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Promise Her This (Contestshipping, G, oneshot)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Midnightmoon6o2, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. Midnightmoon6o2

    Midnightmoon6o2 "Tougher than you."

    Summary: Two promises. Different but the same. They were same because they were about a girl called May. - Contestshipping with slight Advance. -One-shot-


    How can she become a better coordinator is the only person she believes in is gone?


    "Promise Her This."


    Well isn't that why your here?


    She was perfect. Her smile, her laughter and the way she would look at him caused him to lose his place and stutter. He could hear a rival of his, snickering at his weakness and because of this, he would push her away and welcome her back with a simple rose when they would meet again weeks later. Her blushing cheeks would make him smile as she stutters back to him before returning back to her groups of friends where she was always so comfortable to be with.

    Then there he stood. The man she looked up as her own teacher. He watched on in sadness as that smile he loved to see so much was only shared to him. He would join her smile and finish off them laughing together. Why won't she smile the same back to me? Looking back at the single item in his hands he watched it fumble and stumble before watching it fall. There he gave up as he started to walk away.


    He couldn't understand her reasoning one day when he saw her join him heading towards Johto. Who are you to say I can't come? He couldn't add on, he couldn't respond until he could feel the vibrations of the boat move under the decks. As he looks at her smile he knew. Your smile tells me you can't.

    But he can't tell her. No, he was weaker than he should. He is weaker than he wanted to be. He was weak because he had fallen for her. So weak he told another rival instead of telling her personally. Stop smiling. Please, stop.

    But she did not. She reaches over for his hand and pats it and smiles back at him. It didn't take long to see there was a difference. I knew it, your not ready to let him go. He could feel her heart break when he pulls back from her grip and walks to his cabin alone. He swears he could hear her cry a tear or two as he walked away. She didn't know that his heart was breaking to as he tries to imagine how it feels to lose two friends in the one day.


    The glitter, the combinations, the props. They have all been changed. He continues to watch from the stands from the furthest seats and gazes at her feet. She stutters and stumbles as if it was her first time on the contest stage. Her pokemon watches and stands from their spots. Why is she acting like this? Only a few weeks without him and he could tell she relied on him too much. You've made her grown weak, Ash.

    She watches from the stage as he makes his way down the flight of stairs. She couldn't stop looking at him - as if all cameras were pointing at him. He leans forwards on the barricade that splits them from one another with arms crossed. You need him. Go home. He couldn't stay any longer as he returns back up those flight of stairs where she gazed at him for the longest time. He couldn't take it any more watching her suffering all over again. This isn't the May I knew so very well.


    Fingers trembling, his mind in doubt and his heart in rage. Why should he revert to him? He had done nothing but make her weak, in tears more than she should be and so lost. So how did he become the solution? He drops the phone down again for the fifth time as his eyes gazes at the number pad. Everything seemed to revolve around him. This irritates him as he slams his hands onto the machine before falling down to his knees. No, stop this. Your stronger than this. Drew, get up.

    He couldn't take it any longer. He needed to see that smile, that laugh he loved to much. I need to see her. I need to see her again.

    He stands up and gazes at that machine - those numbers as if her life was on the line when in fact it was his. Seeing her suffer seemed to kill him each time they would cross paths.


    A fake smile was all he could share to her when hearing the excitement in her voice. He watches her jump in the spot with her pokemon around her sharing the same joy. I knew it.

    She can see the warm smile and look that would make her lose herself in her thoughts from time to time. It was that same cocky smile he would always show her when they would meet followed with a rose. But something was wrong. That smile. She knew it was fake. She wanted to run to him, ask him endlessly why but the skies echoed a sound of a boat calling its passengers to join it. Embracing her Eevee closer to her chest, she sighs.


    He was suppose to be a solution, not a problem! He yells into the mirror, slamming his fists onto the bathroom counter. His minds drifts to May's latest contest round after the Wallace Cup. She couldn't get herself together and failed within minutes. He reaches out for a hand towel and after drying his hands tosses it away. He sighs as he places his back on his bedroom wall only to hear cries of a teenage girl from the other side. You little princess.

    Her crying stops as she hears his voice break through the wall. She chuckles unable to believe their rooms were so close to one another. You moron. She swears she could hear laughter on the other end which makes her laugh even longer. On the other end a familiar boy smiles before it gets replace with sadness. You can't keep this up forever, can you?

    As she hears his voice coming to her, she couldn't help but shed a tear and nod. You knew, didn't you Drew?


    Send her back? He pauses from the other end, Drew knew he didn't understand. You idiot. He waits for his response again. I'm getting nowhere.

    He drops the phone before hearing it ring and the phone jumps up slightly due to the vibration the machine was making. He gazes at it. Looking at it as if answering the call would kill him. He picks it up quickly and places it on his ear. A voice comes through as he hears another side of him shine through. I understand. He drops the phone again as he tries to accept the offer he just made to him.

    Answering that call did really kill him after all.


    She sits there with uncertainty. Her hands clenched and her body shaking. Her eyes could not be removed from the tiles until a red object was pointed down to that direction. Unlocking her attention, she looks up and sees a familiar rival on one of his knees, teasingly waving a rose in one of his hands. He smiles but she knows it was only to make her believe she was ok. Is this really my fault?

    He lightly hits her on the head with the rose with a smile still across his face. Think it as me doing you a favour. He offers the rose before his hand. She accepts both and with baby steps both walk out of the centre.

    But she can't accept his help and pulls back as they enter outside. Her face flustered as her body shaking. I'm not some toy you can just give away like that. But he doesn't reply as they continue to move on down the empty path. All she could hear him reply were the words It's going to be a long day today. She looks at him from behind and looks away, holding his hand tightly. Why won't you just stop?

    She struggles and evens cries like a little child before falling to her knees. Making moving forward impossible. He continues not to look down at her as even he can't find the strength to continue on. He can only look ahead towards the end of the path and to the setting sun as a shadow figure comes into his view. She continues to cry with her hands in her lap. She looks up, hoping he would offer her back to her feet but nothing changes except he was now heading back to the centre without her. She rushes to her feet and reaches for his hands and pulls him back towards her. Where are you going, why are you leaving, what are you up to?

    He wants to answer to her needs, he wants to explain everything to her but he can't. It will only make everything harder to answer as even he cannot understand what on earth he was doing. Your not strong enough. Stop lying that you are. You need him, just for a little longer. I know.

    She lets him go in confusion as she watches him walk from afar and only stops when a shadow pours over her. She didn't need to hear his voice, see his face and smell his breathe to know who it was. She could see the shadow fade away as a familiar boy comes into her view and embraces her tightly and lets her cry into his arms. He sits down with her on the empty path until she had no more tears to shed.


    He looks from afar and refuses to leave until he could no longer she her. He places his hands into his pocket and pulls out a flat rose and watch the petals fall off one by one. As the last one falls he see she is gone. He drops the stem and turns around for the final time. I made a promise to her, to make her into a better coordinator. Turning around. But right now, I can't complete my promise if the only person she looks up for support is gone


    How can she become a better coordinator is the only person she believes in is gone? Ash sees that Drew still chooses to face his back to him. He could feel as if a smirk came across his face as he threw down to him a stem of an empty rose.

    Well isn't that why your here? Shaking his head Drew continue to make more painful steps from the only woman he was confident to call his own. But he knew if there was anything they would agree on, it would be to make May the best coordinator there ever was.


    As he continues to hold her in his arms he looks back and see a coordinator faintly in his sights. He can't help but stay in his spot and look at him sincerely. He compares him to the first time they met on the beaches of Slateport to the one he was now looking at. It was if they were two completely different people. She isn't the same without you. She needs to remember how to believe.

    He gazes back at the tired girl in his arms and takes a small step forward. I know she needs you for just a little longer. Please, until then teach her to be strong. He holds her a little tighter, making sure it would not wake her up. You were the reason that made her become a coordinator, right?

    He takes a quick glance at a young boy up a high hill. His face was blurry and so was the clothes he was wearing. He can't help but look at him and the girl in his arms with sadness. He holds her tighter as he continues to walk down the empty path. He places her down on a bench gently and keeps his eyes on her. He begins to wonder why and how she had returned back to him. But you were also her inspiration. He fixes her position so she can continue to sleep more easier.

    He leans on her slightly and closes his eyes. As he holds onto his hands as he begins to make a promise to himself, I'll give her back to the real reason behind her dreams. He opens his eyes briefly. That is my promise to I promise to her


    A/N: I wasn't sure if I wanted to make this into a chapter story or not. But somehow, I feel like I should. If you think I should, please say so. I feel like this story isn't complete but at the same time I don't want to delete this and hide it on my computer forever. As I struggle with these conflicted feelings I hope you enjoyed this rather short oneshot. Till next time.
  2. Fruty Sheep

    Fruty Sheep SommelierShipping

    I know I'm no one to judge considering my poor writings skills but... it was a bit hard to follow.
  3. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    I think it's a nice one shot with a nice tinge of emotion and mystery. If you wanted to extend it into a chaptered fic you can if you want to, but I also think it's the type of fic that works well on it's own.

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