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Project Legends V2 (Sign Ups)


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Why is it that when I want to try and be a Co-GM that actually does something, you guys end up approving all the profiles. Must be the fact that everybody else lives on the other side of the world.
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Name:clark arueek
Legend: Deoxys
Hometown: Pacifidlog town
Appearance: A mainly black uniform With the occasional blue stripe, from a community made sport no one ever mentions for ambiguous reason, and jeans unless if going out for a swim (surprisingly very often on a town with no actual land) a basic red suit and the shirt could go for water or land. A small ruby triangle shaped pendant being the only memento from sootapolis. The occasional red streak in his black hair and blue eyes. Relatively tan skin and in average shape health-wise. Occasional can be seen with a pair of woven black gloves with a safari ball on the back of the glove.

Personality: Within the ignorant, blissful town there is one dark sport towards the west, people shun it but treat it like human, which it is. His name would be clark arueek, a realistic boy with a cynical atmosphere. He sees the world for what it truly is, time existing along fate, delivering cruelty to all it passes to make challenges for the human existence. Clever but in his society frowned upon as he goes through school and life with everyone thinking he has a problem, but it has what fate is planned. Fate (according to him) is the worst thing life has, for choices happen without a persons say or ability. That is why he has been given this reality without choice as he feels.

History: For the first 8 years he was in Sootapolis city he was living a pretty much normal life until one day outside the “rock” as we called it a huge storm hit and he was split from any sense of family and washed up at Pacifilog town were it might as well too giant smile pins and pierced their brains with it. Giving up any sense of realism for bliss. After 12 he got what everyone else calls the shack and a occasional donated money though charity of the people which is a cruddy, run down large shed which they put some furniture in. But he does have one advantage were he can collect what slateport throws away and use it hopefully to get off the island, maybe some kind or raft which he is about 89% done with. Lately though aurora borealis have been appearing randomly…

Abilities: Electromagnet kinesis (arouras produced indicate that deoxys can do this)
Ability to make 2 emotionless clones at a time (can be destroyed and not as powerful as the ones in the movies)
Although not as effective as deoxys can regenerate at say, the rate of a finger after 30 minuets.

Pokémon (Up to six)

Name: 3 (the amount of people he has killed (according to clark))
Personality: the best approach to this little fella is with a very long stick. Like most sharpedo a ruthless death machine but due to the events with clack is more like a lillipup to him.
(This is to be done for each Pokémon they own.)

Name: pelcive
Speciess: pelelper
Personality:A regal and high standard Pelelper with gentleman qualities but high needs.

Species: Deoxys
Gender: female
Personality: Due to the whole being a alien thing she hasn’t really been used to the social norms yet but seems caring and sweet but forgetfull at times and clustered.
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Fairy type Trainer
Name: Marianna "Mari" Vilum
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Hometown: Born in Castelia City, Unova. She and her father moved to Rustboro City Hoenn shortly after her mother's death.
Legendary: Meloetta

Appearance: Mari is of average height and weight for her age. She has long red hair that goes to her waist, and is usually tied into pigtails. Her eyes are light blue, and her skin is fair. Her outfit tends to change, but she usually wears a red shirt with a black diagonal stripe going through it, a blue miniskirt with black knee length tights under it, and red shoes. She wears earrings shaped like musical notes, (♪) as well as a gold necklace with this same music note charm. She carries a blue and red purse to hold her money and other essentials.

Personality: Mari is very much a girly girl, she enjoys doing contests, musicals, and things of that nature. She also likes Pokémon she thinks are cute and/or pretty, though not all of the Pokémon she has fit this. Yes, she does also battle, and her strategy is to toy with and annoy the opponent. She is not shy in the slightest, and is rather blunt and outspoken, she often says things that get her into trouble or offend people from time to time. She also acts somewhat selfish and spoiled at times, but she is nice somewhere deep down. She also flaunts her wealth a lot and uses it and sometimes the fact that she is a girl to charm and influence people. She also likes music, and hopes to follow in her mother's footsteps.

History: Born in Castleia City Unova, her father is a businessman and her mother was a singer, both were also quite wealthy. She moved around a lot due to her parent's work. Her mother died while giving birth to her younger brother (who also died) when she was young. Aside from this, she lived a glamorous and drama free life. Her father tried to provide a stable life for his daughter, so he settled in Rustboro City Hoenn. Since he was rich, Mari practically had everything a girl could want, and since she was an only child, she didn't have to share any of it. She got things like rare Pokémon, and expensive toys from her father as gifts to compensate for his lack of being able to spend time with her due to his work; she often brought these things to school and bragged about it. Mari became popular because they with the awesome toys and cute Pokémon she had. However, deep down, she knew these friends were only interested in the things she had, and would drop her like a bad habit if she suddenly lost it all. The one thing she really wanted was a real friend.

For the most part Mari acted like a spoiled brat, until one day she met someone in school. Someone who was genuinely nice to her, and didn't care about the nice things she had. She had taken him out of a trash can after some bullies threw him in there, though she never understood why, Tim is one of the nicest guys she'd ever met. Later he returned the favor by fixing her favorite toy that those same bullies broke. They've been friends ever since. She does have a crush on him, and is not shy about admitting it. Often times blatantly flirting with him which causes him to blush, then try to change the subject.

Mari decided to travel the Pokemon world like everyone else seemed to be doing. She would do contests and such, but she wasn't particularly serious about them, and they were something fun. She called up her friend Tim, and asked him to come along with her, which he agreed. Mari's father however did not like the idea of two teenagers traveling alone. He didn't want to hire professional bodyguards, because that would draw attention to her, defeating the purpose. He then saw twenty year old Scott Stone on TV being interviewed by a news reporter he had beaten in a battle. Since he seemed like a competent trainer, he decided to contact him, and payed him to keep an eye on his daughter. Scott liked getting paid such a large amount of money so he happily agreed. Mari however was not thrilled with the idea, but went with it to please her father. She had met Scott before, and they seemed to butt heads on a regular basis.

Abilities: As a child of Meloetta, Mari is naturally skilled at anything music related. She can learn new songs, dances, and instruments very quickly.

She can use Relic Song. Mari sings a wordless song that can affect the feelings of those who hear it. The emotion produced depends on how it is sung. Of course, she has to learn Relic Song first before she can use this.

She's also much more agile and graceful than a normal person. She has some Telekinetic powers, and she can use Hyper Voice. The last two things she can only do after training.


Species: Wigglytuff
Nickname: Julia
Gender: Female

Personality: Julia acts like an extension of Mari's personality. She is a bit of a flirt, and is not afraid to use Attract/Cute Charm to get her way. Much to the annoyance of other Pokemon. Julia is Mari's starter. She's had her since since she was an Igglybuff

Species: Togekiss
Nickname: Angel
Gender: Male
Personality: Angel is flamboyant and outspoken. He is also self-centered and has a high opinion of himself. He dislikes battling because that would get his beautiful wings dirty. (Though, Mari makes him battle, and he is good at it.) Mari got him as a Togepi egg while on a school trip to Sinnoh. The daycare couple found this mysterious egg at there day care, and they had no idea how it got there (Though the Togekisses they were watching seemed very happy.) They produced many eggs, so they offered some of them to passing trainers.

Species: Breloom
Gender: Male
Nickname: William

Personality: After she was beaten by a trainer who had one, Mari just had to have a Breloom of her own. So, of course she asked her father. Unfortunately, there were no wild Breloom to be found, so instead she got a Shroomish. She was disgusted with the Shroomish at first, and was rather mean to him. However after a bit of bonding, she grew to love it, and eventually it evolved into the Breloom it is today. William is the most sane and down to earth of Mari's Pokemon. He is also the only straight male on the team. He is a very serious battler, tends to boss the other Pokemon around. Because of this, He doesn't get along well with Mari's other Pokemon.

Species: Umbreon
Nickname: Edward
Gender: Male

Personality: Edward is a mischevious Pokemon. He’s a true Dark type, and he usually plays dirty and cheats to get what he wants. In battles, he likes to toy with the opponent and make them suffer before delivering the final blow. Edward is bisexual, though most people don’t know this. Back at school eeveelutions were extremely popular. Not wanting to be left out, Mari asked her father for an Eevee. After pulling a few strings, he finally got one for her. Most people were shocked that she chose to evolve her Eevee into an Umbreon. They were expecting Espeon or Vaporeon, but Mari chose Umbreon because it fits her battle style the best.

Species: Milotic
Nickname: Phoebe
Gender: Female

Personality: Phoebe is one of the nicest Pokemon you could ever meet. The opposite of most Milotic she knows who were vain and arrogant. She is also shy and has low self esteem. This stems from when she was a Feebas, and was called shabby and ugly even by the Pokedex. Mari thought a Milotic would suit her perfectly. So, she researched their location, then spent several hours fishing in the rain to find one. After she found one, she spent more time figuring out how to evolve her.

Species: Wobbuffet
Nickname: Lola
Gender: Female

Personality: She may act dumb and like she doesn't know what she's doing, but this is just a façade. Underneath, she is a conniving manipulative Pokemon, and her faced is used to lure foes into believing she won. So she can crush them more when she reflects their attacks back with counter and Mirror coat, while they are helpless to flee or change moves due to Encore and Shadow Tag. Mari found her as Wynaut in a cave she had to go through. This one was different, because she was hot pink. Because of that, Mari had to catch it.

Other: Lola is shiny


Species: Meloetta
Gender: Female
Personality: Meloetta was once a kind hearted happy, fun loving Pokemon. She was socialable and easy to get along with. She brought joy to people and Pokemon with her music and dance. After the world filled with sorrow, So did she. Now she's mute, and unable to make her beautiful music, and she doesn't really feel like dancing either. Maybe her child can cheer her up?


Name: Timothy "Tim" Wolfe
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Hometown: Born in Sootopolis City, moved to Fortree shortly after he was born, then moved back to Sootopolis after his father's death.
Legendary: Kyogre

Appearance: Tim is slightly shorter than Mari but not by much. His skin is pale, but not that pale. He's not muscular, but he has an athletic build, and he is in good shape due to living in Sootopolis City and has grown accustomed to climbing up and down stairs there, as well as climbing up trees in Fortree. He has messy black hair that go to his eyebrows, and his eyes are big and brown. He has a baby face. He usually wears a blue striped T-shirt, Gray cargo shorts, white socks with gray sneakers. He carries a blue and grey to carry his stuff in.

Personality: Tim is a genuine nice guy; he is very friendly and polite. As well as a loyal friend, and protective of those he cares about. Sometimes, he is too nice that he often gets taken advantage of. He is also shy and quiet. He was always like this, and being bullied as a kid made this worse, so it takes someone like Mari to bring him out of his shell. Despite this, when he is pushed too far, then he can be quite dangerous. Even though he doesn't look like it, he likes to eat a lot. He also has some knowledge at some things that would otherwise be considered girly, due to the being the only guy in his house, especially cooking.

History: Tim had a simple life. His mother is a teacher, and his father was a scientist at the weather institute in Hoenn. Ironically, his father died in a hurricane, their house in Fortree City was destroyed, and his mother and he had to live with his aunt and twin female cousins in his hometown of Sootopolis City. In other words, he was surrounded by women for most of his life. Unlike Mari, his family didn't have a lot of money and often things were difficult for him.

He got accepted into a boarding school on scholarship, most of the other kids were well rich and Tim got bullied for not being as such. This was made worse by the fact that he actually does well in the classes and barely talked to the other kids. So the other kids mistook his shyness for arrogance and picked on him more, but he mostly kept to himself.

One day after he had been tossed into a trash can. A girl had actually heard his screaming, and got him out of the trash can and was nice to him, unlike most of the girls at this school. Her name was Mari. He later returned the favor, by fixing her favorite toy that those same bullies who dumped him into a trashcan had broken, and the two had been close friends ever since. He does have a crush on her, but is shy about admitting it. Tim is currently traveling with his friends Mari and Scott, challenging gyms, and having adventures all over the world.

Abilities: Tim has Hydrokinesis, meaning he can control water. He can do various things from shooting a large stream of water from his hands, to summoning huge tidal waves. His powers are fueled by his emotions, so making him mad probably isn't the best idea. He can also summon a rainstorm to enhance his water powers. He can control Ice to some extent, (Kyogre learns Ice Beam and Sheer Cold by level up.) but not to the same degree as an Ice type.


Species: Castform
Nickname: Casty
Gender: Male

Tim's first Pokemon. He got from his now deceased father who was a scientist at the weather institute as an egg. Tim was the first thing he saw when he hatched and he believed Tim is his father. Though he knows better than now, he still considers Tim his father since he did raise him from the time he was hatched. Casty is very affectionate and loyal to him and his friends. He's just as nice as Tim is too. However, his feelings are affected by the weather. He has a crush on Wigglytuff.

Species: Rotom
Nickname: Ro
Gender: Genderless (Treated as Male).

Personality: A mischievous and playful spirit (Pun intended. xD) He has ADHD and is easily distracted. He also changes between his six forms very often. Usually when bored. Tim caught him at the old Chateau while his school went on a field trip to Sinnoh.

Species: Dragonite
Nickname: Drago
Gender: Male

Personality: Drago is laid back, mellow, and relaxed. He is also cool and calm and doesn't like to overreact to things. He often just goes with the flow. He is lazy but when urged, is quite a good battler. Tim uses him mostly for transportation. Tim caught him as a Dratini while fishing one day.

Species: Ludicolo
Nickname: Tad
Gender: Male
Personality: Tad is a hyperactive and playful Pokemon. He likes to have fun, and doesn’t like to get upset about things. Being a Ludicolo, he likes dancing, and he always seems to be dancing to a rhythm that no one else can hear. He has a crush on Phoebe (Mari’s Milotic.) Tim caught Tad as a Lotad very early on. He needed a Water or Grass type to battle the gym leader Roxanne, and Lotad fit the bill perfectly.

Species: Froslass
Nickname: Alice
Personality: Alice is a very outgoing and social Pokemon. She likes making friends with other Pokemon. She is also stubborn and does not give up easily. She likes to toy with her opponents before finishing them off, she summons a hailstorm, then dodges their attacks gracefully with her Snow Cloak ability, and then she freezes them with her ice powers. She has a crush on Casty. Tim caught her one day while he was looking for other Pokemon in the mountains. He noticed a Snorunt following him (Or I should say Casty.) and decided to try to catch it. Alice allowed herself to be caught so she can be near Casty.

Species: Arcanine
Nickname: Arnie
Gender: Male

Personality: Arnie is loyal and protective of his trainer, and his friends. He has a strong sense of what is right and wrong, and often goes out of his way to try and be a hero. He is is very similar to Scott's Samurott, and the two get along despite their type differences. Tim found this abndoned Growlithe in the wild one day. Longing for a trainer, the Growlithe took a liking to Tim, because he was the first person that spoke to him kndly. It followed him around for a while before Tim finally caught him.

Species: Kyogre
Gender: Male
Personality: Kyogre is a calm peaceful Pokemon. He's a gentle soul and is actually surprisingly friendly. He'd rather not get into fights unless he has to. Like his child, angering him is not a good idea. He has a long standing fued with Groudon, but he'd be willing to put aside their differences and cooperate if need be.

@captitalh: Pending His history needs more details, and I don't understand what you were trying to do with the personality.
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I added a new Pokemon to Aidan's team

Name: Cody
Species: Excadrill
Gender: Male
Personality: Cody is a very rumbustious Pokemon, he can be calm and mellow one minute, the next he could be bouncing off the walls like he is on something that Aidan has no clue what. Despite this, he feels out of place with the team, seeing as he's the newest member of the team and all.
Other: He was given to Aidan from his father a few days ago for a birthday present.


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Edited the post.


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Hey, Mon, sorry I'm taking so long, but my signup is on my phone, which I've misplaced. Hopefully I'll find it and finish the signup before the week is up.


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I guess I'm done? :3.


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Can I disagree?

First of all, his appearance is too short. It has to be at least 100 words long, with his being only 76 words. Second of all, for me, the Legendary's Personality is a little short. For me, a line and a half is good for that section, if not, longer.

But, then again, Mon can disagree back. Mon, your thoughts?


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I also disagree with accepting capitalh's sign up. I've nearly finished Genesect's child's signup, so he SHOULD be up tomorow.
Darn, it started? I didn't finish Virizion's yet... but I promise it'll be up at least tomorrow or tonight.

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Wrath of Fire
Ok. My first female ever.

Name: Destiny Jones


Appearance: Destiny has always been one of the tallest girls her age. Currently, he stands at five feet seven inches tall. She has vibrant red hair. It come down straight and has a blue bow at the end that ties it together. Because she has always been very athletic, she has a lean muscle build, very petite for someone her height, and is a little tanned. She has a standard nose, and pointed eyelashes. Her eyes are sky-blue and when looked at, seem to shine. However, when she is angry, her eyes glisten into an even lighter blue that is said to scare all of those around her. As for clothes, she wears a white button shirt with a blue skirt and white/blue sneakers. She wears a blue watch on her left wrist. She wears white socks.

Personality: Destiny always has something on her mind. She can usually be seen pondering about something. Moreover, she is very outspoken. She usually only interjects in a conversation when being directly spoken to, or her opinion needs to be stated. This is unless you become a good friend, at which time she will become more talketive. She loves all types of pokemon, but her favorites are fire, psychic, and dragons. Espically the Psychics. She never knew why, but she always liked them. Moreover, she loves to battle, and will implement fire type attacks the most. Despite her quiet nature, she is the kindest person you could meet. Her dream is to travel the world with her favorite pokemon and one day, become champion over the jhoto region. When in a pokemon battle, she is very competitive. She has developed a strong enough bond with her espeon, that twitching a finger could signal an attack.

History: Destiny was born in Altomare. Her mother was a proficient dragon trainer. She would die giving birth to Destiny. However, as a last act of friendship, her dragons bestowed some of their mythical energy on Destiny. This is where most people guess her hairstyle and eye color come from. From time and time again, these same dragons may come and watch over her. Destiny never knew her father, so she grew up with her grandmother in Olivine City. She was very protective of her, so while she could play sports, she couldn't raise pokemon. When Destiny turned twelve, she ran away from home to start her pokemon journey. Luckily, the first pokemon she ran into was an eevee, which has since become her best friend. She sometimes calls back home to her grandmother who, while still worried, give her her blessing.

Abilities learned:
Telekinese in that she can reach others people's minds. (Overextending gives her a massive migrane.)
She can use dow to make himself invisible.
She can run as fast as a latias glides.
She can sense the emotions of others and tell whether they want to do him harm.
She can heal others if they have sustained injuries. (Takes away from his energy.)

Abilities yet to learn:
How to perform the human form of a mistball.(Will require practice with the latios human counterpart.)(The user won't die, but will be gravely tired.)
How to move things with Telekinese. (Will tire her easily if used too much.)
How to levitate and glide as fast as a latias.
How to perform sightsharing. She sometimes gets visions from someone else who can do it or the eon pokemon themselves, but she can't do it himself.

Other: Has yet to figure out where she recieve her powers. She does have a haunch, but doesn't believe it possible.

Pokemon: None have nicknames. They like being called their species name.

Species: Espeon
Gender: Male
Personality: Espeon is another resembalance of Destiny's Grandmother. It has this "I know all" attitude. After many years of travelling Espeon became an extremely powerful pokemon. So powerful in fact, that it disdains battling. It is powerful enough to brind a Regice to it's knees. At Destiny's command, it will battle all out. Only if Destiny commands it or it feels that either of them are threathened. It likes staying out of its pokeball.

Species: Gallade
Gender: Male
Personality: Gallade is that cool pokemon that everyone stays in awe in. However, he still asks immature most of the time. He loves to battle and argue with his twin. He makes many rash decisions, which he will then find out the consequences. Espeon never feels like battling because Gallade is always ready to take its place. Gallade is one of Rick's only pokemon that don't rely on special attacks, and easily decimates walls like chansey/Blissey.

Species: Gardenvoir
Gender: Female
Personality: Gallade is that older sister that you don't want. She takes the know it all attitude of psychics to an extremely different level. She can rile up anyone if she wanted too. She is the twin pokemon to gallade. They bicker most of the time they are out. However, Destiny knows that this is the way they show their love for one another. It makes him wish that he had a brother or sister. Gallade and Gardenvoir make the perfect double/triple team match up. It is when they are not fighting to gether that they are fighting each other.

Species: Alakazam
Gender: Male
Personality:Alakazam is exactly like Destiny's Grandfather. He is a rather serious pokemon. However, in a split notice, he can become childish and all about fun. He is one of Destiny's major powerhouses and will not hold back in battle. This Alakazam is known to have an IQ of over 300, making it smarter than Destiny. Destiny and Alakazam make a deadly combination. Alakazam likes to spend most of its time with espeon, learning new tactics to take into battle.

Metagross: species
Gender: (If there must be one male.)
Personality: Metagross is a pokemon that loves to battle. It will battle a magikarp just for the fun of it. A MAGIKARP. It will take any sigh of movement as an indication of a challenge unless Destiny is present. Destiny has been training it for a while and had led it to be a little less full hardy. However, if this pokemon were to get out of Destiny's sight, there is no telling what it will do.

Destiny is currently searching for a sixth pokemon.

Legendary: Latias

Species: Latias
Gender: (Given) Female
Personality: Latias is a hyper energetic pokemon. It really doesn't know when to stop. She reminds you of a little kid. She is all about having fun. However, make her angry, and you will feel her rath. She can be a mother to other pokemon is she wanted to. However, she just loves having fun. She loves travling the world. Lastly, she is a little concited. She will go by a pond and admire the beauty that is herself. She is a rare latias because she is a shiny. Orange is her color. Many Latios males vie for her attention. She has not taken any up yet. She is the child of the latios that died protecting Altomare
and a passing bye latias.

OCC: Is this good. Cheers to the first female character ever.