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Project Legends - Sign Ups

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Virawl, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. Virawl

    Virawl •º°N¡ce Guy°º•

    First time making an RPG here. Wish me luck! Help me out!

    GM: Virawl
    Co-GM: Mon1010, Rotom310, Unknown Guy 960

    Sign-Ups OPEN | Looking for a worthy Jirachi/ Ho-oh!Due to... eh... popular demand



    Swiftly triple-checking that he was alone in the dimly lit, subterranean room, a young man in a dark hooded robe slowly lifted the cover of an ancient book. The pictures on the cover and inside were long faded, but everyone in his organization knew what it was; The Book of Origins: A vast collection of secrets and legends of the past, and prophecies of the future. Quickly locating a designated subject in the table of contents, the young man shifted through the pages until he found what he wanted; the chapter labeled “Legendary Children”. He started to skim through the information before someone comes through the door.

    “In The Beginning, there was only Chaos.

    From this primal chaos came an egg, and from this egg the Original One.

    Seeing the chaos around him, the Original One, slowly but surely, created beings and matter to fill the empty void. Beings were created. One to control Time, one to control Space, one for Balance and another for what is now called Antimatter.

    Over time, others were formed as well. Knowledge. Willpower. Emotion.

    The gifts of warming fire, life-giving water and fifteen others were given to the myriad of species now on the small life-bearing planet.

    And while the region, known as Unova was being formed, by the aid of two brothers and the original four deities, an argument broke out. The two brothers’ goals differed. One fought for truth, while the other, ideals. Yin and yang, lightning and fire clashed, until the Original One put a stop to the battle, by sealing the brothers. They were to sleep until new heroes are able to control them.

    By fusing the Mirage Beings and the Purest of Humans: The Young, the Original One created a bond between the two, for he feared either one will betray him in the future. Arceus then sealed himself, only to be reawakened when true chaos is resurrected.

    And thus, the Legendary Children were created.

    Every few years, a legend is born. A child, not quite mortal, yet enough to be mistaken as one. A child, who shares a bond like no other with a Pokémon of legend. To each legendary, a child, and to each child, a creature with powers beyond imagination. Their purpose: Act as a bridge between human and the legendries, to gently nudge humanity in the right direction under the guidance of gods. To keep balance between order and chaos.

    In order for this to be possible, this child not only shares a bond which they will be able to communicate with the Legendary, but also share some similar abilities and powers. The child shall also have the ability to tame the immense power of a legend.

    Neither the child nor the parents are aware of their abilities from birth. Most never come to notice the Legendary watching over them or the powers bubbling beneath their skin. But there will come a time, when all the children must be called upon, and united with their Legendries in order to keep Chaos from overrunning humanity.”

    The chapter ended abruptly, the remaining pages ripped out by an unknown source, an unknown time ago. The boy cursed under his breath, flipping through the pages frantically, trying to locate the missing pages with no luck. He heard the lock of the heavy wooden door click, and immediately closed the book, careful not to further damage it.

    “Sir, your father has called for you in the Grand Hall. He requests for The Book.” A man wearing a similar hood and robe faintly appeared in the doorway.

    “Of course. Project Legends is finally underway.” The young man replied, gently scooping the book into his arms and hurriedly following the order of his much feared father.


    So, to sum things up, you are one of these legendary children (from ages 6-21). (You may also be a separate OC, only if he/ she would have something to do with the plot. Ex: Legendary Hunter/ Someone who helps locate/ train these children. If you have something like this in mind, please VM or PM me).

    Basically, these children have special abilities, depending on their legendary. Flying, Fire-resistant, future-sight, etc. You can also communicate with your legendary via telepathy. Sharing this bond with a legendary grants you some power over controlling the legendary. It’s not exactly your Pokemon, more like a partner of sorts, maybe a figurative 7th Pokemon? The unnamed villain group wants you because they want your powers/ control over legendary for a not yet known purpose. They have begun a hunt for the Legendary Children so beware and try not to be captured or killed before you meet up and train with your legendary. There are few who are aware of your existence, and fewer willing to help. Trust no one but your fellow Legendary Children.



    • All standard Serebii Forums and Role-Playing Rules apply.

    • Although you may have legendary powers, DO NOT abuse them. Again, you are partially human, therefore, weakening some powers. Please know your limits. No Mary Sues or God Moding.

    • Try to remain active. I’m not saying I won’t disappear for periods of time, because sometimes, I know it’s overwhelming. But try your best to stay active, and if not, give someone else permission to control your character for a period of time.

    • I’m not going to put a technical limit on how many characters you can have, but don’t go overboard (Meaning you may have more than one Legendary!). Only as many as you can handle.

    • HAVE FUN. I simply put a light outline of the plot, but whatever twists (as long as it’s not too extreme) you may wish to add, please feel free. This is pretty much controlled by you guys who join!

    • If you cannot or are not willing to abide by these rules, you will be asked to leave the story. Don’t be afraid to tell me if someone is breaking the rules.


    Sign-Up Sheet​

    Character Form:

    Name: (Self-explanatory; first and last please)
    Age: (Preferably somewhere between 6 and 21, though exceptions can be made if explained well and the sign-up is good)
    Gender: (Male or Female)
    Legend: (The Legend you are connected to. Keep in mind that the more powerful the Legend, the better your sign-up should be)

    Pokemon: (It is advised to have at least 1, but since you have powers too, a full team of six isn't needed)


    Legendary: (Only a brief description is needed, just to get the feel of it’s personality.)

    Gender: (Some people prefer to give their Legendaries a gender to act off of: ex. - Mewtwo may be viewed as male and Mew as female.)


    (Sign-Ups/ Reservations will remain open as long as there's an open Legendary. Come quick and reserve yours now! (You may reserve more than one Legendary))

    Accepted Sign-Ups:
    Scott Stone - Child of Shaymin (Mon1010)
    Marianna "Mari" Vilum - Child of Meloetta (Mon1010)
    Timothy "Tim" Wolfe - Child of Kyogre (Mon1010)
    Jason Tryton - Child of Manaphy (Mon1010)
    Alex Ling - Child of Rayquaza (Virawl)
    Scarlet Clipse - Child of Cresselia (Virawl)
    Tiffany Ouros - Child of Celebi (Virawl)
    Bronze Singe - Child of Heatran (Virawl)
    Drew Boyd - Child of Giratina (Rotom310)
    Lily Almirah - Child of Arceus (Rotom310)
    Adán “Adam” Terrano - Child of Groudon (Rotom310)
    Yukishii Nakamura - Child of Uxie (Rotom310)
    Eugene Wayward - Child of Dialga (Unknown Guy 960)
    Sirius Gayle - Child of Virizion (Unknown Guy 960)
    Airen Stone - Child of Victini (Cometstarlight)
    Soran Avani - Child of Mewtwo (Cometstarlight)
    Storm Smith - Child of Raikou (Cometstarlight)
    Haley Bizieff - Child of Mew (Cometstarlight)
    Leon Martin - Child of Latios (Cometstarlight)
    Jedediah "Jed" Lumpkin - Child of Regice (Raptor Ruler)
    Jonathan “Jon” Smith - Child of Zekrom (Titan500)
    Jessica O'Hanlon - Child of Suicune (Titan500)
    William Cordes - Child of Keldeo (YDT)
    Jasper Sanders Jr. - Child of Kyurem (TorchTheElement)
    Tyler Xania - Child of Genesect (Blahboy)
    Veronica Yelno - Child of Regigigas (Blahboy)
    Jonny Andrax - Child of Deoxys (DooblyDooHaxorus)
    Jared Roberts - Child of Landorus (RulerOfUnova)
    Daniel Wu - Child of Registeel (RulerOfUnova)
    “Widge” Bacer - Child of Thundurus (MufinskullzFTW)
    Tré “Terra” Denim - Child of Terrakion (MufinskullzFTW)
    Reba “Ria” Cario - Child of Reshiram (MufinskullzFTW)
    Jake Grayson - Child of Entei (Chili)
    Alexander Ackerman - Child of Zapdos (Chili)
    Annie Valor - Child of Azelf (•Azelf•)
    Solomon Eruss - Child of Regirock (Bronzong#1)
    Alice Reid - Child of Articuno (Purplepassion)
    Jame “Jay” Octias - Child of Mesprit (Raymanrulz)
    Kari Yami - Child of Palkia (deltakurumiru4)
    Camille Layton - Child of Jirachi (Fireflies)
    Jesse Worsnop - Child of Ho-oh (CloudVII)

    Astrid Murphy - Child of Latias (ladendar)

    Legendary / Reserved List:

    Legendary Birds
    Articuno - Alice Reid (Purplepassion)
    Zapdos - Alexander Ackerman (Chili)
    *Moltres - Reserved by Blahboy

    Mew Duo
    Mew - Haley Bizieff (Cometstarlight)
    Mewtwo - Soran Avani (Cometstarlight)

    Legendary Beasts
    Entei - Jake Grayson (Chili)
    Raikou - Storm Smith(Cometstarlight)
    Suicune - Jessica O'Hanlon (Titan500)

    Tower Duo
    *Ho-oh - Jesse Worsnop (CloudVII)
    *Lugia - Reserved by Chili

    Celebi - Tiffany Ouros (Virawl)

    Golem Trio
    Regirock - Solomon Eruss (Bronzong#1)
    Regice - Jedediah “Jed” Lumpkin (Raptor ruler)
    Registeel - Daniel Wu (RulerOfUnova)

    Eon Duo
    Latios - Leon Martin (Cometstarlight)
    *Latias - Pending - ladendar

    Weather Trio
    Kyogre - Timothy "Tim" Wolfe (Mon1010)
    Groudon - Adán “Adam” Terrano (Rotom310)
    Rayquaza - Alex Ling (Virawl)

    Space Duo
    Jirachi - Camille Layton (Fireflies)
    Deoxys - Jonny Andrax (DooblyDooHaxorus)

    Lake Spirits
    *Azelf - Annie Valor (•Azelf•)
    Mesprit - Jame “Jay” Octias (Raymanrulz)
    Uxie - Yukishii Nakamura (Rotom310)

    Creation Trio
    Palkia - Kari Yami (deltakurumiru4)
    Dialga - Eugene Wayward (Unknown Guy 960)
    Giratina - Drew Boyd (Rotom310)

    Lunar Duo
    Darkrai - Diego Vendrix (NPC to be killed off)
    Cresselia - Scarlet Clipse (Virawl)

    *Heatran - Bronze Singe (Virawl)
    Manaphy - Jason Tryton (Mon1010)
    Regigigas - Veronica Yelno (Blahboy)
    Shaymin - Scott Stone (Mon1010)
    Arceus - Lily Almirah (Rotom310)
    Victini - Airen Stone (Cometstarlight)

    Musketeer Trio
    *Cobalion - Reserved by Blahboy
    Terrakion - Tré “Terra” Denim (MufinskullzFTW)
    Virizion - Sirius Gayle (Unknown Guy 960)

    Kami Trio
    Tornadus -
    Thundurus - “Widge” Bacer (MufinskullzFTW)
    Landorus - Jared Roberts (RulerOfUnova)

    Tao Trio
    Reshiram - Reba “Ria” Cario (MufinskullzFTW)
    Zekrom - Jonathan “Jon” Smith (Titan500)
    Kyurem - Jasper Sanders Jr. (TorchTheElement)

    Keldeo - William Cordes (YDT)
    Meloetta - Marianna "Mari" Vilum (Mon1010)
    Genesect - Tyler Xania (Blahboy)

    Non Legendary Children
    None at the moment.


    The most up-to-date list. An asterisk (*) indicates either a Reserve or a character that hasn't been posted for in the RP yet (with a few exceptions, due to plot reasons or I simply didn't catch it when skimming through the RP). Due to that, those spots can be attempted to be negotiated for if you really want them.

    NOTE: This is a first-come-first-served basis. Reserve while there’s still Legendaries available!
    Prologue help written by Rotom310. Inspired by Illuminant*~@Mangafox
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2011
  2. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    Meloetta Sign Up

    Name: Marianna “Mari” Vilum
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Legend: Meloetta

    Appearance: Mari is of average height and weight for her age, (I’d say 5,8”) . She has long red hair that goes to her waist, and is usually tied into pigtails. Her eyes are light blue, and her skin is fair. Her outfit tends to change, but she usually wears a red shirt with a black diagonal stripe going through it, a blue miniskirt with black knee length tights under it, and red shoes. She also likes to wear earrings shaped like a musical note (♪) as well as a necklace with a gold chain and the same musical note charm attached. As well as a few red and blue bracelets around her right wrist. She sometimes carries a small red and blue purse to hold her money and other items.

    Personality: Mari is very much a girly girl, she enjoys doing contests, musicals, and things of that nature. She also likes Pokémon she thinks are cute and/or pretty, though not all of the Pokémon she has fit this. Yes, she does also battle, and her strategy is to toy with and annoy the opponent. She is not shy in the slightest, and is rather blunt and outspoken, she often says things that get her into trouble or offend people from time to time. She also acts somewhat selfish and spoiled at times, but she is nice somewhere deep down. She also flaunts her wealth a lot and uses it and sometimes the fact that she is a girl to charm and influence people. She also likes music, and hopes to follow in her mother's footsteps.

    History: Originally born in Rustboro City Hoenn, her father is a businessman and her mother was a singer, both were also quite wealthy. Her mother died while giving birth to her younger brother (who also died) when she was young. Aside from this, she’s lived a glamorous and drama free life. Since her father was rich, she practically had everything a girl could want, and since she was an only child, she didn't have to share any of it. She got things like rare Pokémon, and expensive toys from her father as gifts to compensate for his lack of being able to spend time with her due to his work; she often brought these things to school and bragged about it. Mari became popular because they liked the awesome toys and cute Pokémon she had. However, deep down, she knew these friends were only interested in the things she had, and would drop her like a bad habit if she suddenly lost it all. The one thing she really wanted was a real friend.

    For the most part Mari acted like a spoiled brat, until one day she met someone in school. Someone who was genuinely nice to her, and didn't care about the nice things she had. She had taken him out of a trash can after some bullies threw him in there, though she never understood why, Tim is one of the nicest guys she'd ever met. Later he returned the favor by fixing her favorite toy that those same bullies broke. They've been friends ever since. In the fifth grade, she had to move to Castelia City Unova due to her father's work, where she currently lives. Howver Tim and mari still keep in contact. She does have a crush on him, and is not shy about admitting it. Often times blatantly flirting with him which causes him to blush, then try to change the subject.

    Powers/Abilities: Being a child of Meloetta, Mari is very good at music. She can learn new songs and instruments very fast. This skill also applies to dancing. She can move very gracefully, making it impossible for her to be clumsy. It also helps in combat situations.

    Meloetta’s child has the ability to control the feelings of others through music. This ability requires cunning to use, and it can be resisted if the person she is trying to manipulate is aware she is trying to manipulate them.

    Since Meloetta is part Psychic type, Mari has some Telekinetic abilities, as well as some sound based powers.

    Name: Wigglytuff
    Species Wigglytuff
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Mari's first Pokemon. She had since it was an Igglybuff and it was the offspring of her now deceased mother's Wigglytuff. She acts like an extension of Mari's personality. Wigglytuff is a bit of a flirt, and is not afraid to use Attract/Cute Charm to get her way. Much to the annoyance of other Pokemon.
    Other: Uses Attract often. Sometimes (Though rarely as it's awkward. Usually when her trainer requests it.) even on humans. She wears a big red bow on the back of her head.

    Name: Togekiss
    Species Togekiss
    Gender: Male
    Personality: She obtained this as a Togepi egg while in Sinnoh, after some random hiker gave it to her after he found it lying there, and he couldn't take care of it. She loved it immediately because it was adorable. Togekiss is flamboyant and outspoken. He is also self-centered and has a high opinion of himself. He dislikes battling because that would get his beautiful wings dirty. (Though, Mari makes him battle, and he is good at it.)
    Note: He's gay. xD

    Name: Breloom
    Species Breloom
    Gender: Male
    Personality: After she was beaten by a trainer who had one, Mari just had to have a Breloom of her own. So, of course she asked her father. Unfortunately, there were no wild Breloom so instead she got a Shroomish. She was disgusted with Shroomish at first, and was rather mean to him. However after a bit of bonding, she grew to love it, and eventually it evolved into the breloom it is today. Breloom is the most sane and down to earth of Mari's Pokemon. He doesn't get along well with Mari's other Pokemon.

    Species: Meloetta
    Personality: Meloetta is really fun legendary to be around. Outgoing and social, she is considered the life of the party. She's also calm and relaxed about things, and she's not one that get's stressed out easily. Often she's the one that has to use her musical powers to calm the other legends when they start arguing.
    Gender: Female
    Others: She always sings when she speaks. Hence I sometimes use ♪ this symbol in front of her dialouge
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2011
  3. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    Kyogre Sign Up

    Name: Timothy "Tim" Wolfe
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Legend: Kyogre

    Appearance: Tim is slightly shorter than Mari but not by much. His skin is pale, but not that pale. He's not muscular, but he has an athletic build, and he is in good shape due to living in Fortree City and having to climb trees on a regular basis, then moving to Sootopolis City and having to constantly climb up and down stairs. He has messy black hair that goes to his eyebrows, and his eyes are big and brown. He has a baby face. He usually wears a blue striped T-shirt, Gray cargo shorts, white socks with gray sneakers. He sometimes carries a navy blue backpack to carry things in.

    Personality: Tim is a genuine nice guy; he is very friendly and polite. As well as a loyal friend, and protective of those he cares about. Sometimes, he is too nice that he often gets taken advantage of. He is also shy and quiet. He was always like this, and being bullied as a kid made this worse, so it takes someone like Mari to bring him out of his shell. Despite this, when he is pushed too far, then he can be quite dangerous. Tim is extremely trusting of people, and is always willing to help someone in need. He is also very quick to forgive those that have wronged him. Even though he doesn't look like it, he likes to eat a lot. He also has some knowledge at some things that would otherwise be considered girly, due to the being the only guy in his house, especially cooking.

    History: Born in Fortree City, Tim had a simple life. His mother is a teacher, and his father was a scientist at the weather institute in Hoenn. Ironically, his father died in a hurricane, their house was destroyed, and his mother and he had to move in with his aunt and twin female cousins who live in Sootopolis City. In other words, he was surrounded by women for most of his life. Unlike Mari, his family didn't have a lot of money and often things were difficult for him.
    He got accepted into an acclaimed boarding school on scholarship. Most of the other kids were well rich and Tim got bullied for not being as such. This was made worse by the fact that he actually does well in the classes and barely talked to the other kids. So the other kids mistook his shyness for arrogance and picked on him more, so he mostly kept to himself.

    One day after he had been tossed into a trash can by some bullies. A girl had actually heard his screaming, and got him out of the trash can and was nice to him, unlike most of the girls at this school. Her name was Mari. He later returned the favor, by fixing her favorite toy that those same bullies who dumped him into a trashcan had broken, and the two had been close friends ever since. He does have a crush on her, but is shy about admitting it.

    Powers/Abilities: As a child of Kyogre, Tim can control water. This ability is fueled by his emotions, making him quite dangerous when he is angry. He can also summon a large rainstorm to enhance his water powers. He can also breathe underwater. Since Kyogre is able to learn Ice Beam and Sheer Cold as level up moves (And ice is just frozen water) Tim can create and control ice to some extent.

    Name: Casty
    Species: Castform
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Tim's first Pokemon. He got from his now deceased father who was a scientist at the weather institute as an egg. Tim was the first thing he saw when he hatched and he believed Tim is his father. Though he knows better now, he still considers Tim his father since he did raise him from the time he was hatched. Casty is very affectionate and loyal to him. He's just as nice as Tim is too. His feelings are affected by the weather.

    Name: Ro
    Species: Rotom
    Gender Genderless (Treated as Male)
    Personality: A mischievous and playful spirit (Pun intended. xD) Tim caught him at the Old Chateau during a trip to Sinnoh. He has ADHD and is easily distracted. He also changes between his six forms very often. Usually when bored.

    Name: Drago
    Species: Dragonite
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Tim obtained this as a Dratini while fishing one day. Drago is laid back, mellow, and relaxed. He is also cool and calm and doesn't like to overreact to things. He often just goes with the flow. He is lazy but when urged, is quite a good battler. Tim uses him mostly for transportation.
    Other: He sometimes wears sunglasses.

    Species: Kyogre
    Personality: Kyogre is calm and peaceful. Also very kind and loyal to those he is close to. When angered he will attack relentlessly. Especially when Groudon is involved
    Gender: Male
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2011
  4. Raptor ruler

    Raptor ruler Well-Known Member

    Character Form:

    Name: Jedediah "Jed" Lumpkin

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Legend: Regice

    Appearance: Jed is what you would expect from someone with a name like his, he is a very big country boy. He stands at about 6'2" and weighs at least 200 pounds. He has Brown hair that reaches his eyes that he just keeps there. Along with his baby blue eyes there is a distinct scar on his right cheek that came from an indcident when he was a child. When he is around you usually see him wearing traditional farmboy garb. These things being a pair of blue overalls and a plaid shirt underneath. Other than this he has no other distinct features.

    Personality: At first glance Jed is a typical country boy. He is very polite to everyone, as well as being slightly talkative. This leads to a first impression of him that is changed once you get to know the real Jed. He is a lost soul and is someone who has never found his place in life. As a big kid he used this size when he was younger to be a bully towards smaller children and even adults and continues to do do this to this day. When faced with a difficult task he is willing to risk anyone and anything to get the job done, seeing as he has already risked his own life plenty of times, more on this later. Though he does have two soft spots. He grew up longing for his mother and has never had a female figure in his life. And if he were to develop a relationship with a female figure he would do anything to prevent harm from coming to her. Also, he can't stand seeing Pokemon injured or being mistreated in any way. He always valued a Pokemon's life more than a human's.

    History: Jed was born in the country town of Soleaceon. However, the day he was born was also one of if not the saddest days of his life. Giving birth to triplets his mother died in childbirth when to decided to try andcome out at the same time. From there his childhood took a turn for the worst. His father married a much younger woman who had no regard for Jed and his brothers. This only added to the fact that his father was a drunk and also seemed to have no care for his own sons.

    Then one day at age 12 Jed decided he need to leave home. He said goodbye to his brothers and just started walking along with his two Pokemon, Chuck the Floatzel and Shank the Prinplup. Chuck was the family pet, but he had always warmed up to Jed the most. He tried to leave him at home to stay with his brothers and look after them. However, Chuck couldn't bear to see Jed go and with the insistance of his brothers Chuck joined Jed. As for Shank, when Jed was 10 he saw a trainer yelling at a defeated Piplup outside the Pokemon center in Solaceon. He walked up to the trainer, feeling concerned for the Piplup, and had a "chat" with this boy. He then took the Piplup in as his own after the trainer allowed him to.

    A couple of years later he came across a young man who looked slightly younger than he was. He seemed to be traveling by himself. Though the one thing that seemed different was that he wasn't scared. Then Jed saw the pokeballs on his belt and then he realized if this pathetic little kid could survive solely with his Pokemon then he could too. He didn't need anyone else to tell him what to do. He would be the only person that he would listen to. He, Shank and Carl would lead a life of their own.

    Powers/Abilities: Since Regice can freeze someone just by being around them. Jed has the ability to freeze things on a limited basis (Like the ground and small animals).

    Other: Nothing really


    Species: Floatzel
    Name: Chuck
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Chuck is a very distant pokemon who can be seen just looking off into space. He only has one friend, Jed.

    Species: Prinplup
    Name: Shank
    Gender: Male
    Personality: He is the only member of Jed's team with any sort of outgoing personality. He has been grateful ever since Jed saved him as a Piplup from an abusive trainer in the Solaceon ruins.

    Species: Regice
    Personality: Regice is a very cold and calculated Pokemon who when there is a task at hand he is focused solely on getting that job done no matter the cost. Almost like a machine.
    Gender: Male
    Others: He can not speak to anyone, save for Jed. He uses some weird spiritual connection to speak to him.
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2011
  5. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    Shaymin Sign Up

    Name: Scott Stone (No relation to Steven.)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Legend: Shaymin

    Appearance: Scott is fairly tall (Exactly six feet,) and of average weight. His skin color is fair, but not exactly pale. He has brown eyes, and his messy brown hair is underneath a brown cap that has a Gracedia flower attached to it. Most people think the flower looks out of place, but he thinks it's awesome. He wears a green striped shirt with a green jacket over it, brown pants, and brown sneakers. He also has a green and brown backpack which he carries his pokeballs and other items in. He also wears glasses with thin silver frames sometimes

    Personality: Scott is quite shy, and doesn't like talking to people unless he already knows them, or he actually has something to say. Because of this, he can come off as being rather serious. However, once you get to know him, you'll find he is generally a nice fun person to be around. He is even rather silly sometimes. He has a sarcastic sense of humor, and often makes sarcastic remarks about things. Scott is terribly impatient, he has a habit of rushing into things without thinking about it first, which causes problems more often than not. He also has a case of ADHD so sitting still and focusing on one thing at a time isn't exactly easy for him. When he gets bored with something, or it becomes too difficult for him, he'll move on to something else, often without finishing what he was doing before.

    History: Scott was born in Floaroma town. He found the small town he lived in boring, and wanted to become a trainer so he could travel, acquire new Pokémon, and leave the boringness of his everyday life behind. He started his journey at the age of ten and he has been a trainer for a long time. In this time Scott has accomplished many things, including traveling across many places in the world, catching several Pokémon, challenging and winning against some of the regional Gym Leaders and Elite Four members, and winning a few Pokeathalon medals. As a result, he's made a a good reputation for himself. Scott prefers to be in big cities, due to the contrast between his hometown, and because of the amount of activities there. Currently, Mari's father hires Scott to keep an eye on his daughter. Mari finds him annoying, and often manages to get away from him.

    Powers/Abilities: Scott is able to control plants. He is able to do a variety of things with this. From making vines grow from the ground to ensnare opponents, or reviving dead plants. However, he cannot make plants from nothing, making this ability useless if there is no plant life around.

    When he comes in contact with pollen from a Gracedia Flower, he gets wings that resemble Shaymin's sky form wings that appear on the sides of Scott's head. These wings allow him to fly. He also gets a boost to his speed, his plant powers get stronger, and he is able to move gracefully like Mari does. However, these wings are only active during the day, they vanish when the sun goes down. He is also extremely cold sensitive in this state, and the wings also vanish when Scott comes in contact with ice or cold.

    Scott can also take in polluted air, then release it in a violent burst of energy. Afterwards, flowers grow in that area, if possible. This technique is known as Seed Flare. This technique is powered by grattitude, the more grateful Scott is, the more powerful the flare.


    Name: Shaana
    Species: Musharna
    Gender: Female
    Personality: She is relaxed and cheerful. Preferring to not get stressed out and just go with the flow. She also likes to eat a lot (Since her favorite food is sweet dreams, this can get her into trouble) and she can often be found sleeping.

    Name: Drake
    Species: Flygon
    Gender: Male
    Personality: He is a bit of a flirt. He often hits on female Flygons, though none actually accept his advances. His closest friend is Megan, as the two are very outgoing and fun loving. He doesn't seem to notice her romantically.

    Name: Megan
    Species: Yanmega
    Gender: Female
    Personality: She is outgoing and hyperactive. She has a habbit of playing tricks on the other Pokemon. She Is a good friend to Drake, and actually likes him. However he is too busy flirting with female Flygons to notice.

    Species: Shaymin
    Personality: Shaymin's personality changes depending on which forme it takes. In its Land Forme, it's very fearful, timid and rather pompous while it is brave, outgoing and friendly in its Sky Forme. Contrary to its cute appearance, Shaymin actually has an incredibly large ego and likes to boss people around.
    Gender: Female in Land form, Male in Sky Form (Don't get confused when pronouns change. xD)

    (I used Movie!Shaymin for inspiration for Shaymin's personality. xD Sorry for triple posting. xD)
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  6. Virawl

    Virawl •º°N¡ce Guy°º•

    Of course you can reserve!

    Well, as long as it's not taken by anyone else, you can reserve as many as you can handle I guess.
  7. Cometstarlight

    Cometstarlight What do I do now?

    real quick I just want to reserve Victini, don't want it to be gone before I type everything lol
    EDIT: I made her last name stone before I saw someone elses' if you want me to change it I will
    Name: Airen Stone
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Legend: Victini

    Appearance: Airen is a fair-skinned girl. Her height is around 5'5 and her hair is a light brown sort with very vague highlights from the time she spends outside. She has green eyes and a nice smile that can charm almost anyone, lol. She has a V-shaped scar on the left of her forehead that is almost always hidden by her hair. She tends to wear hoodies in the winter, but a t-shirt and some shorts, with a good pair of tennis shoes suits her at any time during the summer. She wears a necklace with a blood red ruby that shines on occassion. Sometimes she'll wear a regular cap, or hat, but only if she truely needs to.

    Personality: Although happy and kind to those she meets she is generally shy due to a lack of self confidence given to her after being bullied throughout her life. Her personality flares up however when she is in a heated pokemon battle, in the fight of her life, or to help another. She becomes outspoken and ready to defend what she loves which are her close friends and what remains of her family. Usually she keeps to herself in fear of being rejected by others, but shows affection to her pokemon. She loves animals and if people are willing she will become good friends with them too

    History: Airen was a happy go lucky kind of person who enjoyed laughing and battling up until her parents died in a car accident when she was 13. Her pokemon are the result of her parent's going out world traveling and getting them for her as a gift before their death several years later. Ever since she has lost a lot of self confidence. Her Uncle took her in and raised her from that point, pushing her back into battling to help bring back at least some of her former self. He always loves and supports her but is no push over. She almost always seems to win in a pokemon battle that she's really into, even if the odds are against her. She is one day approached by a man in a black trenchcoat who gives her a blood red ruby necklace and warns her of her powers which can only bring her trouble. She leaves not too long after that to find him and what he meant.

    Powers/Abilities: In a heated battle her powers of victory increase and often wins, though she is not unbeatable. When she makes a peace sign, or a v with her hands she can create V shaped flames or just flames on her fingers in general. She can throw these as well.
    Other: The Psychic portion of her powers includes range telepathy, but only if the recipient is willing to talk or listen back.

    Pokemon: You can evolve them if you want

    Her pokemon were given to her by her parents as they loved pokemon.

    Species: Zorua
    Name: Zorua
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Likes to follow her around out of its poke ball, but doesn't always. Can have a tricky personality taking the forms of other people or pokemon to either cheer Airen up, or just mess with other people's heads. Likes to cause michief for others, but loves his owner.

    Species: Luxray
    Name: Luxray
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Can be protective and is very wary of strangers. Tends to distrust new people, but is accepting in time. When out of its poke ball it can create mischief against other people it doesn't trust. Plots mischief with Zorua, but tends to be nice and protective when it finally comes to trust another.

    Species: Vaporeon
    Name: Vaporeon
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Loves her trainer. Gets along well with others and no doubt loves the water. Loves to explore, but stick with its trainer. Again, it loves spots with water and doesn't often partake in mischief of any kind.

    Species: Lucario
    Name: Lucario
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Like Airen, he usually keeps to himself. Like the rest of her pokemon he enjoys the rush of a battle and wields power in his paws as well as aura, duh. lol He doesn't partake in mischief. He tries his best to keep his friends safe and is very loyal. Very flexible and has gymnastic like agility. Can speak through telepathy


    Species: Victini
    Personality: Loves to battle, will fight for her child. Stands up against even the toughest of foes to protect others.
    Gender: can be viewed as female
    Others: Uses telepathy to speak, but can create cries and noises, etc.
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  8. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    @CometStarlight: Reserved. xD (Rawr edit the first post when ya can.)

    @Mon1010: Accepted. You're characters are awesome. xD *Shot*

    What? I am Co-GM, I can accept myself. xD
  9. Virawl

    Virawl •º°N¡ce Guy°º•

    Reserved! Don't worry, I haven't typed up my Sign-Ups completely either.

    SIDE NOTE: I am the 'Rawr' you might see Rotom (I call him Yel)/ Mon refer to.
  10. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    reserve darkrai please
  11. Virawl

    Virawl •º°N¡ce Guy°º•


  12. Virawl

    Virawl •º°N¡ce Guy°º•

    Rayquaza Sign-Up

    Character Form:

    Name: Alex Ling
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Legend: Rayquaza
    Appearance: Alex is average height for his age (5’4”/ 5’5”?). He has fair skin, a little pale though. Like most Asians, he has straight black hair that reaches his eyebrows, but he brushes it off to one side. Alex has very dark brown eyes. He’s not very athletic, but fit. He can usually be seen wearing a white T-shirt with blue and green designs and sometimes a light grey hoodie, and slim, dark blue jeans. He also wears grey sneakers.

    Personality: Alex is mostly kind and pretty nice to most everyone. He can come off as quiet sometimes, but will talk whenever he thinks it seems fit for him to talk. At times he can be funny, but other times, he is logical and serious and intelligent. He is trusting to friends, but often helps out anyone he thinks needs help. At the back of his mind though, he knows (or thinks he knows) who he should make acquaintance with and will stray away from those he dislikes. He tries to avoid trouble or awkward situations, but somehow, they always find him.

    History: Alex was born in Lilycove, the semi-bustling coastline city. His parents often travel around since they’re photographers, and often takes Alex along for the ride. That is the reason why his Pokemon and achievement selections may seem diverse. One day, he hopes to travel by himself and become a good trainer.

    While visiting the Sevii Islands with his parents, Alex accidentally wandered into private property while exploring an island, waiting for his parents. He was quickly apprehended by the security guards and was being brought to the owner when a girl his age intervened. She quickly dismissed the guards.

    She got lonely while staying on the private island, and when Alex so happened to wander into her wealthy father’s territory, she jumped on the opportunity to finally go on an adventure. Her father also took a liking to Alex and found him responsible enough, finally agreeing to allow his daughter to travel the world, with supervision from Alex. Her father threatened to enslave Alex if anything ever happened to his daughter. His daughter had other plans, wanting to ditch Alex and travel by herself right after she left the islands. Not wanting to be enslaved, Alex had no choice but to travel with her, glad he was able to leave his parents though.

    Powers/Abilities: Being the child of Rayquaza, Alex is able to fly short distances, with some control. He also influences the weather when he concentrates, cancelling out rain or drought.

    He also has some power over air.

    Other: None.


    Species: Scrafty
    Name: Shifty
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Shifty has a very cheerful personality and often likes to joke around. He is also loyal though, and will defend Alex and the rest of his Pokemon no matter what.

    Species: Togekiss
    Name: Yoky
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Yoky is caring and kind. She is sort of like the mother among Alex’s group and doesn’t intend to see anyone hurt. She is also cheerful and fun loving. Given to Alex as a gift from Scarlet's father.

    Species: Rotom-W
    Name: Scrubs
    Gender: Genderless (treated as male)
    Personality: Scrubs is a trickster and is very mischievous. He enjoys messing with people. Sometimes, he can’t really tell if a situation is serious or not. Stalked Alex since his visit from the Old Chateau.


    Species: Rayquaza
    Personality: Rayquaza, being the balance between Groudon and Kyogre, will often remain neutral on subjects, but will support his child.
    Gender: Male
    Others: None
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  13. Rotom310

    Rotom310 As seen in pokedexes

    @Raptor ruler - That's a nice profile, but there was one weird sentence in the Personality field that just kinda stopped halfway through. I also think that the History field could be fleshed out a little more. How did he get Chuck and Shank? What exactly made him realize he didn't need people in his life to help him suceed?

    The History also seems a little contradictory, considering in Personality you mentioned that he always valued a Pokemon's life, but then in History said that he thought he was the only one who had a life worth living. Maybe make that bit a smidge clearer as well.

    Because of those couple things, I'm going to have to say Pending, but only just.
  14. Blahboy

    Blahboy WHEEL OF MUCUS!

    Can I reserve Genesect? I'll probably post my character Sunday or Monday...
  15. Virawl

    Virawl •º°N¡ce Guy°º•

    Cresselia Sign-Up

    Character Form:

    Name: Scarlet Clipse
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Legend: Cresselia
    Appearance: Scarlet has red hair that flows to the top of her back, which sometimes she keeps in a ponytail. She has brown eyes, a fair complexion and is about average height for a girl her age. Usually, she can be seen wearing a slim red top with a white, frilly mini-skirt which reaches her mid-thighs. She wears matching red Converse style shoes.

    Personality: Scarlet is very outgoing. She isn’t the nicest or most caring person, but when it comes down to the people closest to her, she can be pretty protective, although she would never admit it to most of them. Her father is a wealthy man, owning hotels all over the world. Scarlet has been spoiled by his wealth and got whatever she wanted; making her think money can allow her to get whatever she wants (which it kind of usually does). She uses her female charm and money to woo people into doing whatever she wants. What she really wants is to live life and not always be under her father’s wing.

    History: Scarlet was born into a rich family. Her father was most of the time; too busy financing his hotels to be concerned with her. Her mother on the other hand, was said to have died in a plane crash over uncharted land shortly after she was born. Scarlet only had the wealth to comfort her. After the death of his wife, Scarlet’s father swore to care for Scarlet, and that he did. He cooped her up in a private house somewhere in the Sevii Islands and heavily guarded it with security.

    While growing up, all Scarlet wanted to do was travel the world. But after the incident with her mother, Scarlet knew her father would never let her do that. Scarlet believes though, that her mother survived the crash. One day, she was going to find her mother.

    The start of her journey began when a boy her age stumbled into the private property. After rescuing him from the guards, Scarlet asked him a few questions. She found out he travelled the world with his parents, and he seemed a nice enough guy. Fooling her father into letting her travel with this strange wasn’t easy, but apparently, her father trusted this boy. Scarlet did plan to ditch him shortly after they left the island, but for an unknown reason, he decided to stay with her and leave his own parents.

    Powers/Abilities: Being the child of Cresselia, Scarlet is able to heal under the moonlight. Her other powers also intensify under the moon.
    Those powers are yet to be seen though.

    Other: None


    Species: Ninetales
    Name: Lupe
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Lupe is self-centered, just like Scarlet. The only person she will listen to is her owner. She was given to Scarlet as a Vulpix by her mother.

    Species: Altaria
    Name: Skylar
    Gender: Female
    Personality: The exactly opposite of Lupe, Skylar is caring and motherly. She is more like the gentler side of Scarlet. A flock of Swablu passed by Scarlet’s house and seeing how fluffy they were, she asked her daddy to get her one.

    Species: Espeon
    Name: Cleo
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Cleo is very quiet. She enjoys loping around, bathing in the sunlight and overall, just being very feline. Eevees were a ‘must have’ at one point, so Scarlet had to have one.

    Species: Azumarill
    Name: Tubs
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Being the only male Pokemon of the group, Tubs is strong headed and will usually try to stand up to anyone threatening the girls.


    Species: Cresselia
    Personality: Cresselia is very mysterious, only presenting itself during a full moon, even to her child. Representing the moon means representing balance when the time is right. She often will try to help guide her child in subtle ways though.
    Gender: Female
    Others: None
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  16. Virawl

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    Sure. Reserved! Don't worry, just type it when you have time.
  17. Flame Mistress

    Flame Mistress Well-Known Member

    May I please reserve Jirachi? And if I can reserve more than one legendary, Latias and Suicune as well?
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2011
  18. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    Of course you can reserve more than one legendary.

    We have 47 spots to fill after all. xD
  19. Blahboy

    Blahboy WHEEL OF MUCUS!

    You know what? I request a reserve for Regigigas and Cobalion as well. Almost everyone is getting more than one, so might as well, eh?
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2011
  20. Virawl

    Virawl •º°N¡ce Guy°º•

    NOTE: Of course, you guys can have more than one Legendary. If one person only could control one legendary, I doubt while fill up all 47 or so. xD

    So don't be afraid to ask for more than one.

    @Blahboy- Reserved

    @Flame Mistress - Also reserved!

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