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Project Phoenix


Deleted member 133172

Haha! I'm lovin' that sniper frog, great idea :)

I completely disagree with it evolving from croagunk. The ONLY similarity they appear to has is that they're frogs
FourthBeat said:
We also have hypnotic frog to remember. :) Which I still strongly petition for, with a Poison/Psychic typing.

Don't suppose it has a design? I wouldn't mind trying my hand spriting it. Even if it ends up not getting used.
@IB. I designed a rough Lineart with colours for it. You're free to take that sprite and edit it as much as you want. It's the base form of what I hope is going to be a starter line.

And here is the sprite of Teleprog:

Oh, and a rough arty drawing of Dizzoak, its evo...

I feel these should be Water/Psychic myself and the starters, but seeing as the pleisiosaur is probably going to be used instead, I don't mind them just being normal Pokemon. Water/Psychic is preferred for me, but Poison/Psychic also works fine.
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Okay, thanks. I'll give them a go.


I hope you don't mind how much I tweaked them...

I also had a crack at Innocimp's Greed evolution.
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IB, you are a genius. Dizzoak is fantastic. And the Greed Evo is good too. My problem with the Greed evo is that I feel all the evos should be the same colour, but that's down to everyone else. Oh, and Dizzoak needs those dizzy eyes. They'r one part of his design I really want to keep.

Teleprog's head is great, but he's too tall and he just looks a bit awkward and disproportionate...
I think making his head a whole shape will help. Making him shorter will too. The Arms need to be longer too.

Other than that your sprites there are perfect.


Well-Known Member

Another version of the sniper frog with a different premise. Basically, this time the magazine(or whatever you call it) is its mouth, and its tongue is a cannon to fire those.

Why? Because I was thinking, given frogs metamorphosis from tadpoles, its pre-evo could be a tadpole shaped like a normal cannon. Basically, it would have its hind feet as the wheels, and the tail I guess as the fuse. I'll have a pic of it up soon if you don't get what I'm saying.

Anyways, the design does seem a bit TOO frogish, so I plan on simply exaggerating the sniper rifles and the crosshair eye thing, and perhaps adding cannons to its knees. As well as changing the color a bit to differentiate it from politoed.
:D Thanks Proby.

I redid Telefrog (?) and and added those eyes to Dizzoak.

EDIT: I know you said you were going to make changes, but I didn't have much else to do so I made this:
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No problem by me, espcially when the sprite looks a lot better than predicted. Great job with the hands, I thought those would be especially difficult.

I guess I'll just keeps working on its design, and make a sprite for that version, and see what everyone likes better.
Teleforg is a better than than Teleprog... so we'll keep it. I think these would work as Water/Psychic, and just leave the evolutionary line at that. BTW, Telefrog looks SO much better than before, and Dizzoak is now perfect. ^_^ I am so happy right now.

Snipertoad (I think we should call him a toad, seeing as we have frogs now and because he looks more like a toad) also look pretty jazzy...


Well, I have a military based fakemon:

Just gonna copy 'n paste my description of it from neo...
Cannjit, the Blasting Pokemon
Steel/Bug Type
CANNJIT are very quiet, calm pokemon, until they feel threatened.
They can be found in abandoned bases or during wars. Pirates have
been seen using them against rival pirates in place of cannons.

Full scratch except for the feet and one of the eyes, which are from Primape and Vibrava.

What do you guys think?
Since the project's pretty much gone dead, I'll contribute a few more sprites.

Since -Raiga- hasn't posted a pic of the sniper frog's prevo, I thought I'd give it a shot.


The castle dragon is done too.

Any thoughts?

Spherical Ice

Average Spriter
I thought it was agreed that we were staying here. Honestly, this is getting out of hand now. I thought it woukld be a nice outlet for me to practice spriting by using other people's concepts, and a way to see some ideas that others have but now I have to go and register on another forum with EXACTLY THE SAME MEMBERS as there are participating in the thread. It seems really pointless to me :/

But if my post, like all the ones before, aren't worth a pig's arse in hell, and won't make a blinding bit of difference, may you please be kind enough to provide a link to this forum?


You don't had to join it. Were just using a separate forum for more organization. The project is still being run here too.

Spherical Ice

Average Spriter
Wow, it really looks like it's been worked on here. There are new posts everyday, aren't there? And when people post sprites they're told to move? Really active.
You know what, Spherical, I agree with you. The forum was a stupid idea. Someone mentioned it and suddenly in a matter of days it was made. That's not what this project was meant to be about. This project was meant to be about reinvigorating Serebii's Fan Sprites sub-forum. And no matter how much you argue, moving this project to another forum was a bad idea. A good idea would be for all the discussion elements to take place in either a thread in the Clubs forum or a discussion topic here.

I really am not liking that forum. For one thing, none of my ideas, I feel, ever get noticed much, and when theyu are, they are rejected without giving much of a second thought by one of two people: FourthBeat and Pokemazter3001. That's not fair. That's two people ruling the whole thing. I barely ever see Yoshinichi on that Forum and the Forum itself only had a lot of activity from the two people I mentioned and maybe Evolutionrex (who also rejects a fair deal of my ideas for trash)

We need to keep all the work here and have someone organizing it themselves and making sure that every aspect is getting good organizing.

Like it or not the project is NOT being run here enough. And we need to sort it out.


Ever figure that no one's on there at the moment because of the holidays, maybe making something of their lives? If embers aren't willing to participate there more often, then yes FourthBeat and I are left to run the show.

Contrary to your "scrapped ideas" belief, I've been in support of a few of your ideas, such as the Yellow forest, or whatever it's called. Maybe we could open the discussions to the public a bit more. The only problem is, only a select amount of people actually go on anymore. Wether they have better things to do, or are busy complaining, you cant voluntarily post the blame on three members. Believe me, we concider your ideas. Just because someone doesn't agree with you doesn't make you wrong.

Trust me, I won't spoill it for you, but we're working on a much larger goal. Between the three admins, FB, Yoshi, and Myself, we've been designing the project's shell. We moved it so this would become easier. It will revitalize the sub-forum. We just need more participation.

Spherical Ice, complaining about the lack of actuall sprites is useless. Do you honestly think Nintendo themselves managed to design any region and their Pokemon in two weeks? If so, get help. We are a bunch of teenagers whom happen to be fanatics, not game designers. This is a hobby, not a lifestyle. It's a matter of look before you leap. Plan it out before completing the project. Your comment at the Forum was quite ignorant.

Yoshi would probably have to hand the project over then if the work is to be kept here. He hasn't been around much to regulate it, and some other members here probably wouldn't want to adopt such a project.

Coming to a solution, more representatives are needed here and there, with some on both sides sharing the flow of information. Like Trans-National companies utilizing Outsourcing. But with a few tweaks. If you don't like what you are seeing, then do something. Quit trying to leave a responsibility on one sole person.

Raiga, I absolutley love the frogs you have designed. They just look so cool. Never did I
imagine the concept of a weaponized amphibian, but you pulled it off. Congrats.

FourthBeat, EvolutionRex, and Myself have been working hard to contact Yoshi and see what's up. We just need a bit of time, patience, and coperation.


The Power of Aura
There was plenty of participation before this was moved. I thought this was designed to revive the spriting forum, not leave it in the dust.