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Project Phoenix


The Awesome Atheist
I guess the reason why the plesiosaur/sauropod water starter looks un-inventive is that there is no real theme. I would make a swamp theme, but i don't want to make it look grass type. What kind of theme could we add to it?

I got an idea for a three stage ghost type: a pokemon based off of ectoplasm, a toxic waste like stuff that is supposedly is left after a ghost.
I guess the reason why the plesiosaur/sauropod water starter looks un-inventive is that there is no real theme. I would make a swamp theme, but i don't want to make it look grass type. What kind of theme could we add to it?

I got an idea for a three stage ghost type: a pokemon based off of ectoplasm, a toxic waste like stuff that is supposedly is left after a ghost.
You don't have to make it look like a grass type. I'd just sort of make it have a thinner head and different style eyes and fins so it doesn't look too much like the Chikorita family. Think sort of like Numel for the first form. A clumsy, blue, short necked baby dinosaur with maybe a fin on its head or something.

It could be the first Ghost/Poison since Gengar! I love the idea of ectoplasm, and I agree with you. Wasn't Slimer from Ghostbusters ectoplasm? Or am I mistaken?
-Doctor Pokemon (Tabunne is probably too recent to pull it off) We could combine this with the fairy you mentioned below
-Fighting Duo Hmm. I think it's kind of overdone by now. We could use a different duo though, like those Thunder/Lightning Howler Monkey/Cheetah!
-Three stage Ghost I approve. :3 Ectoplasm seems to lend itself to Poison too well, and I think we have a lot of those already, plus Gastly's line is Ghost/Poison. We should come up with a unique Ghost/Combination. Maybe Rock or Grass or Steel?
-Several fish Pokemon to be caught with the fishing rods Agreed.
-Cute mascot non-legendary Pokemon, like Pikachu and Chillarmy Like Puprim, or do we need to be cuter than that?
-Fairy Pokemon that evolve with the Moon Stone Healer, as I mentioned above? Also, maybe a Baby form?
-Two or three-stage Grass type version exclusives Approve!
-Frog Pokemon, maybe Someone mentioned a hypnotic frog?
-Creepy Pokemon (Croagunk, Zuruggu) Looove creepy Pokemon.
-Equine Pokemon (Ponyta, Shimama) Well we have the fire starter, but there's always room for more [:

I agree 'rex, we need a theme. Gorilla fighter, Punk lamb, maybe we could go like, a hippy? Since the fighter and punk are pretty aggressive, a docile hippy could work. Water/Psychic maybe? I still vote hippopotamus. Hippypotamus, actually! Something to that extent. I assume that both the Fire and Grass lines will be very Physical-oriented, so something Special-based would work well for the Water line.
A hippo? That actually sounds promising, even though there's Hippowdon. As long as we make the hippo look unique, it could work. Are you sure we have too many Poison? Hmm...we have the trash can line, Sewaste, and the trash rat. I think if we had a Bug/Poison or Grass/Poison, we'd have enough Poison types. I agree that the Fighting duo is done to death, so we should do the electric duo instead. What should we do for our Machop/Abra though? For a three-stage Fighting and Psychic type, I mean. Heh. Anybody other than Beat and me can design the hippo.
If the community would prefer the pleisosaur I'm fine with that too, I just thought a hippo could work :3 Considering Hippopotas and Hippowdon are very stylized and, you know, Desert-based, I think it would work for a starter. And besides, having a similar Pokemon in existence hasn't stopped them from using animals for starters (Spoink-Tepig, Buizel-Wotter, heck, even Squirtle-Torkoal-Turtwig!).

Husky's legs aren't agreeing with me, and I'm going to restart Barbarilla altogether I think.


Id much rather see the plesiosaur. It would add a distinct variety to the common theme to the starters. I'll redo mine however as it was only a rough draft and is kinda big.
A hippo, sure why not? What we have established is decent for a design.
I feel we are in lack of ice, dragon, and flying types. I would be ecastic if someone designed an ice-flying bird as Articuno and Delibird are the only two to hold the combo.
Id much rather see the plesiosaur. It would add a distinct variety to the common theme to the starters. I'll redo mine however as it was only a rough draft and is kinda big.
A hippo, sure why not? What we have established is decent for a design.
I feel we are in lack of ice, dragon, and flying types. I would be ecastic if someone designed an ice-flying bird as Articuno and Delibird are the only two to hold the combo.

I could design a snowy owl Pokemon that is Ice/Flying. It could be our night-time Pokemon!

I'm going to sprite Bombadour, Ki-tek and Crusticide soon. Anybody up for spriting one of the thunder/lightning Pokemon?
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Yes! Great idea! And a reigon rat. We be missin one o' dem. Maybe dual-type it and make it slightly abnormal. Aside from simple types, make it a Pokemon. And aside from basing the pleisosaur off a strict theme, why not just be basic with it? They are stricty carnivorous swimmers so why go too in-depth off what's already there? I have a pretty decent design in my head right now, but won't be able to implement it till way later.
Hey guys, this project is looking great so far! Just wanted to add my suggestion for the water type starter: for a theme, why not have coral as a theme? Like, maybe have some bright coral colours on it for a bit of variation.

And I'll get started on some back sprites too. I assume they're going to be to HGSS size? And speaking of HGSS, will we have pokemon following us around? Because I could get started on making those sprites too :3


Well-Known Member
Just going to say again that Dark, Psychic and Fighting isn't a trio since Psychic doesn't effect Dark. But I really like how this is coming along, our regions even have some common ideas.

Not an obvious change, but I tried to fatten up his arms and legs a little. Oh yeah, I kinda sorted out his eyes too. Kinda.

I also have a good idea for the water Starter. You ever noticed how wide and hypnotising frogs' eyes can be? Well, the water line I have in mind is based on frogs. It goes from a simple purple frog with turquoise patterns to a Frog line that has the ducks that signify confusion (click here) and some funky confused glasses for eyes (click here).
Here is the sprite (without shading) for Teleprog (Telepathy/Frog)
Am I invisible? I post an idea for a Water/Psychic frog line, whether it's a starter or not, on this page, and it gets ignored by most people...
And then Yoshinichi says we need a frog...
I'm SO glad FourthBeat pays attention to me. Thank you.

For Ghost/Grass, how about some Jack O' Lanterns? Just cos something's grass type doesn't mean it has to be green.

I also have Snowy Owl in this head of mine. Snowy owls do in nature have a significant gender difference too, so we could do that.

Oh the irony! I ALSO was thinking of a Hippo. Water/Ground.
I do kinda love the idea of a Water/Psychic line though, so that each starter can be super-effective against another in some way.

The creepy Pokemon should probably be a Fighting type mixed with an "evil" type. Like Ghost/Fighting for example.

Oh, for the fishy, I already put Herull a few pages back, just so you know.
Herring--->Oarfish. Maybe have the Oarfish as Water/Dragon, cos you know, Oarfish are so rare and mythical-ish.

Idea for region "rat": A Guinea pig. Normal-->Normal/Fighting.

Oh yeah, and Fighting/Psychic/Dark CAN be a trio if you use the primary types. Just look at my example in this post for that. It doesn't matter if Psychic doesn't affect Dark, because its primary type is super-effective.
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Well-Known Member
Again I will say that Psychic, Fighting and Dark is not a Starter Trio. They need to be super effective one way, and not very effective the other, since Psychic cannot hit Dark, it isn't a trio...
Since when have the starter types been fair? Case one; Sinnoh. Poor Empoleon. he can only hit Infernape for super-effective with either or his types. Infernape gets the lucky ability to hit him for at least normal damage with both, if not super-effective. Plus he still can hit the Grass final starter for double damage with Fire. Meanwhile Torterra is the lucky one. With Earthquake he could comfortably destroy both starters just by using one or two Earthquakes. Fair enough, Empoleon does get ice attacks. That's not the point. We could easily do the same in this region. Give the Water/Psychic Pokemon a Fighting move and he's sorted. Plus he ALREADY can take out the Fire starter by using his Primary type.

At the end of the day it doesn't matter if you "can't have it as a trio". Who says we can't? It's OUR choice. we can do whatever we like. It's OUR region.

Just throwing this out there as a general comment. Are we making any evos or prevos for post E4? Cos I'm sure I can think of plenty of clever things, and we all could.
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Spherical Ice

Average Spriter
And if it's OUR region shouldn't WE come to a unanimous decision? I'm with tomthepom here. Also, using an example from Game Freak and then saying that they don't make OUR rules is kind of contradictory.


Endeavoring Creator
How 'bout a Water/Psychic cuttlefish?


From Wiki: Cuttlefish are marine animals of the order Sepiida. They belong to the class Cephalopoda (which also includes squid, octopuses, and nautiluses). Despite their name, cuttlefish are not fish but molluscs. Recent studies indicate that cuttlefish are among the most intelligent invertebrates. Cuttlefish also have one of the largest brain-to-body size ratios of all invertebrates.

Make its head translucent so it has a visible psychic-inspired brain (I don't know how'd you go about spriting that, though. Maybe with some color-transparency shenanigans...?) Also, the sprites would have them shown in an upright position, so that the brain is easier to discern.

Regular coloration is moderately-dark blue, with lighter blue tentacles and a green brain. (Cuttlefish have bluish-green blood, so I figured the brain color could be a nod to that.)

Shiny coloration would be inspired by this: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e7/Metasepia_pfefferi_1.jpg
because this looks awesome.

First form is Cuttlemind (cuttlefish + mind), who looks basic, as a starter should. It has a small spherical brain, and two large, beady eyes giving an inquisitive stare, indicating its curiosity. Its tentacles haven't grown much yet, and two of them are longer than the rest. The shape of its head is a simple 'tall fin' shape typical of a cuttlefish.

Second form is Membriida (membrane + sepiida, the Order to which the cuttlefish belongs). Membriida's brain has become more elongated than purely spherical like Cuttlemind's, making it a tall cylindrical shape. Membriida's eyes also have a bit of a smug look, as Membriida has become cocky due to its heightened brainpower. Its tentacles have also gotten longer, with the two primary ones still being longer than the rest. Its head has also narrowed to accompany the brain's shape.

Final form is Cephadulla (cephalopod + medulla). Cephadulla's brain has become more spherical once again, but not perfectly so like Cuttlemind. Its eyes have a serene, wizened look, as Cephadulla has gained great knowledge and insight. In its final stage, all of its tentacles are now the same length, contrary to those of a normal cuttlefish. The top of Cephadulla's head, rather than being a single point like a fin, has several small points, making it look like a crown.
I'm done with Innocimp. I would've posted it sooner, but I couldn't get to a computer.

I think it's a little small though.


Well, I redid the Pleisosaur to look more "starter-ish'. See for yourselves.


Pleisosplash (Pleisosaur + splash)
Pleisosplash - Lv.18 - Pleisowave - Lv. 40 - Pleisonami
The Pleisosaur Pokemon
HT: 4"02
WT: 87.8lbs
This Pokemon was believed to be extinct until a group of fishermen discovered them. PLEISOSPLASH's front legs have adapted to walking, but it is a much better swimmer.

75 HP / 60 Attack / 50 Defense / 35 Sp.A / 45 Sp.D / 35 Speed

~Updated Moveset~

1 - Splash
1 - Leer
1 - Tackle
6 - Bite
11- Water Sport
18 - Water gun
21 - Anceintpower
27 - Dragon Rage
33 - Dragon Dance
40 - Aqua Tail
45 - Crunch
52 - Earthquake​
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All this discussion of the Psychic/Fighting/Dark TRIO is kind of pointless. Nobody is claiming they're a perfect trio, nor are we saying they're the primary type of the starters. By no means is this the case. We're just kind of tossing around ideas. The Fighting and Dark have been decided for the Fire and Grass starters respectively, and we're just throwing around ideas for the Water line. I suggested that it could be something special oriented like Psychic or Ghost or Electric, since the other starters are inevitably physical oriented. Burn me at the stake for unintentionally suggesting a third type which is NOT A TRIO. We know that, errbody. Calm down, move on?

I'm sorry you were ignored Proby. I do like the Psychedellic Frog idea. It could be an interesting opportunity for a Poison/Psychic Pokemon, though we do have a fair number of Poison types already.

I like the Ghost/Fighting combination for the "creepy Pokemon", and the idea of gender differences for the snowy owl.

When you mentioned "prevo or evos post-E4" do you mean for old generations of Pokemon? If that's the case, I think we already decided our "region" will be like Unova, completely separate from all others.

Cuttlefish just might give me nightmares. I still stress our starter needs to be able to walk on land, so I'm against it. (Unless a Cuttlefish can magically walk on land. Then I'll be even more prone to nightmares.) I also think the "omg you can see it's braaaaiiins" is overdone in a lot of dexes.

Love Innocimp. It's adorable. It's also basic enough that it can evolve in a lot of ways. Is everyone okay with me still taking Envy? Also, are we making them all stay mostly imp-like? I was contemplating making it have the upper torso of an imp but the body of a snake. Discuss.

I'm beginning to really be against the pleisosaur btw. But it's the public's decision.

Also, I finished the husky but copy-pasted a few Pokemon to get colours for its shiny and somehow managed to save over it with a giant Abomasnow covering it. X: So back to the drawing board. fml.
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Endeavoring Creator
True about the starters being able to walk on land. It could still be used as another Water line for the dex, though. (In that case, I'd make it two-stage rather than 3.)

And is it really overdone? That's a shame, since I've always thought it would work perfectly for a cuttlefish, given the Wiki excerpt I posted and its general appearance. (Though I suppose its brain wouldn't HAVE to be visible. I just thought maybe that'd make the Psychic typing more apparent.)
I have a legendary pokemon suggestion.

A Ghost/Psychic type. She is a spirit of a princess that hides in ruin of some ancient kingdom. She controls the area with telepathic powers, and you can hear Banshee shrieks or ghostly moan throughout the ruins. She would be a bright glowing blue, long hair, she would be in a dress, floating slightly off the ground. her face is mostly covered by her hair, but her eyes would be pure black and and a small mouth. Part of her head, that goes through her hair, is a crown. The crown controls her psychic powers. So, what do you guys think? is to non-pokemonish?