere… Well, it wasn’t like there was anything to lose…

“Ask him,” Shuu urged, nudging Harley with his elbow. Harley looked down at the younger boy, giving him a questioning glance.

“Ask who what?” Shuu gave him a look that clearly said, “Don’t play dumb.”

“Ask your groupie what they’re doing. He’s obsessed with you; you’ll get an answer.” Harley flushed slightly, knowing that it was true, but more embarrassed that Shuu knew it was true…

“R-right…” He walked over to the group of trees Jupetta-chan was inspecting. “Jupetta-chan, can I ask you something?” The boy nodded, poking a tree insistently.

“Sure Harley-sama! What is it?” Harley heard Shuu snickering off to the side and repressed the urge to throw something at him.

“I was just wondering what you all were looking for. You just went off without telling us…” Jupetta-chan’s poking ceased, and he turned to face the older man. Harley barely stopped from letting out a gasp at the absolutely heartbroken expression on the boy’s face. ‘What the…?’

“I’m so sorry Harley-sama!” he cried, launching himself into the man’s arms, barely holding back tears. “I just left you alone and didn’t tell you anything and… And… I’m the worst boyfriend in the world!” Everyone, with the exception of Luna, who kept feeling around under a rock with both ears open, stopped at the outburst. Harley probably would have laughed if it had been happening to anyone else… But it wasn’t, and he had to deal with a near-hysterical teenage boy in his arms.

“Jupetta-chan, it’s okay, really! Don’t cry!” He wrapped his arms around the smaller form, holding him close. “I’m not mad, so you have nothing to be upset about, okay? I’m just curious, that’s all. And trust me, there are many worse boyfriends in the world…” Jupetta-chan looked up, his eyes shining with unshed tears and most of all, hope.

“So… Does that mean that I really am your boyfriend?” Harley let out a strangled noise in the back of his throat. This must be what being “between a rock and a hard place” meant… Did he break Jupetta-chan’s heart or risk having his crush ruined forever? He glanced over to the side. Was it a lost cause? Was he better off with the boy in his arms? He wished he had more time to think about it, but the simple fact was that he didn’t. It was time for an answer, but his brain had no idea what to say…

So he let his heart do the talking instead.

“Yes, Jupetta-chan, you’re my boyfriend. And you’re the best boyfriend in the universe.” Jupetta-chan’s expression instantly went from desolate to ecstatic.

“Really?!” Harley smiled, knowing that he’d made the right decision.

“Really.” The brunette squealed, winding his arms even tighter around his new boyfriend’s waist. He had known, with not one doubt in his mind, that his Harley-sama loved him back. And now it was official! Of course, Harley hadn’t actually said that he loved Jupetta-chan, not in the way the boy wanted, but it didn’t matter. He hadn’t even realized it in fact. All that mattered was that Harley agreed to be his boyfriend. In Jupetta-chan’s eyes, the day couldn’t possibly get any better.

This sweet scene was met with varying degrees of acceptance, as was to be expected. Obviously, Noctus-chan was not happy by any stretch of the imagination. His Jupetta-chan was with that man. This was unacceptable! He watched as Harley kissed the top of Jupetta-chan’s head, earning him a giggle. This wasn’t just unacceptable, this was one-hundred percent, downright wrong!

As far as the others were concerned, Robert didn’t seem surprised at the new couple, although Shuu did. He knew that Jupetta-chan liked Harley, but he hadn’t thought the feelings were requited… Luna smiled as she went to examine a tree. That was adorable. True, she felt bad for Noctus-chan, who was swiftly making his way towards the happy twosome unbeknownst to everyone else, but still…

It’ll all work out… Somehow… Probably… Hey, what’s this? It looks like a button… I wonder what’ll happen if I press it…’

Completely forgetting the old saying that curiosity killed the Nyasu, she pressed the knothole in, wondering if she’d found what they’d been looking for. If this was it, they’d be one step farther in their journey! She held her breath in anticipation…

But nothing happened. She sighed heavily, turning away from the tree, looking around for something else that could be holding a secret. Back to the—

“Ahh!” Jupetta-chan yelped and clung to Harley with all his might as the ground began to shake uncontrollably. Before anyone could question just exactly what was going on, the ground opened up, sucking them underground without a sound. Seconds later, the earth was whole again, and all was as it should be.


A few minutes later, two figures arrived at the scene. One looked determined about whatever he was doing and was talking to himself loudly while he did it. The other looked exhausted, almost ready to collapse, obviously tuning out whatever her companion was saying. They walked through the area, not even hesitating or giving it a second look. As far as they were concerned, it was just a normal forest. Just as they were about to leave completely, the woman stopped defiantly, crossing her arms across her chest.

“Kieran,” she whined pitifully, her voice betraying her stern look, “can’t we stop yet? We’ve been walking for hours without one stop! I’m hungry!” The redhead turned around, not happy at this interruption.

“No,” he said firmly. “You wanted to sleep in late, so you have to face the consequences. Besides, we have already stopped once. Remember? So you could go to the bathroom. Do you know how long we wasted back then? Three minutes! Three valuable minutes when we could have been searching. Now quit complaining and start walking. We have to catch up to that brat. Who knows how far ahead of us she is!” He started walking again, still going on in his diatribe about how irresponsible she still was.

The blonde hung her head, feeling utterly defeated… And famished. She hoped they found the experiment soon so she could eat… And sleep… And find new friends.

Little did they know how close they really were…


So yeah, cliffhanger. And the perfect setup for some action. Some people are probably saying, "About time" for the bit of honest-to-God romance, while others are saying "Too fast!" Either way, there are more couples to come. Some will take longer than others... And Harley and Jupetta-chan will have their share of problems. There's still Harley's crush... And Noctus-chan. Whoo baby, watch out for him...

I'm not sure when the next chapter will be. I have a paper to write on Jack the Ripper, but I'll work on this as much as I can. Heck, each chapter here is longer than my paper needs to be... XP Anyways, see you next time!


<< Hottie!
Finally the fifth chapter !!!!
you surprised me, I never imagine that Harley would say "yes" to jupetta-chan...^_^
It's really really good ;)


*sigh* Poor Noctus-chan! :( I, like, can totally empathize with him! Although it's interesting how he pretty much hates Harley now...oooh, angst ahoy!

Shuu is written well. He really has a lot going on in that head of his...the situation is forcing him to come to terms with several facets of his life, so it's nice to see that represented...also to see him reminisce about "the old days" lol! :)

Jupetta-chan's innocence is spot-on as usual, and the way he gets Harley to be his bf is just soooo cute! Awwe, it just makes me want him to have the happiest ending ever!

The plot itself is still engaging, and the cliffhanger certainly leads one wondering what will happen next...especially since Noctus-chan seemed to be ready to take matters into his own hands!

Taitofan...I bow before the kawaiiness that goes on in your head! ;)


First, I'd like to say thanks to all of the comments I've recieved. Nothing but praise so far... Don't know if that'll happen with this chapter though...

Okay, so, this chapter pretty much wrote itself. Meaning, some things happened that I wasn't planning to happen for a few more chapters. But at the same time, a few new problems (one that I hadn't even considered earlier) popped up. So you'll have to see... I'll explain more after the fic. ^^; Hope you all like it! Don't forget to tell me what you think please! <3

Project G—Chapter six (9-20-05)

When Shuu came too, the first thing he noticed that it was dark, very dark. Then, much to his embarrassment, he noticed that it was because his eyes were closed. Extremely grateful that no one could read his mind, he opened his eyes and—

Almost died of humiliation.

He thanked every deity he could think of that Robert was unconscious. Not that he was glad the older man was passed out or anything, but at the same time, he was… He was damn close to hyperventilating, and his pants felt abnormally tight, and… And…

Oh God, I just had my face buried in his crotch…

Yes, poor Shuu had woken up to find himself in an exceedingly compromising position. He knew he shouldn’t be so embarrassed. After all, it wasn’t his fault that they’d landed that way. But still, he couldn’t help but feel, in the back of his mind, as if he’d liked it. And the worst part was that he didn’t even feel dirty or anything of the sort.

Get a grip Shuu. Robert’s over ten years older than I am, and he’s a guy. I’m not Harley; I like girls. Right? Right. …I think. No! I don’t think, I know! I like Haruka… Haruka, who is a girl. We’ll get married some day, have kids, and be happy and… Man, Robert looks pretty hot when the light hits him like that… No! What am I thinking? I do not like Robert! And there’s no way he likes me, so I should just—

“Shuu? Is something wrong?”

Shuu was very close to having a heart attack at that voice. He looked up and saw that Robert had woken up and was now sitting up and looking at him in a concerned manner. The boy had no idea what to say. He couldn’t very well say, “Oh it’s nothing, really. I was just having an argument with myself as to whether or not I find you attractive, that’s all.” Somehow, he didn’t think that would go over well…

“Robert, do you think it’s wrong for two guys to like each other?” The blond blinked at the sudden question, and Shuu was tempted to hide under a big rock. That was most certainly not what he wanted to say…

“Of course not,” Robert replied, not even needing to think about it. “I have no problem with Harley and Jupetta-chan’s relationship, nor Noctus-chan’s infatuation with Jupetta-chan. It is my belief that love is love, and nothing can make it wrong.” Shuu nodded, but looked a bit nervous.

“Even a big age difference? You know… Like, over ten years or something?” Robert wondered if Shuu was getting at what he thought he was getting at.

“No, not at all. It may seem odd if the couple was say, in their preteens and twenties, but that wouldn’t matter much when they grew older, now would it?” He looked at Shuu with a strange glint in his eyes. “Shuu… Is there something you’d like to tell me?”

The boy panicked, his eyes widening enough to be noticeable. Robert sat patiently, awaiting an answer. Would he finally get a sign that the boy was ready? Would today be the day? Would his wait finally be over? Would—?

“No, it’s nothing… Hey, we should look for the others. Who knows how big this place could be.” He quickly stood up, leaving the blond to stare at his retreating form. “Are you coming?”

Robert slowly stood up and followed. Obviously, Shuu wasn’t ready just yet. He would be though, someday. Preferably, someday soon. He could wait until then… He hoped.


Luna awoke to the sound of dripping water. She slowly opened her eyes and saw that she was in a cave. …Then she did a double take. She was in a cave! The secret button had sent them plummeting into a cave! True, that seemed like an odd thing to get excited over, but it meant they’d reached they’re first destination! But…

Where were the others? A quick search of her memory banks reminded her that when the earth had opened up, they’d all been in different spots. Since she’d been alone, she was currently still alone. That meant the others were somewhere else in the cave… Therefore, her first mission would be to find them. Then they could look for the ice orb. Alternatively, if she found the orb first, hey, that’d be one thing out of the way!

She was suddenly reminded of the water she’d first heard when she’d regained consciousness. Turning around, she found herself staring at the biggest waterfall she’d ever seen. Of course, she hadn’t seen too many waterfalls in her life, save for one she’d passed once when she’d been a Nyasu, but still…

Maybe we can all take a bath after we’ve found the orb… After all, if we stink, those idiots will be able to smell us a mile away! Funny, I must be the only Nyasu in the world actually to like water… Oh, bad Luna! Back on track! Okay, gotta find my friends… Hmm, where to start…? That way looks good!

Picking a random direction, she was off.


“Harley-sama, wake up! Harley-sama, come on!” Noctus-chan snorted at the younger hybrid’s failed attempt to wake their trainer. Though he was reluctant even to call him that anymore…

“Harley-sama,” he raised the pitch of his voice, imitating Jupetta-chan, “wake up so we can suck face some more! I’m so lonely without you!” Jupetta-chan turned to face him, frowning slightly.

“Why are you being so mean Noctus-chan? Aren’t you getting enough sleep?” Noctus-chan rolled his eyes.

“I’m sleeping just fine. And I’m not being mean.”

“Yes you are!” Jupetta-chan protested.

“No I’m not.”

“Yes, you are.”

“No, I’m not.”



“Yes, yes, yes times infinity!” Noctus-chan was about to continue, when he realized that he wasn’t a child.

“If you ask me, you’re the one who’s being mean…” Jupetta-chan blinked in confusion.

“Me? Why am I mean? What did I do?” There was no answer. When it became clear that he wasn’t going to get one, he pressed further. “Noctus-chan! Tell me what you’re talking about!”

He didn’t want to say anything. He knew that it would only complicate things in the long run. But he’d been holding it in for too long now. So if Jupetta-chan really wanted to know… He was going to tell him.

“You idiot! Don’t you get it? I’m in love with you! I have been since the day Harley caught you! But you’ve always been more interested in him, even where we were pokémon. And when I finally get a chance to be with you, what do you do? You cling to him, kiss him, and start dating him! I saw you last night! And to think you had the nerve to kiss me this morning and then say you love him a few hours later—”


“—playing with me like that—”


“—I could just—”

Noctus-chan!” He finally stopped his ranting and glared at Jupetta-chan.


“I love you too.” Noctus-chan did a double take.

“…Come again?” Jupetta-chan giggled, crawling over to the other male and sitting in his lap.

“I said that I love you too silly. I just never said anything because I thought you didn’t like me that way.” Noctus-chan was at a loss for words. He didn’t quite understand how Jupetta-chan could not realize that he loved him… Especially since everyone else seemed to know. However, that was besides the point…

Jupetta-chan loved him! After all that heartache, the little brat had liked him all along… The irony was almost enough to make him sick. But it didn’t matter now, because he had him all to himself. …Wait…

“Hold on a second, what about Harley?” Jupetta-chan shrugged, laying his head on Noctus-chan’s chest.

“I love him too. Who says I can’t love both of you?” Noctus-chan couldn’t help but smile at his love’s naïve view of the world.

“That’s alright I guess… As long as he doesn’t hog you. …And that doesn’t mean I have to like him too…”

“I know,” he sighed happily, closing his eyes and listening to the steady beat of the older man’s heart, “just don’t hurt him or anything, okay?”

“Sure, if you insist…”

There was silence for a few minutes, before Noctus-chan realized that the boy had dozed off. He decided to let him sleep; Harley hadn’t woken up yet anyways. They’d stay there until someone found them… Truthfully, he hoped that they’d take a while.




That was the extent of Robert and Shuu’s conversation. Shuu wanted to say something, anything, to break the silence, but he didn't trust himself… He didn’t need to say anything else that could make him look like an idiot. The last thing he needed was for Robert to think he was in love with him or something crazy like that…

Because he didn’t. Really.

Meanwhile, Robert was losing himself in his thoughts. He couldn’t believe he’d let this happen…He should have known better. He was an adult and should act like it. Nevertheless, he knew he couldn’t help it, and he wasn’t at fault. Nor was he crazy. There was something going on between them, he just knew it!

I wish he’d tell me what he’s thinking… Maybe I could help him sort though what he’s feeling. No one should have to go through such a hard discovery by themselves. …I shouldn’t have had to go through it by myself…


Thirteen-year-old Robert stared at himself in a large vanity mirror. Perfectly pressed clothes, perfectly groomed blond hair, perfectly smooth, milky skin… He was beautiful and he knew it. All of the girls told him, so there was no reason not to. He didn’t want them to think he was beautiful though, or handsome, or anything else. He didn’t care about the girls. They just wanted them for the money anyways…

I just want him to think I’m beautiful… I… I think I love him.’

The realization scared him. He was in love with another boy, and that was a problem. His parents had special names for people like him, names he didn’t like to think about. They called the boy he loved those names. And it always made Robert’s chest hurt to hear them say such horrible things. His beloved wasn’t a bad person just because he spoke like a girl and loved his pokémon more than people. Robert himself loved his pokémon more than most people, and there was nothing wrong with that. People were cruel; pokémon loved you no matter what.

For once, I wish we weren’t rich. Maybe if we were normal, our parents wouldn’t care. Or at least, my parents wouldn’t care…

Robert had been born into a wealthy family, as had his love. But unlike the other boy, Robert’s parents hated homosexuals, while his love’s parents supported him no matter what. It wasn’t fair! If he told his own parents that he was in love, they’d disown him. Why couldn’t they understand? He shouldn’t be scared to tell them he was in love; he just knew it!

“Robert, that… boy is here to see you. Make sure he doesn’t touch you or anything, understand?” Robert nodded, acting the part of the perfect son.

“Yes mother. I understand.” He understood what she wanted him to do, he just didn’t understand why.

She nodded tersely, leaving his room. Robert took one last glance in the mirror before heading to the door and greeting his crush.

“I’m glad you came. Come in Ha—”


“Ow!” Robert snapped out of his reminiscing as he bumped into someone. That someone fell to the ground, rubbing her bottom and wincing. “Geez, watch where you’re going…”

“Luna?” The brunette looked up, smiling triumphantly.

“I found you guys! Yay! Two down and three to go!” Robert smiled at her excitement and helped her up, glad to have a distraction. He didn’t need to go opening old wounds… Especially when the cause of them was much closer than Robert was comfortable with…

“Let’s go find Harley and the others so we can get out of this stupid cave,” Shuu cut in. “Really, why is it called the ice cave if there isn’t any ice?” Luna shrugged, but pointed to a path to the right.

“Well, we know we were both going the wrong way, so let’s go down here. If we find them quickly enough, we can get the orb, then stop and take a bath! There’s this huge waterfall back a ways…” She rambled on about the waterfall as they walked, both males hanging onto her every word, if only not to allow their minds to wander. Luna was just the distraction they needed.


Duana and Kieran trudged back through the forest a few hours later. They had gone as far as they possibly could; only stopping when they’d reached the ocean. Wherever they were, there were no caves. And no caves meant no orbs. And no orbs meant they had to keep searching without a break again.

“I hate this,” Duana pouted, slumping against a tree, utterly exhausted. “I hate this project, I hate walking, I hate those orbs, I hate walking, I hate caves, I hate walking, I hate—”

“Will you shut up?!” Kieran snapped, just as exhausted, but not willing to admit it.

“Why should I? We’re biologists, not henchmen…” She trailed off, her eyes catching a glimpse of something strange. “Hey! This knothole looks like a button! Maybe I should—”

“No!” he cut her off again. “Don’t touch anything! Remember the last time you pressed a random button?” Her face reddened, indicating that yes, she did remember.

“We were nine… It was shiny! How was I supposed to know that it’d release a herd of Tropius?” Kieran only rolled his eyes, not liking the memories of almost being trampled to death. While he was being a stick in the mud, Duana took it upon herself to do the obvious thing…

Press the button anyways.

And just as before, the ground began shaking moments later.

“You pressed it, didn’t you?” Kieran shouted over the rumbling.

“Yes!” She confessed, trying to cling to the tree. The shaking was too much though, and she lost her grip as the ground opened up. “I’m sooooooooorry~!”

That was the last thing they’d be saying for awhile…


...Well. Yes, that surprised me too. So let's recap in case anyone's lost.
Harley has a crush on someone, but is dating Jupetta-chan, who he loves. Jupetta-chan is dating Noctus-chan and Harley, both of whom he loves. Noctus-chan is dating Jupetta-chan, but doesn't like Harley. Robert has a very apparent crush on Shuu, but has a boy in his past who he loved. Shuu is knee-deep in denial about his feelings for Robert and doesn't realize they're returned.

Holy crackers, I had to make a little web with arrows just to keep everything straight. Of course, I know who those unknown boys are... And it's not hard to tell, so you might know too... You should at least be able to guess Robert's past love (in our very first flashback, but there will be more!)... More on that later. It was a total spur-of-the-moment thing, but it will play a part in the upcoming chapters.

The ice cave will last for a few more chapters, and there will be a pokemon battle at the end. Don't know how good it'll be but... Yeah, anyways, feel free to tell me I'm rushing things if you feel I am. Just remember that all isn't paradise yet...


After some careful consideration, I must report...this is my favorite chapter yet! I was squealing like a love-sick fanboy through all of it!

Drew sleeping with his face in Robert's crotch = PRICELESS. Absolutely priceless. And the perfect situation to help spring Drew on his path to self-exploration. So exciting!!!

Drew's and Robert's scenes together were just good, especially their initial conversation with each other! I just want to jump in the story and make them lock lips!!! :p

Robert's flashback was BRILLIANT. My goodness, I can just *imagine* how kawaii he must have been at 13....awwwe! And you have totally tugged at my heart-strings with younger Robert's crush.... *sniffle* THEY ALL NEED TO LOVE, DEMMIT!!!! :D

I was going through the exact same motions of confusion as Noctus-chan....although I did suspect poor Jupetta-chan was a victim of circumstance....awwwe, the little guy has just landed himself two really cute bf's who love him so much! XD

I was so proud of Noctus-chan for finally standing up for himself and telling Jupetta-chan how he felt...and I don't know if I could have handled Jupetta-chan telling him "No, I love Harley"...I think I would have felt as self-destructive as Noctus-chan. Thanx for making me feel as relieved as I'm sure No-chan is. :)

Overall their chemistry works together, and I *do* look forward to more conversations between No-chan and Ju-chan... *happy happy*

And, of course, Luna remains the practical, pragmatic care-free one of the bunch, and I love the way she thinks....almost catlight, yet very nice.

So all in all...I feel glomped. That is a good thing. If this is you rushing, Taitofan, I can only imagine how great it must feel when you go slow. LOLZ! :):):)


Sorry for the wait! But hopefully the twist at the end of this chapter will make up for it... Or it'll make you want to kill me, I dunno. *shrug*

I think now is a good time to make an announcement too. I started writing this before Ariados-chan was introduced, and I've made it quite clear that Harley only has two pokemon, so Ari-chan won't be in this fic. I feel awful, cause I love him to pieces, but that'd just complicate things even further. However, if you'd like to read a "sequel" to thsi story (which will have some spoilers, so you have been warned), please check out this: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=89576

I know, I sequel before the fics even finished... Oi. -_-; Oh well, on with the chapter!

Project G—Chapter seven (10-07-05)

When Harley finally awoke, the first thing he thought about was if his pretty pokémon were okay. Jolting up and looking around confirmed that they were only a few feet away from him, and they both appeared to be sleeping. He sighed with relief; he didn’t know what he’d have done if either of them had gotten hurt…

The second thing to enter his mind was the way the two were sleeping. Jupetta-chan was in Noctus-chan’s lap, and the older male had his arms wrapped firmly around his companion. It was adorable, plain and simple. Harley wished he had his camera with him; that would be a perfect shot for one of their photo albums! The question, however, was why? Noctus-chan had been keeping his distance from everyone ever since he’d transformed into a human. So why was he suddenly—?

And then it hit him. Hard. And quite frankly, he felt like a total idiot. It all made sense. Jealousy. Noctus-chan had been jealous that Jupetta-chan had been so touchy-feely with him. And that meant…

Noctus-chan is in love with Jupetta-chan! And by the looks of things, I’d say Jupetta-chan returns his feelings… That’s so cute! My pretty buddies are in love! …But where does that leave me? Jupetta-chan said he loves me…’

The thought of Jupetta-chan mistaking his feelings for him made Harley feel oddly depressed. Just when he’d thought he’d finally found someone he could love… And he’d even given up on someone else for the boy! True, he’d had major crushes since his pre-pubescent years, and quite a few minor infatuations, but he hadn’t felt this strongly about anyone since—

He stopped himself for going any further on that track. He’d promised to himself years ago that he’d never think of it again. After all, it wasn’t as if he was still thinking about it… That was in the past, and it was best kept there.

“Something wrong?”

Harley jumped at the sudden voice, but calmed down when he saw it was only Noctus-chan. Perhaps it would be better to talk with him first… Maybe he had it all wrong. Maybe they’d just fallen asleep like that… Maybe—

“Well, are you gonna answer me or not?” Noctus-chan looked a bit peeved at being ignored, and Harley nodded, buying some time so he could think of the best way to ask what was on his mind.

“You and Jupetta-chan… Are you…?” Noctus-chan began smirking before the question could even be finished. It was high time Harley went through a bit of the turmoil he’d been feeling lately.

“Are we what? Together? In love? You’d be right on both accounts. While you were out of it, we had a little chat… Seems like he loves me too. I hope you don’t mind sharing…” Noctus-chan felt quite proud of himself; unfortunately, his cocky attitude was lost upon the joyous coordinator.

“Really?” He jumped up and ran to the where positively bewildered hybrid sat, plopping down beside him. “He loves both of us? That’s great! You two are the cutest little couple I’ve ever seen! And don’t worry; I don’t mind sharing at all!” Noctus-chan seemed rather doubtful.

“You don’t?” Harley shook his head, smiling warmly.

“Of course not!” At this point, he reached up and brushed the side of his hand against Noctus-chan’s face. “Especially when I’m sharing him with someone as cute as you…”

Poor Noctus-chan felt his brain shutting down. Was Harley flirting with him? The man who’d caused all of his grief since he’d become a human? It didn’t make any sense!

Of course it does, piped up the little voice in his head. It makes perfect sense. If he loves one of his pokémon, why wouldn’t he love both of you?

Whether it made sense or not, that didn’t mean he had to like it.

“Get away from me,” he growled, Jupetta-chan’s slumber being the only thing keeping him from yelling. Harley drew his hand back as if he’d been burned, the emotional pain evident on his face.

“Noctus-chan… Why—?”

He was cut off by a series of incoherent mumblings, courtesy of the sleeping boy. He lifted up his head from Noctus-chan’s chest groggily, blinking a few times to focus. Once he was back among the conscious, he saw Harley and smiled, having no idea as to what had just been going on moments ago.

“Harley-sama, you’re awake!” he squealed and jumped from one of his lover’s arms to the other’s. “I was so worried about you! Don’t scare me like that!” Despite the fact that he still felt perplexed, Harley couldn’t help but smile back. He felt relieved that Jupetta-chan still loved him. Was this it? Was this the love he’d craved for so long? If so, why did Noctus-chan’s reaction bother him so much?

I’ll have to talk to him later, when we’re alone… There must be some misunderstanding…’

“I’m sorry,” he said aloud, rubbing the boy’s back in a comforting manner. “I never wanted to scare my beautiful love. Forgive me?” Jupetta-chan blushed faintly at the compliment, nodding happily.

“Of course! I’m just glad you’re okay…” Harley drew him closer, wondering why this couldn’t have happened years ago. Maybe he’d have been able to avoid a few heartaches that way…

“All right, enough of this mushy sh*t already. Let’s go find everyone else so we can get out of this damn cave.” Harley, not wanting to irate the hybrid further, stood up and helped Jupetta-chan to his feet. In turn, the boy kept a hold of his eldest lover’s hand, then grasped Noctus-chan’s hand with his other.

“Okay! Let’s go!” The closest the three had been in days, they set out to find their friends.


“…Is there a reason you two aren’t talking?” Robert and Shuu ignored her, walking in complete silence. “Come on! This is boring enough as it is. The least you could do is talk to me so the time will pass quicker!”

Still no response.

“Please? I’m begging here, just one word!”

Total silence.

“…Pretty please?”



And that was all she could take.

“All right!” she shouted angrily, stopping and spinning on her heel so she was facing the two males. “I’ve had enough of this! Whatever lover’s tiff you’re having, I’m not a part of it! So quit ignoring me before I use your faces as scratching posts!” Needless to say, that got her a response.

“We’re not lovers!”

“I’m sorry Luna.”

Two very different responses. Luna looked from Robert to Shuu, carefully noting their expressions for later observation. A spark of pain flashed through Robert’s eyes at the boy’s words. And Shuu looked angry that she’d even suggested it.

Maybe a little too angry… I think someone’s deep in denial…

“Whatever. I just call them as I see them…” Shuu opened his mouth to retort, but she continued, “And you don’t have to be sorry Robert, I know you have a lot on your mind.” The blond smiled gratefully, glad she wasn’t pushing the issue too much.

“Let’s just… keep going. We should find the others as quickly as possible.” Shuu said nothing, just staring ahead stubbornly. Luna nodded, wanting desperately to ask something, but she didn’t think she should do it with Shuu around. Deciding to ask when they were alone, she continued leading the way, this time accepting the silence that prevailed.


By the time Duana came to, Kieran was already up and looking around the room they’d landed in. He was feeling around the rock walls, looking for a way out. Duana felt her heart race; were they stuck? Were they going to die here? They couldn’t die yet; she was too young and pretty! This wasn’t possible, she—!

“Quit hyperventilating. Look behind you.” She complied, sweat dropping when she saw that there was indeed a large opening behind her.

“…Well, what are you doing then?” He shrugged, going back to his investigation.

“Not that it’s any of your business, but I’m looking to see if there are any secret buttons or something… If you can find one, I don’t see why I can’t…” She almost made a comment about how she had great dumb luck, before she realized that wasn’t exactly flattering…

“Okay… Want some help?”

“No.” Well, that was nice and blunt...

“All right. …Well… Maybe we should get going? We are in the cave after all. Maybe we can find the orb if we hurry.” Kieran turned slowly to face her, his eye ticking in irritation.

“Hurry?” he questioned. “Hurry?! You have the audacity to tell me to hurry when you’ve been the one slowing us down the whole time? I don’t believe you!” She was up quicker you could blink and hastily ran for her life. Kieran was after her in a split second, and the chase was on.


“Where do you think all the ice is?” Harley’s shrugged, wondering the same thing himself.

“Good question. What idiot names a place an ice cave when there are nothing but rocks? They obviously had no idea what they were talking about…”

“Maybe all of it melted.”

“Then it’d be a water cave,” Noctus-chan pointed out.

“Oh, that’s right…”

“I still say they were just a bunch of idiots.” Noctus-chan agreed with Harley for once, though he wasn’t about to admit it.

“They’re not the only ones…” Harley bit his tongue, desperately trying not to start anything with Jupetta-chan around. He just had to wait until they were alone, then he could get all of his answers… He just hoped he wouldn’t go crazy first…

They walked along in silence for the next few minutes, the only sound being the water dripping from the stalactites down to the ground. Jupetta-chan was vaguely aware of the tension in the air, but brushed it off as everyone being bored after walking for so long. He wished there was something, anything, he could do to have some fun…

“Hey! I’m gonna go ahead and see if I can find some ice, okay? Okay!” Before either of his lovers could protest, he let go of their hands and ran off, leaving them staring at his retreating form…

…For about three seconds.

“Jupetta-chan, come back!”

“You’re gonna hurt yourself you idiot!”

The boy ignored their cries of protest, anxious to find some fun. Maybe if he found some ice, he could skate on it until they found the others. Or maybe there’d be some snow and they could build a snowman. Or—

“Ow! What’s with people running into me today?!” He crashed to the ground, landing sprawled out on a disheveled Luna. Robert and Shuu watched the scene with much amusement. Haley and Noctus-chan, who had caught up enough to watch the whole thing happen, sighed in unison.

“I’m sorry!” Jupetta-chan apologized, helping Luna up. “I was looking for the ice.” …She didn’t even bother to ask.

“It’s alright. Robert already knocked me down once today, so I’m getting used to it… But hey, we’re all back together! This is great; now we can find the orb without worrying about getting lost. Well, we still might get lost, but we’ll all be lost together! And— And I’m rambling, so let’s just go…” There was a collective murmur of agreement as they followed the eager girl, once again relying on her innate sense of direction to get them to their destination.

Jupetta-chan, having learned that running in caves was a big no-no, walked between Harley and Noctus-chan, once again taking their hands in his. The three thought nothing of it, but the others were another story…

“What, are all three of you together now?” Harley looked over at Shuu, considering the best way to say it… He supposed the truth would be best.

“No, not quite. But Noctus-chan and I both love Jupetta-chan, and he loves us both back. Noctus-chan and I… We’re just friends.” Noctus-chan didn’t say anything, and Harley felt a small stab of pain in his chest. He’d hoped his pretty pokémon would say he was wrong… And the worst part was, he knew exactly why it hurt him so much…

He was a wreck; who fell in love with both of their pokémon?

“…And no one finds that a bit odd?” No one replied to Shuu at first. Luna had a feeling she knew what was going on… It seemed that Shuu wasn’t the only one in denial. Harley was still internally moping, while Noctus-chan tried to think of anything but his trainer who’d been flirting with him earlier. Jupetta-chan hadn’t heard the earlier argument, and obviously didn’t know that anything strange was happening. Finally, after a few minutes with no response, Robert spoke up.

“No, I’m not surprised at all.” Shuu raised an eyebrow and Luna’s ears perked up.

“Oh yeah? Why’s that?” The blond smiled, a speck of sadness showing through in his eyes.

“…I’ve always known he loved his pokémon more than anyone else in the world… I suppose it was rather foolish of me to ever think otherwise…”

Everyone suddenly stopped walking.

“Robert…” Harley’s voice sounded very small, almost like he was afraid of what the other man was saying. This didn’t go undetected of course, and Shuu looked back and forth between the two.

“…Do you two know each other from before all this?” Harley remained silent, his grip on Jupetta-chan’s hand going limp. Robert nodded slowly, deciding that know was as good a time as ever. If he ever wanted to move on with his life, he’d have to confront his past first…

“Yes. Actually, we grew up together. We were next door neighbors and best friends as children.” Noctus-chan and Jupetta-chan were insanely curious. Why was it they didn’t remember Robert? They’d been with Harley since the he was ten-years-old… As for Luna, she looked more interested than she had been thus far in their journey. She hadn’t been able to guess that little tidbit of information… And she had a feeling there was even more to come.

“So what happened? You two act like you don’t even know each other…” Robert gave Harley a chance to say or do something to tell him to stop, not to tell what they’d hidden for so long. When he received nothing, he laughed hollowly, not quite believing he was about to say this.

“Then we grew into teenagers… And I fell in love with him.”


So, yeah... Harley loves Ju-chan and No-chan and has a crush on a secret someone, Ju-chan loves Harley and No-chan, No-chan loves Ju-chan, Robert loves Shuu and used to love Harley, and Shuu loves Robert but won't admit it. And we don't know how Harley feels/felt for Robert yet. I know, damn me and my cliffhangers...

Hopefully the next chapter won't take so long. It'll hopefully, you know, actually get them to the ice. I don't want this part to last forever, or they'll never save the world!

Until then, thank you faithful reviewer. See ya next chapter! <3


...Oh what a tangled web they weave...and Ariados-chan isn't even around yet! :p

The plot is becoming more complicated. Noctus-chan was the real suprise this chapter, as you've finally allowed him to break away from his tough/broody norms and allowed him to be partially vulnerable. It would seem he has unresolved issues with his trainor that isn't] violent. Yay!!! :)

Robert and Shuu weren't as focused on this chapter, but you've given us *just enough* to keep their story interesting. Robert is very conflicted inside, and Shuu is probably going to explode if he doesn't get his feelings out in the open soon. :)

Harley was another suprise. I really liked how you portrayed his concearn over No-chan. Luna wasn't showcased as much, but I have a feeling you have bigger plans for her later on.

Duana and Kieran continue to evade me. :p You write them very well and everything, but I'm still pretty much in the dark over their motives and such, but that keeps a constant air of excitement and I luv it!

Can't wait for the next chapter, which I assume will have ice in it. :)


Good God, you guys have a lot of faith in me... I hope I can live up to your expectations... ^^; I don't want to give anything away, so I'll see you at the end notes!

Project G—Chapter eight (10-16-05)

The shocked gasps at that confession shocked everyone except for Robert and Harley themselves. Luna had known there was more to Robert’s past then he was letting on, but having been Harley’s lover had not been it. Shuu didn’t know what to think. He knew Robert had no problem with that kind of thing, but he hadn’t known Robert was like that himself. Or at least, that’s what he told himself. As for Jupetta-chan and Noctus-chan, they didn’t know what to think.

“You’re lying!” Noctus-chan accused, narrowing his eyes in total distrust. “Tell him Harley.” Harley said nothing, all of a sudden finding his boots to be immensely fascinating.

“You seem jealous,” Robert pointed out calmly. Noctus-chan’s face immediately flushed, though from embarrassment or anger, no one could be sure.

“Me, jealous because of him? Yeah right. But if you knew him for some long, don’t you think we’d remember you?” Robert shook his head, not seeming to be deterred in the slightest.

“No, not necessarily. You hadn’t evolved by the time we broke up. I’m assuming that your younger days are a bit sketchy… Though if you think hard enough, you may remember a young blond boy occasionally coming over.” Now that he mentioned it, Noctus-chan did remember a little about a boy who used to visit his master when they still lived in the mansion… But that had been a long time ago, and he didn’t remember much from his days as a Sabonea except for events focused on Harley or Kagebouzu-chan…

“…Did you have shorter hair back then?” Jupetta-chan questioned curiously. Robert nodded in confirmation.

“Yes, quite a bit shorter.” Jupetta-chan looked satisfied.

“Okay, I think I remember you… Just a little though. Were you the boy Harley-sama used to sneak off to play with cause your parents didn’t like him?” Harley finally looked up, completely surprised. How had Jupetta-chan remembered that? Robert and Noctus-chan were also shocked; Robert for the same reason as Harley, and Noctus-chan because he hadn’t known that and he was older!

“Why, yes… My parents didn’t like Harley very much, so we rarely got to see each other unless we were sneaking around…” Luna, living up to the cat-stereotype, had a million questions.

“Is that why you broke up? Because of your parents?” Robert chuckled, though it was painfully obvious that it was devoid of any humor. Harley looked back down again.

“No, not at all. Harley’s parents loved me almost as if I was their own son. My parents would never have cut off ties with them… They cared too much about their status with such a big family to do something like that…” Luna’s eyes got a glint to them at the insinuation.

“Status, mansions… You two are rich, aren’t you?” Noctus-chan scoffed at her enthusiasm.

“And you’re a typical Nyasu, aren’t you? Caring about money…” Luna stuck her tongue out at him, but he ignored her. “Come on Robert, if it wasn’t your parents, what was it?” He wanted to hear something like Harley had been a sl*t and cheated on him, something to make Jupetta-chan forget about the coordinator and focus on him. So he was rather surprised when Robert smiled at him.

“Well, I knew he wasn’t in love with me. True, he loved me as a friend, even as a brother, but I never held his heart. He already knew whom he wanted, and I wasn’t it, no matter what he said. So I broke up with him.” Well, no one had been expecting that. From the sound of things, he’d been crazy for Harley…

“Who was it?” Maybe this was his chance! Robert would tell everyone who Harley really loved, and Jupetta-chan would be all his—

“Why, the two of you of course.” —and what the hell was he talking about?!

“Us?” Jupetta-chan questioned, cocking his head to the side. “We already knew he loves us…”

“Please Robert,” Harley finally spoke up, “don’t…” But it was too late to stop now. It was time everyone knew the truth. Robert was sick of seeing the three of them fight. And he knew he couldn’t fully move on unless he knew Harley was happy…

“Yes, but did you know that he’s loved you since he was ten-years-old? Did you know that he loved you, despite the fact you were pokémon? Did you know that for the three years we had a relationship, he always said your names when we slept together? Because he didn’t. He didn’t even realize what he said. And whenever I tried to bring it up, he’d deny it. He was afraid, so he stayed with me because I was safe. Nevertheless, I knew he wasn’t happy, so I broke up with him. After that, we went our separate ways as coordinators, and you both evolved mere weeks later. And now that you’re humans, he loves you and he can finally show it. But first, he needs to face the fact that he loves you both. Don’t you Harley?”

Harley was trying his best to stay calm. Robert was bringing up memories he wished he’d never have to think of again… He knew Robert had loved him, and he felt horrible that he hadn’t been able to return that love. He’d tried, but he just couldn’t. He was sick and twisted; he was in love with his pokémon. Not the normal love most trainers felt, but honest-to-God romantic love. He’d tried to ignore it, hoping his feelings would go away, but they never did. He’d done a good job hiding it though… At least he hadn’t stopped repressing his feelings until they became humans. Still… He knew he was sick, and now everyone else knew it too.

“…All right Robert; you got your point across. I was a horrible boyfriend who had a perverted obsession for his pokémon. Is that what you wanted me to say? Well, there, now I’ve said it. I hope you’re happy.” Robert frowned slightly.

“Harley, that’s not—” But it was too late. Harley had taken off down a random tunnel without so much as looking back. Robert sighed. This wasn’t going at all as planned…

“I’m going after him.” The surprises kept on coming at Noctus-chan’s announcement. “I have some things I want to ask him… You guys stay here. That means you too Jupetta-chan…” The boy nodded, hoping the older hybrid could bring back his lover. He didn’t know what the big deal was; after all, he’d loved Harley when he was a pokémon…

Before anyone could protest, Noctus-chan ran after Harley, leaving the others to wait until they returned.


By the time Noctus-chan finally caught up with Harley, he was beginning to see why this was called the “Ice Cave.” It was getting noticeably colder, and he could see little patches of ice here and there. In fact, if it wasn’t for Harley slipping on one of those patches and almost falling on his face, Noctus-chan might have had to chase him even longer. But as Harley groped at the cave wall to regain his balance, Noctus-chan finally got close enough to grab his arm and prevent escape.

“Let go Noctus-chan,” he demanded half-heartily. “I know you don’t like me. You’ve made that painfully obvious. I don’t understand why, but I guess that doesn’t matter. You love Jupetta-chan and you hate me. And now since he probably does too, you can have him and I’ll be alone again…”

“What are you talking about?” the hybrid snapped, not understanding what he meant. “Of course he doesn’t hate you. He loves you damn it, and he has for a long time. I bet he’s ecstatic to know you’ve wanted him for so long. And as for me, I have to put up with you if I want to stay with him so quit worrying.”

“How can I?” Harley sighed, sounding positively miserable. “I love you too if you weren’t paying attention to Robert’s little announcement. I used to say your name when we fooled around. And you only put up with me because of Jupetta-chan! I thought we were so close… I love you; I can’t stop worrying!” Noctus-chan let go of Harley's arm, not able to meet his gaze.

“…You don’t mean that…” Harley felt something in him snap, and he slapped Noctus-chan in the face, tears welling up in his eyes.

“The hell I don’t! What’s wrong with you?! I dress like you, use you in every contest, hate people if they even insinuate that you aren’t the greatest pokémon in the world… And you think I don’t love you? Wake up! I’ve loved you since the day I got you. You were my first pokémon, and that’s something not even Jupetta-chan can have. So open your eyes and realize that I love you! I always have and I always will!” He finally began to cry, sinking to his knees despite the cold floor. Noctus-chan rubbed his stinging cheek and felt his resolve melting. Did he have it all wrong?

No sh*t. You know he loves you. You’re just scared. Scared that he’ll get bored of you and leave you all alone. You’ve always been scared of that, haven’t you?

And almost as if the proverbial light bulb was being turned on, Noctus-chan had an epiphany.

‘I... I have, haven’t I? When Jupetta-chan said he loved him, I wasn’t just jealous of Harley, I was jealous of both of them. I didn’t want to be left alone… I…’

“I love you too.” Harley looked up, not quite believing what he’d just heard.

“What…?” Noctus-chan got down one his knees and looked his master square in the eyes.

“You heard me. I love you too. I… I was scared that you only wanted Jupetta-chan… Of course, I’ll have to kill you if you tell anyone that.” It was the last part that made Harley know that his precious buddy was telling the truth, not just trying to make him feel worse. His tears stopped, leaving him smiling shakily.

“…We’re all a bunch of idiots, aren’t we? If we had all just told the truth at the beginning…”

“Then we’d have bypassed these last few days of utter hell,” Noctus-chan finished, smirking wryly. “Yeah, but we have always done things the hard way. …It builds character.” Harley laughed, feeling better than he had in a long time. He felt so… Free. He’d have to remember to apologize to Robert later. He should have realized his friend had a purpose for telling about their past. And speaking of apologies…

“I’m sorry I hit you,” he whispered, gently touching the back of his hand to Noctus-chan’s cheek, just as he had that morning. This time, the hybrid leaned into the touch. “Does it hurt?”

“No,” he murmured, enjoying the physical contact. “You hit like a girl…” The soft touch instantly ceased, and he found himself pinned to the cave floor, Harley smirking down at him.

“Do I now? Well, maybe I should show you where my real strengths lie…” Before the hybrid could ask what the hell he was talking about, Harley closed the gap between them, pulling him into a burning kiss. Needless to say, it was completely unlike the sweet kiss he’d received from Jupetta-chan, or the kiss he’d seen Harley and Jupetta-chan share. No, this kiss was hot and heavy. This kiss involved tongues exploring each other’s mouths. This kiss... was complete with Harley’s roaming hands. He sighed in pleasure as the other man’s hands caressed their way down his body, seeming to know all of the right places to stop. It felt so good.

No, good was an understatement. It felt perfect.

All too soon, Harley pulled away. His cheeks were flushed and he was panting, Noctus-chan looking the same way. The hybrid tried to bring him down for another kiss, but Harley reluctantly stood up, knowing that if they continued on he wouldn’t be able to control himself. He wanted Noctus-chan’s first time to involve Jupetta-chan… And to be somewhere a bit nicer than a cold cave floor.

“We can’t do this here… We need to get back to the others… To Jupetta-chan. He should be here too. …Why isn’t he?” Noctus-chan had the decency to look sheepish, not wanting to admit that he hadn’t wanted the younger hybrid to come because he’d planned on breaking his promise and beating him up…

“…I told him to stay so he wouldn’t get hurt chasing after you…” Harley didn’t believe it for a second of course, but he let it go, instead helping the male up.

“All right… Now come on love, we should get back before they worry too much.” Noctus-chan smiled slightly at the term of endearment and kept a tight grip on Harley’s hand, wondering why he’d even pretended he didn’t want this…

Oh well, he’s mine now… And I still have Jupetta-chan. Damn, I’m lucky.’

As they walked back, Harley thought the exact same thing.


Jupetta-chan sat patiently, waiting for his lovers to return. Robert was fidgeting, something he rarely did, hoping he hadn’t gone too far. Luna was watching them both to pass the time. She wished she could see what was going on… It was sure to be interesting. And Shuu was going through more inner torment.

So, Robert used to date Harley… And they had a sexual relationship for three years… That made them thirteen when it started and sixteen when it ended. That wasn’t that long ago… But Harley has loved those two for a long time. It’s… Kinda weird. But kinda not. It should seem strange, but… It sorta makes sense. Why he’s so attached to them, why he hates Haruka for calling them scary… And Robert. He really used to love him. Does he still? …Why should I care? It’s not like I like him or anything…

“Do you think I went too far?” Robert spoke up, breaking the silence that had prevailed since Noctus-chan had left. Luna shook her head, glad for the conversation.

“No, I think it’ll do them some good. Harley might have never told Noctus-chan how he felt otherwise. I see where you’re going with this… All of the fighting was starting to give me headaches!” Robert laughed lightly, understanding completely.

“That’s true… But still, that wasn’t the only reason…”

“Oh?” she asked curiously, craving the latest gossip. “What other reason could you possibly have?” Shuu pretended not to pay attention, but he was secretly just as, if not more, interested as Luna.

“I need closure. We both do. We don’t have it quite yet, but if those two come back without killing each other, I think we will. I need to know he’s happy before I can find happiness with someone else; I really did love him after all. He was my first love… But I have a new love now, and I’d like to have a chance with him…” He looked over to Shuu, but the boy refused to stop staring at the wall. He didn’t like Robert, Robert didn’t like him, and that was that. He must be talking about someone else… Robert sighed. This was going to take a lot more time…

Luna gave him a sympathetic look. That just confirmed her suspicions. Robert was in love with Shuu. She thought that was great, but unfortunately, either the boy had no feelings for the blond, or he was repressing them… Quite truthfully, she had a good feeling it was the latter option.

“Harley-sama!” Everyone looked up as Jupetta-chan squealed in delight, finally seeing his master coming back. “Noctus-chan!” And the hybrid was with him.

And they were still holding hands.

Jupetta-chan got up from the rock he’d been sitting on, running over and throwing himself into their arms. They smiled and hugged him, neither showing any hostility to the other. Robert smiled at the sweet sight. He had been right after all… Well, that was all he needed to know. Now he just needed to work on Shuu. Perhaps it was high time to let his best friend in on his problem… Harley had always liked this sort of thing after all…

“So, I assume everything is all right then?” Harley looked up at Robert’s question, not bothering to hide the smile that overtook his face.

“Yes, everything’s perfect! Oh Robert, I’m so sorry! You were just trying to make me happy and I got pissy with you… Forgive me?” Robert chuckled, nodding his head good-naturedly.

“Of course, you are the same Harley after all… I’ve learned to deal with your moods.” Harley stuck out his tongue, feeling the nostalgia flood over him. Perhaps the biggest mistake he’d made was ending their ten-year friendship when they’d broken up. He was definitely going to rectify that… Starting with finding out who he liked nowadays then next time they were alone.

“Yeah, whatever… Oh, wait! I almost forgot! Noctus-chan and I finally found some ice! Maybe that orb is down where we just came for!” Luna’s eyes lit up at the notion.

“Well then, what are we waiting for?! We’ve hung around long enough; let’s go troops! Come on! One, two, three, four, march!” Everyone rolled their eyes at her enthusiasm, not-so-quickly following behind her. Jupetta-chan took his lover’s hands as he had earlier, happy that they were finally getting along.

“Does this mean you love Harley-sama too, Noctus-chan?” The older hybrid nodded, squeezing his hand slightly.

“Yeah, I do. That okay?” Jupetta-chan grinned widely, his eyes shining.

“Of course! Now we all love each other! Yay!” The older lovers shared a look, before leaning down and giving Jupetta-chan identical kisses on his cheeks. He blushed, holding their hands tighter. This was what perfection was. He just knew it[FONT=&quot].[/FONT]
[/FONT]Shuu watched them, a pang of something he wasn't sure of pulsating through his body. But whatever it was, he knew it had nothing to do with Robert... Really.


Okay, so no baddies in this chapter... But one of the final couples has finally been fully established! Well, they're not really a couple, but you get the point... Now Robert can focus on seducing an eleven year old boy... Fun fun! And hey, they finally found ice! They know where they're going, so more action next time, I'm 99% sure of it. ^^;

But are all of the old feelings really set aside? Or will there still be more problems to come? ...Your guess is as good as mine. This chapter wrote itself. =/ The almost-smut took me by surprise... ^^; They should be out of that cave by chapter ten, so we'll see what happens then. Until next time, remember: Buddyshipping is love! <3


Buddyshipping *is* love, plain and simple.

Wow, the scene between Harley and No-chan was EXCELLENT. Drama, romance, and a sense of hope all encompass that scene.

Robert's revelation was sad, but fascinating at the same time. You really took me by suprise, btw. It somehow never occured to me that you would decidely not allow Harley to pair up with Shuu or Robert, so that startling discovery was pretty cool.

Shuu continues to crack me up. I can't help but shake my head and snicker at his thoughts. It really adds to his 'better than thou' attitude we see on the show, that underneath it all he's way lost and confused.

Luna, as always, is the perfect balance to the drama. Her obsession with money is just sooo adorable. I wish my cat liked money, all he cares about is getting pet. LOL

Finally, kudos to Robert for finally getting issues off his chest, and allowing his friend to achieve happiness with his beloved Pokemon. It took guts for Robert to saw that stuff, and thankfully the consequences were positive...for Shuu also, it would seem.

Of course, Ju-chan is happy there's more love to go around, gotta love that! :D

*bows down to your superior writing skills*


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I love this chapter =) It was fantastic and you are soo good to make the story interessting and just not some sad love story, but really interessting. Keep up the good work ;)


Sorry this chapter took so long, but I just didn't have the time with so my going on in College. XP Anyways, here it is, the actual ICE cave! <3

Project G—Chapter nine (11-01-05)

It didn’t take long for them to find the spot where Harley and Noctus-chan had been, and it took even less time for them to find out why it was called an ice cave… Because five minutes of walking led them to a tunnel filled with ice covered walls and slippery floors. There was ice coating everything. In a way, it was good. They knew they were headed in the right direction and thus, that much closer to the Ice Orb. But then again…

It was freaking freezing.

And of course, they weren’t exactly dressed to be surrounded by ice. Luna kept tugging her skirt down to try and warm up her legs. Harley, Noctus-chan, and Jupetta-chan walked as closely as possible, their exposed midriffs and navels not liking the chilly air. Only Robert and Shuu wore clothes that covered most of their bodies, and even they wished they had a coat, a hat, and some gloves…

“How far do we have to go Luna?” Harley questioned, his bellybutton stinging from the nippy air. “We’re all cold!”

“I know!” She snapped, hugging her bare arms around her. “If you haven’t noticed, I’m cold too. We have to keep going until we find the orb though, cold or not. At least we hybrids have an excuse; we didn’t get to pick out our clothes. You however had the choice of having your navel show or not…” Harley pouted, not liking having his taste in clothing questioned. He liked having his navel showing; it was sexy! Silly girl… She had absolutely no sense of fashion obviously.

“Don’t let her get to you,” Noctus-chan whispered in his ear. “She’s just b*tchy cause she’s cold. I like your outfit. It’s sexy.” Harley smirked and gave his fashion inspiration a quick kiss on the cheek. Jupetta-chan, who at such a close proximity had heard the comment, raised an eyebrow.

“Of course you think that,” he whispered back. “He dresses like you after all. Harley-sama, will you dress like me sometime?” Harley laughed lightly and gave his younger pokémon his own kiss on the cheek.

“Sure. When we’re done saving the world, I’ll make a Jupetta costume right away. Anything for such a little cutie.” Jupetta-chan blushed and Noctus-chan rolled his eyes at such blatant flirting. It was a damn good thing he wasn’t in denial over his feelings for his trainer anymore, or Harley probably would have had a one-way ticket to the cold ground…

As the three lovers talked among themselves, the other three were left alone with their own thoughts…

Man, I hope we find that orb soon… It can’t be that far ahead, can it? No, it must be close… Oh, it’s soooo cold! Gotta think of something else. Um, money! Money is good! When this whole thing is over, I can sell my story and become rich and famous! TV specials, major motion pictures, a Saturday morning anime, cute little plushie Luna backpacks, hehehe…

Poor things, they must be so uncomfortable… Especially Luna. At least Harley and his pokémon can keep each other warm… If only Shuu would just admit that there was something going on! I know he has feelings for me. Perhaps I should just come out and say something…? No, I can’t rush him; I might scare him off. I’ll just have to be patient. Hopefully he’ll come to his senses soon…

It’s not that cold… Okay, so maybe it is, but honestly, Harley doesn’t have to whine about it. Look at him, flirting with his pokémon. We’re trying to save the world and he’s more concerned with his love life… Stupid Harley. Who needs love? Not me. Nope, not at all. I couldn’t care less about the opposite sex… Or the same sex! Especially not tall, blond, handsome, sophisticated, dreamy, wonderful— Oh, dammit.’

Dammit indeed.

Harley, along with everyone else, was completely ignorant to the boy’s angst. He was more concerned with the body heat he was absorbing from the Jupetta-chan, who was sandwiched between Noctus-chan and himself. The further in they went, the colder it got… Luna might have been in a snippy mood, but she was right. His clothes, sexy as they made him look, did nothing to keep him warm.

It’s not like I designed them to be warm… It’s usually hot in Hoenn. Hey, since this cave is cold, I bet that fire cave will be really warm! Then we can take off layers and I’ll get to see my pretties in little or nothing! Oh, now I wanna get out of here sooner than ever…

As Harley walked on, he let his mind wander to thoughts of his pokémon in various states of undress. If anything, it was warming him up at least… Unfortunately, it also meant that he wasn’t paying attention to where he was going. So when he stepped on a particularly icy spot, he wasn’t able to steady himself. And that, of course, led to an obvious consequence…

He slipped and fell flat on his face.



Jupetta-chan and Noctus-chan immediately scrambled to help their master up, while the others rushed as fast as possible without slipping themselves. Harley, his face pressed against the ice, attempted to yell something that came out as muffled rubbish. But as the hybrids kept pulling, he eventually got his head up enough to be heard.

“Stop it, stop it, stop it!” he yelled, not sounding at all pleased with his situation. The hybrids did as they were told, incredulous looks adorning their faces.

“Why?” Jupetta-chan questioned, not understanding why the coordinator would actually want to stay pressed against the ice. “Isn’t it cold down there?”

“Of course it is!” Harley snapped, tears of pain forming in his eyes. “But my skin is stuck to the ice! You two are going to rip it off!” Noctus-chan frowned, briefly considering just letting him stay down there. Then he reminded himself that Harley must be in immense pain, and turned to his fellow pokémon.

“Use Will-o-Wisp to melt the ice. He should be able to get up that way.” Jupetta-chan nodded hesitantly, not used to being yelled at. He’d never been yelled at before… Pushing it out of his mind, he stood up, and once everyone had cleared out of the way, aimed the attack at the ice surrounding his lover. As it slowly melted into water, Harley became impatient and glared up at the boy.

“Can’t you go any faster? The attack is three feet away!” Jupetta-chan didn’t know how to react. A lump slowly formed in the back of his throat.

“But Harley-sama, if it gets too close, I might burn—”

“I don’t care!” Harley screeched, the tears beginning to roll down his cheeks. “This f*cking hurts! Burning would probably feel better! So hurry the hell up!” Not only had he never been yelled at, but he’d also never heard his master swear like that. Too shocked to object, he redirected the flame closer, and within a matter of seconds, Harley was able to push himself up. His exposed flesh was red and raw, and a small patch had been torn away and was bleeding.

Noctus-chan was torn between his two lovers. On one hand, Jupetta-chan had only been trying to help, and he didn’t deserve to be yelled at. On the other hand, Harley hadn’t been lying when he’d said it hurt like hell… And he had a good feeling that this wouldn’t be the only time he’d have conflicting interests.

“Are you alright Harley?” The purple-haired man nodded, tentatively getting to his feet. Robert and Luna, who had watched the whole ordeal with shock and awe, grabbed his arms and helped to steady him. Shuu watched Jupetta-chan watching everyone trying to think of a way to treat Harley’s wound. Shuu had barely said two words to him, but he couldn’t help but feel bad. It wasn’t Jupetta-chan’s fault that Harley had fallen. And if it hadn’t been for his Will-o-Wisp attack, the only fire attack any of their pokémon had, Harley would probably have been hurt a lot more than he was now. Surely, the poor boy would get a heartfelt apology at any moment…

But Harley just avoided Jupetta-chan’s sad gaze, looking anywhere but at his young lover. It was just too much for the boy, and fat tears rolled down his pale cheeks. Shuu watched silently as he turned around and ran off, no one else noticing. Sighing, he carefully walked over to the others, allowing the hybrid a head start so he could have some time to himself before they went after him.

He just hoped he didn’t get hurt in the mean time.


“It’s cold.”

“I know.”

“Really cold.”

“I know.”

“Really, really—”

“Will you shut up already?!” Duana frowned. She’d thought all that sleep earlier would have put him in a better mood…

“I’m just trying to make some conversation… Do you think we’re close to the orb yet?” Kieran shrugged, glad he was wearing pants and long sleeves, unlike Duana who donned a skirt and no sleeves at all.

“I don’t know. But the boss said it’ll get colder as we get closer to the chamber with the Ice Orb. And it’s pretty damn cold now, so I’d guess we’re almost there. We’d just better hope that girl didn’t get there first…” Duana decided to stay away from that one, knowing he’d just blame her for making them miss their chance.

“I wonder who she got to help her… If anyone. I mean, who would believe her in the first place?” Kieran humored her, taking any way to keep his mind off the chilly atmosphere.

“She stole the other two necklaces, remember? All she would have to do is use them on other pokémon, and they’d now she wasn’t making it up. Whoever we find with her, I’m sure they’ll be two others just like her…” The blonde nodded, seeing the sense in it.

“Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll be Pippi or Purin or something…”

“With our luck they’ll be Hellger or Windie…” They sighed simultaneously, hanging their heads, already predicting defeat. They were biologists, not trainers…

As Duana fretted over whether or not her single pokémon would be able to handle whatever they came up against, something caught her attention. She stopped suddenly, causing her partner to look back at her curiously.

“What’s wrong?” She looked around, as if looking for something.

“I heard someone… I think they were crying.” Her eyes lit up as she saw a small path leading down a tunnel. “Come on, let’s check it out!” Without waiting for a response, she took off, Kieran not far behind. Sure, it was just one more distraction, but if there was a person, they might be with the experiment… Besides, he was curious too.

It didn’t take them long to reach the end of the tunnel, leaving them in a small room with a large, solitary rock in the middle. On the rock sat a boy who looked to be in his early teens, with black hair and an outfit that looked quite familiar… He was crying over something, and Duana felt her heart break over the sad sight. Maybe he was just a kid that had wandered in the cave and was lost… He was all alone after all…

“Hey, are you all right?” Jupetta-chan looked up at the strangers, surprised that there were other people in the cave. Could they be the people after Luna? She had never described them, so he had no idea. They didn’t look evil though… He supposed that as long as he didn’t talk about their mission, or the fact that he was a pokémon, it wouldn’t hurt…

“My boyfriend yelled at me. He slipped on the ice and I was just trying to help… Now he won’t even talk to me! He hates me!” He started crying again, earning him a sympathetic look from the blonde. Kieran stayed quiet, regarding the boy with suspicion.

“Oh, you poor thing. I’m sure he didn’t mean it. Sometimes the cold weather just makes people cranky. Like my partner here. …Of course, he’s always cranky.” Kieran glared at her, but Jupetta-chan giggled. Maybe she was right. Harley couldn’t have possibly meant what he said… He loved him after all!

I probably shouldn’t have run away… I bet Harley-sama and Noctus-chan are worried!’

“I guess you’re right. I should go find him and my friends… I kinda just ran off without telling anyone…” Duana nodded cheerfully. Whoever this kid was, he was all right in her book. Pretty cute too… Too bad he was gay.

“If you want, we can walk with you. We’re looking for some people ourselves…” Jupetta-chan nodded, glad for some company. There was no way such a nice lady could be evil…

“Okay! It’s this way!” He jumped up, waiting for them to reach him before he started leading the way.

“Oh, by the way, my name is Duana, and this is my partner Kieran. What’s your name?” Jupetta-chan faltered ever so slightly, knowing that he couldn’t tell them what his real name was, nice people or not.

“Ju. My friends call me Ju-chan.” As Duana nodded and started conversing happily with the boy, Kieran started plotting in his mind. This kid wasn’t telling the truth about something, and he had a feeling he knew what was really going on. The name, the clothes, the almost transparent cord around his neck…

Besides, how many people had red eyes?


“…I’m such an idiot.”

“Yes, yes you are.” Luna whacked the green-haired boy upside the head, glaring at him.

“Don’t say that! He feels bad enough as it is.” Harley shook his head, pressing Robert’s handkerchief to his slowly healing flesh.

“No, he’s right. I can’t believe I yelled at him like that… I wasn’t mad at him or anything; it just hurt so much that I wasn’t thinking…” Noctus-chan understood all too well how anger could get to anyone and felt nothing but sympathy for his lover. If anything, he was p*ssed at Shuu, who had watched Jupetta-chan run off and had only told them when he was nowhere to be found. Needed time to think his a*s

“I’m sure he’s fine,” Robert reassured, not liking seeing his best friend so upset. “He still has his attacks after all, so he can stand up to anything he comes across.” Harley knew it was probably true, but it didn’t mean he didn’t still worry.

It’s all my fault… I’m such a b*tch! How could I have said that to him? Oh Jupetta-chan, please be okay, I promise I’ll never yell at you for no reason ever again. Just be all right!

After a few more minutes of searching, they all could swear they heard voices… But no one wanted to look like a total basket case, so they all stayed quiet. Then the voices became louder and clearer, and—

“Jupetta-chan!” Harley ran ahead, needing to see his lover right that second. Noctus-chan sighed and shook his head in irritation.

“Harley, you idiot, you’re going to slip again!”


Jupetta-chan was happily chatting with Duana when—

“Jupetta-chan!” He immediately grinned when he heard that, and he took off after the voice with complete disregard for the ice covered ground.

“Harley-sama!” Duana blinked as the boy ran off. Jupetta? Was that what Ju was short for? She was glad her parents didn’t name her after a pokémon…

Wait… Harley? No, it couldn’t be… But maybe…

She quickly followed her new friend. Kieran also caught the “Jupetta” that had been yelled, and his suspicions were confirmed. Well, they might not have the orb yet, but at least they weren’t too late… With that in mind, he ran after his partner.


When Duana reached Ju-chan, she saw him hugging two violet-haired men, with another man and a boy standing off to the side…

…And she promptly squealed.

“Oh my God! You’re Harley, Robert, and Shuu! You’re my favorite coordinators of all time! I’ve seen all of your contests! I’ve been following your careers forever!” She ran over to them, once again causing Noctus-chan to question why no one was falling, a star-struck look in her eyes. “This is the best day of my entire life!”

When Kieran caught up, he noticed his partner practically drooling over three sweat-dropping men who he identified as those coordinators she was crazy about. She’d liked contests ever since they’d begun, saying it was the perfect opportunity to see gay men in their natural element. Personally, he thought she was crazy, but it kept her from getting into trouble at least… He felt bad about having to ruin her fun, but they had a job to do…

“All right, where is she?” Everyone turned to him, Duana included, and gave him a questioning look.

“What are you talking about?” He looked around the tunnel, answering her in a matter-of-fact manner.

“Just think about it. Jupetta-chan. Red eyes. Close to that Harley guy you like so much who has a Jupetta, which he calls the same thing. And that other guy,” he pointed to Noctus-chan, “has yellow eyes. And look at their necks. See anything?” She did as she was told and gasped.

“Those are…” He nodded, then smirked as he spotted a large bolder a bit down the tunnel.

“That’s right. If they have the project, the experiment must be with them. So come out you coward, or we’ll have to make you come out ourselves!” Luna appeared from behind the bolder, scowling at the newcomers. Duana’s face lit up at finally finding their target.

“Lina! Finally! I thought we’d never find you! Now come on, just come quietly—”

“No,” she said firmly as she walked closer. “I’m staying with my friends, and we’re going to stop you. If we need to fight to make that clear, so be it.” She reached her fellow companions and unsheathed her claws. “And for the last time, my name is LUNA!”


Whee, well there you go. The goodies and the baddies have finally met up. Next chapter there will be a fight scene, an apology, and hopefully the end of this saga. Maybe not the last one... But I promise this Ice Cave won't last any longer than two more chapters. It was originally planned to end at chapter seven at the most. XP

Heh, this chapter actually completely wrote itself. And I mean completely. I hadn't planned on Harley being a b*tch, Jupetta-chan running off, Duana being a fangirl, the baddies even meeting up with the heros... Oi. I was gonna get them out of the cave with the orb this chapter. See what I mean? I have no say over my muses. Pushie little buggers...

So, I'll see you all next chapter! <3


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I love it!!!!! poor Harley (falling to the ice), and poor Ju-chan (being yelled)...


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Oh good the new chapter is soo good I love it thought I fell sorry for Jupetta-Chan because Harley yelled at him.