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Project Mew: Special Preview

Ibrahim Saidu

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I still think there is a good chance that Ash catches a Rookidee. Given how it was paired with Dreepy in TW, it could be cool to see Ash with one against Leon's Dragapult. Maybe Ash catches the Dreepy in the merchandise? Leon's Dragapult passing on one of its Dreepy to a newly evolved Ash Drakloak could be an interesting plot idea. Or Ash and Goh catch Rookidee and Dreepy respectively to mirror John and Tommy from TW.
Or Ash should get Rookidee an Dreepy while Goh gets nothing
As Goh's ball is flung towards a Spearow, a gust of wind will take it far away and land on Moltres, capturing it. Half the episode is spent trying to find the ball until they find it and Moltres is released...except it wants to kill them all. Battle ensues to make it understand Goh's a swell dude.


Dawn & Chloe by ddangbi
Gotta love that male purpled haired trainer's Urshifu throwing a punch in the preview video at 0:36. It really gives me that Tekken's Jin Kazama throwing a punch vibe.
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What does project mew want with new by the way
Mews's whole "contains the genes of all Pokemon" shtick makes it a super valuable Pokemon to research if you can get a hold of one. You could do anything with the data you collect from it.

The better question is if this there's a bad guy involved in the project who wants Mew for evil purposes.


People have speculated that the blue in Asahi's design may indicate that she has RS Urshifu as a counterpart for Tsurugi's SS, I wonder if she instead has LK Toxtricity given the purple in her design, then Goh, or Goh and Ash get Kubfu/ Kubfu and Toxel for a future rivalry.
Crazier speculation would be that Tsurugi has a Applin branch and Asahi has a G-Slowpoke branch.

I wonder if the 2 will be used for separate arcs/ segments, Tsurugi for the Regi's, Asahi for the Birds?

Also, I doubt we are running into multiples of the same legendary, so if another character catches one I'm guessing that it will be off the table for Goh.


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Gary finally debutting must obviously merit some significance in an episode featuring Moltres. I'll find it hard to belive if Gay loses to Moltres, seeing how he Has electrive and his strongest pokemon, Blastoise, which competiviely by stats and typing has a Huge Advantage over Moltres.

Although his Blastoise did lose to charizard, a pokemon of the same dual type as moltres, this was mostly because Ash was given charizard strategic commands to counter Gary's blastoise offensive attacks. However, since Moltres, is wild and doesnt have a trainer to aid it strategically in battle like Ash did, I dont see Gary's blastoise losing.

I see these scenario's, Goh challenges Moltres, and loses. Then Ash, and it'll possibly end in a stalemate. Gary will challenge it with Electrive, but will then use his strongest pokemon Blastoise to finish it off.

Ash will then realize, that Gary will be packing a jugernaut team, which will inspire Ash to catch more pokemon, and possibly legendaries in order to diversify his team.

I remeber in an interview a while back, how the creator of Pokemon (Satoshi) mentions, how Gary's role in the anime, is sort of like a mentor and master for Ash. I dont know if he feels the same way as he did before, but Gary's debut will definitly change Ash's progression in the story.

As for Goh meeting Gary, I can see Goh having an inferiority complex when he realizes how knowledgable Gary is more than he is when it comes to Pokemon.
So this is the new poster
Infernape might be getting a bigger role after all. And that Alolan Ninetails..Lillie :oops: ?
Man, I sure liked Gengar's role between episode 47 and 68 like the previous poster sho-!

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it won't last longer than 2 episodes.

Aaand the poster more or less confirms Goh's getting Absol. Of course. And maybe an Alolan Ninetales (they would have shown Lillie).


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Man, I sure liked Gengar's role between episode 47 and 68 like the previous poster sho-!

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it won't last longer than 2 episodes.

Aaand the poster more or less confirms Goh's getting Absol. Of course. And maybe an Alolan Ninetales (they would have shown Lillie).
Actually it doesn’t, it may confirm that Absol will get caught but it isn’t clear if it will be Goh or Ash that gets it.

Also before you try to argue that it’s positioning would suggest that it’s going to Goh this is conflicted by the fact that one of Ash’s Pokémon being Gengar is right next to the Absol.

Also Ash having more Pokémon then Goh on the poster also doesn’t make it clear that Absol is going to Goh because even if Goh got Absol he would still have less Pokémon on the poster then Ash.

So for time being it’s still up in the air as to who will get Absol.

Mega Ampharos the Dragon

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So Infernape might return to be part of Ash's current Journeys team. I hope he does and he isn't just returning for 2-3 episodes.
Knowing Journeys and how Pokemon treats Ash's reserves, Infernape will most likely (I wanna say guaranteed, not that I don't want Infernape back, but how Journeys has been treating literally everything) only appear for 2-3 episodes


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If Lillie was going to show up, then why put her Pokemon and not her. Makes no sense. It's likely something Goh gets at the Tundra or whatever.


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Is Chloe confirmed to be in the Absol episode? If not could it belong to her possibly?