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Project Oranje sprites

Discussion in 'Fan Sprites' started by Executive Max, May 16, 2006.

  1. Warning! These sprites are reserved as Project Orange sprites. They cannot be used anywhere, other than Project Orange.

    Yeah, wanna show some of them to you. Just for fun.
    These sprites made by me. Some poses were found in the internet, others are custom.

    Sports Girl
    Tourist M
    Tourist F
    Cooltrainer F
    Cooltrainer M
    Treasure Hunter
    Rescue Ranger F
    Rescue Ranger M
    Kendo master (will fix the hat soon)
    Bandit M
    Bandit F
    CassidyAndButch (maybe we're not going to use them)

    more coming soon
    Last edited by a moderator: May 21, 2006
  2. DanK84

    DanK84 Manyula Trainer

    Woah, these are really good! I always enjoy looking at trainer sprites!
  3. ex-ty

    ex-ty Swift and deadly

    Nice. I really love the Bandit F sprite. Keep up the good work
  4. Divine_Light

    Divine_Light Espeon will own all!

    There good, I'll like to see more coming soon
  5. Thanks! Ok, small update - Treasure Hunter sprite.
  6. teamrocketspy621

    teamrocketspy621 Let me show you them

    Just so you know, people, I'm the guy orchestrating Pokemon Orange. And we need good mapmakers, dialogue people, and programmers.
  7. First priority - programmers.

    Added: Rescue Rangers
    and Team Rocket
  8. Divine_Light

    Divine_Light Espeon will own all!

    Nice Resque ranger sprites
  9. .Dan.S.2006.

    .Dan.S.2006. Guest

    Hmm well these aren't very original sprites to be honest. Some of them are OK but others are weirdly positioned and are just recoloured copy/paste jobs. Don't advertise projects here, but if you want I can help spruce up some of these sprites on your forum.

    And also 'Orange' is spelt wrong, it's not 'Oranje'
  10. i know that spells with "G". But i posted wrong and a cannot edit that. (only mods can)

    of course i used copy/recoulor + edit. Sorry, but i'm not a professional artist from nintendo. I cannot made them without BASE.
    Anyway, criticism - is good. So, in which sprites there are problems?
    Last edited by a moderator: May 17, 2006
  11. Kyurashi

    Kyurashi Guest

    Are you dutch?
  12. nope. i'm from Russia. Why?
  13. Kyurashi

    Kyurashi Guest

    Because the title is `Project Oranje Sprites`

    And `oranje` is dutch for orange
  14. Cool Cassidy and Butch sprite!
  15. Char1016

    Char1016 Pokemon Communist

    Same here. But with some more things.

    They're pretty good. But why: maybe we're not going to use them ?
    Are you making any project?
  16. .Dan.S.2006.

    .Dan.S.2006. Guest

    Hmm well it's the way they are positioned really, makes them look off balance and such. I know you are not a professional but no one on these boards are. I am not insulting you, just trying to help. Okay let's see what we got here:

    Sports Girl: Hmm I guess is pretty good, except the face looks to obviously like a recolour. You could just change the hair or something, I don't know.

    Tourists: These are very wierd and badly put together. Kinda like they shouldn't be just like that in that position. They look to unlike each other, they usually come in pairs so have to look similar.

    Cooltrainer M: Copied from Coronis's Red sprite and used without credit just with a psychic head. Not original enough.

    Cooltrainer F: The position is very odd, I bet she'd have a bad back in the morning.

    The Lass and Treasure Hunter I will accept, they are original enough and the girl is cute enough.

    I dislike the rescue ranger M as the position makes him look too weird.

    Apart from that I like the rest, I see you got better as you went along, unless they are not all yours ...
  17. ok. got it. i'll try to improve.

    Cooltrainer M had a head of Falkner ) Ok, i'll remake him.

    Cooltrainer F ) i'll see what i can do.

    tourists - i know what to do. I'll turn woman into right colours, i'll remake her legs and the right hand.

    I know how to fix RR M - his hands make him weird.

    Edit: Remade tourists.
  18. sorry for double post.

    Fixed the RescueRangers
  19. Tourist look better.
  20. Nice sprites. I read the plot on your forums and i like the idea. I also read that you need the pinkan pink pokemon. I remember making them after watching a rerun of the episode, so here they are...

    [​IMG] !

    These are all the pokemon I saw in the episode. You may use them, but give cred to Silver Salalmence. They maybe too dark, but, meh, your choice.

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