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Project Legends V2 (Sign Ups)

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Monster Guy, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    Concept originally made by Virawl, but he's dissapeared from the internet, and the original thread was falling apart, I decided to take it over. (Since I co-GMed the original.) some parts of his original has been included into this one.

    GM: Mon1010
    Co GM: Unknown Guy 960, Titan500, Rotom310
    In the beginning, there was only chaos.

    From this primal chaos came an egg, and from this egg, the original one. Seeing the chaos around, the original one, slowly but surely, created beings and matter to fill the void. Beings were created. One to control Time, one to control Space, one for Balance, and another for what is now called antimatter.

    Over time, others were formed as well. Knowledge, Willpower, Emotion, the gifts of warming fire, life giving water, and fifteen others were given to the myriad of species now on the small life-bearing planet.

    And while the region, known as Unova was being formed, by the aid of four brothers and the original four deities, an argument broke out. The two brothers’ goals differed. One fought for truth, while the other, ideals. Yin and Yang, lightning and fire clashed, until the original one put a stop to the battle, by sealing the brothers. They were to sleep until new heroes are able to control them. By fusing the Mirage Beings with the purest of the humans: The Young, the original one created a bond between the two, out of fear that either one will betray the original one in the future. Arceus then went into a deep sleep, only to be reawakened when true chaos is resurrected. And thus, the Legendary Children were created.

    Every few years, a legend is born. A child, not quite mortal, yet enough to be mistaken as one. A child, who shares a bond like no other with a Pokémon of legend. To each legendary, a child, and to each child, a creature with powers beyond imagination. Their purpose: Act as a bridge between human and the legendaries. To gently nudge humanity in the right direction under the guidance of gods. To keep balance between order and chaos. In order for this to be possible, this child not only shares a bond which they will be able to communicate with the legendary, but also share some similar abilities and powers. The child shall also have the ability to tame the immense power of a legend. Neither the child nor the parents are aware of their abilities from birth. Most never come to notice the Legendary watching over them, or the powers bubbling beneath the skin. But there will come a time, when all the children must be called upon, and united with their legendaries in order to keep chaos from overrunning humanity.


    The young blonde haired blue eyed boy tuned the page of the big heavy book he was reading, only to find that there were pages missing, they seem to have been ripped out by an unknown source. “That’s it?! There has to be more!”

    But before he could search for the missing pages, he was interrupted by an “Ahem!” coming from behind, which startled him for a moment. He got up and turned around and saw a young woman, who was close to his age standing at the doorway. She had shoulder length straight blonde hair and blue eyes similar to his own. She also wore a dark hooded robe, exactly the same as he was wearing, except she had the hood down, where he had the hood up. “If you’re finished doing whatever it is you are doing, Father is ready for us. He wants The Book.”

    “Of course, Project Legends is finally underway.” The boy replied

    The girl rolled her eyes. “Whatever, I still think the idea absolutely ridiculous.” The girl said with contempt in her voice. She turned around and went off.

    The boy shut the book he was reading, tucked it underneath his arm, and followed her. “It’s a good thing nobody cares what you think.” He said smugly.

    Soon the two teens arrived in the grand hall where their father was. The walls were adorned with paintings and tapestries depicting myths and legends from long ago. Hanging from the ceiling were crystal chandeliers that were aflame and cast flickering shadows all over the huge room. In columns parallel to the walls were long wooden tables, clustered by various people all dressed in similar dark hooded robes. Only goblets and the occasional candle lined the tables.

    A path was cleared down the center, padded by a soft luxurious rug that depicted yet another ancient scene. Only this one was on a much larger scale. An enormous being dominated the picture; it had a pure white coat sometimes jutting around its neck and shoulder, with a grey underside. It was a long necked, four legged beast. Crossing the midsection of its body was a golden when, with four jewels at each point. Its feet also ended with a point and were also tipped with the same four jewels. Sprouting from its head was a mane, much like a wisp of smoke; it was the same white with grey underside. Its face was dulled and hidden by a glare from behind as seventeen multicolored plates surrounded its golden wheel. The grand rug led to a pedestal on a raised platform, on which stood a single figure dominating the center of attention. The man was dressed similarly as the rest, with the exception of golden chains that hanging by his chest. His head tilted up, noticing the two teens as they entered the room.

    “Luke!” “He bellowed, “Step forth and bring me the book!” he beckoned the boy, and completely ignored the girl. Luke did as he was told and walked across the elaborate rug and handed the bug to his father. All eyes were on him, watching his slow deliberate movement. The girl followed behind, not moving quite as slowly has her brother was. She was the only one in the room not wearing her hood up. After Luke reached the pedestal, and handed the book to his father, the two took a seat behind him.

    “Brethren, we have worked and waited since nearly the creation for this moment. Now it’s finally here. The book I hold in my hands is the key to our success. One by one, all across the globe, the powers of the legendary children are slowly awakening. This book tells us everything we need to know, where they are, they’re strengths and there weaknesses. When the moment is right, we shall capture them and their bonded legend, and take their immense powers for ourselves. With those powers at our disposal, we shall create the ultimate Pokémon that not even Arceus can defeat and that will obey us and only us. Using its power we shall recreate the world in our image, we will become gods, and rule the new utopia we will create. I invite you all, to Project Legends!”
    A thunderous roar exploded from the crowd. Everyone cheering for their cause and their leader, everyone except for one. The teenage girl simply rolled her eyes in disgust at her fathers plan. “This plan of yours is doomed to failure.” She announced when everyone finished cheering. This elicited loud gasps of shock from everyone in the room.

    “Insolent girl! You dare to mock me, your own father?!” The man shouted

    The girl stood up from her chair and calmly walked to center of the room, then she turned to face her father. “Oh I dare mock you.” She said with a smirk, “You’re a terrible excuse for a father, and it was because of you that our mother died. Others have tried similar things to what you have proclaimed, and all have failed. What makes you think it will be so simple to capture a Legendary Child, let alone a Legendary Pokémon? Even if you do succeed, in catching them all and obtain their powers, and make this ultimate Pokémon, what makes you think a being of such power will obey you and only you as you say? Like I said, this idiotic plan of yours is destined to fail, and when it does, I will be there, laughing as all of you suffer a miserable defeat!”

    Her words angered the man. He clenched his hand into a fist, and then he pointed a finger at the young woman and shouted, “Guards seize her!”

    Several large burly men also in hooded robes came out to seize the girl, but they failed. She vanished out of the room in a puff of smoke before they could reach, seemingly by a Psychic type’s Teleport. Her words left an impact on everyone else in the room. They began murmuring amongst themselves.

    Noticing the concern amongst the crowd, the man addressed them again. “Do not believe my former daughter. She speaks nonsense, our plan will succeed. I will make certain of that.” He began to step down from the pedestal. “Now enjoy yourselves tonight, for tomorrow, the project begins.” With that, he left the room.


    You are one of these Legendary Children (Ages 6-21) (You may also be a separate OC only if he/she would have something to do with the plot, if you have something in mind PM/VM me.)

    Basically, these children have special abilities depending on their legendary. You can also communicate with the legendary via telepathy, Sharing this bond grants you some power over controlling the legendary. It’s not you’re Pokémon, but more of a partner of sorts. The yet unnamed villain group has begun a hunt for legendary children, so try not to get captured or killed before you meet up and train with your legendary. There are few who are aware of your existence, and few who are willing to help.


    All standard Serebii RPG rules apply (Obviously.)

    You may have powers, but do not overly abuse them. No Mary Sues and no God Modding.

    Also, don’t control another person’s character unless they give you permission, or they are an NPC.

    Try to be active, I understand everyone is busy, but please try your best to stay active, and if not, give someone else permission to control your character.

    You can have as many characters as you’d like, but keep track of them all, and don’t go overboard.

    Have fun. I appreciate creativity, and I don’t mind other people coming up with plot twists and stuff. However, if you are going to do something major, I would like to be in on it. PM or VM me.

    Respect the GMs

    Have fun

    Sign Ups

    Hometown: (You’re character should be from a town that relates to your chosen legendary (Ex. Ecruteak City for Ho-Oh’s child) or at least the region (Unova Legendary children should be born in Unova.) You do not have to be currently living there, but you have to have been born there. This is partially why you out of everyone else in the world are a Legendary Child to begin with.)

    Pokémon (Up to six)

    (This is to be done for each Pokémon they own.)

    Legendary (They will be speaking so we need a general idea of how it acts.)

    Gender: (I prefer giving the legendaries a gender to act off of. Referring to them as “it” makes them seem like cold robots, and they obviously aren’t.)

    Other stuff

    The legendary is not your parent! I understand calling them the child of *Insert Legend here* is confusing but that is not case.

    I would prefer that Legendaries in a trio/quartet be played by three/four separate people, it’s more interesting that way. Duos however can be controlled by the same person.

    You are not going to start off knowing you’re a legendary Child right away. You will discover it within the course of the story like everyone else. You will not have complete mastery of your powers until you have met and trained with your legendary.

    I would like some creativity with the powers here. Don’t be boring and say Telekinesis and Telepathy if you are using Mew for example. Mew can do more than that, not to mention there are several Psychic type legendaries that can do this, how are you different from Deoxy’s child? Just don’t go overboard and be all powerful, come up with some limits/weaknesses if it gets that far.

    For people that take the lake trio: Uxie represents Knowledge, Azelf represents Willpower, and Mesprit represents Emotion. I would like something in the abilities that represents that.
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2012
  2. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    Taken/Reserved Legendaries:

    (Links to the Sus) http://www.serebiiforums.com/showpost.php?p=14136728&postcount=415

    Articuno: Reserved by Unknown Guy 960
    Zapdos: Jonathan “Jon” Smith (Titan500)
    Mewtwo: Jacob Brooks (Ambre)
    Mew: Jasmine Brooks (Ambre)

    Raikou: Rick Myers (miles0624)
    Entei: Alexander “Alex” McKay (iStorm)
    Suicune: Aidan Taylor (Crimson Darkness)
    Lugia: Melody “Milly” Gale (ShinyLugia101) *Controlled by Titan500 untill SL returns*
    Ho-Oh Shai Novella (SpyroxPikachu)
    Celebi: Cosminoa “Cosmo” Mimosas (Zekshirom)

    Regirock: Reserved for Unknown Guy 960
    Registeel: Reserved for MufinskulzFTW
    Latias: Destiny Jones (miles0624)
    Latios: Zachary Night (Crimson Darkness)
    Kyogre: Timothy “Tim” Wolfe (Mon1010)
    Groudon: Zane Marker (Crimson Darkness) *Controlled by Mon1010 untill CD returns*
    Rayquaza: Toby English (SpyroxPikachu)
    Jirachi: Kyla Agate (Cometstarlight)
    Deoxys: Alyson Oliver (Purplepassion)

    Uxie: Yukishii Nakamura (Rotom310)
    Mesprit: Olivia “Olive” Foster (SpyroxPikachu)
    Azelf: Selena Artemis (Mon1010)
    Dialga: Eilian Drake (Titan500)
    Palkia: Isaac Hitoshi (ShinyLugia101) *Controlled by Titan500 untill SL returns*
    Heatran: Carmen Noctis (Cometstarlight)
    Regigigas: Reserved by miles0624
    Giratina: Maddux Stark (iStorm)
    Cresselia: Clarissa Audney (PurplePassion)
    Manaphy: David “Dave” Muse (SpyroxPikachu)
    Darkrai: Miles Stone (miles0624)
    Shaymin: Scott Stone (Mon1010)
    Arceus: Emily Wright (NPC)

    Victini: Edward Knight (Ambre)
    Cobalion: Sark Alisto (Zekshirom)
    Terrakion: Trè "Terra" Denim (MufinskulzFTW)
    Virizion: Leonard “Leon” Idoni (Purplepassion)
    Tornadus: Reserved by Rotom310
    Thundurus: Reserved by Rotom310
    Landorus: Marcus Granger (iStorm)
    Reshiram: Viola Grant (Purplepassion)
    Zekrom: Storm Smith (Cometstarlight)
    Kyurem: Corvin Ingram (Rotom310)
    Keldeo: Rhiannon “Anna” Rosamond (Rotom310)
    Meloetta: Marianna “Mari” Vilum (Mon1010)
    Genesect: Simon Garche (Titan500) *Temporary Antagonist*

    Non-Legendary Children

    Nameless (For now) leader of Project Legends, usually called “The King” by his followers (NPC)
    Luke: Evil group leader’s son, and Wallis’ brother (NPC)
    Wallis: Evil group’s leader’s daughter and Luke’s sister; Currently aligned with Corvin Ingram (NPC)
    Richard Anderson: Antagonist; Head of PL’s Intelligence Gathering Intel/Recon Division (Titan500)
    Jessica O’Hanlon: Antagonist; Head of PL’s Interrogation Division, Sub-Division of Intel/Recon Division (Titan500)
    Mary Rosamond: Antagonist; Low level grunt in PL (Rotom310)
    Tyrell Chevron: Interpol Agent assigned to the PL Case & Ingram Case (Rotom310)
    Lionel Fosco: Interpol Agent assigned to the Ingram case; Blackmailed informant to Corvin Ingram (Rotom310)
    Rufus: Herdier (YDT)

    Completely Open Legendaries:


    Legendaries that Technically Have Children But Their Spots are Able to Be Stolen Due To Inactivity:


    (Nameless things may get their names revealed later on)
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2012
  3. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    Space reserved for future information. Just in case.
  4. ~SilverLugia~

    ~SilverLugia~ Use Razor Shell!

    Project Legends has returned! (Hopefully, this time, it won't end with just two people being active)
    And I'm the Co-GM, along with Titan500. Just so you guys know.

    Anyhow, I would like to reserve Lugia and Palkia (like anyone didn't see that coming).
  5. leafstormfire

    leafstormfire ~Freezing Winds~

    Hm. I hope people not originally in this RP can join...

    If so, Articuno for me, please. I may not be as active as I'd like, but I'll try as hard as I can. :)
  6. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    Of course people who weren't in the original can join. That's one of the reasons I restarted it, to get some new people.

    Wow, a Gen. 1 Bird was taken early, usually they're among the last to go. xD

  7. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    May I reserve Ho-oh please? c:
  8. capitalh

    capitalh Well-Known Member

    Reserving Deoxys if it's ok.
  9. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    All reserves are noted.

    Also, right now you have as much time as you need to get the Sign Ups posted. However, once the RPG starts reserves only last a week. Unless I've been waiting for you for more than a week already, in which case you'll be abruptly dropped once the RPG begins.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2011
  10. Zekshirom

    Zekshirom Herp a derpy gurl

    Wow, thought I wouldn't join this last time. At least they have one of my favorite pokemon avaliable!

    Name: Cosminoa “Cosmo” Mimosas

    Age: 10

    Gender: Female

    Legend: Celebi

    Hometown: Azalea Town, Johto

    Appearance: Cosmo doesn’t look like a normal ten year old girl. Although she has a normal skin tone, she had short, light green hair (which is natural for her) with unbloomed roses on each side, which surprisingly she doesn't get picked on for. Her dress is green on the top, and white with green outlines on the bottom. The sleeves were long, and the bottom looked like petals. Around Cosmo’s wrists are yellow rings that shine like the sun. Her eyes are a deep blue, and she wears long white socks with green flats for her shoes. Cosmo also has a deep red gem on her dress top, and it is said to protect her. She also sometimes wears a headband that is dark green.

    Personality: Cosmo loves to help other people, and she is always there for others. When she and her pokemon are in trouble, Cosmo will do anything to protect them and herself, along with others that are with her. When they win a battle, Cosmo and her pokemon are very excited and happy. When they lose, they are a little sad, but still look to the bright side. Cosmo also has a liking for plants, and loves to care for them in her family’s greenhouse. Due to this, she has an ability to “talk” to plants, which can sometimes rise suspicion upon her neighbors.

    History: When Cosmo was five, she went on a trip to Unova with her parents and her big sister, Orchidina. She got a Snivy from Professor Juniper, and loved to play with it. While she was there, Cosmo disappeared into a forest and got lost. She ran into some Zoroark, but was saved by a Serperior and a Liligant, and her parents were deeply grateful. When Cosmo went back to Jhoto, she was going to miss her saviors, but knew that she could someday meet them again. She was also happy to finally have her own pokemon to train and play with.

    Abilities: Cosmo is able to speak to plants, as well as control their growth. She can also use her skirt to float down from high places without being hurt, as well as use most of Celebi's attacks. Cosmo can also use time travel.

    Other: Cosmo likes to draw, and she is a very good artist.

    Cosmo's Pokemon

    Name: Petal
    Species: Servine
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Petal is very elegant, and loves to make others smile.
    Other: Cosmo received Petal when the Servine was just a Snivy.

    Name: Leafo
    Species: Leafeon
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Leafo is a bit supersticious, and is protective of Cosmo.
    Other: Leafo was recieved by Cosmo when he was an Eevee.

    Name: Nyan
    Species: Liepard
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Nyan is hyper, and loves to make others laugh.
    Other: Nyan was recieved by Cosmo when she rescued the Liepard.

    Name: Guardion
    Species: Watchog
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Guardion is serious, and overprotective of Cosmo.
    Other: Cosmo got Guardion as a gift from a friend.

    Cosmo's Legendary
    Species: Celebi
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Celebi is sweet, and is usually happy, except when her friends (like Cosmo) are in danger.
    Other: Celebi is pretty vocal, and can get annoying sometimes, though she doesn't get annoying often.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2011
  11. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man


    Does she not have Pokemon? If she does, then they need Sign Ups too.

    You forgot the Sign Up for Celebi.

    You got the Plant thing right for abilities, but Celebi can do more than that. Do a little reserch. I'd suggest going to Bulbapedia.

    Though not bad, I'd appreciate a little more detail. Is her green hair natural? Was she bullied for it if so etc.? Is she tall, short, average height for her age? Thin, chubby, average height? Is she pale, average skin tone, or does she have a tan? If she does have a tan, how dark is it? View the Character Questionaire stickied thread if you need help.

    Lastly, double space between paragraphs, like I did in the quote. It makes it easier to read. You also spelled Johto wrong.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2011
  12. Alfred Jones

    Alfred Jones I'm the Hero!

    May I please reserve Latios?
  13. DittoDude

    DittoDude The King of Town.

    I'll reserve Giratina.
  14. Zekshirom

    Zekshirom Herp a derpy gurl

    I edited my sign-up! This looks like it will be a fun RPG!
  15. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    @Crimson & DittoDude: Reserved

    @Zekshirom: Better.

    I should've said this more clearly. The thing I was looking for in Celebi's abilities is the Time Travel. What about that?
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2011
  16. Zekshirom

    Zekshirom Herp a derpy gurl

    *facepalm* How in the name of Arceus did I forget that? Edited that in! *keeps facepalming self*
  17. ~SilverLugia~

    ~SilverLugia~ Use Razor Shell!

    @Zekshirom: I think it looks fairly good, but in my opinion, the Pokemon's personality is a little on the vague side. Still, it looks good to me. Your thoughts, Mon?
  18. Alfred Jones

    Alfred Jones I'm the Hero!

    Name: Zachary Night
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Legend: Latios
    Hometown: Lavaridge Town
    Appearance: Zachary has deep crimson red hair that runs down his back. It stops just below his shoulders, and is usually worn back in a pony tail. He has bangs that frame his face. He has a medium build, but is tall for his age, around 6'1". He has ice blue eyes, the colour of sapphire, with what looks like flecks of darken blue in them. He has a tanned complexion, but not too dark, just a slight colouring to his skin, but that's because of the nice heat that Lavaridge gets most of the time.

    Zachary likes to wear loose fitting clothing, usually just a T-shirt with blue flames on it, and some cargo pants, extra pockets, that would just hang to his frame. Despite living in a hot place, Zachary prefers to wear sneakers over sandals, claiming that they are easier to wear. Some accessories that he wears include: His Pokedex; light blue in colour, a similiar coloured Pokegear, a pair of red Go goggles, a Pokenav; red in colour though he uses his Pokegear more often, Six Pokeballs carrying his Pokemon, various items that heal Pokemon, and a first aid kit.

    Personality: Zachary is a really easy going guy that is out going at the same time. He loves to smile and crack jokes making it a fun environment. He doesn't like to get to serious about things but he can. He is a pretty kind hearted guy and helps out when he can. He doesn't exactly like to see people fighting but he won't exactly stop them either. He somewhat gets amused by this. His boredom sometimes gets the best of him making him seem like a slightly cold person and who doesn't interact with people much which causes misunderstandings making people think he has a split personality.

    Zachary isn't the type to judge others easily. In fact he can't say much. Maybe because of his past or just cause it's his nature. When he gets angry he has a shot fuse and can get aggressive. Sometimes this may be because of jealously or because he is simply angered. His control of his emotions is about the same as a child's curiosity when told not to do something. Which means they are easily swayed into a different phase often. Though he seems like a pacifist he does know how to stand his own ground.

    History: Zachary Night, or Zack for short, was born in Lavaridge town, location of beautiful hotsprings, and the firery red-headed gym leader Flannery. It was a nice life, the constant heat was a welcome thing, and as a child, Zack would more or less be seen playing with the other kids his age. Building sand castles, enjoying games of Mudkip, Torchic in the hotsprings, and even messing around with the people having a nice warm sand bath. Zack really enjoyed growing up in Lavaridge, and when it was time to become a Pokemon trainer, Zack was both happy and sad to leave his home of ten years. His parents took him to Littleroot Town to meet Professor Birch, and while there he got his chance to pick a starter Pokemon of his choice. There was the cool leval-headed Treecko who sat quietly as he watched his compantions play, then there was the troublesome looking Torchic who looked like he was having fun teasing the Timid little Mudkip, who shied away from his labmate.

    Many had thought that Zack was going to pick the Torchic, seeing as he grew up in Lavaridge, the place where fire types were abundant, but Zack had other Plans, he was drawn to the timid little Mudkip who was a victim to his labmate's games. Zack had made up his mind, he wanted Mudkip. Now he set off for the Hoenn League with the Mudkip, five extra pokeballs, and a Pokedex. Eight badges later, he managed to fight in the league with his trusted Pokemon partners. He managed to get into the top eight. Soon after the Hoenn League, Zack set off for Johto to start a new journey, his Pokemon by his side. He sought out to win the Johto League and capture some new Pokemon, so far he had succeeded by obtaining three out of the eight Johto badges.
    Abilities: All of Zack's abilities are untapped
    -He can manipulate Aura to let others see what he can see, it is mainly called sight sharing.

    -He can use telepathy to talk to others in their minds, though he won;t be able to do it as well as others can.

    -He can turn invisible, and walk around without others seeing him.

    - He can change his appearance to look like a Latios, though it takes a lot of energy to do so

    -He can glide as fast as a Latios can fly



    Name: Torrent
    Species: Swampert
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Torrent is a very shy Pokemon, his timid personality came from back when he was a Mudkip, though he does love to battle.

    Name: Sparks
    Species: Manertic
    Gender: Female
    Personality: A very quiet Pokemon, Sparks likes to keep to herself, but when it comes to battles, her personality geos from calm and quiet, to rough and energetic.

    Name: Army
    Species: Armaldo
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Fiesty and ill tempered, Army wasn't too thrilled with being brought back to life. Though he does fight for Zack, he isn't too fond of him though he is learning to wamr up to him

    Name: Spook
    Species: Gengar
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Spook is the trickster of the bunch, he loves to pull pranks and stuff especially on new people that they meet.

    Name: Storm
    Species: Flygon (shiny)
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Storm is like the mother of the group, but she's a kind and caring flygon so the 'family' loves her

    Name: Blaze
    Species: Ninetales
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Like Sparks, Blaze is very calm and collected, Blaze only trusts Zack, and she has a fierce bite.


    Species: Latios
    Gender: Male (but that's a given)
    Personality: Latios is a very energetic Pokemon. He likes to play with other Pokemon, though he is usually taking the appearance of a human when he does so. Latios likes to observe how others act around him, he likes to hear their reactions to things, becuase just like Pokemon, humans are very moody creatures and sometimes their actions make them act really, really funny. Desipte his energetic and playful mood, Latios can be stern when he wants to. He stands up for thise who are in danger and need help, and can be a natural leader when he wants to be.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2011
  19. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    @Zekshirom: I agree with ShinyLugia.

    Example Sign Up time.

    Name: Scott Stone (No relation to Steven)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Legendary: Shaymin
    Hometown: Floaroma Town, Sinnoh

    Appearance: Scott is exactly six feet tall, and of average weight for his height and age. He is not muscular or athletic, but he isn't overweight. He has messy light brown hair that is underneath a brown cap. Attached to that cap is a pink gracedia flower, which most people think looks out of place, but he thinks it looks awesome. He wears it as a tribute to his hometown. His skin is very lightly tanned, and his face is clean shaven. He usually wears a green striped T-shirt, with a green jacket over it, as well as a pair of brown pants which is held up by a black belt where his pokeballs are attached. On his feet are brown sneakers. He also wears a pair of silver glasses over his brown eyes for near sightedness. He usually carries around a green and brown backpack to put his stuff in.

    Personality: Scott is somewhat shy, and is usually not the first person to start a conversation with someone he does not know. To those that don't know him, he can come off as being quiet and serious. However, to those that actually do know him, he is quite the opposite. He is fun loving, even silly at times. Scott has a dry sense of humor, and often makes sarcastic comments about things. At times, he can be blunt, and he tends to say things exactly how he thinks them, without regard as to whether or not his comment will offend someone. He also has been diagnosed with ADHD, so he has a difficult time sitting still, and he gets distracted easily. Scott can be lazy sometimes, and he does not like sports (Pokemon do most of the work in Pokeathalon's.) or any form of physical labor, but he can tolerate them if need be, though there will be complaining. He enjoys playing video games, reading novels, anything creative, and anything having to do with Pokemon.

    History: Scott grew up in Floaroma Town Sinnoh (Which is why he wears a Gracedia Flower on his cap.) He was bored with life in the small town, and wanted to leave so he could train Pokemon like the other kids. On his tenth birthday, he got his wish, when he was finally allowed to become a trainer. He received a pokeball containing a Pikachu as a gift from his parents. After getting his trainer licence, he immediately challenged the first gym leader he could, which was Roark in Orreburgh. At the time, his only Pokemon was Pikachu, and he knew nothing about type advantages (Everyone else he battled before fell after one thundershock,) needless to say, the battle didn't go well.

    After this defeat, Scott found about a Pokemon school in a far away region. Thinking it was a good idea, he enrolled himself in. After catching himself a Yanma in the Great Marsh, and battling other trainers close to his level, while having his Yanma wear an Amulet coin to get enough money to pay for the school, he flew to this region began taking classes. Scott got good grades, made a few friends (Including a nice boy named Tim, and his female friend Mari, although Scott found her obnoxious at times,) and caught what would become his favorite Pokemon, a Munna. Through his education, he became a competent trainer. After graduating, Scott returned to Sinnoh and took the league challenge again. This time, he did much better and he ultimately won the league. After this, he traveled around the world. He's travelled to many regions and caught more Pokemon, and had a few adventures along the way. He even competed in the Pokeathalon in Johto, won a few medals. He has taken league challenges in other reigons, but has not had the same sucess as in Sinnoh. Nevertheless, he has beaten many notable trainers and he made a good name for himself as a trainer. Due to his reputation, a wealthy businessman hired him to keep an eye on his daughter and her friend while they traveled and he was busy working. He would later discover that those people were Mari and Tim from school.

    Abilities: As the child of Shaymin, Scott can control plant life. He can do many things with this, from reviving dead plants, to making flowers grow, to summoning vines to ensnare opponents. He cannot create plants from nothing however, so this ability is useless if there are no plants around.

    When Scott breathes in the pollen from a Gracedia flower, he gains wings on the sides of his head, similar to Shaymin's Sky Forme wings. These wings allow him to fly. They also make his plant powers stronger, and make much more graceful and agile. He is extremely cold sensitive in this state, coming into contact with the cold will make these wings disappear. They also disappear when the sun goes down.

    Lastly, Scott can use Seed Flare. This technique allows him to absorb pollution in the air, then release it in a violent force of energy. Afterward, flowers grow in the area if possible. This ability is powered by gratitude. The more grateful he feels, the more energy that's released.


    Species: Raichu
    Nickname: Rai
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Rai is the oldest Pokemon on Scott's team, as she was his first Pokemon. She considers herself the team mom. While she is kind and caring to the other Pokemon, she can also be bossy and stubborn which causes them to bump heads. She is jealous of Shaana because even though she was his starter, Scott seems to favor Shaana more. Scott recieved her as a birthday gift from his parents. At first the two didn't get along (Mainly, because Scott did not know Rai was Female untill a lot later on.) Now, though they get along pretty well. Scott evolved her soon after he obtained a Thunderstone.

    Species: Yanmega
    Nickname: Megan
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Megan is playful and hyperactive. She is not shy in the slightest, she will fly up to anything that piques her curiosity and buzz around it. She is the comic relief of the team, and likes to make the other Pokemon laugh when it is needed. She has a crush on Drake, but it seems one sided. Scott caught her in the great marsh because he was trying to win a Pokemon catching contest that was going on. He caught several Pokemon in an attempt to win, but Megan was the only one he kept on his team. After she learned AncientPower, she evolved into Yanmega, where she proved to be an impressive special sweeper.

    Species: Musharna
    Nickname: Shaana
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Shaana is a relaxed Pokemon, often prefering to go with the flow and not get stressed out over things. She has an appetite for dreams, and she often gets into trouble for trying to munch on some sleeping person's dream. Although she is nice to the other Pokemon, she does not understand why Rai has such an issue with her. During class one day, the teacher brought several wild Pokemon from the Unova region for a lesson. Among those Pokemon, was a Munna. A few students made some comments about her when the teacher brought her out, calling her "creepy" and "weird." However, Scott thought she was adorable, and wanted to get a Munna of his own to spite those kids. After class was over that day, Scott asked the teacher if he could battle this Munna so he could catch it. Which he did. Since then she has become Scott's favorite Pokemon, proving herself to be very tough. After Scott recieved a Moon Stone and evolved her, she became even better. Defeating several trainers (Including the Gym Leader Skyla) by herself.

    Species: Flygon
    Nickname: Drake
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Drake is bold and rash. He often does things without thinking of the consequences first. He has an eye for the female Flygons, and is not afraid to make move when he spies a cute one. His attempts at picking up women never work, and he sometimes ends getting hurt as a result. He does not seem to notice Megan has a crush on him. Scott found an unconscious Trapinch in the desert of Hoenn one day. Apparently, he had tried to use Arena Trap to prevent two female Trapinches from leaving while he hit on them. So, they beat him up. Knowing that Trapinch evolved into Flygon, he threw a Great Ball at him and caught him. Scott uses him for aerial transportation.

    Species: Samurott
    Nickname: Sam
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Sam is polite, brave, kind, and a force to be reckoned with in battles. He acts like a typical knight in shining armor. He also has a playful side to him, and he has gained the respect of the other Pokemon. Shaana has a crush on him, and the feeling is mutual, Megan enjoys teasing them about it. Sam was a spare Oshawott Professor Juniper had lying around her lab. So, when Scott visted the lab while on a trip to the Unova region, Scott asked if he could take him off her hands. Which she agreed, as it would be good for the Oshawott to travel.

    Species: Hitmontop
    Nickname: Spinner
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Spinner is the youngest Pokemon on the team, he acts like a child, and is curious and naive. He likes to battle, though he is rather inexperienced. He thinks Sam is cool, and he looks up to him like a mentor. His nickname is very approiate, as most of his fighting techniques involve spinning. Scott got Spinner as a Tyroge egg after defeating a random Blackbelt he met in a cave in Johto. After the egg hatched, Scott trained him to evolve into a Hitmontop.


    Species: Shaymin
    Gender: Female while in Land Forme, Male while in Sky Forme.
    Personality: Shaymin's personality changes depending on the forme s/he is in. In Land Forme, she is timid and easily frightened, but she also has a large ego, and she is rather arrogant. She is also bossy, and she likes telling people what to do. In Sky Forme, he is brave, outgoing, friendly and polite. He is also much more humble and easier to get along with in this state
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