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Project Retribution

Discussion in 'Pokémon Guilds' started by Panicles, Mar 6, 2012.

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  1. Panicles

    Panicles Lucifer's the light.


    This'll be short, We are a clan devoted to making its members efficient, seasoned battlers. Improving yourself as a battler and potential leader is our number one priority; to teach, to learn, to grow, and to become the best of the best. You can’t do that alone; you’ll grow to trust each other and to learn from each others’ successes and mistakes. Welcome to your Redemption.

    We are primarily active on PO! The best way to be active with us is joining us on our PO channel!

    1. Standard SPPf rules apply.

    2. Signature Pokémon may not be ubers - You must choose a Signature Pokémon, however, you will not be required to use them in every official clan team unless it is a promotion test, in which you must use your Signature Pokémon. Otherwise, we do not wish to hinder our members’ growth and ability with such an arbitrary restriction. You must wait one month if you would like to make any changes referring to your Signature Pokémon.

    3. Activity is very important for a clan and real life often interferes with your recreational choices; that said, you will have a two week grace period unless a sufficient reason is given. Without a good reason, you will then be removed from the roster, and most likely have to re apply to the Project.

    4. Smogon’s Tiers for on record clan battles will be followed, regardless of PO’s server rules.

    5. If there is an issue between two clan members, such as drama not related to the clan, take it to VMs or PMs; no spamming the thread with it.

    6. Fill in the application and submit if you wish to join; do not repeatedly ask to join after you submit. We might ask that you be active for a couple of days before acceptance.

    Project Retribution is divided into four Divisions, each of these Divisions will be headed by a Divisional General. Divisions promote rivalries and competition within the clan, and that in turn promotes growth. Every month the Divisions will be pitted against each other in simple elimination. As an example, it would work like this. We will call the divisions 1, 2, 3, and 4. 1 and 3 would face each other, and then 2 and 4 would face each other, the winners of those competitions facing off to find the number one Division for the month.

    Of course, this is the ideal Division versus division, sometimes a division can’t compete or its members aren’t active enough for all four divisions to be active; other options will include just two divisions battling it out, or only three.

    If all four divisions participate, the terms of the monthly competition will be decided by the clan leaders. If there are three divisions competing, again, the conditions will be decided by the clan leaders. If only two divisions compete the two Division generals will decide upon the terms of the competition.

    Other Ways of Victory
    If a certain division’s members aren’t active enough, an activity win will be declared by the clan leader, if the battles haven’t taken part by the deadline. That division either wins that bracket, or if it is only two divisions, that division wins for the month. The winning division will receive a prize, which will be determined each month, an example of such prizes could be a special userbar for winning, making another division have an embarrassing signature added to the rest of their signature, or any other ideas that can be agreed upon. Of course any embarrassing user bar would be removed after a week.

    Individual Members
    Individual members will be split into a seven-six rank system, seven beginner ranks which will be the Enlisted, and six senior ranks, which will be the Officers. The Enlisted are of course, the newest members, who may be inexperienced to battling, which you would be an E1. At the time of Joining, the highest rank you can join at is an E7; you must prove yourself to be dedicated to be an officer.

    Advancing in Rank
    When it comes to advancing in rank in the enlisted, you must have a team consisting of your signature Pokémon. It shows that you are able to perform given a limitation. Advancing as an officer will be quite different, a promotion battle to increase in officer rank will consist of a battle with conditions you might not be familiar with, it will prove that you are able to adapt to an unfamiliar situation and perform with what is placed in front of you. These battles might consist of maybe using a tier you aren’t used to, like you might be an OU battler strictly and your officer promotion might require an RU battle, a mixed tier battle, Little cup and/or monocular/type.

    Important Announcements and Special Events

    Id like to remind everyone to read the battle management system, if you have any questions, PM Panicles or AlexandriaTheMixed
    If you do not know how to obtain your battlelog PM Panicles, AlexandriaTheMixed, or any of your division leaders for assistance.
    Test Battles will be held by Panicles, AlexandriaTheMixed, and occasionally Mcdanger
    New strike system can be found Here
    The debate post on Terra/Volc/Tornadus can be found Here

    The application is pretty straightforward, just fill it out accordingly and post it to the thread, if you are accepted you will be VM'd or PM’d with acceptance within a week. I’ll explain a few things about the application, your Signature Pokemon is the one you will be using in Enlisted promotion battles. We also would like to know if you have been in a clan before, or are new to the clan scene. Battling experience is how long you’ve been battling and a test battle is if you want to be placed in a higher enlisted battle right away, otherwise you will be an E1, and note if anyone recommended you to join the clan.

    PO name: 
    Tier you are most familiar with: 
    Time zone: 
    Signature Pokémon and their Pokédex number: 
    Have you been in a clan before?: 
    Battling Experience: 
    Test Battle: 
    Reason for joining: 
    Recommended by: 
    Member Roster:

    Panicles ;460;
    AlexandriaTheMixed :635:
    OrbrunnerX ;149;
    AnnoyingRedHead :560:
    JetTheHawk789 ;461;
    Remoprh ;461;
    Kylo ;373;
    Mcdanger ;479;
    *~Scyther~* ;248;
    ToastySammich :637:
    KentuckyFriedTorchic ;302;
    Creeper ;392;
    x123456789x :612:
    Creation Of Pokerus ;470;
    AbsolWings ;359;
    Sushi_Noodles :494:
    XxRagdollxX :632:
    Nicolee ;385;
    ShowMeTheMankey ;460;
    Hourna :625:
    G-Man :500:
    Dr. Ciel ;196;
    Matt1108 ;385;
    Bugs Bunny ;149;
    Holy Wine ;065;
    1066MacbookPro ;493;
    WarlordMitsuhide :612:
    Brock Obama ;472;
    ChanseyWings ;144;
    Krystle ;359;
    Venomous Woe ;398;
    JinofthetGale ;245;
    Kennedy ;113;
    Cadiz ;381;
    Cooloolcool ;212;
    Vishinomage :637:

    Monthly Division Victors

    January: N/A
    February: N/A
    March: N/A
    April: Tsunami
    May: Inferno

    You will be sorted into a Division at the time of acceptance. Placement is based on active members and numbers.

    Divisional General: McDanger

    Last edited: Sep 1, 2012
  2. AlexandriaTheMixed

    AlexandriaTheMixed You A Stupid Hoe.

    War Team:
    AlexandriaTheMixed (❤Lady Baltny❤)
    Panicles (Captain)

    War Team Reserves:

    War Record: 5 Wins - 1 Loss
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    MagicMonkey - Win
    Panicles - Win
    Prohawk - N/A
    Won 2-0

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    ❤Lady Baltny❤ - N/A
    Mcdanger - N/A
    Panicles - Win
    Prohawk - Lose
    ShowMeTheMankey - Win
    Forfeit - Won 2-1

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    ❤Lady Baltny❤ - Win
    Mcdanger - N/A
    Panicles - Win
    ShowMeTheMankey - Win
    ToastySammich - N/A
    Won 3-0

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Mcdanger - Win
    Panicles - Win
    ShowMeTheMankey - Win
    Won 3-0

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    ❤Lady Baltny❤ - Win
    Dr. Ciel - Win
    Holy Wine - N/A
    Won 2-0

    BW2 OU
    ❤Lady Baltny❤ - Win
    Panicles - Lose
    Mcdanger - Lose
    Remilia Scarlet - N/A
    ShowMeTheMankey - Lose
    Loss 1-3
    Tutoring Program.

    GMT's are very important!!!

    Project Retribution is the place where you learn to get better. So obviously you'll need a tutor. To apply you'll need to fill out this sheet down here. It's really simple.

    PO Name:
    What tier(s) are you needing help with:
    What do you have problems with? Teambuilding? Etc:
    Now we can't have all these people wanting to be tutored without actually having any tutors. So if you feel you are up for it, you can apply to be a tutor yourself. To be a tutor you will need to be 'okay'd' by myself or Panicles.

    PO Name:
    What tier(s) will you be helping with?


    Kylo - +0 - BW1/2 OU.

    Krystle - -6 - BW2 OU.

    KentuckyFriedTorchic - +1 - BW2 OU.

    Venomous Woe - -5 - BW2 OU.

    Sushi_Noodles - -8 - BW2 OU.

    Nicolee - -6 - BW2 OU & UU.

    Kennedy - -5 - BW2 OU & RU.

    Remorph - -4 - BW2 OU.


    Cadiz/P2 D2 - +10 - BW2 UU.

    Mcdanger - -4 - BW1&2 OU, RU, and LC. FULL.

    Panicles - -6 - BW2 OU.

    Who tutoring who:

    Mcdanger is tutoring Venomous Woe and Remorph in BW2 OU and Kennedy in BW2 RU and BW2 OU..

    Panicles is tutoring Krystle and Nicolee in BW2 OU.

    P2-D2/Cadiz is tutoring Nicolee in BW2 UU.


    That's right. Project Retribution has it's own miniature art shop now. Our member P2-D2, (Cadiz on Serebii) is doing some art for us by request for awhile. So feel free to order some. But don't ask for too many things at a time. ^-^

    Animated Pokemon:
    If so which:
    Non animated Pokemon:
    If so which:
    Anything else:
    Anything else:
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2012
  3. Panicles

    Panicles Lucifer's the light.

  4. Creeper

    Creeper om nom nom

    Whoah. Checking in to say that I'm leader of Surcharged, and I'll post a desc. quickly.
  5. Shoudy4

    Shoudy4 ....................

    PO name: Shoudy4
    Tier you are most familiar with: OU
    Time zone: gmt-5
    Signature Pokémon: Forretress
    Have you been in a clan before?: Yeah
    Battling Experience: I got skillz.
    Test Battle: Oh yeah
    Reason for joining: Alex told me...
    Recommended by: AlexandriaTheMixed

    Dude panicles put up some giant *** sign that says NO SPAMMING! Remember the 17000 BA posts? I bet at least 5000 were spam.

    I like the rule where you don't have to use your sig ALL THE TIME. Thanks :).
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2012
  6. AlexandriaTheMixed

    AlexandriaTheMixed You A Stupid Hoe.

    Thanks coolcool. :)

    PO name: [PR] Alexandria
    Tier you are most familiar with: OU.
    Time zone: -9 GMT. (Alaska.)
    Signature Pokémon: Ferrothorn.
    Have you been in a clan before?: BA.
    Battling Experience: Lots.
    Test Battle: Do I need one?
    Reason for joining: To be Co-leader. :)
    Recommended by: Panicles and myself.
  7. PO name: [PR] AnnoyingRedHead
    Tier you are most familiar with: ou and ru
    Time zone: +6 i believe if not it is amercan central
    Signature Pokémon: scrafty... i feel bad for abandoning archeops
    Have you been in a clan before?: BA
    Battling Experience: been playing for over ten years and competitive for a year
    Test Battle: yes please
    Reason for joining: looking for a clan since BA died
    Recommended by:alexandria
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2012
  8. AlexandriaTheMixed

    AlexandriaTheMixed You A Stupid Hoe.

    Accepted. All of you. For now the division placings are random, but should be more organized for future members.
  9. Francis2580

    Francis2580 Shedinja Ninja

    PO name: Asagi
    Tier you are most familiar with: OU or UU
    Time zone: GMT +11
    Signature Pokémon and their Pokédex number: Ninetales, Give me all your Love <3
    Have you been in a clan before?: Yes, yes I have.
    Battling Experience: NU pokemon in OU <:D
    Test Battle: Yes <:D
    Reason for joining: I know you guys ;) and seems like fun
    Recommended by:The leprechauns in my head.
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2012
  10. Panicles

    Panicles Lucifer's the light.

  11. AlexandriaTheMixed

    AlexandriaTheMixed You A Stupid Hoe.

    Accepted. You will be in the Tsunami division.
  12. Panicles

    Panicles Lucifer's the light.

    Alright, for those that wanted test battles, those will happen soon after things settle down a bit. So for now, those that arent division leaders will be placed as privates until we get those test battles knocked out of the way.
  13. Soundwave

    Soundwave Infamous

    Hey I would like to join :D!
    PO name: PawnzerV2
    Tier you are most familiar with: OU
    Time zone: GMT -8
    Signature Pokémon and their Pokédex number: Salamence
    Have you been in a clan before?: No
    Battling Experience: Since 2007 D/P years (I just came out of retirement a few days ago) was in Competitive Scene in mostly Marriland, Gamefaqs, Smogon and little of Serebii back when I was Active.
    Test Battle:
    Reason for joining: I was recruited
    Recommended by:Francsi2580
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2012
  14. Panicles

    Panicles Lucifer's the light.

  15. AlexandriaTheMixed

    AlexandriaTheMixed You A Stupid Hoe.

    Okay. Well fill out the application, and then we'll accept you. :)

    Edit: I've been Ninja'd.
  16. Panicles

    Panicles Lucifer's the light.

    Alright, we'll sort you into a division soon. Welcome to the clan.

    EDIT: You NEED a signature pokemon.
  17. Stymie

    Stymie powered by insanity

    PO name: TINO
    Tier you are most familiar with: OU
    Time zone: GMT +10
    Signature Pokémon and their Pokédex number: #121 Starmie
    Have you been in a clan before?: The last day of BA so not really
    Battling Experience: I have battled on PO about 50 times before and read pages on here and Smogon about pokemon and teams etc.
    Test Battle: No
    Reason for joining: I want to get good at competitive battling.
    Recommended by: -
  18. Jet the Hawk789

    Jet the Hawk789 New Member

    PO name: Jet the Hawk
    Tier you are most familiar with: Wifi,Uber,OU,UU
    Time zone: GMT,Western Europe Time
    Signature Pokémon and their Pokédex number: Weavile,Pokedex Number:461
    Have you been in a clan before?: No.
    Battling Experience: Well,I've been into Pokemon since the Kanto series and since Pokemon Red.I'm preety good at battling.
    Test Battle: Sure. :D
    Reason for joining: I heard you guys are an awesome clan!
    Recommended by: [PR] Alexandria
  19. Francis2580

    Francis2580 Shedinja Ninja

    but without "spam" BA wudve been less enjoyable no? :p
    A clan is like a family, we shudnt just talk about battling :p (Hopefully ragnarok doesnt read this)
  20. AlexandriaTheMixed

    AlexandriaTheMixed You A Stupid Hoe.

    Stymie and Jet the Hawk are accepted. Have a good clan life. Panicles and I will discuss Division placement.

    @Soundwave. You'll need to pick a signature pokemon. Read the signature rules under the rules part of the main post, and you'll see them. Please & thanks.
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