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Project Legends V2 (Sign Ups)


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Edited again, human error on my part, sorry.


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But, he did nothing to Deoxys' personality, and I found a few spelling mistakes (although that doesn't matter as much to me).....

Gee, I don't know. Mon? Titan? What do you guys think?


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What is this 'Electromagnetic kinesis' that he speaks of? Does he have to use electromagnetic forces to move himself? That is unless capitalh is trying to say that Clark can use telekinesis, which is to use psychic powers to move things around. Or create an aura of energy that grabs onto things, like Jonathan's use of electricity to grab a coin in the previous Project Legends.

The history is pretty short as well. All I've gleaned from it is that he is from Sootopolis, lives in Pacifidlog, wants to get away and that northern lights are randomly appearing in a place which is located in a tropical region, which I doubt is near high latitudes.

The regeneration seems slightly overpowered, unless one tries their best not to get their arms ripped off. There's also the problem of cells in a human dying regularly. This is normal, but I wonder how the regeneration ability handles it.

Other than that, we need for description of Clark's Pokemon's personalities.

So no, he is not accepted.

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@capitalh: Still Pending

Discussion threads here require Mod approval. The last time we asked a mod for a discussion thread for this RP, we never heard back.

I'll ask for one if we really need one, and right now, we don't.
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Hey Mon. I'm too busy to join this Rp. Miles said he wanted my character, so He wants to know if he can reserve Darkrai instead of me.

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@Ambre: Alright, sorry it didn't work out. And, yes he can.

@SpyroxPikachu: Reserved

Btw, I would prefer if everyone takes at least two characters. There are a lot of legendaries to fill, and I'd rather have player characters rather than NPC's if possible.

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If anyone in the RP is wondering what I use for speech in the rp, I use Bold for talking, Italics for thoughts, and normal text for other things.


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Finally. Got. Simon. Up.


Character Sheet:

"Won't you believe in him? Even if there is no God or Buddha... there is still Kamen Rider."​

Name: Simon Garche (Kamen Rider Muugi)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Legend: Genesect GaoGaiGar

Hometown: Opelucid City

Appearance: Simon stands exactly at one metre and seventy-eight point six five centimetres tall, a height that is around the average of most people his age, and is slightly lanky. He looks to be of Eastern European descent, and has a somewhat longish face, which seems to provide him with a commanding aura. He possesses grayish eyes, and his hair is somewhat short, its darkish brown locks only reaching down to the upper half of his forehead.

His normal choice of clothing consists of either a dull grey t-shirt, which has the words 'IN SOVIET RUSSIA, LIE IS CAKE' written on it in the Comic Sans font, or a simple red polo shirt, and some dark grey pants. Along with this he also wears a blue windbreaker to protect himself from the cold, for Opelucid's winters can lead to incredibly low temperatures, for the city is situated higher up in the Northern Hemisphere.

His Kamen Rider armour consists of white, grey and red colours, with most of his upper body being white and red. His helmet, which is somewhat insect-themed, appearing similar to a butterfly's head, is a grey colour. There are also minor protrusions around his shoulder pads.

Personality: To his friends, family and classmates, Simon is a rather annoying and loud teen. His tendency to quote fictional characters and famous generals generates some dislike for him in his school community. However, despite this, he is known to be rather heroic and kind, trying his best to become a 'HERO OF JUSTICE!' and protect innocents. Due to being influenced by the young man who gave him his signature motorcycle, Simon is also known to try and do the impossible at times.

History: Simon had a perfectly normal life compared to your average cartoon/anime/sentai hero. There were absolutely no angsty or traumatising events in his past, so he grew up with a stable childhood and no serious mental conditions. He was born to natives of Opelucid, the city in which he spent most of his childhood in. He attended school like every other kid, got in trouble and did his homework, a perfect average life.

However, his life diverged from the average person's when he met a young man who randomly decided to give him a motorcycle, claiming that he was to continue the dream of many others in their attempts to become a hero. Most people would brush this strange turn of events off as being in a rather lucky place, seeing that motorbikes were rather expenisve. Simon was unable to though, for a few days later he ended up getting attacked by some enraged and wild Pokemon, more specifically, an army of Amoongus and Foongus, and there were no Rangers nearby to help him.

Unbeknownst to him, this was the exact moment when his dormant powers awoke, encasing him in a shell of metal, protecting him from the attacks of the enraged fungi army. Within the shell he ended up having heroic flashbacks, and after a few seconds, he took on the mantle of Kamen Rider, and drove off the invading army of Pokemon. With a new role, Simon became the guardian of Opelucid, fighting crime and monsters of the week, trying to bring peace to the city.

Abilities: Because of his status as the Legendary Child of Genesect, Simon has the power and abilities of both insectoid creatures and metal. One of these abilities is to create a metallic exoskeleton around his body, which forms as his Kamen Rider armour. This armour is very durable, and rather light as well compared to most metals. His insectoid abilities allow him to control bugs, due to Genesect's status as the King of Bugs, and also provide him with greater reflexes and strength. Another power of his is to manipulate metals, and even summon upon the legendary Photon Blaster, Genesect's signature weapon.

Other: Simon is currently trying to create a robot double to be his alibi when gallivanting off as Kamen Rider.


Name: Oobta
Species: Drilbur
Gender: Male
Personality: Oobta, being the Simon's only sidekick, has some of the traits of one, which is to be the guy who cheers the hero on during fights. However, being a Pokemon, the Drilbur cannot actually cheer him on, so randomly dances around and at times tries to assist Simon. The mole-like Pokemon shares many characteristics with its trainer, like being a cheerful and heroic being. It also likes to eat a lot.
Other: Oobta wears sunglasses.


Species: The King of Bugs, False God, Genesect GaoGaiGar
Gender: Genderless
Personality: Unlike the other Legendaries, Genesect was merely a primitive giant insect from ages past that had been upgraded into its current form by the nefarious organisation known as Team Plasma. Because of this, it holds the title of the False God as well as being the King of Bugs, and lacks the ability to feel emotion. When speaking, it sounds as if it is a robotic voice synthesiser. In all, it is unable to comprehend complex emotions or feelings, and is rather blunt in its observations.
Other: N/A
I was gonna post saying "edited" but decided, forget this, just posting it now. Also, yeah, good job on getting that discussion thread up!

Name: Leonard "Leon" Idoni
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Legend: Virizion
Hometown: Castelia City

Appearance: With his short and messy brown hair, happy expression, and green eyes, you'd think Leon would be easy to find. That is true, but in a large crowd? That's another story. Basically, Leon looks like any other average kid with a casual outfit. He's usually seen wearing a green striped shirt along with tan shorts, but sometimes the color combination varies. He's a little short for his age, about 4'11", and has a thin and flexible body and a tan complexion. On cold days, the shirt he's wearing is accompanied by a scarf and a hoodie, but no matter what you'll always see him wearing sneakers.

Personality: Leon is a natural trickster with a quick mind, able to pull off many pranks for his own amusement. He's not too intelligent with all the B's he's gotten, but if you can get him to really focus, he can find out hidden flaws in flawless-looking plans. The problem is, it's very hard to get him to focus; he's impatient, childish, and/or immature most of the time and prefers to be a talkative fun-lover of a group instead of a "boring guy who just thinks all the time". He prides himself on every successful trick he pulls, but sometimes that's his downfall. To top it off, his parents are (kind of) strict and he doesn't always get away with everything. Finally, Leon prefers variety over sameness and will often interject with a "what now?" if there's nothing else to do.

In battles, Leon is still a pretty crafty guy, relying on stuff like the element of surprise as his tactics. However, his inexperience causes him to not be able to succeed as much as he usually can at this. Despite that, though, the Pokemon he has still have a strong bond with him and haven't tried to run away.

History: In a busy place like Castelia, it was nearly impossible for Leon - or any other little kid - to ever get bored. But having spent his childhood, he was bound to get bored eventually. He'd visit various places with his parents on weekends, sure, but after a few years it became all the same to him. This is somewhat due to his preference for variety. In the meanwhile, he satisfied himself by doing pranks here and there, the amount increasing as he grew older.

When Leon turned ten, he finally got the permission to be a Pokemon Trainer, which he very much loved. His older brother, who taught him how to be a successful trickster, took him around some parts of Unova to catch some Pokemon and get started; around this time he caught Internet and Deluxe then later recieved Turret. With a lot of persuading from both of the brothers, Leon got permission to follow his brother to Johto and recieve Papercut and Mitchi. Now, back in Unova, he happily battles others and continues to prank innocent people, not even knowing what's happening to him soon.

Abilities: As the child of Virizion, Leon can run at great speeds and handle a sword very well to the point where he can even make his own if there's plant life around (after training, of course.) He doesn't know it yet, but the fact that he's clever is also an ability he has; after training, he'll be a lot more clever than others usually are, able to talk his way out of nearly everything.

Other: He tends to nickname his Pokemon with random names or references to other things. He claims that it's because "that's how he rolls" but it's actually his immaturity and childishness. Also, he likes trading/getting gift Pokemon a lot, so only two (three if you count Papercut) of the Pokemon are actually his.


Name: Internet
Species: Duosion
Gender: Male
Personality: A Duosion with multiple-personality-disorder, Internet likes to switch between ten personalities including "insane" and "depressed", but likes to use the "fun-loving" side of himself the most. Despite this he can be counted upon in battles as long as Leon sends him out at the right time. He awaits evolving so that he can boost his psychic power just by talking to others of his kind. However, he hopes his personality won't change after that; he is one of the rare cases who like having multiple personalites at once.
Other: He is Leon's first and most favored Pokemon out of the team, and one of the only ones he actually caught. In order his personalities are "fun-loving", "insane", "depressed", "serious", "compassionate", "intelligent", "random", "plain", "curious", and "fearful".

Name: Turret
Species: Klang
Gender: Genderless (but if really required, male)
Personality: Turret is completely like a robot, all the way down to its speech patterns and behavior. It is the most logical member of Leon's team and does not like anything having to do with abstract. For this reason, it doesn't like Deluxe very much. It is able to answer any question except the most basic ones; "what is love" and similar questions temporarily fry its brain and it'll become unconscious for a while.
Other: It was given to Leon as a Klink from Leon's brother's friend, a professional English teacher. Although there are two of the gears, they both speak (in English, no doubt) as if they are one person.

Name: Deluxe
Species: Vanillish
Gender: Male
Personality: Nearly the complete opposite of Turret, Deluxe loves being random and abstract. He makes oddball decisions and not even Leon can predict his next move sometimes. Also somewhat of a romantic, he's tried to charm Papercut and Mitchi already with less-than-successful results. Leon doesn't notice this, though. Deluxe actually secretly fears when he'll evolve, because he thinks that there might be another mind interfering with his thoughts. (He's been meaning to ask Turret about that, but of course they've almost never gotten along, so he's never had the chance.)
Other: Caught during a trip to the Cold Storage a year ago.

Name: Papercut
Species: Bayleef
Gender: Female
Personality: Papercut is an impatient Bayleef who hates to stand around, just like Leon. She is very picky in all categories - including battling, where she won't fight unless the Pokemon is at a disadvantage to her typing. If Leon starts not making sense to her, she will often slap him with a weak Vine Whip to get him back into place. She hopes to replace Mitchi as the "leader" someday.
Other: Not necessarily a Starter Pokemon, instead Leon got her from Professor Elm on a trip to Johto.

Name: Mitchi
Species: Mightyena
Gender: Female
Personality: Mitchi is a veteran battler, as she was part of the team Leon's older brother used for the Pokemon League. She is the "mentor" of all the other Pokemon on the team, and acts sophisticated to prove it. In battle, she uses the element of speed to her advantage, and doesn't like to give up. Although Mitchi was charmed twice (first time by another trainer's Pokemon, second time by Deluxe), she doesn't really care about romance. (Yet, at least.)
Other: Out of all the Pokemon in Leon's team, Mitchi has the least odd nickname because she was named prior to the trade.


Species: Virizion
Gender: Female
Personality: A very sneaky Pokemon, Virizion prides herself for being the most fancy and agile Musketeer out of the three. Despite this she can take things seriously, but usually decides to have just a bit of fun while doing so. Virizion is also very noble and will defend anyone she trusts without warning, but it takes a long time to get her to trust someone.
Other: -none-

Ugh, not as good as the last one. XD; At least I got it in on time.

And since we need a lot of spots to fill, why not? I'd like to reserve Rayquaza as well. Thanks!


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@Purplepassion: It's rather good, the history's a bit short though, but ACCEPTED anyway. And I'm pretty sure you can reserve Rayquaza, hear that Mon? Get to editing the reserves/accepted children page thing.


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Ok, here comes a character that I used to use and is my username's namesake.

Name: Miles Stone



Legend: Darkrai

Hometown: Alamos Town

Appearance: Miles is aproximately 6 feet one inches. His skin collor is light brown(Same as Brock's.) He has a lean musclar build from playing sports throughout his life. He wears a Black dress shirt with black slacks, black cohans and Black socks. His shirt is almost always untucked. He has a normal nose and lips. He has light brown eyes and short black hair that spikes at the end. He wears a white undershirt under the black drees shirt. He has normal ears and arms that are about two inches two long.

Personality: Miles is a very silet person. He usually only speaks when spoken to. He tends to observe everyone around him and base his actions off theirs. Because Miles rarley talks, no one know how to take him. When he talks, it is without emotion. It is not that Miles can't feel emotion, it is just he doesn't know how to express himself. He likes being around other people and observing their interactions, but doesn't mind being alone. Because he rarley talks, when he does speak up, he usually feels embarassed because others are susprised he said something. For this, many think he is a rather serious person.

History: Miles has all of his parents still alive. He lived in Alamos town until the age of ten. This is when he got his first pokemon. It was a Zorua. He left the city to start his pokemon journey is sinnoh. Because Zorua is such a rare pokemon here, it recieves a lot of stares. Miles had alot of fun with Zorua. It could effectively switch place with Miles with no one knowing because they both rarley speak.

At the age of twelve, Miles became the youngest champion to ever hold the Sinnoh title of Champion as he beat the Elite four effortlessly. However, he would only have it for three years. At fifteen, he was beaten by a trainer called Cynthia. Miles realized that he hadn't reached his full potential because of how he had accompolished so much so young. He decided to go traveling to other regions. Miles wanted to go to either Kanto or Hoeen, but both regions were already holding championship tournaments and would not be open for another six years. Johoto would have one in three, So this would be Miles's future destination.

While at Jhoto, Miles just beat Falkner is Violet city. He is now deciding whether to go face Morty or Bugsy. Ecruteak City or Azalea Town. Recently, many people sleeping around him have been put in nightmares. It is on and off whether or not people have nightmares. He doesn't know if it is his fault or not.


Miles has the powers to use dark Void to put people to sleep.
Miles can cause people to have nightmares.
Miles can bend the shadows to his will.
Miles can hide in the shadows/darkness and be undectable.

Other: n/a


Gender: Male
Personality: Zorua is a rather serious pokemon for a dark type. It doesn't want to evolve because it likes the way it is and holds an evolution stone. It has been with Miles for seven years and loves battling. Despite being a "baby" pokemon, zorua is rather strong and one of Miles's major powerhouses. It loves battling.

Species: Umbreon
Gender: Male
Personality: Another serious pokemon for a dark type. It is a staller for Miles's team. He will use Toxic and wish to poison a pokemon to death. It also loves using the shadows to its advantage. His favorite attack is faint attack because no pokemon can see him. It doesn't really like battling and will rather see other pokemon battle.

Species: Weavile(Shiny)
Gender: Female
Personality: The pureness or a Dark type is seen with her. She is all about tricking others to do her bidding. Unlike Umbreon, this pokemon overuses her faint attack ability. She pranks everyone insight to the dismay of everyone on the team. In reality, weavile should be the baby pokemon because it only hatched a month ago. It evolved because it used a claw it found unknowling to Miles in a battle. Most of the pokemon refer to it as a child.

Species: Zweilous
gender: female
Personality: Like most dragons, she is rather seriousness. She loves to sleep and won't battle anyone who she thinks is not worth her time. This hurts Miles in gym battles because he may waste a pokemon that doesn't want to battle. He still loves her anyways. She is one of Miles' originaly pokemon that he decided to keep for his journey in Jhoto.

Species: Darkrai
Gender: Male
Personality: Darkrai is a silent pokemon. He doesn't bother others unless they need his help. He likes being a loner. He is seen as a guardian of Almos town. Many people can spot him at the top of the tower watching over the city. It is because of this that many have learned to embrace nightmares and see it as Darkrai's protection. He can have fun withother people and pokemon, but this is rare. The ones who he does allow into his life get to see his secret michevious side.
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