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Project G (PG-13, various)


Sorry about the wait. This chapter was giving me major problems. Not too much I can say up here though, so see you at the bottom!

Project G—Chapter ten (11-24-05)

“You got it,” Kieran smirked, pulling two monster balls from his belt. “Let’s get this over with. Ready Duana?” The blonde nodded, albeit hesitantly, and expanded her own monster ball.

“Sure…” Looking a lot more confident than he felt, he tossed the balls in the air, determined to win this fight no matter what.

“Good. Now, go! Airmd and Kucheat!” Following her partner, Duana flung her monster ball, not liking the fact that she had to fight, but knowing there was no alternative.

“And Powalen too!”

The three pokémon stood in front of their masters, ready to battle whatever came their way. With baited breath, the two humans and three pokémon stood attentively, waiting for their adversaries to begin the battle… And they waited, and waited, and waited… And after two minutes of no response, Kieran snapped.

“What the hell is taking so long?! Are we gonna battle or what?” Finally, Luna retracted her claws and spoke up, voicing the thoughts the others had.

“…You guys call yourselves the Darks… So, you know, shouldn’t you have dark type pokémon? Not steel and normal…” The others nodded in agreement. Shouldn’t the bad guys follow their own theme?

“Not that it’s any of your business,” Kieran growled, bunching his fists at his sides, “but we’re only called that because that’s what our boss calls us. He has dark pokémon. We got our pokémon long before we ever met him, and I happen to like steel pokémon. Now can we get this damn battle over with already?!”

“If you insist,” Robert spoke up, stepping in front of the group, “then I suppose we have no choice. However, I believe that I can handle this on my own…”

“No,” Shuu insisted firmly, moving next to the blond man, “I have regular pokémon too, so I’ll battle with you. Two against one isn’t fair, even if they do probably suck…” Robert smiled down at the boy, causing the faintest of blushes to appear on his face…. This, of course, did not go undetected.

“Aw, that’s so sweet! Two rival coordinators, working together for the good of humankind and pokémon-kind alike! Oh, are you two dating? You make an adorable couple—” Kieran hit his partner upside the head to shut her up, glaring at her as Shuu’s blush deepened and Robert smiled in a very bemused manner.

“Whose side are you on? Stop being such a fangirl and get ready to battle already!” Sighing, she turned her attention to the battlefield. Kieran was no fun… But judging by their reactions, she knew that they were either together or extremely close to being so. Now she really didn’t want to battle them…

“Look lady, whatever relationship Robert and I have is none of your business! Go Frygon!”

“Milokaross, Nendoll, let’s get this done with!” Soon there were three more pokémon out. Luna regarded them appreciatively. Milokaross in particular caught her attention. If Robert had such a rare pokémon, he must be good.

“Do they have any other pokémon?” she asked Harley, seeing as how the two trainers in question were current engaged in a glaring match with their adversaries.

“Robert doesn’t, but Shuu has a Roselia and an Amemoth. I’m guessing he picked Frygon since it’s part ground. After all, it will have the advantage over the steel pokémon. So will Nendoll… And Milokaross should be more than a match for that Powalen. Really, this battle is in the bag. I’ll give it five minutes at the most.” Luna hoped his confidence was well placed. She’d never seen them battle before, but surely, no one would hire lackeys who were incompetent…


“Let’s get this done! Kucheat, use Bite on Milokaross; Airmd, use Speed Star!”

“Powalen, use Hail!” As Powalen transformed into its ice form and the steel pokémon dashed towards Milokaross, Robert and Shuu shared a look that amounted to, “Who do they think they’re kidding?

“Destruction Beam!” came the identical commands. Before Kieran or Duana could even process what they’d heard, Nendoll and Frygon were powering up their attacks. “And Hydro Pump for you Milokaross!” Seconds later, three rays were firing at the unsuspecting pokémon, not even giving them enough warning to dodge. All three attacks hit head on, slamming the Darks’s pokémon into the cave wall.

“Come on, get up! We have a battle to win!” When the smoked cleared from the area, it was painfully obvious that they’d be doing no such thing. “Oh, dammit! Kucheat, Airmd, return!”

“Oh Powalen, I’m sorry! You return too…” As they recalled their pokémon to their monster balls, they were met with the haughty smirks of their opponents, and the laughter of the audience. “What’s so funny?” Noctus-chan was the first to calm himself to answer the poor woman’s question.

“You guys suck! Just one attack knocked out your pokémon; how pathetic is that? What, have you never battled before? Cause it sure as hell looks like it!” Duana blushed at the accusation. Kieran growled, but didn’t deny it. They weren’t trainers; they realized and accepted that. But still, they didn’t think they’d lose that quickly…

“Noctus-chan is totally right! Wow, I can’t believe you actually expected to capture me!” Luna’s attitude certainly wasn’t helping any. “Well, we’ve won either way, so why don’t you just get out of here already?” Kieran couldn’t believe her audacity. Did she really think they were just going to leave and admit defeat? They weren’t scared that they were heavily outnumbered by seasoned professionals or that there were three pokémon ready to blast them if need be… Then again, Kieran wasn’t stupid

“Fine, you win… For now! But only because we weren’t ready. Next time we’ll win!” Duana nodded hesitantly. She knew that the only way they’d ever be ready would be to get stronger or catch stronger pokémon… Somehow, she knew something bad was going to come of all this… “Let’s get out of here Duana; we’ll let the idiots freeze to death down here…”

As they walked away, probably not having the slightest clue where they were going, Robert and Shuu recalled their pokémon. Everyone wore triumphant grins at the effortless win. If all of their battles were this easy, the world would be saved in no time! Of course, the mysterious boss was probably a force to be reckoned with, but he certainly couldn’t hire decent subordinates…

“Well… That was certainly easy. So, let’s get going then! We must be really close… It’s freezing down here!” Luna was met with glares that said, “We know you dolt.” Before she could say anything more to earn her the title of “Queen of the Obvious,” she looked around before heading down a random side path. The others followed, sincerely hoping that she knew where she was going…

And in the back of their minds, they wondered if things could really be that easy…


They continued walking for a while in the silence they were so used to. The only person with brand new thoughts was Harley. He was still kicking himself for losing control and yelling at his young lover. He had to think of some way to make it up to him… Of course, it’d have to wait until they were some place they weren’t in danger of hypothermia… One thing was sure though—it was going to be good.

He was brought out of his reverie by a tug on his sleeve. He looked towards the source of the disruption and was met with the curious eyes of the boy he was just thinking of. The hybrid didn’t seem upset… Harley let out a sigh of relief. Just knowing that he was already forgiven made him feel much better.

“Harley-sama? Are you okay?” Harley nodded, slipping his hand into the smaller boy’s.

“Of course. Now that I have you back, everything is perfect… Even if it is still cold.” Jupetta-chan giggled, putting his other hand in Noctus-chan’s, earning him a faint smile. The older hybrid was glad that his lovers were already getting along again. He’d been afraid for a while after Jupetta-chan had run off… But now that they were all together again, he felt more confident than ever that they’d find that stupid orb soon.

“Hey guys…” Luna slowed down her pace, staring at a part of the wall intently. “I think… I think the orb is in here.” Before anyone could state the obvious fact that she was looking at a solid wall, she began feeling around for something… The others quickly caught on, remembering that the whole reason they were even in the cave was because Luna had hit a secret switch.

They all began examining the wall, pressing and prodding every part they could get their hands on. Between the six of them, they covered a good chunk of the wall, and within a few minutes, they had several feet of wall fully examined… Still, there was no secret door, stairway, or holes.

Damn cave. Damn coldness. Damn orb. Damn wall. Damn damn damn damn damn!’ Harley mentally chanted the curse as he searched his section of the wall. ‘All I want to do is get out of this cave and have some alone time with my pokémon. Is that really too much to ask? I haven’t even had a chance to make out with Jupetta-chan… Hell, I barely had any time with Noctus-chan! Dammit, I haven’t gotten laid in forever’ Of course, thinking such thoughts was only bound to cause problems, so he quickly banished them from his mind. Growling at his bad luck, he hit his head against the wall in frustration…

…And a few feet away from him, a part of the wall slid away, revealing a new room.

“You did it Harley-sama!” Jupetta-chan bounded over to the coordinator and threw his arms around his waist. Harley blinked in amazement, but didn’t question his dumb luck. Maybe this was a sign… A sign that sex was in his future! With a grin, he picked an ecstatic Jupetta-chan up bridal style and went as quickly as possible to the new opening.

“Come on, let’s get that orb, and get out of here! Woohoo!” Without questioning his sudden good mood, the others followed, hoping beyond all hope that this would be it.


“So… This is it?” Luna nodded slowly, her eyes wide in amazement.

“Yeah. It is.” They gazed up at the glowing blue orb. This was it. All they had to do was take it and find a way out, and they’d be halfway to their goal. Without another word, Luna walked up to the pedestal that the orb rested on and reached out—

“Just what do you think you’re doing?” Luna quickly pulled back her hand, looking for the source of the voice. A swift glance around the room showed… Nothing. Thinking that maybe she’d been hearing things, she reached out again—

“Look, if you touch that, I’m going to bite your hand off.”

“Okay you guys,” the anxious Nyasu ground out, spinning around to face them, “this isn’t funny.”

“But Luna,” Jupetta-chan said worriedly, still safely in Harley’s arms, “that wasn’t us… We heard it too.” Luna gulped audibly, scanning the room more thoroughly. If it wasn’t any of them, that meant someone else was in the room with them. And since she knew they hadn’t been followed, that someone must have already been in the room…

I knew things were going too well to be true…

“Well, well,” the voice began, “it looks like someone thought they could just waltz right in here and steal the orb. Did you really think it would be left unguarded?”

“I was hoping,” she mumbled, but the voice continued as if it hadn’t heard her.

“I am Tsurara, the guardian of the ice orb, and I will not allow you to take it! Now leave this place before I am forced to take action!” Luna stood her ground, not about to let this stand in her way. They’d come too far to turn around now!

“I won’t!” she yelled firmly. “We’ve been through hell and back to get this thing, and we’re not leaving without it!” The sound of laughter filled the chilly air.

“If that’s the way it must be…” Luna gulped as she finally noticed a figure stepping out of the shadows. And when it revealed itself—

Luna blinked.

“You’re… You’re a Nyula! And a human too!” The Nyula woman snorted, putting a hand to her hip.

“What, you were expecting a Freezer? Koori is too busy too watch this damn thing himself, so I got stuck doing it. As for the human thing, mostly humans try to steal it, so he thought it’d be better if I could morph from state to state to stop them…” She took a closer look at the group and smirked. “Well, well. It looks like I’m not the only one to have such an ability, am I little Nyasu? But enough about me. Why do you want the orb so badly?”

“My name is Luna,” she started, hoping that some familiarity would help the situation. “I’m half human because of the necklace I’m wearing. Noctus-chan and Jupetta-chan over there have them too.” Both hybrids waved nervously, wishing she’d leave them out of this. “And you see…”

Luna told the story of the Darks and their horrid experiments, her escape, when she’d met the others, their latest fight… Leaving out some of the romantic details of course. Tsurara listened intently, obviously not getting much entertainment guarding the orb. When Luna finished, Tsurara picked up the orb and played idly with it as she digested the tale. The others watched the two, wondering if she believed their story. Either way, they hoped it didn’t take much longer; this room was the coldest yet!

“I suppose,” she said at last, placing the orb back on its pedestal, “that I have no choice. Your story fits the prophecy, so—”

“Prophecy?” Luna exclaimed, cutting her off. “What prophecy?” Tsurara looked surprised for but a moment, before sighing.

“It figures you wouldn’t know about it. Really, who ever knows these things when they’re involved? It seems the only ones who do know are the idiots who want to steal it for evil… Anyway, I guess I might as well tell you. Koori told me that the only way I was to let anyone take the orb was if they were the chosen ones. The Exalted. They would save the world and the entire pokémon race from darkness and slavery. A group of ten, five humans and five hybrids, would need to retrieve the two orbs and bring them together for the final battle against the darkness. Only through their friendships and love would they be able to get to the orbs though. And by looking at the lot of you,” she looked specifically at Harley and his pokémon, “I’d say you have that down. However, I will caution you that if you intend to find the fire orb as well, you’ll need to become even closer.” This time she looked towards Robert and Shuu.

“Okay… Well, not that I’m ungrateful that you’re giving us the orb or anything, but um, there’s only six of us, not ten…” Tsurara chuckled, finding the Exalted more amusing than she’d have thought.

“Not yet, but two more hybrids and two humans and you will be. The prophecy only says you’ll be ten before the final battle; it says nothing about before that time. And somehow I just know it’s you…” She stepped closer and put her hand to Luna’s face, causing the girl to blush uncontrollably. “You’re much too pretty to be anything but one of the Exalted. Whoever your destined mate is, they are extremely lucky.”

“I, um, you see…” She trailed off as Tsurara pulled away and grabbed the orb.

“This is a big responsibility, but I’m sure you can all handle it. From now on, you won’t only be searching for the second orb in the south, but also your remaining comrades. As long as the darkness doesn’t possess both orbs, you will be fine. But be aware that they are also after the fire orb and will come after the ice orb as well. Guard them with your lives. The human and pokémon species depend on it.” She held the orb out, which Luna took carefully and held close to her as if it would break. It wasn’t very big; she could hold it in the palm of her hand. “Take this too. It will make it easier to carry. I’d suggest that you leave it in the possession of one of your human members.” She handed Luna a cord that was obviously meant to be attached to the orb and worn like a necklace.

“Thank you Tsurara. This means a lot to us.” She smiled, leaning down and kissing Luna’s cheek, causing her blush to flare up again.

“It’s my duty, sweet Luna. Now you must go. You still have a long way to go in your journey. Be safe, oh Exalted ones.” With that, she stepped back and waved to them. Before they could say a word, the room began to spin and the next thing they knew, they were standing outside in the same spot they’d been in before they’d entered the cave.

“…Well, that was informative.” Luna turned around and smiled at Robert, nodding.

“Yeah. A prophecy… I never knew this was so important…” She took the cord and placed it to the orb, not overly surprised when a glowing blue light filled her vision. At this point, not much at all could surprise her. When the light died down, a necklace the size of her own was in her hands. Without another thought, she walked over to the others and offered the necklace to the blond.

“Here, I think you should keep this one. You’re really responsible,” she smiled sheepishly and turned to Harley and Shuu. “No offence…” Harley shrugged with a smile.

“No problem. I know Robert’s more responsible than me.” Shuu looked hurt for a few seconds, but nodded nonetheless.

“Yeah, fine. He can have it…” Luna immediately understood the problem; Shuu was the only one without anything special currently. Harley had his pokémon as humans, the hybrids had the Project Gs, and now Robert had the ice orb…

“You can have the fire orb,” she assured, not wanting to see the boy moping, something he’d been doing far too much of lately. “Then you and Robert can be the keepers of the orbs! That’s pretty cool!” Robert nodded, calmly taking the necklace and putting it around his neck.

“Yes, I agree. We’ll have quite the connection Shuu.” Said boy shrugged, not looking the man in the eyes.


A tension-filled silence filled the air. Jupetta-chan, who was finally on his own two feet, didn’t understand what the tension meant like the others and thus was the first to break it.

“Shouldn’t we get going? That lady said we had a long ways to go. And if we have to go all the way to the other side of Hoenn…” That was right, they all realized. They had a long way to travel…

“Well then, let’s get going!” Once again taking the role of leader, Luna started walking, trusting her friends to follow.

My friends… Tsurara said love and friendship would keep us together. Harley, Jupetta-chan, and Noctus-chan are in love. Robert and Shuu too, though Shuu won’t admit it. Harley and Robert are best friends… Were does that leave me? Sure, we’re friends, but I’m not that close with any of them. I guess I’m the closest to Robert and Noctus-chan, but everyone’s taken. Maybe one of the people we’ll meet will be my lover...? That’d be… Nice.’ She thought back to how nice Tsurara’s touch and kiss had been. ‘Really nice.’

And with that, they were on to their next adventure.


Oh man, they're finally out of that cave! Now we'll have some "filler" chapters before the next cave. I have some new characters coming up... But you'll just have to wait and see. ^.~

So, Harley's horney and planning something for his pretty buddies... Don't worry, this fic will stay at the PG-13/lite R rating. Robert and Shuu will have their time to shine coming up... Will it go smoothly? Heh, you'll have to wait for that too. As for Luna, I said there'd be no OC/existing character romance, and I meant it. Luna will... Wait, that's a secret too! But be assured that the shoujo ai you saw in this chapter points you in the right direction. We might see Tsurara again, and perhaps Koori... I dunno. XP

Tsurara means iceicle, and Koori means ice. XP Yes, I like my puns. All of the new characters have had pun names... ^^; And more next time...

Well, I'll see you at the next update. Hope everyone's enjoying this so far!


To make up for the long wait, I have a surprise! I actually wrote the next chapter last night! *gasps* Dunno when the next one will be out, so enjoy some fillerness...

Project G—Chapter eleven (11-25-05)

“Wake up little Momoiro. It’s time.” A small pink haired girl yawned, rubbing her eyes sleepily before staring up at the voice.

“Big sister?” The older girl smirked, standing up and waiting for her younger sister to do the same.

“The boss contacted me while you were sleeping. The imbeciles finally screwed up big time. Seems that they let the experiment and her little friends get the ice orb. They’re all on their way to the fire cave now, and the boss wants us to get there before anyone. We can’t afford to let this one get messed up too. Are you ready to go? I’m sure it’ll take them a while to get down there, but we’ll wait for them just in case.” Momoiro nodded, taking her sister’s hand and holding tightly.

“Of course big sister. I’m ready whenever you are.” With one last smirk, the older girl led the way out, leaving their little room alone in the darkness.


The Exalted, as they’d just found out they were called in a prophecy, had headed in the general southern direction in good spirits. They chatted about whatever came to mind, from their latest battle to how beautiful, and warm, the weather was. Luna had asked about pokémon contests, wondering why Duana had known who the boys were.

Robert had told her about how he and Harley had been coordinators since the profession first became available and Shuu was a young heartthrob. Shuu, after blushing, told her how things worked, from the appeals to the battling. Harley told her about some of the jerks on the circuit, especially a “whiny little brown-haired b*tch” who said “kamo” way too much. Noctus-chan and Jupetta-chan had agreed whole-heartily, and then told her that from a pokémon’s perspective, contests were amazing. You got to dazzle large audiences with visually appealing moves, then show off your skills and beat your opponents into the ground!

By the time night fell, they were still discussing contests.

“Haruka isn’t that bad. You just over react.” Harley growled as he tended the fire.

“I do not! She’s annoying! And she has the worst dumb luck in the world!” Shuu rolled his eyes and unrolled a sleeping bag simultaneously.

“You just say that because she beat you twice in a row…”

“And she’s the only one to do it! It’s nothing but dumb luck!”

“Maybe she’s just better than you.”

“Why you little—”

“Calm down!” Robert finally shouted to be heard over them. “Shuu, you must admit that sometimes Haruka’s pokémon seem rather… Super human. And Harley, you must admit that she is better at battle strategy. Appeals were always your forte.” Harley opened his mouth to protest, but was cut off. “That has nothing to do with your pokémon. But I’ve seen your battles with her. You get upset much too easily when your pokémon get hurt, and thus you don’t always think things through. Appeals are the most important part of a contest anyways. The battles are random and can be won on luck alone, but appeals show true creativity and talent.” Harley finally nodded and leaned against Noctus-chan, who was sitting next to him.

“Yeah, I guess… But I can’t help it! She has the nerve to call the two loves of my life scary right to my face, then she tries to knock the proverbial stuffing out of them! How can I not be p*ssed at her?” Shuu snorted, having finished unrolling the last bag.

“It’s not like normal people fall in love with their pokémon you know. How was she supposed to know?” Harley bit his tongue before he said something he’d regret. All of the comebacks that came to mind involved Robert and pedophilia. He wouldn’t do that to his best friend though. He had no problem with their relationship… He just wished that Robert had fallen for someone a bit less cocky than Shuu.

“Well…” Luna started, racking he brain for a subject to take them away from this bothersome girl, “…how about someone tells a funny story or something?” Robert, catching on to her plot, sat down opposite Harley, and motioned the others to gather round. Shuu sat between Jupetta-chan and Robert, and Luna took Robert’s other side, next to Noctus-chan. When they were all seated, Robert cleared his throat.

“This story is about Noctus-chan.” Four sets of eyes immediately turned to the surprised looking pokémon.

“Me? You know a funny story about me?” Robert smiled, but otherwise ignored him.

“Of course, he went by the name Sabonea-chan back then…” Harley giggled and got a nostalgic look in his eyes.

“You haven’t been Sabonea-chan since I was fourteen… If Robert’s story isn’t amusing enough, I’m sure I can come up with something good.” The two eldest coordinators shared a knowing look, and Noctus-chan felt himself tense up. He couldn’t really remember too much from his pre-evolved days, but most of what he did remember he didn’t think he wanted anyone else to know… Jupetta-chan was perhaps the most curious though. He remembered even less about his lover before they’d evolved, and he couldn’t help but wonder if he had been as cranky then as he was nowadays…

“It was the first contest that Harley and I entered…”


Thirteen-year-olds Robert and Harley had traveled to Kaina City for the first ever Pokémon Contest. They’d been hearing the hype for weeks, and the young lovers made sure they’d be able to brag years from that day that they’d been in the first contest ever. After a quick briefing by the MC, with his two daughters looking on intently, they’d begun the momentous occasion with a cheering audience watching.

There were potentially more people watching the contest then both boys could ever remember seeing in one place at a time. Still, they’d been practicing forever, and they were determined to make it to the top! They were going all the way to this “Grand Festival” they kept hearing about!

Robert’s appeal had gone well, with Yajiron impressing the crowd. He’d earned a total of 24.1, which was better than some people had received, but not enough to guarantee a spot in the next round. He gave his boyfriend a good-luck kiss before watching as the violet-haired boy took center stage, blowing kisses to the audience all the while.

Harley had always been good at so-called “girly” activities. Cooking was one skill he’d already mastered, and sewing was the other major one. It had helped though, as he had a golden crown and a green costume on that mimicked the patterns on his starter pokémon, Sabonea-chan. The audience was immediately impressed. As long as he had the pokémon they thought he had, this boy obviously understood the meaning of “coordinate.”

“Go my pretty buddy, Sabonea-chan!” Robert resisted the urge to grow jealous. Because he wasn’t, really. They’d been going out for almost a year, seeing as that day he’d been angsting in his room, he’d finally hooked up with his long time friend and long time crush. They were getting along just fine… It wasn’t like Harley was in love with his pokémon or anything…


Robert forced himself to pay attention as the pretty boy spun around and called out his pokémon. Sabonea-chan materialized, with a cheerful, “Sabo!” and he and Harley waved to the crowd in sync. The judge were very impressed, and nodded to each other. The crowd went wild at how well in tune this duo was, and the sound of the applause was almost deafening.

Sabonea-chan had never been in front of so many people before. He was used to his master showering him with attention, but to have so many people cheering for him

“Sabo! Bonea, sabo!” Harley watched nervously as Sabonea-chan started running around in circles. This was most definitely not what they had practiced. But a bit of quick thinking told him just to go with it. It wasn’t like anyone knew what was supposed to be happening, as long as it looked good…

“Sabonea-chan, you shouldn’t run you know. You’ll trip and hurt yourself.” Now, it wasn’t as if he wanted his pretty pokémon to fall, but he knew how clumsy he was. And if they could pull this off…

“Sabo!” Sure enough, seconds after he’d said that Sabonea-chan tripped over his own feet and went crashing to the floor. Harley smiled warmly as he picked up his now bawling pokémon and held him close, not at all being bothered by his thorns.

“Now, now, don’t cry Sabonea-chan. I love you; I’ll never let you get hurt.”

If the crowd knew this was completely ad-libbed, they certainly didn’t care. The cheering got even louder, with whistle and clapping almost making it hard to hear the MC as he announced Harley’s score—a perfect 30.


Everyone who had been listening to Robert’s story, with the exception of Noctus-chan, was laughing so hard that tears were running down their faces. The thought of Noctus-chan ever being that young and naïve was almost surreal. Especially the crying part.

“I remember that!” Harley said after he’d finally calmed down enough to speak. “I got the highest score in the appeal round. No one knew that I hadn’t planned the whole thing.”

“Well, I did,” Robert confessed, “but only because we’d already seen what the other was doing. I just barely made it into the next round…”

“Well, now you just have Milokaross shine and you get in. It really didn’t matter anyway, that Adan guy ended up winning with his Milokaross. He had that damn thing shine, and I still got a higher score than him!” Robert laughed, knowing Harley had always had issues with coordinators doing well at appeals when they had a Milokaross that shone and sparkled… But hey, whatever worked.

“Yes, seeing him battle that day made me more determined than ever to have Hinbass evolve… But we’re getting off topic. We should be talking about Noctus-chan’s younger days. I’m sure we can make his face even redder if we try a bit more…”

“Yeah, well, don’t…” No one paid attention to him of course.

“Oh man, I’d kill to go back in time and see that!” Harley grinned at the girl, a devious glint in his eyes.

“Would you settle for watch a tape of it? My parents were in the crowd and taped the whole thing.” Luna’s eyes lit up and Noctus-chan paled.

“Really? Oh wow, that’d be great!”

“I can watch it too, right Harley-sama?” Harley gave his youngest lover a flirty wink.

“Of course! We can all watch it after we save the world.”

“All right,” Noctus-chan tried again, “moving on…”

“You now,” Shuu mused, getting in his own two cents, “that’s something I’d have expected from Jupetta-chan, not you… Well, other than the fact that Kagebouzu don’t have feet…” As everyone nodded, Noctus-chan decided it was time to speak up.

“Okay, look. That was a long time ago. I was just a kid! Kids cry! The point is, I have much more self-restraint now and would never run around like a fool. I leave the theatrics to Jupetta-chan.” His eyes took of a thoughtful look, and he continued in a soft voice, “Watching him reminds me of myself sometimes…”

“What?” Noctus-chan snapped out of his daze at the question.

“What, what? I didn’t say anything!” Jupetta-chan frowned, his face clearly showing that he didn’t buy it.

“Yes you did! You said I remind you of when you were Sabonea-chan. Tell me what you mean!” Noctus-chan’s face took on a nice shade of pink as he thought about his answer carefully.

“Well… You’re sweet Jupetta-chan. You’re nice. You’re innocent. Everything I lost when I evolved. I think that maybe that’s what attracted me to you in the first place…” Jupetta-chan’s eyes softened, and he got and walked over to his lover.

“Noctus-chan… I love you.” He smiled as he pulled Jupetta-chan into his lap and held him close.

“I love you too kid.” There were a few moments of silence as they watched the happy hybrids. Harley in particular thought it was the sweetest thing in the world. It was Noctus-chan himself who eventually broke the comfortable silence. “So… Now can we change the subject?”

They finally relented and spent the rest of the night talking about their travel plans for the next day.


They woke up early the next morning and did just what they’d decided on the night before— just to keep walking south until they found a sign. None of them had spent much time in the south, meaning none of them knew the area well enough to know where there could plausibly be a cave, let alone a special fire cave that housed the sister orb to the one they already possessed. They hoped to pass by a town or city soon, preferably one with a hotel and a nice restaurant…

“You know,” Robert pointed out, “we’ll probably go through Hajitsuge Town again.” Luna raised an eyebrow.

“Where?” Shuu sighed, wondering if she ever paid attention…

“That’s the town you found us in. You know, when you ate, like, fifty pieces of pie. There’s a contest hall there. And a nice hotel we can get a good night’s sleep in…” She nodded, remembering the place as soon as he’d mentioned pie.

“Yeah, I liked that place… It didn’t take us long to find the ice cave, so we should get there pretty soon… Oh, I can taste that cherry pie now!” No one bothered to comment on that…

Harley was already making plans as they walked. He and Robert had plenty of money to rent as many rooms as need be. He was sure that the blond would get a room for him and Shuu to share, and Luna would get her own room… And that would leave him and his beautiful lovers by themselves. Luna could taste the pie, but Harley could taste Jupetta-chan and Noctus-chan…

“Harley-sama, is something wrong?” The coordinator snapped out of his perverted thoughts and laughed nervously.

“Of course Jupetta-chan my dear. Why do you ask?” Noctus-chan snorted shook his head in mock-disgust.

“You’re drooling… I don’t even want to know what you were thinking about…” He leaned in closely and whispered so only Harley could hear him, “But it sure as hell better have been about me and Jupetta-chan…” Harley blushed and nodded, causing Noctus-chan to smirk knowingly.

“Noctus-chan, what’s going on…?”

“I’ll tell you later Jupetta-chan. Now, let’s play a game called “name everything you can think of that starts with the letter ‘Q.’” You start.” As Jupetta-chan happily started listing off everything that he could think of, Harley shot Noctus-chan a thankful look. The look he got back clearly said, ‘You owe me big time.’

Don’t worry,’ Harley thought gleefully, ‘not much longer and I’ll show you two the time of your lives…

Robert watched the entire exchange in a highly amused manner. It wasn’t like Harley was promiscuous or anything, but he was certainly no blushing virgin… Even when he had been a virgin. They’d had a healthy sex life… But had a feeling Harley hadn’t slept with anyone after him for fear of what he might say in the throes of passion when all he could think about were his pokémon

I wonder how long he can hold out… I wonder how long I can hold out. At least Harley’s dating whom he loves… Now if I could only get Shuu to stop denying the attraction between us. God knows I want him even more than I wanted Harley…

Whatever happened in the time before the reached the fire cave, Robert sincerely hoped that it involved him and Shuu becoming romantically involved… He had a feeling that his sanity, and libido, depended on it.


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The girls in the beginning: Remember them? I purposely failed to ever mention them again. Don't forget them this time though... The other girl's name will come with time.
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The MC's two daughters: Vivian and Lillian. ^.~
The mention of when Robert and Harley started dating: Remember Robert's first flashback? It happened that day.
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Project G—Chapter twelve (12-25-05)

By that night, just as the sun was beginning to set, the Exalted reached Hajitsuge Town. After the utterly boring day they’d had, a nice distraction was desperately in order. Well, it had been boring for the younger members of the group at least. The eldest two were simply impatient. Harley wanted to have some fun with his lovers, and Robert hoped to talk to Shuu. And now that they were in town, they finally had their chances…

“Yay, a town! Cherry pie, here I come!”

After they finally fed their female friend of course.

“A nice hot meal that isn’t ramen does sound rather appetizing…” As much as Harley wanted to get to a hotel, his stomach agreed with Robert. In the past few days, he’d eaten more ramen than he had in his entire life…

“How are those two going to fare in a restaurant?” Shuu questioned, pointing at the two male hybrids. In turn, Harley looked absolutely baffled.

“What in the world are you talking about?” The boys in question were wondering the same thing.

“Luna didn’t have the greatest table manners in the world when we brought her to that diner. If we have three people eating like barbarians, we might draw attention…” To say Harley looked absolutely scandalized was putting it lightly.

“Excuse me, little Mr. Know-It-All?! I’ll have you know that my pretty buddies not only are the coolest and cutest pokémon around, but they also have the best manners in the world! They’ve probably been to more fancy restaurants in the past year than you have in your entire life!” Shuu, rather than getting upset at the obvious insult, blink in apparent confusion.

“They… What? You take your pokémon to restaurants with you? And they actually eat at the table with you?” Harley was just as confused as the younger coordinator.

“Of course I do. Why wouldn’t I?” Shuu just kept his mouth shut. He honestly didn’t know how to respond to that…

“…Um, so, can we go eat now?” Everyone nodded, the eager brunette’s suggestion sounding much better than hearing two stubborn coordinators bickering all night long…


Luna had fought tooth and claw to go back to the diner and her pie, but Robert had insisted on somewhere a bit more high class. She finally went along with it once Harley told her of all the delicious and expensive desserts she was sure to find wherever Robert brought them. She wasn’t sure what Cherry Clafoutis was, but it sure sounded good!

And true to Harley’s words, Noctus-chan and Jupetta-chan’s manners were impeccable. Shuu later found out from Robert that whenever he would spend the night at Harley’s house, Sabonea-chan and Kagebouzu-chan would always eat at the dinner table with them. In a way, Shuu wasn’t at all surprised. When it came to Harley, it was getting harder and harder to do.

After they had all eaten, and Luna had half of the desert menu, they paid and left the restaurant in search of a hotel. Hajitsuge Town wasn’t very large though, so it didn’t take them long at all to find out that a cozy little motel was all the town had to offer. Robert and Harley hoped beyond all hope that there would be three rooms left, or else all of their carefully laid plans would be ruined…

And the higher powers were obviously smiling down upon them, as there were exactly three rooms left.

“All right,” Harley said, taking charge as they stood in the hallway in front of their rooms. “There are six of us, and three rooms. But since Luna is a girl, she’ll get her own room.” She nodded and he gave her a key marked 107.

“Got it!” She broke away from the group and unlocked the door, disappearing into her room with her belongings.

“Now, I’m obviously sharing my room with my pretty loves, so you two will have to share.” Giving his best friend a wink, Harley handed the other key marked 109 to Robert, leaving himself with 108. The way the rooms were set up, the odd numbered rooms were on one side of the hall, with even numbered rooms on the other. Robert and Shuu were next to Luna, with Harley and his hybrid lovers across the hall from her.

“Of course,” Robert replied with a smile. He turned to Shuu and asked, “That’s alright with you, isn’t it?” Blushing ever so slightly, Shuu nodded. It wouldn’t be that bad. He’d just be in the same room as the older man, not in the same bed or anything. They already had slept close to each other with their sleeping bags; this would be no different…

“Yeah, whatever…”

“Great, it’s settled then! See you two in the morning!” With that, Harley gleefully turned to his room, quickly unlocking it and ushering his pokémon inside. Robert shook his head in amusement. He had no idea what his friend expected to happen that night, but he was sure he’d hear about it in the morning…

“Well then, shall we?” Not waiting for a response, he unlocked their door and gestured for Shuu to enter first. Not saying a word, the boy complied. Robert smiled as he watched him enter. If all went according to plan, he’d have his own stories to share in the morning…


As soon as Harley had everyone settled in their room, he surprised them by saying that he’d “be right back loves, so just wait here a minute, okay?” He left two confused hybrids watching the spot where he’d just been standing. He’d been so eager to get them there, alone, and then he just left them… It didn’t make any sense…

“Where do you think he went?” Noctus-chan shook his head, wondering the same thing himself.

“Who knows… We’ll just have to wait and see I guess. Until then…” He looked at the bed, back to Jupetta-chan, and then grinned. “Let’s see how much the bed squeaks, shall we?” Before the naïve boy could ask what he was talking about, Noctus-chan pushed him back on the mattress. He landed with a soft thud and looked up at his lover with questioning eyes.

“Noctus-chan, what are you doing?” The older hybrid couldn’t help but notice Jupetta-chan large, sparkling eyes radiating innocence. He looked so vulnerable lying there, so trusting, so inviting… So absolutely delicious that he wasn’t sure how long he could keep his hands to himself.

“It’s just another game, and I know how much you love new games… All you have to do is lie back, relax, and have fun. As long as you do that, we’ll both win, okay?” Jupetta-chan smiled and nodded shyly, finally beginning to realize what was happening.

“I get it… Shouldn’t he wait for Harley-sama though?” Noctus-chan snorted, crawling on top of his lover and looking him in the eye. One would have to be blind not to notice the extremely apparent lust shining through.

“He’ll be back sooner or later. I want you all to myself for a little while. You know, so I can apologize for ignoring you back in the cave when Harley was yelling at you.” It was a thin excuse, but it worked like a charm.

“Oh Noctus-chan, you’re so sweet! I’m not mad at you though. I love you! Forever and always!” It still amazed the violet-haired hybrid as to exactly how innocent and charming Jupetta-chan could be. So instead of trying to come up with a line to match that display of pure sweetness, he closed the gap between them, bringing his lover into a fiery kiss. Jupetta-chan squealed against the hot mouth attached to his own, surprised by the sudden assault. It didn’t take more than a few seconds for him to adjust though, and soon he was kissing back with all the passion he could muster. Noctus-chan would have laughed at his enthusiasm had his own mouth not have been otherwise occupied. He instead settled for reaching down to the waistband of Jupetta-chan’s pants—

“Hey guys, I’m—whoa! I leave for five minutes, and you guys start without me?” The two hybrids broke apart reluctantly, Jupetta-chan looking guilty and Noctus-chan looking impatient. He laughed at their flushed faces, pulling out the bottle of chocolate sauce he’d been hiding behind his back. “I ran to the store next door and bought this. Don’t you want to use it?” Noctus-chan’s eyes lit up.

“Harley… Get over here. Now.” The coordinator happily complied, climbing on the bed next to his lovers and looking at them hungrily.

“Let’s hope the bed springs aren’t too loud…”


The first thing Shuu did when he entered the room was to set down his bag. The second thing he did was watch Robert as he did the same thing. The third thing he did was look around the room… And almost have a heart attack when he saw the bed.

The one bed.

One as in, not two, but only one, single, solitary bed.

“Where the hell is the other bed?!” Robert gave the boy his best “I’m innocent” look, which wasn’t at all convincing.

“Oh my, did I forget to mention that we rented all single bed rooms? I’m afraid it was all they had left…” Shuu glared at the blond, not believing what he was hearing.

“Yeah, I’d certainly say so! How do you just forget something like that?” Robert calmly sat down on the edge of their bed, not saying a word in the process. At the lack of response, Shuu continued, “Well, I’ll just sleep on the floor then.” That got Robert’s attention.

“You can’t do that! I paid for this room so we could sleep in a bed for once! You can’t just sleep on the hard, cold floor anyway!” Shuu doubted the heated motel’s floor would be all that cold, but it would most likely be hard… And he really wanted to sleep in a nice cozy bed…

“Okay then, you sleep on the floor.” The look he received gave him his answer. “I’m not sleeping in the same bed as you!” Robert gave him an incredulous look.

“And why not? We’ve already slept next to each other in sleeping bags, so how will this be any different?” Shuu looked just as disbelieving as the blond, ignoring the fact that he’d just been thinking almost the same thing before they’d entered the room.

“We’ll be in the same bed. Under the same covers. It’ll be completely different!” Robert’s normally long fuse was already burning short. He’d put up with Shuu’s denial for far too long now. If ever there was a time to confront his feelings, he had a feeling that it was now.

“I suppose that I just don’t see why you have a problem with it in the first place…” Shuu raised an eyebrow.

“What are you talking about?” It was now or never…

“You love me Shuu. I know you do. Harley knows; Luna knows; Noctus-chan and Jupetta-chan know, even that crazy girl in the ice cave knows! I just don’t know why you won’t admit it. Is it because I’m a man? Am I the first male you’ve ever liked Shuu? Or is it because I’m older than you? Maybe you’re afraid of what people will say… You said you didn’t care if too men were in love. You said you know what love is. You’ve said of a lot of things in the last few days, but not the one thing I really want you to say… So tell me Shuu, tell me how you feel about me. I want to hear you say it.” Shuu had been looking down at his feet for most of Robert’s tirade, and continued to do so after he was done. Robert was beginning to wonder if perhaps the boy wasn’t ready to hear all of that…

“Robert?” The blond almost sighed in relief when he finally spoke.

“Yes Shuu?” When he finally looked up, his eyes were full of a rage that actually scared Robert.

“You want to know how I feel about you? Right now, I hate you. I hate how you think you’re so perfect. I hate how everyone agrees. I hate that it’s probably true. And I really hate how you think you know so much more than I do, especially about love. You know what? Maybe I do love you. But you don’t have to rub it in my face! Just because you can never love me back because you’re so perfect is no reason to—” He was suddenly cut off by a warm pair of lips covering his own. Shuu eyes widened comically. He hadn’t even realized that Robert had gotten up, and now he was kissing him! He pulled away quickly and glared up at the older man.

“Sorry, but I had to stop you somehow. You were being rather ridiculous. First of all, I don’t think I’m perfect. Nor does anyone else. Second, I wasn’t rubbing it in your face. Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but I love you too. And third…” He leaned down and pressed a chaste kiss to Shuu’s cheek. “Please tell me that you love me.” Shuu blushed prettily, in Robert’s opinion at least, and looked back down.

“I…” Robert gently grabbed his chin and forced the boy to look him in the eyes. “I love you Robert. I didn’t think you could love me, and I didn’t want to admit it and look like an idiot… I always thought I’d end up with someone like Haruka. You know, a girl. But… Yeah, I love you.” His declaration was met with a smile.

“Shuu… I’ve waited a long time to hear that. I’ve been attracted to you since our first contest battle in Kaina City. Now I know without a doubt that I love you too. And I never want to let you go.” This time when Robert kissed him, Shuu responded with vigor. After so much time penning up his emotions, it was high time to let them out… And this was as good a way as any.

Robert pulled away a short time after they started, highly amused when he saw Shuu’s annoyed expression. Laughing, he pulled away completely and walked over to the bed.

“Well, I’m assuming that you don’t have anymore problems with sharing the bed… So why don’t we move the activities somewhere more comfortable? I’m willing to go as far as you wish. We can kiss, cuddle, just talk, or more if you’d prefer. We have the rest of our lives after all… We’re in no hurry.” Shuu’s blush deepened at the implications in those words, but he nodded and joined his new lover by the bed.

“Let’s just stick to kissing for now… I’m sure Harley and his pokémon are doing enough of those other things for all of us…” They shared a chuckle before Robert pushed Shuu back and attacked his mouth. Shuu had no complaints.

There were no more words for quite some time.


Luna stepped away from the wall and giggled manically. The combination of her enhanced hearing and rather thin motel walls had allowed her to hear Robert and Shuu’s entire conversation. It was certainly about time! She’d been afraid they’d never get together. And she’d thought Harley and the other hybrids had taken their own sweet time… They had nothing on the Exalted’s newest couple.

“Well, now I won’t have to worry about any more awkward silences… And I’ll get to see more hot guy-on-guy action! Yes!” She did a quick victory dance before suddenly stopping in her tracks.

“Wait… Now I’m the only one who’s alone… Sure, it was obvious that Robert and Shuu already liked each other, but still… What about me?” She sat on the end of her bed and flopped backwards, staring up at the ceiling. “…And why am I talking to myself? Oh well.”

She thought back to Tsurara in the ice cave and felt herself blush. What she wouldn’t give to have someone like that for herself! Strong and determined, pretty and exotic, intellectual and witty… Well, at this point she’d settle for anyone, male or female, as long as they could carry on a semi-intelligent conversation.

I never thought I’d want someone to love and to love me in return. I guess becoming a human affected me in more ways than anyone could have imagined. Well… Tsurara said love would keep us together, so there must be someone in my future… Man, I hope we find the other Exalted members soon. I need some lovin’ too dammit!’

Sighing, she closed her eyes and imagined what it would be like to have someone’s arms around her at right that moment…


Later that night, three very different things were going on in the rooms of the Exalted.

Luna was peacefully sleeping, holding a pillow close and dreaming of the day that it would be a real person.

Robert was holding Shuu close as they lay under the covers, fully clothed. Shuu had fallen asleep an hour or so ago, but Robert was still awake and watching him sleep. He couldn’t wait for this to happen again the next night… And hopefully forever.

Harley, Noctus-chan, and Jupetta-chan were still awake, though Jupetta-chan was very close to drifting off. They were also under the covers, although judging by the clothes that were strewn around the room, they were nude. The bottle of chocolate sauce lay next to the bed. The satisfied expressions they all wore were good indications as to what had gone on earlier that night… And right up to just a few minutes ago.

“…So you and Robert used to do this a lot?” Harley nodded contentedly. “And you fantasized about us?” Another nod. “Wow.”

“Yeah, that sums it up.” There really weren’t any other words to describe the experience they’d just shared…

“I love you guys.”

…Except for that.

“Love you too Ju-chan.”

“Yes; good night love.”

“‘Night No-chan. ‘Night Harley-sama.”

As Jupetta-chan fell into a serene slumber, his lovers held him tightly, feeling closer to each other than they ever had in their lives.

It was truly a perfect night.


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Project G—Chapter thirteen (01-23-06)

Harley got up the next morning before his young lovers and somehow managed to untangle himself without waking either of them. He really hated leaving them alone, but he was dying for some tea… His poor body had had a major lack of morning caffeine for the past few days. He scribbled a quick note next to the bed promising that he’d be right back, and that he’d bring back donuts from the free breakfast they’d been promised. After quickly kissing their foreheads, he threw on a complementary hotel robe and made his way to the dining area.

It was a short trip down the corridor and past the small reception hall, and soon enough Harley was in a quaint little dining room with various breakfast foods and drinks laid out. Sure, it wasn’t five-star restaurant quality, but it wasn’t ramen. And that was the important thing.

And as it was still quite early, he wasn’t very surprised to see that there was only one other person there. What did surprise him was that it was Robert.

“What are you doing down here so early? Shuu kick you out or something?” Robert smiled as he sipped his coffee, shaking his head.

“That’s not the case at all. In fact… I told him how I felt about him last night.” Harley looked astonished, but a smile was clearly present on his face.

“That’s great! I’m guessing things went well then?” The blond nodded, pointing over to a counter. Harley was relieved to see multiple tea packets waiting for him. As he picked up a tempting looking peppermint flavor, he asked, “Did you score then?” If it had been anyone but Harley, Robert might have been shocked by such a crude question.

“No, I held him, but we were completely clothed. You however… Did something happen to you?” Harley put his water in the microwave to heat up, then turned around to face his friend. His face had the biggest grin that Robert had ever seen in his entire life. That was certainly enough of an answer…

“Oh, you wouldn’t believe how wonderful last night was! I now officially love chocolate sauce. Oooh, Noctus-chan is so rough; I love it! And Jupetta-chan… You wouldn’t believe how big his mouth is! And they were both virgins. It was… the greatest night of my life. And,” he gave his friend a wink, “I can see why you liked the bottom so much.” That got Robert’s full attention.

“You…?” Harley nodded cheerfully as the timer on the microwave went off.

“Yeah, and I should have tried it years ago! I’m really surprised none of you heard us…” With Harley’s back turned to tend to his tea, he missed the conflicted look on Robert’s face. Sure, Harley had been in love with his pokémon since before they were even dating, but still… They’d only actually been together for a few days! And he was already giving up his precious dominance? Robert had never even gotten him to do that!

Why should I care what he does? I’m with Shuu, and he’s happy. That’s what I’ve always wanted—his happiness. I must just be surprised… Yes, that’s it…’

By the time Harley turned around, cup in hand, Robert was smiling contentedly. He’d just gotten a new lover; he certainly wasn’t jealous…

“Well, that’s wonderful news. I’m very happy for you. Say, why don’t we have breakfast together, just the two of us?” Harley frowned slightly, liking the idea, but knowing that he couldn’t.

“Sorry Robert, but I left a note promising I’d be right back up with food. We’ll get together after this whole ‘save the world’ thing, okay? Hey, you should bring Shuu breakfast in bed! I’m sure he’d love that… A lot.” The sly smile he got implied just how much he thought Shuu would like it. Robert sighed bemusedly and shook his head.

“Yes, I think I’ll do just that. Now, don’t you have two certain someones to get back to?” Harley flashed him one last grin and grabbed an entire box of donuts in his free hand.

“Have fun! See you at checkout time!”

The blond’s smile disappeared as soon as he was gone. Why? Why did he feel like this? He finally had Shuu; old flames shouldn’t be in his mind at all… But he certainly was not jealous.


When Harley got back to his room, Noctus-chan was awake and partially dressed, though Jupetta-chan was still asleep. Harley tossed him the box of donuts, which he hungrily dug into. The hybrid stopped as soon as he looked over the contents though, and he gave them a look of mild disgust, which obviously perplexed the older man… Until he saw what was actually in the box.

“Argh, did you have to get chocolate?” Noctus-chan asked, sounding a bit ill. “Didn’t you get enough of that last night?” Harley’s highly amused laughter rang through the room, waking up a confused Jupetta-chan.

“What’s going on…? Hey, are those chocolate donuts? Yummy!” He immediately sprang up, leaping across Noctus-chan’s lap to attack the box. Noctus-chan’s expression changed from ill to ravenous as the naked boy wriggled in his lap. Maybe he was hungry after all…

“You know,” he whispered seductively into the younger hybrid’s eat as he inhaled the donut, “I can think of a better way that you could eat that…” Jupetta-chan swallowed audibly, looking up with innocent eyes.

“Oh really? Well,” he took another donut out of the box, “was this what you had in mind?” Harley watched in amazement as Jupetta-chan put the donut exactly where Noctus-chan had in mind. Well, he’d never expected that… And judging by the equally shocked look that Noctus-chan wore, he hadn’t either.

“I, uh…” Neither had ever thought they’d see the day when Noctus-chan was at a loss for words, and Jupetta-chan was particularly proud of his accomplishment. Harley shook his head in amusement as they got close. He’d never thought that he’d ever get to see his precious pokémon as they were now… But he certainly wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Smiling to himself, he set down his teacup, shrugged off his robe, and joined his lovers on the bed. They still had some time before they had to leave…


After Harley had left, Robert spent the next few minutes convincing himself that the only reason he was jealous was due to the fact that he’d worked so hard at their failed relationship, when Noctus-chan had just barely started being decent to him and already was granted full access to his ex’s body. He remembered Harley once telling him that hell would freeze over before he’d let anyone dominate him… Well, that had certainly lasted, hadn’t it?

He eventually pushed away his sarcasm and sighed. Regardless, he had a beautiful young boy waiting for him, and he’d be damned if he threw it all away just because he was a bit jealous. So he pushed the treacherous thoughts away and grabbed a few pieces of fruit. He wasn’t sure what Shuu liked, but he fully intended to find out. There was still so much that he needed to learn… Now was as good a time as any to start.

He was back in their room minutes later, finding Shuu still asleep. He’d expected the boy to be wide-awake and demanding to know where he’d been… But then again, he was only eleven-years-old. No matter how mature he acted, his boyfriend was still young, and this chance for a good night’s sleep was probably heaven-sent for him.

Seeing his calm, peaceful, utterly gorgeous face immediately made Robert forget about his jealousy issues. Now he had much more important things on his mind. Like how in the world he was ever going to last spending so much time with him and while trying to keep things innocent… This was perhaps the hardest part of their age difference; Robert had already gone through puberty and had a healthy sex drive, while Shuu was still too young to be thinking of such activities. Yes, it’d be hard, he knew, but he had forever. He could last long enough for Shuu to mature as long as he put his mind to it…

Shuu suddenly started to wake up, yawning and stretching his body like a cat. In the process, the material of his shirt rose up, exposing his creamy white flesh…

…And Robert groaned. This was going to be harder than he’d thought.

“What’s wrong Robert?” The blond shook his head, sitting down next to the groggy boy.

“Nothing dearest. I just went downstairs to get some coffee. I wasn’t sure what you liked, so I brought you up some fruit.” Shuu flushed at the pet name, grateful that it wasn’t something even cheesier. Looking over the selection that his lover had brought him, he picked up a banana and peeled it open.

“Thanks. Anything would have been better than more noodles… And I’ve always liked bananas. That… Was really nice.” He leaned up and placed a chaste kiss to Robert’s lips, causing the older man to sigh contently. This wouldn’t be so bad—

Shuu licked the banana from base to tip, then proceeded to suck on it just like it was something else… Something that most definitely wasn’t a fruit. Robert bit back another groan, resisting the incredible urge to take his lover right then and there. And if Shuu realized that his little performance was affecting the older man in any way, he didn’t show it.

No, this won’t be that bad at all… It’s going to be pure hell.’


Luna awoke from her first night of sleeping in a real bed feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. She was still clutching the pillow she’d fallen asleep with. Once she realized this fact, she let go reluctantly, sighing heavily. Her dreams had been filled with a warm body with a gentle voice and a soft touch. Reality was suddenly looking less and less appealing, making her wish she could just fall back asleep…

But a quick glance at the clock on the bedside stand told her that she only had an hour before checkout time. If she wanted to get any of that free food she’d heard about before they had to leave, she’d have to hurry up and get her butt in gear.

They probably don’t have pie… Oh well. Maybe they’ll have raspberry Danish! That was pretty good last night. Or some of those donut things! Chocolate sounds really yummy…’

With visions of sugar dancing through her head, she threw on her clothes, gathered her stuff and left it by the door, then headed out said door in search of the dining area. The motel was small, so it didn’t take her long at all to find it. And sure enough, there were even more sweet looking pastries than she’d eaten the night before.

Salivating profoundly, she dug in, already planning to pilfer away a few for later.


Checkout time eventually came, and the Exalted were assembled in the lobby, returning their keys. Harley and his lovers had cleaned up and dressed, with Robert being the only other one to know what they had been up to the previous night. Luna was stuffed with sweets, sure enough having even more stored away in her bag. Robert and Shuu were apparently fine, though Robert still had trouble looking at his lover without having interesting thoughts pop up into his train of thought…

Soon enough, they left the hotel and were back on their way to the fire cave. They were quiet as they left Hajitsuge Town, though as soon as they reached the woods…

“So, did you two have fun last night?” Robert and Shuu sported identical blushes at the question that was obviously meant for them, if Luna’s pointed stare and sly grin were any indication.

“What do you mean Luna?” Jupetta-chan asked from his spot latched onto Noctus-chan’s arm.

“She means those two finally quit playing games and hooked up,” Harley replied with a grin, having a hold of Noctus-chan’s other arm. Shuu flushed more at the statement, but became suspicious at the same time.

“How do you two know that?” Luna giggled, twirling around as she walked.

“I was in the room next to you last night, remember? If you’ve forgotten, Nyasu have great hearing.” She gave them a wink and giggled more, “I must say, your confessions were just about the cutest thing I’ve heard in my entire life!”

“And Robert told me this morning,” Harley told him, much too happy with the current state of his life to be sarcastic. Besides, if he was going to have to be nicer to Shuu anyways, since he was dating his best friend, he figured that he night as well start then.

“Congratulations Shuu!” Jupetta-chan exclaimed, suddenly breaking away from his lovers and glomping the younger boy. “Having an older lover is really fun, isn’t it? Oh, did you guys have as much fun last night as we did?” Whether the reemergence of Shuu’s blush came from the cute boy hanging off him or from the obvious sexual question, no one knew.

“I… Thanks,” was all he managed to stammer. Robert couldn’t help but chuckle at his lover’s embarrassment. Being the nice guy that he was though, he decided to aid him.

“We had a very nice evening, but I can assure you that it wasn’t to the degree that Harley tells me your night was.” Jupetta-chan nodded understandingly and went back to Noctus-chan, leaving Shuu to give his lover a questioning look.

“Harley told you what… Oh. That’s…” at this point poor Shuu didn’t think his skin would ever go back to its normal color, “nice, really great.” They all laughed, even Shuu, just because they could. Right now, they weren’t saving the world; they were just a group of friends being perverted and having fun. Luna was especially having a blast. She’d never had friends before, and though she didn’t have a lover of her own, hearing about all the sexy stuff the hot guys she traveled with did was almost good enough…

“Dodge it Eifie!” Luna suddenly stopped in her tracks, causing everyone to stop laughing and stare questionably at her.

“…Did you guys hear something?” They listened carefully, and sure enough, they hear voices coming from the other side of trees. There were three different voices, none of which sounded familiar. Luna, being as curious as her original species, of course had to investigate. So before anyone could tell her that perhaps it would be better for them just to get on their way, she sprinted through the trees towards the sounds. The five males sighed and reluctantly followed her, hoping that she wasn’t leading them towards the enemy.

By the time they caught up to her, she was staring transfixed at something. They were about to ask her what was so interesting, until they saw for themselves…

“Eifie, use Psychic Beam!”

“Upaa, dodge and Water Gun!” A boy with an Eifie and a girl with an Upaa were in the midst of a battle in the clearing, with another boy refereeing. All three looked Harley and Robert’s age, and they were quite the group. The boy with the Eifie had short blond hair with the tips dyed blue, blue eyes, and shorts short enough to make most people blush. The girl had blonde hair down to her shoulders held back with a black headband to match her mostly black ensemble and bright green eyes. The last boy had long auburn hair and dull gray eyes, and was dressed much more modestly than his companions. He fiddled with the sleeves of his oversized dark green sweater with a bored look on his face, almost as if he knew what would happen next…

“Come on Abika, Water Gun won’t hurt Eifie! If you won’t get serious, I’ll just have to beat you! Psychokinesis!” The girl, who they assumed was named Abika, laughed harshly and ignored the threat.

“Let’s end this Upaa… Surf!” It was actually quite comical to see such a tiny pokémon use such a large attack like Surf. However, the most impressive part was that when the waves subsided… Eifie was knocked out.

“Abika and Upaa are the winners.” The auburn-haired boy said unenthusiastically.

“Not fair!” the blond boy pouted as he recalled Eifie. “Why do you always win?”

“Because Rani,” she explained patiently as she walked over and picked up her exuberant little pokémon, “we’re better battlers than you.” Rani was about to retort until the other boy cut him off.

“She’s right. You’re good at appeals, but if you ever want to make it to the Grand Festival, you have to improve your battling. Now get Doble out and try again. Abika, try using Booster this time instead.” Abika nodded and pulled a monster ball off the belt of her skirt. Upaa, who sat on her head, looked excited to watch the upcoming match. Rani just continued to sulk.

“Some boyfriend you are Hiroshi…” Hiroshi sighed and readied himself to play referee again.

“I’m just trying to help love. Now, are you two ready?” Rani nodded, but Abika made a noise of contemplation. She tossed her monster ball in the air a few times before speaking up.

“You know, maybe we should see what they want first.” She pointed at the Exalted, who watched the scene before them with rapt fascination. Rani and Hiroshi finally noticed their audience, though their reactions were exceedingly different. Hiroshi looked like he wanted someone to shoot him, while Rani looked like he’d just won the jackpot.

“Oh God, I can’t believe it! You’re Robert! And Harley and Shuu!” He squealed girlishly and glomped an unsuspecting Robert, causing Shuu to glare daggers at him. “Oh Robert, I’m your biggest fan!”

“Why me…?” Hiroshi muttered, causing Abika to laugh at his misfortune.

“And just as you finally convince him to give up his obsession, it walks right up to him. Tough luck.” She glanced at the rest of the newcomers, noting what a good-looking bunch they were. She recognized three of them, as Rani had made her watch more contests than she cared to think about. She knew Harley was gayer than a maypole, so she figured that the two guys he was practically cuddling with were his boyfriends. The girl with the Nyasu outfit however…

She looks cute and single.’ With that thought in mind, she sauntered up to the giggling hybrid and put on a charming smile.

“Hey cutie. Looking for a good time?” As Luna’s face turned five different shades of red, Jupetta-chan whispered to his lovers as he watched everything that was happening.

“Does this mean we aren’t gonna get to the next cave right away?” Harley noted the fury in Shuu’s eyes and the lust in Abika’s…

“No, I don’t think we are.”


Yessums. This chapter, as you can see, was nothing but filler. Well, we do get three new characters, but... Can't say to much about them except that I made these characters a loooong time ago. Abika was created in like, seventh grade. Rani and Hiroshi in eighth and nineth. So no, my Hiroshi isn't the same as Pocket Monster's Hiroshi. I can say that they're gonna move the plot along so it won't be five chapters to the next cave. Cause that'd get out fast. XP

As for Robert and Shuu... I know I'm evil. Sorry 'bout that. But this is all new to them, so things can't be perfect, can they?

Next chapter has some more about this crazy fanboy, his boyfriend, and his flirty best friend. That means the yuri in this story will really be starting soon. And... They'll be at the next cave in another chapter or two. We'll have to see what my muses decide on. ^.~ See ya then!


i know how sad it is that im only NOW getting a chance to read this but *dies and goes to heaven* that was great!!!!!!!! cant wait for the next chappie ^_^


Ah, fillerness. Or character development, take your pick. X3 And let the yuri begin!

Project G—Chapter fourteen (02-12-06)

“Hey!” Shuu shouted angrily, yanking Rani off his boyfriend. “What do you think you’re doing?” Rani was much too excited to let the angry boy phase him, and he instead glomped poor Shuu.

“Ahh! This is just way too sweet! My idol is here, and so are the two other hottest coordinators in all of Hoenn! Abika! Hiroshi! Isn’t this just the coolest thing ever?” Abika was too busy flirting with a blushing Luna to pay him any attention, but Hiroshi scoffed in response.

“Why yes, it’s wonderful. After six years of obsession, you finally agree to take down your twenty poster of him—”

“Twenty-seven,” Rani interrupted, rubbing his cheek against Shuu’s.

“Whatever. You finally took them down and put up a few pictures of me, your boyfriend of the past nine years and friend since we were babies, and now you meet him. At this point, you’ll probably become obsessed all over again and I’ll lose all leverage I once possessed. Yes, it’s just splendid.” Robert blinked at the sarcastic diatribe.

“Six years? That’s when I started coordinating…”

“Yup!” Rani chirped, “I was watching the first contest in Kaina City with Hiroshi and Abika when we were thirteen. I’d been entering gym for the past three years, but I’d never won a single badge, so I decided to become a coordinator instead. And it was all because of you and your Yajiron! You were so cool…” He trailed off with stars in his eyes, squeezing Shuu unknowing.

“So you know a lot about us then,” Harley finally spoke up. Rani nodded with a grin.

“Yeah, tons! I—”

“Please,” Hiroshi sighed, “don’t get him started. If you do, we’ll be here for five hours while you hear your life story. He’s not lying when he says he knows a ton…” Somehow, Robert didn’t doubt it.

“I see… Well, ah, Rani, correct?” Said boy’s grin just widened even more. “I’m very pleased to meet you Rani. However, I must request that you release my boyfriend before he passes out from a lack of oxygen…” Rani blinked, but slowly released Shuu, who immediately took a deep breath.

“Boyfriend…? You haven’t had a boyfriend since you broke up with him.” He pointed to Harley, who was watching the scene with rapt fascination. This was certainly getting interesting…

“So what?” Shuu asked, his breath finally back. “You’ve had a boyfriend for almost as long as I’ve been alive. Shouldn’t you being paying attention to him?”

“Yeah,” Hiroshi piped in, “shouldn’t you be paying attention to me?” Rani giggled and glomped his boyfriend. Everyone was beginning to suspect that it was something he did a lot.

“Aww, don’t pout pookie! You know I only love you! I respect Robert, but you’re the only one for me. I’m just surprised that there’s something about him I didn’t know…” Hiroshi’s grumbles of ‘Don’t call me pookie’ were more or less ignored.

“Looks like we’re not the only dysfunctional ones,” Noctus-chan murmured, causing the enthusiastic coordinator to turn his attention to the threesome.

“You know,” he started, walking closer and regarding them curiously, “I might not know as much about Harley as I do about Robert, but I think I’d recognize two guys who are obviously his lovers… But I’ve definitely never seen you. You do kinda look like his pokémon though…”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Hiroshi admonished, wishing that Abika wasn’t too busy flirting so she could help him out. “Of course they’re not—”

“I’m Jupetta-chan!” Hiroshi would have been upset for being cut off yet again, had he not have been flabbergasted by that enthusiastic greeting. “And this is Noctus-chan! We look like his pokémon because we are, silly!”

This, as was to be expected, resulted in a plethora of reactions. Noctus-chan glared at his lover, while Harley smacked his hand to his face. Robert and Shuu’s jaws dropped. Hiroshi couldn’t believe what he was hearing, and it clearly showed. Jupetta-chan simply didn’t understand what he’d done wrong. And Rani let out the loudest squeal any of them had ever heard.

“Really? Oh, that’s sooooo cool! Are there any others like you? How’d it happen? Can you still attack? Can you change back into pokémon? Are you anatomically correct? Can—”

“Come on,” Hiroshi shouted over his boyfriend’s hyperactive questioning, “you don’t really believe that, do you? Abika, will you tell him to get a clue already? …Abika?”

However, Abika was too busy getting a taste of Luna’s tonsils to pay attention to anything else.


As the boys started talking about whatever it was they were discussing, Abika led Luna over to the trees where she’d been battling Rani. Luna, who still hadn’t answered her question due to her vocal cords taking a sudden vacation, was blushing from head to toe. Abika decided that as cute as the bashful act was, she’d much rather get a response…

“Well?” Luna looked up at the brash trainer, her face looking like it could burn you if you touched it.

“W-well what?” Abika fought the urge to groan. She wasn’t pretending to be shy for her friends, she really was totally tongue-tied. Just her luck… But still, it could be fun.

“Come on babe, you know ‘what.’ There’s no need to be shy… You do like girls, right?” Abika had never called anyone’s sexuality wrong, but she was still relived when she got a timid nod for a response. “Well there you go. I like girls, you like girls, I’m single, you’re obviously single since you haven’t slapped me yet… It’s perfect. Unless you find me unattractive that is…”

“N-no! You’re really pretty. It’s just that…” Abika couldn’t help but laugh. This girl must have been at least fifteen. She was either very mature looking for her age, or she’d never had any experience with relationships. Jailbait or virgin, she didn’t care. It was a major turn-on either way.

‘If I’m lucky, she’ll turn out to be both…’

“Okay, look. Why don’t we start with names? I’m Abika, as you’ve probably heard. And you are…?”

“Luna.” She didn’t stutter, so they were making some progress at least.

“Well Luna, that’s a very lovely name. But I suppose it’s no surprise, since you’re a very lovely girl. How old are you?” Well, that was certainly a good question. She knew how old she was in Nyasu years, but somehow she knew that wasn’t going to work…

“Uh, sixteen.” Abika’s grin relieved her immensely. It was obviously an acceptable answer. “Eep!” Judging by the hand currently inching up her skirt, maybe a little too acceptable…

“Something wrong babe? This doesn’t bother you does— Wait a minute…” There was something firmly wrapped around her wrist, preventing her from going any higher than Luna’s thigh. But she could see both of her hands… She pulled her arm back and just stared at what was attached to it.


“Is that thing real?” Luna gulped audibly, nodding.

“Yeah…” Abika continued to stare for a few more moments.

“And I’m guessing the ears are too?” Another nod. “So… Then you’re not just cosplaying as a Nyasu?”


‘Oh great. Now what? I finally find someone who might possibly be destined for me, and not only do a turn into a stuttering, blushing fool, but I give away my secret too! I don’t know anything about her! Other than that she’s totally sexy… Ack! Bad Luna! Back on topic… Well, okay, I didn’t know anything about the guys before I spilled the beans either, but still… I’m an idiot.’

Before she had a chance to berate herself any more, Abika started laughing again. Luna honestly had no idea if that was a good thing or not. Was this a “how amusing” laugh, or an “oh man, I’m gonna kill you now” laugh? When Abika, having a grip on her tail, slid her other hand up to massage buttocks, she had her answer.

“That is so incredibly sexy,” Abika whispered sensually in Luna’s eat, finding the fact that it wasn’t just for cosplay a bigger turn on than her previous thoughts of jailbait. “Half pokémon, half human… I didn’t think it was possible. However…” She paused to nip at one of the ears, causing Luna’s blush to flare up for about the fiftieth time since the beginning of their conversation. “I’m very glad that it is. Are those guys with Harley like you? Are there any others?”

“Yeah, but there’s just us as far as I know. It’s a really long story…” Abika shrugged, continuing her groping. The lovely shade of red across the girl’s face was making her hot…

“I’m not busy… Unless you’d rather do something a bit more fun…” Luna gazed up at her uncertainly, though there was a fair amount of curiosity in her eyes.

“What did you have in mind?” That was all the cue she needed.

“Oh, just a little something like this…”

With that, Abika leaned down and captured Luna’s lips with her own. The hybrid’s eyes widened, not believing what was happening. She was having her first kiss with a girl she’d met only five minutes ago… Yet, she couldn’t find herself caring. Abika’s lips were so soft, and her touch was so gentle…

‘What was it I thought last night? Strong and determined, pretty and exotic, intellectual and witty, right? She seems to have almost all of them… And this feels sooo nice. I don’t want to stop…’

Luna’s eyes slipped shut as she felt Abika’s tongue at her lips, gently encouraging her to open her mouth. She readily did so, trying her hardest to match Abika’s gentle probing of her mouth. She wasn’t doing that bad of a job either, considering Abika let out a low moan. Both girls found themselves enjoying their game immensely…

“…Abika? Abika!”

Too bad the boys had to ruin all of their fun.


Abika reluctantly removed her tongue from Luna’s warm mouth and turned to Hiroshi, though she left her hands where they were. It wasn’t like this was the first time he’d screwed up her fun… He really had the worst timing.

“Yes Hiro dear? Did you want something? Other than to bug me?” Hiroshi snorted, wondering what his friends had against his real name.

“Well, I was going to ask you to knock some sense into my boyfriend, but I can see that you’re much too busy molesting a girl who you haven’t even known for half an hour. I believe this is a record, even for you.” Abika scowled, finally dropping her hands. Luna willed her tail to let go, wondering what he meant by that.

“I don’t believe that’s any of your business, now is it?” she hissed, her fists balling at her sides. Rani sighed heavily and turned to the newcomers, looking much more serious than seemed natural for him.

“I’m sorry you have to see this… They never usually fight, unless, well, you can see. Hiroshi kinda has a little problem with Abika’s…”

“Promiscuity,” Hiroshi filled in when Rani couldn’t find the right word.

“No!” Rani exclaimed, his eyes widening. “That’s not what I meant and you know it! Come on, just drop it, okay? I want to hear how these guys became humans.” Hiroshi turned away from his friend and nodded curtly.

“All right. I suppose I should hear your explanation before I refuse to believe it…” Abika didn’t say anything, not trusting herself to speak without cursing Hiroshi out. Luna didn’t understand the hostility, but recognized the tense atmosphere nonetheless. With the hope that she could focus their attention on something else, she began her tale.

“Well, you see, it began a couple of months ago…”


“And then we ran into you guys… So here we are.” Their attention had been refocused indeed. All of their tension and anger was replaced with wonder and excitement, and it clearly showed.

“That is so cool!” Rani exclaimed, bouncing on his heels. “Isn’t it cool guys?” Abika smirked and wrapped an arm around Luna’s waist.

“Cool is an understatement my hyperactive friend. Incredibly remarkable and awe-inspiring comes a bit closer… Heh, so I was making out with a heroine. Guess I found quite the catch, didn’t I babe?” Luna merely blushed in response, not at all used to all of the attention that the feisty blonde was giving her.

“That is incredible,” Hiroshi agreed, finally believing them after he’d seen the ice orb and the hybrid’s necklaces. But how are you going to find the fire cave? It will take a long time to get to southern Houen if you have to walk…”

Well, that certainly got their attention. They hadn’t thought about that… Not only did they not know where the next cave was, but it could take months just to get down to the right area! Sure, they’d had absurdly wonderful dumb luck so far, but could that really last forever? And even if it was doubtful, Duana and Kieran’s luck could always change, and they could potentially get to the cave first. They’d be in trouble then…

Noticing the distressed looks donning the Exalted’s faces, Abika picked a monster ball off her belt and enlarged it. Rani and Hiroshi looked at each other and nodded knowingly.

“Hey, don’t you guys worry your pretty little heads. Just check this out.” She let go of Luna’s waist and tossed the ball into the air. “Foodin, go!” Seconds later, the distinguished looking psychic pokémon materialized before his mistress.

“Foo,” he called, bowing to her. She returned it and then turned to the Exalted.

“You like? Caught him as a Casey, and after he evolved into a Yungerer I temporarily traded Rani for his Kusaihana. We traded back and I gave him a sun stone I won in some contest in Jouto in return for helping me. I ended up with Foodin, and he got a Kireihana. Worked out good for both of us. Anyways, the point is, Foodin is really strong since I got him to his final stage. He can teleport us, all of us, down south. Then it won’t take so long to find this cave of yours. What do you say?”

It almost seemed too good to be true. A powerful psychic pokémon to teleport them around, three more people to help them out… If Abika hadn’t just had her tongue down Luna’s throat, they probably would have thought it was a trap.

“You’re sure you want to come with us?” Robert asked, concern evident in his voice. “It will be dangerous you know. You don’t have to stay. You could just get us there and leave—”

“No she can’t,” Rani interrupted. Abika sighed and nodded.

“He’s right. Foodin is strong, but he’s not invincible. He can get us there, but nine people are a lot for one pokémon. It’ll take a few days at least before he’ll have the strength to teleport again. So once we’re there, we’re back on foot for a while. I remember a really rocky area in the south though… There’s a good chance we’ll find that cave around there. Besides, it’s getting boring around here. I’m all up for an adventure, dangerous or not.”

“And it’ll be fun to fight evil,” Rani added. “Especially with my idol!”

“And don’t forget the fact that I’ll be in the midst of a sexy gay couple, a sexy gay threesome, and a sexy Nyasu girl… My hormones demand that I come.”

“Mine too!”

Hiroshi listened to his boyfriend and friend go back and forth, much to the amusement of the Exalted. He wasn’t so sure about this… But they were the most important people in his life, and he wasn’t about to let them walk into the face of danger without him.

“Okay then, why don’t we get going instead of just talking about it?” Rani and Abika laughed, knowing that he was just as excited as they were. It wasn’t every day you got the chance to help save the world after all…

“Yay, new friends!” Jupetta-chan cheered happily. “And we won’t have to walk forever! Isn’t this great Harley-sama?” Said coordinator nodded, kissing his little lover’s cheek.

“Of course love.” Truth be told, he was quite intrigued by these newcomers. Especially Abika. It wasn’t often anyone other than himself called his pokémon sexy… She was all right in his book.

“Then it’s settled,” Abika announced. “Foodin will teleport us down south and we’ll help you guys however we can. There’s just one more thing…”

“What now?” Shuu asked, still cross at Rani’s obsession with his boyfriend, and now even more pissed to know that he’d be coming along.

“It’s a long way down there, and it’d be best if we travel to the next town before he teleports us. It’s only half a day’s walk away. It’s about noon right now, so if we eat while we walk, we can get there by nightfall. We’ll stay in town for the night and leave first thing in the morning. Any problems with that?” No problems were voiced, but there were a few questions…

“We don’t have anything to eat as we walk,” Harley pointed out.

“We have plenty of rice balls,” Hiroshi informed them. “We weren’t planning on going back to town so soon, so we brought extras.”

“Okay then,” Noctus-chan spoke up, “why do we have to walk to town if it’s not that far away? What will a few less miles matter?” Abika was impressed by his insight and sent a wink his way.

“Leave it to a pokémon to call my motives… It won’t make much of a difference at all actually. Except that the next town is our hometown. And I do believe that my dear sister would kill me if I didn’t inform her of my future role in saving the world. Now, shall we be off?” Not finding any more questions, everyone nodded. After everything was gathered and the rice balls were passed out, the Exalted were off…

And this time, they had reinforcements.


Anyone figure out why Abika had a sun stone? That bug catching contest in GSC had one as a prize. She must have given the pokemon to some kid. X3

Hmmm... Yes, this and the next chapter are necessary to the plot. And for more than Abika's Foodin saving them from walking for the next nine chapters. As for these seemingly best friends about to claw each other's eyes out... You'll find out why next chapter. And the cave will be the one after that. We'll get back to the baddies next time too.

So. What do you guys think about the new characters(Abika, Rani, Hiroshi)? Like them? Hate them? Tolerate them? I'd really like some feedback. I know there are now more original characters (9) than canon ones (5), but I stick by there being no CanonxOC romance. Friendship, yes. But OCxOC is all there'll be. I think there'll be one more canon character mentioned... We'll see.

More romance next chapter too! They'll be in a house this time, so no sleeping bags. You'll meet Abika's family and part of Rani's too. And Harley will get some spotlight time, as will RobertxShuu. I won't give away anything else though... You'll just have to get by with that little bit of teaser info. ^.^


Beginning Trainer
Nice chapter I really liked the part with with Abika's tongue and Luna ^_^ Soo it will be fun to see what happends in the next chapter (can't wait to see what happends when they get to town). Also I have a question what is Jailbait?


very diffrent *twitch twitch* dont worry....its a good diffrent though ^^


Ack. I'm almost outta time, and the next chapter still isn't done. Crap. But so that this doesn't get closed, here's the first page, to keep with the board rules. I'll hopefully have this finished soon.... Until then, please enjoy this teaser!


“So, how long have you guys been together?” Abika asked Harley from her place beside Luna.

“Well… Only a few days actually. I got with Jupetta-chan before we got to the ice cave and Noctus-chan in the cave… I’ve always loved them though, even as pokémon. I probably would’ve gotten with them sooner, but seeing Robert again after a few years of not talking had me confused. It was obvious he was falling for Shuu though, so I took my chances. And I’m glad I did.” Jupetta-chan blushed cutely and giggled at his lover’s sweet words. Noctus-chan looked flustered, but tried his best took look uninterested at the humans’ conversation.

Abika smiled at the cute scene, pulling Luna closer to her. The hybrid wished that they could be alone again so that she could get some answers, but Abika had been chatting with Harley and his pokémon ever since they’d started out. She desperately wanted to know the current state of their relationship… Did this mean they were girlfriends? Just friends? Not even that? She was so confused… It wasn’t as if one kiss, no matter how hot and wonderful it had been, was enough to spell out true love, but surely, it must mean something. And even if it didn’t, she’d kill to have those lips on her again…

“God, you guys are cute together. I’ve seen a lot of different relationships since I started traveling, hell, my two best friends are together, but you guys… You take the cake. Can’t honestly say I’ve met anyone who’s in love with their pokémon, whether they’re half-human or not. It’s pretty cool.” Harley didn’t know what to say to that. His confusion obviously showed, and she continued. “You know, because you’re not afraid to do what your heart tells you, and all that jazz. You said, ‘Screw you!’ to conventional standards and made your own destiny. Kinda reminds me of a romance novel… Just with more interesting characters.”

Harley smiled at her honesty, as well as her interest. Most girls he knew were like Kamo-chan and would call his lovelies scary. And even those who didn’t probably wouldn’t be that keen to support a human-pokémon relationship. She was different though… She seemed very open to just about anything. She certainly hadn’t had any problems with Luna turning out to be a hybrid either.

“Thanks… Not many people feel that way.” Abika shrugged, though she was smiling openly.

“No biggie. Most people are idiots anyways, so I usually ignore them. Rani and Hiroshi are enough for me.” She looked ahead to see Rani eagerly discussing something or other with Robert, while Shuu and Hiroshi glared at the pair. “Though sometimes I think they just like to generate angst for themselves… But enough about me, huh? Do you have any other pokémon? Anyone you’ve been keeping a secret from the contest scene?” Harley shook his head, a thoughtful look on his face.

“No, just Noctus-chan and Jupetta-chan. They’ve been my only pokémon since I was ten and I never wanted any more. But...” Two certain hybrids didn’t like the sound of that ‘but.’ “Lately, I’ve been thinking about getting a cute little Ariados!”

Noctus-chan and Jupetta-chan honestly hoped he was joking.


The rest of the chapter will bring: More of Shuu and Hiroshi's jealousy, more of Luna's lovestruck questioning, Abika and Rani's sisters, and something a bit shocking... You'll just have to see though. ^.~

(this is subject to be edited when the actual chapter is released, so tell me if anything looks wrong, okay?)

EDIT: Ghost_4420, jailbait is someone under the age of consent. Shuu is major jailbait, and Luna and Jupetta-chan kinda are, since they appear around sixteen.
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I make no excuses. I simply stopped writing this for half a year. But two days ago I realized that it's been over a year since I started this fic, and amazingly, I wrote the rest of chapter 15 (everything that wasn't in the last post) yesterday. I took the chapter in a different direction, so ignore the notes I made last time.

And god, I love you Ama. I would have had to restart the entire thread if you hadn't have changed the rules. <3 It has been a while, so here's a short recap:

Luna, an experiment, shows up at a contest one day and tells Harley, Robert, and Shuu about Project G. To prove that she really is a Nyasu-turned-human, she gives the G necklaces to Noctus-chan and Jupetta-chan, turning them into pokemon-human hybrids. While searching for the first of the orbs in a prophecy to save the world from the Darks(The Boss, Kieran, Duana, Momoiro, and an unnamed girl)- who, ironically, don't have dark pokemon-Harley and his pokemon start a relationship, and it's learned that Robert and Harley used to be lovers and have been best friends since childhood. The ice orb is found (after much angst), and soon after Robert and Shuu get together as well. On their way to get the fire orb, they meet Abika, Rani, and Hiroshi. They join up with the group, and Abika is immediately smitten with Luna. Rani is Robert's biggest fan, much to Hiroshi (his boyfriend) and Shuu's annoyance. Now they're off to Abika's house to tell her sister that she's having her Foodin teleport them to sourthern Houen, where the fire cave is.

So after much delay, here's the next part!

Project G—Chapter fifteen (09-17-06)

“So, how long have you guys been together?” Abika asked Harley from her place beside Luna.

“Well… Only a few days actually. I got with Jupetta-chan before we got to the ice cave and Noctus-chan in the cave… I’ve always loved them though, even as pokémon. I probably would’ve gotten with them sooner, but seeing Robert again after a few years of not talking had me confused. It was obvious he was falling for Shuu though, so I took my chances. And I’m glad I did.” Jupetta-chan blushed cutely and giggled at his lover’s sweet words. Noctus-chan looked flustered, but tried his best took look uninterested at the humans’ conversation.

Abika smiled at the cute scene, pulling Luna closer to her. The hybrid wished that they could be alone again so that she could get some answers, but Abika had been chatting with Harley and his pokémon ever since they’d started out. She desperately wanted to know the current state of their relationship… Did this mean they were girlfriends? Just friends? Not even that? She was so confused… It wasn’t as if one kiss, no matter how hot and wonderful it had been, was enough to spell out true love, but surely, it must mean something. And even if it didn’t, she’d kill to have those lips on her again…

“God, you guys are cute together. I’ve seen a lot of different relationships since I started traveling, hell, my two best friends are together, but you guys… You take the cake. Can’t honestly say I’ve met anyone who’s in love with their pokémon, whether they’re half-human or not. It’s pretty cool.” Harley didn’t know what to say to that. His confusion obviously showed, and she continued. “You know, because you’re not afraid to do what your heart tells you, and all that jazz. You said, ‘Screw you!’ to conventional standards and made your own destiny. Kinda reminds me of a romance novel… Just with more interesting characters.”

Harley smiled at her honesty, as well as her interest. Most girls he knew were like Kamo-chan and would call his lovelies scary. And even those who didn’t probably wouldn’t be that keen to support a human-pokémon relationship. She was different though… She seemed very open to just about anything. She certainly hadn’t had any problems with Luna turning out to be a hybrid after all.

“Thanks… Not many people feel that way.” Abika shrugged, though she was smiling openly.

“No biggie. Most people are idiots anyways, so I usually ignore them. Rani and Hiroshi are enough for me.” She looked ahead to see Rani eagerly discussing something or other with Robert, while Shuu and Hiroshi glared at the pair. “Though sometimes I think they just like to generate angst for themselves… But enough about me, huh? Do you have any other pokémon? Anyone you’ve been keeping a secret from the contest scene?” Harley shook his head, a thoughtful look on his face.

“No, just Noctus-chan and Jupetta-chan. They’ve been my only pokémon since I was ten and I never wanted any more. But...” Two certain hybrids didn’t like the sound of that ‘but.’ “Lately, I’ve been thinking about getting a cute little Ariados!”

Noctus-chan and Jupetta-chan honestly hoped he was joking.


Sure enough, the sun was just beginning to set by the time they reached town. Some of them, namely Shuu and Hiroshi, were glad finally to arrive, if only to keep their boyfriends from talking to each other anymore. Abika led them all at that point, explaining that they were headed towards her house. Rani and Hiroshi didn’t live with their parents anymore, so it wasn’t imperative that they be informed of the trip they were about to take. Abika still stayed with her family though, and she thought her sister should know so that she could inform her parents once they got back from their business trip.

Once they reached her house, they learned something about her none of them ever would have guessed.

“It’s huge!” Luna gasped.

“It’s as big as Robert’s or mine…” Having lived in Harley’s mansion of a home most of their lives, Noctus-chan and Jupetta-chan could whole-heartily agree.

“Oh, well, you know. My family has always had a lot of money. They bought this chunk of land and had the house built when I was a toddler. Been living here ever since. Now if you’ll follow me…” She started to lead them inside when Robert suddenly stopped. Abika turned around to see what was keeping him and had to suppress a sigh when she saw him gazing at the nameplate.

“Palazzo. As in, the Palazzo family that my family constantly complain about encroaching upon their territory? The same Palazzo family that’s the third wealthiest family in all of Houen?” Abika nodded wearily, not pleased by her secret getting out.

“Yeah, that’s right. Right after Harley’s family, and yours too. In fact, if it weren’t for the fact that your parents were so pissed at mine, we probably would have met when we were kids. And if it weren’t for my sister, I wouldn’t even have brought you here to find it out… But whatever. Let’s just forget about it, okay? It’s no big deal…” Everyone nodded, fully aware that she didn’t want to talk about it. The Exalted all made notes to see what Robert and Harley knew about it later.

Abika finally led them inside, her arm still around Luna’s waist, and the others following close behind. The Nyasu hybrid and Shuu were the only ones who had never been in a house that was—for all intent purposes—a mansion, and it showed. Robert had never seen his boyfriend’s eyes widen that much.

Wait until you see my home, love. If all goes well, it will be yours someday too…

“Who’re they?” Abika looked at the picture hanging on the wall that Luna had pointed to and smiled.

“That’s the Palazzo family portrait. The blond man is my father and the silver-haired woman is my mother. The guy with the blue hair is Kosa-nii-san. He moved to Sekiei a long time ago and I don’t see him that often… Anyways, obviously that girl is me, and the other one is—”

“Me.” The Exalted quickly turned to face the newcomer, who was clearly Abika’s sister. It was rather obvious. In fact, if it weren’t for her blue eyes, long hair, and whiter ensemble, she’d look exactly like Abika.

“—my twin sister, Abira. Hello nee-san. These are my new friends. We just stopped here to tell you we’ll be gone for a while. Tell mom and dad when they get back, all right?” Abira ignored the question, much to the confusion of everyone except those who knew her. Rani and Hiroshi, who both knew what was coming, hoped that there would be no bloodshed.

“…She your new girlfriend?” Abika’s grip on Luna’s side tightened, causing the hybrid to glance at her questioningly.

“I just met her today nee-san. I wouldn’t go quite that far yet.” The sneer on Abira’s face really didn’t suit her pretty face they determined.

“That’s never stopped you before.”

“Get off it!” Abika yelled, startling everyone but her sister and friends. “You have no right to judge what I do and who I do it with! What would your girlfriend think if she knew how obsessed you are with your little sister?”

“Leave Atsumi out of this,” she hissed. The hybrids swore the temperature in the room had dropped at least ten degrees since they entered the house. “You’re the one that started whoring yourself out to any pretty girl who came along after I started dating her. It’s not my fault you can’t handle rejection.”

“I— You—! Whatever. Just tell mom and dad. If the Fiores or the Kasimiros call, tell them Rani and Hiroshi are with me. Have fun with your girlfriend nee-san, and leave me and my girlfriend the hell alone. See ya.” Abika turned on her heel the best she could with Luna still at her hip and stalked out of her house, Rani and Hiroshi following quickly. The rest were right behind them, not wanting to be left alone with a ticked-off woman. Hell hath no fury indeed.

Abika didn’t stop until they were past the property line and well into the woods. It was probably a good thing that they’d already had everything they’d need with them from their earlier trip to the woods, as it had obviously been a doomed meeting to begin with. Encounters between Abira and Abika’s latest belle never went well.

“Abika…” Luna hadn’t dared to speak up before the blonde had stopped, but now she had a million questions and the perfect opportunity to ask them. “Back there… What happened? And did you mean what you said about me?” Abika smiled wearily and finally removed her arm from around Luna, instead brushing her knuckles against the hybrid’s cheek affectionately.

“My sister… She used to, well, we used to have something. Something most sisters don’t have, you know? Then I came home one day and she had her tongue down this chick’s throat… Tch, whatever; it’s her loss and your gain, right babe? Sure, I meant what I said. If you want to be my girlfriend, hey, your wish is my command!”

Hiroshi opened his mouth to say something, but a quick glance from Rani made him keep quiet. He’d been planning on pointing out that Abika had gone though countless girlfriends since then, but Luna looked so happy by her pretty words…

Who knows, maybe it’ll work out this time. As long as Abika doesn’t get as possessive as she does with the other girls, it could be just fine. And we will be busy helping save the world after all…

“Oh… Yes, of course! I’ll be your girlfriend!” And as Abika and Luna’s lips met in a sweet kiss, Rani and Hiroshi could only wish their friend the best of luck.


“Okay, according to the map, we should be right around the mountain range that the fire cave should be in… And yes, I have the map the right way!” Kieran wisely kept his mouth shut. “We should just turn this corner, and— Oh.”

“Great,” Kieran sighed, looking at the miles of rocky terrain that lay before them, “just fucking great. We’re going to be looking for that dammed cave forever…” Duana tried her very hardest to keep smiling. If she didn’t stay positive, no one would.

“Well, on the bright side, Luna and her friends should have a hard time finding it too!” Kieran rolled his eyes and headed towards the mountains, not bothering to dignify her with a response. Duana shrugged and quickly followed him.

Neither noticed the two sets of eyes watching them intently from the trees.


“Okay, so everyone hold hands so Foodin won’t leave anyone behind, okay? Cause after this, it’ll be at least three days before he’ll be able to teleport more than a few feet. So you’re stuck here if you don’t hang on, and no one wants that, now do they?” The answer, of course, was ‘no’, so they quickly joined hands. Foodin, Abika, Luna, Hiroshi, Rani, Robert, Shuu, Jupetta-chan, Noctus-chan, Harley, and back to Foodin made ten in a circle. Hiroshi and Shuu weren’t entirely pleased with the order, but they didn’t say anything.

“Foodin, foo.”

“He’s ready guys, so everyone just stay calm and let him do his thing. It’ll seem weird, just it won’t hurt or anything. Well, if you get motion sickness easily you might feel a little queasy, but it won’t hurt.” This didn’t do a thing to comfort Shuu. “Well, everyone hold on tight… Do it Foodin, teleport to the Mishiro Mountains!”


“I feel it big sister. They’re coming.” She didn’t look at her little sister. It didn’t matter though, as the younger girl didn’t look up as she said it anyway.

“I know. It won’t be long now. We’ll let the Exalted lead us to the fire orb, then take both orbs from them. As long as those imbeciles don’t ruin things for us, it’ll run like clockwork. You know your mission, correct Momoiro?” The little pink haired girl nodded solemnly.

“Yes big sister.”



“I’m never listening to you ever again.” Abika had the decency to pretend to be sorry at least.

“Hey, I warned you… But man, I didn’t know you got motion sickness that easily.” Shuu didn’t respond, seeing as at that moment he leaned back in the bush and threw up the rest of his earlier lunch. Robert rubbed his back comfortingly, not caring that bits of regurgitated rice had splattered his shoes. If that wasn’t true love, Abika didn’t know what was.

Since it was getting dark, the rest had set up camp for the night, and Harley and his pokémon were currently cooking ramen. Rani, Hiroshi, and Luna were taking turns asking each other questions—the boys more about their mission and Luna more about Abika. Shuu, Robert, and Abika were far enough away that the younger boy couldn’t smell the food and the older two couldn’t hear—especially over Shuu’s retching.

So far, she’d learned that yes, Abika and Abira had been in an incestuous relationship about a year ago, with only themselves, their older brother, Rani, and Hiroshi knowing. Abira was a pokémon researcher like Hiroshi, and her quest for knowledge had brought her to Natsukan Island in the Orange Archipelago, where she’d met Atsumi. Abira had kept her resulting infidelity from her twin until the day Atsumi had visited and they’d been caught red-handed.

Abika had immediately had Foodin teleport her to Kuchiba City in Sekiei and she’d gone straight to her brother. Whatever he’d said to her, she ended up coming home a week later with a young blue-haired girl with a Metamon she’d met down there on her arm. Ever since then, she’d had more girlfriends—most of them much younger than she was—then either of them could count. And Abira, despite being the unfaithful partner in the first place, had disliked her sister’s new habit the most.

Rani hadn’t wanted to tell her the last part, but Luna had demanded to know. When Hiroshi admitted that most of the girls left her because Abika was far too possessive for their tastes, she stopped being worried. She could deal with possessiveness. Really, it didn’t sound that bad.

They finished their story just as the girl in question returned to camp.

“Robert insisted that I came back, spend time with my girlfriend, and eat. Something about Shuu being fine soon and Harley being the greatest cook in all of Houen.” Harley flushed slightly at that, at the same time smiling broadly at his friend’s compliment.

“Well, you’re in luck, because it’s finished. Everyone gather round!”

Everyone ate and chatted, taking the free time to get to know each other more. Abika’s past relationships, of course, were tactfully ignored. About fifteen minutes later Robert and Shuu came back, the younger coordinator feeling better, but still feeling too shaky to glare properly at Rani when he welcomed Robert back a bit too enthusiastically. He merely sat next to Jupetta-chan and dutifully drank some of the meal’s broth at Robert’s command. If it would really make him feel better, then he’d do anything.

“Are you feeling better now Shuu?” Jupetta-chan asked while the others were talking about something that he found dreadfully boring. Shuu shrugged, sipping his broth and hoping Robert was right.

“For the most part. My stomach feels better, but I feel a little lightheaded. …Though I’d probably feel better if he wasn’t staring at my boyfriend.” Jupetta-chan averted his gaze momentarily, and sure enough, Rani was openly staring at Robert. You could almost see the stars in his eyes.

“Don’t worry about it. Robert loves you and Rani loves Hiroshi. They wouldn’t do that to you. You just have to have faith, you know?” It was hard not to believe those bright red eyes…

Shuu suddenly realized that he’d been wrong about Jupetta-chan. Just because he didn’t get along with Harley didn’t mean he couldn’t get along with his pokémon. And Jupetta-chan wasn’t the pest Shuu had first thought him to be; in fact, he was adjusting to human life much better than Shuu was sure he could adjust to being a pokémon. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to make a new friend…

“Jupetta-chan?” Said hybrid smiled brightly, and Shuu made his decision.


“Thanks.” Jupetta-chan giggled and nodded.

“No problem!”


They finally got to sleep two hours later, Shuu feeling much better physically, mentally, and emotionally. It was hard not to, knowing that he had a new friend and having his boyfriend holding him close. Harley and his lovers had their own spot, as did the remaining two couples. Luna had never slept in someone’s arms before, but she found that she wouldn’t give it up for anything.

How sweet,’ the mysterious girl from before thought sarcastically. Even in the pale moonlight, her purple hair was rather hard to miss, even hidden as well as she was in the tree. Her purple ears and tail were hard to overlook too. She watched the group sleep intently, not averting her gaze even once a familiar weight suddenly appeared beside her.

“The scientists are now on the wrong trail big sister. There is no chance of them find the cave before the Exalted.” The older girl nodded approvingly.

“Good. Now get to sleep Momoiro. We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow.” Momoiro, who looked much like her older sister other than her hair, ears, and tail being pink rather than purple, said nothing. She obediently curled up in her sister’s lap and was asleep in a few minutes. All the while, the older girl watched.

It won’t be long now. We’ll have those orbs and I’ll save us Momoiro. I swear it.’


No killing me or calling Abika a Sue just because her brother is an established character! Roketto-Dan has nothing to do with this fic, other than Abika's nii-san running off to join them when he was younger.

Back, and with more yuri than ever! And more to come! Oh, and there's going to be more personal conflict soon, as well as plot advancement and the last OC getting her name! Yes yes, there's a lot coming up soon. They might even get in the fire cave next chapter. ...Maybe.

Short Japanese notes: Nee-san= Big sister. Nii-san= Big brother. Momoiro means pink.

Remember that everything I write has importance for a past/future event. No matter how irrevelant you think Abika's back story is, trust me, it isn't. And Shuu's jealousy and new frienship with Jupetta-chan? Yeah, very important. Why? You'll just have to see... And I promise I won't ignore Noctus-chan next time. I promise.

Until next time (hopefully not half a year again), please review!


Beginning Trainer
Chapter Nine-

-Great character development for Duana and Kieran. I just love that Duana is a huge fan-girl of our heroes.
-We finally saw that ice I was wondering about. :p
-Ju-chan had a very cute storyline, awwwe after Harley was mean to him.

Chapter Ten-
-The convo. about "The Darks" was amusing, and really added a reality-ness to the Pokemon world.
-Loved how easily Kieran and Duana went down. Great characterization.
-Tsurara the Nyula is an interesting character all around.
-As usual, the shippiness stuff was kept at a respectable level and I just love reading Shuu blush.

Chapter Eleven
-The conversation stemming around Haruka was just hilarious. Her Pokemon are somewhat Super-human, huh?
-Harley was particularly well-crafted.
-The Sabonea-chan backstory was very, very creative. I could literally picture the entire flashback in my mind, you
did a great job. Also, Harley dressed up like Sabonea-chan was clever.
-LOLerz at Harley having issues with Coordinators who used Milokaross to shine and sparkle for an appeal. hehe

Chapter Twelve
-Luna and her sweet tooth is an amusing character trait. Harley teaching his Pokes to eat at the table is
mind-boggling, but very cool nonetheless. :)
-Robert and Shuu's bedroom scene was <3 VERY CUTE <3. First kiss! *squeal*
-Harley/Ju-chan/No-chan = hotness. For sure.

Chapter Thirteen
-Hearing Harley chatter on about his sexcapades to Robert was very amusing. So very in-character for him!
-Robert's slight jealousy over Harley is interesting. Realistic, too.
-The donut scene was pretty memorable. :D
-New characters aplenty....and what looks like an admirer of Luna's. Could romance be in the air?

Chapter Fourteen
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-Shuu's attitude towards Rani was too funny. Very in-character.
-Well, well, well....Abika and Luna get some tonscil-hockey time in.
-Hiroshi is fairly well-developed. He's the loyal boyfriend-type who is likable enough. No problems there.
-Abika is also clearly defined. You got these characters down very quickly, very early. Congrats.
-SO GLAD they are teleporting to the Fire Caves. LOL. I'm assuming we'll see fire! Hehehehehe.....

Chapter Fifteen
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-I am *LOVING* the Shuu/Rani dynamic! Rani really likes Robert and Shuu really doesn't like him! hehehe

OMG I am so excited! You have like...four or five Supercouples written here. That's quite an accomplishment! They are all well-defined.
The romance scenes are steamy yet respectable. The characters, as always, are top-notch and you balance humor with conflict very well.
Kudos and aloha!