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Promoting Healthy Tangrowth (602)


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After a one week break, there was finally Pokemon again!

Today's episode was rather standard, but nevertheless pretty entertaining.

First of all, Mamoswine messing up its appeal, then becoming angry and chasing after Piplup and Pikachu was quite amusing to watch.
I also like that repeating motif of a forest which is inhabited by a Pokemon whose behavior and appearance is surrounded by mystery. Ok, Tangrowth was not all too impressive, but it served its purpose.

Ash said that the forest ranger had helped them find Dawn, but actually it was Grotle who picked up her trail. So the ranger unfortunately remained a bit too bland if you as me.

Two further scene were noticeable:
- Dawn confusing Mamoswine with Ursaring and patting it on its bottom was hilarious
- But even funnier was Meowth's boss fantasy today (btw, It's been a while since we last saw one, hasn't it?). A sleepless Giovanni was a really plausible scenario and one of the better ideas Meowth has come up with recently.

Less reasonable and creative, however, was that big hoover mecha. I would have expected some kind of vehicle that resembles a Tangrowth, but well, that's excusable.

What somehow bothered me, though, was how quickly that tree recovered. I'm not sure if we were supposed to believe that a rather ordinary attack like Growth can cause such things as if by magic. Maybe the nutrients which the ranger pointed out helped to accelerate the recovery.

All in all a pretty decent episode

6 out of 10 points


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at first i did not like Tangrowth's voice.. but it quickly grew on me,.. i laughed whenever Tangrowth would run away swining from branch to branch. Tang tang tang tang tang
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Just watched this episode. It was a good episode, with Mamoswine learning Hidden Power.

At first, I thought Tangrowth was being evil, but it cleared up in the end of the episode.


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i believe Mamoswine Hidden Power is Water because of the color,i like the fact that now Mamoswine now have both Hidden and Secret Power.

and Bellsprout make a reapearance its a miracle.


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i believe Mamoswine Hidden Power is Water because of the color,i like the fact that now Mamoswine now have both Hidden and Secret Power.
Mamoswine does not know Secret Power.


Since virtually nothing important has happened in this, I've opted not to give it my usual summary. Rather, it'll go like this:

"Yay!" moments:
- Dawn finally manages to get Mamoswine to actually get into the contesting mood!
- Mamoswine's practice appeal was sure something, plus the fact that it done a lot of spinning around will sure get them thinking, "Hey, this Mamoswine is really agile in spite of its size."
- However, the real fun begins when it fumbles with its Ice Shard.
- With Pikachu & Piplup laughing at poor Mamoswine, they ended up getting chased around by Mamoswine. That & its contest appeals both get this episode off to a strong start.
- Lilypad Town, hmm? That's our next destination? It's a pretty weird name, but I would like to see a town floating on giant lilypads. Of course, I'm expecting the devs to fail to deliver this...
- Tangrowth was great with his Absorb spamming & him making like George of the Jungle. That guy is great to see overall.
- The Giovanni moment was actually a great one, as using Tangrowth to suck all the energy from him so that he can actually sleep in peace is not entirely implausible.

"Boo!" moments:
- After the chase, it all goes downhill from there, & it'll never recover completely, even though it has tried to...
- TR, whyyyy the %&#$ can't you leave everyone in peace?!
- That Ranger girl is very generic, as I was expecting to see a Pokemon Ranger, but instead, we get this.
- Tangrowth & the others are using Growth to try & restore their monstrous tree back to normal, in which they fail at first. During that time, I was yelling, "You're doing it all wrong!" at my TV screen.

I'm done wasting my time with this; I've got better things to do...


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It was an ok episode i liked Pikachu and Piplup getting told off by Ash and the bonding moments between Dawn and Mamoswime. Tangrowth made me laugh as well i dont know why maybe it was its swinging around in the trees. As somebody said it was only a standard episode but it was better than some of the episodes we have had recently


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This episode was kind of interesting, if a bit dull. At least there was a reasonable explanation for the tangrowth going around draining all the pokemon of energy, but it seemed a bit odd that they were able to use the energy in the end to magically heal the tree. The magical powers of pokemon according to the anime, I guess.


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We learned a lesson here people! Give away your energy to nature!

Geesh, after watching this, and then Avatar.. you got to give some credit for these writers! They make (or at least they try) to make nature look cool! In James Cameron's case, he did it the best way ever.. In pokemon's case.. it just looked cheap :p

Couldn't the CotD give some hint of what was happening or something? Everybody just stared at that tree with awestruck faces..

It was awesome that Mamoswine learned Hidden Power though. It needs diverse attacks.. but I'm still not 100% satisfied with it's move pool.. I just lacks that edge.. though the Ice Shard swallowing looked Cool as Ice xD (that's another movie, starring Vanilla Ice)(It's not nature friendly, in fact.. it's not even likable xD)


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;465; One of my favorite episodes. I like how this one actually has a sense of humor. Watching this makes me want a Tangrowth on my team ;465;

EDIT: Lol poster above me has the same exact number of posts but I joined 3 years before him.


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OMG! Pikachu's laugh was the cutest thing I've ever heard! o_O

Not much happened outside of Tangrowth taking everyone's energy. Overall this episode was just OK.


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Meh. It was a weird episode. It felt like it stole some plotlines from other episodes, and from movie 8. Seriously, Tree of Life much? And it kind of annoyed me to see Growth and Absorb portrayed wrong.



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Okay, I have to admit, that I haven't seen the english dub of this episode as of yet, but it does look intersting.

I've only seen screenshots of this episode on Filb.de.

I didn't really get about the red energy beams by Tangrowth.

And, also, yes. The girl in this episode, English: Verona, I thought she was okay.

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Tangrowth's power also should have been displayed in this episode


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This episode was ok... It was cool to to see Tangrowth for the 1st time. Interesting how Mamoswine ended up with such a big grudge on Tangrowth. They devoloped a major rivalry just for this episode. It was cool to see Mamoswine learn Hidden Power. It was funny when Mamoswine chased Pikachu and Piplup. Interesting how Tangrowth was using Absorb to drain energy to use for a dying tree. It was harsh for Pikachu and Piplup to be laughing at Mamoswine when it kept messing things up.