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Promoting Healthy Tangrowth (602)


I legit cackled when Dawn's Mamoswine spun and then quite literally flopped on the ground afterwards; Pikachu trying to hold back his laughter made me shriek as well. That creepy Tangrowth tried to act like Tarzan, but I liked that it left a Sitrus Berry behind for its victims. Seeing all those Grass-types restore that tree was at least interesting to watch.
There's a Pokemon you don't see that much in the show anymore. Well, at this point in it, I should say.


Mamoswine was hilarious here and I liked how Tangrowth randomly stole Pokemon's energy and then left a Sitrus Berry for them. 6/10

Mrs. Oreo

Mamoswine twirling and falling down was so funny and I liked how the wild Tarzan-like Tangrowth used Absorb on Mamoswine, Onix, Meowth and Grotle in an attempt to heal that huge tree. This was a nice filler. ^^
Tangrowth seemed kind of hilarious with how it would leave Berries behind + I liked when we saw it healing that dying tree at the end. :)
Omg, I loved it when Mamoswine was running after Pikachu and Piplup after laughing at his attempt to do a Contest appeal. And then Ursaring surprising Dawn was hilarious as well. Silly Dawn for mistaking Ursaring for Mamoswine. :p


We had some great Dawn/Mamoswine scenes, and I loved how she mistook it for a Ursuring, but otherwise this was pretty dull. Not even Team Rocket were amusing (except a little at the end when James kept changing the number).


I was a bit letdown when we saw exactly what Mojanbo was up to with all of that stolen energy, because we've seen similar subplots involving dying trees. I liked how Hikari's Mammoo was heavily involved in this episode, however. He was surprisingly funny when he was chasing Pochama.


I call you honey
This was a charming little episode with some good screen time for Dawn's Mamoswine. And the wild Bellsprout was hilarious. The scene with Ursaring who Dawn thought was Mamoswine was amazing too.


It's kind of depressing to me that the Mojanbo here remained wild, because way back when Shinou first began I was hoping that Kojirou would capture one since he always had an affinity for zany Grass-types.