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Project Mew: Special Preview


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I am excited because Ash's reserves might return. And we'll see urshifu and a few new characters. Beyond that the mew goal has never excited me. It can only "Goh" two ways. Either Goh gets it A la suicune or it becomes an endless Goal.
Goh catching Mew is probably not an endless Goal but catching all the Pokémon is, Porygon2 and Porygon-Z are banned so Goh can't catch them.


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If Goh catches Mew after Project: Mew, he just go on his own catch some more, while Ash was on his own catch some Pokémon and do some more PWCS is that right?
No, there not going to have Goh leave the main cast after project Mew. If Goh does leave the main cast it’s not going to occur until they are ready to make the switch to gen 9.