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Pros & Con Artists! (326)


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Pros & Con Artists!

Finally in Fallarbor City, the gang meet a girl and her Medicham. Meanwhile Team Rocket are running a fake Pokéblock scam and getting rich of it. Will May prepare for the contest correctly?

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I saw the pictures and the episode looks awesome. Especially the battle between Ash and Drew. And even though Ash seems like he lost it was still cool to see them battling for once. The Medicham looks cool but that girl seems wierd.

Crystal Latios

I don`t like this girl with Medicham so much =/ First she is fine but her laughter is weird =/ Brock of course had romantic dreams :rolleyes: Ummm.... but I like Medicham. It used ice type attacks (I think).
Nice and interesting episode.


Yeah, ok!
"Pro's and Con Artists" was great!

I love how they're developing May's character more and more with each new contest. It seems more "real" that way, such as deciding not to use Team Rocket's Poke Block, as well as being confused on the best strategy to win the contest.

Ash and Drew's battle was good, too bad Taillow lost.

Team Rocket's scheme was entertaining, such as Wobbufett in the trenchcoat and Cacnea with makeup.

Great episode.

V Faction

-This was an excellent Episode. I feel it was better played than "Maxxed Out!". And it was the Contest prelude episode, so you know it has some nifty elements to it.

-I give the nod to 4Kids for both Grace's (original name!) and Medicham's voices. Grace's was unrecognizable [seems to happen a lot of with the women's voices...] and Medicham's was unqiue. The pronunciation, "Med-EE-cham", came as a surprise. I've always said "Med-ih-cham". After Meditite, I guess we should've expected that.

-All of Brock's "Brockisms". Is it how in here or is it just you? Oh man... A lot funnier than simply having Max yank his ear all the time.

-Wobbuffet is THE MAN.

-LOL@ The Narrator's puns for the wrap up. They've even got Mike doing those.

Houndoom Master

I didn't like it that much. Drew was overly snobbish, Grace was overly hyper, and May was overly emotional... Please! Crying because you almost fed you Beautifly a PokeBlock not as good as they were said to be? Ash vs. Drew was weird, because the commercial ended, except it looked like the battle had gone on during the comercial. They didn't actually walk outside or send out their Pokemon, it just happened automatically. And the announcer's puns at the end were hideous. Overall, I give it a 4/10.

zonic the hedgehog

I love this episode! And it didn't take that long for them to get there too :)
Medicham's voice is much better than the previous voices i've heard so far, and James dressing up as a woman again! I still can't believe people don't appreciate May's character! She is a very "realistic" character IMO, and if she cries, well please don't say she's overly emotional, because i think she is maturing into quite a trainer, when she apologized to beautifly for almost giving it TR's Pokeblocks.
I give it a 9.5/10!


Man, some people are tough critics >>. I mean, 4/10?

I liked this episode. It was so much better than Maxxed Out, and I laughed a couple of times. And how could anybody not like Wobbufet being dressed up in a trench coat ^^.



Old Coot
Call me nuts, but I really didn't like how Medicham's name was pronounced. It SHOULD have been Med-ih-cham. Not Med-ee-cham. Reminds me too much of the time where people pronounced Digimon as Dih-gee-mahn. I have no idea where in the world they got the ee sound from meditate. o_O The Trainer's Choice was actually good this time. The whole episode was dubbed great, aside from the Medicham mispronounciation.


This episode is now one of my very favorites. :D First of all, it was centered around May! I thought she and Beautifly were great in this episode. I liked the Pokeblock incident because I was proud of May after she realized that magic Pokeblocks were no way to win a contest. She's a very good person. :) I felt sorry for her when she was so nervous, and she couldn't stop thinking about everyone's advice and how she didn't feel like she could win anymore. And like Zonic said, very realistic! :D

The reappearance of Drew was even better than I expected. It's been so long that I was starting to forget his voice. I love him even more now. XD I loved how he gave May a rose (and didn't even say it was for Beautifly!) and noticed that she remembered his name. (And he remembered hers. ;) ) Plus, he said he only came over there to see Beautifly again, which I thought was cute because that was probably not true! I loved the Ash and Drew battle too. Ash sure did get worked up. I like Ash a lot, but I couldn't help being happy for Drew when he won. Ash doesn't need to win all the time.

Brock is getting pretty bad, but it's funny. I didn't really like Grace much, but she was different.

I'll stop now. There were too many cute scenes. XD

I give it 10/10. Nothing less for an episode about May, Drew and contests. :)


Old Coot
Is it just me, or does Drew's voice sound REALLY annoying? I'm talking Gary annoying. Not the characters Shuu or Shigeru themselves. But just their wanna-be cocky attitudes and voices are just really annoying. o_O Drew doesn't even sound like he has a personality of his own other than being a show off.


Amazing! They sure made this 50th episode special!

First of all let me get Wobbuffet out the way! Wobby was hilarious in that trench coat and hat!

Team Idiot was used well let's just hope they don't interfere in the actual contest next week.

Their little POKéBLOCK scam was the perfect tempation for poor May...who after being given advice and talked down to by Grace and Drew was feeling way down in the dumps. C'mon May you're not that much of a newbie anymore!

Good thing Grace showed up and broke the scam or else May really would have bought into it. It was a big emotional moment of weakness when May broke down and cried and was handled very well! Then she even managed to come back and help Grace beat TR which was cool.

We also got character development for Drew who showed he was a great Co-ordinator by having 3 ribbons and also a decent battler....by beating Ash! Seeing that was yet another thing that got poor May down today. Ash didn't look or sound all that happy about it either. He angrily returned his beaten Taillow... o.o;

5 / 5

Guess we got a budding Ash & Drew rivalry in POKéMON battles and also Mays love?

The Big Al

I just keeping Octo
Botched opportunity to show off the Guts ability. I thought Tailow would dig deep and slam Roselia.

Wob Tracey was certaily amusing.

James in drag again. I guess after a three stretch of going cold turkey, his back to his old habits.

Grace=Scary. I personally don't like loud people.

Over all, a decent filler even if it's to prepare for a contest.

Why was I not surprised that Brock started flirting with that Trainer the moment he saw her.

So that is where the Avatar of Wobbufett in a suit comes from. I must admit that he looks cool in that. :)

Team Rocket's scam was a good one. However, they should've at least made themselves ready for the berry mixing question. Then they would've gotten away with it for a while.

I, however, didn't like the girl with the Medicham. She laughed at the most awkward things. There was just something about her attitude that I hated. >_<

Drew made yet another appearance, and gave his usual excuse of being near May. I mean, the rose giving must mean something, right? :)

The battle between Roselia and Tailow was intresting. I was impressed that Roselia actually won that. Once again, another battle that proves that type doesn't always win. :)

Good ep in the end, and for once, no Skitty. I guess the writers only wanted us to get used to the new pokemon.

I give it. 7/10. :)


That Grace was really insane!
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I own the 5th gen
I don't see what everyone has against Grace, I personally liked her. She had a comedic-type of hyperness to her, and the way the end of her lips always curled up left me laughing each time XD. I find it a real shame characters like her couldn't be recurring (for god's sake, they made that short pants-obsessed kid make a reappearance of all people).


I barely got to see half of it due to the crappy reception of my TV... so I can't really make a real good review on the episode... though I kinda liked medicham's voice... and Grace is definately unusual for a filler character

hopefully this episode will air again on friday so I can get a proper review


This episode is way better than Maxxed Out (which I was expecting to be good). I liked how Brock was going around talking to the girls and I liked Grace a lot. I also thought it was nice to actually see Ash and Drew interacting ... I've never seen them interact before and that was interesting. So I will give it a 9/10 .. pretty good episode.

The Big Al

I just keeping Octo
"There's a sucker born every minute." The wise man told us. Apparently they all became Pokemon Coordinators.

I still think they missed an opportunity to show off Pokemon abilities. I mean, Tailow was sitting there practically saying "hit me". Of course Solar Beam would flatten him. At least Drew does something noteworthy with his Pokemon.

For the record is it Charisma not Charismangetism.

Talking about a deflated ego, May was stoked for the contest, then she realised she was out of her league. Fortunately, contests are more forgiving to the newbie than battles.