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Project Mew: Special Preview


how cute~

A new promotion video for the anime TV series "Pocket Monsters" (airs on the TV Tokyo Network Fridays at 6:55) got released on the 23rd. Hiroshi Kamiya will be playing Tsurugi and Ryoko Shiraishi will be playing Asahi, two people involved with a project concerning the mythical Pokémon Mew, indicating that the double protagonists Satoshi and Go will be making progress on their dreams.

In this new part of the "Pokémon" anime, Satoshi and Go visit the Okido Laboratories in Masara Town for the first time in quite a while. There, they learn from Professor Okido that "Project Mew", a team that will be making a full-scale search for Mew, is recruiting members. Satoshi also learns that the Goukazaru he left in the care of the Okido Laboratories hasn't shown itself recently, so he decides to go look for it together with Go. And believe it or not, along the way they encounter Satoshi's childhood friend and rival Shigeru. He's returned to the Kanto region for "a certain reason", and it seems this reason involves the legendary Pokémon Fire...

In the video, the legendary Pokémon Wulaosu (Single Strike Style) appears for the first time. We get to see a battle unfold between two legendary Pokémon powerhouses as Wulaosu lands a powerful single strike on the legendary Pokémon Regice.

In addition, Satoshi, who registered for the Pokémon World Championships because he wanted to get a battle against Dande, the Greatest of Them All, attempts a battle against his former travel companion Iris. The clips we're shown gives us great expectations, showing us among other things, an Iris that seems to have continued to improve her skills alongside her Partner Pokémon even after concluding her travels with Satoshi, rising all the way to becoming Champion of the Isshu region.

Kamiya, who plays the role of Tsurugi, tells us the following: "I have been in both the TV and movie series once before, but now that I get to provide the voice of Tsurugi, it seems I'm going to become a resident of the Pokémon world on a far greater level! This makes me really happy! Not only that, but the name of the project Tsurugi is involved with is "Project Mew"... so in other words, if the adventure continues on like this, we may get to meet Mew one day! Please stay tuned for that moment!"

Shiraishi, who plays Asahi, had the following to say: "You know, when I was recording this role, I had to go to the same studio where I once played the role of Agehunt in "Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation" back when I was rookie. My starting point. I'm supposed to be much more experienced now than I was back then, but I was still really nervous that day! However, I'm relieved I was able to finish with a smile once the dubbing session actually got started! I'm really happy I get to set foot in the Pokémon world once again! Will Go get one step closer to completing his objective of getting the mythical Pokémon Mew?! Make sure to see what's going to happen with "Project Mew""
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The reserves are coming :eek:



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Infernape returning sounds more like BDSM promotion than anything. I won't expect greninja and others to return.


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Ready for the salt about Goh most likely capturing another legendary Pokémon? Because I am

May come surprising coming from me. But as long as the rest of the series gets good I will not care.