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Project: Gijinka [R] (Sign Up)

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Truly Deceptive, Jun 4, 2013.

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  1. Truly Deceptive

    Truly Deceptive It is I: ME!

    Project: Gijinka

    1. All SPPf rules apply.
    2. God-modding is not allowed, except by the Owner (myself) if it is necessary to cause the plot to progress.
    3. Controlling others' characters is not permitted.
    4. Flaming is prohibited.
    5. People are forbidden from controlling NPCs which are created by other people without their permission (save for the Owner).
    6. Legendary Pokémon are not allowed (not yet, at least).
    7. Make an attempt to actually use proper English in this game.
    Lately in the world of Pokémon, everything has been going excellently. Humanity has been rescued from the brink of ruin several times. The world has been turning clean, and, for the first instance in human history, all nations have been exhibiting a glimpse of willingness to attain world peace. At the very least, that's how it all seems...

    What follows is the story of several Gijinka.

    In the recent age, Gijinka are recognized as atypical people; people with the hearts and souls of Pokémon. For the most part, they're all treated normally; no differently from one human as one to another. However, they are noted as being quite interesting; occasionally, some of them can even take on remarkably less human forms which are much more similar to the Pokémon they are truly. Despite all their differences and abnormalities, Gijinka are primarily considered to simply be... interesting.

    Frequently a Gijinka may arise to reach a high, respected standard in modern society (such as N); however, what is far less common is for a gijinka to be of a specific type variety (or, as N was, a gijinka of all Pokémon in their entirety). They may be appreciated as productive individuals with unusual personalities or, at their worst, absolutely detested as abominations of nature and thought of freakishly. Typically they would appear to be almost completely ordinary, with only a mild semblance of their Pokémon personalities in addition to an extent of such a Pokémon's abilities. They would also, in a regular society, perhaps be given various jobs to suit their capabilities (such as a Pikachu line Gijinka typically being expected to be a sort of electrician or something similar, like an electronic innovator or mechanic)...

    ...but that is not their story.

    A young adult awoke to find himself immersed inside a stasis tank in a certain remote scientific laboratory.

    What... the f*ck?!

    He noticed around him several other subjects, all of which were trapped and contained similarly. At the center of the room he noticed someone - a somewhat younger girl - also restrained likewise, in a different type of tank, chained back against a wall. Multiple scientists and researchers in lab coats were standing nearby. They took note of the young experiment awakening.

    "...how are you?" one of them, a woman who appeared to be quite young and acted subordinately to all the others (perhaps a college-age intern), kindly asked him.

    "Who the hell are you? What-"

    He was interrupted suddenly; the wall of the lab to his right was blown apart. Multiple troops from a certain region all started pouring in immediately. The scientists sent out their Pokémon; the numerous soldiers readied their weapons and did similarly.

    "Wait; no!" the scientist who was looking over him exclaimed; she was immediately shot.

    Several of the experiments began awakening. The soldiers and even the scientists were all shooting at everything. He caught sight of the girl in the center.

    "Goddamnit; now we have to get rid of everything!" one of them who was standing in the center near the girl in the tank began shouting. "Quick; terminate all the experiments and take everyone out of here!" Several of the experiments began awakening. The soldiers and even the scientists were all shooting at everything. He caught sight of the girl in the center; she was waking.

    "Agh! W-what are you doing?!"

    He tried to beat the glass keeping him imprisoned furiously; it was cracking slowly. The head scientist from earlier stood over her. He brought out a knife. There were several mechanical limbs operating inside her container. She was being forcefully withheld by her chains. He opened her cell door and stood over her.

    "Someone, help!" she screamed.

    He finally managed to break out of his tank; he began gliding across the room over to their general vicinity. The scientist gripped her neck and brought his arm back, preparing to stab her. The test subject gripped his arm suddenly. He wrestled with the scientist and they fell back onto the fluid-covered ground. The experiment got above the researcher and kicked him in the face. He proceeded to the girl. He tried to concentrate.

    The soldiers gained a new attention towards something. They began to shoot down all the test subjects, breaking the glass tanks. A few of them tripped out of their cells and got moving. Some of them walked around for a moment, wondering what the hell was going on right before getting gunned down. A few of them caught understanding of what was happening and managed to escape. Still others were shot up in their tanks and never got the opportunity to go on living.

    Amidst the chaos, the young adult used a type of aura to break her chains and set her free; they made their escape quickly.

    Name: (Self-explanatory.)
    Gender: (Male or Female.)
    Age: (14 to 21.)
    Species/Type: (Self-explanatory.)
    Abilities: (Gijinkas may have up to 7 abilities.)
    Appearance: (At least a paragraph.)
    Personality: (At least a paragraph.)
    History: (At least 2 paragraphs; was your character born a Gijinka or did he or she become a Gijinka?)

    Pokémon Team:

    Name: (Self-explanatory.)
    Gender: (Male, Female, or Genderless.)
    Age: (Optional.)
    Species: (Self-explanatory.)
    Appearance: (Optional; how are they different from others of their species?)
    Personality: (At least a couple of sentences.)
    History: (Optional.)

    Materials/Equipment: (Optional.)

    Name: (Self-explanatory.)
    Gender: (Male or Female.)
    Age: (14 to 21.)
    Appearance: (At least a paragraph.)
    Personality: (At least a paragraph.)
    History: (At least a couple of paragraphs; how did he or she get mixed up in this?)

    Pokémon Team:

    Name: (Self-explanatory.)
    Gender: (Male, Female, or Genderless.)
    Age: (Optional.)
    Species: (Self-explanatory.)
    Appearance: (Optional; how are they different from others of their species?)
    Personality: (At least a couple of sentences.)
    History: (Optional.)

    Materials/Equipment: (Optional.)

    Name: (Self-explanatory.)
    Gender: (Male or Female.)
    Age: (18 to 27.)
    Appearance: (At least a paragraph.)
    Personality: (At least a paragraph.)
    History: (At least 2 paragraphs; what nation and region are they from and how did they join the military?)

    Pokémon Team:

    Name: (Self-explanatory.)
    Gender: (Male, Female, or Genderless.)
    Age: (Optional.)
    Species: (Self-explanatory.)
    Appearance: (Optional; how are they different from others of their species?)
    Personality: (At least a couple of sentences.)
    History: (Optional.)

    Weapons/Equipment: (Required; typically a 30-round 5.56 millimeter assault rifle.)

    Reserved: Cometstarlight, Inner Flame, OceanicLanturn, pokebrony4869, SoulMuse, LokiTheGengar, Jellopopsicle, Zalck, Kanima


    Alex Tempest (493pkmns)
    Vivian Fletcher (darkjigglypuff)
    Anna "Zeke" Meyer (TheSketchQueen)
    Keith Stone (BugPokemonMaster316)

    Also, there are 3 different nations operating secretly against each other currently: Tohjo, Unova, and Orre. Hoenn and Sinnoh will become involved in these matters gradually. Fiore and Almia may also be used as your characters' home regions. Kalos is an independent, neutral country that (as of yet) has no reason to be belligerent.
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2013
  2. Truly Deceptive

    Truly Deceptive It is I: ME!

    Also, my Sign Up:

    Name: Jon Theou
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Species: Togekiss

    Nasty Plot - Jon is a brilliant planner and tactician, and, by spending a moment thinking, can formulate an excellent plan as well as amplify his power over metaphysical energy.

    Aura Sphere - he has considerable awareness of and control over aura and energy; he can use aura-based attacks.

    Flamethrower - Jon has a limited extent of control over flames.

    Roost - he heals completely; for an hour, he loses his ability to fly or glide in exchange, in addition to also losing all Flying-type weaknesses, resistances, and immunities.

    Air Slash - Jon takes control of Flying-type energy and controls the air to slash at someone; it may cause them to cringe frequently.

    Hyper Beam - Jon fires a Hyper Beam which is exceptionally powerful; by using it, not only does he run out of energy for several minutes; he also faints frequently.

    Super Luck - whether the fact of how his attacks frequently do twice as much damage as they do normally or how he's just so charismatic and successful personally, he's just generally f*cking lucky.

    Appearance: He stands at 5'11" and weighs 150 lbs. or so; he's somewhat thin and even physically frail; at least whatever bulk he does have is muscle. He's just slightly better than adequate at running and really doesn't like fighting. He has an olive colored skin tone. He used to He has always been conspicuously out-of-the-ordinary. His hair was a bunch of scattered blue and red patches of color and would every so often turn turn shining white (with some bright red and blue pieces) and fluffy. He has completely black irises; shining sable eyes. His appearance has been altered as a result of the experimentation. He's practically always glowing. He has white hair with red and blue parts (on the right and left sides, respectively). The constituency of the hair on his body becomes substantially more... feathery. His arms are capable of outright transforming into wings. He usually has a gray t-shirt and wears khakis. He's always wearing black running shoes.

    Personality: In spite of what he is, he knows he's not anywhere near being some kind of angel or anything, really. He knows he's not the best person he could be (or even good, for that matter), or even important to anyone, but he tries to do what's right. He wants to be a selfless type of person; he wants what's best for everyone (no matter how painful it may be). He doesn't want to cause pain to anyone, but if he has to in order to keep people from causing misery to others, he will warn them, and fight against them until they stop. At certain moments, he feels so weak; he doesn't like not being perfect, making any mistakes, or having to put others at risk. He's always feels severe remorse towards whatever he realizes he's done wrong (even to his enemies). Some of his best and quickest ideas, however, involve doing some sort of evil in order to accomplish good.

    History: He was born and raised in Aspertia City. He has a brother who's older than him by 3 years, a sister who's younger than him by 3, and another sister who, in turn, is younger than her by 3. His family was always kind and loving, and his parents cared about everyone they knew. He was known to be a Gijinka from a very young age (since he was about 3). In their youth, his parents taught him and his siblings a few things: that all people are born equally (what people do determines what they deserve), that all people are f*cking evil (including themselves) and they should try not to be (everyone should do what they feel is right), that everyone deserves to go to hell, as well as themselves, that hating other people because of what they do is wasting one's life, that life could always be worse (no matter how terrible you think life and people are towards you, someone's always suffering more; you have no right to hate others or to complain), that what's best for other people (what's right) isn't always what's easy or what makes someone happy (in fact, it tends to be what's painful way more frequently), that the only thing which is really worth living for is other people (you won't find a reason to live if you're living for yourself), and the only way to overcome evil is to forgive everyone.

    Everyone always considered him to be a brilliant student. Once he reached high school, he decided he'd begin Pokémon training. He was decent at it, to say the least, and he became a rising star in Pokémon battling from Unova immediately. He began by training his Beldum, which his older brother had given him at the age of 10. He gradually managed to beat every single Gym Leader and defeat the entire League over the course of his high school battling career. He traveled to Tohjo, and, within a month, managed to defeat the Gym Leaders from both of Kanto and Johto right before overcoming its Pokémon League. After his training, he headed back to Pallet Town to meet the regional Professor; he was just passing through Viridian City (by the Trainer House) and took a rest after having trained his Pokémon at Mt. Silver extensively, at which point he was kidnapped tersely.

    Pokémon Team:

    Name: Absolvens
    Gender: Male
    Species: Absol
    Personality: Absolvens always knows what he's doing; he's strong-willed and level-headed. He wants the best for others, even if it's painful for them or himself.

    Name: Gardant
    Gender: Female
    Species: Gardevoir
    Personality: Gardant is a kind, compassionate, empathic Pokémon who loves others. She tries to protect people as much as she can.

    Name: Galant
    Gender: Male
    Species: Gallade
    Personality: Galant tries to be courteous and kind. He's a selfless, clever kind of Pokémon who wants to do as much good for others as he possibly can.

    Name: Leukos
    Gender: Male
    Species: Lucario
    Personality: Practically being Jon's "team captain" type of Pokémon, Leukos would actually prefer to follow; he doesn't like having to conceive plans and order others around. He is clever, but he knows if he ever thought of himself as being clever or took advantage of his position, he'd be crushed in battle immediately. He really does understand and care deeply about everyone (both friends and enemies).

    Name: Metagross
    Gender: Genderless
    Species: Metagross
    Personality: Jon's first Pokémon, Metagross is his absolute strongest; needlessly to say, they are very close personally. Metagross always tries to understand people, and does care about everyone; however, he will cause suffering to any enemies if it need be. He can think through (scientifically and mathematically) essentially anything, really.

    Materials/Equipment: An empty M16 which he picked up from a dead soldier during the fight.
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2013
  3. Cometstarlight

    Cometstarlight What do I do now?

    I would like to reserve a character if possible
  4. Truly Deceptive

    Truly Deceptive It is I: ME!

    Alright; Reserved...

    By the way, this game will begin after we get about 6 or 7 players.
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2013
  5. OceanicLanturn

    OceanicLanturn Non non non!

    I would also like to reserve a character.
  6. Truly Deceptive

    Truly Deceptive It is I: ME!

    Alright; your character is Reserved; also, I think I might make another character.
  7. pokébrony4869

    pokébrony4869 Brony Trainer

    I wish to reserve as well. I should be able to post my sign-up in the next 24 hours
  8. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing

    Hrm...I will take a reserve please.
  9. LokiTheGengar

    LokiTheGengar Sith Lord Victorious

    This sounds cool, reservation please? And are legendary gijinkas off limits or no?
  10. Sketchie

    Sketchie >:3c

    I'd like a reserve as well, please. (And, are gen 6 pokemon allowed?)
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2013
  11. pokébrony4869

    pokébrony4869 Brony Trainer

    I was just about to ask that
  12. 493pkmns

    493pkmns secret suicune

    I'd like to reserve myself a Gijinka character. I'll have the signup ready before the end of the day by the end of the day tomorrow, since apparently I'm writing a lot and I work during the day, I'm just hoping everyone won't all post their characters and it'll start in the next few hours :p

    Finally done. If there's anything missing or anything wrong, just tell me. I apologize for the length of my History, I'm about 99% sure I got carried away there.

    Name: Alex Tempest

    Gender: Male

    Age: Eighteen

    Species/Type: Riolu/Lucario

    Heal Pulse: Alex has altered the energy of his projected aura into a beneficial version, which can heal his allies, or at least that's what he thought until he figured out he'd just learned heal pulse.

    Aura Sphere: By concentrating on the aura energy flowing through his body and the energy around him, and then shunting it into a concentrated orb in front of his hands, Alex can create and launch a sphere of pure energy through the air.

    Thunderpunch: By charging the natural electrical field of his body and concentrating it in his fist using aura, Alex can deliver a punch which results in a powerfulljolt to the recipient.

    Ice Punch: By using his control of the aura, Alex can not only concentrate his aura in one area of his body, but also siphon all the aura from one area. In this case, his fist, which causes a field around it to become icy cold due to the absence of aura.

    Shadow Ball: In the same way that Alex learned Heal Pulse, he initially transformed the kind of energy of his aura sphere away from fighting and towards the more ghostly. Later, the ghost energy became more pronounced, allowing him to use shadow ball.

    Flash Cannon: Increasing the charge of all the aura energy in his body and then releasing it in a blinding blast of steel energy, Alex can fire blasts of destructive light.

    Magnet Rise: Alex uses his aura to boost his body's natural electrical field, which he then directs outwards all around him in a display of magnetism, which interacts with the magnetic field of the Earth and allows him to raise himself into the air, immunizing him against ground attacks and otherwise come close to flying.

    Appearance: Alex stands at 6'1" and is built a bit less sculpted than the way you would imagine when you think 'lifeguard'. While not muscly and burly, Alex is still well built, with muscles visible, though not necessarily through clothes. His eyes switch regularly between green, grey and blue, but whenever he uses his pokemon powers, they glow with a different hue of blue, the same color as his aura sphere. His hair is short in the front and on the sides, but longer in the back, and dark blond. His skin is fairly, pale, though not as though he never went out in the sun, which is definitely not true. The exception to this are the dark strips on his face, which wrap around his head just over his ears, going over his eyes, and then another one going straight down from the center, in line with his nose. He is a good fighter, well balanced in agility, strength, speed and focus. Despite his being good at it, Alex has never enjoyed violence.

    Personality: Alex is calm, quiet, collected, and always focused. His control over the aura is tied into his emotional state, as is the case with almost everyone who wields that kind of energy. He trained in meditation which allows him to control his emotions, something he decided to do after very angry caused him to lose control of his own aura and injure innocent people. While his focus allows him to suppress his anger, and he could also do the same to other emotions, he chooses to only keep the tight reigns on his violent emotions that would make him lose control, such as hatred. Alex likes to keep to himself, mostly since he never had very many chances to not be when he was younger, and then his tendency maintained throughout his maturation.


    Alex was born the way he was, with the ability to perceive the aura, and with the dark stripe of skin on his face, although the former only really emerged when he got older, around four, growing in strength as he got older. When he was six he could perceive it without difficulty, and influence it, though barely. By eight he could control the flow within his body, and by nine he could make it materialize outside his body. He only started being able to do actual moves, very very weak versions, by age ten. After that there were no major breakthroughs, except when he learned new moves. Besides the moves, his power grew slowly as he aged.

    Early life:
    For the first, longest part of his life, Alex lived in Mauville city. His parents were always very kind to him, and did their best to protect him and keep him sheltered from the cruel verbal potshots thrown by the other kids, and even adults. Unfortunately, this didn't last very long, and Alex was orphaned a month before he turned six, when his parents were killed in a car crash. He stayed in the house for two days before anyone thought to check on him, at which time he was brought to the orphanage. The only thing of his parents he got to keep was a golden locket with a picture of them in it, and their aura imbued it. He attended trainer school until he was ten, at which time he left on his journey, not wanting to stay a second longer.

    Trainer school:
    When Alex was in trainer school he never excelled, but he wasn't a bad student either and he never struggled. He was picked on for being different, at school and at the orphanage, which ne never came to think of as his home. He attended trainer school for longer than most, and was well versed in status effects, type advantages, and strategies. One time when he was eight, a group of three boys, all ten but too bad at school to be able to journey, took his locket from him, and were playing keep away while teasing him. They got him so upset and angry that he exploded, almost literally seeing as how aura energy burst from his body and slammed them all backwards. One suffered a broken arm, another a concussion, but the other got away with only scrapes and bruises. After that he made an effort to rein in his emotions, though he lacked the discipline he would gain later.

    First journey:
    From ten to fourteen, Alex travelled with the pokemon he received from professor Birch for graduating as his inital companion, Treecko, who he nicknamed Vines. He journeyed around Hoenn for a year, challenging gyms. The last gym he faced before going to the league and losing in the second round was Wattson's in his home town of Mauville, which he would have preferred to avoid, but it was required if he wanted to get his final badge. Over the course of those first travels through Hoenn, he made friends with a Taillow, a Trapinch, and a Bagon. A bit dispirited from his early loss in the league, Alex travelled to Johto to compete in the league there. He disembarked in Cianwood and quickly defeated the gym leader before travelling to and defeating the gym leaders of Olivine and Ecruteak. From there, he did the Johto circle, defeating the Goldenrod, Azalea, and Violet gym leaders in that order. He went to Mahogany and defeated Pryce, then went to Blackthorn and earned Clair's respect, and her badge, by defeating her entire team with only Salamence. Next he travelled to the pokemon league, losing this time in the finals. Instead of the disappointment of his first loss, he felt enouraged by how far he'd gotten, and resolved to do even better in the Kanto league, which was the closest region he had access to. It took him a long time to get there, however, since there was some sort of incident with the waterfall that normally gave access to the adjacent region. He trained in Blackthorn City since it was close to Tohjo falls, and because he considered Clair a friend. Two months before the falls reopened, he was given a gift; a pokemon egg. After taking care of it for a long time, it finally hatched into a Cyndaquil. Upon finally arriving in Kanto, he didn't have time to challenge every gym before the league started, leaving him a year down without any major accomplishments, save his pokemon getting stronger. Though he caught other pokemon during his journey, he released them fairly quickly each time after not sensing a bond with them like he had with the others. The year after, when he was thirteen, he pushed through the Kanto gyms with relative ease and had to wait for the league to start. He again lasted until the finals, and this time tied with his opponent. After that he returned to Hoenn, his desire to battle a little low. He travelled the circuit again, though not challenging gyms, simply revisiting the sights he'd seen at the beginning of his journey. He returned to Mauville last, reluctant to see the place he'd grown up. His worry turned out ot be founded, since he came across the bullies who'd provoked the explosion of aura the first time. They confronted him, picking on him again, apparently not remembering how the last time had ended. The result was the same, Alex lost control and blasted them all with Aura, against his will. The three boys ended up in the hospital, and many other people were injured less severely because his strength had grown a lot since the first time. Fleeing the authorities who were investigating the incident, he ended up in Verdanturf, where he was encouraged to stay by the locals. Taken in by their quiet way of life, he settled into an area just inside the small town. The people there were very kind to him, and he felt at home there, for the first time since his parents died. He made many friends, and confided in a few. It was one of them who encouraged him to go to Lavaridge and meet the people there, who might be able to help him control his emotions. He trained with sages, old people and monks until he turned seventeen. During that time he released all of his pokemon friends, and told them he would be done several years later. His quilava decided to stay with him, refusing to be released since it felt at home in the volcanic region, and Sceptile did the same, though simply because he wouldn't leave his trainer and lifetime friend. The others all left, but when he set foot outside of Lavaridge, they were all there waiting for him, having returned to rejoin his team, save Flygon who'd returned only to say goodbye because he had a family.

    Second journey:
    At seventeen, his team now comprised of Sceptile, Quilava, Swellow and Salamence, he travelled to Sinnoh to run the circuit. During a trip to Iron Island, he found a particularly strong aura presence, and spent hours searching it out, discovering a Lucario hiding deep in the caves. Alex had never encountered another being capable of manipualting or even sensing aura, and was fascinated by this pokemon, not realizing just yet that he had a deeper bond with the species than just their shared ability with aura. He fought and caught it, nicknaming it Spike and making him a permanent member of the team. He caught his sixth pokemon, Phanpy, just before facing his eighth gym challenge. He trained it and used it in that battle, though he knew it wouldn't do particularly well. The battle was hard, but Phanpy learned a lot. On his way to Sunnyshore from Pastoria, when he was stopped off at lake Valor, he was challenged by a trainer, then clubbed violently from behind while he was distracted and focused on the battle. The last thing he saw and did before blacking out was calling Spike back from battle before he smacked down onto the ground, then the other trainer smirking that he had succesfully distracted Alex.

    Pokémon Team:

    Name: Vines
    Gender: Male
    Age: Nine
    Species: Sceptile
    Appearance: Vines is a slightly blue-er shade of green than most Sceptile. While not shiny, his skin color is about halfway to the shiny color, though everything else is normally colored.
    Personality: Vines is similar to Alex in that he's quiet and not very sociable. The exception to this is Alex and his team, with whom he is very comfortable and open. Even though he's the pokemon who's been with Alex the longest, he doesn't have any specific post above the others, preferring to be just part of the team. He is Alex's all-around hitter, the one he turns to in a pinch.
    History: Vines was one year old when Alex got him, and they stayed together through their entire journey.

    Name: Feather
    Gender: Female
    Species: Swellow
    Appearance: Feather is slightly smaller than most others of her species, and is more streamlined though with a larger wingspan, making her slightly faster and more nimble, though not as good at flying long distances.
    Personality: Swellow is Alex's scout, and the fastest of the team. Though occasionally skittish, for Alex or any of the others she would fly through a tornado. That level of respect and admiration for her fellow team members is visible in everything she does, even though she doesn't let herself be pushed around; she is part of the team herself.

    Name: Salamence
    Gender: Male
    Species: Salamence
    Personality: Salamence is usually quiet, but easily angered and brutally powerful when in that state. Salamence is Alex's main powerhouse, able to bust through walls and take down the toughest of opponents. In battle he prefers to take his punishment and dish it back out tenfold than perform tricky maneuvers.
    History: After single-handedly winning Alex's gym match against Clair, Salamence earned her respect for Alex, and mostly because of his accomplishment, the dragon type benefitted from the training of a dragon gym leader.

    Name: Blaze
    Gender: Female
    Age: Six
    Species: Quilava
    Personality: Blaze has a slight crush on Spike, which she mostly expresses in their rivalry. She would never dare to say something, because even though she joined Alex much earlier, she has some issues with shyness and taking her place in the team. Blaze is the technical hitter, using the opposite of Salamence's strategy. She'll dash around the opponent, waiting for an oppening, then slip in and deliver a powerful shot before darting back out again and waiting for the next window.
    History: Blaze was an egg that Alex hatched immediately prior to his making it to Kanto.

    Name: Spike
    Gender: Male
    Species: Lucario
    Personality: Lucario is similar to Vines and Alex, having empathized almost immediately with his trainer, and the pokemon who most resembled Alex. A powerful wielder of the Aura, Spike acts like nothing affects him, even though it does deeply. He has a rivalry with Blaze, wanting to earn her respect because he feels for some reason like he doesn't have it. Little does he know, it's because he also cares for her, in much the same way as she does him, though Spike doesn't realize it.
    History: Alex met Spike in Sinnoh on Iron Island. He caught him after sensing an immediate bond, not realizing that that was probably due to his nature as a Lucario Gijinka.

    Name: Phanpy
    Gender: Female
    Age: < 1
    Species: Phanpy
    Personality: Excited and happy, Phanpy is the exact opposite of Alex, Spike, and Vines. The little elephant pokemon is bubbly and easily distracted, though she has learned to keep her focus when in battle. The youngest, weakest and least experienced of the group, Phanpy hasn't decided her place within it yet, though she greatly looks up to Salamence in particular.
    History: Phanpy hatched from an egg during Alex's Sinnoh journey, not too long before Alex was kidnapped.

    Materials/Equipment: A pistol with two rounds left and the safety on that he doesn't really know how to use. His hoodie and his cargo pants. A pocket knife with two different-sized blades. (Already had the last one, it was hidden inside his cargo pants in a secret pocket that they didn't think to search.)
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2013
  13. Jellopopsicle

    Jellopopsicle Permanently Bored

    Can I reserve a gijinka character? I'll try to finish my form as soon as possible, but that might take a while. Or more than a while. =P
  14. Truly Deceptive

    Truly Deceptive It is I: ME!

    Okay; I'm back after several weeks.

    Alright; Reserved.


    If you had read the rules, you would've known that Legendaries are currently off-limits.


    No; not yet... Not until we learn their abilities and movesets.



    Reserved. Alright, then! After about 2 more people make their characters, I'm going to post the RP thread and introduce the game's first couple of villains!
  15. Schade

    Schade The real Slim Schady

    This looks interesting, May I reserve a gijinka? Or is it too late now...?
  16. Truly Deceptive

    Truly Deceptive It is I: ME!

    Don't worry; the Sign-Ups won't end until after about a week... So, for now, you're Reserved.
  17. pokébrony4869

    pokébrony4869 Brony Trainer

    (I'm basing my character's personality and appearance off of the character Agito/Akito from the Air Gear anime)

    Name: Agito/Akito(see "personality" for explanation)
    Gender: male
    Age: 15
    Species/Type: Arcanine
    Abilities: (Gijinkas may have up to 7 abilities.)
    1. Fire fang
    2. Thunder fang
    3. Bite
    4. Aerial ace
    5. Hidden power(dragon)
    6. Extremespeed
    7. Protect
    Appearance: Agito and Akito are an
    effeminate-looking teenager with a slight build and shoulder-length, dark blue hair. Their usual attire consists of an eyepatch, black pants, and black jacket. Additionally, each personality has its own
    distinct physical appearance and traits:
    *As Agito, he has amber eyes with feline
    pupils and fanged teeth. His left eye is
    *As Akito, he has amber eyes with normal
    pupils. His right eye is covered.
    Personality: The youngest and dominant persona, Agito is believed to have been created by Akito to cope with the mental stress created by his pacifist nature when he was turned into a Gijinka. As such, his
    strength is derived from his desire to protect
    Akito. His devotion to Akito is shown in his
    match against Akira Udou(not pokemon match but that is another story), where he nearly sacrifices himself, believing himself to be the cause of his physical deterioration. Otherwise, he is an aloof and foul-mouthed character (his most-often used phrase is "****!!"); He is not to fond of romance.

    The dominant personality prior to Agito's
    creation, Akito is Agito's polar opposite in
    almost every aspect. Timid and gentle, he is a very kind and gentle soul. However, It is hinted by Agito that Akito is
    more frightening than Agito when angered Feminine both in behavior and appearance. He is homosexual.
    History: (Agito/Akito are currently lacking in memory of their lives from before they became a Gijinka. They hope to find out what happened in their past and who it was that turned them into a Gijinka.
    Akito has been becoming more and more unsure as to the origin he had believed about his counterpart. This is because Both personas have faint.memories from before the change. However, they are still too vague to get any solid information from.

    Pokémon Team:

    Name: pinkie
    Gender: female
    Age: (Optional.)
    Species: ponyta
    Appearance: has a smaller muzzle thn most other ponytas.
    Personality: very hyper and friendly

    Name: Dewott
    Gender: male
    Age: (Optional.)
    Species: Dewott
    Appearance: shiny
    Personality: While Very caring and always watching out for his partner, and occasionally being the voice of reason, Dewott's judgements can be very one-sided and often not very well thought out.
    History: Agito and Akito's starter and best bud, they have a very close friendship.

    Name: Twilight
    Gender: female
    Age: (Optional.)
    Species: Espeon
    Personality: level headed and normally the Voice of Reason for the group but a bit reluctant to make friends but when she does, she will always be there for them.

    Name: Itsuki
    Gender: male
    Age: (Optional.)
    Species: mandibuzz
    Personality: Somewhat of a show off and a bit brash but very loyal
    History: (Optional)
  18. 493pkmns

    493pkmns secret suicune

    Oh, excellent! I was sure this had died! I'm glad it isn't. Sorry about the irrelevant post, but I was enthused when I saw the new replies.
  19. Jellopopsicle

    Jellopopsicle Permanently Bored

    ((Here's the WIP. ^^ I'll probably be done in a few days.))

    Name: Liriope Starling

    Gender: Female

    Age: 17

    Species/Type: Flygon


    - Attract: Liriope, being the gijinka she is, just has to have Attract as an attack. Of course, this attack only works on males, and only lasts for a certain amount of time.

    - Screech: Just as the name implies, Liriope screeches at her enemy, stunning them for a few seconds. It’s not very useful, but is usually pretty useful for getting away from things.

    - Sandstorm: This ability enables Liriope to create a sandstorm lasting somewhere around ten minutes. Being a Flygon, who are supposed to be able to create sandstorms by flapping their wings, she does the same. She doesn’t use this move too often, since it hurts everyone on the field who doesn’t have an ability against it.

    - Bide: Liriope waits around ten minutes to charge up energy, then releases it onto the field. This attack doesn’t hurt her teammates in bigger battles, so she’s fine with using it. It does drain her energy, though, so she’s still a little hesitant when it comes to this move.

    - Dig: This attack is pretty basic - Liriope burrows underground, then surprises her opponent by springing up suddenly. Usually, she either pops up from behind them or under them, since she deems those two to be the most effective. A risk of this ability is the tunnel collapsing - after all, she doesn’t exactly have support beams when she digs.

    - Endure: This attack is only occasionally used by Liriope, since it takes up a lot of her energy. Concentrating and building up her energy, Liriope can survive almost any attack, even if she’s barely alive afterwards. This won’t work with stronger attacks, however - SolarBeam, Hydro Pump, Hyper Beam, Draco Meteor, etc.

    - Fury Cutter: With this attack, Liriope uses her claws and tail to repeatedly hit whoever she’s fighting, the damage given increasing each time. Usually combined with other attacks to create a sort of combo, she generally doesn’t use this attack by itself.

    Appearance: Liriope's figure is willowy thin and slim, with a dark shade of lime green as her complexion. Her skin also tends to be a little leathery, as she is a Flygon gijinka. Along with that, there’s also the dark green markings on her skin. Her extremely straight hair's a murky green color (look at the pictures), and her eyes are dark shade of burgundy. The length of her hair isn't too inconvenient, going almost halfway down her back (but not quite). The gijinka part of her is pretty easy to spot - a pair of thin but sturdy spring green wings protrude from her back, flapping whenever she's agitated. A green tail with red stripes can also be seen coming out from underneath her clothes, with three diamond shaped feathers at the tip. Liriope wears a green, slightly rumpled looking long sleeved shirt, with a button up collar and tie (the buttons are red). When she's riled up, or when she's trying to concentrate, she'll roll up her sleeves. The sleeves, can also be buttoned up, and the same goes for the front of the shirt. Underneath, she wears a plain muddy brown tanktop. Liriope also wears a pair of dark green shorts, with a Flygon embroidered on the left pocket - there are four pockets, two on the front and two on the back. Instead of boots or going barefoot, she wears a pair of brown loafers with green accents, paired with long, striped socks that almost reach up to her knees. As for accessories, she wears a pair of red tinted, bronze rimmed flying goggles on her head, along with a green belt with various pockets attached to it. The pockets are a darker shade of green, and rimmed with a crimson red. All the pockets can be buttoned shut. As a whole, the belt's color theme is green/brown/red. Liriope wears a wristwatch on her right wrist. There also seems to be a permanent smirk on her face.

    Personality: Liriope is, by normal standards, a very feisty (and leaning on sassy) sort of person. Independence is one of her strong suits, as well as improvising. Due to that fact, she rarely actually plans things out before attacking, and often thinks of a strategy as she’s going along. She does swear often, but usually stops herself in mid-sentence,

    History: Liriope, born a Flygon gijinka, was the oldest child in a household of five. Her parents were away from home more often than not, leaving her to take care of her siblings.

    Name: Azalea
    Gender: Male
    Age: 8
    Species: Altaria
    Appearance: Azalea, aside from a few minor details, doesn’t differ much from the rest of his species. His blue feathers are a slightly darker shade than normal, and his wings (which are basically clouds) are a mildly gray color.
    Personality: Azalea was Liriope’s first Pokemon, gifted to her even before she started her Pokemon journey. As a result, wherever Liriope goes, he goes, too. As an extremely silly Pokemon, he usually finds himself getting into deep trouble, especially when his antics start getting on others’ nerves.
    History: Liriope received him for her tenth birthday, when she was supposed to be leaving home (she ended up postponing it until her eleventh birthday). A silly, not-so-sensible Pokemon, Azalea caused

    Name: Azolla
    Gender: Female
    Species: Zangoose
    Appearance: Azolla’s claws are quite a bit longer (and sharper) than a normal Zangoose’s, probably due to the fact that she takes training a little too seriously. Aside from that, she doesn’t have any other differences from the rest of her species.
    Personality: Azolla is a particularly quiet Pokemon, although she’ll snap at you if she feels like it. Mostly keeping her feeling to herself, she rarely expresses any sort of emotion, mostly just observing from a spot in the corner. Usually preferring not to attack, she only does so when she feels threatened tor is in a tight situation. Otherwise, Azolla just spends most of her time sitting around observing people. Some mistake her mixed personality as laziness, but she’s actually a lot of help at times.

    Name: Coriander
    Gender: Male
    Species: Camerupt
    Personality: Coriander’s a pretty seasoned Pokemon in battle, and knows how to keep calm when needed. However, he is notoriously playful and attention seeking when off of the battlefield, and can drive Azolla a little crazy at times. He usually gets along with Azalea, as long as he doesn’t have all the attention. One of Coriander’s habits is nuzzling Liriope until she starts paying attention to him, which annoys Azalea to no end. When the two get into a spat, they usually try to get Liriope and Azolla to take sides (which they both don’t appreciate much).
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  20. Truly Deceptive

    Truly Deceptive It is I: ME!

    Dear God; I don't even know where to begin...

    I know you aren't even finished with it yet, but you, my dear friend, are excellent. The only things which I feel against are that you misspelled Hyper Beam, Hydro Pump, and SolarBeam (with improper capitalization and spacing). I assure you that upon its completion, your character will be Accepted.
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