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Project: Gijinka (Sign Up)

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Truly Deceptive, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. Schade

    Schade No gain, just pain.

    I can see why you'd categorize them as such... *shrug*
  2. Truly Deceptive

    Truly Deceptive It is I: ME!

    I'll have it up by either today or tomorrow.
  3. Schade

    Schade No gain, just pain.

    I think I'll withdraw from this RP.
  4. Truly Deceptive

    Truly Deceptive It is I: ME!

    @Schade Alright.

    I suppose I got a bit too reliant on the hopes that more people would join the RP before I'd have to get it started. That might have ironically led to it being less appealing to people interested in starting the action.
  5. Psychic

    Psychic Really and truly

    Guys, please cut down on the chitchat. You're welcome to discuss topics like what Pokemon are popular in role-plays in the RPG Discussion forum (in fact, I think that is a really interesting topic that's worth talking about), but Sign-Up threads are specifically for sign-ups and questions about sign-ups. Schade, jireh, [ACE] and Milennin, please don't do this again.

  6. Truly Deceptive

    Truly Deceptive It is I: ME!

    Well, I just discovered that Forest's Curse is an actual move; I guess I should have accepted Schade's character as it was.

    Not that this RP is even alive...
  7. 493pkmns

    493pkmns secret suicune

    Well, I'm still happily waiting, but I'm not really even sure how many people are still left.
  8. cmats4020

    cmats4020 Well-Known Member

    May I reserve a spot?

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